Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Harrington, Lillie, dressmaker, bds 114 W 2d
Harrington, Maggie, domestic 460 Maple av
Harrington, Mary, domestic 215 W Church
Harrington, Michael, blacksmith, h 515 Fulton
Harrington, Norah, domestic 705 Railroad av
Harrington, Peter, laborer, bds 705 Railroad av
Harrington, Phenie, stenographer, bds 114 W 2d
Harrington, Thomas B., laborer, h 927 E Church
Harrington, Thomas E., laborer, bds 511 High
Harris, Abraham (J. Harris & Sons), bds Wyckoff House
Harris, Barney, machinist, h 509 Penna av
Harris, Barney, jeweler, h 817 E Water
Harris, B.W., electrician Elmira Illum'tg Co, bds 262 Baldwin
Harris, Charles, butcher, h Sullivan cor Day
Harris, Charles, teamster, h Day cor Sullivan
Harris, Charles B., book-keeper 116 Baldwin
Harris, Ella E., teacher school No. 5, bds 528 W 1st
Harris, Frank B., clerk, bds 528 W 1st
Harris, George, farmer, h West Hill rd n limits
Harris, G.M. Mrs., h 621 W Gray
Harris, George W., laborer, h 457 Lake av
Harris, Giles M., carpenter, h 528 W 1st
Harris, James, carpenter, h 621 W Gray
Harris, James H., blacksmith, bds 457 Lake av
Harris, Jonas, laborer, bds 457 Lake av
Harris, Joseph (J. Harris & Sons), h Hornellsville, NY
HARRIS, J. & SONS (Joseph, Solomon and Abraham), dry goods 311 E Water
Harris, Justus H. (Harris & McHenry), h 208 W Henry
Harris, Mary, dressmaker, bds 103 W 1st
Harris, Max, trav salesman, h 219 High
Harris, M. Gertrude, bds 528 W 1st
Harris, R. Harvey, clerk, bds 528 W 1st
Harris, Samuel F., pattern maker, h 506 Penna av
Harris, Solomon (J. Harris & Sons), bds Wyckoff House
Harris, William H., porter, room 17 Opera block
HARRIS & McHENRY (J.H. Harris and A. McHenry), manufs and dealers in lumber Penna av cor Erie
Harrison, Charles J., printer, bds 363 Roe av
Harrison, Elisha, tinsmith, h 103 E 1st
Harrison, Hugh, laborer, bds 206 Thurston
Harrison, Hugh P., conductor, h 206 Thurston
Harrison, John, printer, bds 363 Roe av
Harrison, John, lumber Davis cor W 5th, h do
Harrison, J. Harlon, trav agt, h 208 Brand
Harrison, Michael, brakeman, bds 902 Lake
Harrison, Thomas, mason, h 363 Roe av
HARRISON, WILLIAM, grocer 700 E Oak, h do
Hart, A.P., photographer 306 E Water, h r 957 East av
Hart, Amos D., contractor and builder 225 Franklin, h do
Hart, Barbara E., teacher school No. 4, bds 1116 Lake
Hart, Carl W., book-keeper, bds 459 E Market
Hart, Charles, saloon 406 E Water, h 459 E Market
Hart, Charles F. (Hart Brothers), bds 409 Standish
Hart, Charles L., teller Chemung Canal Bank, h 325 W Clinton
HART, ERASTUS P., lawyer 304 E Water, h 321 Madison av
Hart, Esther H., wood engraver, bds 306 E Church
Hart, E. Langdon, lawyer 304 E Water, h 321 Madison av
Hart, Frank B., salesman 311 E Water, bds 308 W Church
Hart, Fred C., book-keeper 139 W Water, h 459 E Market
Hart, Harriet H., widow Erastus L., h 325 W Clinton
Hart, Henry, shoemaker 667 1/2 Lake, h 1116 do
Hart, Ira F., physician 306 E Church, h do
Hart, Jacob, shoemaker 314 E Washington av, h 409 Standish
Hart, James F., machinist, h 211 W South av
