Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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PAGE 238


Kaczmarowski, Michael, shoemaker 310 E Clinton, h do

Kahl, John, cabinetmaker, h 601 E Water

Kahl, Oscar J., upholsterer, h 104 High

Kahley, Nathaniel H., train agt N C R R, h 357 W Clinton

Kahn, Morris, salesman 139 E Water, bds 110 Madison av

Kaier, Andrdw, bds 320 Orchard

Kaier, Edward, grocer 561 E 2d, h do

Kain, Mary, widow Martin, h 722 Davis

Kain, Thomas, teamster, bds 722 Davis

Kaine see Kane, Cain and Cane

Kakritz, Amelia, domestic 404 Madison av

KAMMERER, WILLIAM REV., pastor German Evangelical Church, h 507 E Church

Kane, Bridget, domestic Delavan House

Kane, Catherine, widow Joseph, h 518 S Broadway

Kane, Cornelius, car inspector, bds 518 S Broadway

Kane, Daniel, boilermaker, bds 518 S Broadway

Kane, Daniel, tanner, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Dennis R., tanner, h 106 Spring

Kane, Edward M., agent, bds 722 Davis

Kane, James jr., Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, bds 457 Penna av

Kane, James, laborer, h 457 Penna av

Kane, James, laborer, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Jeremiah, tobacconist, bds 63 Washington

Kane, Julia, domestic 209 W Hudson

Kane, Kate, domestic 209 W Hudson

Kane, Katie, waitress 359 Main

Kane, Katie, domestic 500 Baldwin

Kane, Katie, tailoress, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 261 W Chemung pl

