Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Banks, David T., carpenter, h 372 W Fourth

Banks, John M., drayman, h 827 E Second

Banks, J. B., train dispatcher N C R R h 355 1-2 W Clinton

Banks, Samuel, sign and banner painter Opera House block h 208 Madison av

Banks, Minnie H., stenographer, bds 208 Madison av

BANTLEY CONSTANTINE, wire goods manuf E Fifth cor Madison av, h 500 Sullivan

Barber, Abbott, mason, h 403 W Church

Barber, Charles E., mason, h 860 East av

Barber, Dell, cook Chemung house

Barber, Edwin A., switchman D L & W R R, h 856 Magee

Barber, Frank M., gen agt Adriance, Platt & Co., harvesting mch 104 W Water, bds Wyckoff house

Barber, Fred A., carpenter, bds 221 1-2 Franklin

Barber, Harry, doormaker, bds 404 Sullivan

Barber, James W., mason, h 309 Orchard

Barber, Lemuel E., mason, bds 436 Carroll

Barber, Lena, operator tel ex, bds 118 Ferris

Barber, Levi S., carpenter, h 221 1-2 Franklin

Barber, Mary E., widow, Edward T., dressmaker h 118 Ferris

Barber, Nathaniel, h 817 Day

Barber, Oliver A., mason, h 403 W Church

Barber, Peter, fruit stand E Water cor State, h 115 E Second

BARBER, VIOLA FISHLER, (Roach & Fishler) 117 W Second

Barber, W. E. & Co., (Willard E. Barber and William F. Hopkinton), type writer supplies 108 W Third

Barber, Wm. Herbert, tinsmith, bds 309 Orchard

Barber, Williard E., (W. E. Barber & Co.,) stenographer N C R R, h 721 College av

Barbour, Morris C., gate keeper Reformatory h Horseheads

Barbour, Van R., mason, h 711 McDonald

Bardwell, Benjamin L., clerk D L & W R R Co, bds 131 Lormore

Bardwell, Ransom P., foreman LaFrance Fire Engine Co, H 131 Lormore

Bardwell, Willis H., machinist, h 414 Spaulding

Barker, Charles L., shoemaker, h 404 W Third

Barker, Frederic, (Barker, Rose & Gray), h 514 W Water

Barker, Geo. A., tel operator L V R R, h 665 Columbia

Barker, John C., engraver, bds 870 S Main

BARKER, ROSE & GRAY, (F. Barker, S. Rose and S. C. Gray), wholesale and retail hardware, 109, 111, 113, Lake (see page 5)

Barker, Sarah, widow, Edgar, h 870 S Main

Barkus, Lewis, peddler, h 753 John


Barlow, H. C., bookbinder, bds 316 Washington st

Barlow, Homer R., laborer, h 312 Orchard

Barlow, James E., brakeman D L & W R R, E s College av n Reformatory

Barlow, Lenella T., stenographer Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker, h Horseheads

