Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Pg. 310

Post David, h 206 W Chemung pl

Post G. H., tobacco agent, bds 315 E Market

Post James H., conductor N C R R, h 914 College av

Post Myron G., bds 206 W Chemung pl

POST OFFICE, E. F. Babcock postmaster, Masonic Temple Lake cor E Market

Post William H., ex mess, h 306 College av

Post William T., real estate 101 E Market bds 708 Park pl

POSTAL TELEGRAPH AND CABLE CO., C. L. Jones mgr, 115 Baldwin

Potstadls Arbor, cigarmaker, h 713 Lake

Potter Albert R., shoemaker, h 112 Columbia

Potter Charles H., ins agt 338 E Water, bds 814 E Church

Potter Cranston T., h 506 William

Potter Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 651 E Market

Potter Elmer E., conductor N C R R, h 409 W 5th

Potter Fernando D., clerk, bds 651 E Market

Potter George F. (Potter, Roach & Co.), h New York city

Potter Hattie M., book-keeper, bds 506 William

Potter Henry W., bds 651 E Market

Potter Lydia S., bds 651 E Market

Potter Mary A., teacher, bds 651 E Market

POTTER, ROACH & CO. (G. F. Potter, C. H. Roach and W. C. Potter), general insurance 305 Carroll

Potter Wilfrid C. (Potter, Roach & Co.), h New York city

POTTS MARY, physician 348 W 4th, h do

Pound Joseph, carpenter, h 148 W Water

Pound William H., carpenter, h 700 1-2 Oak

Powell Anna, teacher school No 1, bds 378 W 4th

Powell Burt, clerk, bds 752 Park pl

Powell Bridget, widow Martin, h 378 W 4th

Powell Fred, clerk, h 318 W 4th

Powell Frederick, bds 318 W 4th

Powell James, tinsmith, bds 324 W 4th

Powell James L., laborer, h 316 W Centre

Powell Jennie, milliner 305 E Water, bds 318 W 4th

Powell John, laborer, bds 428 W 5th

Powell John G., drayman, h 908 E Church

Powell John H., laborer, bds 916 E Church

Powell Joseph, printer, bds 916 E Church

Powell Kate, dressmaker, bds 916 E Church

Powell Maggie, tailoress, bds 908 E Church

Powell Margaret, dressmaker, bds 376 W 4th

Powell Margaret, widow John M., h 318 W 4th

Powell Martin, clerk 428 Penna av, bds 318 W 4th

Pg. 311

Powell Martin, laborer, h 916 E Church

Powell Mary Mrs., h 161 Harriet

Powell Michael, blacksmith, bds 724 S Main

Powell Michael, laborer, h 428 W 5th

Powell Patrick, police roundsman, h 914 Main

Powell William H., policeman, bds 819 East av

Powell William H., foreman, h 907 John

Powers Charles C., student, bds 660 Main

Powers John, h W 1st n city limits

Powers Michael, engine hostler, h Gorman n S Main

Powers Richard J., bds Gorman n S Main

Powers Spencer, engineer, h 1130 Hall

Prall Benjamin F., U S Ex messenger, bds 467 W Water

Prall Justus H. R., carpenter, h 467 W Water

Pratley Henry A., guard Reformatory, bds do

Pratt Arthur, book-keeper 113 E Water, h 514 W Clinton

PRATT & CO., wholesale hardware 414-416 E Market

PRATT CHARLES R. (Pratt & Joerg), also pres 2d National Bank, h 318 William

PRATT DANIEL R. (Pratt & Co.), h 413 Lake

Pratt Daniel T., clerk 414 E Market, h 301 W Clinton

PRATT DAVID M., cashier 2d Nat’l Bank, bds 415 Lake

Pratt Frank D., real estate, bds 750 Park pl

Pratt Gaylord A., trav salesman 126 Lake, bds 312 W Gray

Pratt George E., shoecutter, h 413 W 2d

Pratt George E., lawyer, h 326 W 1st

Pratt Harriet, widow Daniel, h 415 Lake

Pratt H. DeV., h 652 Park pl

PRATT H. DeV. Jr., physician and surgeon 118 Main, h do

Pratt Irene, bds 326 W 1st

Pratt James P., real estate, h 367 W Gray

Pratt Jessie, laboratory asst, bds 413 W 2d

PRATT & JOERG (Charles R. Pratt and Herman Joerg), lawyers Opera Block room 2

Pratt John, clerk, bds 816 W Gray

Pratt Lycurgus D., real estate, h 750 Park pl

Pratt M., engineer, bds 121 W Chemung pl

Pratt Mary A., clerk Telegram, bds 327 Baldwin

Pratt Oscar, barber 507 Railroad av, bds 515 do

PRATT R. B., physician and surgeon, office hours 8 to 9 a m, 12 to 2 and 5 to 8 p m, Baldwin cor E Market, h do

