Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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PAGE 334

Sebest, Philip, h 508 E 3d

SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF ELMIRA, D. M. Pratt cashier, 150 Lake

Secor, Anna, widow William, h 310 Washington

Secor, Charles A., clerk, bds 510 E Church

Secor, Clara M., h 510 E Church

Secor, David R., cigarmaker, bds 510 E Church

Secor, Jabin A., clerk 127 Lake, h 110 Caldwell av

See, Edgar W., clerk restaurant Erie depot, bds 612 Main

See, James L., piano key maker, bds 315 Orchard

Seeley, Albert, gardener Home for the Aged, h do

Seeley, John C., carriage manuf William cor Church, h 404 Lake

Seeley, J. Edward, h 311 Webber pl

Seeley, Martha A. Mrs., Home for the Aged

Seeley, Nannie E., bds 404 Lake

Seeley, Nathaniel R. Mrs., h 306 Lake

SEELY, ABSALOM, soda water manuf 115 E Hudson, h do

Seely, A. H., clerk, bds 317 Carroll

Seely, Charles F., soda water, h 327 Penna av

Seely, David W., billiard and pool parlors also tables and supplies also type-writers 108 E Water, bds 317 Carroll

Seely, Edmund, night watchman, h 311 Webber pl

Seely, George F., conductor, bds 234 Mt Zoar

Seely, Harlow M., clerk 126 Lake, bds 119 Catherine

Seely, Helen Miss, bds 657 Park pl

Seely, John R., driver, bds 115 E Hudson

Seely, Jonas S., boot treer, bds 261 Baldwin

Seely, Luman D., bartender 108 E Water, h do

Seely, Matie Miss, bds 403 W Gray

Seely, Moses, teamster, h 234 Mt Zoar

Seely, R. S. ( R. S. Seely & Co. ), h 315 W Washington av

SEELY, R. S. & CO. ( George Crandall ), com merchants and wholesale butter dealers 127 W Water

Seely, Selah T., div pass agt Erie R R, 501 Railroad av, h 408 Main

Seem, James W., boilermaker, h 335 S Broadway

Seem, Thomas F., boilermaker, h 538 S Main

Seigel, David, tinsmith, h 154 Judson

Seiler, Lewis F., machinist, h 523 Jefferson

Sellen, Amos S., dentist 317 E Water, h 959 College av

Sellen, Charles S, bds 929 College av

Sellner, Augustus ( A. Sellner & Co. ), h New York city

Sellner, A. & Co. ( A. Wollheim ), clothiers 101 E Water

Sellner, Harry L., mgr A. Sellner & Co., bds 219 High

Sellner, James, brakeman, bds 926 Maxwell av

Sensel, John, foreman, h 503 Sullivan

PAGE 335

Sergeant, Henry W., car inspector, h 260 W Hudson

Seward, Phebe, widow Hector, bds 465 E Market

Shadduck, Christopher, boxmaker, h 1321 1/2 Lake

Shaffer, Charles, engineer, h 945 Lincoln

Shaffer, Edwin M., cutter 115 Railroad av, h 350 S Main

Shaffer, Harry, bartender, bds 151 Baldwin

Shaljian, James V., guard Reformatory, bds do

Shaljian, Stephen V, guard Reformatory, bds do

Shanley, Maggie, domestic 510 Main

Shanley, Mary, domestic 374 W 4th

Shannahan, Ann, widow Patrick, bds 308 Orchard

Shannon, Bertha M., operative, bds 415 W 5th

Shannon, John J., tinsmith, bds 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Maggie, operative, bds 415 W 5th

Shannon, Maria E., teacher school No. 2, bds 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Martin, grocer 200 W 5th, h do

