Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Maas John, cigarmaker, h 314 Washington

MacCALLUM & CO., grocers also concrete tar walks 512 W 2nd

MacCallum George W., carpenter, h 410 Grove

MacCallum Thomas (MacCallum & Co.) h 512 W 2nd

MacDougall Phoebe, door girl Elmira Female College

MacDowell Hammond L., undertaker 116 and 118 Main, h 529 W Water

MacDowell’s furniture and undertaking warerooms 116 and 118 Main

MacGowan, James P., artist 203 W Water, h do

Mack Alex, mail carrier, bds 609 Magee

Mack Anna, widow Frank, h 464 Powell

Mack Anna A., tailoress, bds 108 W Henry

Mack Annie, domestic 311 Madison av

Mack Bernard, bds 222 W Church

Mack Bridget, domestic 313 Columbia

Mack Bridget, widow Thomas, h 419 Davis

Mack Catherine, widow James, h 722 S Main

MACK DAN, saloon 617 S Main, h do

Mack James, asst brewer, h 450 W 2nd

Mack Kate, dressmaker, bds 722 S Main


Mack Kate L., dressmaker, bds 127 W Hudson

Mack Lucinda, widow Robert, h 664 Dickinson

Mack Maggie, bds 168 W Henry

Mack Maggie, domestic 155 W Clinton

Mack Maggie, domestic 399 W Water

Mack Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 617 S Main

Mack Martin, ironworker, h 311 Webber pl

Mack Michael, laborer, h 321 Roe av

Mack Michael jr., cigarmaker, bds 321 Roe av

Mack Michael, laborer, h 108 W Henry

Mack Michael H., brakeman, bds 108 W Henry

Mack Minnie, domestic 320 W 1st

Mack Peter, laborer, h 427 Standish

Mack Robert Mrs., h 664 Dickinson

Mack Timothy, wiper, bds 302 E Washington

Mack Timothy, machinist, h 1323 Maxwell av

Mack Thomas, mason, h 724 Dickinson

Mack Thomas jr., laborer, bds 714 Dickinson

Mack William H., printer, bds 56 Monroe

Mack William, tinsmith, bds 714 Dickinson

Mackey Daniel M., h 318 S Broadway

MacKibbin Harriet J., widow George A., h 378 W 1st

Macksey Kate M., widow William, h 461 S Broadway

W. H. BLIGHT Dealer in Coal and Wood. 109 E Second Bl.


MacMahon John E., clerk 115 W Water, bds 406 William

MacMahon Michael J., (Brophy & MacMahon), 406 William

MacMartin Peter F., conductor E C &N R R, h 505 Baldwin

MacNair Agnes, milliner, bds 423 Herrick

MacNair Andrew E., artist, h 423 Herrick

MacNair Raphael G., painter, bds 423 Herrick

MacNeil E. A. Mrs., cloakmaker, h 414 College av

MacNeil Frances W., bds 356 W Water

MacNeil Helen, stenog’r 216 E Water, bds 414 College av

MacNeil John H., h 356 W Water

MacNeil Mary Alice, bds 356 W Water

MacNeil Nellie, bds 356 W Water

MacNeil Rufus R., book-keeper, h 100 W Chemung pl

Macumber Sylvester P., laborer, h Coburn cor Pine

Madden Catherine, boarding house 106 Madison av

Madden Mary, waitress Delavan House

Madigan Bridget, domestic 104 W Chemung pl

Madigan John, wiper, bds 809 Railroad av

Madison Avenue Theatre, Madison av ft Carroll

Magnusson A., patternmaker Reformatory, bds do

Magrath Thomas, carpenter, h 508 S Walnut

Mahaney John, clerk 134 E Water, bds 208 S Walnut

ARCHITECT J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. See adv. Opp. Page 95.

