Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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O’Day Thomas, laborer, bds 458 Powell

O’Dea Andrew, laborer, bds 105 E 1st

O’Dea Andrew ( McInerney & Co,), h 111 Washington

O’DEA ANDREW C., grocer 658 E Water, h 117 Washington

O’Dea Annie, domestic 815 College av

O’Dea Jennie, operative, bds 144 W Henry

O’Dea Johanna, domestic 612 Jay

O’Dea John, cigarmaker, bds 612 Jay

O’Dea John, laborer, h 111 S 2nd

O’Dea John, moulder, bds 414 Powell

O’Dea Kate, domestic 322 W Clinton

O’Dea Mary Mrs., h 114 W Henry

O’Dea Mary E., domestic 243 Lake

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 328 W 7th

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 612 Jay

O’Dea Nellie, bds 612 Jay

O’Dea Patrick, switchman, h 414 Powell

O’Dea Thomas, laborer, h 324 W 7th

Odell Edwin, laborer, bds 508 Perry

Odell Eliza Mrs.,h 713 E 5th

Odell Isaac, grocer 214 W 5th, h do

Odell James, laborer, h 508 Perry

Odell Jennie, h 129 W Water

Odell John W.,engineer, h 410 Pleasant

Odell Vincent, engineer, h 708 Day

O’Dey Annie L., tailoress, bds 809 Davis

O’Dey John M., carpenter, bds 813 Davis

O’Dey Maggie C., tailoress, bds 809 Davis

O’Dey Mollie E., tailoress, bds 809 Davis

O’Dey Simon, mason, h 813 Davis

O’Donnell Arthur, coppersmith, bds Junction n E South av

O’Donnell Bridget, widow John, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, h 753 E Market

O’Donnell Charles, laborer, h 161 E Washington av

O’Donnell Edward, bartender 315 Carroll, bds do

O’Donnell Francis M., laborer, bds 161 E Washington av

O’Donnell James, sawyer, h 709 Harper cor Oak

O’Donnell John, balltender, h 213 Thurston

O’Donnell John, shoemaker, bds 420 S Main

O’Donnell Mary, seamstress, bds 420 S Main

O’Donnell Matthew, h 702 Oak

O’Donnell Matthew jr., teamster, bds 702 Oak

O’Donnell Maurice, planer, h Ivy n Walnut

O’Donnell Patrick, shoemaker, bds 420 S Main

O’Donnell Sarah J., saleslady 132 W Water, bds 753 E Market

O’Donnell Thomas, conductor L V R R ., bds Frasier House

O’Donnell Thomas, teamster, bds 702 Oak

O’Donnell Thomas, clerk 121 Lake, bds 753 E Market

O’Donnell William, shoemaker, bds 420 S Main

O’Donoghue John, carpenter, h 108 E 2nd

O’Driscoll Michael, h 615 Lake

O’Dwyer Michael Rev., pastor St. Mary’s R C Church, h 224 Franklin

O’Farrell Emma J., teacher school No. 3, bds 422 Herrick

O’Farrell James H., laborer, bds 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Kate L., teacher school No. 3, bds 422 Herrick

O’Farrell Michael, laborer, h 422 Herrick

Ogden Alexander, car repairer, h 317 Baldwin

Ogden Harriet M., widow William, h 406 Lake

Ogden Ray, feeder, bds 317 Baldwin

O’Gorman Catharine, widow Thomas, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Mary, tailoress, bds 350 Railroad av

