Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Pg. 166

Devine Robert, puddler, h 167 E Washington av

Devine William, cab driver, bds 230 W Water

Devlin John, puddler also saloon 814 Hatch, h do

Devlin J. J., teamster Reformatory, bds do

Devlin William, puddler, bds 814 Hatch

DeVoe Benjamin T., shoemaker 363 Davis, h 148 W Water

DeVoe Frederick A., h 815 Baldwin

DeVoe George W., foreman, h 103 DeWitt

Devore Winfield S., brakeman, h 409 S Main

Dewar David, car inspector, bds 213 South av

Dewar John, car repairer, bds 213 South av

DeWaters Frank E., student, bds 111 Penna av

DeWaters Lewis A., salesman 112 State, bds 111 Penna av

DeWaters Martha E., widow Wright, h 111 Penna av

Dewey Avery, student, bds 55 S Main

DeWITT ABRAM M., stoves and house furnishing goods 154 and 156 Exchange pl, h 213 Washington

DeWitt Addie H., widow Charles, h Southport Corners

DeWitt Betsey E. Mrs., boarding house High cor John

DeWitt Carrie O., milliner, bds Nicks cor Exchange pl

DeWitt Charles G., route agent U S Ex Co, h 111 College av

DeWitt Edgar L., physician 418 E Water, bds High cor John

DeWitt George, painter, bds 212 W Water

DeWitt Isaac T., clerk, h Nicks cor Exchange pl

DeWitt Jacob, h 217 DeWitt

DeWitt Maggie Mrs., h 107 Main

DeWitt Manning F. Rev., h 614 Park pl

DeWitt Nellie F., bds 371 W Water

DeWitt Roscious S., gunsmith 418 E Water, bds High cor John

DeWitt Stephen H., foreman 336 E Water, h 217 DeWitt

DeWITT SUTHERLAND, agent U S Ex Co 152 Baldwin, h 608 W Water

DeWitt Walter F., trav salesman, bds 614 Park pl

DeWitt William F., laborer, h Gorman n N C shops

DeWITT WILLIAM P., lock and gunsmith 418 E Water, h 719 High

DeWitt Wyntje, tailoress, bds 217 DeWitt

Dexter Caroline E., h 207 W Gray

Dexter John M., h 207 W Gray

DEXTER SEYMOUR, County Judge and Surrogate Court House, h 103 S Main

DEY BROTHERS & CO, (John, Donald, Robert, J.G.S. and Charles), dry goods 301 and 303 E Water