Pratt Sarah, widow Ransom, h 318 William

Pratt Sarah E. Mrs., physician and surgeon, h 367 W Gray

Pratt Timothy S. (Durland & Pratt), h 308 William

Pray William H., carpenter, h 820 Lincoln

Pg. 312

Prechtl Bartholomew, laborer, h W s Sullivan bel Thurston

Prechtl Henry, milkman, h Lake cor Norton

Prechtl Mary J., domestic 418 W Church

Prentice Edward A., foreman Reformatory

Prescott Frances E. Mrs., h 113 DeWitt

Prescott Frank W., bds 113 DeWitt

Prescott Frederick S., bds 307 Madison av

Prescott J. C., carpenter, h 208 W Water

Prescott Joseph S., liquors 309 Carroll, h 307 Madison av

Prescott William H., h 113 DeWitt

Preso Stephen, laborer, h 856 E Market

Pressey George M., photographer, h 105 DeWitt

Preston Benjamin G., shoemaker, h 515 S Elm

Preston George H., dentist 312 E Water, h 414 1-2 W 2d

Preston Sarah E., bds 515 S Elm

Preswick Christopher P., h 102 S Main

Preswick Edmund T. Mrs., h 308 Washington

Preswick Jennie, teacher, bds 308 Washington

Price Charles, engineer, bds 1008 Lake

Price Dorcas, widow John, h 734 Harper

Price Esther M., widow E. F., h 121 W Chemung pl

Price Frank, barber, bds 734 Harper

PRICE JOHN H., physician and surgeon 305 Penna av, h do

Priest Carleton, mason, h 717 Davis

Priest Fred O., frame maker, bds 717 Davis

Priest William, butcher, bds 717 Davis

Priest William R., expressman, h 439 W 5th

Primmer Ella, domestic 510 Lake

Primmer Virginia M., domestic 243 Lake

Propre Emma, widow Nicholas, h 509 Fulton

Pross Joseph W., carpenter, h 356 W 2d

Prudhomme Edward Medard, shoemaker, h 752 John

Prudhomme Emma, clerk 132 E Water, bds 752 John

Prutsman Hattie J., dressmaker, bds 602 W Hudson

Prutsman Jason A., h 602 W Hudson

Pughe Daniel E., commercial traveler, h 410 W 1st

Pulford Arthur D., carpenter, bds 402 W 2d

Pulford Charles A. (Plum & Pulford), h 128 E Hudson

Pullman Gus J., tanner, h 408 Oak

Purcell Ann, widow John, bds 202 High

PURCELL JOHN H., saloon 429 Railroad av, bds 202 High

Purcell Libbie Mrs., bds W 6th cor Davis

Purcell Stephen T., saloon 103 E Church, h 5th cor Railroad av

Purdy H. H. Mrs., h 203 Baldwin

Purple William, engineer, h 612 S Main

Pg. 313

Purtell John R. (J. R. Purtell & Co.), h 506 W Gray

PURTELL JOHN R. & CO. (R. M. Purtell), grocers 205 W Water

Purtell M. Fannie, music teacher, bds 506 W Gray

Purtell Robert M. (J. R. Purtell & Co.), h 506 W Gray

Purtill Martin, laborer, h 914 Magee

Putman Allie, domestic 326 E Union

PUTNEY J. M., engineer Erie R R, h 356 W 4th

Putney William W., teacher, bds 356 W 4th

Pyman Henry, steward Rathbun House

Quackenbush Ira, mason, h 422 S Broadway

Qualey Anna, domestic 315 William

Qualey John, puddler, h 900 Michigan

Qualey Susan, widow James E., h 211 Thurston

QUEEN CITY LIME KILNS, Barney & Co, E Washington av n rolling mill


QUEEN PALACE HOTEL, Connelly Bros. prop’s, 517 Railroad av

Quigley Alvah J., painter, h 214 Harmon

Quigley Edward, baggagemaster L V R R, h 373 W 2d

Quigley Elizabeth, widow Martin, h 418 Walnut

Quigley G. V., barber, bds 214 Harmon

Quigley John, engineer, h 410 E Washington av

Quigley Thomas, brakeman, bds 919 Benton

Quilnan Michael, laborer, h 805 Magee

Quinby Olive, boarding house 110 College av

Quinlan Kate, housekeeper 710 E Church

Quinn Ellen, widow William, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Frank C., brakeman, bds 1001 1-2 Oak