Hart, Mary, domestic 108 Columbia
Hart, Mary E., milliner 201 E Water, bds 1116 Lake
Hart, Michael, shoemaker, h 233 Mt Zoar
HART, SOLOMON, baker 107 College av, h do
Hart, Will E., book-keeper Pratt & Co., h 452 Maple av
Hart, Wm. C., train agent, bds 217 W Gray
Hart, William E., h 217 Gray
Hart Bros. (C. F. & W. H.), cigar manufacturers, 850 Lake
Hart, William H. (Hart Brothers), bds 409 Standish
Harter, Lewis, farmer, h Lake N of city limits
Hartigan, Patrick, police captain, h 409 Powell
Hartman, Charles, laborer, bds 514 Perry
Hartman, John, laborer, h 514 Perry
Hartman, Peter, farmer, h 910 Benton
Hartnett, Benjamin, fireman, bds 1008 Lake
Hartnett, Timothy, engineer, h 1008 Lake
Hartney, Mary Mrs., grocer 809 Railroad av, h do
Hartwell, George, clerk, h 913 E Church
Hartwood, J.A., trav salesman J. Richardson & Co, res Washington, Iowa
Harvey, Charles, hostler, bds 230 W Water
Harvey, Jessey W., cigarmaker, bds 609 Lake
Harvey, Louise, bds 371 Thurston
Haskell, Ruth Mrs., h Hoffman N of city limits
Haskett, Thomas, machinist, bds 554 S Main
Haskin, F.B. Mrs., dressmaker 301 E Market, h do
Haskins, Osman, trav salesman, h 1007 Lincoln
Haskins, O. Mrs., regalia manuf 1007 Lincoln, h do
Hassett, Patrick, bottler 809 Magee, h 812 Main
Hassimeier, John, tanner, h 157 Harriet
Hastings, George, overseer Reformatory, bds do
Hastings, Mary A., widow Milo B., h 302 W Water
Hastings, William M., clerk, bds 302 W Water
Hatch, Charlotte B., widow William S., h 365 W 2d
Hatch, William B., upholsterer, h 700 E Market
Hatch, William N., bds 365 W 2d
Hathaway, Helen M., widow Thomas S., h 210 W 1st
Hathorn, Andrew, storage also real estate W 4th cor Railroad av, h 708 Park pl
Hathorn, James P., real estate, h 711 College av
Hathorn, John, clerk, L V R R freight office, h 356 W 6th
Hathorne, John W., farmer, h 1333 College av
Haughtailing, Eugene, laborer, h 215 S Main
Haunstein, Charles, laborer, h 8 South av
Haunstein, Sophia, widow Henry, bds 700 Maple av
Haunstein, Werner, driver, h 215 Harriet
Haupt, Andrew, tailor, h 109 DeWitt
Haupt, Charles A., clerk 206 S Main, h 556 John
Haupt, Henry A., tailor, h 109 DeWitt
Haupt, William, clerk, bds 109 DeWitt
Hause, T.J., peddler, h 215 S Main
Hauser, Christian, cabinetmaker, h 505 Madison av
Hausmeyer, Christian, tanner, h 157 Harriet
Hausner, Myrtle, domestic 511 Lake
Hauver, Charles W., engineer, h 662 Columbia
Havens, Edward J., sawyer, bds 522 W Hudson
Havens, Mary E., h 306 1/2 W Water
Havens, Robert C., sawyer, h 522 W Hudson
Havens, Sarah M. Mrs., boarding house 122 E Chemung pl
Havens, Mrs. Wm. H., h Southport Corners
Haverland, Henry, teamster, bds Elmira House
Haviland, Addison T., h 116 Caldwell av
Haviland, John W., machinist, bds 719 College av
Hawes, Thomas, agent, h 217 S Main
Hawkes, Carlton H. (J. Richardson & Co.), h 317 W Gray
Hawkes, Fritz E., student, bd 317 W Gray
Hawkins, Daniel, salesman 133 E Water, h 608 John
Hawkins, Joseph, laborer, h 612 Baldwin
Hawkins, S.K., foreman Reformatory, rooms 616 Main
Hawkins, William G., laborer, h 245 W Water
Hawks, Nicholas, machinist, h 520 Fulton