Dey Charles (Dey Bros. & Co.), bds Rathbun House

Dey Donald (Dey Bros. & Co.), h at Syracuse, N Y

Pg. 167

Dey James G. S. (Dey Bros. & Co.), bds Rathbun House

Dey John (Dey Bros. & Co.), h at Syracuse, N Y

Dey Robert (Dey Bros. & Co.), h at Syracuse, N Y

Deyo Charles W., fireman, h 548 S Main

Dhier Albert, brakeman, bds 1319 Benton

Diamond Reuben O., shoe-cutter, h 516 W 2d

Dias Sidney S., painter, h 661 Main

Dias Burt C., telegrapher, bds 661 Main

Dibble James M., planer, bds 602 Sullivan

Dibble Jay B., brakeman, h 754 1-2 E 5th

Dibble Samuel M., carpenter, h 602 Sullivan

Dibble Wilber, sashmaker, bds 602 Sullivan

Dick Harriet S., widow John H., h 302 E Water

Dick Lewis T., cigar manuf and dealer 415 E Market, bds 142 E Chemung pl

Dickerman George, fireman, bds 1025 Lake

DICKEY F. O. Rev., pastor Free Baptist church, h 1313 Benton

Dickie George, harnessmaker, bds American Hotel

Dickinson Alexander B., laborer, h 624 Baldwin

Dickinson Charles, fireman, bds 361 Norton

Dickinson Charles S., clerk 130 W Water, bds 209 College av

Dickinson Edward, prof music Elmira College, bds 350 W 4th

Dickinson Ellen E., tailoress, bds 315 W 2d

Dickinson Emily S. Miss, vestmaker, bds 393 W Water

Dickinson Esther M., widow Henry B., h 110 W Market

Dickinson George B., moulder, h 361 Norton

Dickinson George H., (G. S. Dickinson & Son), bds 209 College av

Dickinson George S., (G. S. Dickinson & Son), h 209 College av

DICKINSON GEORGE S. & SON (George H.), grocers 130 W Water

Dickinson Richard L., brakeman, bds 1210 Maxwell av

Dickinson Sabrina S., widow Aristarchus, h 315 W 2d

Dickinson William B., law student 216 E Water, bds 209 College av

Dickman Ruth Mrs. Home for Aged

Diedrich George H., grocer 562 E Church, h do

Diedrich William F., h 604 Howard

Diehl Jacob, baker also grocer 151 Washington, h do

Diehl Jacob M., barber 105 E Water, bds 420 E Market

DIEHL JOHN C., baker and grocer 310 Main, h do

Dietzel Adam, marble polisher, h Esty n Robinson

Digby James, delivery clerk S. H. Laney, h 508 Madison av

Dildine Henry H., laborer, h 461 Mt Zoar

Dildine James, drayman, h r 116 S Main

Dillistin Belle, teacher, bds 315 Franklin

Pg. 168

Dillistin Edward E., farmer, h 315 Franklin

Dillman Cyrus, engineer, bds Blyley House

Dillon Andrew E., lineman, bds American Hotel

Dillon Daniel W., policeman, h 216 DeWitt

Dillon Patrick, laborer, h 435 W 5th

Dimmock Henrietta, bds 312 William

Dimon Reubin O., shoemaker, h 516 W 2d

Dinan Martin, laborer, h 955 Oak

DININNY FERRAL C., miner of anthracite coal 109 W Water, h 820 do

Dininny Ferral C. jr., h 820 W Water

Disbrow Ella F., clerk, bds 321 Orchard

Disbrow Isabella S., teacher, bds 321 Orchard

Disbrow John V. B., clerk E I & S R M, h 215 W 3d

Disbrow Noah, shoe cutter, h 321 Orchard

Dismore William A., clerk 313 E Water, bds 111 College av

Disney James, clerk 211 Baldwin, h 157 Orchard

Disney Thomas S., grocer 423 W 3d, h 418 Elm

Dittmar Charles, supt Elmira Gaslight Co., h 502 Madison av

Diven Anna, widow Alexander, h 514 Lake

Diven Alexander S., pres Elmira Water Works Co., h Willow Brook farm, Lake n limits

Diven Eugene, supt LaFrance Fire Engine Co., h 502 W Church

DIVEN GEORGE M., (Diven & Redfield), also pres Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co, also vice-pres Elmira Water Works Co., h 957 Lake

