Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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PAGE 322

Roberts, Herald, drayman, h 909 E Church

Roberts, Ira C., blacksmith, h 1207 Hall

Roberts, Isaac, cartman, h 1004 Oak

Roberts, Isaac A., brakeman, bds 1207 Maxwell av

Roberts, James Henry, carpenter, h 116 Sullivan

Roberts, John I., blacksmith, h 700 E 2d

Roberts, John W., stenographer, h 216 Madison av

Roberts, Lydia A. Mrs., laundress, h 418 Carroll

Roberts, O. B., carpenter, bds 706 Standish

Roberts, Sarah E., widow James, h 311 Orchard

Roberts, Shadrach, laborer, h 666 Dickinson

Roberts, Silas B., clerk N C freight house, h 806 Main

ROBERTS, STEPHEN T., gate tender, h Oak cor East av

Roberts, Thomas, clerk 105 E Washington av, bds do

Roberts, William, dyeing and cleaning 436 E Water, h do

Roberts, William B., clerk Delavan House, bds do

Robertshaw, C. Mrs., millinery 126 E Water, h Maple av cor Horner

Robertshaw, Clement, expressman, h Maple av cor Horner

Robertshaw, John, cook Rathbun House, bds do

Robertshaw, Rebecca, widow John, bds Maple av cor Horner

Robertson, Andrew J. ( Smith, Robertson & Bull ), h 505 Lake

Robertson, Edward, laborer, h 554 John

Robertson, Henry B., carpenter, h Home n Erie

Robertson, Hollis C., ( Aldridge & Robertson ), h 515 W 4th

ROBERTSON, LEWIS A., agt National Ex Co 153 Baldwin, bds 307 William

Robertson, Lillian, saleslady, bds 104 High

Robertson, Martha D., widow Archibald, h 420 W Gray

Robertson, Newton P., trav salesman, h 514 W 1st

Robertson, Samuel S., shoemaker 137 E Water, h 104 High

Robertson, Sam Taber, student, bds 452 W Church

Robertson, Thaddeus M., trav salesman, h 106 Brand

Robertson, Tracy H., student, bds 501 W 4th

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM B., real estate and loan 159 Baldwin, h 501 W 4th

Robeson, Millard F., trav agt, h 606 Main

Robinson, Abbie W., widow N. H., h 410 Lake

Robinson, Aurelia A., widow John J., h 702 E Water

Robinson, Charles, moulder, h 407 Perry

Robinson, Charles, laborer, bds 354 Maple av

Robinson, Chauncey N., carpenter, h 121 Judson

ROBINSON, DAVID C., lawyer 104 Lake, h Maple av beyond limits

Robinson, Frank K., bds 359 1/2 W 2d

Robinson, Frank P., agt Union News Co. under Delavan House, h 420 W Clinton

PAGE 323

Robinson, George M. ( J. M. Robinson, Sons & Co. ), h 302 William

Robinson, Harry, clerk, bds 359 1/2 W 2d

Robinson, Henry D., butcher, bds 359 1/2 W 2d

ROBINSON, JAMES R. Rev., pastor Southport Presbyterian church, h 318 W Washington av

Robinson, James S., lumber dealer, h 915 Lake

Robinson, John A., carpenter, bds 121 Judson

Robinson, John B., bds 410 Lake

Robinson, John M., brakeman, h Sullivan ab limits

ROBINSON, J. M. SONS & CO. ( J. M., George M., L. D. and N. W. Robinson ), manufs of and dealers in furniture 159, 161, 163, and 165 Lake