Quinn Honora, widow Simon, h 913 1-2 John

Quinn James, laborer, bds 103 Erie

Quinn James, brakeman, bds 306 E Washington av

Quinn John, h 103 Erie

Quinn Maurice, brakeman Erie R R, h 221 W 3d

Quinn Michael, laborer, bds 103 Erie

Pg. 314

Quinn Minnie, dressmaker, bds 221 W 3d

Quirch Katie, waitress Delavan House

Qujah William, laborer, h 758 E 5th

Rabenowitch C., peddler, bds 119 Harriet

Rabenowitch H., peddler, h 619 E Water

Rachell Adolph, painter, bds 114 Orchard

Rackett Martin, laborer, h Lake n limits

Radin Adolph M., Rev., rabbi Jewish Synagogue 110 High, h 711 E Market

Radin Joseph L., cigar manuf 607 John, h do

Radin Louis, butcher 619 E Water, h 753 John

Radway Albert R. Mrs., h 111 Madison av

Rae James M., h 367 Penna av

Rae John C., ex mess, bds 367 Penna av

Rafter Thomas, saloon 827 Canal, h do

Rahally Michael, teamster, h 414 DeWitt

Rahilly see Riley also Reilly

Rance William E., brakeman, bds 1312 Benton

Ranck James C., pressman Advertiser, h 562 E Church

Randall David, carpenter, h 129 W Market

Randall George H., blindmaker, h 113 Catherine

Randall John, foreman, h 925 College av

Randall Joseph, carpenter, h 1116 Walnut

Randall N. B., tanner, bds W Hudson cor Fulton

Randall Peter, laborer, h 308 E 5th

Randall Seneca, shoemaker, bds 261 Baldwin

Randolph George F., gen fgt agt E C & N R R, bds 719 Park pl

RANSOM HENRY V., county clerk, h 459 W Water

Ransom Marcus, laborer, bds 899 Benton

Ransom Sarah, widow Reuben H., h 459 W Water

Rapelyea Caroline M., widow Daniel, bds W Clinton cor Euclid pl

Rapelyea Charles E. (H. C. Spaulding & Co.), h 322 W Clinton

Raphiel Louis, salesman 109 E Water, h 560 do

Ratcliffe William L. (Coykendall & Ratcliffe, bds 315 William

RATHBONE HENRY W., pres E I & S R Mill Co, h 352 Main

Rathbone James B., vice-pres E I & S R Mill Co, h 221 Lake

Rathbone William H., clerk rolling mill, bds 352 Main

Rathbun Abigail, widow Philetus P., h Southport Corners

Rathbun George, fireman, bds 663 Columbia

RATHBUN HOUSE, Hugh C. Hayt prop, 211 E Water

Rathbun John P., inventor, h Southport Corners

Pg. 315

RATHBUN JOHN T., real estate 121 Baldwin also pres LaFrance Fire Engine Co, h 414 Lake

