Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Flood, Rachel, widow Dr. P.H., h 501 E Water

FLOOD, THOS. S. HON., druggist 312 E Water also congressman, h 509 E Water

Flynn, Andrew, fireman D L & W R R, h 1008 Pratt

Flynn, Annie, operative, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, David G., brakeman, bds 902 Lake

Flynn, Dennis, laborer, bds 218 Park

Flynn, Edward, engineer, bds 608 Jay

Flynn, James, shoemaker, bds 606 Jay

Flynn, John, laborer, h 58 Washington

Flynn, John E., engineer, bds 372 Diven av

Flynn, Kate, saleslady 125 W Water, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Maggie, operative, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 372 W 3d

Flynn, Martin F., blacksmith, h 372 W 3d

Flynn, Mary, waitress Frasier House

Flynn, Mary E., operative, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Michael, h 902 Lake

Flynn, Michael jr., bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Michael P., engineer, 372 Diven av

Flynn, Morris, clerk 609 E Market, bds 617 E 3d

Flynn, Nellie, tailoress, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, Patrick, cigarmaker, bds 501 Sullivan

Flynn, Patrick, bridgebuilder, bds 928 Maxwell av

Flynn, Patrick, laborer, h 617 E 3d

Flynn, Patrick, machinist, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn, Patrick, shoemaker, h 608 Jay