O’Gorman Thomas, brakeman Erie R R , bds 350 Railroad av

O’Hanlon Charles, book-keeper, bds Lake ab limits

O’Hara Charles, bartender, bds 126 E Water

O’Hara Ellen Mrs., h 151 E Washington av

O’Hara Mary, domestic 417 Railroad av

O’Hara Michael, bartender 314 Carroll, bds 126 E Water

O’Hare Albert, switchman, bds 664 College av

O’Hare Dennis, carpenter, h 664 College av

O’Hare Thomas, mason, h 214 Harriet

O’Hern Michael, mason, h 211 Fulton

O’Heron Mary, domestic, bds 511 E Union

Ohnveiler John, tailor 156 Lake, bds 209 Madison av

Okonieski Woeck,laborer, h 668 Baldwin

O’Laughln Patrick, laborer, h 104 W Washington av

Oldham Clara M. Miss, teacher, bds 411 E Church

Oldham John, foreman, h 460 Franklin

Oldham John B., bds 460 Franklin

O’Leary Cornelius, laborer, h 804 Oak

O’Leary Daniel, shoemaker, h 103 E 1st

O’Leary John, laborer, bds 804 Oak

O’Leary John, laborer, h 553 S Main

O’Leary Patrick, carpenter, h 320 Webber pl

O’Leary Timothy, puddler, bds 804 Oak

Oliver Aaron J. bds 424 W Clinton

Oliver Andrew M., conductor D L & W R R , h 371 Norton

OLIVER FRANK prop Western Hotel 515 Railroad av, h do

Oliver George, iron roller, h 720 Benjamin

Oliver Minnie, domestic 501 E Union

Oliver Richard, engineer, h 1307 Hall

Oliver Thomas, fireman Reformatory, h Bancroft road opp Reformatory

Olivey James T., tailor, h 56 Washington

Olivey Margaret, widow William, h 56 Washington

Olmstead Charles S., M.D., operating surgeon Chemung Valley Medical and Surgical Institute, bds do

OLMSTEAD & GRIFFITH, ( I.A. Olmstead and A. W. Griffith),grocers 205 W Clinton

Olmstead I. A., (Olmstead & Griffith) h 510 Park pl

Olmsted Waller, h 109 E Hudson

O’Laughlin Honora, widow Thomas, h 154 S 2nd

Olsen Albertina, domestic 222 Penna av

Olsen John, tailor, h 112 Ferris

Olsen Lillian M., bds 112 Ferris

Oltz Helen, book-keeper, bds 210 Mt Zoar

O’Maher James, prop Sherman House 372 Railroad av, h do

O’Malley Patrick, machinist, h 217 Giltanann

O’Neany James, h 300 E Washington av

O’Neil Albert, laborer, bds 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Annie L., operative, bds 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Catharine, milliner108 Main, bds 727 Lake

O’Neil Charles, laborer, bds 460 W 2nd

O’Neil Daniel, laborer, h 200 S Walnut

O’Neil Daniel, watchman, h 727 Lake

O’Neil D. J., salesman 146 W Water, bds 727 Lake

O’Neil Ellen, widow Michael, h 606 S Main

O’Neil Jeremiah, engineer, h 109 S 2nd

O’Neil John E., collector U S Ex Co., bds 321 W 4th

O’Neil Kate H., operative, bds 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Mary A., operative, bds 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Michael, boilermaker, h 217 South av

O’Neil Owen, saloon 705 Railroad av, h do

O’Neil Owen, laborer, h 509 High

O’Neil Patrick, boilermaker, bds 200 S Walnut

O’Neil Thomas, watchman, h 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Thomas, h 460 W 2nd

