Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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SYLVESTER C. H. photographer 159 Railroad av, bds 123 Baldwin (see adv)

Symonds Abigail, widow Ebenezar, bds 402 Tuttle av

Symonds Alonzo D., stone delaer, h 402 Tuttle av


Taber Alfred B., healing manipulator 220 William, h do

Taber Dorman A., brakeman, h 615 Penna av

TABER SAMUEL C., lawyer 164 Lake, h 452 W Church

Tabor Franklin, canvasser, bds 719 Park pl

Tabor George M., moulder, h 400 Pleasant

Tabor Helen, widow Leroy, h 517 Tulton

Tabor James R., salesman 301 E Water, h 315 Baldwin

Tabor Leroy, machinist, bds 517 Fulton

Tack Anthony, trav agent, h 508 Main

Tackman Louis A., wire worker 417 Carroll, h 616 Lake

Taft E. L. Miss, bds 313 Lake

Talbert LaFayette, farmer, h 814 W Gray

Tallett Nellie, bds 352 W Clinton

Tanner Alonzo A., shoemaker, h 102 W Water

Tanner Anna m., weaver, bds 100 E Hudson


Tanner Jane, dressmaker, bds 409 W 5th

Tanner Robert, laborer, h 358 Hoffman

Tanner Rufus, h 310 Hoffman

Tate Hattie, widow John, bds Tuttle av n East av

Tate Joshua, book-keeper, bds Lake ab limits

Tate Richard, gardener, h E s Lake ab limits

TAYLOR BROS., RICE & CO, (Alfred J., Eugene T., and M. Taylor and Alfred T. Rice), seedsmen and florists 163 Baldwin, greenhouse 214 E Market (see adv pages 3, 8, 11, 13, 15)

Page 359

Taylor Alfred J. (Taylor Bros., Rice & Co.), h 905 John

TAYLOR C. I. MRS., mind reader, h 1320 Benton

Taylor E. L., hostler, bds Buckbee House

Taylor Elias, h 320 W 5th

Taylor Eugene T. (Taylor Bros., Rice & Co.), h river rd bel Arnot’s mill

Taylor Fred P., book-keeper, bds 403 W 1st

Taylor George, laborer, h 221 S Main

Taylor Godfred, tailor , h 109 Washington

Taylor Henry L., clerk 313 E Water, h 421 W Water

Taylor Rood, hatter 118 W Water, h 357 W 6th

Taylor James A., h 613 Lewis

Taylor James R., sawyer, bds 619 Lewis

Taylor John, fireman, h 459 Lake av

Taylor John R., harnessmaker, bds Buckbee House

Taylor J. Welles, bottle dealer, bds 307 William

Taylor Lewis J., fireman, bds 715 Magee

Taylor Lewis P., puddler, h 715Magee

Taylor Lizzie, music teacher, bds 715 Magee

Taylor mansel (Taylor Bros., Rice & Co.), h river rd bel Arnot’s mill

Taylor Mattie, domestic Lewis House

Taylor Mortimer K., dist mangr Wilcox & Gibbs Sewing machine Co, bds 510 E Church

ARCHITECT J. Q. INGHAM, 6 Opera Block, 154 Lake St.

Taylor Nathaniel A., farmer, h 366 Penna av

Taylor Rollin N., hostler, bds 366 Penna av

Taylor Russell I., tinsmith, h 1313 Benton

Taylor Sallie, domestic, bds r 652 Dickinson

Taylor Samuel B., auctioneer 321 E Water, h 403 W 1st

Taylor Samuel O., laborer, h 663 Magee

Taylor Sandy, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

Taylor Sylvester S. (Taylor & Bacon), h 425 E Market

Taylor William, brakeman, bds 615 S Main

Taylor William D., carpenter, h 1320 Benton

Taylor & Bacon (S.S. Taylor and J. Bacon), lawyers 120 Lake

Taynton James E., fireman, bds 403 Franklin

Taynton Newton C., fireman, bds 456 South av

Teal Martha L., widow William, bds 505 Fulton

Teed Charles W., watchmaker 214 W Water, h 107 do

Teed Colby F., trav agt Barton & Wheadon, h 508 Roe av

Teed John, ironworker, h 107 E Washington av

Teed Julia A., widow Thorn G., bds 371 Fulton

Tehan Morris, foreman D L & W R R, h 606 Sullivan

TELEGRAM COMPANY (The) (H.S. Brooks, Charles Hazard and James Hill), publishers and proprietors The Telegram E Market cor Exchange pl