Diven John M., sec and treas Elmira Water Works Co, h 418 W Church

Diven Martin L., marble cutter, bds 419 Elm

DIVEN & REDFIELD (G. M. Diven and H. S. Redfield) lawyers 212 E Water

Dixon John, clerk 105 W Water, h 202 Harmon

Doane Clarissa C., widow E. P., h 418 W 2d

Doane Emmet J., lamp-trimmer, bds 418 W 2d

Doane Garrett, shoemaker, bds Everett House

Doane George, civil engineer, h 404 Hoffman

Doane Jennie, bds 917 Benton

Doane Madison, teamster, h 907 E Church

Doane Mary, widow Nathaniel, h 917 Benton

Doane Nathaniel K., driver, h 907 Benton

Doane Robinson, driver, h 911 Benton

Doane Royal, wagonmaker 355 E Washington av, h 917 Benton

Doane Walter, package express, bds 859 E Church

Dobberstein August, carpenter, h Robinson n Esty

DOBBINS ANDREW J., prop Frasier House W 3d cor Railroad av, h do

Pg. 169

Dobbs Benjamin J., laborer, h 211 Maple av

Dobbs Isaac E., carpenter, h 514 Balsam

Dobbs Thomas, laborer, bds 211 Maple av

Dobell Stephen V., laborer, h 1032 Oak

Dobson William, laborer, h ft of 2d

Dockstader Otis (Pierce & Dockstader), h 273 W Gray

Dodd Alfred E., cigarmaker, h 214 Sullivan

Dodd Edward, moulder, h 403 DeWitt

Dodd Leonard, foreman, h 115 Lormore

Dodd Jennie, saleslady, 305 E Water, bds 214 Sullivan

Dodd Louis J., clerk 305 E Water, bds 214 Sullivan

Dodel Loudwig, tailor, h 519 Baldwin

Dodson Alexander, clerk, bds 369 W Clinton

Dodson W. Arthur, book-keeper, h 369 W Clinton

Doherty Francis G., clerk Reformatory, bds do

Doherty Frank, shoemaker, h 706 Jay

Doherty Maggie E., saleslady 201 E Water, bds Oak cor Jay

Doherty Mary, compositor Gazette, bds 218 William

Dohoney Frank R., clerk, bds 428 Penna av

Dohoney John E., grocer 428 Penna av, h do

Dolan Helen, widow Patrick, h 607 E 3d

Dolan John, h 617 Lake

Dolan John, bds 607 E 3d

Dolan James, spinner, bds 607 E 3d

Dolan Katie, tailoress, bds 617 Lake

Dolan Thomas, saloon 564 E Clinton, h 607 E 3d

Dolaway George S., driver, h 318 S Broadway

Dolly Charles F., operative, h 220 W 3d

Dolmetch Henry W., millwright, h 505 Penna av

Domaille Jennie, widow Thomas, h Fox cor E Market

Domestic Sewing Machine Office, E. Butcher jr., manager 207 W Water, h 205 Gregg

Domidon Augusta E., domestic 118 Main

Domidon Jane, domestic 312 Lake

Donahue Catharine, widow Patrick, bds 375 W Clinton

Donahue Cornelius, janitor school No 5, h 210 Broadway

Donahue Dennis Mrs., grocer 301 S Broadway, h do

Donahue Ella, domestic 410 W 1st

Donahue Florence E., salesman 416 Carroll, h 800 E Market

Donahue James, laborer, h 857 John

Donahue Johanna, bds 377 Railroad av

Donahue John, laborer, bds 210 Broadway

Donahue John, laborer, h Luce n Robinson

Donahue John jr., laborer, bds Luce n Robinson

Donahue Kate, dressmaker, bds Luce n Robinson

Pg. 170

Donahue Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 409 Fulton

Donahue Mary, domestic 508 Lake

Donahue Mary, clerk, bds 857 John

Donahue Mary, domestic 213 College av

Donahue Michael, clerk Empire Laundry, bds 210 Broadway

Donahue Michael, laborer, bds 210 Broadway

Donahue Michael, laborer Gas Co., h 556 E Market

Donahue Nellie, domestic 715 College av

Donahue Norah, domestic 210 Broadway

Donahue Patrick, laborer, bds 857 John

Donahue Patrick, trackman, bds 307 Diven av

Donahue Patrick, laborer, h 914 Magee

Donahue Thomas, prop Empire House 377 Railroad av, h do

Donald Mary E., widow George, h 750 John

Donly Kate T. Mrs., fancy goods and stamping 203 W Water, h do

Donly William R., conductor D L & W R R, h 203 W Water

Donnelly Edward, engineer, h 1216 Baldwin

Donnelly John, foreman W U T Co, bds 419 Railroad av

Donnelly Luke, engineer, h 211 Franklin

Donnelly Margaret, widow M., housekeeper 861 College av

Donnelly Peter, boilermaker, h 517 Perine

Donovan Daniel, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan James, laborer, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan James H., fireman, h 1001 1-2 Oak