Robinson, Joseph, book-keeper, bds 419 W 4th

Robinson, Kate, milliner 201 E Water, bds 915 Lake

Robinson, Lucius Hon., lawyer 104 Lake, h Maple av beyond

Robinson, Lucius D. ( J. M. Robinson, Sons & Co. ), bds 302 William

Robinson, Nancy, widow J. M., h 302 William

Robinson, Newell D., butcher, h 417 W 2d

Robinson, Norman H., fireman, h 417 Jefferson

Robinson, Phillip, teamster, h 507 Clinton pl

Robinson, Richard W., bds 404 Lake

Robinson, Walter H., clerk 107 E Church, h 52 Harmon

ROBISON, J. H., meat market 128 S Main

Roblyer, Charles, peddler, bds 307 E Clinton

Roby, R. K., fireman, h Southport Corners

Roche, Mary E., widow Michael, saloon 351 Railroad av, h do

Rock Spring Brewery, Charles Gerber prop'r, river rd S E of limits

Rockwell, Abram, foreman, h 116 Washington

Rockwell, Abraham B., brakeman, h 1021 1/2 Lake

Rockwell, Andrew J., teamster, h 723 Kinyon

Rockwell, Fred M., brakeman, bds 723 Kinyon

Rockwell, Gertrude, teacher school No. 5, bds W 1st cor Euclid pl

Rockwell, Gertrude F., teacher, bds 507 W Clinton

ROCKWELL, HOSEA H., lawyer 100 Lake, h 364 W Clinton

Rockwell, Ida M., saleslady 111 W Water, bds 723 Kinyon

Rockwell, John B., laborer, h 1021 Oak

Rockwell, Silas B., h 315 Orchard

Rockwell, William, baggage express, h 1027 1/2 Oak

Rodgers, John, laborer, bds 109 Fulton

Rodgers, Maggie, teacher, bds 109 Fulton

Rodgers, Maria L., widow Peter, h 109 Fulton

Rodgers, Nellie E., laundress, bds 109 Fulton

PAGE 324

Rodgers see also Rogers

Roe, Charles F., h 320 W 1st

Roe, Charles F., salesman 134 E Water, bds 109 Madison av

Roe, Edward D., farmer, h 1151 College av

Roe, Edward D. jr., student, bds 1151 College av

Roe, Frank, widow George W., h 468 Spaulding

Roe, John, gardener Water Cure, bds do

Roe, Joseph M., h 401 Main

Roemmelt, Fred, clerk, bds E Clinton cor Lake

Roemmelt & Meyer ( Michael R. and Max M. ), meat market 404 E Water

Roemmelt, Michael ( Roemmelt & Meyer ), h 710 E Clinton

ROEMMELT, S., agt and bottler of Genesee Brewing Co's lager beer E Clinton cor Lake, h do

Rogers, Charles R., clerk 335 E Water, bds 310 DeWitt

Rogers, Deborah V., cashier 110 W Water, bds 423 W 4th

Rogers, Edward B., cashier N Y & Pa Tel & Telegraph Co, bds East av opp Water Cure

