Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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PAGE 274

McGuigan, James, grocer 910 Oak, h do

McGUIRE & FEENY ( P. J. McG. and J. S. F. ), grocers 313 Hathaway

McGuire, Henry J., stereotyper Telegram, h 455 Sullivan

McGuire, Hugh, puddler, h 154 E Washington av

McGuire, Jeremiah, lawyer, office 262 W 4th, h do

McGuire, Michael, laborer, h 819 Hatch

McGuire, P. J. ( McGuire & Feeny ), h 313 Hathaway

McGuire, Simon, laborer, bds 819 Hatch

McHenry, Abram ( Harris & McHenry ), h 129 W Henry

McHenry, Guy, laborer, bds 78 Penna av

McHose, Franklin B., laborer, h 706 E 5th

McInerny, Bridget, domestic 412 Main

McInerny, Charles A., keeper Reformatory, h 104 W 1st

McInerny, Connor, laborer, bds 326 W 7th

McInerny, Ellen, domestic 6 Aspen Ridge

McInerny, James, laborer, bds 100 Magee

McInerny, John, blacksmith, h 120 Washington

McInerny, John, laborer, bds 326 W 7th

McInerny, John, saloon 508 Main, h do

McInerny, John, laborer, h 326 W 7th

McInerny, John, ironworker, h 917 Main

McInerny, John P., laborer, bds 335 W 7th

McInerny, Katie, dressmaker, bds 311 W 5th

McInerny, Maggie, h 508 Main

McInerny, Margaret, bds 326 W 7th

McInerny, Margaret, widow Thomas, h 100 Magee pl

McInerny, Martin, carpenter, h 317 W 4th

McInerny, Michael, laborer, h 335 W 7th

McInerny, Minnie, apprentice, bds 335 W 7th

McInerny, Nellie, bds 315 W 4th

McInerny, Nora, dressmaker, bds 311 W 5th

McInerny, Patrick, grocer 422 W 5th, h do

McInerny, Susan, domestic 815 College av

McInerny, Susan, dressmaker 311 W 5th, h do

McInerny, Thomas, laborer, bds 100 Magee pl

McInerny, Thomas J., clerk, h Spaulding cor Home

McInerny, William, marble cutter, bds 330 W 7th

McInerny, Martin, painter, bds Sherman House

McInerny, Mary, domestic 300 Maple av

McInerny, Mary, domestic 1003 Lake

McInerny, Michael, saloon 710 S Main, h do

McInerny, Michael jr. ( M. McInerny & Co. ), bds 117 Washington

McInerny, Michael, h 117 Washington

McInerny, M. & Co. ( Andrew O'Dea ), blacksmiths 448 E Water

McInerny, Michael, blacksmith, bds 330 W 7th

PAGE 275

McInerny, Michael, h 916 Magee

McInerny, Thomas, laborer, h 330 W 7th

McInery, Cornelius, laborer, bds 335 W 7th

McInery, James, laborer, bds 335 W 7th

McInnerney, Thomas T., clerk 115 E Water, h 3 Spaulding

McIntyre, Edward C., barber, h 53 S Main

McIntyre, Louis, painter, bds 123 Baldwin

McKavit, John, laborer, h 907 Magee

McKay, John C., engineer, h 401 Franklin

McKay, Mary, domestic 110 Lake

McKean, Alfred, clerk, bds 1304 Pratt

McKean, David T., clerk, h 1304 Pratt

McKee, G. R., carpenter, bds Everett House

McKibbin, Edna M., bds 378 W 1st

McKibbin, E. Wesley, salesman 148 W Water, bds 378 W 1st

McKibbin, Harriet J., widow George A., h 378 W 1st

McKinney, Angeline, widow Erastus, h 621 Lake

McKinney, Charles H., laborer, bds 362 Hoffman

McKinney, Charles J., bds 217 Judson

McKinney, Prudence A., bds 621 Lake

McKinney, Richard J., carpenter, h 217 Judson

McKnight, Arthur B., carpenter, h 637 Winsor av

McKnight, Charles H., law student 326 E Water, bds 304 Main

McKnight, Dolly, widow Ephraim, h 215 Sullivan

McKNIGHT, GEORGE H., D. D., rector Trinity Episcopal Church, h 304 Main

McKnight, George M., city collector Gazette, bds 304 Main

McKnight, Theodore M., clerk 336 E Water, bds 304 Main

McLain, Clark, saloon 412 E Water, h do

McLain, Jacob, laborer, h r 1207 Hall

McLain, John, h 412 E Water

McLaughlin, Alice Mrs., bds 415 W Water

McLaughlin, Hiram, mess Wells, F & Co's Ex, h 515 Walnut

McLaughlin, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 802 Magee

McLaughlin, Patrick, hall keeper State Reform'ty, h 315 W 5th

McLaughlin, Silas H., grocer 405 Davis, h 402 W 2d

McLaughlin, Thomas F., overseer Reformatory, bds 315 W 5th

McLean, Andrew H., harnessmaker, h 366 Diven av

McLean, Edward, farmer, h 317 E Clinton

McLees, Jason L., tobacconist, h Erie n Brand

McLees, Jeremiah, bds Erie n Brand

McLEOD, ARCHIE A., gen mgr E C & N R R, res Philadelphia, Pa

McMahon, Ann, domestic 510 Baldwin

McMahon, Bridget, widow Mert, h 806 Harriet

McMahon, Bridget, clerk, bds 258 W Henry

PAGE 276

McMahon, Catharine, widow Patrick, h 408 W 2d

McMahon, Ella, box stamper, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, George W., postal clerk, bds 408 W 2d

McMahon, James, laborer, bds 722 Oak

McMahon, John, doormaker, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon, John, tobacco cutter, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, John C., carpenter, bds 408 W 2d

McMahon, J. E. ( Brophy & McMahon ), bds Wyckoff House

McMahon, John H., tinsmith, h 655 Magee

McMahon, Kate, milliner, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon, Kate C., bds 408 W 2d

McMahon, Maggie, widow James, domestic 556 Sullivan

McMahon, Maggie, domestic 216 1/2 Madison av

McMahon, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 808 Hatch

McMahon, Martin, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, Mary, dressmaker, bds 258 W Henry