Hawley, Hattie A., h 507 Columbia
Hawley, Henry J., fireman, h 628 Winsor av
Hawyer, Walter J., brakeman, h 309 South av
Hay, Ferdinand, fireman, h 205 E Market
Haycook, Catherine Mrs., h r 456 E Water
Hayes, Fred J., printer Gazette, bds 618 1/2 Winsor av
Hayes, Harriet N., widow John C., h 618 1/2 Winsor av
Hayes, Henry O., mason, h 720 W Gray
Hayes, Hugh, fireman, h 419 W 5th
Hayes, James C., engineer, bds 314 Baty
Hayes, Jerry M., brakeman, bds 307 Diven av
Hayes, John, laborer, bds 254 W Hudson
Hayes, Maria, domestic 327 Baldwin
Hayes, Michael, tinsmith, h 717 Davis
Hayes, Michael, brakeman, bds 307 Diven av
Hayes, Patrick, laborer, h 224 W Hudson
Hayes, Thomas, laborer, bds 809 Railroad av
Hayes, Thomas M., carpenter, h 311 Norton
Haylett, Anna, printer, bds 1149 Hoffman
Hayner, Martin M., brakeman, h 1130 Hall
Haynes, Claude S., student, bds 203 W Hudson
Haynes, James A., carpenter, h 601 Hart
Haynes, Sanford D., upholsterer, h 203 W Hudson
Hays, Daniel S., grocer also meat market 360 S Main, h 419 Jefferson
Hayt, Charles D., bds Rathbun House
HAYT, HUGH C., prop Rathbun House 211 E Water
Hayt, Mary A., widow George, bds Rathbun House
Hayton, Daniel T., laborer, h r 109 E Hudson
Hayward, Jayson, conductor D L & W R R, bds 211 Division
Hayward, W.L. brakeman, h 306 Norton
HAZARD, CHARLES (Telegram Company), h 217 W 1st
Hazard, George W., laborer, h 666 Dickinson
HAZARD, JAMES E., agt Wells, Fargo & Co Ex 121 Baldwin, bds 217 W 1st
Hazard, Josiah, clerk rolling mill, h 214 E Water
Hazard, Phoebe, widow James, h 217 W 1st
Hazen, B.E., trav salesman J. Richardson & Co, res N Y city
Healy, Frank, laborer, h 607 Magee
Healy, James A., dispatcher, h 709 1/2 Magee
Healy, Thomas, laborer, bds 510 Perine
Healy see also Haley
Heater, James H., clerk, h 151 Franklin
Heaxt, George W., laborer, bds 562 Coburn
Heaxt, John A., shoemaker, bds 462 Coburn
Hebbe, Julius, brickmaker, h Sullivan n limits
Hedges, Phineas, policeman, h 336 E Water
Heeny, James, mason, h 312 E Washington av
Heffernan, Patrick J., bartender 517 Railroad av, h 206 Madison av
Hehle, Joseph M., tinsmith, h 861 John
HEINE, HENRY, saloon 165 Baldwin, h do
Heine, Henry jr., upholsterer, bds 165 Baldwin
Heine, Herman A., supt Reitenbach Bros & Mink's tannery, h 808 John
Heine, William C., clerk, bds 165 Baldwin
HELDRICH, PHILIPP, physician, office hours 1 to 3 pm, 7 to 9 pm, 272 Baldwin cor Church, h do
Heller, Charles, farmer Bancroft rd n Carr's Corners
Heller, Charles I., carpenter, h 616 Lewis
Heller, David N., student, bds Bancroft rd n Carr's Corners
Heller, George A., train dispatcher Erie R R, h 323 W Clinton
Heller, Horatio, mason, h 611 W Gray
Heller, Michael B, student, bds Bancroft rd n Carr's Corners
Helm, Willis B., h 750 Jay
Helme, Phineas, gardener, h 302 W Clinton
Helmes, William O., laborer, h Tompkins cor Davis
Hemenway, E. Mrs., carpet weaver, h 708 E Clinton
HEMENWAY, GEORGE W., cider mill 505 Mathews, h 303 do
Hemenway, Seth, pumpmaker, h 708 E Clinton
Hendershott, L. F., saleslady, bds 100 Pattinson
