Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Wickwire Edward M., clerk Pratt & Co., bds 167 Baldwin

Wiegand George C., hairdresser 105 Baldwin, h 262 W Chemung pl

Wienecke Mary, widow Ferdinand, grocer 600 Jay, h do

Wienecke Michael, laborer, h 816 East av

Wiggins Aimee, milliner, bds 417 E Market

Wight Giles H., photographer, bds 656 Lake

Wight Thomas, carpenter, h 410 High

Wightman William H., (Davis & Wightman), bds 314 Baldwin

Wilbor C. C. Rev., pastor First M E church, h 322 Baldwin

Wilbur Fanny, widow, h 314 E Water

Wilbur Judson L., blacksmith, h 104 E Henry

Wilbur Mary E. C., widow Aaron, h 657 Park pl

Wilbur Robert A., (Stewart & Wilbur), bds 417 E Market

Wilbur William E., propr Globe Hotel 505 Railroad av

Wilcott Ella, librarian Park Church, h do

Wilcox A. A., trav salesman Railroad av cor Market, h Quincy Mich

Wilcox Clark L., clerk, bds 656 Lake

Wilcox Clark L., h 351 Grove

Wilcox Deborah J., boarding house 613 S Main

Wilcox Fortis M., gardener, h 217 1-2 Lormore

Wilcox Frederick L., compositor, bds 260 Baldwin

Wilcox George L., trav agt, h 1213 Hall

Wilcox George W., painter also musician, h 604 E Water

Wilcox Grace, domestic 516 Herrick

Wilcox Hezekiah D., lawyer 340 E Water, h 959 Davis

Wilcox John W., shoemaker, bds 863 Dickinson

Wilcox Martin B., carpenter, h 771 John

Wilcox Mary C., seamstress, h Madison av cor E 2d

Wilcox Susan, widow John C., h 661 Columbia

Wilcox W. A., clerk Wyckoff House, bds do

Wilder Glen C., clerk 340 E Water, h 467 Spaulding

Wilder Henry F., carpenter, h 715 McDonald

Wiley Herbert E., foreman Advertiser book room, h 415 Main

Wilferth John P., pressman Gazette, bds 207 Caldwell av

Wilferth William T., grocer Erie cor Brand, h 207 Caldwell av

Wilkes James, machinist, h 123 Penna av

Wilkey Eugene H., bds 811 E Church

Pg. 383

Wilkey James A., bds 811 E Church

Wilkin Moses B., carpenter, h 1001 Davis

Wilkin M. B. Mrs., boarding house 1001 Davis

Wilkins Ella V., widow George, dressmaker, bds 102 Harmon

Wilkins Frank C., upholsterer, h 54 Hoffman

Wilkins Jennie Mrs., h 112 E Water

Wilkinson Augustus, engineer, h 353 E Washington av

Wilks Herman D., boilermaker, bds 554 S Main

Willard Augustus D., machinist, h Lewis la

Willard David, bds Lewis la

WILLHELM JOHN W., flour and feed 213 W Water, h 634 do

Williams Amzi, engineer, h 806 Madison av

Williams Ann, widow Thomas, h 105 E Washington av

Williams Anna, bds 408 Oak

Williams Anna., operator Telephone Exchange, bds 609 Davis

Williams Benjamin, foreman rolling mill, h 609 Davis

Williams Charles A., driver, bds 101 Stephens la

Williams Charles R., foreman, h 515 Herrick

Williams Charles W., clerk, h 404 W 2d

Williams Daniel F., shoemaker, h 156 W Clinton

Williams Della, domestic 350 W 6th

Williams DeVer W., boots and shoes 203 E Water, h 370 W Water

Williams Edwin A., switchman, h 101 Magee pl

Williams Frank C., engineer, h 1327 Maxwell av

Williams Fred, driver, bds 240 W Water

Williams Fred J., compositor Gazette, bds 110 Horner

Williams George S., laborer, h Main cor Centre

Williams Harris L., clerk 301 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Williams Hugh, horse trainer, h 311 E 5th