Flynn, Patrick, teamster Reformatory, bds do

Flynn, Peter, puddler, h 908 Main

Flynn, Stephen, laborer, h 813 Canal

Flynn, Thomas, brakeman, h 928 Maxwell av

Flynn, Timothy, painter, bds 617 E 3d

Flynn, Valentine, brakeman, h 928 Maxwell av

Flynn, William, laborer, h South av n Junction

Flynn, William E., brakeman, bds 608 Jay

Foley, Johanna, h 408 Magee

Foley, John, bds Lake cor Norton

Foley, John R., cigarmaker, bds 220 W 3d

Foley, Mary, domestic 322 W Church

Foley, Michael, blacksmith, h 220 W 3d

Foley, Patrick, wiper, bds 302 E Washington av

Foley, Patrick F., shoemaker, h 558 E Water

Foley, P.F. Mrs., dressmaker 558 E Water, h do

Foley, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 558 E Water

Foley, William D., musician, h 220 W 3d

Follett, O.A., botanical physician, bds 1315 Hall

Foltz, Eliza J. Mrs., h 418 Walnut

Foote, Julia M., domestic 502 W 1st

Foran, Patrick, wiper, bds 510 Perine

Ford, Anthony, saloon 309 E Washington av, h do

FORD, DARIUS R., Rev. D.D., professor Elmira College, bds do

Ford, Edward, laborer, h 319 Norton

Ford, Harry H., M.D., med examiner P R R, office 308 W Church

Ford, James, slater, bds 309 E Washington av

Ford, Jennie, bds 309 E Washington av

Ford, John, laborer, h 557 E 3d

Ford, John jr., tobacco stripper, bds 557 E 3d

Ford, Martin, agt Canandaigua ale 143 W Water, h 406 Magee

Ford, Mary, operative, bds 557 E 3d

Ford, Sarah L., operative, bds 557 E 3d

Ford, T. & M. (Thomas and Martin), saloon 143 W Water

Ford, Thomas (T. & M Ford), h 402 Magee

Ford, Thomas H., cigarmaker, bds 557 E 3d

Ford, William W., custom shoe manufacturer 205 E Market, h 204 E Gray

Fordeck, Carrie, domestic 306 1/2 W Water

Forman, Samuel W., farmer, h Maple av S of limits

Forrest, Alfred H., carpenter, h 1123 Ovid

Forrest, Anna Mrs., h 132 W Water

Forrest, Edwin, carpenter, h 1118 Ovid

Forrester, J. Henry, trav salesman, h 504 Penna av

Forrester, Mary E., bds 504 Penna av

Forshea, A.J., carpenter, h 516 Main

Forsman, Henry P., engineer, h 353 Division

Forsman, Herman, laborer, h 755 E 5th

Forster, William G., printer, bds 319 Carroll

Forsyth, G. Frank, carpenter, h 506 Grove

Forsyth, John G., foreman Reformatory, h 629 W Gray

Foss, Charles, laborer, h 700 E Oak

Foster, Charles M., dentist 107 Main, h do

Foster, Edwin, pattern maker, h 312 High

Foster, George, clerk, bds 333 W Clinton

Foster, G.H., clerk, bds Delavan House

Foster, Jane, widow David, h 216 Caldwell av

Foster, Jennie D., dressmaker, bds 312 High

Foster, Jessie, mortgage broker, h 722 W Water

Foster, Maggie, boarding house 107 Main

Foster, Martha P. Mrs., boarding house 106 W 2d

Foster, Martin L., cigar manuf 104 W 2d, h 106 do

Foster, Mary E., dressmaker, bds 312 High

Foster, Mary E., h 722 W Water

Foster, Mary Mrs., dressmaker 665 Baldwin, h do

Foster, Sarah, dressmaker 216 Caldwell av, h do

Foster, William W., printer, h 214 Sullivan

Foster, Winifred S., foreman composing room Advertiser, h 119 Lormore

Fountain, Louis, waiter 110 Lake, bds do

FOWLER, HARRY, saloon 122 W Water, h 313 College av

Fowler, Isaac M., carpenter, h 106 Magee pl

Fowler, James W., carpenter, h 317 Hine

Fowler, Jennie M., bds 521 W 1st

Fowler, Joseph, fireman, h 134 E Water

Fowler, Matthew, laborer, h 460 W 2d

Fowler, Sanford L., milkman, h 550 E Water

Fowles, Augusta, dressmaker, bds 415 Main

Fox, Albert H. (Goddard & Fox), h 218 William

Fox, Alexander, laborer, bds 258 W Henry

Fox, H.M., jeweler, h 220 DeWitt

Fox, John, yardman 235 Lake

Fox, Rosetta Mrs., h 609 Lake

Fox, Simeon D., engineer, h 609 Lake

Foy, Hester, domestic 356 Columbia

Foy, Robert, brakeman D L & W R R, h 320 Orchard

Foy, Thomas, car inspector, h 1404 Baldwin

Fraley, Addie Mrs., h 509 E Market

Fraley, Charles, patternmaker, h 120 E Water

Fraley, Harry J., Postal messenger 115 Baldwin, bds 509 E Maket

Fraley, Jessie Miss, dressmaker 120 E Water, bds do

Francis, Clayton L., woodworker, h 310 High

Francis, Gersham T., laborer, 102 W 4th

Francis, Thomas S., puddler, h 219 Park

Frank, Harris, peddler, h 111 1/2 Orchard

Frankenfield, G., baggageman L V R R, bds Blyley House

Frankenstein, Aaron, clothier 130 E Water, h 709 do

Frankenstein, Benjamin, second-hand clothing 321 Railroad av, h do

Frankenstein, Elias, manager 138 E Water, h 106 DeWitt

Frankenstein, Louis, clerk, bds 321 Railroad av

Frankenstein, Mollie Mrs., clothier 138 E Water, h 106 DeWitt

Franklin, Clarence, laborer, h 415 S Broadway

Franklin, John M., barber 703 Lake, h 716 Benjamin

Fraser, William, mason, h 955 Davis

Fraser, William, printer, bds 955 Davis

Frasier, Frederick A., h 418 Main

FRASIER HOUSE, A.J. Dobbins, prop, W 3d cor Railroad av