Hendershott, William A., conductor, h 100 Pattinson
Henderson, Emmitt, porter Frasier House, h 357 Railroad av
Hendricks, Charles E., agent, bds 1110 Walnut
Hendricks, Joe, painter, bds 402 E Washington av
Hendricks, Orva, agent, h 1110 Walnut
Hendricks, William E., bds 1110 Walnut
Hendy, Jud, bartender 110 Lake, h 53 Penna av
Hendy, Mandane, widow Charles, bds 107 W Hudson
Henigan, James, mason, h 732 Harper
Henigan, Patrick, mason, bds 701 E Clinton
Hennessy, Edward, helper, h 371 W 2d
Hennessy, Ellen, widow William, bds 359 Grove
Hennessy, James, laborer, bds 708 McDonald
Hennessy, John, clerk 414 E Market, bds 717 Columbia
Hennessy, Julia, umbrella manuf 103 W Water, h do
Hennessy, Martin, laborer, bds 708 McDonald
Hennessy, Mary, widow Martin, h 708 McDonald
Hennessy, Michael, fireman, bds 708 McDonald
Henry, John B., laborer, h 1013 Oak
Henry, Mary J., domestic 208 E Church
HENRY, WM. T. REV. D. D., pastor First Baptist Church, h 114 W Gray
Heburn, A. H., clerk Frasier Houes, bds do
Herbert, Catherine, laundress, h 357 W 4th
HERENDEEN, EDWARD G., lawyer 326 E Water, bds 374 W Church
Herman, Mary, widow Edwin, housekeeper E s W Water n Davis
Herman, Ralph, peddler, bds 119 Harriet
Hermans, E. J. Rev., presiding elder M E Church, Elmira Dist, h 703 W Water
Herrick, Benjamin F., carriagemaker, h 204 DeWitt
Herrick, Fred D., book-keeper 334 E Water, bds 420 E Market
Herrick, Ida F., widow Frank, h 811 E Church
Herrick, John, farmer, h 458 Tompkins
Herrick, Whiting M., machinist, n 472 South av
Herrick, Willaim H., blacksmith, h 229 Mt Zoar
Herron, David, lawyer, bds 306 1/2 W Water
Herron, Walter B., tel operator 156 Baldwin, h 306 1/2 W Water
Hersey, Elijah, h 206 Columbia
Hersey, George E., clerk, h 466 W 1st
Hersey, Henry C., bicycle agt, bds 323 W Church
Herwitz, H., peddler, h 106 High
Hess, Charles, laborer, h 500 W Hudson
Hess, John H., carpenter, h 108 W Water
Hess, Oscar E., teamster, h 400 W Hudson
Heuser, George, packer Reformatory, bds do
HEVENER, CARLTON K., grocer 203 E Water, bds 465 do
Hevener, Jacob, grocer 314 E Water, h 465 do
Hewett, Jane E., widow Henry L., bds Rathbun House
Hewitt, Joseph, machinist, bds Scott opp Payne shops
Hewitt, Thomas B., conductor N C R R, h 250 South av
Hey, Frederick, laborer, h 205 E Market
Hibbard, Cassius (Mrs. P. Inscho & Son), h 105 Elm
Hibbard, Cora, bds 615 Park pl
Hibbard, Gardner C., meat market 120 S. Main, h 212 W Chemung pl
Hibbard, Ida M., stenographer, bds 216 W Chemung pl
Hibbard, Maria, widow Thomas, h 722 Columbia
Hibbard, Milan (Chase, Hibbard & Co.), h 660 Park pl
Hibbard, Rachel B., widow Joseph, bds 719 Columbia
Hibbard, Willis E., bds 615 Park pl
Hickey, Anna L., teacher, bds 159 Madison av
Hickey, Fred J., route agent Wells, Fargo & Co Ex, h 869 Magee
Hickey, Hannah, widow Martin, h 103 W Henry
Hickey, John J., bartender 110 Lake, bds do
Hickey, Katie, dressmaker, bds 115 Fulton
Hickey, Maggie, stenographer 210 E Water, bds 103 W Henry
Hicks, Matthew W., asst pr'sm'n Telegram, bds 103 W Henry
Hicks, Clayton, clerk, bds 208 Baldwin
Hicks, David, driver, bds 812 W Water