McMahon, Mary, waitress Delavan House

McMahon, Mary, paster, bds 336 W 7th

McMahon, Mary, domestic 418 William

McMahon, Mary, widow John, bds 722 Oak

McMahon, Mary L., bds 408 W 2d

McMahon, Matthias H., salesman, bds 408 W 2d

McMahon, Michael, h 755 E Market

McMahon, Michael, engineer, h 808 Hatch

McMahon, Michael, laborer, h 515 Sullivan

McMahon, Michael, clerk, h 753 E Market

McMahon, Michael J., bartender 507 Railroad av, bds do

McMahon, Michael J., trav salesman, h 419 W 2d

McMahon, Patrick, bds 806 Hatch

McMahon, Patrick, helper, h 374 W 3d

McMahon, Patrick, blacksmith, h 336 W 7th

McMahon, Patrick, laborer, bds 853 East av

McMahon, Patrick, laborer, bds 554 S Main

McMahon, Patrick, laborer, h 258 W Henry

McMahon, Patrick J., carpenter, h Park n Walnut

McMahon, Simon, teamster, h 559 Beach

McMahon, Thomas J., mgr 117 E Water, h 505 E Market

McMahon, Timothy, mason, h 613 Junction

McManus, Eugene, cigarmaker, bds 156 Judson

McManus, James, tanner, h 903 E Market

McManus, John, tanner, h 156 Judson

McManus, William A., ironworker, bds 661 Sullivan

McMillan, Edgar M., teamster, bds 407 Mt Zoar

McMillan, Henry H., carpenter, h 1323 Lake

McMillan, James B., carpenter, h 407 Mt Zoar

PAGE 277

McMillan, Stephen H., driver, h 515 Fulton

McMURRAY BROS. ( R. A. & J. J. ), grocers 667 Lake

McMurray, John J. ( McMurray Bros. ), bds 656 Lake

McMurray, Robert A. ( McMurray Bros. ), h 317 DeWitt

McNair, Aggie, straw sewer, bds 421 Pleasant

McNally, James R., baker, h 855 E Church

McNamara, Catharine, widow Peter, h 413 W 3d

McNamara, Edward, fireman, bds 1217 Maxwell av

McNamara, James, brakeman, bds 753 E Washington av

McNamara, John, shoemaker, h 405 Elm

McNamara, John, h 753 E Washington av

McNamara, John, laborer, h 714 S Main

McNamara, Katie, stenographer, bds 413 W 3d

McNamara, Matt, bds 413 W 3d

McNamara, Matthew, car inspector, h 913 Main

McNamara, Edward, fireman, bds 1217 Maxwell av

McNamara, Michael, laborer, bds 110 S 2d

McNamara, Patrick, laborer, bds 753 E Washington av

McNamara, Patrick, h 1217 Maxwell av

McNamara, Peter, painter, bds 413 W 3d

McNamee, Andrew, teamster, h 204 Franklin

McNamee, Anna, saleslady 201 E Water, bds 204 Franklin

McNamee, Cassie, milliner, bds 204 Franklin

McNaney, Abigail, widow Patrick, bds 101 Erie

McNaney, Edgar, laborer, bds 102 Erie

McNaney, Hiram, laborer, h 100 Erie

McNANEY, JOHN, coal, flour, feed, lime, etc 100 Erie, h 101 do

McNaney, John H., clerk, bds 101 Erie

McNaney, Thomas, laborer, h 3 Erie

McNeal, Martin L., conductor D L & W R R, h 312 Baldwin

McNeely, John, blacksmith, h 358 Franklin

McNeil, Abby B., widow Peter S. S., h 615 Park pl

McNeil, Charles D., engineer, h 364 Diven av

McNeil, Helen L., stenographer 216 E Water, bds 414 College av

