Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Soble Naman H., book-keeper 139 E Water, h 112 Washington

Sodus William, brakeman, bds 1207 Maxwell av

Solomon Saba, dealer in old metals, h 53 Washington

Soper Darius, carpenter, h 913 S Main

Soper David M. laborer, h 913 S Main

Soper Frank, brakeman N C R R, h 230 S Main

Soper George, fireman, h E 7th cor Canal

Soper Ivaldia, conductor, h 913 S Main

Soper Ivan M., brakeman N C R R., h 532 Penna av

Soper Manley, carpenter, carpenter, bds 705 E Church

SOPER ROYAL R., bus mgr also sec ad treas The Gazette Co., h 109 Columbia

Soplin Edward, watchman Reformatory, bds do


Southern Tier Orphans’ Home, Franklin cor Fulton

Southport Plank Road Co., M. H. Arnot prest, office Chemung Canal Bank bldg.

Spalding Edwin S., printer Telegram, h 636 Winsor av

Spalding Henry S., plumber, bds 61 First av

Spalding Volney, telegrapher, bds Southport Corners

Spaulding Charles C., painter, h 400 Sullivan

Spaulding Charles F., laborer, bds 355 Norton

Spaulding Charles H. Mrs., h 303 W Clinton

Spaulding Frank M., carpenter, h 355 Norton

Spaulding Fred B., laborer, h 1308 Benton

Spaulding Henry C., ( H. C. Spaulding & Co.), h 357 Main

Spaulding Henry C. jr., (H. C. Spaulding & Co.), h 310 Maple av

SPAULDING H. C. & CO., (C.E. Rapelyea and H. C Spaulding jr.), sash, blind and door manufs

Also coal and lumber dealers E 5th cor State

Spaulding J. Fayette, carpenter, h 102 S Walnut

Spaulding Joseph S., real estate, h 213 W Hudson

Spaulding Margaret, widow Sylvester, bds 61 First av

SPAULDING MARY C., widow Charles H., h 203 Penna av

Spaulding Nellie E., bds 303 W Clinton

Spaulding Rosa, widow I., housekeeper 464 W Church

Spaulding Sylvester, clerk, bds 650 E 4th

Spaulding Thomas S., h College av cor Broadway

Spaulding William W., carpenter, h 331 Norton

Spaulsbury Edward F., foreman, h 703 E Market

Spence David, shoemaker,h 117 Grove

SPENCE THOMAS, book keeper T. Briggs & Co.,h 531 W Gray

Spencer Burdette, overseer State Reformatory, h 109 W 1st

Spencer Burr L., clerk, bds 109 W 1st

Spencer Charles M., bds 422 W 4th

Spencer Charles T., h 418 Carroll

Spencer Frank A., carpenter, bds 422 W 4th

Spencer Frank L., brakeman, bds 1008 Pratt

Spencer George S., carpenter also grocer 420 W 4th, h 422 do

Spencer George W., agent, h 900 Oak

Spencer Guy R., clerk, bds 422 W 4th

Spencer Henry M., carpenter, h 320 Hathaway

Spencer Newell H., painter,h 900 Oak

Spencer O. D., meat market 1134 Lake, h 900 Oak

Spencer Theodore C., carpenter, h 1307 Pratt

Sperl Fred J., bookbinder,h 123 Horner

Sperl John, butcher, h 123 Horner

Sperl William, barkeeper, bds 123 Horner

Sperry R. T., agt Helpmate Sewing Machine, h 214 W 3rd

Spickerman Levi B.,carpenter, h 223 Dewitt

Spier Anthong, laborer, bds 718 Oak

Spillan Annie E., saleslady, bds 540 S Main

Spillan Daniel, mason, bds 540 S Main

Spillan Dode, clerk, bds 540 S Main

Spillan John, shoemaker, h 540 S Main

Spillan John, clerk, bds 540 S Main

Spillan Mamie F., saleslady, bds 540 S Main

Spillan Nellie, clerk, bds 540 S Main

Spillane David, clerk, bds 256 W Hudson

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Spillane Jeremiah, tailor, bds 256 W Hudson

Spink George C., slater, bds 107 Main

SPOONER ARTHUR W., pastor Lake St. Pres Church, calls received in the afternoon, h 407 E Church