Williams James W., watchman, h 640 W Water

Williams Jefferson, laborer, h 113 W 5th

Williams John, laborer, h 511 Madison av

Williams John C., mechanic, h 703 W 2d

Williams John D., paymaster rolling mill, h 520 Lake

WILLIAMS JOHN EDWARDS., publisher Elmira, Binghamton, N Y, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Lancaster and Allentown, Pa directories, bds 262 Baldwin

Williams John F., teamster, h 101 Stephens la

Williams John J., brakeman, bds 307 Diven av

William John O., stonecutter, h 714 W 1st

Williams John R., agent, bds 101 W Chemung pl

Williams Joseph, moulder, bds 519 Fulton

Williams Lew, electric engineer, h 159 W Water

Williams Lewis, laborer, h 407 Railroad av

Williams Lewis, laborer, bds 705 Dickinson

Pg. 384

Williams Llewellyn, saloon Baldwin cor E 5th, h do

Williams Maggie, h 409 Railroad av

Williams Margaret, widow Rev. David, bds 520 W 4th

Williams Mary H., saleslady 112 Baldwin, bds 640 W Water

Williams Mathew, apprentice, bds E 5th cor Baldwin

Williams Moses, photographer, h 606 E Clinton

Williams Peter, laborer, bds 717 Dickinson

Williams Peter W., porter Rathbun House

Williams Robert, barber 309 E 5th, h Baldwin cor E 4th

Williams Rodney P., foreman Gazette job dept, h 110 Horner

Williams Samuel, laborer, h 705 Dickinson

Williams Thomas, painter, bds 209 Madison av

Williams Thomas W., clerk, bds Baldwin cor E 5th

Williams William B., farmer, h 604 Hart

Williamson O. S., physician and surgeon Elmira Medical and Surgical Institute, h do

Williman Alexander, cigar manuf, h 605 E Water

Willison Frank C., gardener, bds 601 Coburn

Willison Newlove, h 601 Coburn

Willison Thomas M., butcher, bds 601 Coburn

Willmot William, puddler, h 907 Stowell

Wills Duncan G., laborer, h 307 E Clinton

Wills Henry B., carpenter, h 307 E Clinton

Wills James, carpenter, h 410 Standish

Willis Martha, bds 307 E Clinton

Wilson Adam, carpenter, h 605 Magee

Wilson Alice, h 107 E Church

Wilson & Boyd (H. C. Wilson and R. L. Boyd), grain W 3d n Railroad av

Wilson Byron F., carpenter, h 239 Mt Zoar

Wilson Chester, brakeman, rooms 359 S Main

Wilson David, student, bds 529 Penna av

Wilson Emily Y., teacher Academy, bds 503 Lake

Wilson Emma, domestic 520 W Water

Wilson James, watchman Erie shops, h 317 W 2d

Wilson James, scavenger, h 503 Madison av

Wilson Jennie L., seamstress, bds 106 W 2d

Wilson Laura H., dressmaker, bds 373 Thurston

Wilson Perry, cab driver, bds 240 W Water

Wilson Rufus, associate editor Telegram, bds 455 W Water

Wilson Thomas, machinist, h 529 Penna av

Windsor Lloyd D., ins agt, h 723 College av

Wing Angie, milliner, bds 105 Columbia

Wing Edson, baggageman Erie depot, h 513 College av

Wing Maria, dressmaker, bds 605 Beach

Pg. 385

Wingrave Frederick, book-keeper, h 308 Harmon

Winkel Charles, bottler, h 858 E Market

Winkel Kate, widow John K., h 408 High

Winn Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Winn Anna, bds 912 Magee