McNeil, Leverett B., book agent, h 158 Exchange pl

PAGE 278

McNeil, Rufus R., book-keeper, h 414 College av

McNerney, Anna, domestic 615 Columbia

McNerney, John E., car inspector, h 315 W 4th

McNerney, Mary, domestic 221 Lake

McNevin, John, tailor, h 218 Park

McNevin, John J., agt Wilson & Boyd, bds 218 Park

McNish, Sarah J., widow J. S., h 380 W 3d

McNish, William H., farmer, bds 380 W 3d

McPherson, Jennie S., teacher school No. 5, bds 110 Broadway

McPherson, John, foreman blast furnace, h 110 Broadway

McPherson, Thomas, hostler Homestead Hotel, bds do

McQuhae, Azubah, widow John, bds 1013 Lake

McQuinn, John, laborer, bds 318 W 7th

McQuinn, Kate, domestic 410 Baldwin

Mead, Albert L., h 657 Magee

Mead, Charles F., shoemaker, h 903 Benton

Mead, Charles W., brakeman, bds 708 Giltanann

Mead, Edward H., stock clerk 414 E Market, h 509 E Church

Mead, George, brakeman, bds 1318 Baldwin

Mead, Ida, domestic 1211 Hall

Mead, Jennie Mrs., bds 508 DeWitt

Mead, John A., clerk also fireman, h 373 W 1st

Mead, Martin, laborer, h 258 Park

Mead, Minos M., lawyer 335 E Water, h 422 W 1st

Mead, Sarah, widow Henry, bds 164 S Elm

Meade, Albert A., shoemaker, bds 416 W 3d

Meade, Carrie V., widow Peter, h 416 W 3d

Meade, Flora B., sec'y Southern Tier Orphans Home, h do

Meade, John F., blindmaker, h 504 Elizabeth

MEADE, SPENCER, division supt N C R R, h 703 Park pl

Meadowcroft, Thomas, carpenter, h 309 Diven av

Meaker, Emma L., portrait artist 308 South av, h do

Meaker, Ernest P., clerk, bds 110 College av

Mealka, Carl, laborer, h 209 Harriet

Meany, Michael, bartender, bds 673 Lake

Mear, Thomas, laborer, h 155 S 2d

Mecarg, Edith, artist, bds 117 Catherine

Mecarg, Fred, painter, bds 117 Catherine

Mecarg, John B., trav agt, h 117 Catherine

Meddaugh, Chauncey G., bds 512 Herrick

Meddaugh, Frank W., clerk, h 1333 College av

Meegee, Jay, laborer, h 356 E 4th

Meehan, Kate, domestic Elmira Female College

Meeker, Harry W., fireman, bds 308 South av

Meeker, John F., boilermaker, bds 308 South av

PAGE 279

Meeker, Julia A., widow Charles H., h 308 South av

Meeker, Samuel, bds 613 S Main

MEEKER, WILLIAM H., expressman and carting 214 E Water, h 1124 Oak

Meeks, Charles B., trav salesman, h 507 Columbia

Meer, Thomas, switchman, h 155 S 2d

Meincke, Charles, barber, bds 209 Madison av

Meissner, Charles, saloon 668 Dickinson

Melville, John C., lawyer 338 E Water, bds 762 E Market

Melville, Maggie, music teacher, bds 762 E Market

Melville, Martin, tailor 117 E Water, h 762 E Market

Melville, May, milliner, bds 762 E Market

Mengle, Herman, cabinetmaker, h 219 E 7th

Menzies, Frank B., shoemaker, h 751 E 2d

Merchant, Charles W., trav agt, h 523 E Union

MERCHANT, LOUIS H., physician, office hours until 9 a m from 1 to 3 and 7 to 9 p m, 523 E Union, h do