O’Neil Thomas jr., engineer, h 959 Main

Opera House, W. E. Bardwell,manager, 154 Lake

Oppenheimet Louis, salesman 112 E Water, bds 805 do

Opperheimer Jacob, peddler, h 769 John

Orcutt Henry F., trav agent, h W Clinton cor Euclid pl

O’Reily Michael, brakeman, h 853 E Church

O’Reily William, grocer 150 E Washington av, h do

Orme Frank M., cigarmaker, bds 209 Maple av

Orme George A. C., butcher, h 209 Maple av

Ormiston James M., agent, h 423 E Washington av

Ormsly Helen Mrs., bds 360 W 3rd

Orr Levi J., sashmaker, h 508 E Clinton

Orvis Emerson, gardener,h 602 Perine

Osborne Addie, widow J. H., bds 331 Norton

Osborne Bella, widow Sylvester W., h 1314 Benton

Osborne B.C., h 627 W Water

Osborne David M., brakeman, bds 350 E Center

Osborne Eliza, widow John T., h 350 Center

Osborne Oscar H., tailor, h 324 E Water

Osborne Samuel W., engineer, h 373 Diven av

Osborne William, harnessmaker, bds 110 W Market

O’Shea Cornelius, clerk, bds 461 Franklin

O’Shea Dennis,clerk, bds 461 Franklin

O’Shea Jeremiah, grocer and saloon Brand cor Lake av, h do

O’Shea John, grocer 727 S Main, h do

O’Shea Mary, dressmaker, bds 461 Jefferson

O’Shea Timothy, carpenter N C shops, h 461 Franklin

Osley John, laborer, h 920 Michigan

Osman James K.P., blacksmith, h 456 E Water

Osmun Maria, widow John B., bds 401 Franklin

Ostrander Charles T., brakeman Erie R R , h 117 Orchard

Ostrander Edwin C., conductor, bds 1922 Lake

Ostrander Oscar, h 371 W Water

Ostrander William, cutter, h 120 Brand

Otterson Helen, bds 312 S Main

Otto Fred, foreman, bds 312 S Broadway

Outt John L., switchman, h 557 E 2nd

Outt Theodore W., engineer, h 622 Baldwin

Overhizer Albert J., gardener, h 1557 Lake

Owen Anna M., bds 400 Penna av

Owen Carrie G., Mrs., h 208 Dewitt

Owen Erminds, widow Henry W., bds 410 W Church

Owen George H., h 318 Lake

Owen Imogene, clerk, bds 400 Penna av

OWEN JESSE, h 410 W Church

Owen Richard G., wagonmaker, h 400 Penna av

OWEN WILMOT H., manager Western Union Tel Co., 150 Baldwin, h 211 W Hudson

Owens Alice, cloakmaker, bds South av cor Fulton

Owens Ann, widow Valentine, h South av cor Fulton

Owens Charles, blacksmith, bds 23 Grant

Owens Charles N., (Owens & Hall) h 605 W Water

Owens Clara, clerk 136 W Water, bds 605 do

Owens Genie, clerk 150 W Water, bds 400 Penna av

Owens George H., peddler, h 307 High

Owens Griswold M., butcher, h 413 W 3rd

Owens & Hall (C. N. Owens and Reuben Hall), men’s furnishing goods 136 W Water

Owens Henrietta, h 519 Penna av

Owens Jerry, laborer Reformatory, bds 23 Grant

Owens John, laborer, h 23 Grant

Owens Morris, saloon 837 Canal, h do

Owens Sidney, laborer, h 519 Madison av

Owens William A., painter, h 73 Penna av

Oxford Moses, foreman, h 706 Dickinson

Pack John, keeper, h 1306 Baldwin

Pack Robert, laborer, bds 1306 Baldwin

Packard Julia, widow H. Holbert, h 463 W Water

Packard S. G., carpenter, bds 1122 Lake

Packard William, laborer, bds 104 E Henry

Padden Edward, tanner, h Tuttle av n E Water

Padden Edward H., binder,bds Tuttle av n E Water

Page Florence D., apprentice Telegram, bds 301 E Church

Pagett Thomas A., real estate 207 W Water, h 407 do

Pagett William, real estate 207 W Water, bds do

Paige Celena A., widow James W., dressmaker, h 302 W Water

Paige Charles S., engineer, h 400 Maxwell av

Paine Henry, laborer, h 651 Baldwin

Paine John, porter Erie depot, h 623 Baldwin

Paine John, laborer, h 855 Dickinson

PAINE SAMUEL A., journalist Elmira Saturday Tidings, bds 438 W Clinton

Paine Samuel H., shoemaker, h 651 Baldwin

Paine Thomas, laborer, h Day ft East Hill

Painton George, baker and confectioner 200 S Main, h do

PALMER CHARLES H., (H.T.Palmer & Sons), h 511 W Gray

Palmer Charles W., moulder, h 122 Catherine

Palmer & Decker, (E. H. Palmer and C. S.Decker), tanners Penna av cor Maple av

Palmer Edward H., (Palmer & Decker also F. D.Nelson & Co.,), h 360 W Water

Palmer Ezra, saloon 422 E Water, h do

PALMER GEORGE A.,(H.T.Palmer & Sons), bds 424 W Gray

PALMER GEORGE E.,manufacturer and dealer in tinware 661 Baldwin

PALMER HENRY T.,(H. T. Palmer & Sons), h 424 W Gray

PALMER H. T. & SONS, (George A. and Charles H.), painters and paper hangers 216 W Water