Elmira City Directory

p. 220

Hicks Frank L (Hicks & Son), bds E Chemung pl

Hicks George W., wholesale liquor dealer 434 Carroll, h Madison av cor E. Market

Hicks James l. (Hicks & Son), h 208 Baldwin

Hicks & Son (James I. & Frank L.), fish, oysters and clams also fruits 155 Baldwin

Hiester William A., civil engineer, h 515 William

Higgins Anna, tailoress, bds 215 Orchard

Higgins Annie E., tailoress, h 337 W 7th

Higgins Henry, brakeman, bds 302 E Washington av

Higgins James, laborer, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins James E., trav agt, h 404 Clinton

Higgins Julia, dressmaker, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins Kate, domestic, 528 W Water

Higgins Martin M., tailor, bds 215 Orchard

Higgins Mary A., teacher, h 718 Baldwin

Higgins Minnie B., housekeeper, 337 W 7th

HIGGINS NORMAN L., h 317 W 1st

Higgins Patrick H., tailor, h 215 Orchard

Higgins Philip, teamster, h E s College van Reformatory

Higgins Susie, domestic, 337 W 7th

Higgins William J., clerk, 106 W Water bds 215 Orchard


Cor. Main and Water Streets.

Higgs Caroline, widow George, h 555 Coburn

Higgs Ella M., dressmaker, bds 555 Coburn

Higgs William J., drayman, bds 555 Coburn

Higley Helen D., stenographer, 212 E Water, bds 208 W Henry

Hildreth Isaac, fireman, h 115 E Henry

Hildreth Nancy, bds 213 Division

Hildreth Paul, fireman, bds 115 E Henry

HILL C. A., veterinary surgeon office Elmira House, h 1007 Sullivan (see adv)

C. A. Hill,

Consulting & Practical Veterinary Surgeon

Formerly of the New York College of Veterinarian Surgeons, and more recently of Oswego, Albany and Cortland, Will treat all curable diseases of Domestic Animals having had 18 years successful practice in the treatment of diseases in their several characters of the equine race.

Can be seen day or night

Consultation free. Office at Elmira House, State St., Res. 1007 Sullivan St

p. 221

Hill Charles, brakeman, bds 1005 Pratt [res Albany NY]