Mahaney Margaret, widow Patrick, h 208 S Walnut

Mahaney Matthew, h 218 W 3d

Mahar, James W., driver, h 719 Casey

Mahar Michael, laborer, bds Sherman House

Maher Charles, trainman, h 110 Magee

Maher James, h 1021 Oak

Maher James, shoemaker, h 214 W South av

Maher James W., conductor, h 429 W 5th

Maher Thomas, laborer, h 808 Magee

Maher Thomas, laborer, bds 527 W Washington av

Maher William, laborer, bds 319 Norton

Mahlon J. Stewart, wood turner, bds 501 Baldwin

Mahoney Ann, widow Thomas, h 315 W 5th

Mahoney John, carpenter, bds 315 W 5th

Mahoney John, h 209 Broadway

Mahoney Margaret, widow Patrick, h 208 S. Walnut

Mahoney Mary, saleslady 139 E Water, bds 315 W 5th

Mahoney Mary, widow Patrick, h Jones bel Robinson

Mahoney Michael, saloon 139 W Water, h 208 Walnut

Mahoney Minnie, saleslady 305 E Water, bds 2 Jones

Mahoney Nellie, dressmaker, bds 111 W Water

Mahoney Thomas A., clerk 117 E Water, bds 209 Broadway

Main Catherine Mrs., Home for the Aged



Mainey Ellen, widow Andrew, h 711 Magee

Makimeson Sabra E., widow Charles, bds 213 High

Malette John F., manufacturer, h 361 Walnut

Malette William S., music dealer, h 516 Jefferson

Maleady Michael, grocer also saloon 217 Fulton, h do

Maley Martin, barkeeper 110 Lake, bds do

Mallory Ambrose S., farmer, bds 373 W Gray

Mallory James K., laborer, h 102 S Elm

Mallory Jennie M., bds 659 College av

Malone Bridget, boxmaker, bds 712 Dickinson

Malone James, bartender Delavan House, bds do

Malone John, laborer, h 712 Dickinson

Malone John jr., clerk D L & W fgt office, bds 712 Dickinson

Malone Margaret, widow John C., h 207 Chestnut

Malone Nellie, domestic 355 W Church

Malone Patrick, laborer, h 108 Benjamin

Malone Thomas J., printer, h 372 W 1st

Maloney Anna, tailoress, bds Jones bel Robinson

Maloney Bridget, domestic 218 W 1st

Maloney Daniel F., clerk D L & W fgt office, bds 408 Madison av

Maloney Dennis, machinist, h 385 Penna av

Maloney Ellen, domestic 502 W Water

Why Do You Pay Rent? TURNER & TOOKER, Agts of Home Co., New York – 148 W. Water St.

Maloney James, switchman, h 711 S Main

Maloney James F., bds 408 Madison av

Maloney John, laborer, h W 4th n Walnut

Maloney John, laborer, h 315 High

Maloney John, planer, bds 959 Main

Maloney John, city express 323 E Water, h E Church cor DeWitt

Maloney John, ex mess, h 500 E Water

Maloney John, driver, h 224 DeWitt

Maloney John J., book-keeper, bds 408 Madison av

Maloney Kate, nurse 221 Lake

Maloney Kate, dressmaker, bds 406 Madison av

Maloney Margaret, h 760 E Market

Maloney Margaretta, widow Thomas, h Logan cor Grove

Maloney Mary A., dressmaker, bds 406 Madison av

Maloney Mary C., widow Thomas, h 156 DeWitt

Maloney Michael, laborer, h 707 Railroad av

Maloney Minnie, clerk, bds Jones bel Robinson

Maloney Patrick, wiper, bds 751 S. Main

Maloney Patrick, polisher, h 521 Logan

Maloney Patrick, planer, bds 959 Main

Maloney Theresa, dressmaker, bds 315 High

Maloney Thomas (Griswold, Maloney & Co.), h 406 Madison av

Maloney William, laborer, bds Jones bel Robinson

John C. Welles, Insurance and Investments, 161 Baldwin Street.


Maloney William E., baggagemaster, bds 156 DeWitt

Maloney Winifred, widow John, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Winifred F., dressmaker, bds 315 High

