Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Clark William W., driver, h 810 Oak

Clarke Francis, notions 360 W 2d, h do

Clatworthy Edith, clerk, bds 902 Benton

Clatworthy James, flour and feed 231 W Water, h 901 do

Clatworthy James H., grocer 902 Benton, h do

Cleary Anna, domestic 414 Baldwin

Cleary Daniel, wiper, bds 809 Railroad av

Cleaves Elizabeth J. Mrs., h Park church

Clemmens Jacob, gigger, bds 408 High

Clendenin Henry H., foreman, h 201 Giltanann

Clendenin Robert H., bridge builder, bds 201 Giltanann

Clendenney Harriet A., widow Theodore, seamstress, h 720 Walnut

Cleveland Carrie, domestic 515 E Union

Cleveland Clara, domestic Maple av club house

Cleveland Eddie D., brickmaker, bds 850 E Market

Cleveland Edward, salesman 304 E Water, h 406 Oak

Cleveland Edward, fireman, bds Blyley House

Cleveland Frank E., station baggagemaster Erie R R, h 357 W Clinton

Cleveland Harry B., stenographer, bds 357 W Clinton

Cleveland Herbert E., clerk, bds 106 Ferris

Cleveland James H., foreman Erie car shops, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Morgan R., quarryman, h 850 E Market

Cleveland Philo P., sash and blind maker, h 408 Oak

Cleveland Reuben D., clerk, h 406 Oak

Cleveland Thurlow W., wholesale oyster and fruit shipper 302 and 304 E Water, h 114 Lormore