Rathbun Louis G., secy LaFrance Fire Engine Co, h 500 Lake

Rathbun Orlando L., salesman, h 106 S Walnut

Rathbun Peter R., engineer, bds E s Penna av S of limits

Rathbun Robert C., coachman, h 122 Brand

RATHBUN SIMEON B., real estate 317 E Water, bds Delavan House

Rathbun William R., real estate 12 Baldwin, bds Rathbun House

Rau Charles W., tailor, h 450 Oak

RAWSON GROVE P., florist 107 and 109 W Market, h 109 do

Rawson Isaac (Rawson & Thatcher, Corning, N Y, h 109 W Market

Ray David, brakeman, h 716 Baldwin

Raymond D. D., carpenter, bds 215 Franklin

Raymond Frank D., laborer, h 268 W Henry

Raymond J. A. Rev., pastor Shiloh Bap Church, h 666 1-2 Dickinson

Raymond John H., machinist, h 408 E Clinton

Read Nellie C. Mrs., h 503 W Church

Ready Charles, switchman, bds 720 S Main

Ready Daniel, turnkey, bds 211 William

Ready Jerry, laborer, bds Empire House

Ready John, laborer, h 119 E Church

Ready John, laborer, h 112 Partridge

Ready John, fireman, bds 307 Diven av

Ready John, h 151 E Washington av

Ready Terrence, engineer D L & W R R, h 906 Main

Ready see Reidy also Reedy

REAGAN BROS. (C. R. and Jereniah J.), painters, paper hangers and dealers in wall paper 211 W Water

Reagan Cornelius, laborer, bds 865 Davis

Reagan C. R. (Reagan Bros.), h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Fannie, dressmaker, bds 721 Kinyon

Reagan Hannah, domestic American Hotel

Reagan Jeremiah, laborer, bds 865 Davis

Reagan Jeremiah J. (Reagan Bros.) h 721 Kinyon

Reagan John, peddler, h 605 Beach

Reagan John H., shipping clerk, bds 213 Chestnut

Reagan Maggie, dressmaker, bds 523 S Broadway

Reagan Mary Mrs., h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Patrick, laborer, h 523 S Broadway

Reagan Patrick, laborer, bds 805 Davis

Reagan Patrick, engineer, h 707 Casey

Reagan Patrick, clerk, bds 213 Chestnut

Pg. 316

Reagan Richard, laborer, h 200 Park

Reagan Robert, painter, h 721 Kinyon

Reagan Thomas, laborer, h 213 Chestnut

Reagan Timothy, laborer, h 168 High

Reagan Timothy, carpenter, h 914 Walnut

Reardon Dennis H., physician also coroner 53 S Main, h do

Reardon Hannah, bds 106 E Henry

REARDON JAMES J., h 381 W 2d

Reardon Jeremiah, engineer N C R R, h 464 South av

Reardon Maggie, dressmaker, bds 513 William

Reardon Margaret, bds 106 E Henry

Reardon Thomas, engineer, h 106 E Henry

Reber George W., stonecutter, h 421 S Elm

Rebman John, asst supt rolling mill, h 705 1-2 Main

Reddy Elizabeth A. Miss, h 507 Columbia

Reddy Sophronia G. Miss, h 507 Columbia

Redfield Henry S. (Diven & Redfield), h 668 Park pl

Redington Edward L., engineer, h Nicks cor Exchange pl

REDNER HENRY B., prop Cosmopolitan Hotel 807 Lake, h do

Reed Charlotte, domestic 306 W Chemung pl

Reed Elbridge G., h 109 W 2d

Reed Frederick W., augermaker, h 118 Fox

Reed George W., clerk, h 665 Park pl

Reed Lizzie Mrs., dressmaker 421 Main, h do

Reed Roxanna Miss, h 210 W 2d

Reed Samuel H., carpenter, h 103 Penna av

Reed see also Reid

Reedy Elizabeth, widow William, h 78 Penna av

Reedy James, laborer, h 412 Elm

Reedy Mary, widow James, bds 412 Elm

Reedy Nora, bds 412 Elm

Reedy Patrick, laborer, h 4 Erie

Rees William H., tinsmith, h 227 Franklin

Reese Mary C., widow Chauncey B., h 561 Grove

Reese Mollie, operative Tel Ex, bds 404 W 2d

Reese Rachie, book-keeper Tel Ex, bds 404 W 2d

Reese Sallie, operative Tel Ex, bds 404 W 2d

Reeve Fannie, widow James, bds 206 Sullivan

Reeves Charles S., clerk 354 State, h 138 W Chemung pl

Reeves Frank M., upholsterer, bds 109 W 2d

Reformatory Hotel, P. Comfort prop, College av c Reform’ty

Reid Andrew F. Mrs., h 361 Grove

Reid Andrew F. jr., plumber, bds 361 Grove

REID & COOPER ( J. R. Reid and J. N. Cooper), machinists, boilers, engines, &c, Railroad av cor Church