Shannon, Michael M., train dispatcher N C R R, h 512 Davis

Shannon, Patrick, laborer, h 717 Railroad av

Shannon, Thomas, h 617 Magee

Shannon, Thomas, driver, h 963 Davis

Shannon, Thomas J., delivery clerk, h 961 Davis

Shannon, Timothy, laborer, h 415 W 5th

Shannon, Timothy P., telegrapher, bds 717 Railroad av

Shannon, William, plumber, bds 626 Winsor av

Shannon, William, asst engineer Water Works, h 626 Winsor av

Shappee, G. Clark, machinist, h 216 W Water

Shappee, Jacob V., currier, h 516 Sullivan

Shappee, Samuel, mgr Messenger Service, rooms 260 Baldwin

Shappee, Thomas B., teamster, h 429 Standish

Sharp, Charles, moulder, bds 109 Partridge

Sharp, Elizabeth, widow Edward, h 618 E 3d

Sharpe, John, moulder, h 109 Partridge

Shartle, Sarah, domestic 118 W Water

Shattuck, Charles L., sec'y Y M C A, h 464 W Gray

Shaughnessy, John, policeman, h 315 W 2d

Shaughnessy, Michael, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Shaver, Frank J., clerk, h 358 Diven av

Shaw, Alexander, clerk National Ex Co, h 208 W 6th

Shaw, A. P., carpenter, bds 417 Railroad av

Shaw, Charles H., laborer, h 449 W 5th

Shaw, Cornelius, clerk, h 313 W 5th

Shaw, Delinda Mrs., housekeeper, h 235 Lake

Shaw, Fred B., printer, bds 412 W 1st

Shaw, Harriet, widow Frank G., h 615 W Church

Shaw, Harry W., feeder, bds 312 W 5th

PAGE 336

Shaw, Howard M., book-keeper 206 E Water, bds 412 W 1st

Shaw, James, laborer, h 905 Stowell

Shaw, John, h 826 Johnson

Shaw, John H., tin, copper and sheet iron worker 323 E Water, h 652 Lake

Shaw, Lizzie, domestic 311 DeWitt

Shay, Charles, painter, bds 611 Mt Zoar

Shay, Dan A., laborer, h 801 Railroad av

Shay, David T., mason, h 651 E Water

Shay, John, mason, h 811 Johnson

Shay, Phillip, laborer, h 302 W 1st

Shay, William H., mason, bds 157 Orchard

Shays, Bennie R., painter, bds 611 Mt Zoar

Shays, Robert, carpenter, h 611 Mt Zoar

Shea, Edward, hostler Rathbun House

Shea, Fannie A., operative, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, John H., shoemaker, h 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Kate, operative, bds 273 W Chemung pl

Shea, Phillip, helper, bds 302 W 1st

Shea, William H., telegrapher, bds 273 W Chemung pl

SHEAFE, JAMES S., freight agt L V R R, h 502 Baldwin

Shean, Thomas, laborer, bds 802 Oak

Shear, Frank M., carpenter, h 358 Reformatory

Shearer, Alexander E., laborer, h 418 Powell

Shearer, David, Elmira Gaslight Co, rooms Chemung Canal Bank Bldg

Shearer, John H., chief telegrapher N C R R, h 503 E Union

Shearer, Louisa, bds 503 E Union

Shearer, Vance C., baggagemaster L V R R, h 656 Columbia

Shearer, William W., clerk 344 E Water, h 710 do

Sheehan, Bridget, dressmaker, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, Catherine, widow Peter, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, Daniel, salesman, 301 E Water also alderman 5th ward, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan, Daniel, heater, h 915 Railroad av

Sheehan, Dennis, laborer, bds 516 Elizabeth

Sheehan, Ellen, widow John, h 408 S Elm

Sheehan, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, James H., laborer, bds 408 S Elm

Sheehan, John, hack driver Gildea's livery, bds do

Sheehan, John, teamster, h 802 Oak

Sheehan, Kate E., milliner, 108 Main, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, Margaret, widow Timothy, h 915 Railroad av