Mance Charles M., engineer, h 304 Thurston

Mance William, fireman, h 1306 Hall

Manchester Alfred, teamster also sawmill, h 55 Howard

MANDER ADAM, brewer Tuttle av ft E Church, h 1020 E Church

Mander Adam jr., h 1020 E Church

Mander Charles, brewer, bds 1020 E Church

Mander Fred W., brewer, bds 1020 E Church

Mander George, brewer, h 457 Sullivan

Mander Henry, brewer, bds 1020 E Church

Manderville Ira, brakeman, bds 613 S Main

Mandeville, Carrie E., widow Edgar W., teacher, h 317 Washington

Mandeville Horace H., laborer, bds 766 E 5th

Mandeville Hubert C., student, bds 317 Washington

Mandeville, Lucinda, widow James, b 766 E 5th

Maney Ellen, widow Andrew, h 711 Magee

Maney James, h 300 E Washington av

Maney Michael J., laborer, bds 300 E Washington av

Mangan Daniel, laborer, h 370 W 3d

Wall Paper and Mixed Paint, Reagan Bros., 211 W. Water

Mangan John, depot clerk Wells, F & Co’s Ex. Bds Western Hotel

Mangan Martin, laborer, bds 851 Lake

Mangan Morris, trackman, h 409 W 3d

Manley Arthur L., bds 418 W 1st

Manley Bros. (D. J. and C. G. jr.), cigar manufs 112 Main

Manley Charles G., clerk, 112 Main, h 522 W 1st

Manley Charles G. jr. (Manley Bros.), h 122 W 1st

Manley Cora E., bds 418 W 1st

Manley Dolson J. (Manley Bros.), h 418 W 1st

Manley Mary, bds 418 W 1st

Manley Sylvester A., milk dealer also creamery 652 W 1st, h do

Manly M. M., trav salesman J Richardson & Co., res Lawrence, Kansas

Mann George W., coachman 350 W Church

Mann James, machinist, bds 105 E 1st

Mann Margaret M., cook 350 W Church

Mann Michael, boarding house 105 E 1st

Mann Michael, jr., bartender 143 W Water, bds 105 E 1st

Mann William G., conductor, h 1201 Benton

Manners Robert N., trav agt, bds 112 Walnut

Manners Sophia, bds 115 Columbia

Manning Chapin S., clerk 102 E Market, h 465 W Gray

All Newspapers at Fitch & Billings, 112 Baldwin Street.


Manning Clinton, clerk, bds 1006 East av

Manning Elmer E., book-keeper, bds 417 S Elm

Manning Lee T., engineer, bds 655 College av

Manning Morgan S., deputy collector U S inter rev Opera House blk room 3, res Chemung

Manning Thereon E., street car driver, bds 350 E Centre

Manning William D., expressman, h 1006 East av

Mans James K., book-keeper, bds 511 Lake

Manske John, ironworker, h 114 Spring

Mantel Nora, domestic 258 Baldwin

Mantel Paul, foreman street railway, h 100 Park

Manwaring Sidney A., (G. W. Bullard & Co., ) h 963 Walnut

Mapes Elizabeth, widow Samuel, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Mapes Theresa, widow Henry, bds 124 E Chemung pl

Marcuson Amelia, book-keeper, h 115 High

Marcuson Isidore, com trav, h 115 High

Marcusson David, peddler, h 503 DeWitt

Maricle Adelbert, engineer Water Cure 1019 East av

Marim Thomas B., carpenter, bds 217 Mt Zoar

Marine James, engineer, h 308 E Washington av

Marine John, engineer, bds 308 E Washington av

Marion Albert, engineer, h 664 Dickinson

Go to the Empire Laundry for Fine Work

Marion Bird, carpenter, bds 422 E Water

Marion Charles T., painter, h 670 Magee

Marion Edward J., butcher, h 670 Magee

Marion Frank W., painter, h 670 Magee

Marion Joseph, carpenter, bds American Hotel

Markey George, fireman, bds 1318 Benton

Markham John, laborer, h 710 Magee

Marks B., h 751 E Water

Marks Isaac M., peddler, bds 559 E Water

Marks John P., cook 116 E Water, bds do

Marks Joseph, peddler, h 810 John

Marks Julius L., peddler, bds 559 E Water

Marks Levi, salesman, h 113 Orchard

Marks Soloman, peddler, h 558 E Water

Markson Benjamin, peddler, h 413 High

Maroney Ellen, dressmaker, bds 708 Elm

Maroney John F., postal clerk, bds Blyley House

Maroney Mary, widow Michael, h 708 Elm

Maroney Thomas, laborer, bds 708 Elm

Marsh Frances M., widow F. S., baker 160 W Clinton, h do

Marsh Frederick C., clerk Erie R R, h 413 W 4th

MARSH JOHN B., prof music Elmira Female College also organist Park church, h 501 Lake

For Clean Coal and Full Weight, Go to W. H. Blight, 109 E Second Street.