Donovan Jeremiah, bds Susquehanna House

Donovan Johanna, widow Jerry, h 721 Dickinson

Donovan John, clerk, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan John, saloon W 5th cor Magee, h do

Donovan Mame, bds 364 W 6th

Donovan Michael, shoemaker, h 364 W 6th

Donovan Nellie, dressmaker, bds 365 Railroad av

Donovan Patrick, laborer, h 5 Erie

Donovan Richard, laborer, bds 458 High

Donovan Timothy, prop Susquehanna House 365 R R av, h do

Doolittle Benjamin F., fireman, bds 761 1-2 E Church

Doolittle Elmer, brakeman, h 448 Reformatory

Doolittle Elmer, h Bancroft road n State Reformatory

Doolittle Frank E., fancy goods and notions 111 W Water, h 105 Columbia

Doolittle Isaiah, farmer Bancroft road n State Reformatory

Doolittle John T., night operator tel exch'ge, h 206 College av

Doran John, puddler, bds 103 E Washington av

Doretta William R., miller, h 622 Winsor av

Dorian Severe, draper Dey Bros., h 717 Park pl

Dorman Tracy, carpenter, h 442 W Clinton

Pg. 171

Dorn Ella, domestic 521 E Union

Dorn Georgiana, widow George, h 213 Columbia

Dorn Mary, domestic 651 Lake

DORR CHARLES H. (Hooker & Door), h 355 W Clinton

Dorsey William, janior Telegram, h 711 Benjamin

Doty Benjamin E., barber, bds 102 W Gray

Doud Lorenzo M., canvasser, bds 536 W Hudson

Dougherty Charles F., (C. F. Dougherty & Son), h 319 Washington

Dougherty C. F. & Son (C.H.), pump manuf 406 E Market

Doughrty Charles H. (C. F. Dougherty & Son), bds 319 Washington

Dougherty Frank, shoemaker, h 706 Jay

Dougherty Maggie, domestic 254 W Clinton

Dougherty Maggie, saleslady 201 E Water, bds 706 Jay

Douglas Francis T., editor Reformatory, h do

Douglas James A., lawyer 122 E Water, bds Wyckoff House

Dounce E. A., stenog'r Dounce & Co., bds 348 W 4th

Dounce Fred N., coal dealer 665 Railroad av, h 514 W Church

Dounce Will D., trav salesman, h 510 W Church

Dounce William J. (Dounce & Co.), h 514 W Church

DOUNCE & CO., (O. H. & F. N.), wholesale dealers in coal, coke and iron Railroad av cor W 5th