Barlow, Samuel A., carpenter, 104 E Hudson

Barned, Robert, moulder, h 407 Penna av

Barnard, Pauline, domestic 121 W Chemung pl

Barnerd, David C., pres Barnerd washing machine company, bds Elmira house

Barnes, Aaron P., conductor N C R R, h 454 Franklin

Barnes, Clarence P., fireman D L & W R R, h 1204 Maxwell av

Barnes, Clyde E., emp N C R R shops, bds 691 S Main

Barnes, Eugene B., engineer N C R R, h 601 S Main

Barnes, Floyd A., carpenter, h 307 W Clinton

Barnes, James, manager 202 Penna av, h 643 W Water

Barnes, Mary, nurse Southern Tier Orphans Home, bds do

Barnes, Mary H., bds 371 W Church

Barnes, M. E., drug store 202 Penna av, h 643 W Water

Barnes, Russell, special ex pension officer Syracuse h 705 1-2 N Main

Barnes, Thomas, fireman D L & W R R, h 1406 Baldwin

Barnes, Thomas, butcher, h 373 W Third

Barnes, Thomas, trav salesman, bds Davison house

Barnes, Thomas H., clerk 409 Railroad av, h 373 W Third

Barnett, Anna, dressmaker, h 106 Fulton

Barnett, Hannah, h 721 Dickinson

Barnett, Jeremiah, laborer, h 106 Fulton

Barnett, Jeremiah, emp Spaulding's mill, bds 820 Hatch

Barnett, John, laborer, h 820 Hatch

Barnett, John F., machinist, bds 106 Fulton

Barnett, Kate, milliner, bds 820 Hatch

Barnett, Nellie, bds 106 Fulton

BARNEY & CO., (J. H. B., W. G. B. and L. L. B.), lime, cement and plaster E Washington av n rolling mill

Barney, Joseph H., (Barney & Co.), h 115 W Chemung pl

Barney, Luther L., (Barney & Co), also insurance adjuster, h 118 E Chemung pl

Barney, William G., (Barney & Co.), bds 115 W Chemung pl

Barnhard, Edward, fireman E F D, h 212 W Water

Barnhart, Edward, teamster, h 204 W Water

Barnum, Lottie, nurse, bds 403 Franklin

BARNUM, M., Empire Laundry Co., h 205 W Henry

Baron, John, helper, h 153 E Washington av

Barr, Frederick Mrs., H 1323 Lake

Barr, Nicholas, baker, h 806 E Market

Barren, John, emp rolling mill, h 153 E Washington av


Barrett, Catherine, domestic 712 Park pl

Barrett, Edward, brakeman, bds 724 Benjamin

Barrett, John, hatter, bds 151 W Clinton

Barrett, Kate, domestic, 254 W Clinton

Barrett, Maggie, domestic, 608 W Water

BARRETT S. ELDEN, meat market 121 W Water, h 376 W Gray

Barrett, Stephen R., 111 W Water, h 376 W Gray

Barrett, William H., chief despatcher N Y L E & W R R, h 323 W Clinton

Barrigan, William, line repairer, bds 724 Benjamin

Barron, Joseph H., shoemaker, h 801 Magee

Barron, William H., shoemaker, bds 801 Magee

Barrow, Merton L., clerk 132 W Water, bds 219 Caldwell av

Barry, Catherine, widow Robert, bds 817 E Church

Barry, John, baker, bds 365 Railroad av

Barry, Kate S., dressmaker, bds 817 E Church

Barry, Mary, dressmaker, 260 W Henry

Barry, Mary, domestic 433 E Water

Barry, Robert J., plumber, h 102 E Henry

Barry, Rusan, emp Judson A. Clark's stock farm

Barkwus, Charles, peddler, h 753 John

Bartell, George, barber, h 605 E Water

Barter, Anna E., bds 522 Herrick

Barter, Beckie S., artist, bds 522 Herrick

Barter, Richard H., foreman N C R R shops, h 522 Herrick

Barth, Harris, tailor 115 Railroad av, h 608 E Third

Bartholf, Henrietta, tailoress 379 W Gray, h do

Bartholf, Rachel B., widow Henry P., tailoress 379 W Gray h do

Bartholf, William H., clerk Hallock Bros., h 112 Davis

Bartholomew, Elmira, widow Joseph, h 115 Columbia

BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN, (agent) druggist 171 Baldwin, h 310 do