Marsh Linda, saleslady, h 217 W 3rd

Marsh Mamie M., bds 419 W Gray

Marsh Willis J., clerk Erie shps, h 421 W 4th

MARSH W. P., mgr G. W. Ingalls & Co., 108 W Water, h 419 W Gray

Marshall Isaac, clerk, h 507 W Church

Marshall Patrick, laborer, h 709 Davis

Martin Alfred, puddler, bds 151 E Washington av

Martin Charles, carpenter, h 356 E 5th

Martin Daniel, laborer, bds 859 E Church

Martin Dora, Domestic 129 E Chemung pl

Martin Ebenezer L., shipping clerk, h 407 Penna av

Martin Frederick T., h 962 East av

Martin G. Washington, engineer, h 534 Penna av

Martin John H., machinist, h 150 S 2nd

Martin Mabel, dressmaker, bds 407 Penna av

Martin Mary L., teacher, bds 962 East av

Martin W. F., book-keeper 301 E Water, bds 216 William

Martin William M., h 962 East av

Marvin Bertha, domestic 500 Lake

Marvin Charles M., prof Elmira School of Commerce, rooms Chemung Canal Bank bldg.

Marvin Henry, clerk, bds 409 DeWitt

ARCHITECT J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. See adv. Opp. Page 95

Marvin Lillie A., milliner, bds 409 DeWitt

Marvin Lyman G., janitor school No 1, h 213 DeWitt

Marvin Mary J., widow Edward, h 409 DeWitt

MARX GEORGE S., book-keeper T. Briggs & Co., h 304 S Main

Mason Elizabeth Mrs., bds 114 Columbia

Mason Furman, expressman, h 209 Mt Zoar

Mason George, clerk, bds 209 Mt Zoar

Mason Jud, salesman 122 Lake, bds 209 Mt Zoar

Mason J. W., flagman, h 909 Benton

Mason Marcus L., conductor N C R R, h 349 W 6th

Mason William A., barber, bds 663 Dickinson

Mason William E., telegrapher, bds 349 W 6th

MASONIC TEMPLE, Lake cor E Market

Masters Julius, engineer, bds Blyley House

Masterson Harry, trimmer, bds S s West Hill rd n Hoffman

Masterson John H., shoemaker, h 822 Lincoln

Masterson Oscar H., painter, h S s West Hill rd n Hoffman

Masterson William, shoemaker, h 605 John

Mather C. S. (H. L. Armstrong & Co.), h Lawrenceville, Pa

Mather Joseph E,, carpenter, h W South av n Erie R R

Mather Luther P., shoemaker, h W South av n Erie R R

Mathews Elizabeth, widow Jhn, h 316 Railroad av

Mathews Elmer C., shoecutter, h 100 W Chemung pl

J. M. MOFFETT, MACHINIST, All Kinds of Repairing done Promptly, 312 State St., Elmira, N. Y.


Mathews Fletcher, jeweler, h 914 College av

Mathews Oscar W., painter, h 214 Judson

Mathews Peter, cigarmaker, bds 410 High

Mathews Sarah, widow George, bds 360 E 5th

Mathews Horatio W., carpenter, h S s Reformatory av n Davis

Mathews James F., waiter Haight’s Arbour, h 356 E 5th

Mathews John L., laborer, h 755 E 2d

Mathius Frank, fireman, h 1008 Pratt

Mathius Lewis, brakeman, bds 1312 Benton

Mattice George, fireman, bds 821 Lake

MAURER BROS. (Otto and William), restaurant 140 E Water

Maurer Otto (Maurer Bros.), h 140 E Water

Maurer William (Maurer Bros.), h 140 E Water

Maxcy Thomas C., tel-g-r Nat Transit Co, h 1005 College av

Maxwell Catherine, widow William H., bds 800 E Market

Maxwell David, brakeman, bds 400 Penna av

Maxwell Jennie D., clerk, bds 143 W Water

Maxwell Jennie S., photo printer, bds 414 Main

Maxwell John C., tallyman, h 406 E Washington av

Maxwell J. D. Mrs., h 143 W Water

Maxwell Lizzie G., stenographer, bds 207 E Gray

Maxwell William, lecturer and reporter, h 207 E Gray

Turner & Tooker, GENERAL AGENTS OF HOME COMPANY, NEW YORK, Cor Main and Water Streets.