Rogers, Ellen, widow Stephen, h 423 W 4th

Rogers, Fayette E., salesman 102 W Water, h 105 Elm

Rogers, George W. jr., book-keeper 156 Lake, bds 258 Baldwin

Rogers, Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 1024 College av

Rogers, Mary, widow John, bds Sherman House

Rogers, Michael, shoemaker, h 358 W 3d

Rogers, Nathaniel C., book-keeper Durland & Pratt, h 310 DeWitt

Rogers, S. B., grocer 1128 Lake, h do

Rogers, Theresa, dressmaker, bds 423 W 4th

Rogers, William, coachman 118 Main

Rogers, William J., laborer, h 1024 College av

Rogers, W. J. jr., salesman, bds 1024 College av

Rogers see also Rodgers

Rohan, Bridget Mrs., bds 381 Penna av

Rohan, John J., tinsmith, h 381 Penna av

Rohan, Michael, farmer, h 361 Reformatory

Rohan, Martin, peddler, h 318 Powell

Roher, Joseph, tailor, h 223 Gregg

Rolison, Frankie Miss, dressmaker, bds 152 W 5th

Roll, Edward M., clerk, h 455 W 3d

Roll, Manning R., paints, oils and glass 119 Baldwin, h 455 W 3d

Roll, Martin L., boarding house 219 William

Rollett, Arthur W., driver, h 310 E Water

Rollett, Thomas, hostler, h 310 E Water

Rollett, Will H., clerk, bds 310 E Water

ROMER, ANTOINE, merchant tailor 216 E Water, h 115 College av

Romer, Charles B., clerk 216 E Water, bds 115 College av

Ronan, John J., clerk, bds 569 E Water

PAGE 325

Ronan, Mary A., widow Patrick, grocer 569 E Water, h do

Ronan, William H., lawyer, bds 569 E Water

Roody, Christian, laborer, h 960 E Clinton

Roof, John ( Friend, Metzger & Co. ), h 566 E Water

Roof, John W., asst manager Friend, Metzger & Co. 166 Lake, bds 566 E Water

Rook, Andrew, mason, h 1117 Elm

Rooney, Ella, tailoress, bds 433 W 4th

Roosa, Augustus P., glazier, 391 W Water

Roosa, Charles C., com trav, h 712 W Water

Roosa, Franc E., music teacher, bds 391 W Water

Roosa, John H., shoemaker, h 713 Davis

Roosa, William P., letter carrier, h 216 Maple av

Root, A. L., tailoress, bds 421 Main

Root, Charles J., clerk rolling mill, h 914 Lake

Root, Eugene, livery 208 Mt Zoar, h 210 do

Root, Julia, widow Solomon R., h 654 E Church

ROOT, JULIUS S., dentist 328 E Water

Root, Mary L., dressmaker, bds 423 W 4th

Root, Nathan, h 421 Main

ROPER, EDWIN K., lawyer also justice of the peace 336 E Water, h do

Rorke see Rourke

Rorrick, Charles J., tobacco sweater, h 360 W 2d

Rose, Alice L., dressmaker 133 W Water, h do

Rose, Charles, tinner, bds Buckbee House

Rose, Clark P., conductor, bds 630 William

Rose, Fannie Miss, h 866 Magee

Rose, George W., blacksmith, h 111 1/2 Orchard

Rose, Lee E., machinist, h 271 Baty

Rose, Philotte, widow Jonas, h 133 W Water

Rose, Stephen ( Barker, Rose & Gray ), h 866 Magee

ROSE, THEODORE C., lawyer and court stenographer Masonic Temple, h 353 W Church

Roseberry, Nathan G., wagonmaker, h 509 Spaulding

Rosecrance, Jesse, bds 701 E Church

Roseman, Abram ( Roseman & Levy ), res New York city

Roseman & Levy ( A. Roseman and M. G. Levy ), wholesale jewelers 105 W Water

Rosenbaum, Henry L. ( L. Rosenbaum & Sons ), bds 224 W 1st

Rosenbaum, Lehman ( L. Rosenbaum & Sons ), h 224 W 1st

ROSENBAUM, L. & SONS ( Martin and Henry L. ), dry goods and millinery 201 E Water

Rosenbaum, Martin ( L. Rosenbaum & Sons ), h 215 W Church

Rosenbaum, Max G., peddler, h 113 Harriet

PAGE 326

Rosenbeck, Fannie, grocer 713 E Market, h do

Rosenbeck, Hattie, dressmaker, bds 713 E Market

Rosenbeck, Moses, h 713 E Market

Rosenblum, Charley, peddler, h 803 E Water

Rosengrant, Charles N., h 511 Main

Rosenthal, H., peddler, bds E Water cor Washington

Rosenthal, Levi, jobber fancy goods and notions 701 E Water, h do

Rosenthal, Rebecca, grocer 701 E Water, h do

Rosenzweig & Liptz, hosiery manufs 703 E Water

Rosenzweig, Marks ( Rosenzweig & Liptz ), h 703 E Water

Rosgeki, Antony, laborer, h E s Reformatory n Erie R R

Rosinski, Andrew, shoemaker and saloon 863 Dickinson, h do

Ross, Alonzo D., grocer 458 Franklin, h do

Ross, Anna, widow Stephen, h 718 Benjamin

Ross, Beverly W., painter and paperhanger, h 264 W Hudson

Ross, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 358 W 3d

Ross, Frank M., real estate 100 E Water, h Home cor Spaulding

ROSS, FRANK W., physician and surgeon, office hours until 9 a m, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m, 326 Baldwin, h do

