Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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GLADKE MORRIS J., Queen City Mills, also Alderman 4th ward, h 162 DeWitt

Glazer Barney, peddler, h 11 s Harriet

Glazer Sol., peddler, h 11 s Harriet

Gleason Adele A., (Drs. Gleason & Co.,),h 1019 East av

Gleason Drs. & Co., (S. O., R.B., Adele A.,) physicians Water Cure 1019 East av

Gleason Edward B., bus mngr Water Cure, h 1019 East av

Gleason J. J. Rev., asst pastor SS Peter and Paul’s R. C. Church ,h 168 High

Gleason Nellie, bds 224 Franklin

Gleason Rachel B.,(Drs. Gleason & Co.) h 1019 East av

Gleason Silas O., (Drs.Gleason & Co.), h 1019 East av

Glines Helen A., widow Zina B., h 204 Madison av

Globe Hotel, Wm. E. Wilbur prop., 505 Railroad av

Glover Charles, waiter, h 761 E Church

Glynn William, cooper, h 468 Spaulding

Goade John P., carpenter, h 409 Grove

Gochner Robert E., brakeman, bds 708 Giltanann

Goddard Edward, ( Goddard & Fox), h 662 College av

Goddard Lucinda, widow Levi, h 662 College av

GODDARD & FOX, (Edward Goddard and Albert H. Fox) dentists 310 E Water

Godfrey H. A., widow J. H., h 712 E Church

Godfrey Hattie B., teacher, bds 712 E Church

Godfrey M. Louise, teacher, bds 712 E Church

Goff Alice O., dressmaker, bds 218 Baldwin

Goff Emma C., bds 218 Baldwin

Goff Henry J., carpenter, h 910 Benton

Goff L. Mrs., h 218 Baldwin

Goff Mattie A., dressmaker, 910 Benton, bds do

Gohring George E., tailor 112 E Chemung pl, bds do

Gohring Louis M., plumber, bds 112 E Chemung pl

Gold Samuel, peddler, h 554 E 2nd

Goldberg Hyman, peddler, h759 John

Goldberg Sol., peddler, h 761 John

Goldbury Harriet D., laundress 712 E Oak

Golden Ella, domestic Delavan House

Golden James, car repairer, bds 724 S Main

Golden Maggie, domestic 217 W Gray

Goldman Harris, peddler, h 123 Harriet

Goldsmith Benjamin, h 507 Spaulding

Goldsmith Charles H., mason, h 59 Washington

Goldsmith Franklin, carpenter, h 34 Erie

Goldsmith John, clerk 104 Lake, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith Legrand, teamster, bds 507 Spaulding

Goldsmith Richard H., blacksmith, h 103 E Henry

Goldsmith Stephen, laborer, h 459 Oak

Goldstein Jacob, peddler, bds 752 E Water

Goldstein Max, tailor, h 108 DeWitt

Goldstein Sair, h 108 DeWitt

Gonware Harry T., engineer, h 655 Lake

Gonzales Jessie, stenographer Masonic Temple, bds 550 E Market

Gonzales Oliver W., h 550 E Market

GOODELL DeBRUCE, gen foreman Erie shops, bds 156 W 2nd

Goodell Devolson, machinist, bds Blyley House

Goodenough Edmond, peddler, h 1026 Oak

Gooding Lucien F., conductor N C R R , h 516 Herrick

Goodman David, blacksmith, bds 711 Dickinson

Goodman Millie A. Mrs., h 560 E Clinton

Goodman Myer, peddler, bds 113 Harriet

Goodman William F., physician, 750 E 5th, h do

Goodno Albert ,carpenter, h 350 Euclid pl

Goodno William Sherman, book-keeper, bds 350 Euclid

Goodrich Alvin, clerk 202 W Water, h 110 Main

Goodrich Austin, lumber inspector, h 119 Catherine

Goodrich Charles, coachman 218 W 1st

Goodrich Channcey S., toolmaker, h 374 W Gray

Goodrich Dwight, bds, 315 E Market

Goodrich Dwight A., h 316 W 1st

Goodrich Frank, salesman 202 W Water, h 406 W Church

Goodrich J. D., h 411 W Water

Goodrich O’Meara D., (O. D.Goodrich & Co.), h 357 College av

GOODRICH O. D. & CO., wholesale and retail grocers 200 and 202 W Water and 103 to 107 Main

