Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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PAGE 286

Morehouse, John H., clerk, bds 957 East av

Morey, Andrew B., gilder 327 E Water, h 758 John

Morey, William A., sash and blind maker, h 327 E Centre

Morgan, Charles, engineer N Y L E & W shops, h 1319 Benton

Morgan, Charles H., blacksmith, h 370 S Main

Morgan, Cora D., dressmaker, bds 370 S Main

MORGAN, DEMETRIUS A., wines and liquors 157 Lake, h do

Morgan, Eber F., engineer, h 426 Herrick

Morgan, Fidelia M., bds 118 Lormore

Morgan, Frank H., fireman, bds 1319 Benton

Morgan, John H., salesman, h 143 W Water

Morgan, Walter W., photographer, bds 143 W Water

Moriarity, Eliza, widow Morris, h 358 Elm

Moriarity, James, salesman 414 Carroll, bds 372 Railroad av

Morley, Fred C., wood dealer 215 S Main, h do

Moroney, James, carpenter, bds Sherman House

Moroney, James C., laborer, h 864 Lake

Moroney, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 864 Lake

Moroney, John, physician 328 Baldwin, h do

Morrell, Rhoda E., widow Isaac, h 218 Madison av

Morris, Alonzo, shoemaker, bds 724 W 1st

Morris, Blanche E., stenographer, bds 389 W Water

Morris, John, sawyer, bds 667 Sullivan

Morris, Lester B., machinist, h 373 W Water

Morris, Lizzie J., teacher school No. 5, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Morris, L. P., fireman N C R R, h 519 Herrick

Morris, Urial, agent, h 724 W 1st

Morris, William, news agent, bds 513 Railroad av

Morrison, Ambrose J., brakeman, h 221 Thurston

Morrison, Lydia Mrs., bds 454 E Market

Morrison, Ralph W., lawyer, bds 260 Baldwin

Morrison, Robert J., mailing clerk Advertiser, h 454 E Market

Morrison, William H., laborer, bds 454 E Market

Morrissey, James, hostler 464 W Church

Morrissey, John, laborer, h N s Soper S of limits

Morse, A. C., trav agt, bds Buckbee House

Morse, Alvin C., salesman, h 451 W 3d

Morse, Ammon R., boot crimper, bds 119 W Chemung pl

MORSE, BAKER & HALL ( Roscius Morse, Howard E. Baker and Robert A. Hall ), booksellers, stationers and paper hangings 313 E Water

MORSE, BARNET W., physician 110 W 2d, h do

Morse, Carl S., train dispatcher N C R R, h 707 Columbia

Morse, Dudley, h 607 W Church

MORSE, ELLA L. MRS., grocer 852 Lake, h do

PAGE 287

Morse, Frank P., clerk, h 852 Lake

Morse, George B., farmer, bds 818 East av

Morse, Jerome B., engineer, h 818 East av

Morse, John C., laborer, bds 818 East av

Morse, Laura C., widow Truman, bds 707 Columbia

Morse, Lucia B., bds 110 W 2d

Morse, Roscius ( Morse, Baker & Hall ), h 210 W 1st

Mortimer, John, laborer, h 51 First av

Mortimer, John, laborer, h 59 Washington

Mortimer, Minnie ( Graser & Mortimer ), bds 873 Magee

Mortimer, Robert, laborer, bds 51 First av

Morton, James, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Moses, A., salesman 132 W Water, bds 156 Orchard

Moses, Jacob, peddler, h 156 Orchard

Moses, Michael, peddler, h 815 John

MOSHER, GARDNER & JONES ( H. J. Mosher, Henry Gardner and Frank Jones ), meat markets 208 W Water and 311 and 313 Carroll