Winn Hugh, laborer, h 912 Magee

Winn James, laborer, h 918 Maxwell av

Winn John, conductor, h 120 Hall

Winn Maggie, domestic 912 Magee

Winn Patrick, laborer, bds 912 Magee

Winn Thomas, laborer, bds 912 Magee

Winnie George, h 409 Grove

Winnie Irving P., principal keeper State Reformatory, bds do

Winston Newell, salesman 304 E Water, h 457 High

Winters Joseph E., fireman, bds 309 Mt Zoar

Wintersteen D. T., contractor and builder 430 Herrick, h do

Winton Addie F., bds 361 1-2 W 2d

Winton Martha A., widow Andrew J., h 361 1-2 W 2d

Wipfler George, cigar manuf 615 1-2 Lake, h do

Wise Daniel W., h 112 W Hudson

Wise Fred H., book-keeper 216 E Water, h 213 Lormore

Wise Harry E., book-keeper, bds 112 W Hudson

Wise James T., (LaFrance & Wise), h 208 Columbia

Wise John A., clerk127 Lake, h 318 E Water

Wise William, grocer 858 E Church, h do

Wiseman Edward B., student, bds 705 College av

Wiseman Harriet B., widow Edward, h 705 College av

Wismar Charles F., brakeman, h 1308 Pratt

Wisner Clara, widow William H., bds 106 W Gray

Wisner Hammond S., bds 106 W Gray

Wisner Maria Mrs., h 357 Main

Wisnienski John, laborer, h 664 Baldwin

Withiam J. Frank, brakeman, h 420 Pleasant

Witson James, car tracer, h 162 Sullivan

Witt Lambert A., doormaker, h 759 E 2d

Witt Lorren, carpenter, bds 611 Lewis

Wittenburg Charles J., clerk 141 E Water, bds 222 W Church

Wittenburg Joseph (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 222 W Church