Kane, Mamie, seamstress, bds 63 Washington

Kane, Margaret, widow Morris, h 63 Washington

Kane, Mary, dressmaker, bds 518 S Broadway

Kane, Mary, widow Cornelius, h 106 Spring

Kane, Mary Ellen, dressmaker, bds 518 S Broadway

Kane, Michael, engineer, bds 372 Diven av

Kane, Michael, fireman, h 307 Diven av

Kane, Michael, brakeman, bds 307 Diven av

Kane, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 106 Spring

Kane, Norah, domestic 115 E Chemung pl

Kane, Patrick, car repairer, h 1122 Main

Kane, Patrick, laborer, h 213 Judson

Kane, Patrick ( Byrne & Kane ), h 209 Washington

PAGE 239

Kane, Peter, laborer, bds 213 Judson

Kane, Simon, laborer, h 1011 Main

Kane, Thomas, laborer, h 715 Day

Kane, Thomas, sash and blindmaker, bds 213 Judson

Kane, Wm., laborer, bds 309 W 2d

Kane see also Cain

Kanfelt, Phillip M., engineer, h 830 W Church

Kasmaraski, Bert, operator W U Tel Co, bds 310 E Clinton

Kasson, Livingston, machinist, bds 105 W Chemung pl

Katz, Markus, peddler, h 106 Washington

Katzmaier, John, machinist, h 252 South av

Kauffman, Wm. S., salesman, h 111 College av

Kavanagh, Andrew J., laborer, bds Park av cor College av

Kavanagh, James, bartender 132 E Water, bds Park av cor College av

Kavanagh, Martin, saloon 722 1/2 Oak, h 722 Oak

Kavin, Edward Mrs., domestic 211 Lake

Kavin, Michael, laborer, h 607 S Main

Kazmorueski, Michael, shoemaker 303 E Clinton, h do

Kealson, W., h 52 Washington

Keane, Mary, domestic 121 E Hudson

Keanle, A., h 211 Judson

Kearney, Martin, laborer, h 257 W Henry

Kearney, Mary, widow Martin, bds 257 W Henry

Kearns, Thomas H., mason, h 213 Mt Zoar

Keating, Bridget, widow Stephen, h 719 S Main

Keating, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 719 S Main

Keating, Patrick, conductor, bds 719 S Main

Keating, Thomas Mrs., h Junction cor Home

Keavin, John, truck builder, h 255 W Henry

Keavin, Martin, laborer, h r 808 S Main

Keavin, Michael, moulder, h 255 W Henry

Keck, Jacob S., boilermaker, h 122 S Main

Keck, Solomon G., foreman, h 528 Penna av

Keefe, Bridget, domestic 650 E Church

Keefe, Charles, switchman, h 729 Casey

Keefe, Daniel, machinist, h 515 Penna av

Keefe, Ellen Mrs., laundress 663 Magee

Keefe, James, laborer, h 801 Hatch

Keefe, Jeremiah, grocer 610 S Main, h 118 W South av

Keefe, John, fireman, bds 118 W South av

Keefe, John, laborer, h Main cor Centre

Keefe, John, laborer, bds 801 Hatch

Keefe, John, clerk, bds 118 W South av

Keefe, Joseph, brakeman, bds 302 E Washington av

PAGE 240

Keefe, Margaret, domestic 356 W Water

Keefe, Michael, engineer h 103 Stephens la

Keefe, Nellie, cook 359 W Church

Keefe, Patrick, h 105 S 2d

Keefe, Thomas jr., clerk 610 S Main, bds 118 W South av

Keefe, Thomas, engine hostler, bds 724 S Main

Keefe, Thomas W., conductor D L & W R R, bds 926 Maxwell av

Keeffee, Annie, dressmaker, bds 360 W 5th

Keeffe, Arthur, hostler, bds 360 W 5th

Keeffe, Daniel J., fireman, bds 360 W 5th

Keeffe, John, tallyman L V R R, bds 360 W 5th

Keeffe, Mary, widow Arthur, h 360 W 5th

Keene, Henry L., fgt agt E C & N R R, h 657 Davis

Keene, James T., tailor, rooms 102 Lake

Keener, Benjamin F., conductor L V R R, bds Frazier House

Keener, James P., foreman, h 393 W Water

Keeton, Frank A., fruit 167 Baldwin, h 368 W 1st

Keigler, Mary, domestic 312 William

Keilson, W., peddler, h 714 John

KEITH, CHARLES S., propr Troy Steam Laundry 159 Baldwin, h do

Kell, John, machinist, h 201 Railroad av

Keller, Fred, tobacco assorter, h 755 Day

Keller, William, moulder, h 514 High

Keller, William, saloon 408 E Water, h do

Kellogg, Eli A., ins agt, h 433 S Elm

Kellogg, Ellen J., widow Seth W., h 321 W Washington av

Kellogg, Nettie M., teacher, bds 321 W Washington av

Kelly, Albert F., clerk 110 Baldwin, h 356 Columbia

Kelly, Anna J., bds 356 Columbia

Kelly, Benjamin, painter, bds 500 Oak

Kelly, Clara, widow Charles, bds 373 W Gray

Kelly, Daniel, tinsmith, bds 114 Washington

Kelly, Delia, domestic 117 Madison av

Kelly, E., drayman, bds Buckbee House

Kelly, Fannie, widow John, h Fulton cor S Elm

Kelly, George, bds 206 Madison av

Kelly, George H., house and sign painter also paper hanger 130 W Water, h 607 Main

Kelly, Harry E., moulder, bds 532 Penna av

Kelly, James, policeman, h 751 Walnut

Kelly, Jeannette E., widow Luther, h 356 Columbia

Kelly, Johanna, widow Seth, h 106 W Market

Kelly, John, laborer, bds 855 E Church

Kelly, John, doormaker, bds r 806 Magee

Kelly, John, brakeman, bds 919 Benton

PAGE 241

Kelly, John, policeman, h 805 Johnson

Kelly, John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Kelly, John, bolt cutter, h 522 Penna av

