Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1888
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Butcher, Edward jr., mgr Domestic sewing machine office 207 W Water, also sec'y Guarantee Alliance, h 205 Gregg
Butcher, George, tailor, h 206 DeWitt
Butcher, Kittie, stenographer, bds 206 DeWitt
Butler, Anna, h 612 Dickinson
Butler, Bridget, domestic 318 W Church
Butler, Edward, switchman, h 611 S Main
Butler, Edward D., postal clerk, bds 314 W 4th
Butler, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 314 W 4th
Butler, Emanuel J., barber 369 Railroad av, h 610 Dickinson
Butler, Franklin, farmer, h 857 E Church
Butler, James, laborer, h 926 Maxwell av
Butler, James A., instructor Reformatory
BUTLER, JAY S., managing editor Gazette, bds 503 Lake
Butler, John, machinist, bds 620 Lewis
Butler, Katie, bds 314 W 4th
Butler, Lizzie, domestic 668 Park pl
Butler, Mary, widow H., h 616 Dickinson
Butler, Mary, widow John, h 314 W 4th
Butler, Mary, widow Patrick, h 305 Diven av
Butler, Patrick C., fireman, bds 302 E Washington av
Butler, Thomas W., fireman, h 1306 Maxwell av
Butler, William F., gardener, h 312 Sullivan
Butler, William W., farmer, bds Mathews cor Sullivan
Butman, A. L., laborer, bds 556 E 3d
Butman, George W., shoemaker, bds 556 E 3d
Butman, Wm H., shoemaker, h 556 E 3d
Butman, Wm J., shoemaker, bds 556 E 3d
Butters, Ellsworth H., mason, h 312 Orchard
Butters, Frederick, apprentice 336 E Water, bds 609 E Church
Butters, Lewis H., carpenter, h 609 E 2d
Butts, James O., clerk Reformatory, bds do
Butts, Rubie, domestic 218 Madison av
Buxton, Mrs. L. F., retoucher, bds 414 Main
Byrne, Anna F., teacher, h 113 W Gray
BYRNE, JOHN C., grocer 405 Railroad av, h 428 W 4th
Byrne, John T., messenger Reformatory, bds do
Byrne & Kane (Thos. G. Byrne & Pat Kane), horseshoers 413 E Market
Byrne, Mary A. C., teacher school No. 5, h 754 Jay
Byrne, Sarah Mrs., h 113 W Gray
Byrne, Thomas G. (Bryne & Kane), h 856 John

Cable, H. T., clerk Wells, Fargo & Co's Ex, bds 358 Maple av
Cable John, blacksmith, h 308 W Water
Cadek, Frank, laborer, h 665 Sullivan
Cadigan, John, puddler, h 918 Stowell
Cadigan, John I., machinist, bds 363 Fulton
Cadigan, Thomas, laborer, bds 916 Stowell
Cadoo, James H., carpenter, h 312 South av
Cadoo, William, carpenter, h 312 South av
Cahaley, Daniel, cigar manuf 376 W 1st, h do
Cahaley, Kate T., bds 376 W 1st
Cahaley, Mary E., dressmaker, bds 376 W 1st
Cahaley, Thomas F., cigarmaker, bds 376 W 1st
Cahaley, Wm. T., mail carrier, bds 376 W 1st
Cahill, Ann, bds 425 W 4th
Cahill, Ann, widow Michael, h 315 E Washington av
Cahill, Annie, domestic American Hotel
Cahill, Edward, laborer, h 425 W 4th
Cahill, Ellen, widow John, h 502 College av
Cahill, Henry W., book-keeper W U T Co, bds 502 College av
Cahill, James, laborer, bds 462 W 6th
Cahill, James, tinsmith, bds 435 W 4th
Cahill, James, heater, h 903 Stowell
Cahill, John, laborer, bds 161 E Washington av
Cahill, John, laborer, bds 462 W 6th
Cahill, John T., polisher, bds 425 W 4th
Cahill, Kate T., milliner 201 E Water, bds 502 College av
Cahill, Lucy, domestic, 464 W Church
Cahill, Maggie, domestic American Hotel
Cahill, Maggie, dressmaker 608 John, bds do
Cahill, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 462 W 6th
Cahill, Martin, teamster, h 462 W 6th