Page 360

TELEGRAM (The) published by the Telelgram Co, E Market cor Exchange pl

TELEPHONE EXCHANGE, F. Eugene Smith mgr. State cor Nicks

Temple Mary A., bds 375 W Gray

Templer Marshall E., engineer, h 359 Norton

Tenbroeck Alonzo P., h 1325 College av

Ten Broeck Fannie, widow Peter B., h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck Hattie, teacher, bds 210 Washington

Ten Broeck Mary, bds 210 Washington

Ten Broeck William R., book-keeper, h 119 Caldwell av

Teneyck Elmer, carpenter, bds 156 W 3d

Terrill George, moulder, h 119 W South av

Terrill James, billiard clerk Rathbun House

Terrill Thomas, boilermaker, bds 213 Giltanann

TERRY CHARLES A., prop Hotel Terry 509 Railroad av, h do

Terry Charles S., driver, bds 310 Penna av

Terry E. C., dentist 202 E Water, h 310 Penna av

Terwilliger Arthur B., brakeman, h Stowell pl

Terwilliger Edgar B., concrete walk also gravel and tar roofing, 1319 Lake

Terwilliger Fred a., driver, bds 1019 East av

Terwilliger H. K., carpenter, h 508 Sullivan

Terwilliger John L., carpenter, h 210 W Water

Why do you Pay Rent? TURNER & TOOKER, Agts of Home Co., New York 148 W Water St.

Terwilliger Lewis A., brakeman, bds 1323 Lake

Terwilliger Louise, dressmaker, bds 902 East av

Tesch Anna, domestic 105 College av

TEWKSBURY ANDERSON D., physicaian, specialties eye, ear, nose and throat 122 Main, h do

Tewksbury Charles L., dealer in produce, h 355 Walnut

Thayer Abbie A., dressmaker, h 516 Davis

Theodore Rachel, teacher, bds 711 E Market

Thomas Anna C., widow James L., h 407 W Church

Thomas Barbara, widow Fred, h 814 W 1st

Thomas Bessie M., milliner, bds Maple av beyond limits

Thomas Charles, machinist, h 211 Horner

Thomas Charles L., dye manuf, bds 368 W Clinton

Thomas David, h 513 William

Thomas Della Mrs., matron Water Cure 1019 East av

Thomas D. P. Mrs., h 128 Main

Thomas Edward, carpenter, bds Stowell pl n Erie R R

Thomas Frederick clerk, 154 Lake, bds 202 Chestnut

Thomas Henry, machinist, bds Buckbee House

Thomas Horace S., machinist, h 122 Caldwell av

Thomas James L., baggageman, h 216 W 3d

Thomas John P., laborer, h Sullivan ab limits

Thomas Joseph, fireman, h 320 South av

Page 361

Thomas Marie Mrs., nurse, bds 604 Dickinson

Thomas Minnie E., bds 407 W Church

Thomas Napoleon, laborer, h 814 W 1st

Thomas N. Spencer, dye manuf, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Owen G., watchman, h 771 John