Meredith, Geo. O., trav agt 118 Lake, res Jamestown, N Y

Merithew, Grant, laborer, h 766 E 5th

Merithey, George, brakeman, bds 655 Baldwin

Merkle, Lilla A., widow J. W., h 915 College av

Merrill, Edgar C., trav salesman, h 519 W Clinton

MERRILL, G. V. R., physician also supt public instruction, h 458 Spaulding

Merrill, Henriette L., widow Rennselaer, bds 458 Spaulding

Merrill, Leon A., book-keeper Gazette Co, bds 417 W Water

Merriman, Heman S., flagman, h 204 Brand

Merritt, Andrus J., grocer 468 W 2d, h do

Merritt, Andrus J. Mrs., dressmaker 468 W 2d, h do

Merritt, Charles T., potter, h 917 John

Merritt, Daniel F., h 335 S Broadway

Merritt, D. Prescott, physician 313 W Clinton, h do

Merritt, Frances G., artist, bds 399 W Water

Merritt, Hattie E., music teacher, bds 468 W 2d

Merritt, Henry W., carpenter, h 515 Main

Merritt, Peter A., farmer, h 210 W 3d

Merritt, Zenus, wagonmaker 402 E Washington av, h do

Mertz, Lewis, blacksmith, bds 409 Oak

PAGE 280

Merwin, John W., clerk Erie office, h 352 W Clinton

Merwin, Mary, h 410 William

Mesner, George W., tinsmith, bds 307 E Church

Metzger, Alfred R., clerk, h Southport Corners

Metzger, Charles, barkeeper Rathbun House, bds do

Metzger, Daniel M., carpenter, h 401 W Clinton

Metzger, Edward J., clerk, bds 410 College av

Metzger, Jacob ( Friend, Metzger & Co. ), h Southport Corners

Metzger, Leo, puddler, bds 703 Lake

METZGER, SETH X. ( S. X. Metzger & Son ), h Mt Zoar beyond limits

METZGER, S. X. & SON ( Theodore G. ), meat market 407 and 409 Railroad av, also Fruit Barrel Co 700 Madison av