Mosher, Humphrey J. ( Mosher, Gardner & Jones ), h 624 W Water

Mosher, James, slater, h 314 S Broadway

Mosher, Judson W., laborer, h 402 S Elm

Mosher, Libbie, domestic 225 Franklin

Mosher, Orson A., agt, h 136 E Chemung pl

Mosher, William H., carpenter, h 521 Balsam

Mosley, John F., machine agt, h 218 Baldwin

Moss, Giles S., teamster, h 102 Pattinson

MOSS & KNIPP ( Roswell R. Moss and Charles H. Knipp ), lawyers 210 E Water

Moss, Roswell R. ( Moss & Knipp ), h 114 Columbia

Motte, Jesse L., student, bds 321 W 1st

Moulton, Charles, brakeman, bds 217 Lormore

Moulton, Marcus A., salesman, h 217 Lormore

Mowry, Ephraim L., photographer Partridge cor S Main, h 118 Partridge

Mowry, Frank C., laborer, bds 118 Partridge

Mowry, George H., clerk 325 E Water, h 454 W 1st

Mowry, Louis W., artist, bds 101 W Chemung pl

Mowry, Thirza, widow David, bds 112 High

Mowry, Thomas J., butcher, h 313 W 4th

Moxley, James, gardener, h 406 Magee

Mudgett, Henry A., plumber, h 108 E Hudson

Mueller, Robert, teacher music and German 322 E Water, h do

Mulcahy, Bridget, widow Morris, h Michigan n E Wash'tn av

Mulcahy, Daniel, engineer, bds Southport Corners

Mulcahy, Delia, book-keeper, bds Michigan n E Washington av

Mulcahy, Mattie F., teacher, bds Southport Corners

PAGE 288

Mulcahy, Michael S., laborer, h Southport Corners

Mulcahy, Michael M. jr., puddler, h 808 Main

Mulcahy, M. M. jr., laborer, h 810 Main

Mulcare, Ralph R., musician, bds 107 Main

Mulhall, Margaret, widow William, h 554 S Main

Mullally, Mary T., clerk, 311 E Water, bds 357 W 4th

Muller, William L., lawyer also commissioner of claims New York state 308 E Water, h 217 Washington

Mullin, John, shoemaker, h 310 Elm

Mullins, Patrick J., carpenter, h 804 Johnson

Mulraney, Anna, widow Luke, bds 401 Fulton

Mulready, James, roller, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Mary, bds 110 E Hudson

Mulready, Patrick, laborer, h 110 E Hudson

Mungovan, James, blacksmith, h 422 W 2d

Mungovan, Kate, teacher, bds 380 W 3d

Mungovan, Nora, widow Anthony, h 380 W 3d

Munn, Anna, h 405 Railroad av

Munn, Archie, laborer, h 405 Railroad av

Munn, John L., watchman Reformatory, bds do

Munsell, Alonzo, real estate dealer, bds 513 Jefferson

Munsell, Charles C., engineer, h 513 Jefferson

Munson, Almira C., widow Edwin, h 308 Columbia

Munson, David W., clerk 153 Lake, rooms 333 E Water

Munson, J. Amelia, bds 308 Columbia

Munson, Lydia, h 112 W 1st

Munson, West, carpenter, h 112 W 1st

Murdock, Jennie P., bds 306 W Gray

Murdock, John Mrs., h 306 W Gray

Murdock, Milton L., expressman, h 711 Main

Murdock, N. N., saloon 101 W 5th, h 450 E Market

Murdock, Sarah N., widow Luther N., h 713 Main

Murgatroyd, Olie J., meat market 1206 Benton, h do

Murphey, Darwin D., h 113 Washington

Murphey, Fred R., clerk, h 307 W 1st

Murphey, Harry T., printer, bds 113 Washington

Murphey, True J., city ticket agent Penna R R Co, h 502 W Clinton

Murphy, Anderson, janitor Chemung Canal Bank, h 652 Baldwin

Murphy, Anna, waitress Rathbun House

Murphy, Bridget, widow Thomas, h 103 E South av

Murphy, Charles A., insurance agt, h 806 E Church

Murphy, Charles F., brakeman, h 153 Lake

Murphy, Daniel, wholesale wine and liquor dealer 516 Main and 155 W Clinton, h 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Daniel P. jr., clerk, bds 522 W Clinton