May George E., salesman 414 E Market, bds Frasier House

May Orazne, engineer, h 1128 Oak

Maycumber Adelbert, ironworker, h 307 E Clinton

Maycumber Barney, teamster, h 706 E 5th

Maycumber Charles, mailing clerk, bds 706 E 5th

Maycumber Helen, shoe trimmer, h 1120 Elm

Maycumber John, helper, h 706 E 5th

Maycumber Richmond T., shoemaker, h 1120 Elm

Mayer Amelia Miss, decorative artist 110 Main, h do

Mayer M. F., supt Y M C A Gymnasium, bds 110 Main

Mayo Charles J., printer, bds 520 Jefferson

Mayo L. L., fireman, h 104 Pattinson

Mayo William H., engineer, h 520 Jefferson

Mayott John J., slater, h 406 E Water

Mayott Susan, h 400 E Water

McAleer Stephen, tinsmith, 307 E Waer, bds 110 Spring

McAllister Edward, tinsmith, bds 418 E Water

McAllister E. M., carpenter, h 609 E Church

McAllister Lizzie Miss, clerk 203 W Water, bds do

McAlpin William D, clerk Frasier House, h 151 W 3d

McAndrews James H., switchman, h S Main cor Gorman

McArdle Charles H., clerk Erie office, bds 110 Orchard

McArdle Fora, widow Patrick, h 110 Orchard

John C. Welles, Insurance and Investments, 161 Baldwin Street.


McArdle Theresa F., teacher, bds 110 Orchard

McCabe Esther, laundress, Elmira Female College

McCabe John, laborer, bds 1001 College av

McCaffery Peter, shoemaker, h 358 S Main

McCaffrey George, cigarmaker, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey Maggie, operative, bds 705 Lake

McCaffrey Maggie, widow John, h 700 Lake

McCaffrey Mary J., housekeeper, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Robert S. (William & R. S. McCaffery), h 470 W 1st

McCaffrey William & R. S., cigar manuf and dealers 707 Lake

McCaffrey William (W. & R. S.), bds 713 E Water

McCahill John H., laborer, h 506 Baldwin

McCall Thomas, h 524 W 1st

McCann Ann, widow Owen, h 725 S Main

McCann George, student, bds E s Davis N State Reformatory

McCann George, brakeman, bds 366 Diven av

McCann George S., farmer also real estate W s Davis 1st h N of State Reformatory

McCann Hattie, bds W s Davis n State Reformatory

McCann James, farmer E s Davis N of State Reformatory

McCann James D., book-keeper Pratt & Co, h E s Davis N of State Reformatory

Latest Designs in Wall Paper, Reagan Bros., 211 W. Water

McCann James H., carpenter, bds Lewis House

McCann Jennie, domestic 725 S Main

McCann John, farmer W s Davis N of State Reformatory

McCann John J., conductor, bds 1210 Maxwell av

McCann Joseph P., pass agt M P R R, h 657 Main

McCann Mary Ann, burler, bds 853 East av

McCann Michael, conductor D L & W R R, bds 1210 Maxwell av

McCann Terence, watchman, h 853 East av

McCann Wallace, brakeman, bds 366 Diven av

McCanna Catherine, widow James, h 561 E 3d

McCanna Ella, seamstress, h 561 E 3d

McCanna James P., shoemaker, h 457 High

McCanna Lizzie, tailoress, bds 561 E 3d

McCarn Martin D., trav agt, h 303 S Main

McCarrick Franklin P., conductor, h South av cor Fulton

McCarrick George, shoemaker, h 513 Balsam

McCarrick Martin, journalist, h 204 E Gray

McCarthy Ann, widow Jerry, h 7 Erie

McCarthy Bridget, seamstress, bds 157 E Washington av

McCarthy Catherine, widow Patrick, h 402 Magee

McCarthy Charles, laborer, h 515 S Broadway

McCarthy Charles H., shoemaker, bds 410 Walnut

McCarthy Daniel, tinsmith, h 413 Davis

Order Your Magazines at Fitch & Billings, 112 Baldwin St.