Sheehan, Michael, laborer, bds 377 Railroad av

Sheehan, Nora, milliner, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, Patrick, cigarmaker, h 602 E Church

Sheehan, Patrick, teamster, h 818 Walnut

PAGE 337

Sheehan, Thomas, laborer, bds 408 S Elm

Sheehan, Timothy, cigarmaker, h 855 Railroad av

Sheehan, William ( Elmira Ice Co. ), bds 408 S Elm

Sheehan, William, puddler, bds 855 Railroad av

Sheehey, Edward, laborer, h 600 W Hudson

Sheehy, Anna M., widow John, h 164 Orchard

Sheely, Albert C., laborer, h S 2d n R R

Sheely, E. V. & J. C. ( Edward V. and John C. ), hides, leather and findings 129 W Water

Sheely, Edward V. ( E. V. & J. C. Sheely ), h Bulkhead rd n Southport

Sheely, Frederick ( F. Sheely & Son ), h Bulkhead rd n Southport

Sheely, Frederick jr., bds Bulkhead rd n Southport Corners

Sheely, F. & Son, tanners Hine cor W Hudson

Sheely, George ( G. & H. Sheely ), bds 500 W Hudson

SHEELY, G. H., coal and wood 104 Partridge

Sheely, Henry ( G. & H. Sheely ), bds Bulkhead rd n Southport Corners

Sheely, John C., ( E. V. & J. C. Sheely ), h 623 Mt Zoar

Sheely, William T., h 514 W Hudson

Shehan, William, laborer, h 515 Elizabeth

Sheiber, Ferdinand, laborer, h 500 W Hudson

Sheive, George, h 208 S Main

Sheive, Hammond M., head clerk R. G. Dun & Co, bds 113 W Hudson

Sheldon Bros. ( Plumb & Sheldons ), Hornellsville, N Y

Sheldon, E. V., widow H. N., h Maple av beyond limits

Sheldon, L. B., photographer, bds 208 DeWitt

Sheldon, Morris W., book-keeper 120 Lake, bds Wyckoff House

Shelton, Charles, mailcarrier, h 631 W Water

Shelton, Don O., Associate Gen'l Secy Y M C A, bds 631 W Water

Shepard, David, waiter, h 663 Dickinson

Shepard, John, laborer, h 303 E Clinton

Shepard, John, waiter, h 422 E Water

Shepard, Lee V., machinist, h 254 South av

Shepard, Simeon, horseshoer, room 10, 107 Main

Shepard, William G., machinist, bds 123 Penna av

SHEFIFF'S OFFICE, adjacent to Court House, Lake

Sherman, Carrie D., widow Charles W., milliner, bds 128 E Chemung pl

Sherman, Cyrus A., grocer 1205 Hall, h do

Sherman, Elijah, laborer, h 420 College av

Sherman House, James O'Maher prop, 372 Railroad av

Sherman, Sarah D., dressmaker, h 320 E Water

Sherman, William J., bartender, bds 216 W Water

PAGE 338

Sherry, Edmund R., clerk, h 212 Mt Zoar

Sherwin, William F., passenger agt, bds Rathbun House

Sherwood, Ida M., teacher, bds 712 E Church

Sherwood, Ira B., laborer, h 500 High

Shewell, John, heater, h 415 Standish

Shidlen, Emma W., saleslady, bds 132 E Water

Shidlen, Ernst, h 132 E Water

SHIDLEN, LOUIS, restaurant and sample rooms 132 E Water, h do

Shields, Ann, widow Peter, h 508 Oak

Shields, Peter, machinist, h 323 Norton