PAGE 289

Murphy, Dennis, agent, h 516 College av

Murphy, Edward H., clerk, bds 602 Beach

Murphy, Edwin J., shipping clerk 516 Main, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Elizabeth, domestic 359 W Church

Murphy, Ellen, domestic 203 Penna av

Murphy, Frank, painter, h 602 Beach

Murphy, George, undertaker 506 John

Murphy, Harry S., broom maker, h 858 Magee

Murphy, Henry, clerk 314 E Water, bds 602 Beach

Murphy, Hollis S., hostler, bds 212 Partridge

Murphy, James, bds 519 Logan

Murphy, James, fireman gas works, h 705 E 2d

Murphy, James, laborer, bds 724 S Main

Murphy, James, wiper, bds 307 Diven av

Murphy, James E., lamplighter, h 212 Partridge

Murphy, James J., machinist, bds W Penna av S of limits

Murphy, Jennie, h 516 Perry

Murphy, Jeremiah, barber, bds 653 Baldwin

Murphy, Jeremiah, carpenter, h E South av cor Erie

Murphy, Jerry P., carpenter, h 511 Davis
Murphy, Johanna, widow Patrick, h 850 E Market

Murphy, John, laborer, h 109 Fulton

Murphy, John C., laborer, h 803 Canal

Murphy, John H., shoemaker, h 454 Carroll

Murphy, John J., laborer, bds 109 Fulton

Murphy, John P., ironworker, h 216 Park

Murphy, Julia, bds 109 Fulton

Murphy, Lewis E., helper, bds E South av cor Erie

Murphy, Maggie, operative, bds 850 E Market

Murphy, Maggie, domestic 422 W 5th

Murphy, Martin, laborer, bds 377 Railroad av

Murphy, Mary, dressmaker, bds South av cor Erie

Murphy, Mary, domestic 400 Lake

Murphy, M. Agnes, organist, bds 522 W Clinton

Murphy, Michael, laborer, h 857 Lake

Murphy, Michael, laborer, h 459 Sullivan

Murphy, Michael, carpenter, bds 419 Railroad av

Murphy, Michael D., carpenter, h 514 College av

Murphy, Miles, mason, h 519 Logan

Murphy, Nettie, bds 212 Partridge

Murphy, Nora, domestic 504 Maple av

Murphy, Patrick, slater, bds 116 1/2 Ferris

Murphy, Patrick, laborer, h 328 Webber pl

Murphy, Patrick, laborer, h 805 Magee

Murphy, Peter, h 162 Sullivan

PAGE 290

Murphy, Peter C., laborer, h 810 Johnson

Murphy, Phoebe E., widow Thomas, h 115 Harmon

Murphy, Simon, laborer, h 105 E South av

Murphy, Thomas, overseer Reformatory, bds do

Murphy, Timothy, shoemaker, h 653 Baldwin

Murphy, Timothy, laborer, h 718 McDonald

Murphy, William, asst yardmaster Erie R R, h 318 W 7th

Murphy, William J., printer, bds 858 Magee

Murphy, William J., conductor N C R R, h 313 Hine