Wittosky Simon, clothing 371 Railroad av, h do

Wittman Wenzelaus, laborer, h 700 Jay

Wixon Fred M., paymaster, h 861 Magee

Wixon O. M., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

Wladeslawowsky M. D., peddler, h 107 Washington

Wolcott Edward E., manager Chemung Hollow Ware Works, bds 721 College av

Pg. 386

Wolf Charles, laborer, bds Erie n Brand

Wolf John, boilermaker, h Erie n Brand

Wolfe Furman, farmer, h ft E Water n limits

Wolff Jacob A., cigar manuf 418 E Water, h 608 do

Wolfgrum Bertha, domestic 213 W Washington av

Wollheim Rosa, widow Solomon, h 219 High

Wolverton Betsey, widow William G., h 356 Davis pl

Wolverton B. C., electrician N Y & Penna Tel & Teleg Co State cor Nicks

Wolverton Eunice H., bds 356 Davis pl

Wood Alonzo W., brakeman, h 510 Herrick

Wood Belle, domestic 310 Webber pl

Wood Charles S., mechanic, h 509 Perine

Wood Curtis A., conductor N C R R, h 209 Giltanann

Wood E. A., salesman, bds 100 E Hudson

Wood Ezra Z., student, h 212 DeWitt

Wood Frank L., laborer, h 102 Erie

Wood Garry H., clerk, bds 308 S Main

Wood George A., policeman, bds 118 Madison av

Wood George P., compositor, h 125 Horner

Wood James L., painter, bds 406 Standish

WOOD JOHN D., mgr L. V. Wood & Bro 148 W Water, h 367 W 3d

Wood Joseph, carpenter, h 370 Diven av

Wood Lore, widow James M., h 308 S Main

WOOD L. V. & BRO., installment dealers 148 W Water

Wood Mary L. Mrs., h 130 W Water

Wood Orrin A., porter Delavan House

Wood Patrick, wiper, h S Broadway S of limits

Wood Rosanna, widow John, h Hoffman n city limits

Wood Seymour B., tinsmith, h 105 W Chemung pl

Wood Warren W., clerk 301 E Water, bds 416 W 3d

Wood William H., engineer, h 408 Spaulding

Wood William H., carriagemaker, h 755 E Church

Wood William M., engineer Telegram, h 610 W Church

Woodburn William, laborer, h E 7th n Canal

Woodcock Marcus, loom repairer, h 409 Oak

Woodeski Sophia, widow Frank, h 151 E Washington av

Woodford Charles N., bds 459 W Church

Woodford James F., (Copeland & Woodford) h 118 Brand

Woodford Joseph, laborer, h 105 E Hudson

Woodhull Lydia A., h 109 Washington

Woodland Wilbur, machinist, bds 232 W South av

Woodman Charles H., agent, bds Elmira House

Woodruff Agnes Miss, bds 1204 Maxwell av

Woodruff Fred L., book-keeper Harris & McHenry, h 118 Lormore

Pg. 387

Woodruff George, brakeman, bds 408 Walnut

Woodruff L. W., book-keeper, h 155 Baldwin

Woodruff William, laborer, bds 1105 Benton

Woods Austin E., lineman, h 408 E Water

Woods George M., tobacco sorter, bds Buckbee House

Woods Harry, laborer, bds 726 S Main

Woods James, trav salesman, h 809 E Market

Woods James L., lawyer also U S Commissioner 218 E Water, h 416 W Water

Woodside Samuel C., (Elmira Portrait Co.), h 616 College av

Woodward Bert, carpenter, h 9 Burdick

Woodward Charles, physician 205 E Gray, h do

Woodward Charles, foreman Reformatory, bds do

Woodward Emiline, widow William, h 413 Baldwin

Woodward Luther H., baggagemaster L V R R, h 305 W Clinton

Woodward William S. C., printer Advertiser, bds 205 E Gray

Woodard W. W., conductor L V R R, bds Frasier House

Woofter Royal, U S expressman, h 411 Walnut

Woolever Amanda E. Mrs., housekeeper 360 W 2d

Woolever Fay, fireman, h 257 South av

Woolf Edwin J., sawyer, h 200 E Water

Woolf Orlando C. (Wagner & Woolf), h 956 Lake

Woolsey Lorinda R., h Spaulding n South av

Woolworth & Northrop, 5 and 10 cent store, 324 E Water

Wooster A. G., h 316 Orchard

Wooster Seymour M., engineer, h 412 Jefferson

Worden Charles, laborer, h 604 Penna av

Worden Henry H., conductor, bds Blyley House

Wormley Francis Mrs., bds 315 W Clinton

Worrall Eunice S., widow George, h 511 William

WORRALL JAMES L., coal and wood State ab E 2d, h 511 William

Worsley William, cook 314 Carroll, bds 126 E Water

Worth Gustave A., civil engineer, h 205 Harmon

Worth Harry J., depot agt Adams Ex Co, bds 205 Harmon

Wright Charles, laborer, h 220 W Henry

Wright Charles E., carpenter, h 408 Jefferson

Wright C. A., teacher, bds 525 W Washington av

WRIGHT CLARENCE L., contractor and builder 509 1-2 Fulton, h do

Wright Eliza C., widow Luther R., h 404 William

Wright Ellis G., carpenter, h 101 Franklin

Wright Frank, teacher, bds 525 W Washington av

Wright Fred, brakeman, h 901 Franklin

Wright Fred B., bds 380 W 4th

Wright George B., conductor N Y L E & W R R, h 380 W 4th

Pg. 388

Wright George B., jr., bds 380 W 4th

Wright Henry C., machinist, h 104 Erie

Wright Jennie, domestic 758 E Church

Wright Martha, widow William, h 201 E Gray

Wright Mary, widow John B., h 525 W Washington av

Wright Pauline, widow Augustus, h 114 W 2d

Wright Peter, h 451 W Water

Wright Rilla, dressmaker, bds W Water cor Hoffman

Wright Robert, keeper, h S s Roe av n Main

Wright Robert, engineer Telegram, bds 650 E Market

Wright Robert F., clerk 156 Baldwin, bds Roe av cor Main

Wright Samuel P., bds Rathbun House

Wright Truman T., conductor, h Southport corners

Wright William, machinist, h 378 S Main

Wrigley Frederick, weaver, bds 539 Tuttle av

Wrigley Isaac R., weaver, h Southport S of limits

Wrigley John, div plumber Erie R R, h 304 E 2d

Wrigley John, gigger, h 539 Tuttle av

Wrigley William, weaver, bds 539 Tuttle av

Wulff Diedrich, cabinetmaker, h 1000 Oak

Wyckoff Albert P., bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Arcalous (A. Wyckoff & Son), h 115 E Chemung pl