Frawley, Annie, operative, bds 322 Penna av

Frawley, Katie, bds 216 South av

Frawley, Katie, operative, bds 322 Penna av

Frawley, Mary, domestic 322 Penna av

Frawley, Mary, milliner, bds 216 South av

Frawley, Martin, laborer, h 322 Penna av

Frawley, Michael, h 216 South av

Freede, David, cloakmaker, h 602 E Church

Freeman, A.B., ins agt 331 E Water, h 760 E 5th

Freeman, Caroline, widow Edward, h 604 Dickinson

Freeman, Charles, h 112 Lake

Freeman, Charles H., harnessmaker, bds Buckbee House

Freeman, James, peanut stand, h 412 E Market

Freeman, Louis C., shipping clerk, h Southport Corners

Freeman, Mary, laundress, bds 107 1/2 E 2d

French, Amanda M., widow W.M., h 219 Lewis

French, Charles H., laborer, h 600 Beach

French, Eva Mrs., h 205 W 5th

French, Harry R., bds 318 W Clinton

French, Harry J., baggagemaster, h 871 Magee

French, Herman, brakeman, h Gorman n N C shops

French, Horace C., fgt agt N C R R, h 318 W Clinton

French, Jane M., widow G.W., h 208 Washington

French, John H., clerk, bds 305 Fulton

French, John M., storekeeper N C R R shops, h 419 Pleasant

French, Joseph, mason, h 811 John

FRENCH, LEROY W., blacksmith 206 Maple av, h 412 Spalding

French, Margaret N., widow Benjamin, h 305 Fulton

French, Martha M., widow James S., h 501 E Market

French, Norman B., mason, h 608 Walnut

French, Robert, police constable, h 383 W Water

French, Robert C., civil engineer, bds 383 W Water

French, Warren W., ticket clerk Erie R R, h 205 W 5th

French, William E., laborer, h 902 East av

Fretz, Wesley H., laborer, h r 413 William

Freudenheim, Bertha Miss, book-keeper, bds 114 High

Freudenheim, Harry W. (M. & Bro.), bds High cor John

Fraudenheim, Julius (Freudenheim & Abramson), h 110 DeWitt

Fraudenheim, Louis (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 604 John

Freudenheim, L. & Bro. (Marks), dry goods and notions 102 Lake

Freudenheim, Marks (L. Freudenheim & Bro.), h 124 Harriet

Freudenheim, Morris (M. Freudenheim & Bro.), bds High cor John

Freudenheim, M. & Bro. (H.W.), jewelry and watches 102 Lake

Freudenheim, Sarah, widow Elias, h High cor John

Freudenheim & Abramson (J. Freudenheim and Isadore Abramson), dry goods, notions and jewelry 114 Lake

Friday, John, furniture finisher, h 719 Oak

Friday, William, auger finisher, h 719 E Oak

Friday, William, finisher, h 506 E 3d

Friedman, Joseph, brickmaker, h 713 Benjamin

Friend, John (Friend, Metzger & Co.), h 219 Penna av

FRIEND, METZGER & CO. (John Friend, Jacob Metzger and John Roof), meat and fish market 164 and 166 Lake

Friendly, Abe, book-keeper 253 W Water, bds 424 W Church

FRIENDLY, MYER, agricultural warehouse and carriage repository 104 and 106 State and 104 Nicks, h 113 Madison av

Friendly, Myer jr. (S. J. and M. Friendly), bds 454 W Water

Friendly, S.J. & M., shoe manufacturers 216 Baldwin

Friendly, Sampson J. (S.J. & M. Friendly), h 454 W Water

Friendly, Solomon, trav agt, rooms 163 Washington

Friendly, Theodore, carriage repository 253 W Water, h 424 W Church

Friendly, Willis, salesman Grant & DeWaters, h 154 High

Frisbie, Chester C., salesman, h 143 1/2 W Water

Frisbie, C.C. Mrs., dressmaker 143 1/2 W Water, h do

Frisbie, Joseph A., wholesale coal Aspen Ridge, h do

Frisbie, Russell, salesman, h 316 W Gray

Frisbie, W. Eaton, salesman 126 W Water, bds 6 Aspen Ridge

FROST, ELI C., manufacturer hotel ranges and bakers' ovens 201 E Church, h 520 W Church

Frost, Fannie M., bds 520 W Church

Frost, Flora V., bds 520 W Church

Frost, Florus H., bakers' oven builder, h 520 W Church

Frost, James A., driver Wells, Fargo & Co Ex, h 521 Elizabeth

Frost, Mable M., bds 520 W Church

Frost, Mary Mrs., h 118 E Water

Frost, Troilus, shoemaker, bds 521 Elizabeth

FROST, WM H., jeweler 335 E Water, h 700 E Church

Frowley, Frank, laborer, h 810 Hatch

Frowley, John J., laborer, bds 810 Hatch

Frowley, Lizzie, domestic 424 W Gray

Frowley, Patrick, laborer, bds 810 Hatch

FRUIT BARREL CO., S.X. Metzger & Son 700 Madison av

Frutchey, George E., conductor, h 1321 Lake

Fry, Joel E., shoemaker, h 210 Maple av

Fry, Maria Mrs., bds W South av n R R

Frydenborg, Caroline, widow Christian L., h 917 Davis

Frydenborg, Charles E., printer, bds 917 Davis

Frydenborg, Hans L., printer, bds 917 Davis

Frymire, Samuel, bds 619 Penna av

Frymire, Samuel O., machinist, h 619 Penna av

Fudge, Albert W., machinist, h 210 Brand

Fudge, Charles F., clerk, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge, Cora M., bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge, Herbert W., engraver, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge, James R., machinist, h 408 S Main