ROSS, GEORGE W., flour and feed store 412 E Market, bds 925 E Church

Ross, James, painter, bds 363 Fulton

Ross, Joseph W., h 318 Orchard

Ross, Juett M., switchman, h 422 Pleasant

Ross & Kline ( W. H. R. and C. K. ), tea store 418 & 421 Main

Ross, Salon K., farmer, h Mt Zoar beyond limits

Ross, Thomas, bread dealer, h 407 Jefferson

Ross, Thomas J., laborer, h 804 Hatch

Ross, Will H., ( Ross & Kline ), h 503 Columbia

Ross, William, driver, h 718 Benjamin

Ross, William, laborer, h James pl n S Elm

Ross, William C., laborer, bds 804 Hatch

Rothe, John, hostler, bds Everett House

Rothe, Lizzie S. Mrs., matron Southern Tier Orphans' Home Franklin cor Fulton, h do

Rothe, Mable S. Miss, Southern Tier Orphans' Home Franklin cor Fulton, bds do

Rothschild, Abraham, clothing 320 E Water, h 102 Fox

Rothschild, Meaidal, watchmaker 414 E Water, h 206 High

Rothwell, Chester F., laborer, bds 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, Edwin, cooper, h 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, Frank E., cooper, bds 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, James A., conductor N C R R, h 513 Herrick