Cleveland William H., baggagemaster, h 859 Magee

Clifford Leroy, conductor D L & W R R, h 1325 Maxwell av

Cline Elisha, carpenter, h r 310 W 4th

Cline Emma, cloakmaker, bds High cor John

Cline see also Kline

Clipper Chilled Plow Co. (E. B. Smith and William Strait), William cor Clinton

Clisdell Robert E., draughtsman, h 101 W Chemung pl

Cloak Anna, laundress Elmira College

Cloak Bridget, widow John, h 956 Magee

Cloak Kate, domestic Elmira College

Cloak Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 956 Magee

Cloak Mary, dressmaker, bds 956 Magee

Cloak Nellie, milliner 305 E Water, bds 956 Magee

Cloak Thomas, laborer, bds 956 Magee

Clohessy Michael, conductor, h 717 Columbia

Clokeman Frantz, laborer, h 114 Spring

Close Reuben H. Rev., h 371 Fulton

Clough John E., ins agt 331 W Water, bds 102 Harmon

Cluery John, boilermaker, h 614 S Main

Coake Adam, boilermaker, h 768 S Main

Coakley Maggie M., domestic 350 W 4th

Coakley Norah E., domestic 206 W 5th

Coakley Timothy, laborer, bds 805Johnson

Coates Fred E., h 400 W Clinton

Coates William A., driver, h 211 Chestnut

Cobb Emma, dressmaker 109 W Gray, h do

Cobb Emogene, dressmaker, bds 109 W Gray

Coble Mary, bds 78 Penna av

Coburn A. Monroe, foreman, h 404 Sullivan

Coburn Edwin, teamster, bds W Hudson cor Fulton

Coburn Parley, principal school No3, h 207 Spaulding

Cochrane John, bds 119 W Chemung pl

Cochrane P. M jr., book-keeper, bds 105 Columbia

Cocoman Bridget, baker, bds W Hudson cor Fulton

Cocoman Mary Mrs., grocer W Hudson cor Fulton

Cody Joseph, laborer, h 706 Winsor av

Coe Newton, bds 4 Reformatory

Coe Walter, painter, h 417 Balsam

Coe Will D., baggagemaster, h 1005 Oak

Coefield Addie M., widow John, h 306 W 1st

Coffee Simon, clerk 149 W Water, bds 713 Canal

Coffey John, h 713 Canal

Coffey John jr., laborer, bds 713 Canal

Coffey John J., grocer 600 Jay, h do

Coffin Wm. B., supt Susquehanna div N Y L E & W R R, bds Rathbun House

Cogswell Estella, widow Oliver, h Division

Cogswell Hamlin E., music teacher 124 Lake, h 114 Caldwell av

Cohen Abe, peddler, h 112 Sullivan

Cohen Hyman, peddler, h 850 John

Cohen Isaac, peddler, h 208 High

Cohen Emanuel, peddler, h 164 DeWitt

Cohen Morris, peddler, bds 106 Washington

Cohn Emanuel, peddler, h 164 DeWitt

Cohn Joseph, peddler, h 551 E 2d

Coke Charles L., printer 433 Railroad av, bds 467 W 2d

Coke E. M., baker, confectioner and grocer 423 Railroad av, h 467 W 2d

Coke Frederick, general store 1201 and 1203 Benton, h do

Coke Levi, manager 423 Railroad av, h 467 W 2d

Coke Matie E., bds 401 W 1st

Colburn James C., Gazette office, h 319 W Church

Cole David, tanner, bds 153 Madison av

Cole Elizabeth, widow Silas, h 331 E Centre

Cole Lucy, domestic 240 Lake

Cole Peter, carpenter, bds American Hotel

Cole Richard D., carpenter, h 258 South av

Cole Samuel R., farmer, bds 300 Maple av

Cole Webster J., dry goods, groceries and provisions, also boots and shoes 600 Penna av, h do

Cole William P., brakeman N C R R, h 521 Perine

Colegrove Lee, clerk 604 E 2d, bds Serpentine av

Colegrove William, laborer, h 516 DeWitt

Colegrove William, laborer, bds 665 Baldwin

Colegrove William N., upholster, h Serpentine av

Colegrove William T., printer, bds 562 Beach

Coleman Alice, waitress Rathbun House

Coleman Bros. (C.C. and H. B.), pants manufs 216 Baldwin

Coleman Charles (Coleman Bros.), h 311 DeWitt

Coleman Eliza B., widow John, h 360 Columbia

Coleman Frank G., barber 617 S Main, h W South av E of R R

Coleman Genette, porter, h 332 E Water

Coleman Harvey A., brakeman, h South av n Penna av

Coleman H. B. (Coleman Bros.), bds Wyckoff House

Coleman Hugh, laborer, h 317 Hathaway

Coleman Hugh jr., laborer, bds 317 Hathaway

Coleman J. J., physician, sec, treas and bus mgr Chemung valley medical and surgical institute, bds do