Shields, Peter F., mason, bds 508 Oak

Shields, William P., mason, bds 508 Oak

Shinshock, Lucy, widow Peter, h 53 First av

SHIPMAN, CHAUNCEY N., sec'y J. Langdon & Co., incorporated, h 517 W Church

Shirk, David M., peddler, h 761 John

Shives, Hammond M., bds 204 Madison av

Shives, William E., builder, h 318 Baldwin

Shlutter, Lillie, widow Frank, bds 1124 Oak

Shlutter, Minnie, widow Ernest, bds 1124 Oak

Shoeler, John M., painter, h 661 Magee

Shoemaker, Andrew, laborer, bds 302 E Washington av

Shoemaker, Edmund, flagman, bds 127 Partridge

Shoemaker, George S., engineer, h 1318 Benton

Shoemaker, Guy W., clerk Elmira Oil Co, bds 359 W Church

SHOEMAKER, J. MONROE ( Elmira Oil Co. ), h 508 Lake

Shoemaker, J. M. ( J. M. Shoemaker & Co. ), h Delavan House

SHOEMAKER, J. M. & CO. ( M. Crocker ), props Delavan House Railroad av cor W Clinton

Shoemaker, L. D., stenographer, h 218 Orchard

Shoemaker, Peter, fireman, h 319 Division

Sholes, Margaret, widow William, h 919 Benton

Short, Charles, comedian, bds 502 Perry

Short, Ellen, widow Jeremiah, h 502 Perry

Short, Floyd T., stenographer Reformatory, bds do

Shreffler, Levi S., patentee wooden carpets Harmon cor W Henry, h 419 S Elm

Shuld, Jacob, tailor, h 600 E Church

Shulenburg, Charles, machinist, h 146 W Water

Shultz, J. D., roadmaster Erie R R, h 204 College av

Shumway, Charles N., h 323 Sullivan

Sickles, Abbie Mrs., housekeeper 101 E Henry

Sickles, Charles, hotel 406 Standish, h do

Sickles, Frank D., watchmaker and jeweler 531 Lake, h 519 E Union

Sickles, George, car driver, h 527 Harper

PAGE 339

Sidman, George D., pension examiner, h 611 College av

Sidney, Mary E., widow George, h 970 East av

Siegfried, Charles A., engineer, h 505 Penna av

Siegfried, Stephen, machinist, bds Blyley House

Sigison, Jacob, butcher, h 415 E Market

Sigison, Maria, widow William, h 127 W Market

Sigison, William, clerk 159 Railroad av, h 216 W 2d

Siglin, Elmer, hostler, h 240 W Water

Silcox, Charles W., salesman 311 E Water, bds Lake cor Water

Silvernail, Alfred J., ticket agt, h 813 E 2d

Simpkins, James, h 105 Partridge

Simmons, Albert S., music teacher, bds 507 West Hill road

Simmons, Alonzo, with Day Bros., bds 313 Columbia

Simmons, Clarence J., laborer, h 805 Davis

Simmons, George, trav salesman, h 313 Columbia

Simmons, George A., trav salesman, bds Wyckoff House

Simmons, John, lumberman, h 315 E Church

Simms, Susie M., widow Samuel, h 423 Main

Simons, Augusta Mrs., h 100 E Hudson

Simons, Minnie, dressmaker, bds 551 E 2d

Simons, Morris, clothing 375 Railroad av, h 551 E 2d

Simons, M. Richard, grocer 504 E 3d, h do

SIMONS, N. W. & CO. ( Willison D. Simons ), real estate, loan and renting agents 159 Baldwin