Bartholomew, John H., cigar packer, 108 Ferris

Bartholomew, Lewis, millwright, bds 115 Columbia

Bartlett, George H., brushmaker, bds 160 Washington

Bartlett, William, brush manufacturer, h 160 Washington

Bartlett, William jr., brushmaker, bds 160 Washington

Barton, Francis A., carpenter, h 422 Fulton

Barton, Mary A., h 422 Fulton

Barton, R. Walter, (Barton & Wheadon) h 374 W Church

BARTON & WHEADON, (R W B and C F W) wholesale grocers, 319 and 320 E Market

Barton, William, brakeman N C R R., bds 315 Baty

Baryezkowskie, Michael, carpenter, h 668 Dickinson

Bassett, Andrew B., carpenter, h 419 1-2 Balsam

Bassett, Charles A., foreman Spaulding's sash and blind mill, h 957 Oak

Basta, George, laborer, bds 620 Baldwin


Bassett, Joel A., printer Telegram, h 161 Harriet

Bassett, Julia A., widow Isaac J., h 1302 Maxwell av

Bassett, Warren H., flagman N C R R., h 513 Balsam

Bateman, Ellen, widow Mark, h 150 Washington av

Bates, Charles A., traveling salesman Clipper Chilled Plow Co., bds 510 W Church

Bates, Genoa E., compositor Gazette office, bds 665 Baldwin

Bates, James, h 212 Hoffman

Bates, Lydia, bds 514 Penna av

Bates, Nathaniel, clerk 156 Lake, h 112 Hoffman

Bates, Sarah, widow Joseph S., h 220 W Second

Bates, Willis A., traveling salesman, h 413 W Third

Battersby, Patrick, clerk 117 E Water, h 219 Broadway

Batterson, Edmund, mason, h 372 S Main

Batterson, Clara, domestic 602 Perine

Batterson, George H., slater bds 202 Harmon (Harmon

Batterson, Horace B., detective, office Lake cor Carroll, h 202

Batterson, Robert D., cutter, bds 202 Harmon

Battinson, Thomas S., h 222 Baldwin

Battin, Henry, brakeman, h 1210 Maxwell av

Baty, Hubert M., telegrapher, bds 255 Baty

Baty, John A., machinist, h 255 Baty

Baty, William D., emp bridge works, bds 507 Lake

Bander, Joe, peddler, h 771 John

Bauer, Charles, laborer, h 851 Dickinson

Bauer, Christian, tailor 121 Harriet, h do

Baumann, William, laborer Sheeley's tannery, h 763 E Fifth

Baumerster, Louis F., blacksmith, h 608 S Main

Bausch, Julius J., machinist, bds 520 Fulton

Bavalier, Hattie, widow Edmund, h 509 N Main (h 253 W Sixth

Baxter, Archie E., (Baxter, Gibson, & Gaylord) also U S marshall

BAXTER, GIBSON & GAYLORD (Archie E Baxter, Judson A Gibson and Henderson Gaylord) lawyers Masonic Temple, Lake

Baxter, Nora, clerk Durland & Pratt, bds 105 N Main

Baxter, Theodore W., machinist, bds 909 Kenyon

Baxter, William, stenographer, h 314 Madison av

Baxter, William J., stenographer, bds 316 Madison av

Bayne, James E., boxmaker, bds 108 Penna av

Beach, Albert, baggagemaster E C & N R R, bds 131 W Market

Beach, Frank A., stenographer, N Y L E & W R R., h 1003 Walnut

Beach, J D (Beach & Mettler), h 237 Mt Zoar (h do

Beach, Joseph H., real estate and insurance agent, 215 DeWitt,


BEACH & METTLER, (J D B and J L M) general blacksmiths and manufacturers of wagons and carriages, 209 S Main (See Front Cover)

