Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Langdon Olivia, widow Jervis, h 303 Main

Langford James, builder, h 358 W Water

Langford Sarah, widow Prentiss, bds 358 W Water

Langstine Charles H., expressman, bds 520 W 1st

Langstine Jacob C., cartman, h 520 W 1st

Laning Mary F., stenographer Telegram, bds 409 Baldwin

LANTAFF CHARLES, Boston 99 Cent and Variety Store 112 W Water, h 527 W Gray

Lantaff William, picture frame maker 112 W Water, h 405 Walnut

Lantry Charles F., telegrapher W U T Co., h 213 Washington

Lapham Lotta Mrs., h 300 E Water

Lapier Georgie, dressmaker, bds 160 W 5th

Lapkoski Frantz, laborer, h 806 Canal

Lappe Charles G., book-keeper, h 459 Pak

Lariew Charles A., porter Cosmopolitan Hotel

Lariew Elizabeth, widow Almeron, h 925 E Church

Lariew Fred J., apprentice Gazette, bds 925 E Church

LARIEW JOHN R., manuf spring beds and mattresses, also feather renovator 405 Baldwin, H, 1020 Lake

Larison Charles A., tinsmith, h 456 W Clinton

LARKIN JOHN E., photographer 317 E Water, h 319 William

Lakins James, hostler,bds 307 Diven av

Larnard Charles H., carpenter, h r 34 Erie

Larnard George, student, bds r 34 Erie

Larow Ida Mrs., h 331 S Broadway

Larrison Ernest, augermaker,h 150 Washington

Larrison Frank H., engineer,bds 721 Lake

Larrison Levi, foreman, h 721 Lake

Larson Alexis, laborer, bds 514 W Water

Larson Christopher, painter, bds 105 Lake

LaRue Charles, porter, bds 807 Lake

Larzelle Charles F., machinist, h 305 South av

Lasser Isedor, clerk, bds 106 Dewitt

Lathrop Anna M., widow John, bds 410 Elm

Lattamer Byron, machinist, bds 620 Lewis

Lattamer John, laborer, h 427 Standish

Lattamer Thomas, carpenter, h 620 Oak

Latterman Charles J., cigarmaker, bds 420 W 3rd

Latterman George W., barber, bds 420 W 3rd

Latterman William, cigar manuf., h 420 W 3rd

Lawes Henry L., laborer, h 615 Hart

Lawes John L., blacksmith, h 607 Hart

Lawler Thomas H., trav agt., h 600 W Clinton

Lawler William J., bartender 503 Railroad

Lawrence Estrella M., teacher school No. 4, bds 321 W Washington av

Lawrence Eurania A., bds 363 W 3rd

Lawrence Fred M., conductor, h 371 Thurston

Lawrence Georgia, teacher primary No. 1, bds 311 Washington av

Lawrence Hulda A., housekeeper 321 W Washington av

Lawrence Julia, widow Warren, h 215 S Main

Lawrence Leroy, clerk, bds 422 W Gray

Lawrence Lewis, h 311 Washington

Lawrence Malcom E., saloon also bowling alley 314 Carroll, h 126 E Water

Lawrence Mary B., bds 311 Washington

Lawrence Nelson J.,carpenter, h 954 East av

Lawrence Susan M., h 126 E Water

LAWRENCE THOMAS, confectioner 138 W Water, h 422 W Gray

Lawrence William, painter, bds 307 High

Laws John, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Lawson Alexander, plumber, bds Spaulding n South av