Kelly, John A., janitor, h 408 E Washington av

Kelly, John G., shoemaker, h 402 S Broadway

Kelly, John H., shoemaker, bds 402 S Broadway

Kelly, John W., salesman 329 E Water, h 111 W Gray

Kelly, Joseph J., car inspector, h 366 W 6th

Kelly, Margaret, widow Martin, h 806 Magee

Kelly, Martin, doormaker, bds 806 Magee

Kelly, Mary Ann, tailoress, bds 114 Washington

Kelly, Michael, laborer, h Coburn cor Pine

Kelly, Michael, moulder, h 114 Washington

Kelly, Michael A., salesman 329 E Water, bds 408 E Washington av

Kelly, Michael J., engineer, h 1211 Hall

Kelly, Michael J., tobacconist, bds 114 Washington

Kelly, Patrick, laborer, bds 315 Hathaway

Kelly, Simon, teamster, h r 806 Magee

Kelly, Thomas D., engineer, h 1217 Benton

Kelly, Thomas F., salesman 329 E Water, bds 408 E Washington av

Kelly, Wilfred, printer, bds 512 DeWitt

Kelly, William, clerk, bds 408 E Washington av

Kelly, William D., pres Bituminous Coal Co, h 375 W Church

Kelly, William E., clerk, bds 664 Dickinson

Kelly, Christopher G., shoemaker 321 E Water, h 217 High

Kemp, Mary E., widow Samuel, h 138 E Chemung pl

Kemp, Thomas C. G., stenographer, bds 217 High

Kemp, William E. V., telegraph operator, bds 217 High

Kenally, John, h 363 W Clinton

Kenally, Mattie, bds 363 W Clinton

Kendall, Horace S., conductor, h 450 South av

Kendrick, John, puddler, bds 152 W Washington av

Kendrick, Michael, wiper, bds 152 W Washington av

Kendrick, Michael, laborer, h 152 W Washington av

Kennedy, Bridget, widow Michael, bds 919 Benton

Kennedy, Edward, police sergeant, h 1045 Walnut

Kennedy, Ellen, tailoress, bds 605 Jay

KENNEDY, ISAAC, catarrh and pile remedies, bds Everett House

Kennedy, John W., restaurant Erie depot, rooms 617 Magee

Kennedy, Mary, domestic 408 William

Kennedy, Mary, widow James, h 605 Jay

KENNEDY, MICHAEL A., bottler 219 W Water, h 158 Washington

Kennedy, Patrick, laborer, h 658 Magee

Kennedy, Stephen, athlete, bds 658 Magee

PAGE 242

Kennedy, William H., driver, h Home n Erie

Kenney, Bridget, widow James, h 551 E 3d

Kenney, Frank B., draughtsman, bds 393 W Water

Kenney, Mary, bds 513 E 3d

KENNING, CHARLES W., manager Elmira Stove Store 116 Lake, h 650 E Market

Kent, Arthur, clerk, bds 361 Columbia

Kent, Augustus P., painter, h 361 Columbia

Kent, C. A., salesman, bds 361 Columbia

Kent, George B. ( Kent & Miller ), res Syracuse N Y

Kent, Horace M., clothier 133 E Water, h 403 W Water

Kent, James O., carpenter, h 713 W Water

Kent, John, mason, h 808 E Market

Kent, Margaret, widow Phineas L., h 361 Columbia

Kent & Miller ( G. B. K. and R. V. M. ), W. H. Moody, mngr, clothiers 133 E Water

Kent, Ralph, bds 361 Columbia

Kenyon, Emma, dressmaker, h 402 E Water

Keonig, John, blacksmith, bds 50 Orchard

Keough, Charles, bartender, h 103 W 1st

Keough, John, saloon 315 Railroad av, h do

Keough, Patrick, shoemaker, h 104 W Church

Ker, Melville, clerk 126 W Water, bds 109 Grove

Ker, Richard, dentist 209 W Water, h 109 Grove

Kerff, Gertrude, domestic 803 E Church

Kerns, Emma, saloon 327 Railroad av, h do

Kerr, Joseph G., foreman Reformatory, h W 4th cor Walnut

Kerwin, Kate, domestic 511 W Water

Kerwin, Mary, domestic 360 W 1st

Ketcham, Edward C., carpenter, h 375 W Gray

Ketcham, Jonas S., carpenter, h 710 John

Ketley, Charles H., book-keeper 111 E Water, h 114 E Chemung pl

PAGE 243

Ketter, John, grocer 351 E 5th, h 718 Dickinson

Ketts, E. G., clerk, rooms 6 Pagett block

Kickbush, Mary, widow John, h 220 John

Kidder, Louisa, widow Alonzo, h 57 Orchard

Kieffer, Leo, cooper, h 709 John

Kienley, Andrew, moulder, h 209 Judson

Kies, Fred W., book-binder, ruler and blank-book manuf 106 Lake, h 119 Madison av