METZGER, THEODORE G. ( S. X. & Son ), h 410 College av

Meyer, Carl, shoemaker, h Robinson n Esty

Meyer, Frances, domestic Blyley House

Meyer, John, laborer, bds 218 Baldwin

Meyer, Joseph, shoemaker, h 706 John

MEYER, JOSEPH Jr., druggist E Water cor Lake, h 756 E Water

Meyer, Max S. ( Roemmelt & Meyer ), h 224 Sullivan

Meyer, Peter E., barber, bds 106 Madison av

Meyer, William G., tailor, h 205 DeWitt

Meyerfield, Benjamin, clerk 104 State, bds 113 Madison av

Meyers, A. Martin, confectionery 112 Lake, h 113 Horner

MEYERS, MICHAEL G., supt Prudential Ins Co room 4 opera house block, h 302 High

Michaels, John H., carpenter, h 509 W 4th

Middaugh, Susan, widow Chester, bds 1001 College av

Mieck, John, painter also paper hanger 715 E Clinton, h do

Miedle, John, laborer, h 651 Baldwin

Mielke, Charles, tanner, h 116 Spring

Milan, Thomas, engineer, h 1025 Lake

MILFORD, H. A., ticket agt N Y L E & W R R, h 367 W 4th

Millard, Edgar T., painter, h 721 E Oak

Millard, Miles H., foreman job rooms Telegram, h 409 W 4th

Millard, William E., hostler, bds 721 E Oak

Miller, Addison, cab driver, bds 509 Magee

Miller, Alanson B., laborer, h 1204 Maxwell av

Miller, Albert J., farmer, bds W s Penna av S of limits

Miller, Alfred J. ( Brown & Miller ), h 112 Penna av

Miller, Alfred L., clerk, h 270 W Chemung pl

Miller, Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston

Miller, Arthur, fireman, bds Blyley House

Miller, Bodelia, widow George, h 356 W 5th

Miller, Carrie, book-keeper, bds 213 W Hudson

Miller, Catharine, widow Peter, h 758 E Water

PAGE 281

Miller, Charles, saloon 661 Lake, h do

Miller, Charles, laborer, h 956 E Market

Miller, Charles D., laborer, h 50 Fulton

Miller, Curtis W., supt electric light, h 828 W Church

Miller & Deister ( J. M. and J. J. D. ), meat market 763 E Church

Miller, David S., carpenter, h 602 Perine

Miller, Debatha, Home for Aged

Miller, Floyd, laborer, h 828 W Church

Miller, Frank, clerk 230 S Main, bds 218 W Henry

Miller, George, potter, bds 657 E Market

Miller, George C., with Taylor & Bacon, bds 523 W Church

Miller, George M., clerk 130 S Main, bds do

Miller, Hector L., real estate, h 460 W Gray

Miller, Henry, painter, h 578 Main

Miller, Henry, carpenter, bds 853 Dickinson

Miller, Henry C., compositor, bds 159 Madison av

Miller, Jacob, driver, h 714 E Clinton

MILLER, JACOB, grocer 731 E Clinton, h do

Miller, Jacob, machinist, h 616 Jay

Miller, Jacob, clerk 130 S Main, h 11 W Hudson

Miller, Jacob jr. ( Miller & Deister ), bds 616 Jay

Miller, James C., engineer, h 415 Grove

Miller, James J., watchman, h 709 Lake

Miller, James J., car repairer, h 213 Fulton

Miller, Jennie, cashier, bds 420 E Market

Miller, John B., laborer, h 709 Oak

Miller, John C., saloon 302 E Washington av, h do

Miller, John H., roller also grocer 377 W 5th, h 379 do

Miller, John M., laborer, h 756 E 5th

Miller, Joseph, h 131 W Henry

Miller, Josephine, bds 523 Baldwin

Miller, Joshua, engineer E C & N R R, bds Blyley House

Miller, Judd, teamster, h 422 Tuttle av

Miller, Juliet H., widow Ellis L., h 408 Hoffman

Miller, Katie, saleslady, bds 758 E Water

Miller, Lottie, variety store 328 E Water, bds 758 do

Miller, Louise, widow A., milliner, bds 618 E 3d

Miller, Maggie, clerk 804 Lake

Miller, Marcus J., grocer 130 S Main, h do

Miller, Margaret A., bds 379 W 5th

Miller, Mary, dressmaker, bds 131 W Henry

Miller, Mary Mrs., dressmaker, h 132 W Water

Miller, Mary A. Mrs., widow John D., h W s Penna av S of limits

Miller, Mary C., bds 130 S Main

Miller, Millisa, domestic 511 W Gray

PAGE 282

Miller, Morgan B., trav agt, bds 414 Main

Miller, Nellie A., dressmaker, bds 602 Perine

MILLER, NELSON A., pres Elmira School of Commerce and Shorthand Institute, h 222 Penna av

Miller, Olive, domestic 464 W Church

Miller, Peter D., printer Advertiser, bds 119 High

MILLER, PHILIP, coal and wood College av cor Reformatory, h 1309 College av

Miller, Robert, brakeman, h 375 Centre

Miller, R. V. ( Kent & Miller ), res Syracuse, N Y

Miller, Samuel, shoemaker, h 270 W Chemung pl

Miller, Stephen H., laborer, bds 307 E Clinton

Miller, Susie, h 418 Carroll

Miller, Valentine, grocer 226 and 228 S Main also alderman 5th ward, h 218 W Henry