Sprague Charles, wagonmaker, h Penna av beyond limits

Sprague Elbert A., brakeman, h 1320 Pratt

Sprague Harvey O., clerk N C R R fgt office, h 951 Walnut

Sprague Rebecca A Mrs., h 513 W 4th

SPRIGG CHARLES B., wagonmaker 209 S Main, h 318 Penna av

Spring George H., life ins 114 Baldwin, h 709 Main

Springer Ann, widow Vincent, h 719 Dickinson

Springer Sebastain, laborer, bds 118 College av

Springer Sylve, foreman 420 Carroll, h E 5th cor Dickinson

SQUIRE CHARLES L., physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p.m., 409 E Church, h do

Squire Evaline M., widow Reuben F., bds 517 W 2nd

SQUIRE TRUMAN H. physician and surgeon, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p.m. 409 E Church, h do

Squire William F., Erie depot policeman, h 517 W 2nd

Squires A. E., (Kingsbury & Squires) bds 221 W Chemung pl

Squires Edna A., bds 221 W Chemung pl

Squires Hannah W., widow Alfred S., bds 105 W Chemung pl

Squires Montgomery N., coal and wood, h 221 W Chemung pl

Squires Wilmot M., tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Stacey William, fireman, h 366 Thurston

Stack Mary Ann, tailoress, bds 761 Jay

Stafford Harry, brakeman, h 917 Main

Stafford Joseph S., brakeman, h 1308 Pratt

Stafford Rosa, domestic 1308 Pratt

Stage Charles, clerk, h 1008 Walnut

Stage Chauncey, laborer, h 109 Davis

Stage Converse, blacksmith, h Hoffman n West Hill rd

Stage Della, operator tel exchange, bds 413 W 4th

Stage Isaac H., carpenter, h 1112 Ovid

Stage Isaac, blacksmith, bds Hoffman n West Hill rd

Stage James,carpenter, h 408 Hoffman

Stage Reuben,laborer, bds 1112 Ovid

Stage Rexford J., wagonmaker West Hill rd cor Hoffman, h do

Stagg Charles E., telegrapher Gazette, h 213 W Chemung pl

STAGG S. F., physician, office hours 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p.m. 151 W 3rd, h do

Stahl Jacob Rev., h 108 High

Stahl Nathan J., salesman 209 E Water, h 213 Gregg

Stalter Sarah J., widow Lewis, h 440 E Water

Stamp De Forest, photographer, bds 113 W Water

Stamp Peter P., hairdresser, h 113 W Water

Stampp Adam ( Schornstheimer & Stampp), bds 524 Lake

Stanard Hannah, domestic 505 Railroad av

Stanchfield Edward, salesman 119 E Water,h 509 S Elm

Stanchfield Glovinia S., widow John K., h 111 Main

STANCHFIELD JOHN B., (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), h 351 Main

Stanchfield Mary Miss, bds 313 Lake

Stancliff Edwin E.,h 240 Lake

Stankieviez Ludwig,saloon 668 Bladwin,h do

Stanley George E., gen’l dealer, h 527 W 1st

Stanley Rufus C., gen’l sec’y Y M C A 419 Carroll, bds 511 E Union

Stanton Charles, bartender, bds 123 Baldwin

Stanton George C.,circulator of the Elmira Advertiser, bds 1207 Benton

Stanton Seth E., switchman, h 1353 Baldwin

Stanton Wilbur F., carpenter, h 1207 Benton

Stanton William T., teamster, h 333 S Broadway

Staples Howard, conductor, bds 902 Lake

Staples Joshua, insurance 305 Carroll, res Breesport, NY

Staples Noble L., engineer, h 718 Benjamin

Stapleton Clarence, laborer, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton Esther,widow Patrick, h 463 Powell

Stapleton John, laborer, h 102 S 2nd

Stapleton Michael, laborer, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton Patrick, nickleplater, bds 102 S 2nd