HILL DAVID B. HON., lawyer, also Governor State of N Y

Hill Ella F. Miss, bed 357 College ave

Hill Emma A. Miss, bds 357 College Ave

Hill Freeman R., salesman, h 630 Lewis

Hill George, carpenter, bds Everett House

Hill George, carpenter, bds 203 Horner

Hill George M., printer Telegram, h Fire Dept Headquarters

Hill George W., clerk, 100 Lake, bds 168 E Chemung

Hill George W., shoemaker, 434 Penna ave, bds 630 Lewis

Hill Grace, domestic Home for Aged

Hill J. F., tailor, bds Elmira House

Hill James E., grocer 563 E Church, h do

Hill John, sawyer, h 1005 Pratt

Hill John I., laborer, h 1007 Pratt

Hill John T., manager carpet dept 301 E Water, h 158 S Elm

Hill Julius, brakeman, h 906 Stowell

Hill J. Stewart, druggist also physician 151 Lake, h 121 E Hudson

Hill Kingston, steward, h 600 Baldwin

Hill Leander, carpenter, h 452 Herrick

Hill Lewis, carpenter, h 1007 Sullivan

Hill Lizzie L., bds 630 Lewis

Hill Mary A., widow Charles J., h 711 Benjamin

Hill Mary A., widow James, h 406 Powell

Hill Monroe, foreman, h 604 W Clinton

Hill Oscar, cutter, bds 657 Magee

Hill Robert, foreman, h 619 Davis

Hill Robert N., bds, 158 S Elm

Hill Robert S., laborer, bds 619 Davis

Hill Wm. M., bds Lewis House

Hills Henry, deputy postmaster, h Southport Corners

Hills Martin A., clerk, h 163 Washington

Hillabrant Cora L., teacher school No 4, bds 613 W 4th

Hillabrant H. Medelia Miss, h 652 Park pl

Hillabrant John W., tie inspector, h 514 W Clinton

Hillabrant Kate A., bds 513 W 4th

Hillabrant Melissa J., milliner, bds 513 W 4th

Hille Henry L., doormaker, h 714 Oak

Hillis Frederick, weaver, bds 8196 East av

Hillis William, cloth finisher, h 819 East av

Hillis William jr., laborer, h 815 East av

Hilton Wesley, clerk, bds 409 Pleasant

Hilton W. N., grocer, 1128 Lake, h do

Hinds William, laundryman, h 316 S Main

p. 222

HINES SAMUEL, mgr Blossburg Coal Co, res Scranton, Pa

Hines Samuel J., manager, bds Delavan House

Hinkle Jacob J., h 804 W Gray

Hinkle John M., deputy city chamberlain Masonic Temple, h 804 W Gray

Hinman Anna F., bds 315 Mt Zoar

Hinman Eugene, laborer, bds 75 Penna av

Hinman Guy O., book-keeper, bds 2 Main st bridge

Hinman Jacob, conductor, bds 220 W Gray

Hinman Wm. W., engineer, h 315 Mt Zoar

Hirst W. H., photographer, bds Lewis House

Hisserich George A., shaving parlors 118 E Water, h 803 E Market

Hitchcock Harmon, h 315 Lake

Hite Daniel I., brakeman, bds 362 E 5ths

Hite George W., brakeman, h 362 E 5ths

Hitt Valentine M., baker, h 906 Pratt

Hoagland Burr C., carpenter and builder 426 W 1st , h do

Hoagland Francis, widow Hiram H., bds 118 E Water

Hoagland George W barber h 104 W 6th

Hoagland Harry C., conductor D L & W, bds 265 W Clinton

Hoagland Lyman, carpenter, h 616 Penna av

Hoagland Maggie M., bds 426 W 1st

Hoagland William A., teamster, h Scott opp Payne shops

Hoar Maggie, domestic, Sherman House

Hobbs Emma L., music teacher, bds 216 Penna av

Hobbs Grace E., stenographer, bds 216 Penna av

Hobbs Mable G., bds 216 Penna av

Hobbs Malon E., conductor, h 1314 Benton

Hobbs Oakes P., h 216 Penna av

Hobler Louie A., carpenter, h 315 South

Hocomb George, brakeman, bds 217 W South av

Hodgkins Abel, contractor, h 139 E Hudson

Hodgkins Fred, plumber, bds 139 E Hudson

Hodgson Mary, domestic 517 W Water

Hodgson Matilda domestic 460 W Church

HOFFMAN E M & H N, nursery W Clinton cor Hoffman

Hoffman Edward M. (E. M. & H. N.), h 681 W Clinton

Hoffman Ernest A., farmer, h W s S Broadway beyond limits

Hoffman Fred, hostler, bds 238 W Water

Hoffman George W., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman Harry N. (E. M. & H. N.), bds 603 Hoffman