Cahill, Mary F., teacher, bds 502 College av
Cahill, Michael, laborer, bds 315 E Washington av
Cahill, Thomas, laborer, bds 315 E Washington av
Cail, E., dressmaker, 433 E Water, h do
Cain, Ann C., widow Dennis, h 661 Columbia
Cain, Cornelius, laborer, bds 520 Perine
Cain, James L., laborer, bds 209 Washington
Cain, John T., plumber, bds 209 Washington
Cain, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 313 W Hudson
Cain, Michael T., grocer 68 Penna av, h do
Cain, Patrick, blacksmith, h 209 Washington
Cain see Kane
Caldwell, Dan C., lineman, h 609 E Church
Caldwell, David jr., carpenter, h 102 Harmon
Caldwell, Luther, real estate, h 227 Lormore
Caldwell, Louis D., letter carrier, h 127 W Market
Caldwell, Luther Sutton, fire dept, bds 227 Lormore
Caldwell, Maud, laboratory asst 318 Carroll, bds 102 Harmon
Cale, John, N C R R fgt house, h 606 E 2d
Calkins, Edwin B., agent, h 819 E 2d
Calkins, Grace E., bds 363 College av
Calkins, G. Nathan, planer, h 1311 Hall
Calkins, Henry D., conductor Fall Brook R R, h 416 Davis
Calkins, John W. D., book-keeper 109 W Water, h 363 College av
Calkins, Myron B., h 420 E Water
Calkins, Nathan S., clerk 109 W Water, h 363 College av
Calkins, Sarah H., bds 363 College av
Calkins, Walter V., train dispatcher, h 308 W 5th
Call, Purinton B., foreman J. C. Seeley, h 708 W Water
Callahan, Cornelius, gardener, h Jones bel Robinson
Callahan, Daniel, shoemaker, bds Everett House
Callahan, James H., h Jones bel Robinson
Callahan, John, hatter, merchant tailor and gents' furnisher 106 W Water, h 109 Franklin
Callahan, Katie, book-keeper, bds 109 Franklin
Callahan, Lizzie M., domestic Jones bel Robinson
Callahan, Patrick (Hogan & Callahan), h Jones bel Robinson
Calligan, Kate H., h 112 Walnut
Calligan, Lida E., h 112 Walnut
Calligan, Patrick, laborer, h 459 Powell
Calman, Albert, glue manufacturer Tuttle av n E Church, bds Rathbun House
Calway, William, h 664 Dickinson
Camp, Charles F., shoemaker, h 125 W Water
Campbell, A. C., student, bds 827 E 2d
Campbell, Abijah, mason, h Tuttle av n East av
Campbell, Anna M., saleslady 139 E Water, h 118 W Chemung pl
Campbell, Arthur J., shoemaker, bds 107 Sullivan
Campbell, Barney, laborer, h 957 Main
Campbell, Bridget, widow Michael, h 160 E Washington av
Campbell, Charles D., engineer, h 1210 Baldwin
Campbell, Charles S., paintmaker, bds 516 Davis
CAMPBELL, C. ERNEST, physician, specialties ear, nose and nasal catarrh 124 Lake, h do
Campbell, Daniel J., stereotyper Telegram, h 921 Railroad av
Campbell, David, teamster, bds 507 Clinton pl
Campbell, DeWitt S., book-keeper, bds 516 Davis
Campbell, Henry J., carpenter, h 516 Davis
Campbell, Henry L., machinist, h 414 E Washington av
Campbell, Horace, coachman 52 S Main, bds 307 Fulton
Campbell, James, laborer, h 605 E 2d
Campbell, James, puddler, bds 160 E Washington av
Campbell, James A. ( J. A. Campbell & Co.), h 717 W Water
Campbell, James A. & Co. ( Joseph A. Campbell), plumbers and gas fitters 218 W Water
Campbell, James E., paper hanger, h 110 Brand
Campbell, James J., shoemaker, bds 107 Sullivan
Campbell, John, iron roller, h 324 Webber pl
Campbell, John A., plumber, h 659 Lake
Campbell, John F., telegrapher W U T Co, h 313 Roe av
Campbell, John J., bds 103 Washington av
Campbell, John M., painter, h 1 Lemon