Murphy, William M., blacksmith, bds 808 Lincoln

Murphy, Winnifred, widow William E., h 113 S 2d

Murray, Alexander, carpenter, h 418 Fulton

Murray, Alfred, machinist, h 320 Hine

Murray, Andrew, laborer, h 429 Railroad av

Murray, Annie M., domestic 611 W 1st

Murray, Dennis, laborer, h Erie cor E South av

Murray, Edward B., carpenter, bds 418 Fulton

Murray, Eliza, laundress 110 Lake

Murray, Ellen, domestic 219 W 1st

Murray, Ellen J., domestic W s Maple av bel limits

Murray, Frederick, car repairer, bds 219 Thurston

Murray, Horace C., boilermaker, bds 418 Fulton

Murray, James, machinist, h S Broadway cor Balsam

Murray, James Mrs., grocer S Broadway cor Balsam

Murray, John, car repairer, h 219 Thurston

Murray, John, lawyer 206 E Water, h 108 Lormore

Murray, John, mason, bds Elmira House

Murray, John, laborer, bds 5 Erie

Murray, John C., clerk, bds 217 Orchard

Murray, Joseph, waiter, bds 658 Baldwin

Murray, Kate, tailoress, bds Jones bel Robinson

Murray, Kate, bds 615 Lake

Murray, Laurence, wines and liquors 103 State, h 217 Orchard

Murray, Maggie, domestic 110 Lake

Murray, Maggie, cook Maple av n limits

Murray, Mary Mrs., grocer 801 John, h do

Murray, Mary A., domestic 115 E Chemung pl

Murray, Mary A., widow Walter, h 320 Hine

Murray, Michael, mason, h 466 Spaulding

Murray, Michael M., laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Murray, Nicholas P., engineer, h 210 Giltanann

Murray, Patrick, bds 156 W 3d

Murray, Patrick, contractor and builder, h 861 Railroad av

Murray, Robert J., saloon 219 W Water, h 216 do

Murray, Schuyler R., carpenter, h 408 Fulton

PAGE 291

Murray, Theron L., machinist, h 1217 Hall

Murray, Thomas Rev., bds Park pl cor W Clinton

Murray, Thomas, hotel 600 Baldwin, h do

Murray, Thomas jr., clerk, bds 600 Baldwin

Murray, Thomas, watchman Reformatory, bds do

Murray, Thomas, mason, h 366 W 3d

Murray, Walter, laborer, h 751 Day

Murray, Walter G., butcher, bds 320 Hine

Murray, Walter S., laborer, bds 210 Giltanann

Murray, William H., cigarmaker, bds 210 Giltanann

Murtaugh, Michael, grocer 400 S Broadway, h do

Murtaugh, Patrick, clerk 400 S Broadway, h do

MUSANTE, LAZARO, confectionery and fruit 403 Railroad av, h 110 E 2d

Mutschler, Louis, laborer, h 118 Catherine

MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. ( The ), of New York, C. N. Cunningham agent 305 Carroll