Coleman Isaiah B, iron founder and machinist State cor Church, h 353 W 7th

Coleman James, laborer, bds 317 Hathaway

Coleman John, laborer, h 215 Broadway

Coleman Lizzie, domestic American Hotel

Coleman Mary, domestic 511 E Union

Coley George D., carpenter, h 228 S Main

Collier Fred M., conductor, h 358 Norton

Colligan Margaret, domestic 519 W Clinton

Colligan Michael, laborer, h 267 W Henry

Colligan Frederick (Reynolds, Stanchfield & Collin), h 524 W Water

Colliney James, car inspector, bds 703 S Main

Collins Cornelius, laborer, bds New n Woodlawn Cemetery

Collins Dennis, h 901 Railroad av

Collins Dennis, carpenter, bds 210 W Hudson

Collins Dennis, laborer, h Tuttle av n E Church

Collins Dennis, laborer, bds 751 S Main

Collins Edward, puddler, h 215 E 7th

Collins Edwin L., tinsmith, h 215 Franklin

Collins Ella F., operative, bds 160 Harriet

Collins Ellen, operative, bds 122 Partridge

Collins Francis R., bds 527 W Washington av

Collins Hannah, widow Lewis B., h 122 Partridge

Collins Isaac, laborer, h 703 Dickinson

Collins James, laborer, h New n Woodlawn Cemetery

Collins Jared N., conductor, h 474 South av

Collins Jennie, domestic 463 E Water

Collins Jeremiah, wiper, h 306 S Broadway

Collins Jerry, driver, bds 160 Harriet

Collins John, laborer, bds 340 W 7th

Collins John, laborer, h E South av n Maple av

Collins John track foreman, h 420 Standish

Collins John D., laborer, h 340 W 7th

Collins John E., section boss, h 420 Standish

Collins John F., agent, bds 114 S 2d

Collins John W., harnessmaker, h 405 Perry

Collins Maggie E., dressmaker, bds 306 S Broadway

Collins Margaret, laundress Delavan House

Collins Mary E., domestic 371 W 5th

Collins Mary, bds 340 W 7th

Collins Michael, laborer, bds 420 Standish

Collins Nellie, domestic 503 Park pl

Collins Nora, domestic 109 Columbia

Collins Patrick, laborer, bds 527 W Washington av

Collins Patrick, laborer, bds 340 W 7th

Collins Richard F., laborer, h 114 S 2d

Collins Stephen, laborer, h Gorman n S Main

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 160 Harriet

Collins T. F., cutter, bds 207 Sullivan

Collins Thomas F., agent, bds 114 S 2d

Collins Thomas C., laborer, bds 340 W 7th

Collins Timothy, carpenter, h 210 W Hudson

Collins William, tailor 207 Sullivan, h do

Collson Forrest C., glazier, bds 710 Benjamin

Collson Warren M., cabinetmaker, h 710 Benjamin

Colson Alonzo P., carpenter, h 657 Pearl pl

Colson Margaretta Mrs., shoecutter, h 358 S Main

Colson Melville G., bds 657 Pearl pl

Colter John, fireman, bds 803 Magee

Colton Albert E., h 515 DeWitt

Colvin Davis, gunsmith 150 Baldwin, bds Serpentine av n stone quarry

Colvin Mervin S., gunsmith 150 Baldwin, h Serpentine av n stone quarry

Comfort Hannah, widow James, h 600 W Clinton

Comfort Louise M., widow Elli C., h 750 John

Comfort Patrick, proprietor Reformatory Hotel, College av cor Reformatory, h do

Comfort Selden T., salesman, h 217 Caldwell av

Cominsky Marcus, peddler, h 125 Judson

Comp Bertha, domestic 253 W 6th

Compton Carmy, florist 1159 Hoffman, h do

Compton Cornelia Mrs., florist Hoffman n West Hill rd, h do

Compton Frederick L., brakeman, bds 1157 Hoffman

Compton Hannah, widow Allen, bds 432 S Broadway

Compton Jacob framer, S s Carr n West Hill rd

Compton John W., farmer, S s Carr n West Hill rd

Compton N. M., trav salesman Railroad av

Compton William E., clerk, h 432 S Broadway

Compton Zera, awning and tent maker, musical instrument, also sewing machines 411 Carroll, h Hoffman n city limits (see adv top lines)