Stapleton Thomas, clerk, bds 463 Powell

Stapleton William E., engineer, bds 104 S 2nd

STAR CARPET CLEANING WORKS, J.W.S. Clark & Co., props. 450 Sullivan

Starks Tryphenia, widow Henry, bds 256 South av

Starkweather George W., clerk, bds 362 Diven av

States Alfred A., driver, h 128 E Hudson

States Mary E. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 454 Carroll

States Minor M., laborer, h 602 Dickinson

States Sylvester M., physician, bds Buckbee House

Staub Catherine, laundress, h 426 E Water

Staub John J., decorator, h 424 W Water

Stauch George H., clerk, bds 57 S Main

Stauch Lewis E., painter,bds 569 Coburn

Stauch Maggie E., music teacher, bds 569 Coburn

Stauch Ruth P., widow Lewis G., h 569 Cburn

St.Clair Ella B., widow William, h 361 David pl

Stearns Carrie F., domestic 256 South av

Stearns Josiah A., brakeman, h 1316 Lake

Stedge B. Mrs., laundry 430 E Water,h do

Stedge Clark H., slateroofer, h 50 High

Stedge Jacob, laborer, h 152 Dewitt

Stedge Jacob, barber 430 E Water, h do

Stedge Millie, domestic 556 John

Stedge Miles E., brakeman, h 5 Burdick

Steele Frederick C., h 335 W Church

Steele Harriet, widow William, h 419 E Washington av

Steele J. Dorman Mrs., h 352 W Clinton

STEEN ARMINIUS G., crockery, glassware, stoves, ranges and house furnishing goods 200 E Water,

H 605 E Church

Steeples Martha A., widow John, h 605 E Church

Steere Charles S., boot treer, h 133 W Water

Steffen Amelia L., domestic 909 Hoffman

STEIGER MATHIUS, notion peddler, h Sullivan n limits

Steigmier Fred, baker, h r 853 Dickinson

Stein Henry F., carpenter, h 721 Madison av

Steinberger George, clerk, h 407 Herrick

Steinhauser George, tailor, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser George jr., bds 108 Orchard

Steinhauser Henry E.,clerk Erie fgt office, h 108 Orchard

Steinhauser Sophia, dressmaker, bds 108 Orchard

Stenson John H., foreman, h 652 Oak

Stenson Maggie, domestic 269 Baldwin

Stephens B. W., musician, h 239 W Water

Stephens Carrie I., bds 331 E Water

Stephens Charles, bds 331 E Water

Stephens Clinton, fireman, bds Blyley House

Stephens George O., painter, h 159 Washington

Stephens Harry E., (Carey & Stephens) h 901 Lake

Stephens John, h 230 Lake

Stephens Margaret E., h 230 Lake

Stephens Sarah E., widow Charles F., h 331 E Water

Stephens William H., clerk Rathbun House, h 752 E Church

Stephenson Helen I. Mrs., boarding house 417 E Market

Sterling Charles H., butcher, h 436 W 4th

Sterling Henry H., trav agt,h 654 College av

Sterling John M., fireman,h 622 Lewis

Sterlinf Margaret, widow John M.,h 112 Fulton

STERLING SLATE CO., (The) J. H. Rudolph supt and treas 161 Baldwin

Sterling William T., book-keeper 615 Railroad av, h 524 William

Stern Aggie, domestic W Washington av cor Hoffman

Sterner H. C. Mrs., bds 915 Lake

STEVENS CHARLES F., bicycle agt also rubber stamps 135 E Water, bds 416 W Gray

Stevens Daniel B., engineer, h 1315 Benton

Stevens Emma , bds 626 Lewis

Stevens Fenton D., carpenter, h 514 W Gray

Stevens Hezekiah, brakeman Erie R R, h 626 Lewis

Stevens Homer H., carpenter, h 506 W Clinton

Stevens Lafayette, chiropodist 135 E Water, h 416 W Gray

Stevens Lucretia,widow Jacob J., bs 357 Spaulding

Stevens Rodney, carpenter, h 113 Brand

Stevens Vincent, butcher, h 853 Canal

STEVENSON T. R. dining-hall 123 Baldwin, h do

Stewart James, engineer, h 460 W Gray

Stewart May, bds 469 W Gray

Stewart Thomas H., sexton, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart Walter F., laborer bds 607 Dickinson