Kies, Jennie L., bds 650 E Church

KIES, LOUIS, foreman Advertiser bindery, h 650 E Church

Kilburn, Kate, artist 317 E Water, bds 415 Main

Kilkelly, James, conductor N C R R, h 109 1/2 S 2d

Killea, Patrick, engineer, h 1206 Hall

Kilmartin, John H., salesman, bds American Hotel

Kilmartin, Patrick, painter, bds American Hotel

Kilmer, Charles, blacksmith, h 518 Madison av

Kilmer, Frederick, driver, bds 72 Penna av

Kilmer, Harry L., clerk, bds 208 Fulton

Kilmer, John F., night watchman, h 208 Fulton

Kimball, Carrie P., book-keeper, bds 367 W Water

Kimball, David, laborer, h 653 Baldwin

Kimball, John H., trav agt, h 367 W Water

Kimball, Noah H., shipping clerk, h 207 Horner

Kimmes, Philip, painter, h 214 W Hudson

King, Charles C., helper, bds 257 Baty

King, C. H., boot and shoe manufacturer, h 412 W Gray

King, Edward J. ( William King & Son ), bds 208 College av

King, Enos, boot and shoe manuf, h 412 W Gray

King, Frank L., engineer, h 160 W 5th

King, Fred H., shoemaker, bds 412 W Gray

King, George E., clerk 159 R R av

King, John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

King, Joseph, shoemaker, h 50 Washington

King, Joseph N., brakeman N C R R, h Junction n Home

King, Julia, domestic 713 Main

King, Mary Mrs., bds 621 W Water

KING, RUFUS, lawyer and negotiator of real estate mortgage loans 306 E Water, bds 417 E Market

King, Theron, harnessmaker and carriage trimmer, h 107 W 2d

King, T. I. Mrs., dressmaker 414 College av

King, William ( William King & Son ), h 208 College av

King, William E., livery stable 108 W 4th, h 210 College av

King, William & Son, ( Edward J. ), organ builders, 208 College av

Kingsbury, Ella L., artist, bds 406 W Gray

Kingsbury, Emily, widow George, h 430 W 5th

PAGE 244

Kingsbury, George, painter, h E s Davis n Reformatory

Kingsbury, George W., tinsmith, h 110 W Market

Kingsbury, Henry F., trav salesman, h 221 W Chemung pl

Kingsbury, Lucius Seely, grocer 110 Main, h 368 W Gray

Kingsbury, Mary A., operative, bds 430 W 5th

Kingsbury, Mrs. H. F. ( Kingsbury & Squires ), h 221 W Chemung pl

Kingsbury & Squires ( H. F. Kingsbury and A. E. Squires ), fancy goods 112 S Main

Kingsbury, Oliver C., produce merchant, h 406 W Gray

Kingsbury, William A., city assessor, bds Exchange Hotel

Kingsley, Andrew, wagonmaker, h 351 Washington

Kingsley, Ellen B., teacher school No. 4, bds 321 Washington

Kingsley, Sandy, h 668 Baldwin

Kingsman, George, brakeman, bds 400 Penna av

Kingston, George, laborer, h 826 Lincoln

Kingston, John, coachman 221 Lake

Kingston, Samuel, hostler, h 319 River

Kinkade, Angelo, carpenter, h 407 Grove

Kinnear, James M., clerk, h 622 W Water

Kinner, Guy, bds 416 College av

Kinner, George V., machinist, h 416 College av

Kinney, Daniel H., shoemaker, h 400 Powell

Kinney, Frank, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Kinney, James, bds 551 E 3d