Myers, Annie, bath maid Water Cure

Myers, Frederick, tanner, h 860 East av

Myers, Frederick, tanner, bds W Hudson cor Fulton

Myers, George, finisher, h 854 E Market

Myers, George W., carpenter and joiner, h 148 W Water

Myers, Georgie, seamstress, h 148 W Water

Myers, John, clerk, bds 218 Baldwin

Myers, John, engineer, h 903 John

Myers, John J., miller, h 859 E Water

Myers, Kittie, domestic 209 W 3d

Myers, Philip, boilermaker, bds 703 S Main

Myers, Thaddeus W., furniture finisher, h 957 E Clinton

Myers, William, laborer, bds 860 East av

MYRTLE, MARTHA, widow VanBuren, h 1001 College av


Nafe, Elizabeth, matron Park Church, bds 115 W Gray

Nafe, James H., paper hanger, bds 115 W Gray

Nafe, Sam, paper hanger, bds 115 W Gray

Nafe, Thomas K., clerk 317 E Water, bds 115 W Gray

NAFE, WILLIAM F., painter and paper hanger 115 W Gray, h do

Nagle, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 800 Magee

Nagle, Conrad, driver, h Stowell pl cor Stowell

Nagle, G. W., h 734 W Water

Nagle, James, puddler, bds 800 Magee

Nagle, Kate L., seamstress, bds 800 Magee

PAGE 292

Nagle, Lawrence, tailor, h 554 E 2d

Nagle, Patrick, helper, bds 800 Magee

Naglee, Joseph C., teamster, h 478 Franklin

Nalan, James, tanner, h 562 E Clinton

Nangin, Martin A., brakeman, bds 851 Lake

Nash, Frank G., brakeman, h 428 Pleasant

Nash, Harvey, brakeman Erie R R, h 213 W 3d

Nash, Patrick, laborer, h 712 McDonald

NATIONAL EXPRESS CO., L. A. Robertson agt, 153 Baldwin

National Transit Co., J. W. Green supt, 110 W 3d

Nauman, William H., conductor, bds 1553 Lake

Naylor, Maggie Miss, milliner Pagett block, rooms 365 W Gray

Neagle, Ann, widow John R., bds 606 E Water

Neagle, Michael T., policeman, h 606 E Water

Neagle, Patrick J. ( Costello & Neagle ), also inspector Elmira Water Works Co, bds 606 John

Nealan, Michael, melter, h 311 W 2d

Neckerman, Louis, tailor 106 E Water, h do

Needham, John T., moulder, h 754 Day

Neef, Freeda, domestic 721 E Clinton

Neef, M. Mrs., millinery 316 E Water, h do

Negus, Angeline Mrs., bds 464 E Water

Neher, August, laborer, bds 853 Dickinson

Neiderberger, Jacob, tailor, h 118 E Hudson

Neilitz, August, meat market Hoffman cor W Gray, h 212 Hoffman

Neily, George W., carpenter, h 559 Coburn

Neiman, George G., fireman, h 217 Thurston

Neish, John W., ticket agent E C & N R R, bds 2 Main street bridge

Nelan, Hannah, domestic 316 Baldwin

Nelan, James, tanner, h 562 E Clinton

NELSON, F. D. & CO. ( E. H. Palmer ), boots and shoes 148 W Water

Nelson, Frederic D. ( F. D. Nelson & Co. ), h 360 W Water

Nelson, John, machinist, h Lewis lane

Nelson, John, clerk, h Spaulding n South av

Nelson, John, laborer, bds 215 Thurston

Nelson, Lizzie Mrs., operative, bds Reformatory Hotel

Nelson, Louis, bds Spaulding n South av

Nelson, Patrick, engineer, h 215 Thurston

Nelson, Thomas, laborer, bds 215 Thurston

Nelson, William, printer, bds Reformatory Hotel

Nemtz, Charles, laborer, h 757 Day

Netz, Fred, laborer, h 713 E Oak

Neuer, Elizabeth, h 704 John

Neuer, Jacob, tailor, h 456 E Clinton

Neuer, Louisa, domestic 306 W Gray

PAGE 293

Neuer, William F., barber, bds 456 E Clinton

Nevius, James C., commercial traveler, h 507 E Water

New, Frank, fireman, h 156 E Washington av

Newcomb, Emma P., housekeeper 413 Lake

Newcomb, Hugh, tanner, h 374 Fulton

Newcomb, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 413 Penna av

Newcomb, Peter, tanner, h 413 Penna av

Newcomb, William J., laborer, bds 413 Penna av

Newcomer, Clara J., book-keeper, bds 316 South av

Newcomer, Daniel S., mason, h 316 South av

Newcomer, Mary E., widow John, h 316 South av

Newell, Baker, boilermaker, h Home cor Erie

Newell, Elsie Mrs., h 362 Diven av

Newell, Henry, hostler, h 362 Diven av

Newell, James M., boilermaker, bds Home cor Erie

Newkirk, Luman, shoemaker, h 102 E Hudson

Newman, Albert, flagman D L & W R R, h 511 Harper

Newman, Harris, salesman 305 E Water, bds 2 Main St bridge

Newman, Joseph C., laborer, h 709 Canal

Newman, Morris, boots and shoes 112 E Water, bds Wyckoff House

Newman, William A., clerk 116 E Water, h 106 do

Newmark, Israel, painter, h 166 Harriet

Newmark, Julius, painter, h 123 Harriet

Newson, Thomas, laborer, h 808 Main

Newton, Charles F., carpenter, h 605 W Hudson

Newton, Jervis O., cashier 414 E Market, bds 511 E Union

Newton, Mary, widow Darwin, bds Scott opp Payne shops

Newton, William D., moulder, h Scott opp Payne shops

NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO., W. N. Eastabrook gen'l manager, State cor Nicks