Beach, Wilbur A., (Stuart & Beach) h 470 W Water

Beadle, Chauncey M., (Beadle & Sturdevant) h 400 Lake

Beadle, Ralph W., h 373 E Water

BEADLE & STURDEVANT, (C M B and L J S) general insurance, 214 E Water

Bean, Albert L., foreman Elmira bridge works, h 626 Penna av

Bean, Fred A., student, bds 469 W Church

Bean, George W., clerk, h 146 W Water

Bean, Peter, laborer, h 51 First av

Bean, Wm. H. S., salesman Barker, Rose & Gray h 469 W Church

Beardsley, Albert H., contractor 100 Lake h 469 Riverside ave n Homer

Beardsley, Arista, carpenter, h 627 W Water

Beardsley, Cora F., teacher school No.1, bds 609 College av

Beardsley, Curlisla, widow, David S., h 609 College av

Beardsley, David E., salesman H. C. Spaulding & Co, h 504 Roe av

BEARDSLEY, ELIAS J., superintendent of public schools, h 365 W First

Beardsley, Frederick, civil engineer 100 Lake, h 702 Tuttle av

Beardsley, Harry, carpenter, h 702 Tuttle av

Beardsley, John B., 122 N Main

Beardsley, Lutishia, h 609 College av

Beardsley, Maud bds 627 W Water

Beardsley, Norton L., lumber inspector Turner's, h 702 Tuttle av

Beardsley, Rodney E., printer Gazette, bds 702 Tuttle av

Beardsley, Ursula, domestic 513 High

Bearen, Julius, shoemaker, bds 120 Horner

Beatie, Charles, clerk Turnbull's, bds 368 High

Beaty, George, saloon, 401 Railroad av, h do

Beaty, __________ draughtsman, bds 503 Lake

Beatty, William D., draughtsman Elmira Bridge Co, h 403 William

Beary, Eli, blacksmith 357 E Washington av, h 322 W Washington av

Beauman, Albert, clerk 311 E Water bds 112 Orchard

Beauman, Rose M., bds 112 Orchard

Bechtol, Even, blacksmith 450 E Water, h 213 Sullivan

Bechtol, George T., plumber, bds 213 Sullivan

Bechtol, George T., machinist, h 378 S Main

Bechtol, Miles, mouldings Fitch & Aldrich, h 516 DeWitt

Bechtol, William, painter, bds 213 Sullivan

Beck, Rosana, widow, Henry, h 618 Dickinson

Beck, Samuel, carpenter Payne shops, 1201 Grant

Beck, Theo Miss, h 618 Dickinson


Becker, Harry, pedler, bds 775 John

Beckhorn, George, engineer Fitch & Aldrich, h 515 High

Beckhorn, W. S., saloon, 420 E Water, h do

Beckhorn, William, laborer, h 600 E Clinton

Beckhorn, William M., paper hanger and painter h 102 S Elm

Beckwith, Anna, bds 915 Benton

Beckwith, Charles S., clerk 110 State, bds 158 Madison av

Beckwith, Ella, domestic 670 Columbia

Beckwith, George, bookkeeper 501 E Clinton, h 311 DeWitt

Beckwith, Kittie M., nurse 1219 Lake

Beckwith, Leroy L., conductor N C R R, h 466 South av

Beckwith, Maggie, milliner, bds 63 Washington

Beckwith, Marvin, clerk, Buckbee house

Beckwith, Sylvester, laborer, h 212 Partridge

Beckwith, Thomas, laborer, h West Hill rd

Bedell, Jane, widow Albert, h 129 W Water

Beebe, Charles F., clerk 329 E Water, h 761 E Church

Beebe, Clara M., h 509 Walnut

Beebe, George, lawyer, 102 W Water, h do

Beebe, Mary Mrs., operative, bds 714 Spaulding

Beecher, Frank R., insurance agent 107 W Water

Beecher, Mabel, table waitress 417 Carroll, h 104 Fox

Beecher, Minerva K., widow Lyman S., h 104 Fox

BEECHER, THOS. K. REV., pastor Park church, h East av opp sanitarium

BEEMAN, ANNIE, masseur 411 E Church, h do

Beeman, Frank M., bookkeeper 112-120 State, h r 103 E Henry

Beeman, James T., laborer, bds W s Keefe n W Miller

Beeman, John B., letter carrier, h 127 W Water

Beeman, Joseph H., laborer, h W s Keefe n W Miller

Beeman, Marion I., dressmaker, bds r 103 E Henry

Beeman, Maude W., re toucher 303 Railroad av, bds 103 E Henry

Beers, Addie D., laundry 616 S Main, h do

Beers, Alexander, 2 Main St bridge

Beers, Dora, dressmaker, bds 411 Pleasant

Beers, Dell, seamstress, bds 763 E Chemung pl

BEERS, EDMUMD O., sec'y Southern Tier Masonic Relief Association, masonic temple, h 630 W Water