Goodrich Ransom D., conductor, bds 1316 Baldwin

Goodwin Clarence B., miller, h E Water n D L & W R R

Goodwin Frank R., watchman, h 709 Canal

Goodwin Hattie E., dressmaker, bds E Water n D L & W R R

Goodwin Hovey H., teamster, bds E Water n D L & W R R

Goodwin John R., millwright, bds 361 S Main

Goodwin William, carpenter, h Coburn n Pine

Goppe Martin, laborer, h 823 Canal

Gordon Abe, peddler, bds 113 Harriet

Gordon George C., brakeman, bds 812 Madison av

Gordon John, blacksmith Madison av n Clinton, h 409 Oak

Gordon Julius, peddler, bds 113 Harriet

Gordon Maggie L., dressmaker, bds 357 Elm

Gordon Mathias O., sawyer, h 101 W Henry

Gordon Simon, peddler, bds 113 Harriet

Gorman Delia,domestic 957 Lake

Gorman James, puddler, h 956 Main

Gorman John, mason, bds 331 Railroad av

Gorman John, laborer, h 371 E Centre

Gorman John jr., helper, bds 371 E Centre

Gorman John T., clerk Erie freight depot, also alderman 2nd Ward, h 408 Magee

Gorman Mary, domestic 371 W Clinton

Gorman Mary Mrs., h 956 Main

Gorman Michael, mason, h e s College av n Reformatory

Gorman Patrick, puddler, h 915 John

Gorman Patrick, fireman, h 451 W 6th

Gorman Simon, laborer, h 207 E South av

Gorman Thomas, grocer and saloon 519 Oak, h do

Gornee Elliott, mason, h 562 Coburn

Gornee Emmet, laborer, bds 418 Balsam

Gornee James, carpenter, h 502 Columbia

Gornee William H., carpenter, h 238 Mt Zoar

Gosper Clark W., (Elmore & Gosper) h 1052 Walnut

Goucher James, baker and confectioner 124 S Main, h do

Gough P. F., brakeman, bds 1219 Hall

Gould Abram, peddler, h 558 E 2nd

Gould Abstain, tailor,bds 558 E 2nd

Gould Orange P., manuf clothes wringers 510 W 2nd, h do

Gould Thomas W., clerk 214 E Water, bds 510 W 2nd

Gould William J., telegrapher E C & N R R depot

Goulden Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 408 Baldwin

Gowley John, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Grace Nora, domestic 512 William

Gradwell Bridget, widow Thomas, h 606 E Third

Gradwell Charles, police roundsman, bds 606 E Third

Gradwell James, cigarmaker, bds 606 E Third

Gradwell & Fitzgerald, cigar manufs., 708 E Church

Gradwell Thomas D., laborer, h 510 Perine

Grady Edwin E., clerk 340 E Water, bds 1311 Benton

Grady Joseph, painter, bds 601 Railroad av

Grady Maggie, domestic, 318 E Union

Grady Michael, saloon 319 Railroad av, h do

Grady Michael, blacksmith, h 861 East av

Grady Thomas, teamster, h 1311 Benton

Graham John, machinist, h 360 Diven av

Graham Thomas, h 214 College av

Graham Walker, bds 710 Dickinson

GRAND UNION TEA CO., Milton T. Knight mgr., 140 W Water

Grandin J. L. S. Rev., 123 W Henry

Grandville Geo. A., floorwalker, h 105 Columbia

Graner Charles H., upholsterer, h 815 E Market

Grant Carrie, clerk, bds 160 Washington

Grant Carrie M., bds Maple av cor Caldwell av

Grant Fred P., lumber dealer, bds Maple av c Caldwell av

Grant Israel P., (Grant & DeWaters), h Maple av c Caldwell av

Grant Mattie, typewriter, bds 160 Washington

Grant Rachel, widow Morris, h 160 Washington

GRANT & DeWATERS, ( I. P. Grant and estate of W. DeWaters) agricultural implements

112 and 114 State

Grantier George W., conductor, h 460 South av

GRASER & MORTIMER (Blanche Graser and Minnie Mortimer) milliners and dressmakers 106 Main

Graser Edward, tailor, h 873 Magee

Graser Jennie,milliner, bds 873 Magee

Graves C. O. Mrs., matron Industrial School E Church cor Madison av, h 203 E Gray