Pg. 317

Reid James B., porter Rathbun House, h 109 W 5th

Reid James D., clerk 111 E Water, bds 361 Grove

Reid James R. (Reid & Cooper), h 243 Lake

Reid Jennie F., bds 243 Lake

Reid Rosa Mrs., bds 317 Madison av

Reid William D. (Daboll & Reid), h 152 Baldwin

Reid see also Reed

Reidy Anna L., laundress, bds 544 S Main

Reidy Bridget, domestic Rathbun House, h Jones bel Robinson

Reidy Bridget, domestic 110 W 2d

Reidy Charles, switchman, bds 720 S Main

Reidy Dorr, domestic 115 W Chemung pl

Reidy James, laborer, h 511 Logan

Reidy James H., clerk 56 Penna av, bds 299 do

Reidy Maggie, domestic 405 Lake

Reidy Michael, laborer, h 806 Magee

Reidy Michael, laborer, h 361 W 5th

Reidy Michael H., foreman, h ft Jones

Reidy Patrick, helper, h 706 Magee

Reidy Patrick T., h 544 S Main

Reidy Timothy, laborer, h Magee cor Centre

Reidy see also Reedy

Reilly Alice, widow Edmund, grocer also saloon junction Lake and Madison av, h 804 Lake

Reilly Dennis, stonecutter, h 961 Oak

REILLY EDMUND A., physician 117 E Water, bds Wyckoff House

Reilly Michael S., mason, bds Erie n South av

Reilly Roe, foreman Elmira Oil Co’s Works, bds 804 Lake

Reilly Thomas J., laborer, bds Erie n South av

Reilly see also Riley also Rahilly

Reitenbach Bros. & Mink (J. M. & F. Reitenbach and L. Mink), tanners Tuttle av bet E Water and E Church

Reitenbach Frederick (Reitenbach Bros & Mink), h Sommerville, Mass

Rennie Kate, widow William, operative, bds 428 W 5th

Reuben Nathan, peddler, h 106 Washington

Reul Frederica, widow William, h 623 W Gray

Reul L. Charles, finisher, bds 623 W Gray

Rew James, tailor, h 56 Orchard

Rew James, compositor Advertiser, bds 56 Orchard

Rew Samuel B., barber 325 Railroad av, h do

Reynolds Adna H., lumber, Red House, Cattaraugus Co, h 323 Baldwin

REYNOLDS AMOS H., meat market 201 W Clinton, h 209 Chestnut

Reynolds Arthur G., commercial job printer 307 E Market, h 387 W Water

Pg. 318

Reynolds Charles K., trav agt, h 120 Caldwell av

Reynolds Cornelius F., carpenter, h 412 Herrick

Reynolds Cyrenus, mason, h 500 E Water

Reynolds Edwin, farmer, h Southport S of limits

Reynolds Fred B., electric engineer, bds 387 W Water

Reynolds Harriet A., widow Absalom G., bds 120 Caldwell av

Reynolds Jane P., widow William, bds 223 Baldwin

Reynolds Jennie S., bds 451 W 1st

Reynolds John A., (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin) h 312 Lake

REYNOLDS JULIA S. MRS., office 306 Carroll, h 246 Lake

Reynolds Minerva Miss, dressmaker 111 W Water, h do

Reynolds Olive B., widow Eugene A., h 122 Brand

Reynolds Reuben, laborer, h 569 E Water

Reynolds Roswell A., tinner, bds 414 Herrick

Reynolds Samuel N., agent 310 Carroll, h 451 W 1st

Reynolds Samuel T., with Chemung Canal Bank

Reynolds Sophia Mrs., dressmaker, h 160 W Clinton

Reynolds Spurgeon A., machine agt, h 112 E Chemung pl

REYNOLDS, STANCHFIELD & COLLIN, (John A. Reynolds, John B. Stanchfield and Frederick Collin), lawyers Chemung Canal Bank Building