Dovel Lee, horsetrainer, h E South av n Maple av

DOW I. C., magnetic and electric physician office Main cor Market, h do

Dowling Kate, dressmaker, bds 916 College av

Dowling James, iron worker, h 916 College av

Dowling James, baker, bds 162 Orchard

Dowling John J., puddler, h 359 Roe av

Dowling Matthew, brakeman E C & N R R, h 966 Magee

Dowling Nellie, milliner, bds 916 College av

Dowling Patrick A., printer Telegram, bds 916 College av

Down George, stair-builder, h 521 W 2nd

Downs John, laborer, bds 410 Magee

Downs Michael, laborer, bds 410 Magee

Downs William, brakeman, h 1213 Hall

Doxey Elizabeth, widow Augustus, h 864 E Washington av

Doxey Nicholas D., foreman rolling mill, h 655 Main

Doxey Herbert H., rougher, h 153 Broadway

Doyle Ellen, widow Michael, h 660 Columbia

Doyle Filmore W., clerk 110 Baldwin, bds 218 W Church

Doyle George W., umbrella and parasol manuf and repairer 205 E Church, h do

Doyle James, laborer, h 815 Magee

Doyle Joseph, conductor, bds 1008 Lake

Pg. 172

Doyle Katie, domestic 303 Main

Doyle Matie E., saleslady 104 W Water, bds 218 W Church

Doyle Michael, coachman, h 218 W Church

Doyle Miles M., plumber, bds 660 Columbia

Draft Charles, marblecutter, h 163 Harriet

Draiss Elizabeth, widow Adam, h 704 Dickinson

Drake Andrew J., carpenter, h 480 South av

Drake Charles, engineer E C & N R R, bds 214 Baldwin

Drake Charles W., (M. A. Ruger & Co.) res New York city

Drake Claude L., clerk Bessey's laundry, bds 510 W 2nd

Drake George E., conductor, h 162 S Elm

Drake Henry E., bds 159 Madison av

Drake James H., h 162 S Elm

Drake James S., expressman, h 400 Perry

Drake Julia Miss, Home for the Aged

Drake Leon H. (Sayles & Drake), h 902 College av

Drake Oakley E., tinsmith, h 505 Park pl

Drake Robert B., conductor L V R R, bds Frasier House

Drake Samuel, agt, h 351 E Centre

Drake S. Wilfred, driller, bds 510 W 2d

Drake Theodore M., baker, h 510 W 2d

Drake William I., fireman, bds 351 E Centre

Drake Willie E., machinist, bds E Water n D L & W R R

DREW E. D. , fancy goods and notions 128 W Water, h 113 Grove

DREW E. D. MRS., millinery 128 W Water, h 113 Grove

Driscoll Daniel H., shoemaker, h 362 W Gray

Driscoll Deborah Mrs., h 358 Elm

Driscoll Florence, puddler, bds 151 E Washington av

Driscoll James A., wiper, bds 302 E Washington av

Driscoll Kate, clerk 104 W Water, bds 358 Elm

Driscoll Nellie, chambermaid Homestead Hotel

Dryer S. Fannie, widow Numan, bds 360 W Clinton

Dubar Charles R., draughtsman, bds 393 W Water

Dubois Delancy F., brakeman, h 656 Lake

DuBois George, brakeman, h 1003 Pratt

Dubois William M., bds 316 Lake

Dudley Isaac, bds 211 Division

Duesbach Herman, laster, bds 132 E Water

Duffy Christopher, blacksmith, bds 724 S Main

Duffy John, conductor, bds 1219 Hall

Dugan Roger, brakeman, h 1018 Oak

Duhl Bros. (John and Jacob), meat market 561 E Church

Duhl Jacob (Duhl Bros.), bds 114 Orchard

Duhl John (Duhl Bros.), bds 208 DeWitt

Pg. 173

Duhl Louis, mgr Elmira Ice Co, h 950 Oak

Dullin Fred A., bookbinder, h 706 E 2d

Dullin Laura, widow George W., h 304 Washington

DUMARS JAMES H., bookseller and stationer 142 W Water, h 718 do

Dumars Joseph, bds 466 W Water

Dumars Robert R. R., Sec Adv Asso 152 W Water, h 466 do

Dumkee Julius, trimmer, bds 115 College av

DUN R. G. & CO., mer agency, J. J. Bush mgr, 208 E Water

Dunavon James, driver, bds 413 Magee

Dunavon John E., engineer, h 375 W Clinton

Dunavon Michael, shoemaker, h 903 Lake

Dunbar Eliza, widow Jerome, bds 619 Lake

Dunbar Fred E., h 619 Lake

Dunbar Rose E., dressmaker, bds 619 Lake

Duncan Howard, h 310 Grove

DUNDAS THOMAS A., physician 257 Baldwin, h do, office hours till 9 a. m., 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p m