WYCKOFF A. & SON (E. L.), wood waterpipe manufs 101-111 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff Carrie E., teacher, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Charles W., laborer, h 255 W Hudson

Wyckoff Ernest L. (A. Wyckoff & Son), h 211 Penna av

WYCKOFF HOUSE, S. Bowen prop 115, 117, 119, 121 and 123 W Water

Wyckoff Rhoda, widow Elias, h 256 W Chemung pl

Wyckoff Sibyl, widow George W., h 115 E Chemung pl

Wyckoff William H., sawyer, bds 256 W Chemung pl

Wylie Carew M., carpenter, h 530 W Gray

Wylie Charles, book-keeper, bds 530 W Gray

Wylie Fred, check boy, bds 530 E Gray

Wylie Jesse M., clerk, bds 530 W Gray

Wylie Sophronia E., widow M. D., bds 110 W Chemung pl

Wyman Frank L., printer, bds 118 Sullivan

Wyman John M., shoemaker, h 118 Sullivan

Wynans Charles E., engineer, h 415 Jefferson

Wynkoop Ada B., clerk, bds 305 S Main

Wynn Annie, dressmaker, bds 912 Magee

Wynne Charles, fireman, bds 1008 Lake

Wynne James W., roadmaster, bds 1008 Lake

Wynne John, conductor, h 1207 Hall

Pg. 389

Yager Adam, carpenter, h 110 Partridge

Yanowsky Reinhold, painter, h 770 E 5th

Yaple Bert W., ironworker, bds 316 Webber pl

Yaple Esther, widow Jacob, h 316 Webber pl

Yaples Chauncey, bds 109 W Church

Yaples Ross, brakeman, h 419 1-2 Balsam

Yates Horace G., farmer, h 117 W Market

YATES WILLIAM P., watchmaker 136 E Water, h 117 W Market

Yeisley John, laborer, h 57 Orchard

Ye Lee, laundry 325 Carroll, h do

YENGER BERTRAM, granite and stone works E 5th cor Benjamin, h 917 Lake

Yenn Charles, laborer, h 909 Hoffman

Yenn Xaver, farmer, bds 909 Hoffman

Yeske Charles, laborer, h 125 Carpenter

Yeunger John A., teamster, h 801 Magee

York Charles, painter, h 78 Walnut

York Charles E., painter, h 209 S Main

Youmans E. B., chief clerk treasury department, Washington, D C

Youmans Milton, trav agt, h 216 W Chemung pl

Young Albert E., tinsmith, bds Esty n Robinson

Young Charles W., (C. W. Young & Co), h 406 Powell

YOUNG CHARLES W. & CO. (F. A. Stowell), hardware, stoves and furnaces, tinware, sheet iron and cooper, paints, oils and slate roofing, etc., 307 E Water

Young Clara A., tailoress, h Esty n Robinson

Young Clara B., dressmaker, bds 1004 Sullivan

Young Frankie M., domestic, bds 659 Lake

Young Ida, tailoress, bds Esty n Robinson

Young Jennie, book-keeper, bds 1004 Sullivan

Young John, machinist, bds 554 S Main

Young John (Stowell & Young), h Maple av cor Horner

Young John, cutter 308 E Water, bds Maple av cor Horner

Young Lewis, carpenter, bds 362 Lewis


YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, (Railway), northwest cor W Church and Railroad av

YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, D L & W R R department 1449 Baldwin