Fudge, James T., machinist, bds 405 Franklin

Fudge, Jennie S., milliner, bds 214 Mt Zoar

Fudge, Luke, machinist, h 405 Franklin

Fudge, Wilber G., upholsterer, bds 408 S Main

Fudge, William, machinist, h 214 Mt Zoar

Fuery, Bridget Mrs., h 650 E Clinton

Fuery, Dennis, laborer, h 208 Park

Fuery, Emma, widow George, h 706 Baldwin

Fuery, Katie, domestic 113 Walnut

Fuery, James, laborer, bds 650 E Clinton

Fuery, John, laborer, h 650 E Clinton

Fuery, John E., h 208 Park

Fuery, Mary, domestic, bds 208 Park

Fuery, Patrick, stripper, bds 208 Park

Fuhrman, Bessie, clerk, bds 521 Jefferson

Fuhrman, Harry K., clerk, bds 521 Jefferson

Fuhrman, Hermann, brickmaker, h 753 E 5th

FUHRMAN, MARTIN, Elmira tea store 120 Lake, h 521 Jefferson

Fuller, Ann, widow William H., h 217 W Chemung pl

Fuller, Charles D., brakeman, h 423 E Washington av

Fuller, Charles N., clerk postoffice, bds 358 Maple av

Fuller, Daniel, carpenter, h 113 W 2d

Fuller, Elizabeth Mrs., laundry 420 College av, h do

Fuller, Emma M., saleslady 150 W Water, bds 389 do

Fuller, Frank, miller, h 622 Winsor av

Fuller, Fred, draughtsman, h 514 Herrick

Fuller, George W., carpenter, h 353 Norton

Fuller, Horace, hack driver, h 309 W 2d

Fuller, N., fireman, h 368 Diven av

Fuller, Royal A., painter, h 225 Brand

Fuller, Thomas W., car reporter Erie yard office, bds 353 Norton

Fuller, William H., laborer, 217 W Chemung pl

Funk, Abner T., student, bds 472 South av

Furman, Samuel B., meat market, h 538 Penna av

Furman, Susan C., widow Edgar, h 908 Benton

Fury, James, brakeman, bds 702 Jay

Fury, Maggie, tailoress, bds 702 Jay

Fury, Patrick, laborer, h 702 Jay

Fybush, Casper, peddler, h 714 John

Fybush, Joseph, pantsmaker, bds 714 John

Fybush, San, tailor, bds 714 John


Gabriel, Benedict, carpenter, h 373 W Clinton

Gable, Joseph, painter, h 262 Partridge

Gaetano, Ballaring, bds 103 E 2d

Gahen, Michael, boilermaker, h 410 S Broadway

Gaiser, Charles F., meat market 219 S Main, h Mt Zoar cor Herrick

Gaiser, George F., butcher, h 513 Perine

Gait, Mary A., widow Sydenham, h 114 W 2d

GALATIAN, ANDREW B., lawyer, also notary public and justice of the peace 338 E Water, h 413 Standish