Reynolds Walter A., stenographer, bds 430 W 4th

Reynolds William A., trav agt, h 430 W 4th

Reynolds William B., fireman, h 504 E Church

Reynolds William D., (O. D. Goodrich & Co.), h 366 W Gray

Rhinesmith Godfrey, bds 223 DeWitt

Rhinesmith Mary, shoe stitcher, h 322 E Water

Rhoades E. Burton, clerk, bds Coburn cor S Broadway

Rhoades Nathaniel, h Coburn cor S Broadway

Rhoades Nathaniel jr., laborer, h 615 E 2d

Rhoades William D., patternmaker, h 8 Burdick

Rhode Christian, tanner, h 913 E Church

Rhodes Christian G., drayman, h 917 E Church

Rhodes Cornelius, carpenter, h 309 Fulton

Rhodes Dana, insurance 206 E Water, rooms 115 Columbia

Rhodes Eugene, laborer, h 204 Chestnut

Rhodes Frank (Rhodes & Strader), h 804 W 1st

Rhodes Halsey A., farmer, h 56 Hoffman

Rhodes Hannah, principal school No 5, h 321 W Washington av

Rhodes John A., mason, bds 8 Burdick

Rhodes J. Knox, book-keeper, h 214 Lormore

Rhodes Silas R., builder, h 633 W Water

Rhodes Stephen G., drayman, h 1306 Pratt

RHODES & STRADER (F. Rhodes and A. Strader), wholesale dealers in meats Railroad av cor E Gray

Pg. 319

Rhymer Albertina Mrs., h 383 S Main

Rhymer Hiram B., letter carrier, h 253 Baldwin

Rhymer John H., machinist, bds 383 S Main

Ribble Eugene H., engineer, h 354 Franklin

Ribeck Valentine, laborer, h 715 E 5th

RICE ALFRED T.,(Taylor Bros., Rice & Co.), h river road bel Arnot’s mill

Rice August, roller, h 711 E Oak

Rice Daniel E., (D. O. Rice & Son), h 312 Columbia

Rice Daniel O., (D. O. Rice & Son), h 112 W Church

RICE D. O. & SON, (Daniel E.), grocers 101 E Church

Rice Daniel T., doormaker, h 700 E 5th

Rice Edwin W., train agt, bds 122 E Chemung pl

Rice Edwin W., brakeman, bds 1316 Baldwin

Rice Elijah J., foreman, h 530 Perine

Rice F. G., druggist 144 W Water, h 402 W Church

Rice George J. Mrs., h 402 W Church

Rice Irwin J., bottler, h 405 High

Rice J. J., cashier, bds 402 W Church

Rice J. J., with Dey Bros., bds 110 College av

Rice Lawrence, shoemaker also grocer 765 E Water, h do

Rice Lewis E., carpenter, h 505 S Broadway

Rice William C., sash and blind maker, bds 208 DeWitt

Rich Frank C., gardener Reformatory, h ft Reformatory Hill

Rich Richard H., carpenter, h 743 W Church

Richar George O., clerk, h 111 1-2 Orchard

Richards Frank A., trav salesman, h 660 Columbia

Richards George A., dentist 107 S Main, h do

Richards Richard R., tallyman, h 414 W 1st

Richards Theodore, conductor L V R R, bds Frasier House

Richardson Caroline O., widow William, bds 395 W Water

Richardson Carrie, teacher, bds 371 W Church

Richardson Daniel, shoemaker, h 368 Fulton

Richardson Daniel jr., bds 368 Fulton

Richardson Fred H., cutter Railroad av cor Market, h 456 Sullivan

Richardson Jackson, (J. Richardson & Co.), h 359 W Church

RICHARDSON J. & CO., (A. M. Westlake and C. H. Hawks), boot and shoe manufs Railroad av cor W Market