Simons, Noah W. ( N. W. Simons & Co. ), bds Everett House

Simons, Willison D. ( N. W. Simons & Co. ), h 100 E Hudson

Simpson, Albert, agent, h W Water cor Main

Simpson, Alice, h 350 S Main

PAGE 340

Simpson, C. B., salesman 324 E Water, h 149 W Water

Simpson, Henry, clerk, h 121 Caldwell av

Simpson, Thomas, laborer, h 612 Baldwin

Simpson, Wm, laborer, h 66 Penna av

Simpson, William, book-keeper 50 Penna av, h 113 Lormore

Simms, James E., fireman, h 519 Perine

Simms, Lew, bds 423 Main

Simms, Samuel L., polisher, bds 423 Main

Simski, Anthony, laborer, h 712 Raldwin

Sinclair, Alfred B., machinist, h 609 W Water

Singer Manufacturing Co., David G. Davidson manager, 101 W Water

SINGERHOFF, CHARLES, wines and liquors 437 E Water, h do

Singerhoff, F. Mrs., h 316 E Water

SINGERHOFF, WILLIAM, saloon 412 Carroll, h do

Sittenfield, Joseph ( S. Sittenfield & Son ), h 109 High

Sittenfield, S. & Son ( Joseph ), hides and wool 110 E Water

Sittenfield, Solomon ( S. Sittenfield & Son ), h 113 High

Skeahan, Bridget, widow James, h 101 W Henry

Skeahan, Edward F., laborer, h 730 Hatch

Skelley, John, clerk Rathbun House, bds do

Skidmore, George H., Ex messenger, h 110 College av

Skidmore, Harry, brakeman, bds 419 E Washington av

Skidmore, Wm. G., student, bds 110 College av

Skinner, Charles W., wholesale liquor dealer 413 and 415 Carroll, h 425 E Market

Skinner, Frank N., stenographer Blossburg Coal Co, bds 376 W Clinton

Skinner, Henry H., clerk, h 118 Lormore

Skinner, Jerusha M., widow Platt H., bds 118 Lormore

Skinner, William, hackman, bds 210 Madison av

Slack, George W., bds 439 W 5th

Slater, Annie, dressmaker, bds 401 Fulton

Slater, Austin, engineer, h 470 W 2d

Slater, Dorsus M., watchmaker 213 E Water, h 166 DeWitt

Slater, Elizabeth, widow John, h 514 Madison av

Slater, Frank L., laborer, bds 514 Madison av

Slater, James, moulder, h 401 Fulton

Slater, Sarah I., widow Ephriam, h 360 W 5th

Slattery, Bridget, widow John, h 904 E Market

Slattery, Dennis, sashmaker, bds 904 E Market

Slattery, Hugh J., cutter 113 E Water

Slattery, John, blacksmith, h 356 W 3d

Slattery, John, brakeman, bds 656 Lake

Slattery, Kate, bds 356 W 3d

Slattery, Lizzie, operative, bds 904 E Market

PAGE 341

Slattery, Michael, conductor, bds 851 Lake

Slattery, Nellie, laundress, bds 356 W 3d

Slattery, Thomas, brakeman, bds 851 Lake

Slattery, William, blacksmith, h 356 W 3d

Slattery, Winefred, laundress, bds 356 W 3d

Slauson, Bros. ( D. T. and S. D. ), wood engravers 122 E Water

Slauson, Daniel T. ( Slauson Bros. ), bds 122 E Water

Slauson, Seymour D. ( Slauson Bros. ), bds 122 E Water

Slaymaker, P. F. S. ( Hardy & Slaymaker ), h 110 Walnut

SLEE, JOHN D. F., vice-president J. Langdon & Co, incorporated, h 218 W 1st

Sloat, George W., carpenter, h 517 W 2d

Sloat, Ransom S., carpenter, h 203 Horner

Slocum, Albert, mason, h Home E of railroad

Slocum, C. F., printer, bds Buckbee House

Slocum, Mattie, domestic 519 E Union

Slosson, Abram D. ( A. D. Slosson & Co. ), h 402 E Union

SLOSSON, A. D. & CO. ( David Crocker ), grocers 400 Baldwin

Sly, Catherine M. Miss, h 300 Maple av

Sly, James M. ( J. M. Sly & Co. ), h 468 W Gray

SLY, JAMES M. & CO. ( J. B. Coykendall ), general insurance 116 Baldwin

Small, William, storekeeper N C shops, h 108 E South av

Smalley, Jeremiah, deputy sheriff, h 163 Washington

Smead, Maria, widow Edwise M., h 315 Baldwin

SMEAD & NORTHCOTT ( J. D. S. and T. C. N. ), warming and ventilating engineers and manufs of warming and ventilating apparatus Fox cor Carroll