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH A. (J. A. Campbell & Co.), also chief engineer dep't, h 611 William
Campbell, Lafayette, freight handler, h 414 E Washington av
Campbell, Maggie, bds 957 Main
Campbell, Margaret, domestic 168 High
Campbell, Mary, grocer 313 Roe av, h do
Campbell, Mary, waitress Rathbun House
Campbell, Minnie Mrs., laundress, h 144 W Water
Campbell, Patrick C., shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan
Campbell, Patrick J. jr., shoemaker, h 811 John
Campbell, Rose, widow John, h 103 E Washington av
Campbell, Thomas E., shoemaker, bds 107 Sullivan
Campbell, William, bds 507 Clinton pl
Campbell, William E., fireman, h 206 Mt Zoar
Campbell, William H., mason, h 804 E Market
Campbell, William T., salesman 301 E Water, bds 109 College av
Canary, Bridget, widow Mathew, h 419 W 5th
Canfield, Alfred A., ins agt, h 524 William
Cannan, John, laborer, h 265 W Henry
Cannon, D. Addison, clerk 110 Baldwin, bds 616 Columbia
Cannon, Douglas A., clerk N C R R fgt depot, bds 616 Columbia
Cannon, George B., agt Novelty Supply Co, h 616 Columbia
Cannon, George B. Mrs., saleslady 125 W Water, h 616 Columbia
Cannon, James, steward State Reformatory, h 616 Columbia
Cantlin, Michael, engineer, bds 902 Lake
Cantlin, Richard, engineer, h 355 Division
Carberry, Michael, foreman Reformatory, h 452 Reformatory
Carbon, James, machinist, h Lewis la
Carbonate Mining Co., Church cor Railroad av
Card, Harry, filer, h E s College av n Reformatory av
Carey, Frank H., painter, h 500 Oak
Carey, John M., comp'r Telegram, bds 418 E Washington av
Carey, Mary, bds American Hotel
Carey, Mary A., widow Francis, h 316 Orchard
Carey, Matthew J. (Carey & Stephens), h 418 E Washington av
Carey, Reuben C., printer, bds 105 E Henry
Carey & Stephens ( M. J. C. and H. E. S.), grocers 901 Lake
Carey, William R., house and sign painter, 410 E Market, h 460 E Church
Cargill, Roswell G., organist and artist, h 129 Main
Cariss, George H., yardmaster N C R R, h 464 Franklin
Carley, John K., bds 213 1/2 Lormore
Carlin, James H., moulder, bds 666 W 6th
Carlisle, John, puddler, bds 715 Magee
Carman, Gabriel S., carpenter, h 212 Harmon
Carman, Stephen A., laborer, h 715 W Church
Carman, William A., carpenter, h 262 Partridge
Carmody, Anna, widow Michael, h 912 Johnson
Carmody, Dennis, cooper 60 Penna av
Carmody, Edward, carpenter, h 433 W 5th
Carmody, Katie, widow Thomas, h 710 Magee
Carmody, Maggie F., domestic 415 E Church
Carmody, Mary, domestic, 501 William
Carnegie, John C., painter, h 311 Railroad av
Carnrike, Maggie M., operative, bds 707 E Church
Carpenter, Amos G., fireman Erie R R, h 449 W 5th
Carpenter, Andrew J., carpenter, h 509 Fulton
CARPENTER BROS. (Wm. and John M.), livery stable and cab line 238 W Water
Carpenter, Daniel H., 120 W Water
Carpenter, Edward, watchman, h 228 Chestnut
Carpenter, Edward A., painter, h 466 W Hudson
Carpenter, Edward G., turner, h 458 E Clinton
Carpenter, Eliza, domestic 211 Franklin
Carpenter, Fred C., printer, bds 212 W Chemung pl
Carpenter, George C., engineer, h 210 Sullivan
Carpenter, George H., turner, h 224 Lormore
Carpenter, George M., hay press, also feed 101 W Henry, h 203 Penna av
Carpenter, John B., fireman, h 714 E Oak
Carpenter, John M., (Carpenter Bros.), h 230 W Water
Carpenter, Lewis F., carpenter, bds 509 Fulton
Carpenter, Minnie, widow A. J., h 121 Sullivan