Richardson John, mason, h 372 Fulton

Richardson Joseph M., clerk, bds W 5th cor Park pl

Richardson Julia, domestic 310 Maple av

Richardson Larry, h 107 Main

Richardson Margaret, widow Charles, boardinghouse 666 Magee

Richardson Michael, h 311 Madison av

Richardson Ocola, domestic 110 W Chemung pl

Pg. 320

Richardson Thenia A., domestic 602 Perine

Richardson Thomas A., insurance agt, bds Rathbun House

RICHARDSON WILLIAM J., (Darrin & Richardson), h 104 Elm

Rickard George, laborer, h ft Luce

Rickey James T., book-keeper L. A. Turner, h Horseheads

Rickey Philetus O., night watchman reformatory, h Horseheads

Riddle Charles F., div clerk N Y L E & W R R passenger depot, h 250 W Chemung pl

Rider Sarah A., bds 614 Lewis

Rider Sarah E., widow Nelson H., bds 614 Lewis

Ridge Clarence, shoemaker, bds 425 Railroad av

Ridge Mary Mrs., h 403 Railroad av

Ridgeway Martha, nurse, bds 604 Dickinson

Ridgeway Mary Mrs., h 403 Railroad av

Ridgeway Oscar F., foreman, h 503 Columbia

Ridley Barzellay, carpenter, h W 6th cor Davis

Riebel Anna, widow Jacob, h 459 Spaulding

Riebel Charles H., upholsterer, bds 459 Spaulding

Riebel Mary, saleslady 125 W Water, bds 459 Spaulding

Riedinger Henry J., h 210 Gregg

Riedinger Philip F., trav agt, h 457 E 2d

Rietmann Albert J., barber, h 55 First av

Rife John M., salesman, h 655 College av

Riffe Ella, bds 546 S Main

Riffe James, h 546 S Main

Riffe John, shoemaker, bds 546 S Main

Riffe Maggie, bds 546 S Main

Riffe Patrick, bds 801 John

Riffe Patrick H., laborer, bds 546 Main

Riffe Patrick jr., laborer, bds 801 John

Riggs Charles H., carpenter, h 755 E Market

Riggs Edward H., engineer, h 113 Partridge

Riggs Walter B., bds 372 W Water

Rikeldifer Louis, brakeman, h 444 W 5th

Riker Andrew J., ins agt, h 683 Lake

Riker Edward, painter, h 375 W 1st

Riker Eleanor M. Miss, h 308 Baldwin

Riker Emma, bds 663 Lake

Riker George, laborer, h 811 E Water

Riker John K., engineer, h 760 Day

Riley Catherine Mrs., grocer 201 Fulton, h do

Riley Elizabeth Mrs., h 250 W Chemung pl

Riley J. Edwin, telegrapher, h 306 S Main

Riley John J., prop City Hotel 507 Railroad av, h do

Pg. 321

Riley Peter, maltster 121 E 2d, bds 372 Railroad av

Riley William E., machinist, bds 250 W Chemung pl

Riley William O, grocer 150 E Washington av, h do

Ring Frederick, laborer, h 911 E Market

Ringwald Charles, bartender 408 E Water, h 119 Orchard

Rinker Frank, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Rippley Phoebe Mrs., h Park church

Rippier A. S., clerk Wells, Fargo & Co’s Ex, h 707 1-2 Magee

Rising G. M., clerk Wyckoff House, bds do

Ritchie Carrie A., bds 510 Logan

Ritchie Charles H., laborer, h 510 Logan

Ritchie Jennie P., bds 510 Logan

Ritchie Nellie A., book-keeper, bds 510 Logan

Rittenberg Joseph, clothing, h 222 W Church

Rivenburg Fred H., clerk 222 E Water, bds do

Roach Charles H., (Potter, Roach & Co.), bds 323 W Church

Roach John, cigarmaker, bds 314 High

Roach Kate, (Cassady & Roach), bds 314 High

Roach Margaret, domestic 632 Lewis

Roach Mary, widow John, h 314 High

Roach Mary E., widow Michael, restaurant 351 Railroad av

Roades Lyman, carpenter, bds 616 Penna av

Robbins Clement, salesman 139 W Water, h 215 High

Robbins Foster, salesman 117 E Water, bds 215 High

Robbins Frank, apprentice, bds 315 E Market

Robbins Harriet M., widow Russell, bds 357 Columbia

Robbins Jennie, teacher, bds Southport corners

ROBBINS M. E., grocer 711 Lake, h do

Robbins William, gardener, h 356 Walnut

Roberts Abram B., h 120 W Chemung pl

Roberts Adaline, domestic 311 Orchard

Roberts Albert C., clerk 321 E Water, bds 159 Orchard

Roberts Amaziah H., fireman, h 440 E Water

Roberts Anna, domestic 361 Crescent av

Roberts Benjamin F., clerk 105 E Washington av

Roberts Catherine E. Mrs., h 518 Baldwin

ROBERTS E. M., money loaned, real estate bought and sold 306 DeWitt, h do

Roberts E. V., mason, h 53 Orchard

Roberts Frank G., clerk, bds 159 Orchard

Roberts George L., tinsmith, bds 833 E 2d

ROBERTS H. A., MRS., grocer 105 E Washington av, also 717 Walnut, h 105 E Washington av

Roberts Henry S., blacksmith, h 159 Orchard

Roberts Henry S., cartman, h 125 Harriet