Beers, Edwin W., carpenter, h 508 Pennsylvania av

Beers, Elsie L., teacher school No. 6, bds 419 W Water

Beers, Frank, student, bds 506 W Water

Beers, Frederick Claire, h 506 W Water

Beers, George H., carpenter, h 410 Herrick

BEERS, G. H. MRS., h 410 Herrick

Beers, Harry, foreman tannery Addison, N. Y, h 1009 Pratt


Beers, Ira F., bds 506 W Water

Beers, Ira S., gen western pass agent D L & W R R h 506 W Water

Beers, J. Max, clerk Southern Tier Masonic Relief Ass'n also dramatic editor The Echoes, bds 607 W Church

Beers, Johnson, deputy factory inspector 317 E Water, h 607 W Church

Beers, Joseph, carpenter, h 763 E Church

Beers, Lillian, h 506 W Water

Beers, Lida P., mattress maker, h 1009 Pratt

Beers, Mary E., widow William H., h 419 W Water

Beers, Mary I., widow Chancey B., h 604 W Clinton

Beers, May I., stenographer and bookkeeper, 161 Lake, bds 1009

Beers, Uri, carpenter, h Home cor Junction

Beers, Minnie Mrs., bds 806 Madison av

Beers, William H., h 616 S Main

Beganski, William, tailor, bds 159 Madison av

Beger, Frank J., cigar store 118 S Main, h 552 Coburn

Bhan, Thomas, engineer, D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Behlke, John, bds 803 John

Behlke, William, laborer, h 803 John

Beidleman, Belle, dressmaker, bds 104 Hudson

Biedleman, Henry, laborer, bds 158 S Elm

Beidleman, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 104 W Hudson

Beidleman, Vincent, laborer, bds 129 E Hudson

Bein, Susan, domestic 116 W Chemung pl

Belknap, William E., Elmira bridge works, h 102 W Miller

Bell, Caroline E., widow Robert, h 653 Dickinson

Bell, Christian J., widow Austin M., h 308 W Church

Bell, Edmund E., clerk L V freight office, h 518 Dewitt

Bell, Etta, bds 136 E Water

Bell, Henry, plumber 334 E Water, bds 110 Lormore

Bell, Robert, tailor 304 E Water, h N s Estey

Bellows, Charles A., conductor E C & N R R, h 160 W Clinton

Bellows, Harriett F., widow Leverett, h 722 W Water

Bellinger, William H., horse trainer, h 610 Jay

Belton, Samuel, bds 333 W Water

Bement, Carrie S., widow William, h 650 E Market

BEMENT & DAVENPORT, (E. P. Bement and D. R. Davenport), picture frames and artists materials, 327 E Water

Bement, Edward P., (Bement & Davenport), h 305 William

Bement, Eliza W., bds 305 William

Bement, James H., carpenter, h 557 E Church

Benedict, Allie, dressmaker, bds 227 1-2 Mt Zoar bds 313

Benedict, Carlton Lee, bookkeeper 302, 303 E Water, bds 313 Baldwin

Benedict, Charles, carpenter, h 227 1-2 Mt Zoar


Benedict, Cora, bds 227 1-2 Mt Zoar

Benedict, Goold, bds 508 W Third

Benedict, Gurdeon, night clerk Wyckoff house

Benedict, Hobert E., policeman, h 111 W Chemung pl

Benedict, Hovey, building mover 227 1-2 Mt Zoar

Benedict, John, sash maker, bds 152 W Fifth

Benedict. John, clerk 123 Lake, bds South av

Benedict, John, butcher, h 227 1-2 Mt Zoar

Benedict, John L., door maker, bds 1021 1-2 Oak

Benedict, Mida M., bds 1003 Sullivan

Benedict, Walter G., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 907 Lake