Dunfee Edward, laborer, bds 665 Baldwin

Dunfee Ellen, seamstress, bds 418 Perry

Dunfee Josephine, teacher, bds 418 Perry

Dunfee Sarah Mrs., h 703 E Market

Dunfee Thomas, contractor, h 418 Perry

Dunham Cornelia R., widow Horatio, bds 360 Franklin

Dunham George B., laborer, h 560 E Clinton

Dunham Marshall, hides and tallow 103 W Water, h 360 Franklin

Dunham Roger, laborer, h 360 E 5th

Dunkee John, laborer, bds 665 Magee

Dunkel Henry, laborer, h 610 Jay

Dunn Bernard, machinist, h 653 Davis

Dunn Charles M., machinist, bds 762 E 2d

Dunn Daniel, flagman, h 527 W 5th

Dunn Edward J., book-keeper Chemung Canal Bank, bds 507 E 2d

Dunn Eliza T., clerk postoffice, h 397 W Water

Dunn James, painter, h 504 College av

Dunn James, carpenter, h 762 E 2d

Dunn John, mineral waters, ginger ales, etc 319 Sullivan, h do

Dunn J. Clarence, bds 319 Sullivan

Dunn John J., carpenter, h 216 South av

Dunn Lizzie Mrs., h 505 DeWitt

Dunn Maggie, domestic W Clinton cor Park pl

Dunn Margaret Mrs., h 908 Magee

Dunn Mary A., widow Patrick, h 457 E Water

Dunn Mercy, housekeeper 214 W 1st

Dunn M. A. Mrs., bds 214 W 1st

Pg. 174

Dunn Nellie, domestic 361 Elm

Dunn Owen, bds 539 Tuttle av

Dunn Patrick, h 507 E 2d

Dunning Amanda M., widow Abram M., h 460 Franklin

Dunning Ebin, miller, bds 460 Franklin

Dunning Sarah E., widow Herman P., bds 408 W 3d

Dunning W. Merritt, ironworker, h 424 Pleasant

Dunovan Mary, domestic 302 William

Dupra Lettie, bds 218 E Market

Durbon Augusta J., teacher, bds 319 W Church

Durbon Julia C., teacher, h 319 W Church

Durfey Erastus G., h 408 Herrick

Durfey Harry L., carpenter, bds 408 Herrick

Durfey James G., carpenter, h 357 S Main

Durfey John L., flagman, h 411 Pleasant

Durkin Michael, laborer, bds 208 DeWitt

Durland Daniel T. (Durland & Pratt), h 628 W Church

Durland Sarah E., widow Charles O., h 371 W Church

DURLAND & PRATT (D. T. D. and T. S. P.), dry goods and carpets 102-104 W Water

Durrant Thomas, engineer E C & N R R, h 714 Day

Duryea Miles T., circulator Telegram, bds 410 Fulton

Duryea Virgil Y., harnessmaker, h 410 Fulton

Duryea W. I., salesman 323 E Water, h 627 W Water

Dusbach Herman, shoemaker, bds 132 E Water

Duszynski Geo., laborer, h 823 Canal

Dutton Edwin S., conductor, h 709 Kinyon

Dutton Jay C., coachman Reformatory, bds do

Duvall John H., teamster, h 901 John

Dwight C. P. Miss, teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Dwyer Julia A., domestic 208 Franklin

Dyke Simon P., barber, bds 663 Dickinson

Dyke William, whitewasher, h 663 Dickinson

Dynan Martin, laborer, h 995 Oak

Dyott John C., foreman N C R R, h 701 Kinyon

Eagan Bridget, widow Patrick, h 405 Grove

Eagan Kate, dressmaker, h 405 Grove

Eagan Maggie, dressmaker, bds 405 Grove

Eagan Patrick J., laborer, h 664 Magee

EAGLE BOTTLING WORKS, E. B. Gardner supt, 420-422 Carroll

Eakin Helen, widow Emory A., h 204 Lormore

Eakin John S., physician, president and medical director Chemung Valley Medical and Surgical Institute, h do