Smeades, Frank W., operative, bds 611 Lake

Smeades, Lucy M., dressmaker, bds 611 Lake

Smeades, Sarah, widow Levi, h 611 Lake

Smeades, Worden L., blindmaker, bds 611 Lake

Smith, Addison, h 615 Penna av

Smith, A. K., clerk American Hotel, bds do

Smith, Alfred P., conductor, h 213 Division

Smith, Alton C., conductor, h Lake cor Thurston

Smith, Andrew, painter, bds 512 College av

Smith, Benjamin, book-keeper Maple av Club House, bds 114 W Market

Smith, Benjamin D., foreman, h 1313 Hall

Smith, Bert G., book-keeper, bds 110 College av

Smith, Betsey, widow Jesse, h 118 Horner

Smith, Carrie, widow Orval, bds 821 E 2d

Smith, Charles, brakeman, bds Magee cor Centre

Smith, Charles B., shoemaker, h 79 Walnut

Smith, Charles H., teamster, h 513 Harper

PAGE 342

Smith, Charles J., teamster, h 369 Fulton

Smith, Charles Mrs., boarding house, 1008 Lake

Smith, Charles T., cabinetmaker, h 51 First av

Smith, Chauncey L., farmer, h 214 W Hudson

Smith, Christian, clerk, h 213 Gregg

Smith, Clarissa, widow William S., h 306 College av

Smith, Clement H., butcher, h 1332 Pratt

Smith, Colton M. Mrs., bds 411 W Water

Smith, Daniel ( D. Smith & Son ), h 723 W 1st

SMITH, DANIEL & SON ( Thomas S. ), wholesale confectioners 321 Carroll

Smith, Daniel B., clerk, bds 723 W 1st

Smith, Daniel C., carpenter and builder 516 William, h do

Smith, D. J., teamster, bds Elmira House

SMITH, DIX W., lawyer 100 W Water, h 517 W Gray

Smith, Doratha, widow Richard, bds 59 Sullivan

Smith, Edgar B., driver U S Ex Co, h 821 E 2d

Smith, Edward H., carpenter, h 803 Magee

Smith, Edwin P., brakeman, h 1503 Lake

Smith, Eleanor C., bds 323 1/2 Clinton

Smith, Eli W., laborer, h 718 Day

Smith, Elias, dispatcher D L & W, bds 415 E Washington av

Smith, Elijah B. ( Clipper Chilled Plow Co. ), h 360 W Church

Smith, Eliza A., widow Louis J., h 1332 Pratt

Smith, Ella F., operative, bds 118 Horner

Smith, Ellen, widow Uriah, h 523 William

Smith, Elmer, sash and blindmaker, bds 809 E 2d

Smith, Emily E., h 126 Main

Smith, Emma E. Mrs., h 609 Lake

Smith, Emma J. Mrs., dressmaker, room 36, 102 W Water

Smith, Emma T., bds 114 E Chemung pl

Smith, Emory S., fireman, h Southport Corners

Smith, Ernest A. ( Bartholomew & Smith ), h 349 W Clinton

Smith, Ernest A. P., stenographer and book-keeper with S. H. Laney, h 705 E Market