Lawson John, plumber, bds Spaulding n South av

Lawyer David, coachman, h E s College av n Reformatory av

Lawyer William, coachman, 110 W 2nd

Laycox Mary, widow Charles, operative, h 853 E Market

Layden Michael, policeman, h 807 Magee

Lazarus Abraham, peddler, h 506 Dewitt

Leach Charles E., blacksmith, h 725 Casey

Leach Eugene B., bartender Rathbun House, bds do

Leach Mary Mrs., h 169 Baldwin

Leach Mary M., h 329 Carroll

Leach Richard, salesman, bds 160 Baldwin

Leahy Daniel, shoemaker, h 367 W 5th

Leahy Nora J., domestic 426 W 1st

Leain Lizzie, widow Alexander, h 405 Railroad av

Leary Arthur,grocer 56 Penna av, h 299 do

Leary Bartholomew, mason, bds 103 S Walnut

Leary Bernard, driver Wyckoff House, bds do

Leary Dennis, mason, bds 103 S Walnut

Leary Ella, domestic 321 Madison av

Leary Finton, laborer, h 103 S Walnut

Leary John, laborer, bds 726 Lake

Leary Lizzie, dressmaker, h 155 E Washington av

Leary Mary, domestic 264 Baldwin

Leary Mary, domestic 303 Main

Leary Mary L., domestic 304 E Clinton

Leary Thomas, mason, bds Elmira House

Leasner Charles, laborer, h 708 E Oak

Leasner Edward,laborer, h 953 Sullivan

Leavitt Charles, clerk P O., h 212 Lormore

Leavitt John H., foreman Water Works, h 307 Dewitt

Leavitt Martha M., widow Milton, T., h 353 Columbia

Leavitt Nettie T., stenographer, bds 353 Columbia

Leavitt William C, laborer, h 523 Harper

LEE CHARLES M., prop’r Elmira Sewer Pipe Co. 169 Railroad av., h 963 Davis

Lee Harry, brakeman, h 909 Benton

Lee James S., carpenter, h 722 Columbia

Lee John M. butcher, h Sullivan ab limits

Lee Lina, h 360 E 5th

Lee Mary Mrs., domestic 410 Lake

LEE PATRICK J., grocer, also wines and liquors 701 and 703 Railroad av, h 206 W 5th