Pg. 175

Eames Warren J., laborer, h Luce cor Robinson

Earl Frank P., mason, h 1004 Pratt

Earl Legrand, dyer, h 123 Judson

Earl Sarah A. Mrs., boarding house 156 W 3d

Earl William D., mason, h 123 Judson

EARLE B. B., liquor store 204 W Water, h 308 College av

Earle Clara, clerk 104 E Water, bds do

EARLE FREDERICA A. MRS., deputy collector U S Int Rev Opera House block room 3, bds 122 W Hudson

Earle William M., clerk, bds 122 W Hudson

EASTABROOK WILLIAM N., gen'l mgr New York and Penna Telephone and Telegraph Co State cor Nicks, h 713 Main

Eastern Hotel, Charles Snyder prop, 511 Railroad av

Eastman Eliab F., stove mounter, h 431 Standish

Easton Albert, laborer, h 505 Sullivan

Easton Charles A., laborer, bds 505 Sullivan

EASTON JAMES D., physician and surgeon 1104 Lake, h do

Eaton Abel, h 657 E Market

Eaton Luella, operative, bds 523 William

Eaton Lyman B., gardener, h 727 Kinyon

Eaton Mary H. Miss, stenographer 100 Lake, bds 320 E Water

Eaton Pamelia, widow Nathaniel, h 514 Herrick

Eberenz Ella, widow Charles, h 711 E Church

Eberle Peter, laborer, h 758 Jay

Eckenberger Frank L., car driver, h 713 Dickinson

Eckenberger Haman, miller, h 514 Penna av

Eckenberger Sarah, widow Charles, h 518 Penna av

Eckenberger William H., laborer, h 556 Coburn

Eddie Edith K., bds 374 W Gray

Eddy Catharine W., widow Nathan, h 500 William

Eddy Ermina C., physician 500 William, h do

Eddy L. G. Mrs., dressmaker, bds 111 Madison av

Eddy S. S. Miss, teacher, bds 500 William

Edgerly Marie Mrs., music teacher, h 518 W 1st

Edgerly William, h 518 W 1st

Edgerton Morton L., carpenter, h 100 S Elm

Edgerton Theron S., laborer, h 202 W Henry

Edmonds Charles W., laborer, bds 1312 Benton

Edsall Charles, brakeman, bds 1316 Baldwin

Edsall Hattie Miss, bds 408 W Water

Edson Charles H., book-keeper Railroad av cor Market, h 421 W 1st

EDWARD J. C., manager E. Gately & Co. 434 E Water, h 825 E 2d

Edwards Earnest, clerk, h 112 S Main

Pg. 176

Edwards Mrs. E. C., book-keeper, bds 112 S Main

Edwards Lawrence W., clerk, bds 427 W 4th

Edwards Thomas, carpenter, bds 412 W 4th

Egan Patrick J., dyeing and cleaning 346 W 7th, h do

Egbert Almira, widow William M., h 358 Columbia

Eighmey Thomas, shoemaker, h 371 W Church

Eilenberg Mary, h 612 E Water

Eisenacher Augustus, machinist, h 605 E Water

Elder John S., sashmaker, h 223 Park

Eldred Daniel L., stenographer, h 417 W 4th

Eldred John E., druggist also physician 206 S Main, h do

Eldridge Richard, telegrapher, bds 412 W Clinton

Eliassof Harry N., bds 851 E Water

Eliassof Lena, bds 851 E Water

Eliassof Moses R., h 851 E Water

Ellenberger George N., student, bds 412 Spaulding

Ellett Anna, widow Joseph, h 712 Baldwin

Ellett Will Y., supt Fire Alarm Tel Line, h 712 Baldwin

Elliott Abram, car driver, bds 66 Penna av

Elliott Adam W., laborer, bds 107 W 2d

Elliott Fred W., clerk, bds 859 E Market

Elliott George W., clerk, h 407 W 4th