Rothwell, Walter T., leaf tobacco, bds 306 Sullivan

Rothwell, Wm. S., laborer, bds 206 Sullivan

Roughen, John, laborer, h 808 Johnson

PAGE 327

ROUND, ROBERT J., principal school No. 1, h 406 1/2 Sullivan

Rourke, James, laborer, h 318 Orchard

Rourke, Mary, widow James, h 371 W 3d

Rourke, Mary A., h 162 S Elm

Rourke see Rorke

Rover, Henry, cook Frasier House, h 412 DeWitt

Rowan, Anna, dressmaker, bds 361 Reformatory

Rowan, John, carpenter, bds 766 Main

Rowan, Mary J., widow John, h 766 S Main

Rowan, Michael, farmer, h 361 Reformatory

Rowland, Charles H., salesman, h 502 William

Rowland, Jennie, pastry cook Delavan house

Rowland, John S., carpenter, h 720 Sullivan

Rowlee, Mary A., tailoress, h Southport Corners

Rowley, Charles, laborer, h 539 Tuttle av

Rowley, Edith Mrs., h 502 William

Rowley, James T., bartender Frasier House, h 450 W 2d

Rowley, Nimrod, mason, h 360 E 5th

Rowley, Sam, waiter, bds 160 Baldwin

ROWLEY, WESLEY C., photographer 110 and 112 W Water, h 501 William

Roy, Mary A., widow L. M., h 119 College av

Roy, William, brakeman, bds Lewis House

Royle, Ralph, gardener, h 358 Davis

Rozelle, Charles W., fish and oysters 212 W Water, h do

Rozelle, Edward J., fireman, h 432 Pleasant

Rozelle, Helen F., operator Tel Ex, bds 204 Washington av

Rozelle, Lydia M. Mrs., h 380 W Gray

Rozelle, Mary A., bds 380 W Gray

Rozelle, Samuel, laborer, h 558 Coburn

Rubeliski, Frank, laborer, h 704 Baldwin

Rubin, A. Rev., h 603 John

Rubinowitz, Joseph, peddler, h 556 E Clinton

RUDDY, T. A., saloon 203 E Market, h do

RUDOLPH, JUSTUS H., supt Sterling Slate Co, 161 Baldwin, h 313 Columbia

RUGER, MORGAN A. & CO. ( Charles W. Drake ), jewelers 218 E Water

Ruger, Morgan A. ( Morgan A. Ruger & Co. ), h 218 Penna av

Ruggles, Finley, painter, h 255 South av

Ruggles, Mary Mrs., bds 255 South av

Rulapaugh, John W., drayman, h 1211 Pratt

Rumsey, Miles H., grocer 450 to 452 Spaulding, h do

Rumsey, Stephen W., clerk 450 Spaulding, bds do

Ruppersberger, Conrad, gardener, h S s West Hill rd n Hoffman

Rusco, Philip, carpenter, h 509 College av

PAGE 328

Rush, Joseph, engineer, h 543 S Main

Russell, Eliza Mrs., h 413 Powell

RUSSELL, FRANK N., tea merchant 146 W Water, bds 353 W Clinton

Russell, John A., pressman Advertiser job rooms, h 404 Baldwin

Russell, Mary, domestic 500 Lake

Russell, Robert C., salesman 102 and 104 W Water, h 374 W 3d

Russell, Robinson R., laborer, bds 413 Powell

Russell, Walter B., butcher, bds 113 E Henry

Rutan, David C., farmer, h 618 Winsor av

Rutan, Edward E., carpenter, bds 744 W Church

Rutan, Enos W., carpenter, 336 S Broadway, h 342 do

Rutan, Fred W., carpenter, h 375 W Clinton

RUTAN, JAMES C., carpenter, h 744 W Church

Rutan, John W., carpet layer, h 359 W 3d

Rutan, Peter B., carpenter, h 334 S Broadway

Rutan, Smith, policeman, h 626 Winsor av

Rutan, Wilbur R., painter, h 623 W Water

Ruthkowski, Michael, laborer, h 764 E 5th

Rutledge, H. Frank, carpenter, h 905 E Market

Rutledge, H. Frank Mrs., dressmaker, h 905 E Market

Rutledge, James, laborer, h Michigan opp E C & N R R

Rutledge, Maggie, domestic 505 Lake

Rutledge, Mary, domestic 311 William

Ruttenberg, Benjamin, grocer 166 Harriet, h do

Ruttenberg, Harris, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Ruttledge, Fannie, widow Thomas, h 955 Michigan