STEWART & WILBUR ( W.C.Stewart and R. A. Wilbur) dentists 313 E Water

Stewart William, clerk,rooms 660 Main

Stewart William C. (Stewart & Wilbur), h 455 W Water

Stewart William E., carpenter, h 214 Franklin

Stickles Clinton E., conductor Erie R R , h 609 Main

Stickney Albert, switchman, bds 1318 Baldwin

Stiles Darwin E., student, bds 365 Davis

Stiles Fannie, asst Elmira Female College, bds do

Stiles George S., laborer, h 315 Orchard

Stiles Henry A., clerk 208 E Water, bds 365 Davis

Stiles Isaac, shoemaker 213 W Water, h 221 Gregg

Stiles Isaac jr., shoemaker, bds 223 Gregg

Stiles Maria,dressmaker, h 305 Fulton

STILES OLIVER D., physician also druggist 365 Davis, h do

Stiles Oliver S., clerk, bds 365 Davis

Stiles Samuel S., compositor Advertiser, h 212 Gregg

Stiles William D., bartender, h 328 S Broadway

Stillman Claude L., clerk 110 Baldwin, bds 399 W Water

Stilson Cora Mrs., clerk, h 700 E Market

Stilson William, shoemaker 404 E Market, h 217 Dewitt

Stinson Joseph, laborer, h 1059 Walnut

St John Helen J., widow Edgar, h 407 W Church

Stobo John, boots and shoes 331 E Water, h 111 Harmon

Stockdale Richard R., ins agt 114 Baldwin, h do

Stocking Stella, saleslady, bds 457 W 2nd

Stockwell W. A., shipper Reformatory, bds do

Stockwell W. B., instructor Reformatory, bds do

Stoddard Robert L., waiter 517 Railroad av

Stokes Robert L., pattern maker Reformatory,bds do

Stoll Aaron C.,carpenter, bds 813 E Church

STOLL ABRAM grocer 417 S Main, h do

Stoll Adam B., shoemaker 605 E Church, h do

Stoll Anna. Clerk 417 S Main,bds do

Stoll Donlevey F., foreman, h 813 E Church

Stoll Hannah, bds 417 S Main

Stone Carrie S., saleslady 134 W Water, bds 471 do

Stone Charles, salesman 110 E Water, h 133 High

Stone David, tailor, h 858 John

Stone David J., carpenter, h 405 W 2nd

Stone Eugene, bartender 146 E Water, bds do

Stone Lottie,bds 711 Columbia

Stone Lorrin J., foreman,h 369 W 1st

Stone Mary R. Miss, saleslady 112 Baldwin, bds 369 W 1st

Stone Myron C., carpenter, h 357 Walnut

Stone Rollin L., engineer Elmira College, h 711 Columbia

Stone Russell O., machinist, h 471 W Water

Stone Samuel F., clerk, bds 471 W Water

Stone Sarah P., widow E.W., bds 301 1/2W Clinton

Stone Solomon J., grocer 531 W 1st, h do

Stone Thomas J., painter, h 404 E Water

Stooks Gilbert, barkeeper West End Hotel,bds do

Storey Sarah Ann, h 612 Dickinson

Storms Grant, laborer, bds S 2nd near R R

Storms John, teamster, h 305 Tuttle av

Storms Martin, teamster h 810 Madison av

Stotenbur Frank A., clerk, h 360 W Gray

Stover Nancy Mrs., h 501 Madison av

Stover Sarah, widow William, h 755 Jay

STOWELL CHARLES M., h 319 William

Stowell Eugene, clerk 340 E Water, bds 710 Main

Stowell Francis A. (C. W. Young & Co.), h 551 E Church

Stowell Fred,clerk 308 E Water, bds 551 E Church

Stowell George, hostler Elmira House

Stowell Howard L., carpenter h E s Broadway S of limits

Stowell James H., conductor L V R R , h 710 Main

Stowell Mary Miss, teacher, bds 707 Main

Stowell Rufus R., com trav, h 553 E Church

Stowell William D., carpenter, h 409 S Main

Stowell William H., (Stowell & Young), h 415 E Church

STOWELL & YOUNG (William H. Stowell and John Young) merchant tailors 308 E Water

Strader Alfred, (Rhodes & Strader), h 804 W 1st

Strader Edith,clerk, bds 150 Madison av

Strader Wliza A., widow Alfred, h 1553 Lake

Strader Rachel, widow Jacob, h 150 Madison av

Strachen John, blacksmith, h 11221/2 Lake

Strachen Robert L., mason, h 603 Dickinson

Strait David, teamster, h 261 Baldwin

Strait Emily J.,boarding house 261 Baldwin

Strait John, clerk, bds 110 College av

Strait Orson D., drayman,h 157 Washington

Strait William G., (Clipper Chilled Plow Co.) h 158 W 4th

Strang Henry W, salesman 335 E Water, h 397 W Water

Strasbaugh Edward, laborer, h 955 College av