Lee Thomas E., driver, bds 963 Davis

Lee William, laborer, h 310 E 5th

Lee William E., mgr Elmira Sewer Pipe Co., bds 963 Davis

Lee William F., clerk 701 Railroad Av, bds 206 W 5th

Lee Yee, laundry 325 Carroll, h do

Leese Henry A., sec Y M C A, h 371 Norton

LeFever Elsie Mrs., h 211 W Gray

LeFever Eugene S., carriage painter, h 211 W Gray

LeFever Sophia, seamstress, h 559 E 2nd

LeFever see LsFever

Leffak Saul, merchant tailor, 206 E Water, h do

Leflousky Martin, ironworker, h 918 Johnson

Legg Frank L., U S Ex mess., h 811 E 2nd

Legg Meranda, widow Leroy, bds 811 E 2nd

LEHIGH VALLEY R. R. FREIGHT OFFICE J. S. Sheafe, agt, E 2nd cor State

Lehmann Harry, wireworker, Madison Av cor E 5th, bds 524 Lake

Lehmann John, carpenter, h 730 E Oak

Leiby Charles S., teamster, h 536 W Hudson

Leigh Myron H., barber, bds West End Hotel

Leinetz Michael, teamster, h 209 Judson

Leininger Anna, domestic 272 Baldwin

LeMunyan Edwin M., conductor, h 615 W Gray

Lengmores H. K., well driver, h 116 Washington

Lenhart Frank, butcher, h 116 Spring

Lenhart John H. meat market 128 S Main, h 309 ½ Hine

Lennon James, foreman, h 511 Penna av

Lennon James, machinist, h South av n S Main

Lennon John, brakeman, bds 375 E Center

Lennon Maggie M., bds 511 Penna av

Lennox John T., bds 518 Baldwin

Lent Eugene D., machinist, h 217 ½ Lormore

Lenz Frederick, laborer, h 116 Spring

Leonard Cebina, bds 220 E Water

Leonard Curtis H., fireman, h 511 Perine

Leonard Frederick k., book-keeper 220 E Water, bds do

Leonard George C., varieties 220 E Water, h do

Leonard Kate, domestic 612 Columbia

Leonard Mary, bds 511 Perine

Leonard Mary J., widow V. C., h 511 Perine

Leonard Pallie A., widow Solomon, h 213 Caldwell

Lepkowski Frank, laborer, h 806 Canal

Lepkowski Martin 920 Johnson

Lerner Gottleib, tinsmith, h 523 William

LeValley Fred (Krowl & LeValley) h 412 W 2nd

LeValley May, bds 101 E Henry

LeValley Nathaniel L., grocer 101 E Henry, h do

Leveitin A., peddler, h 456 Oak

Levenberg H., glazier, h 206 Orchard

Lever Alice, widow Simeon, h 456 Franklin

Lever Alice A., teacher, bds 456 Franklin

Levergood Melvin G., clerk, bds 205 Horner

Levergood Nelson M., carpenter, h 205 Horner

Levi Isaac, peddler, h 118 Harriet

Levin Marks, blacksmith, h 166 Harriet

Levinson Emmel, peddler, bds 107 Washington

Levinson H., peddler, bds 107 Washington

Levinson Jacob, grocer 659 E Water, h 107 Washington

Levy Albert, cigarmaker, bds 614 E Water

Levy Alexander (Alex.& J. Levy) , h 509 Spaulding

Levy Alex. & John, cigar manuf’s, 72 Penna av

Levy Harry H., cigarmaker, h 209 Fulton

Levy Jacob C., peddler, h 761 E Market

Levy John (Alex. & John Levy), h 106 Penna av

Levy J. J., peddler, h 751 John

Levy Joseph, cigar manuf., 134 E Water, h 614 do

Levy Marks G., (Roseman & Levy), h 761 E Market

Levy Moses, manager 134 E Water, h 208 High

Levy Simon, peddler, h 508 Dewitt

Lewald Abram, trav salesman, h 313 Baldwin

Lewald Ida, bds 313 Baldwin

Lewald Lester S., salesman, bds 313 Baldwin

Lewald William B., salesman 201 E Water, bds 313 Baldwin

Lewis Abram, clerk, h 202 Harmon

LEWIS ARNOLD, grocer 353 Davis, h 402 W 1st

Lewis Charles V., trav salesman, h 408 W Church

Lewis Cornelia E., bds 306 E Water

Lewis David T., clerk 340 E Water, bds 459 W 3rd

Lewis David W., carpenter, h 407 S Main

Lewis Edward L., machinist, bds 713 Walnut

Lewis Edwin P., farmer, h 105 W Gray

Lewis Evan J., mason, h 910 Magee