Rutty, David A., brakeman, bds 615 S Main

Rutty, Warren S., switchman, h 708 Giltanann

Rutzman, Philip, peddler, h 157 Harriet

Ryan, Alice, bds 461 W 6th

Ryan, Anna, dressmaker, bds 1205 Hall

Ryan, Anthony, car inspector, h 853 Railroad av

Ryan, Edward, engineer, h 537 S Main

Ryan, Edward ( Ryan & Toole ), h 205 Orchard

Ryan, Ellen, widow John, h 461 W 6th

Ryan, Francis A, barber 424 E Water, bds 222 Gregg

Ryan, George, salesman, bds 2 Main street bridge

Ryan, George W., h 222 Gregg

Ryan, James, laborer, h 118 Washington

Ryan, James T., carpenter, bds 461 W 6th

Ryan, Jennie, domestic 115 Main

Ryan, John, laborer, h 307 Diven av

RYAN, JOHN, saloon 60 Penna av, h do

Ryan, John J., clerk post office, bds 853 Railroad av

PAGE 329

Ryan, Josephine, domestic 305 William

Ryan, Kate, domestic 385 S Main

Ryan, Lena A., clerk, bds 222 Gregg

Ryan, L. John, conductor, h 217 Franklin

Ryan, Maggie, domestic 417 E Market

Ryan, Mary, cook Mt Zoar beyond limits

Ryan, Mary, assistant cook Elmira Female College

Ryan, Mary Mrs., h 910 Maxwell av

Ryan, Minnie, saleslady, bds 321 W Clinton

Ryan, Michael, engineer, h 1200 Maxwell av

Ryan, Michael, laborer, h 329 Webber pl

Ryan, Patrick, laborer, h 329 Webber pl

Ryan, Patrick, brakeman, bds 306 E Washington av

Ryan, Patrick H., brakeman, h 828 W Washington av

Ryan, Robert, lineman N C R R, bds 703 S Main

Ryan, Thomas, polisher, h W South av n Erie R R

Ryan & Toole ( Edward Ryan and estate of John B. Toole ), grocers 142 E Water

Rynn, Michael, h 709 Railroad av


Sackett, Frank E., book-keeper 2d Nat'l Bank, h 353 Spaulding

Sackett, John H., carpenter, h 304 Orchard

Sadisfield, Charles, mason, h 516 Perry

Sadler, Edward P., shoemaker 162 Exchange pl, h 420 W Gray

Sadler, Elizabeth A., dressmaker, bds 112 Lormore

Sadler, Enoch B., meat cutter, h 109 Lormore

SADLER, FRANK B., meat market 123 Lake, bds 109 Lormore

Sadler, Harriet, widow Timothy, bds 112 Lormore

Sadler, John T., foreman 336 E Water, h 112 Lormore

Sadler, William H., steamfitter, h 127 Horner

Salmon, Edward, laborer, bds 569 E Water

Salmon, Mary, domestic 208 E Church

Salmon, Stephen, merchant, h 611 Penna av

Sample, Robert, h Stowell pl n R R

Sample, Samuel D., guard Reformatory, bds do

Sampson, Azuba W. Mrs., h 801 Main

Sampson, William L., book-keeper 110 Baldwin, h 357 Spaulding

PAGE 330

SAMUEL, ALBERT, dry goods and carpets 139 E Water, h 110 Madison av

Samuels, Aaron, peddler, h 111 Orchard

Sanborne, George G., trav agent, h 616 Columbia

Sanders, Bert, brakeman, bds 1217 Benton

Sanders, Lucetta A., widow John W., h 104 E Hudson

Sanders, May, bds 104 E Hudson

Sanders, William A., carpenter, bds 104 E Hudson

Sanford, Addison V., trav salesman, h 363 W 4th

Sanford, Charles C., machinist, h 424 W Clinton

Sanford, Ella, bds 424 W 4th

Sanford, George B., bartender 429 Railroad av, bds American Hotel

Sanford, Grant E., augermaker, h Benton n Thurston

Sanford, Percil L., augermaker, h 424 W 4th

Sanford, Rodell, fireman, h 210 Partridge

Sannicks, John, teamster, h 652 Dickinson

Sanwatzke, Martin, tanner, h 705 Sullivan

Saranson, George, fresco painter, bds 216 William

Sargent, George, carpenter, h 628 Lewis

Sargent, Thomas M., agent 207 W Water, bds 101 do

Sarrine, George P., teamster, h Reformatory n College av

Sarsfield, Fred A., shoemaker, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Maggie, saleslady 102 W Water, bds 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, Michael, shoemaker, h 216 Orchard

Sarsfield, William H., shoemaker, bds 216 Orchard

Sass, Henry, baker 200 S Main, h 335 S Broadway

Sasseiman, Spencer, brakeman, bds Blyley House

SATTERLEE, ALBERT S., grocer 121 Lake, h 223 Baldwin

Satterlee, Elias B., h 150 W 3d

Satterlee, Esther, teacher school No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Satterlee, Harry T., clerk E C & N depot, h 150 W 3d

Satterlee, William R., clerk 121 Lake, bds 223 Baldwin

Saunders, Addie, dressmaker, bds 122 Main

PAGE 331

Sauvey, Alexis, carriage painter Lincoln cor Park, h do

Sauvey, Charles H., messenger P O, bds Lincoln cor Park

Sauvey, Frederick W., carriage painter, bds Lincoln cor Park

Sauvey, Paul J., carpenter, h 521 Harper

Savercool, Lewis L., agent, h 260 Baldwin

Sawdy, Catherine, bds 334 S Broadway

Sawyer, Almon, farmer, h E s Penna av S of limits

Sawyer, F. W., brakeman, h 315 E Centre

SAYLES & DRAKE ( Guy Sayles and Leon H. Drake ), wholesale grocers 211 and 213 Baldwin