Graves Fred A., decorative art designer 125 W Water, bds Madison av cor E Church

Graves Nellie, domestic, bds 414 William

Graves Thomas, grocer Walnut cor W 2nd, h do

Graves Thomas, brakeman, bds 615 S Main

Gray Bradley W., carriagemaker, h 628 William

Gray David H., switchman, h 723 Casey

Gray Frank F., bds 355 Grove

Gray Fred J., barber, bds 104 W 6th

Gray George L., coopersmith, h 406 Powell

GRAY GUY H., carpenter, h 355 Grove

Gray Hiram, lawyer, h W Water ab city limits

Gray John B., marble polisher, h 224 Chestnut

Gray John H., guard Reformatory, bds do

Gray Joshua, cook,bds 606 Baldwin

Gray Stephen C., (Barker, Rose & Gray) h 353 W 4th

Gray Truman D., asst master carpenter N C R R , h 311 W 6th

GREAT AMERICAN & PACIFIC TEA CO., (The) T. J. McMahon manager 117 E Water

GREATSINGER CHRISTEN M., milk peddler, h Southport Corners

Greatsinger John G., brakeman, bds Southport Corners

Greatsinger Lovisa, widow William, h 751 E 2nd

Greek William H., laborer, h 536 W Hudson

Green Alfred C., student, bds 318 W Church

Green Augustus W. Rev., pastor Hedding M E Church, h 318 W Church

Green Benjamin, laborer, h 899 Benton

Green Bridget Mrs., boarding house 851 Lake

Green Cornelia, bds 356 W Gray

Green Ellen, dressmaker, bds 150 W 5th

Green Foster M., barber, bds 106 Ferris

Green Frank, blacksmith, h 757 John

Green Fred E., brakeman, h 615 S Main

Green George G., carpenter, bds 150 W 5th

Green Henry C., florist and seedman, h 1557 Lake

Green James, laborer, bds 603 Hoffman

Green James W., sup’t National Transit Co., h 454 W Clinton

Green Jane, widow Elnathan J., h 356 W Gray

Green John, coachman, h 199 W Gray

Green John, brakeman, bds 1316 Baldwin

Green Mamie A., bds 851 Lake

Green Maria, widow Daniel, bds 1122 Lake

Green Mary C., bds 318 W Church

Green Michael, teamster, bds 702 E Market

Green Theodore B., laborer, h 266 W Chemung pl

Green Thomas, laborer, h Howard n East av

Green William H., hostler, h Baldwin cor Clinton

Greene Eva L., teacher school No 2, bds 507 W Clinton

Greene Evert,car inspector, h 507 W Clinton

Greene Geo., H., janitor, First M. E. Church, h 524 Baldwin

Greene Hattie R., seamstress, bds 524 Baldwin

Greene Hezekiah W., janitor, bds 524 Baldwin

Greene Horatio N., drug clerk, 151 Lake, h do

Greene Ira S., janitor, bds 514 Baldwin

Greene Patrick J., shoemaker, h 433 W 4th

Greene Peter W., clerk, bds 524 Baldwin

Greene Rebecca M. Mrs., h 524 Baldwin

Greene Warner L., laborer, bds 524 Baldwin

Greener Augustus, piano tuner, h 207 E Church

Greener Charles, clerk, bds 209 E Church

GREENER JACOB, piano manuf also music dealer 209 E Church, h do

Greenman Harry C., clerk, 120 Lake, bds 831 E 2nd

Greenman Lewis, porter, bds 831 E 2nd

Greenman Mary A., bds Harriet cor E Water

Greenman Orlando S., physician 831 E 2nd , h do

Greenman Percy M., clerk 120 Lake, bds 831 E 2nd

Greenman Susie M., bds 831 E 2nd

Greenwalt Albert, brakeman, bds 615 S Main

Greenwood Fred W., book-keeper, bds 351 W Clinton

Gregg Ellen, domestic Delavan House

Gregg Jane E., widow John H., h 155 Madison av

Gregg J. Leslie, clerk N C R R , h 409 William

Gregg Peter, laborer, h 1118 Main

Gregory Alfred, clerk 200 E Water, h 516 Madison av

Gregory Edward, brakeman, bds 306 Norton

Gregory Eugene B., architect 312 Carroll, bds 510 E Church

Gregory George H., shipping clerk, h 610 E Water