Smith, Esther J., widow John T., h 905 John

Smith, Ezekiel, driver steamer No. 1, h 715 W Water

Smith, Ferdney, sash and blindmaker, bds 809 E 2d

Smith, Florence, bds 159 Madison av

PAGE 343

Smith, Frank, clerk, h 5 Lemon

Smith, Frank H., engineer, h 130 S Main

Smith, Frank M., laborer, bds 369 Fulton

Smith, Fred, laborer, bds 905 John

Smith, Fred, printer, bds 618 1/2 Winsor av

Smith, F. Eugene, manager Tel Exchange, h 421 W Clinton

Smith, Gabriel L. ( Smith, Robertson & Bull ), h 225 William

Smith, George B., carpenter, h Home cor Spaulding

Smith, George W., drayman, h 660 Baldwin

Smith, Grace, domestic 354 Maple av

Smith, Harry A., brakeman, bds 656 Lake

Smith, Harry S., bds 312 W 3d

Smith, Harvey, h 106 S Main

Smith, Hattie E., bds 118 E Hudson

Smith, Henry, carpet weaver, h John cor DeWitt

Smith, Henry A., sash and blind maker, h 809 E 2d

Smith, Henry B., fgt agt L V R R, h 323 1/2 W Clinton

Smith, Henry B., carpenter, h 1313 Hall

Smith, H. Boardman Hon., h 115 Main

Smith, Henry H., carpenter, bds 803 Magee

Smith, Henry J., hostler, h 161 Washington

Smith, Henry N., fireman, h 1308 Hall

Smith, Herbert B., conductor, h 712 Sullivan

Smith, Herbert M., machinist, bds 512 Perine

Smith, Hiram, engineer, bds 1007 Lake

Smith, Hiram W., driver, h 855 Dickinson

Smith, Hollis W., clerk post office, bds 1214 Hall

SMITH, HURON O., architect 108 Lake, h 204 Harmon

Smith, Isaac S., h 108 E Hudson

Smith, James, brakeman, h 1408 Baldwin

Smith, James H., h 604 Beach

Smith, Jane L., widow William, bds 120 Lormore

Smith, Jane P. Mrs., laundress, h 714 Baldwin

Smith, Jay, mason, bds 206 S Main

Smith, Jesse C., oil pipe line, h 371 W Water

Smith, John, laborer, h Centre n blast furnace

Smith, John, drayman, bds 462 Spaulding

Smith, John, hostler, bds 359 W Church

Smith, John E., painter, h 310 W 1st

Smith, John G., shoemaker, h 405 W 1st

Smith, John J., laborer, h 616 Dickinson

Smith, John K., baker, h 503 Oak

Smith, J. Kirke, salesman, 131 E Water, h 306 Spaulding

Smith, John N., carpenter, bds 523 William

PAGE 344

Smith, Joseph H., steamfitter, h 633 W Water

Smith, Joseph P., brakeman, bds 420 Jefferson

Smith, Joseph W., carpenter, bds 523 William

Smith, Laura B., teacher, bds 114 E Chemung pl

Smith, Lewis H., paper hanger, h 500 E Water

Smith, Lewis M., prest Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, 122 E Water, h 350 W Church

Smith, Louis A., salesman, bds 109 W Chemung pl

Smith, Lucius E., brakeman, bds 419 E Washington av

Smith, L. M., salesman 103 E Water

Smith, M. Colton Mrs., christian scientist, bds 126 Main

Smith, Maggie M., dressmaker, bds 1215 Hall

Smith, Mary, widow Ambrose, bds 320 Lake

Smith, Milton Y., book-keeper 126 Lake, bds 128 Horner

Smith, Myron A., auditor E C & N R R, h 321 1/2 W Clinton

Smith, Nancy D., widow Hiram F., h 118 E Hudson

Smith, Nelson, bds 373 W 3d

Smith, Norris G., salesman 311 E Water, bds 312 Baldwin

Smith, Orlando N., h 114 E Chemung pl

Smith, Owen, laborer, bds 301 E 5th

Smith, Perry W., engineer, h Powell cor Franklin

Smith, Phillip, laborer, h 1215 Hall

Smith, Phillip C., foreman, h 307 Franklin

Smith, Polley, widow Anthony D., bds 211 William

Smith, R. E., entry clerk, bds 361 Elm

Smith, Ren E., book-keeper, bds 361 Elm

Smith, Robert, h 216 William

Smith, Robert McN., trav salesman S. H. Laney, bds 106 Madison av

Smith, Robert T., machinist, h 1214 Hall

Smith, Robert V., student, bds 225 William

SMITH, ROBERTSON & BULL ( Gabriel L. Smith, Andrew J. Robertson & John Bull, jr. ), lawyers 216 E Water