New York Glue Co., A. S. Couch mgr, Tuttle av bel E Church

NEW YORK, LAKE ERIE & WESTERN RAILROAD, freight depot 112 E 5th

NEW YORK, LAKE ERIE & WESTERN RAILROAD, passenger depot Railroad av cor W 3d

NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. ( The ), John C. Welles, agt 161 Baldwin

NEW YORK STATE REFORMATORY, Z. R. Brockway general superintendent, W s Davis N of limits

Nicholas, George, brakeman, bds Blyley House

Nichols, Ada, widow C. S., bds 415 Elm

Nichols, Burt A., farmer, bds 122 E Hudson

Nichols, C. Mrs., h 401 Railroad av

Nichols, Charles L., with Elmira Oil Co, bds 417 E Market

Nichols, Charles M., clerk N C freight house, h Main cor 7th

PAGE 294

Nichols, Charles O., bds 504 Columbia

Nichols, Chester B., agent, h 400 1/2 Sullivan

Nichols, Dan M., book-keeper 344 E Water, h 504 Columbia

Nichols, Draper, h 122 E Hudson

Nichols, E. B., widow Wm., dressmaker, h 400 1/2 Sullivan

Nichols, Eliza J. Mrs., bds 504 Columbia

Nichols, Enos G., expressman, h 619 W Church

Nichols, Ernest C., brakeman, h 129 W South av

Nichols, Eveline, widow John Q. A., h 416 W Clinton

Nichols, Fred C., printer, h 706 Benjamin

Nichols, George E., machinist, bds 403 Railroad av

Nichols, Jerome, brakeman, h 371 Norton

Nichols, John A., h 411 W 1st

Nichols, Julia F., bds 365 W 2d

Nichols, Liddie H., bds 122 E Hudson

Nichols, Marcus F., stonecutter, h 163 Orchard

Nichols, Nicholas, brakeman, h 413 Magee

Nichols, William, stenographer, bds 505 William

Nichols, John E., clerk, bds 723 W 1st

Nicks, John E., supt John I. Nicks, h 450 W Clinton

NICKS, JOHN I., tobacco and cigar manuf and dealer in snuff, pipes, etc 615 Railroad av, h 358 Main

Niles, Anna M. Mrs., h 512 College av

Niles, Charles P., druggist 435 Railroad av, h 355 1/2 W Clinton

Niles, John, laborer, bds 512 College av

Niles, Lotta, teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Niletz, Michael, laborer, h 209 Judson

Nilitz, Augustus, h 212 Hoffman

Nilland, Patrick J., conductor D L & W, h 1023 1/2 Oak

Nimbs, Orin, with Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, bds 403 Columbia