Hoffman James H., molder, h 319 South av

Hoffman John, brakeman, h 1317 Pratt

Hoffman John, fireman, bds 1317 Pratt

Hoffman William, harnessmaker, bds 132 E Water

Hoftrup Celia, domestic 366 W Gray

p. 233

Hogaboom Clara Mrs., clerk, bds 462 E Church

Hogan Daniel, watchman, h 670 Columbia

Hogan Dennis, laborer, h 813 Railroad av

Hogan James, clerk, bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan James, machinist, h 713 Railroad av

Hogan John, tallyman Erie fgt depot, bds 813 Railroad av

Hogan Kate, h166 DeWitt

Hogan Matthew (Hogan & Callahan), h 156 W Washington av

Hogan Michael, flagman, h 366 Railroad av

Hogan William, h 963 Davis

Hogan William, harnessmaker, bds 713 Railroad av

Hogan & Callahan (M. Hogan & P. Callahan), saloon 129 E Water

Hogencamp George H., carpetweaver 352 Railroad av, h do

Hogencamp M., laborer, h 964 East av

Hogg Charles, engineer, h 120 Horner

Hogg Elizabeth, domestic, 320 Lake

Hogg Frederick L., apprentice, bds 120 Horner

Hogg John, foreman Palmer & Decker, h 456 High

Hogg John jr., tanner, bds 456 High

Hogg William, plumber, bds 456 High

Hohnke Frederick A., laborer, h 132 W Henry

Holbert George R. C., grocer 722 Lake, h do


Holbert Thomas, h 357 W 1st

Holbert William L., printer, h 554 E Church

Holcomb Fred, bds159 Madison av

Holcomb Fred, bathman Water Cure, h 1019 East av

Holcomb Lucy, domestic 500 William

Holcomb Fredinand E., painter, h 509 Jefferson

Holden Edward B., carpenter, h 205 South av

Holden Frank W., brakeman, h 1207 Pratt

Holden George, clerk 315 E Water, bds 395 W Water

Fruit and Ornamental Nursery,

Roses a Specialty, Both Plants and Blooms.

Hardy Shrubs, Trees, Evergreen Hydrangeas

Clematis, Cut Leaf Burch, Etc., Etc.

E. M. & H. N. Hoffman,

603 Hoffman Street, Elmira NY

J. M. Moffett Practical Machinist 312 State Street

p. 224

Holden Hiram B., sign painter, h 407 W 1st

Holden Horace W., druggist 432 Penna av, h W S Broadway S of city limits

Holden Ralph K., decorator, h 200 Chestnut

Holden Theodore, laborer, bds 205 South av

Holdridge Charles H., laborer, h 1020 Tenienti

Holdridge Harrison H., real estate, h 311 Hine

Holiday Byron B. jr, bds 712 Columbia

Holiday Byron B., trav salesman, h 712 Columbia

Holiday George H., whitewasher, h 606 Baldwin

Holiday James G., book-keeper 208 W Water, bds 712 Columbia

Holiday William, teamster, h 520 E 1st

Holland Alfred, driver, h 711 Dickinson

Hollaran James, brakeman, bds 851 Lake

Hollaran James, fireman, 897 Oak

Hollaran Michael, brakeman, bds 851 Lake

Hollaran Michael, car inspector, h 358 W 3rd

Hollaran Thomas, mason, h 441 W 3rd

Hollenbeck Rodolphus, laborer, h 371 W 2d

Holleran Abbie, widow Michael, h 916 Stowell

Holleran Bridget, widow Patrick, bds 419 Davis


Cor, Main and Water Streets.