Miller, Vie, widow Abram H., h 358 Maple av

Miller, V. Benton, clerk, bds 218 W Henry

Miller, Warren, student, bds W s Penna av S of limits

Miller, William, laborer, h 509 Magee

Miller, William, cooper, bds 828 W Church

Miller, William D., engineer, h 108 W Water

Miller, William D., farmer, bds W s Penna av S of limits

Miller, W. J., laborer, h 146 W Water

Miller, William K., book-keeper Elmira Tidings, h 719 Columbia

Milliken, Dennis, mason, bds 601 Railroad av

Milliken, Patrick E., car inspector, h 357 W 3d

Millius, Fred B., bds 309 Carroll

Millius, H. E. Mrs., dressmaker 851 Magee, h do

Millius, Harry F., fireman D L & W R R, bds 851 Magee

Millius, Henry E., h 851 Magee

Mills, Artemus D., teamster, bds 400 High

Mills, Asa, h 212 W Gray

Mills, Daniel, laborer, h 1321 Benton

Mills, Eliza, widow Lewis, h 1321 Benton

Mills, Elizabeth L., widow James H., h 464 W 1st

Mills, Frank H., h 351 W Clinton

Mills, F. S., music teacher, bds 160 W 5th

Mills, Harry W., student, bds 150 Madison av

Mills, Henry H., student, bds 905 W Water

Mills, Mabel, widow Uri, h 512 Perine

Mills, Margaret, widow Joseph P., h 703 E 5th

Mills, Millard F., clerk 320 Carroll, bds 707 E Church

MILLS, ROBERT N., physician and surgeon 150 Madison av, h do

Mills, Rufus I., salesman Railroad av cor Market, h 212 W Gray

Millspaugh, Emma Miss, bds 853 E Water

PAGE 283

Millspaugh, Giles, clerk 340 E Water, bds 853 do

Millspaugh, Harry J., clerk, bds 117 Madison av

Millspaugh, Howard, clerk 142 W Water, bds 853 E Water

Millspaugh, Leander M., salesman 340 E Water, h 117 Madison av

Millspaugh, Margaret, widow Leander, h 853 E Water

Milne, Alexander P., book-keeper B. W. Payne & Sons, h 123 E Hudson

Milon, Andrew, fireman, bds 722 Benjamin

Milon, Thomas F., engineer D L & W R R, h 1025 Lake

Minar, Mattie E., clerk, bds Southport Corners

Minar, William A., postmaster also grocer Southport Corners h do

Minch, Amelia, domestic Jones cor Robinson

Minch, Carrie, bds Jones bel Robinson

Minch, Charles, laborer, bds 120 Horner

Minch, Christian, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Minch, Christina, domestic Jones cor Robinson

Minier, Edgar I., clerk, bds 109 E Hudson

Minier, George W., clerk, bds 413 Powell

Minier, Max, clerk 340 E Water, bds 408 Main

Minier, Robert E., helper, bds 302 E Washington av

Minier, Samuel J., baggagemaster, h 462 South av

Minier, Solomon, h 109 E Hudson

MINIER, THEODORE L., h 502 W Water

Minier, William H., foreman, h 204 Caldwell av

Mink, Frank, tanner, bds 114 Orchard

Minkie, Theodore, barber, bds 209 Madison av

Minongue, Nora, domestic 514 W Church

Minster, Gus A., baker, bds 525 Harper

Minster, John, slater, h 525 Harper

Minster, John J., clerk, bds 525 Harper

Minster, Joseph A., brakeman, h 207 W South av

Mirteenes, David C., grocer 321 S Main, h do

Miskell, Michael, laborer, bds 101 Broadway

Mitchell, Alfred, mason, h 517 Elizabeth

Mitchell, Andrew B., engineer, bds 1316 Benton

Mitchell, Charles, salesman, bds Sherman House

Mitchell, Garry, patternmaker, bds 310 S Main

Mitchell, George H., fireman, h 304 Norton

Mitchell, Harry B., salesman, h 1122 1/2 Lake

Mitchell, Helen G., widow Thomas F., h 420 E Market

Mitchell, Henry, boarding house 1122 1/2 Lake

Mitchell, Jesse, clerk, bds 107 Main

Mitchell, John, teamster, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell, Samuel, barber, bds 107 Main