Benedict, William, building mover, h r 381 Penna av

Benedict, William A., door maker, h 1003 Sullivan

Benedict, William H., principal No. 2 school h 508 W Third

Benedict, William J., sash and blind maker, bds 1003 Sullivan

BENHAM, FRANK W., confectionery 203 E Water, h 336 E Water

Benjamin, Barney, peddler, h 115 Orchard

Benjamin, Clarisy Mrs., bds 501 Baldwin

Benjamin, Fred L., tinsmith, bds 112 Baldwin

Benjamin, Garrie P., livery and hack h 660 N Main

Benjamin, Joseph A., national cash register, Baldwin cor E Water h 405 Columbia

Benjamin, Minnie L., bds 112 Baldwin

Benjamin, Newton, contracting freight agt C R R of N J, h 454 W Clinton

Benjamin, Sarah L., widow George J., dressmaker 112 Baldwin h do

Benjamin, Stephen L., brakeman N C R R, h 419 Balsam

Bennett, Aaron F., laborer, h S s Holdridge n limits

Bennett, Andnew J., carpenter, h 208 Vine

Bennett, Barton L., carpenter, h 360 Penna av

Bennett, Catharine, h r 370 W Third

Bennett, Carleton L., clerk Dey Bros, bds 313 Baldwin

Bennett, Floyd D., clerk 138 1-2 W Water, bds 2 Main St bridge

Bennett, George E., paper hanger 223 Gregg, h do

Bennett, Glover H., bookkeeper N Y L E & W R R, freight office, bds 414 Main

Bennett, Havens N., carpenter, bds 360 Penna av

Bennett, Ira W., music teacher, bds 214 W Clinton

Bennett, James D., machinist, h 210 Vine

Bennett, Judson A., fireman D L & W R R, h 213 Thurston

Bennett, Libbie A. Mrs., bakery 212 Baldwin, h do

Bennett, L. B., h 511 W Water

Bennett, Maria, Home for Aged

Bennett, Mary Mrs., r 102 W First


Bennett, Mary E. Mrs., h 220 Second

Bennett, Mary E., bds 208 Vine

Bennett, Miron A., coachman 243 Lake, h 620 E Third

Bennett, Philip H., carpenter, h 416 S Broadway

Bennett, Sarah, widow George, bds 240 W Water

Bennett, Sarah E., bds 200 Vine

Bennett, Sherman, laborer, h 352 E Washington av

Bennett, Thomas, h 661 Park pl

Bennett, Thomas, stone cutter, h 711 Davis

Bennett, William, conductor D L & W R R, bds 1505 Lake

Bennett, William E., collector Singer Sewing Machine Co., h 1005 College av

Benscotter, Amos, laborer, h 909 Benton

Benson, Frank A., emp Erie car shops, h 429 W Fourth

Benson, Herman A., trav salesman (C. M. & R Tompkins) h 905 Lake

Benson, Manley V., clerk 110 State, h 158 Madison av

Benson, Tobias, laborer, h 263 S Main

Bentley, Augusta, widow Fuller, h 354 Franklin

Bentley, Fred R., clerk N C freight office bds 354 Franklin

Bentley, Frank S., U. S. commissioner and examiner 216 E Water h Horseheads

Bentley, Mary E., widow Charles H, h N s Esty n Robinson

Benton, Ezra L., surveyor, h 109 W Gray

Benton, Henry P., h 109 W Gray

Berg, Frederick, glazier, h 70 E Oak

Bergher, Fred, clerk, bds 410 Main

Bergan, Jerry, supervisor N C R R., 570 South av

Berganski, William, tailor, bds Madison av cor E Market

Bergman, Louis, meat market, 775 John, h 116 Sullivan

Bergman, William, cigarmaker E Market cor Orchard, h 123 Sullivan

Bergman, William, cigar manf 702 E Market cor Orchard, h do

Berhalter, Jacob, tailor, 216 E Water, h 55 Sullivan

Berhalter, Matilda, domestic 220 Penna av

BERK, M. AMELIA, modiste, h 306 College av

Berlovtz, Barney, tailor 115 Railroad av., bds 107 Washington

Berlovtz, Simon, peddler, bds 107 Washington

Berkowitz, Isaac Rev, rabbi synagogue 115 Orchard, h do

Berman, Benjamin, peddler, h 771 John

Bernas, Charles, laborer Sheeley's tannery, bds 766 E Fifth

Bermingham, John J., bookbinder, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham, Mary, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham, Michael, clerk, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham, Michael, horseshoer, 418 E Market, h 310 Washington