Thomas Reba I., bds 368 W Clinton

Thomas Thomas, laborer, bds Stowell pl n Erie R R

Thomas William, h Stowell pl n Erie R R

Thomas William E., roller, h 753 Harper

Thomas William P., engineer, bds Scott opp Payne shops

Thompson Arthur D., printer, h 407 Oak

Thompson Bert, clerk Wyckoff House, rooms 265 W Clinton

Thompson Bert E., book-keeper, h 1 Home

Thompson Caroline Mrs., bds 711 College av

Thompson Charles A., laborer, h r 118 S Main

Thompson Charles F., book-keeper S. H. Laney, h 218 Gregg

Thompson Delia, widow James H., h 212 College av

Thompson Edward C., laborer, h 104 W 1st

Thompson Eliza, widow Z., h 1204 Maxwell av

Thompson Frank L., asst eng’r Erie R R bds 111 W Market

Thompson Frankie J., dressmaker, bds 301 E Market

Thompson Fred, switchman, h 373 W 5th

Wall Paper and Mixed Pain, Reagan Bros., 211 W. Water

Thompson George, machinist, h 510 Balsoam

Thompson George W., brakeman, h 224 Mt. Zoar

Thompson Headley, trav salesman, h 531 W Clinton

Thompson Henry, bds 302 William

Thompson Howard, clerk, bds 208 S. Main

Thompson Ira M., carpenter, bds 103 Penna av

Thompson James, laborer, bds Maple av beyond limits

Thompson J. A. Mrs., bds 510 Columbia

Thompson J. Hathorn, artist, bds 711 College av

Thompson Jesse M., bds 301 E market

Thompson John, lumber merchant, h 273 Baty

Thompson John, engineer, b 815 E 2d

Thompson John, rougher, bds 817 Canal

Thompson John M., h 301 E Market

Thompson J. E., trav salesman, bds 315 William

Thompson J. Fred, drug clerk, bds 510 Columbia

Thompson Maria, widow jerry, h 508 Park pl

Thompson Martha, widow George, bds 505 Lake

Thompson Mary C. Mrs., canvasser, h 502 Penna av

Thompson Minnie E., bds 531 W Church

Thompson Norman J. (Holmes & Thompson), h 458 W Water

Thompson Orpha W., teacher school No 4, bds 321 W Washington av

Page 362

Thompson Oscar, supt repairs Reformatory, h 531 W Church

Thompson Samuel J., telegrapher, h 311 Mt Zoar

Thompson Susan A., teacher school No 3, bds 212 College av

Thompson William, laborer, bds 311 Mt Zoar

Thompson Zebrand, carpenter, bds 422 Balsam

Thomson Houston Electric Light Station, F. H. Pelham supt, 122 and 126 Railroad av

Thorn John, h 210 Gregg

Thorn Mittie, bds 405 E Union

Thorndill John, mason, h 319 Roe av

Thornley John, foreman Reformatory, bds do

Thornton Ada, domestic 413 Lake

Thornton Elson E., collector, bds 430 Pleasant

Thornton Frank, laborer, bds 612 Baldwin

Thornton Frank E., brakeman, h 415 W 4th

Thornton Harvey A., broom manuf 430 Pleasant, h do

Thornton James, blacksmith, bds 123 Penna av

Thornton William H., proter Wyckoff House, h 709 Dickinson

Thorp Frank B., teamster, h 816 Walnut

Thorp Iradell D., salesman, bds 306 W Water

Thorp John, teamster, h 515 W 2d

Thrall Corydon W., carpenter, h 517 Walnut

Go to the Empire Laundry for Fine Work

Thro Isabella, nurse, h 310 South av

Thro Joseph F., h 650 Lake

Thro Joseph J., clerk 329 E Water, h 650 Lake

Thro Mary E., clerk 312 E Water, h 501 do

Thro Samuel W., clerk, bds 650 Lake

Thurber Burr N., laborer, h 102 S Elm

Thurston Ariel S., lawyer 100 Lake, h 413 Main

Thurston Catharine J., widow William, h 1053 Walnut

Thurston Charles P., lawyer 100 Lake, h 362 College av

Thurston Frank E., brakeman, h 1134 Lake

THURSTON & HASKELL (R. Thurston, and M. C. Haskell), carpenter and builders 362 and 364 State

Thurston Louie, operative, bds 1053 Walnut

Thurston Moses W., barber Railroad av cor W Church, h 102 W Gray

Thurston Reuben (Thurston & Haskell), h 1056 Walnut

Thurston Richard H., lawyer Chemung Canal Bank Building, bds 413 Main

Tice Elizabeth, widow Joseph S., bds 407 W Clinton

Tice E. W., teacher, bds 518 Penna av

Tice Fanny Miss, teacher school, No 5, bds 422 W Gray

Tice Florence, teacher school No. 5 bds 216 Maple av

Tice John, laborer, h 704 Baldwin

Tice Thomas, emory machinist, h 812 W Gray

Page 363

Tidd Charles, contractor, h 217 Henry

Tidd, Edward K., paymaster N C R R, h 217 W Henry

Tidd Grant N., contractor, bds 217 W Henry

Tidd Horton, real estate 206 E Water, h 706 W Water

Tierney Catharine, widow Joseph, h 118 Washington

Tierney Ellen, seamstress, bds 118 Washington

Tierney Honorah, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney James, laborer, h 307 E Clinton