Galatian, F.J. & C., private school 610 Main, h do

Galatian, Hattie B., teacher 610 Main, h do

Galatian, Joseph, watchmaker 136 W Water, bds 933 College av

Galatian, John A., U S claim agt clerk 338 E Water, bds 413 Standish

Gale, William, brakeman, bds 1207 Maxwell av

GALLAGHER, EDWARD J., bakery 421 Railroad av, h 413 Magee

Gallagher, John, painter, bds 433 E Water

Gallagher, John C., engineer Rathbun House

Gallagher, Mamie, milliner 111 Baldwin, bds 711 Railroad av

Gallagher, Michael, painter, h 808 Walnut

Gallagher, Thomas, machinist, h 150 S 2d

Gallagher, Timothy, h 711 Railroad av

Gallavan, Edward, laborer, h 115 Harmon

Gallavan, James, h 264 W Hudson

Gallavan, James jr., grocer 123 W Water, bds 264 W Hudson

Gallavan, Matthew, engineer, h 210 Fulton

Gallavan, Matthew jr., engineer, h 374 Fulton

Galligan, John, blacksmith, bds 433 E Water

Gallivan, Johanna, domestic 421 Railroad av

Gallivan, John, mason, h 208 Fulton

Gallivan, Julia Mrs., h 200 Fulton

Galop, Emelia, teacher, h 410 William

Galvin, John, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 726 Lake

Galvin, John, car inspector, h 551 S Main

Gamlin, Herman, lumberman, h 652 Oak

Gamper, Jennie, teacher, bds 156 Sullivan

Gamper, Charles W., cigarmaker, h 613 E 2d

Gamper, Louis, cigarmaker, bds 156 Sullivan

Gamper, Minnie, vestmaker, bds 156 Sullivan

Gamwell, John C., tailor 111 E Water, h 115 W 1st

Gannan, Michael, brakeman, h 857 Lake

Gannon, James, conductor, bds 213 Thurston

Ganon, Henry F. (Whitley & Ganon), bds 137 W Water

Ganoung, Austin C., book-keeper, h 454 Carroll

GANUNG, CHARLES C., foreman Advertiser job printing room, h 371 W 5th

Ganung, Elias K., cabinetmaker 120 Railroad av, h 515 W Clinton

Ganung, George V., printer Advertiser, bds 515 W Clinton

Grahay, Bartholomew, car repairer, h 806 Main

Garbus, Joseph, bds 856 E Market

Gardiner, Anna, bds 502 Baldwin

Gardiner, Elizabeth D., widow Nelson W., h 452 W Water

Gardiner, Frank H., printer, h 504 E Washington av

Gardiner, J.H. Mrs., h 411 E Church

Gardiner, Robert H., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h 502 Baldwin