Lewis George, driver, bds 801 W Church

Lewis H. Alfred, teamster, h 711 Harper

Lewis Harriet, dressmaker, h 713 Walnut

Lewis Harry R., carpenter, bds 509 W 3rd

Lewis Horace S., teamster, h 714 Harper

Lewis Horace S., conductor, bds W South av n R R

LEWIS HOUSE, H. D. Barnes mgr., 171 Railroad av cor W Gray

Lewis James T., teamster, h 759 E Washington av

Lewis John L., carpenter, h 211 Maple

Lewis John L., puddler, h 713 Walnut

Lewis John T., h 459 W 3rd

Lewis Joseph, peddler, h 769 John

Lewis Kelsey B., laborer, h 53 First av

Lewis Lorenzo D., carpenter, h 509 W 3rd

Lewis Maggie, dressmaker, bds 910 Magee

Lewis Margaret, bds 459 W 3rd

Lewis Marks J., trav agt., bds 769 John

Lewis Nelson, trav salesman, h 162 W 2nd

Lewis Nelson H., carpenter, h 711 Harper

Lewis Obadiah, clerk 323 E Water, h 817 E 2nd

Lewis Phoebe, widow Simon, bds 829 E 2nd

Lewis Thomas L., salesman 148 W Water, bds 202 Harmon

Lewis Valentine A., principal graded school also grocer, Southport Corners, h do

Lewis William A., carpenter, h 952 Oak

Lewis William J., carpenter, bds 151 Franklin

Lewis William J., laborer, h 905 Benton

Libolt Abraham M., cabinetmaker, h 855 E Market

Libolt Cora M., saleslady 134 W Water, bds 855 E Market

Libolt Elma Miss, bds 855 Market

Libolt George H., clerk, bds 118 Ferris

Libolt William S., cabinetmaker, h 118 Ferris

Lichtman Samuel, peddler, h 550 E 2nd

Liddy Kate, domestic 414 Lake

Liddy Martin, painter, bds 214 Fulton

Liddy Michael, saloon W Hudson cor S Main, h 214 Fulton

Liddy Michael, puddler, h 806 Oak

Liddy Michael J., clerk 121 S Main, bds 214 Fulton

Lihss Ambrose, laborer, h Robinson n Esty

Lillie Ronald McDonald, salesman, bds 357 Elm

Lillie John, shoemaker, h 703 Railroad av

Lillis Maggie, nurse 211 Penna av

Lillis Mary, domestic 224 W 1st

Linberger Adolph, butcher, h Mt Zoar n limits

Lincoln Ellen, widow Robert, h 655 Lake

Lincoln Fred J., coach cleaner, bds 655 Lake

Linderman Ira M., blacksmith, h 153 Fox

Lindly F. C., brakeman, h 310 S Main

Lindsey Edenezer S., h 663 Baldwin

Lindsey Edward, brakeman, h E 7th n Canal

Lindsey Lewis, fireman, h 153 Lake

Lindsey William, teamster, bds 663 Baldwin

Lindsley Robert H., carpenter, bds 315 Mt Zoar

Lingle Benjamin F., machinist, h 414 S Main

Lingle Joseph F., machinist, h 451 Penna av

Lingle Lorenzo, machinist, h 217 South av

Link William, mechanic, h 304 E Water

Linneen Ellen, widow Peter, bds 439 W 4th

Linneen Michael, mason, bds 439 W 4th

Linneen Patrick C., mason, h 439 W 4th

Lipincott Charles, conductor, h 1205 Hall

Lipshitz Louis, grocer 751 John, h do

Liptz Joseph, (Rosenzwig & Liptz), h 703 E Water

Litch Benjamin, mngr Domestic Laundry 146 W Water, h do

Litey Clara I. Mrs., h 211 W 3rd

Little Ellen, widow William G., h 131 W Water

LITTLE LEVI D., Chief of Ploice, City Hall, h115Madison av

Livingston Bertha Mrs., h 139 W Water

Livingston Theola E., shoemaker, h E 2nd cor Oak

Lloyd Charles, teamster, bds 314 Reformatory

Lloyd Reese, roller, h 857 Magee

Lobdell Fred N., meat market 609 E Market, h 805 do

Lobdell Philip F., butcher, h 313 Orchard

Lockard Edward E., brakeman, bds 1317 Benton

Locke John B., h 405 Lake

Lockwood Abbie, seamstress, bds 630 William

Lockwood Electa, widow John, h 630 William

Lockwood George N., brakeman, h 1317 Maxwell av

Lockwood George W., tinsmith, h 357 W 2nd

Lockwood Gideon, laborer, h 156 Washington