Kinney, John, bds 551 E 3d

Kinney, Maggie, domestic 225 William

Kinney, Patrick, engine hostler N C R R, h n Payne shops

Kinney, Westley, carpenter, h 404 Walnut

Kinsman, Amanda, dressmaker, bds 219 Caldwell av

Kinsman, Anna, domestic 110 College av

Kinsman, Belle, bds 413 Fulton

Kinsman, Emma M., dressmaker, bds 413 Fulton

Kinsman, Mary, domestic 430 Herrick

Kinsman, Merrit D., laborer, bds 422 Fulton

Kinsman, Merritt John, teamster, bds 422 Fulton

Kinyon, Almond C., farmer, h Penna av n Kinyon

Kinyon, Clayton L., contractor, h 520 Balsam

Kinyon, Edith, teacher, bds 424 Herrick

Kinyon, Harrison A., farmer, bds Penna av n Kinyon

Kinyon, William, foreman, h 424 Herrick

Kirch, Barbara, bds 335 Maple av

Kircher, Albert F., barber Delavan House, h 364 W 5th

Kircher, George, barber, bds American Hotel

Kirk, William G., carpenter, h 917 E Church

Kirk, William M., switchman D L & W R R, h 1212 Baldwin

PAGE 245

Kirkland, Elmer, brakeman, h 1007 Pratt

Kirkland, James, painter, h 307 High

Kirkland, Lorenzo, fireman, bds 307 Diven av

Kirtland, Fred, brakeman, bds 375 E Centre

Kitchin, Edward C., salesman 304 E Water, h 827 E 2d

Klapproth, Catharine, widow August, h 162 Lake

KLAPPROTH, CHARLES, saloon 162 Lake, h do

Klein, Charles, laborer, h James pl n S Elm

Klein, Joseph, laborer, h 712 Baldwin

Klein, Margaret Mrs., saloon 523 Baldwin, h do

Klemtz, Karl, laborer, h 756 E Washington av

Kline, Adam, porter, h 214 Harriet

Kline, Charles ( Ross & Kline ), bds 317 W 4th

Kline, Edward S., carpenter, h Southport Corners

Kline, Frederick, engineer, h 211 Gregg

Kline, Katherine, widow John R., h 656 Dickinson

Kline, Peter, laborer, h 702 Dickinson

Kline, Samuel, watchman 127 Judson

Klippenstein, E. C., clerk, bds 812 W Water

Klock, Hiram, clerk, h 901 East av

Klock, Millie A., bds 516 Sullivan

KLOCK, PETER S., mason, h Sullivan cor Harper

Kloeckner, Jacob, tailor 154 Fox, h do

Kluge, Frederick E., tailor, h 59 Orchard

Klugman, F., ironworker, h 114 Spring

Knapp, Burr, shipping clerk 356 State, bds 660 Main

Knapp, Charles G., laborer, h 212 Harmon

Knapp, Charles H., Erie depot watchman, h Park Church Home

Knapp, Daniel P., trav salesman, h 417 Columbia

Knapp, Elmira, widow William B., h 315 W Clinton

Knapp, Estella G., dressmaker, 122 Horner, h do

Knapp, Ford R., teamster, bds 417 Columbia

Knapp, John M., painter, h 211 W 2d

Knapp, Lascar W., teamster, h 216 W Henry

Knapp, Margaret, widow George, seamstress, h 113 E Church

Knapp, Mary, widow, h 906 East av

Knapp, Millicent H., teacher, h 313 Orchard

Knapp, Minnie, saleslady 305 E Water, bds 110 Main

Knapp, Phebe A., milliner, bds 313 Orchard

Knapp, Samuel E., moulder, h 519 Penna av

Knapp, William, moulder, h 517 Penna av

Knapp, William R., painter, h 211 Brand

Knapp, Wilmot E., lawyer 314 E Water, h 114 E Hudson

Knecht, Charles F., machinist, h 212 South av

Knell, Minnie, clerk 120 W Water, bds do

PAGE 246

Knerr, Richard D., brakeman L V R R, bds Blyley House

Knickerbocker, Charles H., hackman, h 154 High

Knickerbocker, Frederick E., hackman, bds 114 Fox

Knickerbocker, James H., livery 115 Fox, h 114 do

Knickerbocker, Louis E., bds 114 Fox

Knickerbocker, Wm. H., bds 114 Fox

Kniffen, Hamilton P., telegrapher, h Southport Corners

Kniffin, Herbert P., U S Ex messenger, h 511 W 2d

Kniffin, Phoebe R. Mrs., h 505 Park pl

Knight, Benjamin F., engineer, h 416 W 4th

Knight, John C., electrician, bds 318 W 3d

Knight, John J., meat market Davis cor W 5th, h 318 W 3d

KNIGHT, MILTON T., mngr Grand Union Tea Co, 140 W Water, bds West End Hotel

Knight, William H., machinist, h Mt Zoar n S Main

Knight, William H., tool maker, h 385 S Main

Knipp, Charles H. ( Moss & Knipp ), h 405 W Clinton

Knipp, John, farmer, bds 405 W Clinton

Knipp, Kittie, bds 405 W Clinton

Knott, Almon A., carpenter, bds 209 Thurston

Knott, Christopher L., carpenter, h 216 W Water

Knott, George E., carpenter, h 209 Thurston

Knott, Robert H., carpenter, h 213 High

Knott, William H., carpenter, h 260 W Henry

KNOUFF, J. MR. & MRS., Syracuse Laundry 107 E 2d, h do

Knowland, Mary S., hairdresser, h 656 Baldwin

Knowland, Stephen, barber 656 Baldwin, h do

Knowles, Marcus C., veterinarian, h 360 W 3d

Knowles, Marcus M., carpenter, h 414 College av

Knowlson, Charles, bds 536 Penna av

Knox, Albert, shoemaker, h 111 Madison av

Knox, Edwin, ins agt, h 432 W 4th

Knox, Morris H., laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Knurr, John V., carpenter, h 621 Lewis