Bermingham, Thomas F., horseshoer, bds 310 Washington

Bermingham, Timothy, laborer, bds 311 Washington


Bermingham, see Birmingham

Berner, Adam (A. Berner & Son) h 601 E Water

Berner, Frank A., (A Berner & Son) bds 601 E Water

BERNER & SON (F A) wholesale and retail fancy grocers, 601 E Water

Bernstein, Isedore, bds 753 John

Bernstein, Joseph, peddler, h 122 Sullivan

Bernstein, Simeon, peddler, h 755 John

Berrigan, William, line man W U Tel Co., bds 724 Benjamin

Berry, Anna M., teacher school No. 3, bds 322 Penna av

Berry, Alma K., stenographer, bds 307 William

Berry, Charles F., carpenter, h 160 Sullivan

Berry, David, carpenter, h 160 Sullivan

Berry, Frank M., clerk 310 E Water, bds Spaulding n Brand

Berry, Isabell, widow, h 312 Reformatory av

Berry, Isaac, bds 952 Beach

Berry, James G., clerk 310 E Water, h 362 College av

Berry, James T., clerk 310 E Water, h 362 College av

BERRY, JOHN A., manf wagons, carriages and omnibuses, E Fifth cor Madison av

Berry, Mary A., widow James W., h 307 William

Berry, Minnie, bds 206 S Main

Berry, Paul, shoemaker, bds 608 Magee

Berry, Rusane, hostler, bds Maple av n limits

Berry, William S., painter, h 206 S Main

Berthold, John G. L., physical instructor Reformatory h Webber pl

Bertholf, John, laborer, bds 107 W Second

Bertholf, William, blacksmith, bds 709 Kinyon

Bertram, John, clerk 135 W Water bds do

Bessell, Frank, bds 106 Fox

BESSEY & HALSTEAD, (Hiram G. Bessey and Matthias O. Halstead) Bessey's steam laundry, 165 Lake (See adv)


Bessey, Hiram G., (Bessey & Halstead) h 714 Park pl

Besthill, Frank, shoemaker Richardson's, h 616 1-2 Third

Bestom, Joseph, brakeman E R R., bds 156 W Third

Bettie, Charles E., salesman W Fourth cor Railroad av., bds 268 W First ton

Bettridge, E. Henry, baker, 109 E Henry, h do

Betts, Ida M., nurse, bds 108 Brand

Betts, Lillian, stenographer, bds 108 Brand

Betson, Elizabeth, widow William, bds 722 E Oak

Bevan, Frederick, clerk Water cor Main, h 716 Winsor av

BEVIER, DENNIS, flour, feed, hay and grain, 432 E Market, also steam hay press and feed mill, Erie, h 111 Caldwell av

Bevier, Silas W., trav'g agent, h 117 Caldwell av

Bevins, Margaret, Home for the Aged

Beyan, William, emp rolling mill, bds 110 Broadway

Bischoff, Henry, guard Reformatory, bds do

Bickford, Hiram H., (Pierce & Bickford) bds 424 W Gray

Brickwedde, Charles P., bookkeeper 116 Lake, bds 656 E Market

Bieganski, William, tailor 209 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Bien, Anna, boxmaker, bds 51 First av