Tierney James W., engineer, h 1410 Baldwin

Tierney Norah, seamstress, bds 706 Hatch

Tifft Amelia L., clerk, bds 155 Lake

Tifft David E., laborer, h 155 Lake

Tifft George B., carpenter, bds 857 E Water

Tigue James, brakeman, bds 1316 Baldwin

Tillinghast H. C., book-keeper, rooms 407 W Gray

Tillinghast Herbert F., conductor literature, h 509 Main

Tillman John M., harness manuf 214 E Water, h 218 High

Tillman John M. jr., clerk 214 E Water, bds 519 W Clinton

Tillsey Sarah, domestic 446 Reformatory

Tillson Addie E., bds 613 Lake

Tillson Carrie E., agent, h Tuttle av n East av

Tillson James, machinist, h 613 Lake

ARCHITECT J. Q. INGHAM, 6 Opera Block, 154 Lake St.

Timm Carl, shoemaker, h 439 W 4th

Tinklepaugh Simon P., conductor, h 476 W South av

Titus Richard G., painter, h Soper

TOAN THOMAS H., clerk and steward Elmira Female College, h 862 Main

Toaz Robert, hack driver, hds 569 E Water

Tobey Alonzo J., clerk, 412 W Gray

Tobey Ludd, clerk, bds 110 College av

Tobias David, peddler, h 104 Fox

Tobin Alice M., clerk, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin Catherine, dressmaker, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin Edward J., compositor, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin Edward R., cooper, h 106 Orchard

Tobin Martin J., cooper, h 224 Sullivan

Tobin Norah A., dressmaker, bds 106 Orchard

Tobin Patrick, carpenter, h r 502 Columbia

Tobin Patrick V., apprentice Gazette, bds 106 Orchard

Todd S. S., teacher, bds Aspen Ridge

Tobert Emma, domestic 915 Davis

Toles Estella M., widow Wallace, drssmaker, h 327 W Centre

Tomlinson Charles, h 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson Charles F., packer, bds 1007 Walnut

Tomlinson Eugenie I., clerk, bds 513 Davis

Tomlinson William, machinist, h 513 Davis

Page 364

Tomowski Frederick, h 962 E Clinton

Tompkins Charles M. (C. M. & R. Tompkins), h 124 W 2d

Tompkins Cornelius B., trav agt Smead & Northcott, h 370 W Church

TOMPKINS C. M. & R., wholesale grocers 354 and 356 State av

Tompkins Phineas C., harnessmaker, h 156 Sullivan

Tompkins Quinton, teamster, h N s Reformatory av n College av

Tompkins Ray (C. M. & R. Tomkins), bds 124 W 2d

Tompkins Solomon, painter, h 459 W 3d

Tompkins Stewart D., salesman 310 Carroll, bds 370 W Church

Tompkins Tamerlane B., h 124 W 2d

Tompkins William W. (Bundy, Tompkins & Fassett), bds 360 W Church

Tong Frank, bds 314 W 3d

Tong James R., teamster, h 415 Walnut

Tong Jonothan, carpenter, h 314 W 3d

Tong Susie, bds 314 W 3d

Tong Thomas W., clerk, h 210 W 2d

Tood William G., fireman, h 516 DeWitt

Toohey John, h E Washington av cor Baldwin

Tooker Hyman S., tailor, h 511 Columbia

Tooker Jared Y., shoemaker, bds 508 W Clinton

Turner & Tooker, GENERAL AGENTS OF HOME COMPANY, NEW YORK, Cor. Main and Water St.

TOOKER JOSEPH Y. (Turner & Tooker), associate agt Home Co. of New York City 148 W Water, h 508 W Clinton