Gregory Oscar A., carpenter, bds 111 W 1st

Gregory Sarah A., widow M. E., h Caldwell av cor Spaulding

Gresser Joseph, carpenter, bds 718 E Oak

Greves Ann M., widow John, bds 357 Columbia

Greves John C., asst cashier Chemung Canal Bank, h 357 Columbia

Grey Elanor E., stenographer, bds 414 William

Gridley Charles H., (C. H. Gridley & Co., also G. A. Gridley & Son) h 113 Walnut

GRIDLEY C. H. & CO.,( G. A. Gridley) plumbing, steam and gas fitting 336 E Water

Gridley Grandison A., (C. H.Gridley & Co., also G. A. Gridley & Son) h 108 E Chemung pl

GRIDLEY G. A. & SON, (Charles H.,) hardware 119 E Water cor State

Gridley Leonard C., salesman 119 E Water, bds 121 Madison av

Gridley William G., salesman 119 E Water, h 315 Spaulding

Griemsmann Henry P., boilermaker, h 323 Webber pl

Griff John, butcher, h858 John

Griffes Henrietta, widow John, h Mt Zoar cor S Broadway

Griffes Julia, h 112 W 1st

Griffes Wilbur G., shirt cutter 135 E Water, h 128 Main

Griffeth George, trav salesman, h 417 Walnut

Griffin Edward, horse dealer 224 W Water, h Austin block Main cor W Water

Griffin Margaret, widow Michael, bds 435 W 4th

Griffin Mary J., teacher School No. 3, bds 131 W Henry

Griffin Michael, laborer, h 131 W Henry

Griffin Sarah, laundress, h 169 Baldwin

Griffis Etta Mrs., operative, h 459 S Broadway

Griffith Anna M., stenographer 138 E Water, bds 724 Hatch

Griffith A. W., (Olmstead & Griffith) bds 510 Park pl

Griffith David H., blacksmith, h 724 Hatch

Griffith Lizzie J., dressmaker, bds 724 Hatch

Griggs Elliott, h 1057 Walnut

Griggs Mary, widow G. W., tailoress,h 756 E Market

Grimes Julia J., book-keeper, bds 369 Fulton

Griswold Aaron, shoemaker, h W s Hoffman n West Hill rd

Griswold Charles, machinist, h 149 W Water

Griswold Guy S., book-keeper 344 E Water, bds Maple av

Griswold Judd (Griswold, Maloney & Co.) h W s Penna av S of limits

Griswold Judson, blacksmith, bds 458 E Church

GRISWOLD , MALONEY & CO., (Judd Griswold and Thomas Maloney) gen’l hardware, stoves and

Ranges, 323 E Water

Griswold Mary Mrs., h 551 John

Griswold Tracy B., cashier 334 E Water, bds Maple av beyond limits

Groesbeck William W., brakeman, h 619 Davis

Groom Bradley, farmer, h 419 Balsam

Groom Martin, laborer, h 671 Sullivan

Groom William L., salesman 117 E Church, h 422 W 2nd

Grover Henry J., laborer, h 763 E Washington av

Grover T. T., stenographer, bds 267 W Chemung pl

Gruber August, tailor 314 Harmon, h do

Gruber Edward E. P., shoemaker, bds 514 W 2nd

Gruber Philip, shoecutter, h 514 W 2nd

Grumme E. Mrs., furniture 220 and 222 W Water,h 812 do

Grumme Henry, h 812 W Water

Grumme Henry jr., salesman 222 W Water,h 121 ½ W Hudson

Grumme Joseph W., clerk 207 E Water, bds 812 W Water

Guarantee Alliance Life Ins Co., E Butcher, manager, 207 W Water

Guile William L., foreman J. Allington & Sons, bds Buckbee House

GUILFORD JAMES B., associate editor Advertiser, h 312 William

Guion Richard L., electrician 121 Railroad av, h 563 Grove

Guiwits Fred, engineer, h 121 W Hudson

Guiwits Uriah,cabinetmaker, h121 W Hudson

Gundel Morris, peddler, h 553 E 2nd

Gunderman Edith, bds 665 Park pl

Gunderman Frank. Carpenter, h 720 W 1st

Gunderman, Hattie, dressmaker, bds 219 Franklin

Gunderman Sarah E. Mrs., h 665 Park pl

Gunn Stephen J., bds 107 Madison av

Gurley John, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Gurnett Johanna, domestic, 459 W Church