Nimbs, William, U S Ex mess, h 401 Columbia

Nintz, A. H., laborer, bds 757 Day

Nintz, Charles, laborer, h 757 Day

Nintz, Fred, laborer, h 51 First av

Nintz, Fred, laborer, bds 757 Day

Nitz, Frederick, laborer, h 713 E Oak

Nitz, Frederick, brickmaker, h 713 E Oak

Niver, Charles, teamster, bds 726 Dickinson

Niver, Charles, carpenter also saloon 726 Dickinson, h do

Niver, E. B., Elmira Water Works, h 641 Winsor av

Niver, James A., carriage painter, h 615 Jay

Nivison, Ellen Mrs., dressmaker, h 381 W Church

Nivison, William O., trav agt, h 213 W Hudson

Nixon, James, puddler, bds 910 Stowell

Nixon, John, laborer, h 910 Stowell

PAGE 295

Nixon, Patrick, puddler, bds 910 Stowell

Nixon, Thomas, laborer, bds 910 Stowell

Nixon, Thomas, laborer, h Reformatory n Erie R R

Nixon, William F., agent, h 1016 Hoffman

Noble, Alice A., bds 312 W 1st

Noble, Edward M., compositor, h 312 W 1st

Noble, Julia, widow Elbern, nurse, bds 426 Pleasant

Noble, Julia, widow William W., h 312 W 1st

Nobles, Caroline, widow Milton, h 1006 Walnut

Nobles, John, mason, bds 1006 Walnut

Nolan, Cornelius, hotel 605 Railroad av, h do

Nolan, David, saloon also cigar manuf 632 Lewis, h do

Nolan, Edward, laborer, h 808 Magee

Nolan see also Nowlan

Nolton, Amaska K., blacksmith 901 Benton

Nolton, George B., blindmaker, bds 653 E 4th

Nonn, Frank, tanner, h 213 Judson

Noon, John H., mason, bds 211 Chestnut

Noon, Michael, mechanic, bds 123 Washington

Noonan, Ellen, widow Timothy, bds 216 DeWitt

Noonan, Kate Mrs., h 958 Main

Noonan, William, mason, bds Sherman House

Nopier, Joseph, h 816 East av

Norman, Amanda C., widow George, h 213 High

Norman, Charles P., hostler, h 550 E Market

Norman, Cornelia S., teacher Academy, bds 210 Sullivan

Norman, Fred L., livery, bds 550 E Market

Norman, John G., livery 430 Carroll, h 550 E Market

Norman, Mary A., widow Prentice, h 210 Sullivan

Norman, Prentice P., book-keeper 2d Nat Bank, h 212 Sullivan

North, Anna B., widow Theodore, h 527 W Water

North, Norris, h 216 W Gray

Northcott, Theodore C. ( Smead & Northcott ), h 303 Penna av

Northern Central Railroad, freight office Hatch n E 5th

NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD, supt's office 111 E 5th

NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD, passenger depot Railroad av cor W 3d

Northrop, E. C. ( Woolworth & Northrop ), h 108 Brand

Northrup, Carrie, widow N. H., h 54 S Main

Norton, A. Wellington, principal school No. 4, h 801 Main

Norton, Mary, cook Homestead Hotel

Norton, Mary E. Miss, teacher Kindergarten 668 Park pl, h 226 W 2d

Norwood, C. L., trav salesman, h 105 Partridge

Norwood, Lillie J., bds 105 Partridge

Nowak, Joseph, shoemaker, h 807 Canal

PAGE 296

Nurss, Ancil J., carpenter, h 509 Mt Zoar

Nurss, Elida C., stenographer, bds 421 S Broadway

Nurss, Julia M., h 421 S Broadway

Nye, George M., h 350 W Water


Oakes, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 803 Magee

Oakley, Wallace, fireman, h 312 Baty

Obertin, Adolph D., shoe cutter, h 213 Orchard

Obertin, Clara L., saleslady, bds 213 Orchard

O'Brien, Bridget, h Gorman n N C shops

O'Brien, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 327 Norton

O'Brien, Catherine Mrs., h 454 High

O'Brien, Cornelius, mason, bds 261 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, Daniel, fireman, h 327 Norton

O'Brien, Daniel J., tailoring and repairing, h 604 E Water

O'Brien, Daniel S., printer, bds 620 E 3d

O'Brien, Dennis, wiper, h Pine n Franklin

O'Brien, Ella, dressmaker, bds 261 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, Humphrey, mason, h 261 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, Humphrey J., mason, bds 261 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, James, mail carrier, bds 383 W 1st