Toole Edward J., trav salesman 142 E Water, h 714 do

Topper Harry, blindmaker, bds 504 Elizabeth

Topping Benjamin W., trav salesman, h 55 Hoffman

Towner Augustus P., expressman, h 124 E Chumung pl

Towner Cyrus F., blacksmith, h 910 Oak

Towner Eunice, widow K. J., h 260 Partridge

Towner F. Henrietta, dressmaker 124 E Chemung pl, h do

Towner Kitie E., saleslady 311 E Water, bds 260 Partridge

Towner Letie E., dressmaker 260 Partridge

Towner O. Frank, brakeman, bds 260 Partridge

Townsend Ada, saleslady 111 W Water, bds 353 Davis

Townsend Alexander, forman S. H. Laney, h 512 DeWitt

Townsend Elmer D., salesman, bds 353 Davis

Townsend Fred B., trav salesman S. H. Lane, h 508 William

Townsend George, carpenter, h Junction

Townsend Hezekiah D., mason, bds Junction

Townsend Robert L. clerk county treasurer’s office 206 E Water, bds 310 Penna av

Townsend Thomas, laborer, h 353 Davis

Townsen Wilbur, woodyard 512 DeWitt, bds do

Tracy Julia A. Mrs., h 210 W 3d

Page 365

Trainer Anna F., milliner, bds 603 S Main

Trainer James, policeman, h 859 Canal

Trainer James, laborer, h 1401 Baldwin

Trainer James B., cigar manuf 616 S Main, h 608 do

Trant Daniel, porter, h 658 Columbia

Traver Harry F., clerk, bds 409 Davis

Traver John, laborer, h 706 Day

Traver William E., laborer, h 409 Davis

Travis Ambrose T., car inspector, bds 123 Horner

TREADWELL GORDON W., bus mgr also treas Elmira Advertiser Ass’n 316 Carroll, bds 417 E Market

Treadwell Hezekiah D., shoemaker 201 E Church, bds 506 Magee

Treat Leroy, carpenter, h 611 Penna av

Treat Temperance, widow Ansel, h E s College av N Reformatory

Tremain George W., blacksmith State Reformatory, h West Hill rd cor Hoffman

Tremaine Warren H., book-keeper, h 557 Coburn

Trembley Dwight E., laborer, h 200 Harmon

Trembly Ella G., compositor Gazette, bds 218 William

Trembly Sarah, widow Riley, h 113 W Chemung pl

Trent Daniel, bell boy Delavan House, h 658 Baldwin

Trescott Ida L., teacher school No 3, bds 360 W Gray

Latest Designs in Wall Paper, Reagan Bros., 211 W. Water

Trescott Jonathan W., harnessmaker, h 360 W Gray

Trescott Seth M., clerk, bds 360 W Gray

Trimble George T., machinist, bds 451 Penna av

Tripler Harry E., bds 369 W 4th

Tripp Edward C., engineer, h 661 College av

Troll Francis J., draughtsman, bds 438 W Clinton

Trost George, shoemaker, h 811 W Gray

Trout George A., conductor, h 103 Magee pl

Trout George M., painter, h 228 Chestnut

Trout George P., plumber, bds 812 E Church

Trout George W., carpenter, h 812 E Church

Trout Isaac L., conductor, h 368 Penna av

Trout John M., blacksmith, h 816 E Church

Trout Miles, carriage manuf 450 E Water, h 107 Madison av

Trout William H., collector, bds 312 E Church

TROY STEAM LAUNDRY, C. S. Keith prop’r, 159 and 161 Baldwin (see adv top line outside back cover)

True Robert H., engineer, h 1321 Maxwell av

Truesdell Amanda, widow G. L., bds 527 William

Trumbower Harry, clerk, bds 121 Madison av

Trumbower H. E., salesman, bds 128 Main

Tschan Philip, saloon 605 Lake, h do

Tubberty Bridget, domestic 218 W 1st

Page 366

Tubberty Ella, domestic 318 W Clinton

Tubberty Ellen, widow Thomas H., h 859 Davis

Tubberty Martin, plumber, bds 859 Davis

Tubbs Alta, dressmaker, bds 464 W Gray

Tubbs Charles, book-keeper, bds W s Penna av S of limits

TUBBS HARRISON K., chief clerk N C R R, h 209 W Hudson

Tubbs Hattie S., nurse, bds 459 E Water

Tubbs M. N., manager Chemung Milk Association 154 Lake, h 109 Madison av

Tubbs William, clerk D L & W fgt depot, bds 110 W Market

Tubbs William, book-keeper, bds 110 College av

Tuberty Mary, domestic Elmira Female College

Tuch Morris, manager 100 E Water, h 319 High

Tuch M. G. Mrs., merchant tailor 100 E Water, h 319 High

Tuch Morris R., salesman, bds E Water n Fox

Tuch Sarah G., bds 319 High

Tucker Charles H., brakeman, h 1216 Baldwin

Tucker James M., laborer, bds 213 South av

Tufford Jacob, carpenter, h 418 Herrick

Tumpowsky Mire, peddler, h 851 E Church

Tumpowsky Mox, peddler, h 550 E 2d

Tunison Legrange B., carpenter, h 129 Judson


Tunison Ophelia, grocer 763 E Water, h do

Turnbull Alexander Z. (Turnbull Bros.), h 206 W 6th

Turnbull Bros. (A. Z. and estate of M. A.), boot and shoe manufs W 4th cor Railroad av