Stratton Abram B., fireman, h 518 Jefferson

Stratton A. Jackson, lumberman, h 468 South av

Stratton Charles S., boilermaker, bds opposite 468 South av

Stratton Robert L., mason, h 603 Dickinson

Stratton William G.,brakeman N C R R , bds 468 south av

Strauss Herman, merchant tailor 205 E Water, h 112 Madison av

Strauss Herman L., clerk 320 E Water, bds 463 do

Strauss Rachel, widow Louis, h 463 E Water

Streeter Mary A., widow Oscar, bds 122 E Hudson

Striker Simeon, upholsterer, h 57 Sullivan

Strode James, master mechanic N C R R shops, h 410 S Main

Stroman Charles P., painter, h Nicks cor Exchange pl

Strong Charles, fireman, h 729 Casey

Strong Ida M., domestic 124 E Hudson

Strong Pamelia M., h 104 Brand

Strong Phebe A.,h 104 Brand

Strong Sarah J. Mrs., h Baldwin cor 4th

Strong William H., street car driver, h 358 E 5th

Strouse aaron, carpenter, h 1116 Ovid

Strouse Christeann,widow Valentine, h Southport Corners

Strouse George W., hostler, bds 430 Carroll

Strouse Harvey H.,farmer West Hill rd n Hoffman

Strouse Ida M., teacher, bds Southport Corners

Strouse Jacob E., laborer, h 719 Benjamin

Strouse Joseph, carpenter, h 408 E Market

Strouse Joseph V., farmer West Hill rd n Hoffman

Struppler George A., h Baldwin cor Norton

Struppler George L.C., grocer 158 W 3rd, h do

Struthers Aaron, shoemaker, bds ft E Church

Struthers Daniel, bds 711 Dickinson

Struthers Robert, blacksmith, h ft E Church

Stryker George S., blacksmith, h Center Mills E s Lake 1 mile beyond limits

Stryker George S. Mrs., genl agt of dress teaching and teacher of dress cutting Center Mills E s of

Lake beyond limits

Stryker Rachel, widow Abraham, bds 403 W Gray

Stryker Simeon, upholsterer, bds 57 Sullivan

Stuart Anna M., h 418 William

Stuart & Beach ( C. B. Stuart and W. A. Beach) merchant tailors also hats, caps and furs 309 E Water

Stuart Charles B., (Stuart & Beach) h 418 William

Stuart Charles H., (Stuart Medicine Co.), h 1219 Lake

Stuart Charles W., student 335 E Water, bds 418 William

Stuart Medicine Co., office 1219 Lake

Stuart Ryerson H., conductor Erie R R , h 863 Lake

Stumpfle Frederick, machinist, bds 509 Dewitt

Stumpfle John D., steamfitter, bds 217 Gregg

Sturch Anna, widow William, h 225 Thurston

Sturdevant Alva B., carpenter, h 419 Herrick

Sturdevant Lewis J., (Beadle & Sturdevant), h 220 Orchard

Stutski Frederick, laborer, h 1019 Oak

Stutzka Frederick, rag sorter, h 711 Oak

Sudner John, laborer, h 317 E Clinton

Suess Phillip, hairdresser 408 E Market, h 214 Orchard

Suffern Andrew, policeman, h 366 W 3rd

Suffern Eliza Mrs., Home for Aged

Suffern Fannie E., Miss, bds 323 W Church

Suffern James E., clerk 304 E Water, h 516 W Clinton

Suffern Lillie, dressmaker, bds 366 W 3rd

Sugden James, cabinetmaker, h 419 W 4th

Sullivan Abbie, domestic 404 Lake

Sullivan Annie, domestic 414 W Church

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h 311 S Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, dressmaker, bds 327 River

Sullivan Bridget, operative, bds 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, widow John, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan Cassie F.,copyist, bds 761 E Church

Sullivan Catherine, widow John, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan Cornelius, alderman 6th ward, h 712 Davis

Sullivan Cornelius, saloon 851 Davis

Sullivan Cornelius C., watchman Erie shops, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan C. & J. C., stoves and tinware 512 Main

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h 403 S Elm

Sullivan Daniel W., bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Dennis, h 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, engine hostler, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Dennis, cigar manuf 514 Main, h 654 do