Gustin Elmira, bds 262 Partridge

Gustin Grant, baker, bds 510 Main

Gustin N. Irene, h 514 W Gray

Guthrie John, laborer, h 160 E Washington av

Guthrie Sarah A., widow William, h 722 Benjamin

Guthrie Thomas, laborer, bds 326 Webber pl

Guy Charles, coachman, 500 Lake

Gyles W.R., shoemaker, bds 340 W 4th

Haas Frank J., cutter 216 E Water, h 201 Columbia

Haas Magdalene, widow John, h 201 Columbia

Haase Ferdinand, grocer 600 E Church, h do

Haase Henry, clerk, bds 600 E Church

Haase Minnie, clerk 600 E Church, bds do

Habeck Augustus, laborer, bds 164 Tuttle av

Habel Albert, laborer, h 509 Oak

Hackett James H., brakeman, bds 417 Powell

Hackett Mary A., widow Matthew, h 759 E Church

Hackett Sadie, domestic 419 W Water

Hackett Thomas J., brakeman, h 417 Powell

Hackett William F., machinist, h 115 W Hudson

HACKLEY FRED D., agt Adams Ex Co 202 E Water, h 509 Lake

Hackley Mary Jane Mrs., h 817 W Church

Hadden Arthur, saloon 671 Baldwin, h 669 do

Hadden Caroline M., widow Alexander, bds 669 Baldwin

Hade Charles, clerk, bds 1130 Lake

Hade G.W., clerk,1130 Lake

Hade Justus, saloon also grocer 1132 Lake, h 1130 do

Hadley Benjamin, sashmaker, h 808 E Church

Hadley John J., shoemaker, 1118 Walnut, h do

Hadley, Judson A., baggagemaster, h 411 Balsam

Hadlock Moses B., laborer, h 500 Roe av

HAGADORN M. B. MRS., millinery, also agt for Staten Island Dyeing Works 306 E Water,