PAGE 284

Mitchell, Stell A. Miss, dreesmaker, h 304 E Water

Mitchell, Susan B., boarding house 1122 1/2 Lake

Mitchell, William H., laborer, h Erie n Brand

Mitchell, William H., shoemaker, h 163 Sullivan

Mitchell, William O., carpenter, h 358 Norton

Mitchellson, Havilliah, bds 470 W 1st

Mix, Charles C., overseer Reformatory, bds do

Mixter, Horace, shoemaker, bds 519 W 2d

Mizner, Frank A., packer, bds 500 High

Mochrie, Edward J. jr., hostler, h 553 E 2d

Mockler, James, bds 466 W 2d

Mockler, Jefferson V., janitor school No. 2, h 466 W 2d

Moderhak, William, laborer, h 661 1/2 Dickinson

Moffet, Thomas P., cashier Wells, Fargo & Co Ex, bds 109 College av

Moffet, William, h 109 College av

MOFFETT, JAMES M., machinist 312 State, h 100 Penna av

Moffett, Mary E., teacher school No. 2, h 100 Penna av

Moffett, William jr., messenger Wells, Fargo & Co Ex, h 446 W 5th

Mogenhan, George, h 126 S Main

MOGENHAN, HELEN, millinery and fancy goods 126 S Main, h do

Molthrop, Frederick, trav agt, bds 417 E Market

Molyneaux, Frank T., planer, bds 529 Harper

Molyneaux, Joseph T., brakeman, bds 529 Harper

Molyneaux, Robert B., laborer, h 529 Harper

Moneghan, Joseph, cutter 300 E Water, h 711 John

Monell, Elrude J., mason, bds 432 Balsam

Monell, George I., mason, h r 412 S Broadway

Monell, Samuel, carpenter, h 432 Balsam

Monks, Elizabeth, teacher, bds 104 College av

Monks, James R., teacher, h 104 College av

Monks, Thomas R., coffee roaster, h 410 W 5th

Monohan, John, laborer, h 721 Railroad av

Monroe, Elias A., bus driver, h 211 Gregg

Monroe, Eugene B., bus driver, bds 211 Gregg

Montgomery, Mary, widow William, bds 505 E 3d

Moody, William H., manager Kent & Miller, h 461 W Church

Moody, Winfield, harnessmaker, bds 309 Hine

Moon, Kezeiah Mrs., h 656 Dickinson

MOONAN, JAMES, grocer 200 E 5th, h 506 Baldwin

Mooney, Ann, widow James, h 410 Magee

Mooney, Daniel, trav salesman, bds Everett House

Mooney, Ella, domestic 358 Maple av

Mooney, Michael, laborer, bds 114 W Henry

PAGE 285

MOONEY, PATRICK H., coal and wood 514 Baldwin, h 151 W 3d

Moore, Adelia M., widow Samuel, h 226 Mt Zoar

Moore, Andrew D., slater, h 752 Jay

Moore, Carrie L. Mrs., h 323 W Water

Moore, Charles, laborer, h Dickinson cor E 5th

Moore, Charles R., machinist, h 100 Fulton

Moore, Chauncey H., machinist, bds 232 W South av

Moore, Edwin, engineer, h Davis n Reformatory

Moore, Elizabeth, h 213 Mt Zoar

Moore, Eunice, widow John, h 1110 Lake

Moore, George C., patternmaker, h 268 W Chemung pl

Moore, G. R., driver, h E South av n Erie

Moore, Horace D., clerk, h 408 W 3d

Moore, James G., painter, h 132 W Water

Moore, James J., conductor D L & W R R, h 105 Magee pl

Moore, Jane Mrs., h 132 W Water

MOORE, JANE MRS., florist 51 Fulton, h do

Moore, Jeremiah B., mason, bds 232 W South av

Moore, Johanna, teacher, bds 500 Franklin

Moore, Lizzie, dressmaker 213 W Hudson, bds do

Moore, Maggie, tailoress, bds 708 Magee

Moore, Margaret, teacher, bds 500 Franklin

Moore, Mary, saleslady 201 E Water, bds 708 Magee

Moore, Michael, sexton, h 500 Franklin

Moore, Morris Mrs., h E South av n Maple av

Moore, Nellie I., milliner 128 W Water, bds 268 W Chemung pl

Moore, Olive, widow Daniel, bds 250 South av

Moore, Rory O., carpenter, h r 416 S Broadway

Moore, Sarah A., stenographer, bds 464 W Gray

Moore, Thomas, cigarmaker, bds E South av n Maple av

Moore, Timothy, laborer, h 708 Magee

Moore, William, laborer, h 702 Tuttle av

Moore, William H., brakeman, h 915 Benton

Moore, Catherine, widow James, h 554 E Clinton

Moran, Eliza, widow James, h 119 W 1st

Moran, John, grocer Benton cor Diven av, h do

Moran, John, foreman, h Erie R R ab blast furnace

Moran, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 224 W 3d

Moran, Nellie, domestic 224 W 1st

Moran, Patrick, fireman, bds Erie R R ab blast furnace

Moran, William, laborer, h 224 W 3d

Moran, William, blacksmith, h 212 Brand

Moreau, William B., clerk Homestead Hotel, bds do

Morehouse, James W., trav salesman, h 957 East av