Palmer Jeannie M. Miss, music teacher, bds 116 Fox

Palmer Martin W., real estate, h 239 W Water

Palmer Mary A., widow Martin S., nurse 1336 College av

Palmer M.Dwight, blacksmith 311 W Water, h 312 do

Palmer Orson W., insurance, h 509 Lake

Palmer S. E., physician also druggist 116 S Main, h do

Palmer Susan M., widow George N., h 116 Fox

Palmer Willis J., Elmira School of Commerce,h 365 W 2nd

Pangborn William, carpenter, h 403 Railroad av

Panimo Joseph, crockery, glassware & co., 107 W Water, bds 317 Carroll

Panimo Solomon, peddler, h 752 E Water

Papineau Augustus, shoemaker 609 E Market, bds 569 E Water

Papineau John, shoemaker 609 E Market, h 118 Fox

Pardoe Thomas, gardener, h 904 Lake

PARK EDWIN J., associate editor Telegram, h 421 W Water

Park Edwin M., decorator, rooms 163 Washington

Park Julia Miss, dressmaker, h 315 E Church

Park Reuben T., mechanic, h 358 Grove

PARK WAT, spring bed manufacturer also feather renovator 201 and 203 E Church, h 116 Fox

PARKE F. B., physician and surgeon 555 E Church, h do

Parker Clarence, clerk 143 E Water, bds 867 Magee

Parker Edmund V., trav salesman, h 604 W Gray

Parker George E., switchman, h 316 Baty

Parker Mary, cook 411 William

Parker Richard T., carriagemaker, h 402 Hoffman

Parker Walter C., bds 604 W Gray

Parkhurst B. H., (H. L. Armstrong & Co.,) res Elkland ,Pa.

PARKHURST LEWIS D., physicin 332 E Water, bds 110 Lake

Parkinson Alexander C., h 508 W 2nd

Parkinson John, telegrapher, bds 208 Gregg

Parkinson Nancie, bds 407 W 3rd

Parks Elisha M., oyster house 116 E Water, h 124 do

Parks Sanford, butcher 666 Dickinson, h 355 E Washington av

Parmele Laura Miss, teacher, bds 402 W Church

Parmenter Charles H., h 313 Penna av

PARMENTER ROBERT N., hats and gents furnishings, sign Big Red Hat 118 W Water,

H, 458 W 1st

Parry Anna D., dressmaker 138 E Water, h do

Parsons Emma Mrs., dressmaker, bds 521 Baldwin

Parsons Fred W., draughtsman,h Columbia cor W 1st

Parsons Granville D., cashier 152 Baldwin, h 321 W 4th

Parsons James N. & Son (Judd B.) livery and boarding stables 307 W 2nd

Parsons James N. (J. N. Parsons & Son), h 151 W Clinton

Parsons Jeanette, widow George W., h 669 Park pl

Parsons Judd B. (J.N. Parsons & Son) bds 151 W Clinton

Parsons J.Louise, stenographer 216 E Water, bds 669 Park pl

Parsons Mira A., widow Hiram, h 507 W 2nd

Partridge Emma, widow William H., bds 716 Walnut

Partridge Henry M. (H. M. Partridge & Son) h 311 Lake

PARTRIDGE H. M. & SON, (Charles) lumber, planning mill also coal 117 and 119 E Church

Patchen Alva, machinist, bds 660 Main

Paton Ada B., widow Alexander, h 655 E Church

Pattengill Evan I., pharmacist with C. W. Holmes 318 Carroll, bds 358 Maple av

Patterson Fred J., bds 715 Walnut

Patterson George W., machinist, bds 715 Walnut

Patterson Henry S., book-keeper, h 113 Brand

Patterson James L., laborer, h 715 Walnut

Patterson John, teamster, h 418 E Water

Patterson Joseph, laborer, h 107 E 2nd

Patterson Kate A., bds 206 S Main

Patterson Katie, teacher, bds 550 John

Patterson Thomas W., boots and shoes 103 E Water, h 505 do

Patterson William E., flagman, h 503 Columbia

Pattinson Emma L., bds 222 Baldwin

Pattinson Thomas E., (T. S.Pattinson & Sons) bds 222 Baldwin

Pattinson Thomas S., ( T. S.Pattinson & Sons), h 222 Baldwin

Pattinson T.S. & Sons (Thos. E. ans Wm B.) meat market Main cor W Market

Pattinson William B., (T. S. Pattinson & Sons) bds 222 Baldwin

Paul Henry C., carpenter, h 1219 Hall

Paul Martha, domestic 112 Orchard

Paul Matthew, sawyer, h 1315 Hall

Paul William, oil merchant, h 719 Columbia

Paulman Charles, printer, h 415 Powell

Paulman Charles jr., moulder, bds 415 Powell

Paulman Dennis, shoemaker, bds 415 Powell

Paulman William E., tinsmith, bds 415 Powell

Pautz Louis, tinsmith 303 E Market, h do

Pautz William, builder tin work 303 E Market, h do

Paxson Joseph W., bricklayer, h 701 Davis

Payne Benjamin N., (B. W.Payne & Sons), h 129 E Chemung

Payne B. W., Mrs., h 453 Maple av

PAYNE B.W.& SONS (B. W. Payne and D. W. Payne), engine and boiler manufs S Main S of limits