Knurr, John V. jr., boilermaker, bds 621 Lewis

Knurr, Michael F., coppersmith, h 265 Baty

Knurr, William G., boilermaker, bds 621 Lewis

Koch, Adam, boilermaker, h 768 S Main

Koch, Daniel, clerk Elmira House, bds 768 S Main

Koch, Jacob, boilermaker, bds 768 S Main

Koch, William, laborer, bds 768 S Main

Koehler, John, shoemaker, h 757 E Water

KOLB, BALDWIN, h 118 College av

KOLB, JACOB, prop Exchange Hotel 513 Railroad av, h 616 Main

Konieczny, Adelhidt, domestic 707 Columbia

PAGE 247

Konieczny, Joseph, tailor, h 852 John

Koon, Byron A., brakeman, h 1316 Lake

Koon, C. M., clerk Wyckoff House, bds do

Koon, Isaac P., carpenter, h 407 W Church

Koop, Charles, shoemaker 525 E Union, h 963 East av

Koop, Emma, domestic 515 William

Koop, Henry, laborer, W 3d n limits

Koop, William J., ironworker, h 527 E Union

Korolowich, Antony, laborer, h 609 Jay

Koslowski, John, laborer, h 666 Baldwin

Kotz, Marks, peddler, h 106 Washington

Kozlowski, Andrew, saloon also grocer William cor Lake

KRAFT, WILLIAM, merchant tailor 402 E Water, h 320 Orchard

Kranack, George, laborer, h 833 Canal

Krause, George, tailor, h 760 John

Krause see also Crouse

Kraut, Frederic, laborer, h 333 Webber pl

Kreichauf, Ludwig, monitor Reformatory, bds do

Krelie, John, tinsmith, h 75 Penna av

Kresser, Joseph, carpenter, h 718 E Oak

Kreutter, Matthias, cabinetmaker, h 768 E 5th

Kromer, Clinton M., barber 437 Railroad av

Kromer, William, drayman, h 402 E 5th

Krooft, Amos, brakeman, bds 1316 Baldwin

KROWL, ABRAHAM, veterinary surgeon also horseshoer 418 E Market, h 468 E Church

Krowl, Abram J., plumber, bds 468 E Church

Krowl, Charles E., plumber, bds 714 E Oak

Krowl, Edgar E., plumber, bds 468 E Church

Krowl, George W. ( Krowl & LeValley ) , h 218 Orchard

KROWL & LeVALLEY ( George W. Krowl and Fred LeValley ), plumbing, steam and gas fitting 124 Lake

Krug, Albert, musician, bds 376 W Clinton

Kruger, Dora, widow Fred, h 752 E 5th

Krum, Abram P., h 152 W 5th

Krum, Dana L., conductor Erie R R, bds 152 W 5th

Krum, John, bds 209 Madison av

Kulkane, Thomas, laborer, h 922 Maxwell av

Kulp, John, laborer, h 518 Baldwin

Kusconski, John, laborer, h 833 Canal

KUSTER, AUGUST, meat market 724 Lake, bds 851 do

Kuster, Frederick, laborer, bds 51 First av

Kuster, Frederick jr., foreman, h 51 First av

Kuster, John, laborer, h 814 Sullivan

PAGE 248


LaBar, Freeman D., carpenter, h 759 E Church

LaBar, George A., carpenter, h 422 Balsam

LaBurt, Jacob, hairdresser, h 1451 Baldwin

LaCoste, Fred, teacher, bds 168 S Elm

LaCoste, Robert C., upholsterer, h 168 S Elm

LaCreque, Orlando W., fireman, h 323 South av

Lacy, J. W. Rev., bds 711 Dickinson

LaDien, J. Burton, cartman, bds 422 S Broadway

Laduew, James F., cooper, h 505 Sullivan

LaFever, Elsie Mrs., h 211 W Gray

LaFever, Eugene S., carriage painter, h 211 W Gray

LaFrance, Asa W., trav agt, h 116 Caldwell av

LaFRANCE FIRE ENGINE CO. ( The ), manufs steam fire engines and Hayes extension ladder truck, J. T. Rathbun pres, G. M. Diven vice-pres, L. G. Rathbun sec'y, Wm. Falck treas and supt, Junction cor LaFrance