Comstock Chloe E., widow James E., bds 226 Lormore

Comstock Samuel E., book-keeper, bds 210 High

Comstock Samuel G., salesman 118 W Water, h 210 High

Condol Helen A., laundress, bds 525 Penna av

Condol W. H. jr., carver Rathbun House, h 711 Benjamin

Condol William H., whitewasher, h 525 Penna av

Condon Charles F., carpenter, h 1018 Hoffman

Condon James R., carpenter, h 1018 Hoffman

Condon John, quarryman, bds 720 E Oak

Condon Mary, operative, bds 720 E Oak

Condon Maurice, boots and shoes 302 S Main, h do

Condon Nicholas Mrs., boarding house 109 W Church see adv

Condon Richard H., laborer, bds 102 Lake

Cone E. B., saleslady, bds 238 Mt Zoar

Cone Fred, brakeman, bds 238 Mt Zoar

Cone Mary, widow Andrew J., h 238 Mt Zoar

Conel Nellie, domestic 309 W Gray

Congdon Albert D., laborer, h Tenienti n Bon View

Congdon Burdetts, drayman, h 148 W Water

Congdon Joseph, brakeman, h 148 W Water

Congdon J. Bell, bds 523 W Church

Condon Richmond H., clerk, h 415 E Market

Congdon Samuel H., printer, h 71 Penna av

Conkey Samuel, sculptor, bds 355 W Gray

Conklin Charles M., conductor, h 160 S Elm

Conklin Dennis, teamster, h 708 Davis

Conklin David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin Frank S., driver, h 414 College av

Conklin G. W., trainmaster Erie R R, h 705 Main

Conklin George, painter, h 1308 Pratt

Conklin Jacob, carpenter, h 853 E Church

Conklin Melvin M., grocer also baker 651 Lake, h do (see adv)

Conklin Stoddard H., miller, bds 429 W Clinton

Conklin W. W. Mrs., vestmaker, h 102 Lake

Conkling Helen M., h 328 E Water

Conlin James H., asst pressman Telegram, bds 78 Penna av

Conlin John, machinist, bds 206 Gorman

Conlon Arthur, machinist, bds 206 Gorman

Conlon Bridget, widow Michael, h 854 Magee

Conlon Joseph S., moulder, h 203 W South av

Conlon Peter S., fireman, bds 854 Magee

Conlon Thomas, blacksmith, h 770 S Main

Connelly Bartley, lineman Tel Ex, bds 105 E 1st

Connelly Catherine, widow Timothy, bds 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h E South av n Erie R R

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius Jr., saloon 318 E Water, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Cornelius E. (C. E. & T. F. Connelly), h 216 Walnut

Connelly Daniel, roller, bds 915 Michigan

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Connelly Daniel O., bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly David, driver, bds 409 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 212 Fulton

Connelly Dennis, mason, bds 224 Hine

Connelly Dora, dressmaker, bds 64 Penna av

Connelly Hugh, h 810 Canal

Connelly James, laborer, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly James A. (Connelly Bros.), h 517 Railroad av

Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Jeremiah, cigar manufacturer 452 W Hudson, h do

Connelly Jeremiah, saloon also U S Gauger 318 E Water, h 701 E Market

Connelly Jeremiah J., boots and shoes 105 W Water, h 379 W 4th

Connelly Jerry J., mason, bds 224 Hine

Connelly John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John, cigarmaker, bds 452 W Hudson

Connelly John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John jr., shoemaker, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly John jr., laborer, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly John B., engineer N C R R, h 511 Jefferson

Connelly John T., clerk 319 E Water, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly John M., clerk 415 Carroll, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Julia, seamstress, bds 212 Fulton

Connelly Katie, tailoress, bds 212 Fulton

Connelly Katie, operative, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Maria L., milliner, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Margaret, widow John, h 912 Stowell

Connelly Mary, domestic 455 W Gray

Connelly Mary, domestic Delavan House

Connelly Mary, widow John, h E South av n Erie R R

Connelly Mary, widow Patrick, h 104 Broadway

Connelly Mary Mrs., domestic 403 William

Connelly Michael, puddler, bds 151 E Washington av

Connelly Michael, mason, h W Hudson cor Hine

Connelly Michael, brakeman, bds E South av n Erie R R

Connelly Michael, shoemaker, bds 309 W Hudson

Connelly Michael J., clerk R. G. Dun & Co., bds 212 Fulton

Connelly Nellie, domestic 304 Main

Connelly Nellie F., teacher school No 5, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Patrick, laborer, bds 912 Stowell

Connelly Patrick, shoemaker, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Patrick, carpenter, bds 409 W Hudson

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Richard, tinsmith, bds 64 Penna av