Payne Charles, coachman, h 611 Dickinson

Payne Cora, cook Union Depot restaurant, h 311 E 5th

Payne David W., ( B. W. Payne & Sons), bds 453 Maple av

Payne Frederick, bds 129 E Chemung pl

Payne Helen A. Mrs., bds 453 Maple av

Payne Henry W., tinsmith, h 310 High

Payne Joseph, janitor R Y M C A , h 611 Dickinson

Payne Matilda Mrs., h 610 E Clinton

Payne S. Kate Miss, bds 453 Maple av

Payne William, laborer, h 615 Dickinson

Payne William S., porter Rathbun House, h 353E 5th

Paynter Minnie Mrs., bds 610 Dickinson

Paynton William Ernest, engineer, h 1124 Lake

Peak Ervin, brakeman, bds 1016 Lake

Peal Patrick H., brakeman, h 657 Lake

Pearsall E.B. Mrs., dressmaker, h 215 Baldwin

Pearse Charles, foreman Conklin’s bakery, h 359 College av

Pearson Aggie, domestic 111 College av

Pease Irving M., painter, bds 509 Balsam

Pease Salmon D., h 710 E Oak

Pease Salmon D. jr., laborer, h 816 W Gray

Pease Willis A., painter, bds 509 Balsam

Peckham Edward W., street car driver, h 417 Standish

PEEBLES WILLIAM C., local rep The Gazette, bds 403 W Water

Peerless Dye Works, N. Spencer Thomas prop, W 2nd above Hoffman

Peester George S., moulder, h 558 John

Peester Ira, h 616 E Water

Peester William L., book-keeper, bds 616 E Water

Pelbrough Gaymer S., clerk 309 W 4th, bds 311 do

Pelbrough Thomas G., grocer 309 W 4th, h 311 do

Pelham F. Harvey, supt Thomson-Houston Electric Light Station, h 813 W Church

Pelham Henry, carpenter, h 521 W 1st.

Pelham Isaac R., real estate agt., h 606 Walnut

Pellet Frances S., teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Pender Anna S., cook, bds 707 Railroad av

Pender Sarah, widow John, h 707 Railroad av

Pendleton Wallace L., salesman Elmira Oil Co., bds 259 Baldwin

Pendrey Samuel F., bds 331 Railroad av

Pennsylvania Railroad ticket office, Erie depot, Railroad av cor W 3rd

Penny Lydia J., widow George, h 508 Penna av

Percival Alexander W., blacksmith, h 662 Main

Perkins Francis l., flagman N C R R , bds 412 S Broadway

Perkins Jacob D., policeman, h 417 W Water

Perkins John S., wireworker, bds 408 Walnut

Perkins Margaret Mrs., h 408 Walnut

Perkins Mary, domestic 124 W 2nd

Perkins Stephen M., machinist, h 620 Lewis

Perkins Susan, widow William, h 412 S Broadway

PERRAULT MITCHELL G., restaurant 326 E Water,h do

Perrin Ira, wagonmaker 518 Main, h 512 do

Perrin Samuel H., hardware manuf’s asst. State Reformatory, bds do

Perry Andrew J., carpenter, h 213 Brand

Perry David K., butcher, h Spaulding n Home

Perry Edward M., teamster, h 102 W 1st.