LaFrance, Fred L. coppersmith, bds 464 Spaulding

LaFrance, Lemuel L., ( LaFrance & Wise ), h 115 Catherine

LaFrance, Peter A., painter 103 W Water, h 209 W Hudson

LaFrance, Theresa A., widow Willis, bds 464 Spaulding

LaFrance, Truckson S., master mechanic LaFrance Fire Engine Co, h 464 Spaulding

LaFrance, T. Everett, watchmaker 315 E Water, h 137 E Hudson

LaFRANCE & WISE ( L. L. LaFrance and J. T. Wise ), jewelers and opticians 315 E Water

LaHalle, Louis, moulder, bds W South av n R R

Laidlaw, John, shoemaker, h 217 W Hudson

Laidlaw, John F., plumber and steam fitter, h 117 Horner

Laidlaw, Joseph E., plumber, bds 117 Horner

Laidlaw, Margaret D., artist, bds 117 Horner

Laidlaw, Will W., book-keeper, bds 217 W Hudson

Laing, Eugene, foreman N C shops, h 452 South av

Laing, Oscar, painter, bds 452 South av

Laing, William H., bds 452 South av

Lake, Jud W., supt Smead & Northcott, h 958 Oak

Lally, Norah T., domestic 304 W Church

Lamb, Harvey, conductor, h 353 1/2 W Clinton

Lamb, Mary E. Mrs., h 102 Lake

Lamb, M. G., clerk Adams Ex Co, bds 118 W Henry

Lambert, Charles T., carpenter, h 321 W 1st

Lament, James H., janitor, h 328 S Broadway

Lament, Lewis, collector Singer Mfg Co 101 W Water

Lament, Seth, W., painter, bds 328 S Broadway

PAGE 249

Lamouree, Mary, straw sewer, bds Carr's Corners

Lampkins, Walker H., train disp'r Erie R R, h 710 Park pl

LaMunyan, Arthur M., stonecutter, bds 1314 Lake

LaMunyan, B., salesman, bds 615 W Gray

LaMunyan, Edward, clerk, h 653 E 4th

LaMunyan, Henry J., painter, h 431 Standish

LaMunyan, Philip E., tin peddler, h 1314 Lake

Lande, Theodore, watchmaker and jeweler 402 E Water, h 801 do

Landers, Florence L., bds 105 W Hudson

Landers, Garrett, tailor 118 E Water, h 256 W Hudson

Landers, Margaret Mrs., grocer 256 W Hudson, h do

Landy, Catherine, widow Peter, h 102 E Henry

Landy, William C., student, bds 102 E Henry

Lane, Bartholomew W., clerk, h 1007 College av

Lane, Betsey A. Mrs., h 1004 Oak

Lane, Catherine, widow Patrick, h 430 Standish

Lane, Edward, bds Park Church

Lane, Edward J., switchman, bds 430 Standish

Lane, E. K., bds Park Church

Lane, George, agt, h 259 W Chemung pl

Lane, George Mrs., dressmaker, h 259 W Chemung pl

Lane, James B., janitor Park Church, h do

Lane, John H., millinery and fancy goods Pagett's block 114 Main, h 365 W Gray

Lane, Joseph, brakeman, h 430 Standish

Lane, Katie, domestic 1105 Benton

Lane, Melville H., watchman rolling mill, h 855 Dickinson

Lane, Minnie, domestic 314 W Clinton

Lane, Patrick J., fireman, bds 430 Standish

Lane, Sarah Mrs., bds N s Reformatory n College av

Lane, Thomas, conductor, bds 430 Standish

Lane, Thomas H., carpenter, h W s Hoffman bet W Gray and W Church

Lane, William B., mngr Lane's store, h 365 W Gray

Laney, Richard P. H., trav salesman S. H. Laney, bds 522 William

LANEY, SAMUEL H., manuf tinware and paper, wrapping papers of every description, and wholesale dealer in stamped and Japanned ware, granite and agate iron ware, glassware, crockery, &c., rags, rubber, old iron and metals Market cor William, h 522 William

LANGDON, CHARLES J., pres J. Langdon & Co., incorporated, h 303 Main

LANGDON, J. & CO., incorporated ( C. J. Langdon pres, J. D. F. Slee vice pres, T. W. Crane treas, C. M. Underhill western mangr, C. N. Shipman sec'y ), coal miners and shippers 110 Baldwin