Connelly Thomas F. (Connelly Bros.), h 517 Railroad av

Connelly Bros. (Thomas F. and James A.), prop Queen Palace Hotel 517 Railroad av

Connelly Thomas F. (C. E. & T. F. Connelly, bds 122 W Chemung pl

Connelly Timothy, cigarmaker, bds 120 Fulton

Connelly Timothy, clerk, bds 216 S Walnut

Connelly Timothy, saloon 64 Penna av, h do

Connelly William, waiter 517 Railroad av

Conner George W., bds 402 W Water

Conner Joseph H., shoecutter, h 509 W 2d

Conner William W., meat market 66 Penna av, h 113 E Henry

Conners Mary, domestic 205 Columbia

Connolly Mary, domestic 110 Main

Connor Crete M., bds 113 E Henry

Connor Frank, machinist, bds 118 W Hudson

Connor James, foreman, h 720 S Main

Connor John, h 508 John

Connors Ann S., baker, bds 509 W 2d

Connors Martin, galvanizer, bds 101 Broadway

Connors Martin, brakeman, bds 306 E Washington av

Connors Timothy, laborer, h 514 S Elm

Connors Timothy, teamster, h 407 Elm

Connors William, engineer, bds Blyley House

Connors Wm. B., book-keeper 66 Penna av

Conover Mary, widow S. M., music teacher, h 466 W 2d

Conroy Abbie, domestic 128 Main

Conroy Daniel, laborer, bds 331 Railroad av

Conroy John, cutter, h 108 Ferris

Conroy John, laborer, h 851 Railroad av

Conroy John, mason, h 555 E 3d

Conroy Mary Ann, dressmaker, bds 555 E 3d

Considine Annie, domestic Maple av beyond limits

Considine Bridget, domestic Frasier House

Considine Daniel, laborer, h Lewis ln

Considine Joseph H., draughtsman, bds 393 W Water

Considine Thomas, car inspector, h E South av n Erie R R

Converse Moses S., collector Advertiser, also agent Appleton’s Encyclopedia, h 311 William

Converse Phebe, bds 311 William

Convery James, engineer, h Grand Central av n E C & N R R

Conway Michael, laborer, h E South av opp Erie

Conway Michael E., electro plater, h Erie n E South av

Cook Abbie A., h 262 Baldwin

Cook Alice M., widow E Jason, h 104 College av

Cook Catherine E. Mrs., boarding house 415 Main

Cook Charles, laborer, h 116 E 5th

Cook Charles E., tailor, h 715 E Oak

Cook Fannie A. Miss, h 306 E Church

Cook George F., carpenter, bds 112 Orchard

Cook George H., h 112 Orchard

Cook G. Newton, stamping pattern manf and fancy goods 125 W Water, h 612 Columbia

Cook Joseph E., cutter, bds 316 Penna av

Cook Mary A., widow Henry, laundress, h 413 Madison av

Cook Mary L. Miss, photographer, bds 415 Main

Cook Peter, laborer, bds 201 Market

Cook Silas, laborer, h 604 E Water

Cooke Frances C., widow George J., h 503 W Church

Cooke Frederick J., collarmaker, h 219 Sullivan

Cooklin Thomas S., cigarmaker, h 130 W Henry

Cookson Emma, domestic 955 College av

Cooley Asahel J. Res., h 332 W 5th

Cooley Asahel J., sash and blind maker, h 308 Washington

Cooley Clarence M., clerk W U Tel Co, bds 322 W 5th

Cooley Fred H., clerk, bds 322 W 5th

Cooley James B., operator W U Tel co, h 706 Columbia

Cooley Jarvis A., finisher, h 308 Washington

Cooley J. F., electrician Reformatory, h E s Reformatory av

Cooley Jesse L., sec and treas Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co, h 912 Lake