Perry Guy W., clerk 338 E Water, bds 160 High

Perry Helen J., teacher, bds 216 ½ Madison av

Perry Henry, laborer, h 714 Walnut

Perry Hiram W., saloon 1828 McDonald, h do

Perry John K., h 216 ½ Madison av

Perry Joseph R., shoe cutter, h 210 W Henry

Perry Minnie A., bds W 2nd cor Grove

Perry Nathan L., horseman, bds 714 Walnut

PERRY T. & CO., (C.C.Swan) fire, life and accident ins. 338 E Water

PERRY THOMAS, (T. Perry & Co.) h 160 High

Perry W. H., Mrs., h 959 College av

Personeus Elmer E. teamster, h 423 W 5th

Peterman Benjamin F., clerk 107 W Water, bds 521 Penna av

Peterman Hiram M., clerk 600 Penna av, bds 521 do

Peterman James C., h 521 Penna av

Peterman James C jr., yardmaster N C R R , h 455 Penna av

Peters Charles E., cashier D L & W fgt depot, h 803 Davis

Peters Electa, widow George, h 360 Norton

Peters Franc l., dressmaker, h 459 W 2nd

Peters George jr., engineer, h 369 Norton

Peters George B., cigarmaker, bds 208 Harmon

Peters George C., grocer, h 430 W Clinton

Peters Horace H., mason, h 407 Madison av

Peters Lottie Miss, h 312 E Water

Peters May, domestic 369 Norton

Peters Mott, clerk, bds 209 Caldwell av

PETERS WILLIAM H., (W.H. Peters & Co.) also station agent D L & W R R , h 1003 Lake

PETERS W. H. & CO., (S.Covert) D L & W coal and wood 209 E Washington av

Peterson Charles H., barber, h 407 Railroad av

Peterson George A., laborer, h 407 Davis

Peterson G.V. Rev., pastor A U church, h 715 Perry

Peterson Robert, tanner, bds 223 Maple av

Peterson Samuel, cigarmaker, bds 208 W Hudson

Peterson Sarah E., widow Silas, h 1114 Walnut

Petie James, brakeman, bds 919 Benton

Petrie William S., clerk Erie fgt depot, h 510 Dewitt

Petski Gustav, laborer, h 757 E 5th

Pettengill John G., telegrapher, bds 408 South av

Pettengill Philander L., conductor, h 458 South av

PETTIT CHARLES P., druggist 317 E Water, h 104 W Chemung pl

Pettit Paris C., clerk 317 E Water, bds 104 W Chemung pl

Pettit S. J., Mrs., healer and writer 263 W Church

Phalon William M., carpenter, bds Sherman House

Phelps Frederick, sash and blind maker, bds 408 Dewitt

Philbin Annie, cook 615 Columbia

Phillips B., trav agent, h 110 Sullivan

Phillips Cassius A., lawyer also justice of the peace 218 E Water, h 220 Mt Zoar

Phillips Catherine, widow William, h 107 E Washington av

Phillips Charles W., brakeman, bds 1317 Pratt

Phillips Ed. H., salesman 305 E Water, h 413 W 3rd

Phillips James L., h 665 Davis

Phillips Joseph, peddler, h 858 E Market

Phillips Lillie, seamstress, bds 106 W Gray

Phillips Maggie, saleslady 311 E Water

Phillips Samuel H., teamster, h 718 Walnut

Phillips S. R., conductor, h 208 W South av

Phillips W. G., clerk 153 Baldwin, bds 621 W Church

Phillips William H., harnessmaker 426 E Water, h 54 Orchard

Piatt Charles, teamster, h 102 Erie

Pickering Adele E., widow James W., h 358 Columbia

Pickering Edmund B., carpenter, h 500 E Church

Pickering Frank, laborer, bds 607 E 3rd

Pickering George, clerk, bds 368 W Clinton

Pickering Julius A., boot cutter, h 143 W Water

Pickering Mary E., widow Daniel F., h 260 Baldwin

Pickle August, blacksmith, h 911 E Market

Pickle George, tanner, h 909 E Market

Pierce Charles, baker 210 E Water, h 359 College av

Pierce Cora L., bds 104 S Walnut

Pierce Crawford H.,foreman 104 E Water, bds do

PIERCE & DOCKSTADER, (Joseph H. Pierce and Otis Dockstader), architects and superintendents 118 Lake