McCarthy Daniel, laborer, bds 204 Fulton

McCarthy Daniel J., cigarmaker, bds 212 W Water

McCarthy Dennis, saloon 416 DeWitt, h do

McCarthy Dennis, mason, h 206 Chestnut

McCarthy Ella, widow George, h 107 Fulton

McCarthy Ellen, domestic 364 W 1st

McCarthy Eugene, laborer, bds 206 Chestnut

McCarthy Eugene, polisher, bds 157 E Washington av

McCarthy Eugene, tailor, bds 215 S Walnut

McCarthy Felix, laborer, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Florence, driver, bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy G. B., bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy James, laborer, h 653 State

McCarthy James, mason, h 107 Fulton

McCarthy James, flagman, h 155 E Washington av

McCarthy James, cigarmaker, bds 310 W Henry

McCarthy James, brakeman, h 625 Lewis

McCarthy Jeremiah, laborer, h 204 Fulton

McCarthy Jeremiah jr., laborer, bds 204 Fulton

McCarthy Jeremiah H., conductor, h 203 W South av

McCarthy John, shoemaker, bds 410 Walnut

McCarthy John, tailor, bds 215 S Walnut


McCarthy John, heater, h 157 E Washington av

McCarthy John, ironworker, h 915 Johnson

McCarthy John jr., shoemaker, bds 157 E Washington av

McCarthy Kate L., milliner, bds 625 Lewis

McCarthy Kate T., domestic 417 E Market

McCarthy Lizzie, cook Elmira Female College

McCarthy Maggie, laundress, bds 515 DeWitt

McCarthy Mary, saloon 801 Walnut, h do

McCarthy Mary, widow John h 130 W Henry

McCarthy Mary F., bds 411 Walnut

McCarthy Matt, shoemaker, bds 410 Walnut

McCARTHY MICHAEL, stonecutter, h W s Davis n Cemetery

McCarthy Michael, foreman, bds 724 S Main

McCarthy Minnie, bds 515 DeWitt

McCarthy Nora K., domestic 407 Main

Sole Agent for Loval Sock Coal, W. H. Blight, 109 E Second St.


McCarthy Patrick, mason, h 220 W 3rd

McCarthy Patrick, tinsmith, h 130 W Henry

McCarthy Patrick K., policeman, h 359 W 5th

McCarthy Pierce, saloon 212 Giltanann, h do

McCarthy Thomas E., compositor, bds 515 DeWitt

McCarthy William, fireman, h 342 W 7th

McCarthy William, printer, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy William, fireman, bds 1319 Maxwell av

McCarthy William F., flagman, h 515 DeWitt

McCartney Kate Miss, Home for the Aged

McCarty Bridget, widow Daniel, h 860 Magee

McCarty Charles H., special examiner pensions, bds 389 W Water

McCarty Daniel, baggagemaster, bds Blyley House

McCarty Dennis, cigarmaker, bds 342 W 7th

McCarty Ellen, cigarpacker, bds 342 W 7th

McCarty James, hostler, Wells, Fargo & Co’s express

McCarty James, Mrs., bds 107 Fulton

McCarty Jerry, laborer, h 810 Madison av

McCarty Julia, cigarpacker, bds 342 W 7th

McCarty Kate, domestic 660 Main

McCarty Kate, domestic Maple av bel limits

McCarty Kate, domestic 414 Lake

ARCHITECT J. O. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. See adv. Opp. Page 95

McCarty Maggie, domestic 315 W Church

McCarty Mary, domestic 318 William

McCarty Mary, widow John, h 342 W 7th

McCarty Mat, painter, h 503 e 3d

McCarty William P., saloon, h 516 Oak

McCauley Mrs., tailoress, rooms Fox cor E Water

McCaw Thomas H., batteryman, h 526 W 1st

McCeaigue Sophia, widow Isaac, h 220 High

McClary Timothy B., laborer, h 1009 Lincoln

McClave Michael H., h 752 Park pl

McClintic Belle, domestic 461 Division

McClintic Edward E. teamster, h 1312 Baldwin

McClure Carrie Miss, seamstress, bds 110 Lormore

McClure Charles, fireman, bds 101 Stephens la

McClure David, express messenger Adams Ex Co, bds 318 W3d

McClure Edsall T. Mrs., h Southport Corners

McCluskey William H., clerk, h 112 S 2d

McColl Evan, cabinetmaker, Exchange pl n E Market, h 167 Baldwin

McCollum William H., supt construction N Y & Pa Telephone Co, bds 408 Baldwin

McConnell Amanda, widow Andrew J., bds 236 Mt Zoar

McCONNELL BROS. (Frank W. and Stephen J.), pool and billiard room 160 Baldwin (see adv next page)




McConnell Frank W. (McConnell Bros.), bds 309 Hathaway

McConnell George L., carpenter, bds 236 Mt Zoar

McConnell Patrick, laborer, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell Stephen J.(McConnell Bros.), bds 309 Hathaway