Cooley Wm. Mrs., dressmaker, h 624 W Gray

Coon David H., carpenter, h 713 Dickinson

Coon Earl L., laborer, h 714 Dickinson

Coon Ella, domestic 718 Oak

Cooney Charles, mason, bds 206 Gorman

Cooney Daniel A., laborer, bds 206 Gorman

Cooney James, brakeman, bds 206 Gorman

Cooney Michael, laborer, bds 919 Benton

Cooney Nora E., dressmaker, bds 206 Gorman

Cooney Thomas, helper, h 206 Gorman

Coons Lida M., widow Wm. M., h 803 E Market

Cooper Allen, Sheriff Chemung County, office adjacent to Court House, h 211 William

Cooper Ella M., widow George K., h 428 E Water

Cooper Fred C., guard Reformatory, bds do

Cooper Jeremiah, h 421 Davis

Cooper John L., wagonmaker, h 361 S Main

Cooper John N. (Reid & Cooper), h 322 William

Cooper Josiah, boarding house 319 Hathaway

Cooper Lydia, widow Wm., bds r Court House

Cooper Nettie, stenographer, bds 405 Lake

Cooper Thomas, farmer, h Mathews cor Sullivan

Cooper Walter, supt Smead & Northcott, h 906 Oak

Cooper William, laborer, h 519 Harper

Cooper William R., carpenter, h 905 Lake

Cooperman Abram, jeweler, h 760 E Oak

Copeland Charles F., printer, bds 407 Oak

Copeland & Woodford (I. S. C. and J. F. W.), job printers 135 E Water

Copeland I. Seymour (Copeland & Woodford), h 107 E Hudson

Copley Hovey E., clerk 110 Baldwin, bds 259 do

Copley John G., h 259 Baldwin

Corby James H., conductor, h 382 Norton

Corcoran Johanna, widow Thomas, h 803 Canal

Corcoran John, h r 859 Railroad av

Corey Robert B., bds 117 Walnut

Corey Thomas S., printer, h 1002 Oak

Corey Walter F., flagman, h 127 W Hudson

Corey William F., bank teller, h 117 Walnut

Corkery Margaret Mars., h 505 College av

Cornell Albert B., mgr Cornell Printing Co, h 105

Cornell Ellis, laborer, h 467 W Hudson

Cornell George, engineer, bds 467 W Hudson

Cornell Jennie, dressmaker 100 W Water, h do

Cornell John A., carpenter, h 317 South av

Cornell Oscar H., brakeman, h 232 Mt Zoar

Cornell Printing Co., A. B. Cornell mgr, 83 Penna av (see adv opp Business Directory)