Young Ray P., telegraph operator Erie depot, bds 610 College

Young Sapphira, widow Peter C., h 414 William

Young Sarah, teacher, bds 414 William

Young Stewart, mason, h 1004 Sullivan

Pg. 390

Zimbahl Hannah, domestic 114 E Chemung pl

Zimmer Jacob, blacksmith, h 425 Balsam

Zimmerman Frank J., pianomaker, h 216 Harriet

Zimmerman Frank L., embalmer, h 459 E 2d

Zimmerman John C., piano tuner and repairer 114 Baldwin, bds 117 Lormore

Zimmerman Joseph, tailor, bds 117 Lormore

ZIMMERMAN J. GEORGE, merchant tailor room 1 Opera Block, bds 117 Lormore

Zimmerman Meinrad, tailor, bds 117 Lormore

Zinberg Alexander, peddler, h 603 John

Zittinger Caroline E., tailoress, bds 52 Orchard

Zittinger Louis, tailor, h 52 Orchard

Zoebisch Mary M., widow Gustav, h 410 Spaulding

Zoller O. H., trav agt, h 400 Madison av

Zoppe Dora, widow Philip, h 806 E Market

Pg. 391



SUPERVISOR - Thomas Hibbard

TOWN CLERK - Frank A. Bennett

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - Theo. V Weller, Hiram H. McConnell, John Nichols, John B. Keeler

ASSESSORS - A. G. Weston, John S. Harding, Geo. O'Hanlon


OVERSEER OF THE POOR - First District, Orman Herrick; Second District, George P. Shappee

CONSTABLES - Charles Carpenter, John Shriver, Winfield S. Van Order, John Hogan, DeWitt W. Staring


TRUSTEES - Frank S. Bentley, Charles F. Taber, Solomon A. Tallmadge, Stephen Compton, Wellington E. Breese

CLERK - E. M. Myers

ASSESSORS - Walter W. Mosher, T. J. Wintermute, O. S. Botsford

COLLECTOR - James D. Shoots

TREASURER - Horace J. Weller

POLICE JUSTICE - Theo. V. Weller



Baptist Church, Avenue cor Orchard

Episcopal Church, Main cor Steuben

Methodist Church, Avenue cor Broad

Presbyterian Church, Avenue cor Broad

Roman Catholic Church, Broad n N C R R


Chief Engineer - John Hogan

First Assistant Engineer - Charles Marshall

Second Assistant Engineer - E. V. Towne

Treasurer - J. R. Platt

Secretary - John E. Barlow


Steamer Company No 1, W. E. Colegrove, foreman

Acme Hose Company No 2, G. C. Benedict, foreman

Pioneer Hose Company No 1, P. D. Connelly, foreman

Pg. 392



Names in Capitals are Patrons.