Sayles, Emma H., widow Henry, h 500 E Union

Sayles, George A., conductor D L & W R R, h 220 W Gray

Sayles, George W., truck builder, h 320 S Broadway

Sayles, Guy ( Sayles & Drake ), bds 500 E Union

Sayles, Henry H. Mrs., h 115 Main

Sayles, Louis P., carriage trimmer 450 E Water, h 218 Lormore

Sayles, Philip H., conductor, h 403 Franklin

Sayles, William C., shoemaker, h 411 Railroad av

Sayre, Hector E., trav salesman Elmira Oil Co, h at Horseheads

Scales, Anna, operative, bds 207 Chestnut

Scales, Joseph, shoemaker, h 207 Chestnut

Scales, Joseph jr., clerk 208 E Water, bds 207 Chestnut

Scanlon, John, salesman, bds 322 W 7th

Scanlon, Patrick, tinsmith, bds 322 W 7th

Scanlon, Simon, fireman, h 322 W 7th

Schacher, Xaver, laborer, h 1115 Elm

Schaffner, George F., fireman, h 1112 Lake

Schaloff, Herman, peddler, h 601 John

Schandler, Kitte Mrs., saloon 812 Madison av, h do

Schaple, Emile, foreman brick yard, h 711 Day

Scharf, Edward jr., butcher, h 55 Sullivan

Schatzel, Lizzie, domestic 410 College av

Scheidt, John, tailor, h 753 E Water

Scheirer, James W. ( Finnigan & Scheirer ), h 210 DeWitt

Scheller, Christian, laborer, h 219 Harriet

Schenck, Louis, laborer, h 754 E 5th

Schenle, Lizzie, domestic 115 College av

Schill, Joseph, brakeman, bds 1210 Maxwell av

Schimer, Charles, fireman, bds 1318 Baldwin

Schimpf, Francis, painter, h 314 South av

Schlesier, Adalbert, tanner, h 52 Washington

Schlom, Elias, peddler, bds 752 E Water

Schlom, Isaac, peddler, h 752 E Water

Schlon, Philipp, peddler, h 759 John

Schlosser, Jacob, blacksmith, rooms 507 Magee

PAGE 332

Schlutter, Minnie, widow Ernest, h 1124 Oak

Schmeltzer, Jacob, laborer, bds 513 High

Schmeltzer, Kate, widow John, h 513 High

Schmeltzer, Mary, dressmaker, bds 513 High

Schmeski, John, laborer, h 805 Canal

Schmidt, Charles T., cabinetmaker, h 55 First av

Schmidt, Christian A., clerk 210 E Water, h 213 Gregg

Schmidt, Frederick, tailor, bds 609 Dickinson

Schmidt, John, laborer, h 805 Canal

Schmidt, Mary J., milliner, bds 55 First av

Schmidt, William C., teacher and ins agt, h 209 Harriet

Schmricker, Joseph, laborer, h 713 Benjamin

Schnehain, Catherine S., widow John H., bds 465 W 6th

Schnehain, John H., metal patternmaker, h 465 W 6th

Schneider see Snyder

Schoenan, H. J., trav salesman, bds 119 Madison av

Schoenemann, Fred, tailor, bds 58 Orchard

Schoenemann, Lewis, tailor, h 58 Orchard

Schoenemann, Louis C. jr., tailor, h 121 Sullivan

Schofield, C. Smith, laborer, h 411 S Main

Schofield, Edson D., shipping clerk, h 380 W 5th

Scholl, H. T. ( Scholl & Wentworth ), h 217 W Hudson

SCHOLL & WENTWORTH ( H. T. Scholl and J. B. Wentworth ), book and job printers 125 W Water