Turner Alexander S., managar Turner Lumber Co, h Casino Eldridge Park

Turner David, gardener, h 621 E 3d

TURNER EDWIN B. (Turner & Tooker), h 636 W Water

Turner Eva L., saleslady 311 W Water, bds 414 Standish

Turner George, laborer, h 164 Orchard

Turner John, brakeman, bds 414 Standish

Turner John F., clerk 203 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Turner Lawrence A., agt wholesale lumber Eldridge Park, h 960 Lake

Turner Lumber Co., A. S. Turner manager, Eldridge Park

Turner Robert T. (Turner & VanDuzer), h 419 W Church

Page 367

Turner Thomas H., laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner Thomas W., fireman, h 410 E Washington av

TURNER & TOOKER, gen’l agts of Home Co of New York 148 W Water (see adv middle lines)

Turner William J., teamster, h 414 Standish

TURNER & VANDUZER (Robert T. Turner and Edward C. VanDuzer), lawyers 218 E Water

Tuthill Clark, doormaker, bds 507 W 2d

Tuthill C. Henry, clerk Erie fgt office, bds 750 E Water

Tuthill Francis G., grocer 750 E Water, h do

Tuthill Merinda E., widow Daniel, bds 417 E Market

Tuton Ann J., widow George, h 501 Davis

Tuton Anna M., bds 501 Davis

Tuton George, bds 501 Davis

Tuton Mary J., operator Telephone Exchange, bds 501 Davis

Tuton Robert J., salesman, bds 501 Davis

Tuttle Joseph C., bell boy, bds 899 Benton

Tuttle Norah F., h 365 W 3d

Twining Mary S., telegrapher Elmira Bus College, bds 557 Grove

Twomey John, policeman, h 505 College av

Tyler Amelia, h 129 Main

ARCHITECT J. Q. INGHAM, 6 Opera Block, 154 Lake St.

Tyler Jane A., h 129 Main

Tyler Josepha, h 129 Main

Tyler Mary O., h 129 Main

Tyler Sally S., housekeeper 656 Columbia

Tyrrell Mable, dressmaker, bds 157 High

Tyrrell Mary, domestic 118 Main

Tyrrell Miles O., carpenter, h 157 High

Tyrrell Thomas, laborer, bds 217 Giltanann


Ufford Daniel E., manager 306 Carroll, h 315 Madison av

Ufford William M., clerk, bds 315 Madison av

Ulich Barney, laborer, h 327 Railroad av

Underhill Benjamin R., correspondent for Utica Saturday Globe, bds 112 E Hudson

Underhill C. M., western mgr J. Langdon & Co, res Buffalo

Underhill Eliphet H., book-keeper Smead & Northcott, h 119 Sullivan

Underhill Hattie Mrs., bds 108 E Chemung pl

Underhill Robert, editor and manager Elmira edition Utica Saturday Globe, office 212 Baldwin

Page 368

Unger Solomon, clothing 209 E Water, h 562 do

Union News Co., Delavan House

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO., Sutherland DeWitt agt, 152 Baldwin

UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE, Mrs. F. A. Earle deputy collector 158 Lake, Opera House Block

Up de Graff Ella A., widow Dr. Thad S., h 114 W Chemung pl

Up de Graff Fred W., student, bds 114 W Chemung pl

Up de Graff Nettie H., h 402 William

Up de Graff Wey H., h 114 W Chemung pl

Updyke Charles, clerk, bds 103 Penna av

Updyke Edward D., tree dealer, bds 460 W Hudson

Uydyke Emma S., widow John, h 111 E Hudson

Updyke Frank , harnessmaker, h 801 John

Updyke Lena, domestic 218 W Chemung pl

Updyke Lewis L., h 460 W Hudson

Updyke Mercy, widow William P., bds 208 W Chemung pl

Uydyke Sarah Miss, h 208 W Chemung pl

Updyke Smith, clerk, bds 121 W Hudson

Updyke William M., foreman, h 121 W Hudson

Upham Clarie A., dressmaker 504 Main, h do

Upham Jacob, peddler, h 761 John

Ustick Martha, widow William, h 656 Main

Turner & Tooker, GENERAL AGENTS OF HOME COMPANY, NEW YORK, Cor. Main and Water St.