Bien, Anna E., milliner, bds 1130 Oak

Bien, Christina, boxmaker, bds 51 First av

Bien, Edward M., fresco painter, h 419 E Washington av

Bien, Katharine, widow George, bds 408 High

Bien, Mary, dressmaker, 1130 Oak, h do

Bien, Martin, laborer, h 1130 Oak

Bien, Peter, machinist, h 1124 Lake

Bien, Peter, tobacco tier, h 51 First av

Biganski, Romey, clerk 126 Penna av, bds do

Bigg, Edward C., mason, h 10 Pine

Bigg, Edward H., hostler, 460 W Church

Biggs, Chris W., (C. W. Biggs & Co.) bds 507 Baldwin

BIGGS, C. W. & CO., (Chris W. Biggs, William P. Howard and Joseph C. Biggs), druggist 151 Lake (See front cover)

Biggs, John, express driver, h 507 Baldwin

Biggs, John, jr., h 507 Baldwin

Biggs, Joseph P., (C. W. Biggs & Co.), also foreman Telegram, h 507 Baldwin

BIGGS, P. & CO., (Peter Biggs & J. Frank White), soap manuf Madison av cor E Fifth

Biggs, Peter, (P. Biggs & Co.), h 414 Baldwin

Bigley, John, guard Reformatory, h 521 Baldwin

Billette, James F., mason, bds 720 Walnut

Billette, Maria, widow Theodore, h 720 Walnut

Billings, Charles F., h 409 N Main

Billings, Edward B., coal dealer 101 E Gray, h 401 W Water

Billings, Lucy A., widow David T., h 1118 Hoffman


BILLINGS, HOSMER H., books and stationary 112 Baldwin, h do (See center lines)

Billings, Myra J., bds 1118 Hoffman

Bilyieu, Ira C., mason, h 658 Magee

Bilz, Edward, bill poster, h 107 W First

Birdsall, Melissa, widow Oliver, h 717 Park pl

Bird, Charles W., grocer 356 E Washington av h do

Bird, Isaac, cook h 507 Madison av

Birmingham, Ellen, h 500 E Water

Birmingham, Frederick, operative Richardson's, h 500 E Water

Birmingham, Lizzie, operative Richardson's

Birmingham, Michael, saloon 170 Lake, h 312 Dewitt

Birmingham, Thomas F., compositor Advertiser

Birmingham, William C., stenographer 334 E Water, bds 312 Dewitt

Birmingham see Bermingham

Bishop, Alice, masseur, bds 260 Baldwin

Bishop, George, collar maker, bds 656 Lake

Bishop, G. Wellington, engineer N C R R, h 500 Baldwin

Bishop, Lauren E., masseur, bds 1122 Lake

Bishop, Mary K., stenographer, bds 108 Lormore

Bissell, Frank, shoemaker, h 616 1-2 E Third

Bissell, Frank, meat cutter, bds 106 Fox

Bissell, William D., blacksmith, h 417 Davis

Black, Asha, laborer, bds 400 High

Black, Melissa, widow William, bds 108 E Hudson

Blackburn, Jessie M., bds 503 Lake

Blackburn, Susan C., widow Thomas, h 503 Lake

Blackman, Cora L., operative, bds 512 Jefferson

Blackman, George H., carpenter, h 512 Jefferson

Blackwell, E. H., carpenter and builder 621 W Gray, bds 2 Main St bridge

Blackwell, I. Wheeler, jeweler 363 Davis, bds 365 W Gray

Blackwell, Willis D., boarding, h 327 Baldwin

Blades, James P., bookkeeper, 657 Railroad av, h 220 Lormore

BLAIR, ADDISON D., lawyer also notary public 318 E Water, h 600 W Church

Blair, Maude E. M., student, h 600 W Church

Blake, Anna, domestic Rathbun house

Blake, Elizabeth B., widow Elial B., h 757 Park pl

Blake, Joseph, fireman, D L & W R R, bds 204 Broadway

Blake, Louis L., electrician, h 657 Park pl

Blake, Margaret Mrs., grocer 204 Broadway, h do

Blake, May, domestic Arnot-Ogden hospital

Blake, Martin, conductor Erie R R, h 369 W First

Blake, Michael, h 204 Broadway

Blake, M. Henry, brakeman Erie R R, bds 369 W Fifth