Gardner, Charles W., overseer Reformatory, bds do

Gardner, Daniel A., overseer Reformatory, bds do

GARDINER, EDWARD B., supt Eagle Bottling Works 420-422 Carroll, h do

Gardner, Fred J., brakeman, bds 413 W 6th

Gardner, Henry (Mosher, Gardner & Jones), h 106 Main

Gardner, Ida R., laundress Homestead Hotel

Gardner, Jacob, clerk, bds 106 Main

Gardner, John B., expressman, h 330 E Centre

Gardner, Lyman D., bds 312 E Water

Gardner, Lysanda B., cartman, h 612 E Water

Gardner, Mary, domestic 210 William

Gardner, Mary, widow William, h 660 Magee

Gardner, Thomas, machinist Reformatory, h 413 W 6th

Garland, Margaret Mrs., h 554 E 3d

Garlock, Cora A. Mrs., h 139 W Water

Garr, Winfield S., conductor, h 376 Norton

Garrabrant, Agnes L., bds rear court house

Garrabrant, Isaac, janitor city hospital, h do

Garrabrant, William E., laborer, h 209 Brand

Garret, Carrie A., bds 625 W Church

Garrett, Elayne B., teacher school No. 2, bds 625 W Church

Garrett, Kittie M., bds 625 W Church

Garrett, James R., carpenter and joiner, h 625 W Church

Garrett, Jane, widow Truman, h 651 E Church

Garrison, Almeran, engineer, h 1008 Oak

Garritt, Edward, mason, h 923 E Church

Gartenschlager, Charles A., tailor, h 609 Dickinson

Garthwait, Della Mrs., bds 607 S Main

Gartland, Anna, teacher, bds 316 Madison av

Gartland, Anna, widow James H., h 316 Madison av

Gartland, Nellie, saleslady, bds 316 Madison av

Gartland, Patrick, bds 312 W 1st

Gartland, Thomas H., bds 316 Madison av

Gartwaiter, Annie, nurse 408 W Water

Garvey, Annie, domestic 218 W 1st

Garvey, John P., blacksmith, h 542 S Main

Garvey, Maggie, domestic 504 Maple av

Garvin, John, inspector, h 60 Washington

Garvin, Willie, cigarmaker, bds 654 Main

Gascoigne, Clarence E., clerk, h Home n Spalding

Gaskell, Annie G., operative, bds 317 Roe av

Gaskell, Fannie H., operative, bds 317 Roe av

Gaskell, Lorentus J., carpenter, h 317 Roe av

Gaskill, Annie M., milliner, bds 364 W 3d

Gaskill, Burt, laborer, h 364 W 3d

Gaston, Harry, operator D L & W depot, bds 1122 Lake

GATELY E. & CO., installment dealers, J.E. Edward mangr 434 E Water

Gates, Charles M., builder, h 609 William

Gates, D., fireman, bds 309 S Main

Gates, D.E., widow G.M., h 399 W Water

Gates, H.L., bds 399 W Water

Gates, Henry P. (Loomis & Gates), h 399 W Water

Gates, Manley F., student 312 W Church, bds 306 College av

Gates, Michael, laborer, 721 E Oak

Gates, Peter, tanner, h 811 East av

Gaughan, Patrick, saloon 671 Dickinson, bds 600 Baldwin

Gaylord, Catharine, widow Asher, h 372 W Water

Gaylord, D.A. (Elmira Detective Agency), h Southport

GAYLORD, HENDERSON, lawyer Masonic Temple, bds 372 W Water

Gaylord, Kenyon, fireman, h 800 Madison av

Gaylord, Sanford, engineer, h 463 Lake av

GAZETTE CO (THE), pubs Elmira Daily and Weekly Gazette and Free Press 104 and 106 Lake

Gearhart, Aaron D., h 654 College av

Geary, Mary, domestic 104 Elm

Geary, Patrick, shoemaker, h 639 Winsor av

Gebhardt, Jacob, laborer, h 108 Spring

Gebhardt, Lucinda K., widow Philip, h r 124 E Chemung pl

Geer, Charles M., prop Bijou Hotel 503 Railroad av, h do

Geghan, Catharine, h 461 Powell

Gehrke, Frank, laborer, h 703 Lake

Geib, Fred, fresco painter, bds 603 Lake

Geiger, Frederick, tailor, h 354 E 4th

Geis, August, laborer, h 710 Sullivan

Geisenheimer, Jacob A., student, bds 464 E Water

Geisenheimer, Oscar C., saloon 464 and 466 E Water, h do

GEISENHOFF, ANTHONY REV., pastor St John the Baptist's R C church (German), h 717 Benjamin

Geist, James H., clerk 428 Penna av, bds 212 E Water

Geist, Joseph, painter, h W South av n Erie R R crossing

Genger, Francis J., stonecutter, h 959 Oak

Genger, Francis J. jr., feeder, bds 959 Oak

Genung, Fred D., sashmaker, h 919 Stowell

Genung, Josephine, widow DeWitt, h 919 Stowell

Genung, N.F. Mrs., h 160 Sullivan

GEORGE, EDSON C., city editor Gazette, rooms 323 W Church

George, Elvira C., teacher, bds 212 Maple av

George, Fred P., dry goods 502 Main, bds 212 Maple av

George, Henry, tailor, h 50 Orchard

George, James J., decorator, 411 William

George, Jeremiah, shoemaker 309 E 5th, h 715 Dickinson

George, Mary, widow George, h 465 W Gray

George, Rebecca, domestic 465 W Gray

George, William, ins agt, h 212 Maple av

Georgia, Charles A., insp elec lights, h 222 Gregg

Georgia, Cory, fireman, bds 607 Tuttle av

Georgia, Harmon S., h 770 E 5th

Georgia, Roswell S., engineer, h 607 Tuttle av

Gerard, Jacob, saloon 851 E Church, h do

Gerber, Charles, prop Rock Spring Brewery, Elmira N Y

Gere, Charles E., inspector, h 380 Norton

GERITY BROTHERS (William S. and Clayton R.), druggists wholesale and retail 126 Lake