Schoonover, Barkley, painter, h 516 Main

Schornstheimer, Charles C., bds Wall cor W Church

Schornstheimer, Conrad, milkman, h Wall cor W Church


Schornstheimer, Kate, book-keeper, bds 524 Lake

SCHORNSTHEIMER, PETER ( Schornsheimer & Stampp ), dealer in fertilizers also bone yard Mt Zoar beyond city limits, h 524 Lake

Schornstheimer, Peter jr., clerk, bds 524 Lake

SCHORNSTHEIMER & STAMPP ( P. Schornstheimer and A. Stampp ), grocers 522-524 Lake

Schornstheimer see Shornstheimer

Schrader, Charles, music teacher 310 W 4th

Schriver, Ferdinand, tanner, h 500 W Hudson

Schroeder, William H., engineer, h 311 E Centre

Schuman, Charles A., sashmaker, h 404 Sullivan

Schusler, Fred B., tinner, bds 369 Fulton

Schusler, George A., salesman 224 W Water, h 244 do

Schuszler, George F., mason, h 369 Fulton

PAGE 333

Schuszler, William J., moulder, bds 369 Fulton

Schuyler, Bert V., drug clerk 144 W Water, bds 730 Maple av

Schuyler, Harmon, farmer, bds 730 Maple av

Schuyler, John, farmer, h 730 Maple av

Schuyler, Oren A., tobacconist, h 700 Maple av

Schwartz, Fabian, hides and tallow 141 W Water, h 710 E Market

SCHWARTZ, JACOB, lawyer 300 E Water, h 710 E Market

Schwartz, James, brakeman, bds Blyley House

Schwartz see also Swartz

Schwenke, Frederick V., clerk, bds 213 Madison av

Schwenke, Frederick W., real estate, h 213 Madison av

SCHWEPPE, FREDERICK, fresco painter 150 Fox, h 458 Carroll

Schweppe, Fred jr., fresco painter, bds 458 Carroll

Scopes, Charles N., engineer, h 521 W 2d

Scott, Abner V., engineer, h 355 E Centre

Scott, Alford, laborer, h 654 E Clinton

Scott, Edwin A. Mrs., h 361 Crescent av

Scott, Emma, widow D. T., h 321 Madison av

Scott, Emmet N., salesman 107 Baldwin, h 114 Partridge

Scott, Hattie E., domestic 511 Perine

Scott, Jennie, bds 114 Partridge

Scott, John, laborer, h 213 W 3d

Scott, Kate, domestic 455 Penna av

Scott, Samuel W., laborer, h 914 Benton

Scott, William H., clerk P O, h 108 Horner

Scudder, A. Miss, milliner, bds 426 W 4th

Scudder, Aaron M., clerk Erie freight office, bds 426 W 4th

Scudder, Abram, trav agent, h 426 W 4th

Scudder, Benjamin O., clerk E C & N R R, bds 426 W 4th

Scudder, Libbie S., bds 356 W Clinton

Scudder, Mack, yardmaster Tioga R R, h 356 W Clinton

Scudder, Willis S., clerk 104 W Water, bds 426 W 4th

Seacord, Horatio, carpenter, h 217 1/2 Gregg

Seager, Samuel, fireman, bds 1318 Benton

Seaman, Charles, painter, bds 221 W Water

Seaman, Foster M., carpenter, h 704 Winsor av

Seaman, Franklin P., painter, h 419 W 2d

Searles, Cora E., domestic 125 Horner

Searles, Delia Mrs., h 427 Railroad av

Searles, John E., carpenter, h 305 S Broadway

Searles, William E., laborer, bds 305 S Broadway

Seaver, Lewis, teamster, h 919 Stowell

Sebersky, Abraham, h 560 E Water

Sebersky, Julius, clothing 109 E Water, h 564 do