H 128 E Chemung pl

Hagen Frederick, butcher, h 1124 Davis

Hagen Wilhelmen, saloon 317 Madison av, h do

HAGER FREDERICK, music teacher, h 716 John c Orchard

HAGER IDA MRS., grocer 716 John cor Orchard, h do

Haggerty Hattie, h 202 Chestnut

Haggerty Maggie, domestic 119 College av

Haggerty Norah, cook Elmira College

Haight Charles E., prop Haight’s Hotel 417 Railroad av, hdo

Haight’s Hotel, C. E. Haight prop., 417 Railroad av

Haight I. & Co., hair dealers, 120 W Water

Haight Joanna, widow Silas, h 119 W Chemung pl

HAIGHT MAXWELL, prop Arbor Hotel and Restaurant 108 and 110 Lake, h 107 W Hudson

Haight William, butcher, bds 414 Fulton

Hailstock David, laborer, h 518 High

Haines Annie, dressmaker, h 512 W 2nd

Hakes Samuel B., shoemaker, h 808 E Market

Hale Emery C. carpenter, h 360 W 3rd

Hale Lydia, bds 114 Chemung pl

Haley Mary, laundress Delavan House

Haley Thomas, saloon 100 South av n Erie R R,h do

Haley see also Healy

Half-Way House, W s Lake beyond limits

Hall Andrew, cooper, h 154 S Elm

Hall Augusta, domestic 240 Lake

Hall A. L., bds 506 W Water

Hall Andrew P., cabinetmaker, h 627 W Gray

Hall Benjamin F., printer, bds 804 E Market

Hall Catharine, widow J. W., h 558 E Clinton

Hall Charles L., clerk Fire Dept headquarters

Hall Charles L., shoemaker, h 216W Henry

Hall Edmund A.,carpenter, h 217 W South av

Hall Etta S. teacher, bds 164 S Elm

Hall Emma, domestic 375 W Church

Hall Emmet A., train agent N C R R , h 357 W 2nd

Hall Fannie, widow Henry, h 1201 Lake

Hall Francis, office 315 E Water, bds 213 College av

Hall Franklin B., laborer, bds 658 Baldwin

Hall F. J., machinist, bds 216 W Hudson

Hall Frederic, h 213 College av

HALL FREDERIC MRS., pres Southern Tier Orphan’s Home. H 213 College av

Hall George, mess Well, Fargo & Co. Ex., h 208 Hoffman

Hall Hannah, widow Philander, h 918 College av

Hall James A., mason,h 804 E Market

Hall John, millwright, bds 115 Columbia

Hall John S., expressman, bds 505 Magee

Hall Leroy F., grinder, h 604 Beach

Hall Leslie C., photographer, bds 501 William

Hall Lucinda Mrs., seamstress, h 440 W 4th

Hall Miller, sec Stuart Med Co., h 1219 Lake

Hall Reuben (Owens & Hall) h 605 W Water

Hall Richard N., h 55 S Main

Hall Robert A.(Morse, Baker & Hall), h 315 W Church

Hall Samuel Mrs., h 1201 Lake

Hall Sam J., real estate, h 1300 lake

Hall Sarah M. Mrs., h 213 W 3rd

Hall Sylvester W., civil engineer, h Maple av S of limits

Hall William C., driver, h 715 Dickinson

Hall William H., engineer, h 713 Harper

Hall William L., teamster , bds 713 Harper

Hall William M., carpenter, bds 201 Giltanann

Hallenbeck George G., h 206 Orchard

Haller Anna, widow Albert, h 608 Magee

Hallett L.W., teacher, bds 107 W 2nd

Halliday Frederick, clerk bds 374 W 5th

Halliday George, machinist, h 217 South av

Halliday Jessie J., polisher, bds r 374 W 5th

Halliday Martha, widow William, h 211 High

Halliday Rinaldo, polisher, bds r 374 W 5th

Halliday Sarah, widow William, h 211 High

Halliday William H, mason, h r 374 W 5th

Halliday William H jr., polisher, h 521 Mt Zoar

Hallinan Catherine, widow Michael, h 201 W South av

Hallock Alice L., widow H. R., bds 314 W Clinton

Hallock Charles R., clerk, bds 314 W Clinton

Hallock Harry, brakeman, bds 1323 Lake

Hallock Howard H.,( W. B. Hallock & Bro.),h 521 W Water

Hallock Wallace B., ( W. B. Hallock & Bro.) , h 601 W Water

HALLOCK W. B. & BRO. (H.H. Hallock),clothiers 111 and 113 E Water

Hallock William R., painter and paper hanger, h 419 Main

Halloran James W., cigarmaker, bds 719 E Washington av

Halloran John, laborer, h 717 E Washington av

Halloran Nellie, domestic 117 Walnut

Halloran Nora, domestic 335 Maple av

Halloran Patrick, fireman, h 719 E Washington av

Halloran see Holloran also Holleran

Halpin Lawrence E., trav agt, bds 206 Madison av

Halstead M. O., clerk, bds 714 Park pl

Ham Burt, laborer, bds 221 S Main

Ham Lorinds, widow Jacob, h 221 S Main

Hamer Howard S., music teacher, h 512 Madison av

Hamer Louise W.,widow William F., h 327 Lake

HAMILTON ADELBERT S., druggist 155 W 3rd, h do

Hamilton Briggs, blacksmith,h 456 E Water

Hamilton Charles, laborer, h 508 College av

Hamilton Frederick, painter, h 456 E Water

Hamilton George M., laundryman, h 366 W 6th

Hamilton Harrison W., fireman N C R R , h 216 South av

Hamilton Harry W., brakeman, h 214 South av

Hamilton Herbert O., clerk, bds 382 Fulton

Hamilton Hiram B., machinist, h 105 W 1st

Hamilton James W., bds 1122 Lake

Hamilton Joseph W., notions, h 511 E Church

Hamilton Mary A., widow Charles, lace curtain laundry, h 403 Madison av

Hamilton Oliver, foreman, h 382 Fulton

Hamilton Peter, h 222 Harriet

Hamilton Peter jr., printer, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton Robert, printer, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton Samuel, laborer, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton Susan, widow Walter, h 707 E Water

Hamilton Thomas, lumber, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton William J., brickmaker, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton William S., clerk 109 E 2nd, bds 508 College av