Cornell Sarah E., Mrs., dressmaker, h 813 E Market

Cornell Warren G., laborer, bds 317 South av

Corrigan Mary, widow Bernard, bds 400 S Broadway

Corsey John, brakeman, h 221 W Water

Corson Johnson, brakeman D L & W R R, h 759 Day

Corson Richard, shoemaker, h 151 Lake

Corwin Carrie, domestic 129 W Henry

Corwin Ella, domestic 451 W 1st

Corwin James, flagman, h 370 Penna av

Cory Walter F., brakeman, h 127 W Hudson

Cosgrove Michael J., clerk 205 E Water, h 209 Washington

Cosmopolitan Hotel, H. B. Redner prop, 807 Lake

Costello Bridget, domestic 114 W Gray

Costello Bryan, wiper, h 758 S Main

Costello James, laborer, h 266 W Henry

Costello James H. (Costello & Neagle), h 551 E Water

Costello John B., news editor Advertiser, h 750 E Church

Costello & Neagle (J. H. C. & P. J. N.), contractors State cor Church

Costello Maggie, domestic 557 Main

Costello Mamie, domestic 108 Penna av

Costello Martin, laborer, h 549 S Main

Costello Mary, widow Stephen, h 435 W 4th

Costello Michael, laborer, bds Junction cor Home

Costello Michael C., plumber 336 E Water, bds American Hotel

Costello Nora, waitress Delavan House

Costello Patrick, engineer, bds Blyley House

Costello Patrick, laborer, h Junction cor Home

Costello Patrick H., plumber, bds 266 W Henry

Costello Thomas, car inspector, bds 724 S Main

Costello Timothy, laborer, h 324 Webber pl

Costello William E., plumber, bds 122 W Hudson

Costello William T., machinist, bds 435 W 4th

Cotrell Frank M., harnessmaker, bds 115 Sullivan

Cotrell Jarvis V., carpenter, h 115 Sullivan

Cotrell M. Bourden, dentist, h 669 Park pl

Cotrell Stephen H., carpenter and builder 715 College av, h do

Cotter Anna, domestic Elmira College

Cotter John, coachman, h 812 Oak

Cotter John J., engineer Pratt & Co., bds 812 Oak

Cotter Julia, domestic Elmira College

Cotter Michael D., engineer, h 1319 Maxwell av

Cotter Nora, domestic 306 Lake

Cotter Richard, butcher, bds 812 Oak

Cotter William, laborer, h 505 DeWitt

Cotton George H., h 72 Penna av

Cotton George H. jr. (G. H. Cotton jr. & Bro.), h 72 Penna av

Cotton Robert, laundryman, bds 227 W Water

Cotton Samuel (G. H. Cotton jr. & Bro.(, h 61 First av

Cotton William H., laundry 227 W Water, h do

Couch Arthur S., glue manf Tuttle av bel Church, h 327 Lake

Coughlin Anna, widow Dennis, h 462 W 2d

Coughlin John, laborer, bds 809 Railroad

County Clerk’s Office, Henry V. Ransom clerk, Lake c E Market

Coursen Johnson, brakeman, h 759 Day

Covell Alice B. Miss, h 441 E Water

Covell Clara, bds Maple av n limits

Covell Emma, bds Maple av n limits

Covell E. W., carpenter, h 314 S Broadway

Covell Georgiana, widow Edward, h 312 William

Covell James, h Maple av n limits

Covell Robert, clerk, bds 554 E Church

Covert Jennie, widow Charles, bds 215 S Main

Covert Jennie E., bds 153 Madison av

Covert Sidney (W. H. Peters & Co.), h 153 Madison av

Coville Alice Miss, nurse, h 315 E Church

Cowen Adeline Miss, bds 267 W Chemung pl

Cowen Dell Miss, nurse, h 208 W Chemung pl

Cowen H. Seaver, auctioneer 151 Baldwin, h do

Cowen Sarah C., widow Thaddeus, h 611 College av

Cowles Augustus W. Rev. D. D., president Elmira Female College, h 855 College av

Cowles Clara Miss, bds 855 College av

Cox C. W., dentist Horseheads

Cox Delos M., mason, h 381 W 2d

Cox John, porter, h 229 W Water

Coykendall Andrew J., livery 109 S Main, h do

Coykendall Edward, bds 221 W Water

Coykendall Edward H., train agt N C R R, bds 109 S Main

Coykendall Emma A., variety store 350 S Main, h do

Coykendall Frank, roofer, bds 221 W Water

Coykendall G. D., laborer, bds 618 Penna av

Coykendall & Ratcliffe (L. B. Coykendall and W. L. Ratcliffe), boots and shoes 325 E Water

Coykendall Isaac B. (Coykendall & Ratcliffe), bds 460 Maple av

Coykendall Jacob B. (J. M. Sly & Co.), h 109 S Main

Coykendall Mary, widow John, h 221 W Water

Coykendall William S., grocer 57 S Main, h do

Coyle Bridget M., dressmaker, h 400 Baldwin

Coyle James A., engineer D L & W R R, h 400 Baldwin

Coyne Thomas P., shoemaker, bds 406 Elm

Craig James M., tinsmith, h 370 Thurston

Craig Robert B., tinsmith, h 263 W Chemung pl

Crakes Winfield S., laborer, h Southport Corners

Cramer Aaron G., engineer, h 446 Reformatory