ARNOLD HARRY, painter and decorator Main cor John

Bachman M. V. B., lawyer Franklin n Church

BARLOW CYRUS, lawyer Franklin n Main

Barlow F., dressmaker Broad n Church

Benedict E. R., painter Franklin opp Church

Bennett F. A., harnessmaker Ryant Block

BENTLEY & BILLS (W. M. B. and F. B.), meat market 5 N Main

Boeitker L. & Co. (C. B.), grocers 3 Franklin

Breese W. E., carriage and sleigh manuf Franklin opp Church

Bundy E. C., blacksmith Chemung n Oil Works

Bush R. P., physician and surgeon Mosher Block

Carpenter C. A. Mrs., dressmaker John n Church

Carpenter C. E., watchmaker and jeweler 12 S Main

CHEMUNG VALEEY REPORTER, J. Leroy Nixon editor and proprietor, Main cor John

CHRISTIE J. A., lawyer Franklin n Main

Clark S. A. & Son (D. D.), grocers 3 S Main

COLEGROVE W. E., physician and surgeon Main cor Orchard

Coleman Harvey, market gardener Ithaca beyond limits

Collins James, saloon John n N C R R depot

Colwell Bros. (T. B. and J. S.), meat market Main cor John

Corel A. M., druggist 5 Franklin

Cox C. W., dentist 9 Main

CURTIS DeWITT C., lawyer also insurance agent Mosher Block Main

Pg. 393

DAILEY & BENTLEY, lawyers Ryant Block

Davis W. H., physician and surgeon Steuben n Avenue

Dean Bros. (S. R. D. and G. W. D.), dentists Franklin n Main

Dean T. W., grocer also 5 & 10c store 9 S Main

Devoe Martin, restaurant Franklin n Church

Donahue James, shoemaker Church n Main

Donald A., market gardener Ithaca beyond limits

Dunn Anna, millinery 7 Franklin

Fritsch & Kimmich (C. F. and J. G. K.), bakers Main n bridge

Gardner & Compton (H. G. and S. C.), furniture 8 S Main

Gillette & Co. (W. D. G. and E. J. G.), bakers Franklin cor Main

Groom O., physician and surgeon Mill cor Avenue

Gue John D., grocer 2 Mosher Block

Haines W. E., harnessmaker 3 Mosher Block

Hanson Jay, watchmaker Main n Franklin

HATHAWAY & BENNITT (C. L. H. and M. C. B.), coal dealers also hay and grain Main n bridge

Herrick E. C., grocer Franklin cor Church

Herrick F. D., meat market Church n Franklin

Holtz L. Mrs., dressmaker John n Church

Horton John L., wagonmaker Franklin opp Church

HOTEL STARING, Owen & Tillinghast props Main cor Franklin

Jones Henry B., cigar manufacturer John n Main

Kent A. E., barber Platt House

Lovell & Hibbard (J. W. Lovell and F. Hibbard), hardware paints oils etc., 11 and 13 Franklin

Marshall C. L. & Co., grocers Franklin n Church

Mather E. C. Mrs., millinery Main n Broad

McIntyre C. L., horseshoer Main n Mosher Block

McQueen J., market gardener Rockwell cor Steuben

Morgan S. M., boots and shoes John n Main

Mosher W. W., grocer and dry goods also merchant tailor 1 Mosher Block

Nichols & VanGorden (H. E. Nichols and E. K. VanGorden), blacksmiths Franklin opp Church

Nixon J. Leroy, editor and prop Chemung Valley Reporter also book and job printer Main cor John

Park & Myers (W. Park and E. M. Myers), grocers also boots and shoes 9 Franklin

Platt House, J. R. Platt prop Hanover Square

REYNOLDS & TUTTLE, lumber, sash, blinds & doors Adams n Main

REYNOLDS, TUTTLE & CO., (D. D. Reynolds and W. E. and C. O. Tuttle), grist mill Mill n Main

Rockwell E. S., blacksmith Main n bridge

ROCKWELL G. W., hardware, stoves and tinware 4 Mosher Block

Rose Wm. J., carriage maker John n Main

Pg. 394

RYANT HOUSE, Carpenter & Vaughan props 13 and 15 S Main

Scales Nathan, shoemaker 5 Ryant Block

Sherman M. Mrs., saloon John n Main

Shoots James D., job printer S Main cor John

Shriver James T., livery and boarding stables John n Main

Sixby Brothers (G. F. and N. H.), books, stationery etc, also paints, oils and varnishes 1 S Main

SIXBY N. H. (Sixby Bros.), also postmaster

Smith & Co. (D. D. Reynolds), brick manufacturers

Smith Joseph, barber Main n Franklin

STARING J. W., dry goods Main cor Franklin

Stow D. F., pump manufacturer Franklin n Main

Sullivan Ella Mrs., dressmaker John cor Church

Tallmadge S. A., druggist 5 S Main

Updike A. N., livery stables S Main cor John

VanDusen R. A., wines and liquors 3 Hanover sq

Ward Peter J., photographer S Main cor Franklin

Weller T. V., justice of the peace Ryant Block

Welsh T., market gardener Ithaca n E C & N R R

Wheat Amos, corn and feed Franklin n N C R R depot

Wheat Timothy H., agt D L & W R R and ex agt also coal dealer D L & W depot

Wheat W. S., ice cream manuf W s Ithaca beyond limits

Wightman A. M., druggist Franklin n Main

WIGHTMAN CHEMICAL CO., manufacturing pharmacists Franklin n Main

Willcox M. M. Mrs., sewing machines 7 S Main

Wintermute T. J., grocer, dry goods, boots, shoes, etc, 11 S Main

Wright L. L., grocer, boots and shoes also repairing 7 S Main