Sullivan Dennis, mason, h Johnson cor Washington V

Sullivan Dennis jr., blacksmith, bds 337 S Broadway

Sullivan Ellen, widow John H., h 463 W 3rd

Sullivan Ellen, domestic 511 Baldwin

Sullivan Ellen, domestic 113 Grove

Sullivan Eugene, laborer, bds 105 E 1st

Sullivan Florence, brakeman, bds 1315 Lake

SULLIVAN FLORENCE bookseller and stationer 321 E Water, also alderman 4th ward, h 710 E Church

Sullivan Florence jr., clerk 321 E Water, bds 710 E Church

Sullivan George, feeder Gazette, bds 207 Dewitt

Sullivan Honora, widow Michael, h 261 W Hudson

Sullivan Humphrey, comp Telegram, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan James, shoemaker, bds 463 W 3rd

Sullivan Jane, widow Mortimer, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Jeremiah, foreman, h Scott opp Payne shops

Sullivan Johanna, domestic 322 William

Sullivan Johanna, domestic 364 W Clinton

Sullivan John, painter, h 258 W Hudson

Sullivan John, saloon E 7th cor Canal, h do

Sullivan John, mason, h 704 E Oak

Sullivan John, fireman, bds 261 W Hudson

Sullivan John, saloon 865 Davis, h do

Sullivan John, shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

Sullivan John B., carpenter, bds 657 Columbia

Sullivan John C., (C. & J.C. Sullivan), bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan John E., apprentice, bds 327 River

Sullivan John H., machinist, h 719 Kinyon

Sullivan John J., salesman 201 E Water, bds American Hotel

Sullivan Kate, domestic 103 S Main

Sullivan Kate, tailoress, bds 314 W 4th

Sullivan Kate, widow Daniel, domestic 801 Davis

Sullivan Kate, widow Timothy, h 1006 Oak

Sullivan Libbie L., saleslady, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Maggie, dressmaker, bds 504 Madison av

Sullivan Mark, saloon Baldwin cor Thurston, h do

Sullivan Mark L., fireman, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary, domestic 303 Main

Sullivan Mary, widow Michael, h 314 W 4th

Sullivan Mary, saleslady 201 E Water, bds 611 Magee

Sullivan Mary A.,dressmaker, bds 719 Kinyon

Sullivan Mary E.,cashier 113 E Water, bds 462 W 2nd

Sullivan Matthew, cigarmaker, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Michael, laborer, bds 1006 Oak

Sullivan Michael, saloon 500 E Clinton, h do

Sullivan Michael, compositor, bds 851 Dickinson

Sullivan Michael, laborer, h 109 E 2nd

Sullivan Michael, lumber dealer, h 918 Benton

Sullivan Michael, (Elmira Ice Co.) h 532 W Hudson

Sullivan Michael jr., heater, bds 761 E Church

Sullivan Michael T.,machinist, h 218 W South av

Sullivan Minnie J., domestic 360 W Water

Sullivan M.J., compositor Tidings, bds 207 Dewitt

Sullivan Nellie, domestic 129 Main

Sullivan Nellie, tailoress, bds 207 Dewitt

Sullivan Nellie J., domestic 422 W 1st

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 327 River

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, tinsmith, bds 463 W 3rd

Sullivan Patrick C.,cigar manuf 101 E Water, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Patrick H., drayman, h 212 Chestmut

Sullivan Patrick K., mason, h 408 Mt Zoar

Sullivan Patrick M., section boss, h 370 W 3rd

Sullivan Patrick R., car inspector, h 1007 Main

Sullivan Roger, cartman, room 1 107 Main

Sullivan Sylvester, lumberman, h 961 Oak

Sullivan Thomas, carpenter, bds 463 W 3rd

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h 507 Oak

Sullivan Timothy J., saloon 411 Railroad av, bds Sherman House

SULLIVAN WILLIAM, carriage maker 488 E Water, h 207 Dewitt

Sullivam William, blacksmith, bds 327 River

Sullivan William H., clerk, bds 610 E Water

Sumburg Simon, peddler, h 115 Washington

Summerton Liddie A. Mrs., boarding house 1210 Maxwell av

Sunderlin Charles D., carpenter, h Lake av n Erie

Surdam Edward E., conductor, h 321 Division

Surganty Frederick C., painter, h 209 Brand

Surganty George A., engraver Telegram, bds 751 E Market

Surganty Joseph, tailor 321 E Water, h 209 Madison av

SURGANTY WILLIAM J., barber 707 Lake, h 702 Benjamin

Susemihl Herman, bottler 258 W Hudson, h do

Sutliff Harriet Mrs., Home for Aged

Sutter George, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Sutton A. N., finisher, h 803 E Market