Smith, Rose Mrs., h 114 W Market

Smith, Rose S., widow Daniel, bds 311 Madison av

Smith, Ruth, widow Orrin, h 110 E Water

Smith, S. A. Mrs., boarding house 216 William

Smith, S. Eva Mrs., bds 309 S Main

Smith, Samuel F., overseer State Reformatory, h W s College av n Reformatory

Smith, Sarah M., widow John F., bds 512 Perine

SMITH, SEYMOUR, master carpenter N C R R, h 658 College av

Smith, Solomon P., cooperage 312 W 3d, h do

Smith, Susan, widow John S., bds 226 Mt Zoar

Smith, Susan V., widow Ansel S., bds 359 W 4th

Smith, Thedore G., abstracts and conveyancing 100 Lake, h 124 E Hudson

PAGE 345

Smith, Thomas, laborer, h 600 Baldwin

Smith, Thomas S. ( D. Smith & Son ), bds 723 W 1st

SMITH, WALTER LLOYD, judge supreme court Masonic Temple, h 115 Main

Smith, William, brakeman, bds 306 Norton

Smith, William, nurse, h 216 1/2 Madison av

Smith, William A., baker, h 421 E Washington av

Smith, William B., h 118 W 2d

Smith, William C., manager Club House, h 114 W Market

Smith, William H., broker 132 W Water, h do

Smith, William K., teamster, h 226 Mt Zoar

Smith, William H., brakeman, h 709 Casey

Smutz, Joseph, laborer, h 106 W Church

Snell, John H., civil engineer, bds 460 Maple av

Snell, William A., boilermaker, h 1318 Pratt

Snowden, Estelle, widow Phillip, h 556 E Clinton

Snyder, Aloyse, carriage and sign painter 452 E Water, h 754 do

Snyder, Amanda, widow George W., h 510 Madison av

Snyder, A. G., shipping clerk, bds 421 Columbia

Snyder, Belle, clerk, bds 510 Madison av

Snyder, B. F., agt., bds Everett House

Snyder, Benjamin M., fireman, h E 7th cor Canal

Snyder, E. M., peddler, h 762 E 4th

Snyder, Elijah M., carpenter, h 605 John

Snyder, Eunice M., widow Henry S., bds 100 Penna av

Snyder, Frank D., ins agt, bds 510 Madison av

Snyder, George, tanner, h Harriet cor E Church

Snyder, George W. jr., foreman, bds 510 Madison av

Snyder, Helen M., saleslady, bds 510 Madison av

Snyder, Herbert E., clerk, bds 421 Columbia

Snyder, Howard D., clerk 102 W Water, bds 421 Columbia

Snyder, Jacob L., salesman, bds 559 E Water

Snyder, John, weaver, h 303 Tuttle av

Snyder, John, carpenter, h 421 Columbia

Snyder, Lewis, clerk, bds 569 E Water

Snyder, M. Louise Miss, saleslady, bds 559 E Water

Snyder, Margaret, widow William, h 520 Fulton

Snyder, Peter, laborer, h Robinson cor Esty

Snyder, Phillipine, widow Louis, h 569 E Water

Snyder, Rosie, widow Jacob, h 713 Benjamin

Snyder, Samuel, peddler, h 807 E Church

Snyder, Sophia, dressmaker, 513 Penna av, h 315 South av

Snyder, William H., compositor Telegram, bds 520 Fulton

Snyder see also Schneider

Soble, Elias B., jeweler, h 112 Washington