Lockwood James E., yard foreman rolling mill, h 411 Standish

Lockwood Jennie B., dressmaker, bds 630 William

Lockwood Louisa, widow Nathaniel, h 357 W 2nd

Lockwood Louisa W., saleslady 128 W Water, bds 156 Washington

Lockwood Mat, property maker (theatres_ 22 Opera Block 158 Lake, h 630 William

Lockwood Nellie, saleslady 128 W Water, bds 156 Washington

Lodine George, laborer, h 712 E Oak

Loeskia Bvelli, laborer, h 668 Baldwin

Logan Catherine Mrs., h W Clinton cor Park pl

Logan Ira C., h Walnut cor W Clinton

LOGAN JOHN S., engineer, h 420 Jefferson

Logan Thomas, farmer, h Kinyon cor Penna av

Loggie Albert G., gen’l store 616 S Main, h do

Loggie John H., engineer Erie repair shop, h 209 W 3rd

Loggie John R.,jr., h 156 W Clinton

Loghry Harvey W., ( I. Loghry & Co.) h 106 W 4th

Loghry Isaac ( I. Loghry & Co.) h 511 W 1st

Loghry I. & Co. (Harvey W. Loghry) coal and wood 627 Railroad av

Loghry James H., laborer, h 440 W 4th

Londergan Daniel, laborer, h 605 W 1st

Lonergan James, master mechanic, h 1101 Benton

Lonergan John F., fireman, bds 1101 Benton

Lonergan Morris, gardener, h Jones bel Robinson

Lonergan Patrick, helper, h 456 W 2nd

Long Charles R., clerk, bds 108 Washington

Long John, plumber, bds 722 Oak

Long Mary Jane, laundress, h 708 Oak

Long Mary Anna, widow Richard, h 108 Washington

Long Nancy, widow Daniel, laundress, h 708 Oak

Long William, engineer, h 361 E 5th

Longcoy Abbie, widow Enos, h 311 W 5th

Longstreet Marshall N., clerk 114 Baldwin, bds 113 College av

LONGSTREET WILLIAM H., pianos, organs and sheet music, also bicycles 114 Baldwin and 304 Carroll, h 113 College av

LOOMIS & CHUBBUCK (Edward A. Loomis), coal and wood, 354 Penna av

Loomis Edward A. (Loomis & Chubbuck), h 5 Aspen Ridge

Loomis Eliza A., widow Seth, carpet weaver, h 1018 Lake

LOOMIS & GATES, (W.C Loomis and H.P. Gates), hardware, stoves and tinware 126 W Water

Loomis William C., (Loomis & Gates), bds 417 E Market

Looney Frank, switchman, bds 519 Mt Zoar

Looney Mary, widow Michael, h 519 Mt Zoar

Loonie Jeremiah J., stone mason, h 923 Lake

Loop George, nurse, h 316 High

Loop Hannah M Mrs., h 569 E Water

Loop Horace W., slater, h 859 John

Loop James W., h 505 S Broadway

Loop John B., laborer, bds 569 E Water

Loop Samuel H., shoemaker, h 624 Baldwin

Loop William A., shoemaker, h 727 W 1st

Lorch David, machinist, h 131 W Henry

Lord Willard J., conductor, h 653 ½ Lake

Lorden Michael, gardener, h 102 Chestnut

Loring Fannie, widow J. H., h 318 W Water

Loring Henry R., h 318 W Water

Lormore Hugh R., tinsmith, h 223 Gregg

Lormore William J., h 456 Sullivan

Lormore William J. jr., clerk, bds 456 Sullivan

Losey Amos, h 715 John

Losey Hathaway, teamster, h 309 Tuttle av

Losey Marion P., teamster, h r 101 E Henry

Losie Arthur T., (Losie Bros.), bds 1209 Maxwell av

Losie Bros., (C. B. and A. T.) contractors for plain and ornamental slate roofing 201 E Market

Losie Chauncey B., (Losie Bros.) h Harmon cor W Hudson

Losie Craig S., clerk, bds 1209 Maxwell av

Losie Elmira E., teacher No 1 school, bds 1105 Benton

Losie Herbert, brakeman, bds 1105 Benton

Losie Jane, widow Abram, bds 1209 Maxwell av

LOSIE JOHN M., manager Losie’s Business Agency 202 Baldwin, h 1105 Benton

Losie Mary, domestic 454 W Water

LOSIE THOMAS M., com dealer in slate and roofing materials E Market cor State, h 1209 Maxwell av

LOSIE’S GENERAL BUSINESS AGENCY, real estate, employment and insurance 202 Baldwin