Holleran Frank, clerk 901 Lake

Holleran James, coachman, bds 710 McDonald

Holleran James, laborer, h 111 Main

Holleran John, painter, h 541 S Main

Holleran John, rolling mill, bds 710 McDonald

Holleran John, hackman, bds 569 E Water

Holleran John, puddler, bds 916 Stowell

Holleran Maria, domestic 407 W Water

Holleran Martin, conductor, h 911 Lake

Holleran Michael, brakeman, h 916 Benton

Holleran Michael, car inspector, h 358 W 3d

Holleran Patrick, laborer, h 710 McDonald

Holleran see Holloran see Hollaran also Halloran

Holley David W., painter, h Benton cor Thurson

Holley Frank C., lineman tel exchange, bds 301 South av

Holley Seth E., baggagemaster, h 301 South av

Hollihan Timothy, laborer, h N s Soper S of limits

Hollis John, laborer, h 621 E 3rd

Hollister Charles H., ins 342 E Water, bds Rathbun House

Hollister George M., blacksmith, h 122 Sullivan

Holloran John, laborer, h W South av bel S Main

Holloran Patrick, laborer, h W South av bel S Main

Holloran see Holleran see Hollaran also Halleran

p. 225

Hollotz Herman, teamster, bds 524 Lake

Holly Martha, widow Henry A., bds 132 E Chemung pl

Holly Robert F., dealer in blooded cattle 102 Lake, rooms 335 E Water

Holmes Charles, laborer, h 518 high

Holmes Charles M., brakeman, bds 225 Mt Zoar

HOLMES CLAY W., manufacturing pharmacist 318 Carroll, h 410 W Clay

Holmes Emma O., boxmaker, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Holmes George M., painter, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Holmes Horace H., spring bed manuf 659 College av, h do

HOLMES LEMUEL T., (Holmes & Thompson) h 318 W Gray

Holmes Lewis, teamster, h 225 Mt Zoar

Holmes Lois W., widow Daniel, bds 410 W Gray

Holmes Mildred H., h 104 W 2d

Holmes Sybil C., widow Alexander, bds 229 Mt Zoar

Holmes Tillie Miss. teacher school No 3, bds 215 Penna av

HOLMES & THOMPSON (L. T. Holmes & N. J. Thompson), wholesale dry goods, hats, caps and notions State cor E Market

Holt Annie M., bds 227 W South av

Holt Edwin C., blacksmith, bds Benton n Thurston

A Fine Line of Wall Paper at Reagan Bros., 211 W Water

Holtzapple Samuel, boilermaker, h 313 South av

Holtzapple Adam G., blacksmith, h 513 Penna av

Holzheimer Louis (Holzheimer & Co.), h 461 E Water

HOLZHEIMER L & CO. (Joseph Wittenberg) clothiers, 141 E Water and 162 Nicks

Holzheimer S. Joseph, clerk 141 E Water, bds 461 do

HOME COMPANY OF NEW YORK CITY, E. B. Turner gen agt 148 W Water (see adv middle lines)

Homer for the Aged Grand Central av n E C &N R R

Homer William H., engineer, h 417 W Clinton

Homer William J., ticker clerk Union depot, bds 417 W Clinton

HOMESTEAD HOTEL F. R. McCoy prop, 425 and 427 E Water

Honeywell E. C., dentist 312 E Water, h do

Honness Ann, bds 353 W Church

Honscheid William, machinist, h 702 Dickinson

Honshine Martin, laborer, h 911 Magee

Hood Bowman O., conductor, h 1208 Hall

Hood Orrin D., brakeman, h 1204 Baldwin

Hooker Edith, laboratory asst, bds 212 W Hudson

Hooker Edson, carpenter, h 212 W Hudson

Hooker Frank R. (Booker & Dorr), H 318 W 3d