Elliott Harriet F., widow Adam W., h 1157 Hoffman

Elliott James, carriage painter, h 216 Lormore

Elliott James A., saloon 146 E Water, h do

Elliott James E., shipping clerk, h 753 E 2d

Elliott Lucretia Mrs., bds 757 W Church

Elliott Margaret D., widow Isaac, h 859 E Market

Elliott Omer, guard Reformatory, bds do

Ellis Alonzo, carpenter, h Lewis la bel Lewis

Ellis Anna Miss, domestic 119 Horner

Ellis Dan J., brakeman, h 1118 Main

Ellis Fenwick, book-keeper 2d National Bank, bds 814 E Church

Ellis G. A., cigarmaker, bds Elmira House

Ellis George W., cigarmaker, bds American Hotel

Ellis Mary E., bds 626 Lewis

Ellis Miles A., engineer L V R R, h 205 W 3d

Ellis Peter B., carriage painter, h 119 Horner

Ellis Rhoda, dressmaker, bds 814 E Church

Ellis William, laborer, h 814 E Church

Ellis Willis S., carriagemaker, h Erie cor South av

Ellithorpe Robert, plumber, h 334 E Water

Ells Allen, bds 115 Caldwell av

Ells Cornelia, bds 115 Caldwell av

Ells James B., machinist, h 425 Standish

Pg. 177

EllsWarner M., carpenter, h 404 High

Ells William W., carpenter, 115 Caldwell av

Ellsworth Peter, barber, bds 664 Lake

Elmendorf Charles L. (Billings & Elmendorf), h 527 W Church

Elmendorf Gertrude E., book-keeper, bds 709 W Water

ELMENDORF GEORGE, painter and paper hanger also dealer in wall papers 112 Lake, h River av cor Caldwell av

Elmendorf Milton M., painter and paper hanger, h 709 W Water

Elmendorf Oliver, conductor D L & W R R, h 1210 Hall

Elmendorf Vitruvius, painter and paper hanger, h 711 W Water

Elmendorf William M., brakeman, bds 1012 Hall

Elmendorf William V., dining rooms 317 Carroll, h do

Elmer George W., clerk, h 403 DeWitt


ELMIRA ADVERTISER BOOK BINDERY, L. Kies foreman, 316 Carroll

ELMIRA & HORSEHEADS RAILWAY CO., pres't George M. Diven, sup't E. T. Walker, office Lake n E 5th

ELMIRA BEEF CO., L. J. Pope mang'r, commission merchants Chicago dressed beef Railroad av n Erie depot

ELMIRA BLAST FURNACE, J. B. Rathbone sup't, Main n Centre

Elmira Business College, A. J. Warner prop, E Water cor Lake

Elmira City Hospital, r Court House

Elmira City Morgue, r Court House

Elmira, Cortland & Northern Railway Co., passenger and frt depot 5th cor Baldwin

ELMIRA DAILY AND WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Elmira Advertiser Association publishers 316 Carroll

ELMIRA DAILY AND WEEKLY GAZETTE AND FREE PRESS, The Gazette Co publishers 104 and 106 Lake

ELMIRA DETECTIVE AGENCY (D. A. Gaylord & H. B. Batterson), Carroll cor Lake


ELMIRA FEMALE COLLEGE, Rev. Augustine W. Cowles pres, Main cor W Washington av

ELMIRA FREE ACADEMY, Clinton bet Lake and William

ELMIRA GAS AND ILLUMINATING CO., office Chemung Canal Bank bldg E Water n Lake

ELMIRA HOUSE, M. G. Casey prop, 105 and 107 State

ELMIRA ICE CO. (Limited), Louis Duhl mngr, 149 W Water

ELMIRA ILLUMINATING CO. (The), J. M. Shoemaker pres., H. E. Baker sec and treas, and F. A. Cheney manager, 216 and 222 Railroad av