Hamlin Lydia T., widow John, h 441 E Water

Hammond A. DeWitt, carpenter, h 212 South av

Hammond Charles H., farmer, h 104 Hoffman

Hammond Edmond E., carpenter, h 514 Herrick

Hammond George,laborer, h 117 W 1st

Hammond James W., planer, h 103 Partridge

Hammond Jason, carpenter, bds 361 S Main

Hammond John, farmer, h 359 S Main

Hammond Mary A., clerk 114 W Water, bds 359 S Main

Hammond William D., tinsmith, bds 114 S Main

Hammond W. F., engineer, bds 807 Lake

Handrahan Charles, laborer, bds 513 Sullivan

Handrahan John, brakeman, bds 962 Main

Handrahan John, h 513 Sullivan

Handrahan John, teamster, h 761 Jay

Handrahan Katie, domestic 855 College av

Handrahan Maggie, domestic 368 W 1st

Handrahan Mary, dressmaker, bds 549 S Main

Handrahan Michael, quarryman, h 956 East av

Handy Francis, carpenter, h 310 S Main

Handy Jasper, carpenter, h 426 Pleasant

Hanford H. Clay, engineer Reformatory, bds do

Hankins Zachariah T., h 719 College av

Hanley Dennis, laborer, h 806 S Main

HANLEY E. K., D L & W dining rooms

Hanley John, flagman, h 571 Coburn

Hanley John, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Hanley Hatie, dressmaker, bds 806 S Main

Hanly Mary Mrs., bds 300 Maple av

Hanly Michael, moulder, h Scott opp Payne shops

Hanmore Eugene, teamster, h E Washington av cor Benton

Hannan Bridget Mrs., h 363 Railroad av

Hannifan Timothy, mason, h 422 Standish

Hannifen Honora, bds 310 E Washington av

Hannifen Jeremiah J., mason, h 310 E Washington av

Hannifen John, hotel 306 E Washington av, h do

Hannifen John jr., stonecutter, bds 306 E Washington av

Hannifen Michael, bds 306 E Washington av

Hanrahan Charles, switchman, bds Sherman House

Hanrahan James, saloon 751 S Main, h do

Hanrahan John, brakeman, h 617 Jay

Hanrahan John, blacksmith, h Logan cor Grove

Hanrahan Julia, widow Patrick, bds Logan cor Grove

Hanrahan Maggie,domestic 703 S Main

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 954 East av

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 808 S Main

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 908 Main

Hanyen Cornelius s., fish peddler, h 663 Lake

Hanyen Jennie R., h 663 Lake

Hapeman Nelson, carpenter, h 415 S Elm

Haran Patrick H., (Haran Brothers) bds 206 Madison av

Haran Thomas J., (Haran Brothers) bds 206 Madison av

HARAN BROTHERS (Thomas J. and Patrick H.) sample rooms 154 Baldwin

Harbeck Charles, laborer, h Tuttle av n E Church

Harding Hosea, laborer, bds 216 Baldwin

Hardy Harry B., telegrapher, bds 305 Hine

Hardy James H., lawyer, h 305 Hine

Hardy & Slaymaker, carriage hardware 122 Lake

Hardy William. Barber, bds 501 Madison av

Harley Jesse, porter 123 Baldwin

Harley Samuel, porter Wyckoff House, bds do

Harlow Bertha J., grocer 438 E Water, h do

Harlow David S., marble polisher, h 438 E Water

Harlow Eva L., clerk, bds 438 E Water

Harmon Peter, conductor L V R R

Harnett Daniel, helper, bds 302 E Washington av

Harper Charles E., engineer, h 515 Jefferson

Harper Frank C., clerk 313 E Water, bds 515 Jefferson

Harper Henry M., clerk N C R R , h 661 Davis

Harper Van Fossen, clerk N C R R freight house, bds 661 Davis

Harrington Bartholomew, laborer, h 511 High

Harrington Bartholomew W., painter, bds 511 High

Harrington Catherine, widow Cornelius, h 102 W 1st

Harrington Daniel, laborer, bds 511 High

Harrington Delia, waitress Frasier House

Harrington Henry, brakeman, bds 1007 Pratt

Harrington John H., barber, bds W 1st n Railroad

Harrington John P., printer, bds 511 High

Harrington Kittie, bds 515 Fulton