Lossiom Augusta, domestic 651 College av

Lougher David, laborer, bds 910 Main

Lougher William, rougher, h 910 Main

Loughhead William H., pianomaker,h 105 W Hudson

Loughhead William H.jr., artist, bds 105 W Hudson

Loughlin James F., hostler, rooms 424 W Water

Loughridge Robert A., fireman. H 424 W 3rd

Loushay Adelbert E., brakeman, bds 209 W South av

Loushay Julia, widow Henry, h 209 W South av

Love Charles E., clerk 133 E Water, h 719 Park pl

Love C. E.Mrs., boarding house 719 Park pl

Love James, h 203 S Elm

Love John, 208 Madison av

Love Willmina, widow Matthew, bds S Elm cor James pl

Lovejoy Robert H., bds 628 E Church

Lovell Amos B., h 410 Elm

Lovell Harrison T., engineer rolling mill, h 308 E Clinton

Lovell Herbert M., principal Elmira Free Academy, h 527 William

Lovell Hiram A., clerk 405 Davis, bds 410 Elm

Lovell Romain C., plumber, h 120 Brand

Lovell William E., laborer, h 1312 Benton

Lovell William H., tobacco buyer, h 706 W Water

Lovett Cyrus B., janitor supt’s office N C R R , h 111 W 5th

Lovett Wilson, h 105 W 5th

Lowe Caroline F., h 126 Main

Lowe Jemima, domestic 399 W Water

Lowe Lewis S., engineer, h 1215 Maxwell av

Lowenberg Herman, glazier, h 206 Orchard

Lowitz Hyman, peddler, h 160 Orchard

Lowman Jefferson S., jeweler, h 315 E Water

LOWMAN & JOHNSON (L.L.L. and J.R.J.), meat market, 62 Penna av

Lowman Lillian R., teacher stenography, bds 310 Penna av

Lowman Lyman L., (Lowman & Johnson), h Fitch n Walnut

Lown Eugene A., shoemaker, bds 108 W Hudson

Lown Joseph E., clerk, bds 108 W Hudson

Lown William, shoemaker 118 S Main, h 108 W Hudson

Lowry Frank, engineer, bds 451 Penna av

Lowry James L., carpenter, h 206 My Zoar

Lucas Uri, laborer, h 520 Baldwin

Luce James R., bds 221 Mt Zoar

Luce Niles D., artist, h 423 W Water

Luchkoski Max, cigarmaker, h 559 E 2nd

Luckey Eugene L., salesman Singer Manuf Co., h 219 Caldwell av

Lucy Celia C., domestic 125 E Chemung pl

Lucy Daniel J., mason, h 813 John

Lucy John M., milkman, h 555 Lake

Lucy Julia, dressmaker, bds 227 Franklin

Lucy Mary Ann, housekeeper 224 Franklin

Lucy Thomas F., physician 215 Mt Zoar, h do

Lucy Timothy F., engine wiper, h 807 John

Ludlow Harvey E., book-keeper 354 State, h 110 W Church

Ludlow Orville, clerk 151 W Clinton

Lumbard Azro C., printer, bds 520 Balsam

Lumbard James M., compositor, h 505 ½ Sullivan

Lundergan Agnes M., domestic 509 Walnut

Lundergan Daniel, laborer, h 605 W 1st

Lundergan Garrett, saloon 963 Main, h do

Lundergan John, h 209 Park

Lundergan John, helper, h 217 Park

Lundergan John jr., helper, bds 217 Park

Lundergan Nellie, domestic 110 Walnut

Lundy Charles T., conductor, h 519 Jefferson

Lunn Caroline E., bds 355 W Gray

Lunn John W., jobber in cigars and tobacco 113 W Water, h 385 do

Lunner William G., farmer, h 603 Howard

Lunner William H., farmer, bds 603 Howard

Lupton Charles F., carpenter, bds 447 W 5th

Lupton Henry ( Lupton & Brooks) h 447 W 5th

Lupton & Brooks, contractors and builders 310 State

Lupton Wilbur W., carpenter, bds 447 W 5th

Luqueer Margaret P.H., widow John, bds 320 Lake

Lush Louisa L., widow Thomas H., h 307 Fulton