Sutton Arnold, engineer, h Sutton

Sutton Henry, machinist, h 408 W 4th

Sutton John, engineer, h 604 S Main

Sutton Maria L., widow T.W., bds 218 Washington

Sutton Richard, bds Sutton

Sutton Wallace W., cabinetmaker, h 622 W Water

Swailes Johanna, widow Peter, h 610 Jay

Swailes Sarah, widow S.A., h 610 Dickinson

Swain Elizabeth, upholsterer, bds 710 John

Swainson George M., stairbuilder 403 Grove, h do

Swan Anna M., bds 364 Fulton

Swan A.M. Mrs.,housekeeper Elmira Female College

Swan Charles (Charles Swan & Sons) h, Lake beyond limits

Swan Charles jr.,(Charles Swan & Sons) bds Lake beyond limits

Swan Charles C.,(Perry & Co.), h 370 W Gray

SWAN CHARLES & SONS, (Charles jr., and F.W.) insurance and real estate 335 E Water

Swan Emma F.,, teacher school No. 3, h 364 Fulton

Swan Erastur A., contractor and builder 613 Baldwin, h 921 Lake

Swan Fred W., (Charles Swan & Sons), bds Lake beyond limits

Swan Henrietta M., widow Rufus, bds 921 Lake

Swan M. Alice, bds 309 S Main

Swan Matthew V., h 309 S Main

Swarthout Charles, mason, bds 211 Chestnut

Swarthout Maria B., widow Milton M., bds 527 W Water

Swartout Charles, laborer, bds 1323 Lake

Swartout James E., watchmaker and engraver 315 E Water,h 308 S Main

Swartwood Clara, domestic 509 E Church

Swartwood D.M., salesman, h 208 Dewitt

Swartwood John S., h 302 W Water

Swartz Benjamin M., engineer, h 1203 Hall

Swartz Frank M., engineer, h 330 E Center

Swartz Mary A., widow Emanuel, h 709 E Church

Swartz see also Schwartz

Swayze Gershom, yardmaster E C & N R R, h 373 E Center

Sweeney Dennis D., laborer, h 309 W 2nd

Sweeney Ellen, domestic Elmira Female College

Sweeney Fannie, widow Owen, h 213 Park

Sweeney George P., laborer, bds 902 East av

Sweeney John, shoemaker, bds 105 S Walnut

Sweeney Josephine, domestic 959 College av

Sweeney Margaret, cook 359 Main

Sweeney Mary P., widow Patrick, h 105 S Walnut

Sweeney Minnie A.,burler, bds 902 East av

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h 753 S Main

Sweeny Edward, laborer, bds 759 Jay

Sweeny Eugene,plasterer, bds 759 Jay

Sweeny James, varnisher, bds 759 Jay

Sweeny Owen, laborer, h 759 Jay

Sweet Alanson, h 638 Winsor av

Sweet Charles H., clerk Erie shops, bds 262 Baldwin

Sweet Frank B., laborer, h 116 E 2nd

Sweet Fred F., jeweler 300 S Main, h 104 S Walnut

Sweet Henry, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Sweet P. Edward, carpenter, h 638 Winsor av

SWIFT ALLEN W., mgr The Swift Lubricator Co., 730 W 1st, h 725 do

Swift David, h 607 W Church

Swift Edwin A., machinist, bds 725 W 1st

Swift Edwin C., (Elmira Beef Co) res, Boston, Mass.

Swift George W.,bootfitter 114 W Water, h 171 Baldwin

Swift George W. Mrs., dressmaker 171 Baldwin, h do

Sykes Alpha O., shoemaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes Braxton, laborer, h 515 Madison av

Sykes Jesse F., harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes Jesse H., harnessmaker, bds 209 Orchard

Sykes John, h 422 E Market

Sykes John F., printer, h 423 W Water

Sykes Orion V.,shoemaker, bds 209 Orchard

Sykes William,mason,h 709 Benjamin