McCormac Jesse L., brakeman, bds 309 S Main

McCormick Eliza J., dressmaker, h 315 Lake

McCormick Samuel S., switchman, h Home n Spaulding

McCoy Andrew M., manager Homestead Hotel, bds do

McCoy Ellen Mrs., h r 825 Canal

McCOY FRANK R., prop Homestead Hotel 425 and 427 E Water, h do

McCoy James, puddler, h 216 Park

McCracken Charles J., clerk, bds 709 Columbia

McCracken Mary, widow John, h 709 Columbia

McCrodden James, laborer, h 220 Franklin

McDanolds Israel, h 350 W 6th

McDermott Mark, hostler, bds 230 W Water

McDermott Mary A., widow George, bds 669 Baldwin

McDonald Edward, laborer, h 310 Diven

McDonald Edward, barkeeper, bds 442 Carroll

McDonald James R., brakeman, h 227 Brand

McDonald Jerry, machinist, bds 310 Diven av

McDonald John, engineer, bds 902 Lake

Turner & Tooker, General Agents of Home Company, New York, cor. Main and Water Streets.

McDonald Lizzie, tailoress, h 723 Madison av

McDonald Maggie, milliner, bds 310 Diven av

McDonald Nellie, tailoress, h 723 Madison av

McDonald Thomas, laborer, h 814 Madison av

McDonald Thomas, machinist, h 310 Diven av

McDonald Charles, laborer, h 801 Railroad av

McDonald John, bds 730 Hatch

McDowell Boyd (Denton & McDowell), also notary public 335 E Water, h 408 W Water

John C. Welles, Insurance and Investments, 161 Baldwin Street.


McDowell Clara A., principal school No. 6, bds 501 Baldwin

McDowell Clayton A., carpenter, bds Everett House

McDowell Emma Mrs., dressmaker, h 716 Walnut

McDowell E. A., Carpenter, bds Everett House

McDowell John G., law student 100 Lake, bds 509 William

McDOWELL J. LOWMAN, insurance and real estate also county treasurer 206 E Water, h 408 W Water

McDowell Mary, dressmaker 215 Horner, h do

McDowell Robert M., mining engineer, h 509 William

McDuffee Charles F., painter, h 616 Winsor av

McElligott Edward, laborer, h 615 Davis

McElligott Timothy, car inspector, h 652 E Clinton

McElroy Cora A., dressmaker, bds N s Reformatory av n Davis

McElroy James C., carpenter, h 254 Reformatory av

Mc Elroy John, brakeman, h 722 E Oak

McElroy William H., cond’r L V R R, h N s Reformatory av n Davis

McElroy William H. jr., brakeman, bds N s Reformatory av n Davis

McElwain Alexander, shoemaker, bds 355 W Church

McEvett Delia, domestic 505 William

McEvett John, laborer, h 907 Magee

McFarlane James, machinist, h 511 W Clinton

Decorating, Best Manner and Latest Styles, Reagan Bros., 211 W. Water.

McFarlane Mary Miss, bds 511 W Clinton

McGarry Kate, widow Frank, h r 363 W 5th

McClinchey Joseph Mrs., h 154 Baldwin

McGlone Henry, messenger, bds 953 Johnson

McGlone John H., shoemaker, h 953 Johnson

McGough Patrick, laborer, h 763 E Market

McGovern Fred W., bds 362 Columbia

McGovern James, laborer, h 920 Maxwell av

McGovern James jr., laborer, h 920 Maxwell av

McGovern Michael, carpenter, h 362 Columbia

McGovern Horatio W., tnsmith, h 762 E Water

McGowan Samuel F., brakeman N C R R, bds 519 Jefferson

McGrath Amanda E., h 465 E Market

McGrath Dennis, carpenter, h Roe av cor Lincoln

McGrath Jennie N., domestic 403 Lake

McGrath Michael H., builder, h 465 E Market

McGrath Patrick, laborer, h 151 High

McGrath Thomas, laborer, h 348 W 7th

McGraw John, engineer, h 611 W Church

McGraw Kate, domestic 323 William

McGraw Thomas F., saloon 464 W 6th, h do

McGreevy John, quarryman, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy Owen, real estate, h 654 E Market

Card Engraving at Fitch & Billings, 112 Baldwin St.