Lute Joseph, butcher, bds 860 Magee

Lutz Fred, painter, bds 860 Magee

Lutz John P., shoemaker, bds 860 Magee

Lutz Louis, butcher 409 Railroad av, h 860 Magee

Lutz Louise, domestic r 216 Penna av

Lutz Nicholas, machinist, bds 55 S Main

Lutz Nicholas, clerk, bds 860 Magee

Lux Dora, widow George F., h 757 E Water

Lydon Margaret MRs., h 403 Walnut

Lydon Michael H., shoemaker, bds 403 Walnut

Lynch Bartholomew, laborer, bds 552 S Main

Lynch Catherine, widow John, h 812 Magee

Lynch Catherine Mrs., grocer 710 Davis, h 712 do

Lynch Daniel, policeman, h 420 S Main

Lynch Dennis, laborer, h 163 E Washington av

Lynch Edward, undertaker 418 Carroll, h 612 John

Lynch James H., foreman, bds 552 S Main

Lynch Jenny, tailoress, bds 106 W 2nd

Lynch Jeremiah, laborer, h 309 Norton

Lynch John, shoemaker, h 700 Jay

Lynch John, helper, bds 730 Hatch

Lynch John F., telegrapher, bds 552 S Main

LYNCH JOHN M., prop Troy House 419 Railroad av, h do

Lynch Kate, cook 374 W Church

Lynch Lillian, compositor Gazette, bds 111 Madison av

Lynch Maggie, domestic 318 W Gray

Lynch Maggie, domestic 410 S Main

Lynch Maggie C., bds 712 Davis

Lynch Margaret, bds 552 S Main

Lynch Margaret, widow Thomas, h 552 S Main

Lynch Martin, stonecutter, h 712 Davis

Lynch Martin, laborer, h 215 Gorman

Lynch Mary, dressmaker, bds 812 Magee

Lynch Mary, cook 110 Lake

Lynch Mary, domestic 300 W Church

Lynch Mary L., bds 552 S Main

Lynch Mary, widow James, bds 700 Jay

Lynch Michael, fireman, bds 724 S Main

Lynch Michael, laborer, bds 812 Magee

Lynch Michael, flagman, h E South av n Maple av

Lynch Michael C., bds 712 Davis

Lynch Nellie A., teacher, bds 215 Gorman

Lynch Nora, domestic 300 W Church

Lynch Nora, widow Thomas, h W s New n Reformatory

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 406 W 6th

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h 101 Park

Lynch Patrick, bds 807 Magee

Lynch Pierce J., engineer and surveyor 218 E Water, h 615 Magee

Lynch Thomas, fireman, bds 552 S Main

Lynch Thomas, laborer, h 101 Park

Lynch Thomas F., mason, h 606 John

Lynch Timothy, flagman, h 318 E Washington av

Lynch Walter, laborer, bds New n Reformatory

Lynn George, boiler tender, h 221 Park

Lyon Albert M., gardener, bds 602 Perine

Lyon Charles E., brakeman, bds 656 Lake

Lyon Cyrus B., h 602 Perine

Lyon Emiline, widow Z.W., bds 955 Walnut

LYON FRANK E., horseshoer 160 Exchange pl, h 210 Dewitt

Lyon Frank E.,clerk Southport Corners, h do

Lyon Frank M., operative, bds 118 E Hudson

Lyon Hannah, domestic 51 S Main

Lyon Harriet E., tailoress, bds 118 E Hudson

Lyon Louisa L., h 602 Perine

Lyon Platt, machinist, bds 156 W 3rd

Lyon Silas B., h 602 Perine

Lyons Abbie, domestic 357 Spaulding

Lyons Elmer E.,machinist, bds 110 Main

Lyons James, conductor, bds 307 E Church

Lyons Jennie, domestic 410 Maple av

Lyons John, laborer, bds 105 E 1st

Lyons Mary, widow John,h Erie n South av

Lyons Mary A., dressmaker, bds Erie n South av

Lyons Peter, saloon 427 Railroad av, bds Sherman House

Lyons Thomas, laborer, bds Erie n South av

Lyons William, laborerm bds 105 E 1st.