O'Brien, Jeremiah, laborer, h 107 Fulton

O'Brien, John, marble works 432 E Water, h 758 E Market

O'Brien, John, mason, h 259 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, John, conductor, h 722 Benjamin

O'Brien, John, painter, bds 383 W 1st

O'Brien, John, mason, h 400 W Hudson

O'Brien, John, mason, bds Sherman House

O'Brien, John T., marble worker, bds 758 E Market

O'Brien, Julia, clerk, bds 261 W Chemung pl

O'Brien, Julia, operative, bds 107 Fulton

O'Brien, Katie, operative, bds 383 W 1st

O'Brien, Katie, operative, bds 107 Fulton

O'Brien, Lizzie, domestic 320 DeWitt

O'Brien, Maggie, domestic 327 Norton

O'Brien, Maggie, domestic 351 Spaulding

O'Brien, Margaret, widow John, h 620 E 3d

O'Brien, Mary, widow John, h 500 E Clinton

O'Brien, Mary, widow Matthew, h E Clinton cor Madison av

O'Brien, Mary, widow Michael, h 462 W 2d

O'Brien, Mary, widow Thomas, h 383 W 1st

O'Brien, Mary, domestic 117 College av

O'Brien, Mary, h 383 W 1st

PAGE 297

O'Brien, Michael, laborer, h 102 E 7th

O'Brien, Michael, mason, bds 107 Fulton

O'Brien, Norah, domestic 317 Madison av

O'Brien, Patrick, coachman 306 Lake

O'Brien, Peter, laborer, h 909 Railroad av

O'Brien, Timothy, cigarmaker, bds 620 E 3d

O'Brien, Thomas, drayman, bds 383 W 1st

O'Brien, William, marble cutter, bds 758 E Market

O'Brien, William, shoemaker, bds 454 High

O'Bryon, Bartley G., clerk, bds 448 W 5th

O'Bryon, Lida A., widow Lyman, h 448 W 5th

O'Bryon, Mary J., bds 448 W 5th

O'Bryon, Sophia A., bds 448 W 5th

Obt, Joseph, shoemaker, h 756 E Market

O'Connell, Alice, domestic Exchange Hotel

O'Connell, Anna, h 357 Grove

O'CONNELL, DANIEL, lawyer and justice of the peace 308 E Water, h 722 Columbia

O'Connell, George W., coachman 254 W Clinton

O'Connell, John, painter, h 359 Grove

O'Connell, Phillip, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

O'Connell, Thomas, painter, bds 357 Grove

O'Connell, William, painter, bds 357 Grove

O'Connor, Arthur, brakeman, bds 1505 Lake

O'CONNOR, JEREMIAH J., wholesale wines and liquors 414, 416 Carroll, h 406 Main

O'Connor, John, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

O'Connor, John, laborer, h 423 W 5th

O'Connor, John, book-keeper, h 111 Sullivan

O'Connor, Julia, saleslady, bds 406 Main

O'Connor, Maria, housekeeper 383 Penna av

O'Connor, Martin, brakeman, bds 726 Lake

O'Connor, Mary, dressmaker, 114 E Water

O'Connor, Mary, widow Daniel, bds 371 W 2d

O'Connor, Minnie J., milliner 108 Main, bds 111 Sullivan

O'Connor, Michael, laborer, bds 726 lake

O'Connor, Patrick, saloon 726 Lake, h do

O'Connor, Timothy, laborer, h 533 Harper

O'Connor, William, laborer, h 264 W Henry

O'Daniels, Charles, street car driver, h Harper n E Oak

O'Daniels, Jerome, engineer, h 606 Penna av

O'Daniels, Susan Jane, widow John, h Southport Corners

O'Day, Cornelius, laborer, h 458 Powell

O'Day, John, switchman, bds 458 Powell

O'Day, John, clerk National Transit Co, h 381 W 4th