Utley Merritt O., engineer, h 373 Diven av

UTTER & BEECHER (W. J. Utter and W. J. Beecher), agts Equitable Life Ins Co 107 W Water (see adv top lines)

Utter Laura, dressmaker 510 Columbia

Utter Margaret H., cashier 107 W Water, h 108 Elm

Utter Stephen C., trainman, h 207 South av

Utter William H., foreman Reformatory, h W s Reformatory av n Davis

Utter William J. (Utter & Beecher,) h 108 Elm

Uttrich Adam, painter, h Diven la


Vail David L., carpenter, h 361 Division

Vail Margaret, nurse, h 356 W Gray

Vail Rufus C., watchman L V R R depot, h 403 E Union

Valiard Delia, operative, bds 701 Winsor av

Valiard Josephine, widow Frederick, h 701 Winsor av

Valiard Josie, operative, bds 701 Winsor av

Valley John, machinist, h 256 W Hudson

Valois August, hairdresser 115 Lake, h 400 E Water

Valois Bertha (B. & J. Valois), h 400 E Water

Valois B. & J., millinery and hair goods 328 E Water

Page 369

Valois Frank L. barber Wyckoff House, bds 400 E Water

Valois Julia (B. & J. Valois), h 400 E Water

VanAken Charles L., photographer, bds 529 W Gray

VanAken Elisha M., photographer 120 W Water, h 529 W Gray

VanAken William, laborer, h 761 Day

VanAllen Angeline, widow Leonard, h 267 Chemung pl

VanAuken Maggie Miss, dressmaker 116 S Main, bds do

VanBuren William H., printer Advertiser, h 605 E 2d

VanBuskirk Eugene, armorer, bds 110 Main

Van Buskirk Thomas, engineer D L & W R R, h 206 W Washingtion av

VanCise Murray, book-keeper, h 318 W Clinton

VanDemark Harley J., laborer, bds 356 E 4th

VanDemark Stephen, engineer, h 356 E 4th

Vanderbilt Mina E., clerk, bds 1201 Benton

VanDerlip Ira, laborer, h 314 High

VanDerlip Phineas, laborer, bds 314 High

VanDerlip William C., book-keeper, h 314 High

VanDevere George W., brakeman, h 228 W South av

VanDuyne John R., carpenter, h 350 Diven av

VanDuyne Nellie L., book-keeper 114 Baldwin, bds 350 Diven av

VanDuzer Edward C. (Turner & VanDazer), h 510 Lake

Decorating, Best Manner and Latest Styles REAGAN BROS., 211 W. WATER.

VanDyke George R., flagman, h 519 Balsam

VanDyke James M., division clerk U S Ex Co 152 Baldwin, h 369 W Clinton

VanDyne James A., carpenter, h 703 E 2d

VanDyne Oliver, salesman, bds 703 E 2d

VanDyne William M., book-keeper, bds 703 E 2d

VanGelder Henry, laborer, h 603 Howard

VanGelder James, laborer, h 603 Howard

VanGelder Jennie, domestic 911 Benton

VanGelder John, laborer, h 919 E Church

VanGelder Miles, laborer, h 969 East av

VanGelder Sherman, brakeman bds 1208 Hall

VanGorder John, mason, h 509 Penna av

VanGorder Mollie, dressmaker, bds 121 W Water

VanGorder Selah T., mason and builder, h 401 W Clinton

VanHorne Emory E., clerk 122 Lake, h 369 W 1st

VanHouten Aaron H., gardener, bds 905 Benton

VanHouten Betsy, widow James, bds 54 S Main

Van Houten J. Sanford, clerk 107 E Water, h 116 W Hudson

VanHusen Erwin, laborer, bds 409 Oak

VanKirk John Rev., h 664 Columbia

VanKuren Clark P., carpenter, h 510 Columbia

VanKuren John F., carpenter, h 114 Giltanann