Pierce Esther, dressmaker, bds 109 W 1st

Pierce Frank, polisher, bds 359 College av

Pierce Frank, dressmaker, h 409 Walnut

Pierce Howard E., brakeman, h 217 Harmon

Pierce Ichabod M., carpenter, h 104 S Walnut

Pierce J. C., carpenter, h Nicks cor Exchange pl

Pierce Joseph H. (Pierce & Dockstader), h 306 W Clinton

Pierce Joseph R., hat and bonnet bleacher 104 E Water, h do

Pierce Rebecca A., tailoress, h 102 W Hudson

Pierce Rhoda, widow Burnett, dressmaker, h 221 Dewitt

Pierce Robert, fireman, h 711 ½ Lake

Pierce Robert C., h Spaulding n Home

Pierce Sarah, widow Miles, h 315 W Church

Pierce William, architect, bds 204 Madison av

Pierce William H., draughtsman, bds 204 Madison av

Pierson Amanda Mrs. H 554 E Church

Pierson C.E. Miss, teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Pierson Joe B., engineer, h 326 Hine

Pierson Joseph G., book-keeper, bds Aspen Ridge

Pierson J. J., student, bds Aspen Ridge

PIERSON S.J., (Empire Laundry Co.), h 209 W Henry

Pike Charles A., painter bds 106 E 2nd

Pike Nathaniel A., foreman, h 363 ½ W 2nd

Pike William R., machinist, h 515 Balsam

Pilkington John, master mechanic Nat Trans Co., h 317 W Clinton

Pine John, laborer, h 808 Magee

Pines Charley O., machinist, bds 414 S Main

Pines Squire P., musician, h 414 S Main

Pinkney George V., book-keeper 116 Baldwin, h do

Piper Lena, domestic 415 Lake

Pitcher Washington I., peddler, h Hoffman cor West Hill rd

Pitney Arthur B.,gardener, bds 434 S Broadway

Pitney Samuel B., trav agt, h 434 S Broadway

Pitt Charles F., trav salesman 310 Carroll, res Corning, NY

Pitts Mary E. Mrs., Home for Aged

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h 620 W Gray

Plaisted W. Arthur, foreman, h 350 W 4th

Plate William F., h 152 High

Platt Frances, widow G. H., h 707 Main

Platt Hosea L., butcher, h 1503 Lake

Platt John H., butcher, bds 1503 Lake

Platt Minerva, widow Elijah H., h 373 W 2nd

Playford Charles, hostler 359 Main

Ploof Gilbert E., packer, h 315 E Church

Plum Hiram A. (Plum & Pulford), h 101 Lake av

Plum John E., carpenter h 117 Brand

Plum & Pulford (H. A. Plum and C.A. Pulford), contractors and builders, bet Lake av and Erie

Plumb George E., (Plumb & Sheldons), h 512 William

PLUMB & SHELDONS, (G.E.Plumb , F.M. & J.R.Sheldon) wholesale saddlery hardware 118-120 Lake

Plummer Selah, salesman, bds 414 Main

Plummer S. C., Mrs., saleslady 120 W Water, bds 414 Main

Pohlmann Gustav, laborer, h 408 Oak

Polhamus Theodore ,conductor, h 369 Diven

Pollack Lewis, cigar manuf 206 ½ S Main, h 106 Penna av

Pollack Rebecca, widow Isaac, h 72 Penna av

Pollak Julius L., optician, h 206 High

Pollay William, laborer, h 152 W Washington av

Pollock Charles E., weightmaster blast furnace, bds 959 Main

Pollock Robert, founder blast furnace, h Broadway cor Main

Pollock William, laborer, h Main cor Center

Pollock William J., weighmaster blast furnace, h 959 Main

Polly Noah D., bartender 137 W Water, bds 251 do

Pond Ashley, train agt N C R R, rooms 357 W Clinton

Pond Benjamin, clerk , bds 871 Magee

Pond Byron G., clerk 511 E Clinton, bds 315 E Market

Pond Dewitt, apprentice, bds 120 Horner

Pond Edward C., shipping clerk, h 202 Lormore

Pool Orline, widow John L., bds 458 W 1st

Pope Joseph, bds 413 W 4th

POPE LOREN J., manager Elmira Beef Cp., h 374 W 4th

Poppino Fred C., carpenter, h 212 W Hudson

Poppino Richard, laborer, h 718 Oak

Poppino Richard jr., laborer, bds 718 Oak

POPULAR BOOK STORE, (The) Fitch & Billings, 112 Baldwin

Porter Anna M., dressmaker, bds 510 Jefferson

Porter Daniel, engineer, h 510 Jefferson

Porter Lizzie C., dressmaker, bds 510 Jefferson

Porter Maude A., dressmaker, bds 657 Magee