Gerity, Clayton R. (Gerity Bros.), h 258 Baldwin

Gerity, Paul, shoemaker, bds Everett House

GERITY, THOMAS, contractor, h 511 Baldwin

Gerity, William S. (Gerity Bros.), h 510 Baldwin

Gerkee, Julius, teamster, h 959 Oak

Gernert, Emiline A., nurse, bds 409 W 5th

Gerould, Charles P., brakeman, h 426 Balsam

Gerow, Fred G., clerk 120 Lake, bds 503 Park pl

Gerow, Gardner A., foreman Erie shops, h 503 Park pl

Gerveis, Joseph, shoemaker, h 704 Hatch

Getchell, Earl L., drayman, h 509 E Market

Getchell, Frank A., policeman, h 110 Main

Getzmer, Albert, laborer, h 103 E 2d

Gibbons, Thomas, laborer, h 861 Davis

Gibbons, William H., salesman, h 350 Railroad av

Gibbs, Benjamin R., concrete walk and gravel roofing, h 372 Norton

Gibbs, Edith M., dressmaker, bds 368 W 5th

Gibbs, Ebner N., laborer, h 368 W 5th

Gibbs, George, laborer, bds 656 Baldwin

Gibbs, Lucius S., foreman Husbandman, h 665 Davis

Gibbs, Mary, widow Levi, h 316 W 1st

GIBBS, THOMAS O.S., blacksmith 209 E Gray, h do

Gibson, A. Fowler, book-keeper, bds 409 Baldwin

Gibson, Edward, brakeman, h 10 Burdick

Gibson, Judson A., lawyer Masonic Temple, bds 351 W Church

Gibson, William A., machinist, bds 812 W Gray

Gibson, William H., clerk, bds 104 Hoffman

Gibson, William L., h 409 Baldwin

Giddings, Albert C., clerk, bds 567 Magee

Gierart, Anthony, laborer, h 716 E Oak

Giezan, Catharine, h 461 Powell

Gilbert, Henry K., stenographer also clerk Elmira Gas and Illuminating Co., h 451 W Gray

Gilbert, Henry S., h 459 W Church

Gilbert, John B., brakeman, h 1317 Pratt

Gilbert, Philander W., finisher, bds 601 Hart

Gilbert, W.H., oculist and aurist 110 Main, h do

Giles, Charles D., clerk, h 502 Mathews

Giles, Delos C., bds 663 Davis

Giles, Frank M., brakeman, bds 502 Mathews

Giles, Joseph H., trav salesman, h 663 Davis

Giles, Joseph W., carpenter, h 1024 Lake

Giles, William E., salesman 156 Lake, h 123 Madison av

Gill, Christopher, laborer, h 112 E South av

Gill, Hugh, bds 112 E South av

Gill, James, cigarmaker 112 Columbia, h do

Gill, James, boilermaker, bds 112 E South av

Gill, John, expressman, h 611 E 2d

Gill, Thomas, boilermaker, h 704 S Main

Gill, William H., cigar manuf 155 High, h do

Gilldea, Irwin B.W., h 371 W 5th

Gilldea, William A., livery and hack 153 W Clinton n Erie depot and 413 E Market, bds 371 W 5th

Gillespie, James W., chief clerk N Y & Penna Telephone and Tel Co State cor Nicks, h 364 W 1st

Gillespie, Joseph W., carpenter, h 1023 Oak

Gillispie, Frank, mason, bds American Hotel

Gillispie, William, mason, bds American Hotel

Gillet, Solomon L., h 208 E Church

Gillett, Lewis M., watchmaker 1 Main st bridge, bds 361 S Main

Gillette, C.B., pastor Franklin st Pres church, h 208 Franklin

Gillick, Michael, laborer, h 663 Magee

Gillson, George, switchman, h r 1216 Baldwin

Gilmore, Eliza J., widow Norval, h 728 W 1st

Gilmore, John, prop Central House, 114 E Water, h do

Gilmore, John, laborer, h 1013 Oak

Gilmore, Joseph V., salesman 311 E Water, bds 114 do

GILMORE, LEWIS C., wholesale and retail grocer 108 State, h 516 DeWitt

Gilmore, Susan Mrs., bds 511 Benton

Gilmore, William, brakeman, h 411 W 6th

Gilner, Frederick, teamster, h 859 Railroad av

Gilsdorf, Anton, tailor, h 759 E Water

Gilson, George, brakeman, bds 1215 Maxwell av

Gilson, James A., traveling agent, h 219 Maple av

Ginane, Michael, shoemaker, h 355 W 3d

Ging, John, clerk, bds 603 S Main

Ging, Lawrence, blacksmith, h 603 S Main

Gingraw, John, shoemaker, h 600 Jay

Ginsberg, Nathan, peddler, h 109 Spring

Givens, Charles, real estate, bds Buckbee House

Givens, Jesse B., clerk 137 E Water, bds 363 College av

Givens, Lorain H., widow Jesse S., h 363 College av

Gladke, Henry J., bds 162 DeWitt

Gladke, Joseph, h 162 DeWitt