Carpenter, Nelson E., laborer, bds 203 Penna av
Carpenter, Timothy, painter, h 455 Mt Zoar
Carpenter, William (Carpenter Bros.), h 240 W Water
Carpenter, William D., doormaker, bds 510 W 1st
Carpenter, Zenus R., turner, h 510 W 1st
Carr, Austin A., bed-spring maker, bds 659 College av
Carr, Bernard, blacksmith, h 726 Hatch
Carr, Betsey, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin
Carr, Charles H., fireman, h 956 Oak
Carr, Ella, dressmaker, bds 726 Hatch
Carr, John, cigarmaker, bds 351 Railroad av
Carr, Kate C., operator telephone exchange, bds 827 E 2d
Carr, Katie, bds 378 W 5th
Carr, LeGrand, lamplighter, h 1159 Hoffman
Carr, Samuel M., farmer N s Carr n W Hill rd
Carr, Silas T., carriagemaker, h 705 Jay
Carr, Stephen, h 378 W 5th
Carr, S. Fletcher, bds 516 William
Carr, Thomas, salesman, 146 W Water, bds 378 W 5th
Carr, Wert, brakeman, h Pattinson cor Sullivan
Carr, William S., book-keeper Chemung Canal Bank, h 909 W Water
Carrer, M. Miss, saleslady, bds 454 W Gray
Carrier, Charles, brakeman, h 409 Pleasant
CARRIER, COURTLAND F., manager Cronk Hanger Co., h 511 E Union
Carrier, George H., painter, h 406 E Market
Carrier, Joseph, h 518 Lake
Carrier, Julia N., bds 518 Lake
Carrier, Lovina, widow Philo, h 511 E Union
Carrigan, James, saloon 924 Maxwell av, h do
Carrigan, Thomas, puddler, h 962 Main
Carroll, Beade, domestic 304 Main
Carroll, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 259 W Hudson
Carroll, Charles H., h Euclid pl cor W 1st
Carroll, Frank, manager J. W. Carroll, 115 Railroad av, bds W Water ab Hoffman
Carroll, James, machinist, h Hopkins la n S Main
Carroll, James, laborer, h 604 Baldwin
Carroll, James, plumber, bds 259 W Hudson
Carroll, James E., salesman, 115 Railroad av, bds W Water ab Hoffman
Carroll, John, heater, h 654 Dickinson
Carroll, John, laborer, h Gorman n N C R R
Carroll, John A., foreman, bds 320 Hine
CARROLL, JOHN W., clothing 115 Railroad av, h W Water ab Hoffman
Carroll, John W. jr., cutter 115 Railroad av, bds W Water ab Hoffman
Carroll, Patrick, machinist, h 451 Franklin
Carroll, William, laborer, bds 654 Dickinson
Carruthers, Robert, butcher, bds S s Hart n Hoffman
Carruthers, Robert, shoemaker, h 408 Standish
Carter, Alvah S., painter, h 112 College av
Carter, Della F., bds 311 W Clinton
Carter, John, hostler 108 E Chemung pl
Carter, Joseph F., foreman Telegram eng dept, h 950 Walnut
Carter, Matilda A., widow Edwin A., h 311 W Clinton
Carter, Nora, domestic 124 Main
Carter, Thornton, coachman, h r 115 E Chemung pl
Carter, William, laborer, h 505 DeWitt
Cartledge, James C., marble cutter, h 354 Penna av
Cartledge, Joseph, foreman 446 E Water, h 402 1/2 Sullivan
Cartwright, Stephen, iron worker, h 367 Diven av
Cary, Maggie, domestic 406 Main
Cary, Mary, domestic 406 Main
Cary, Michael, carpenter, h 363 W 3d
Cary, William E., engineer, bds 902 Lake
Cary, W. M., foreman Reformatory, h 918 Magee
Cary see also Carey
Casady, Anna F. (Casady & Roach), bds 125 Madison av
Casady, George B., bartender 110 Lake also musician, h 219 W Water
Casady, George W., barber, bds 125 Madison av
Casady & Roach (Anna F. Casady and Kate Roach), dressmakers 122 E Water
Casey, Daniel, livery 215 S Main, bds 411 do
Casey, Mary, widow Daniel, h 802 Sullivan
CASEY, MICHAEL, saloon 220 W Henry, h do
CASEY & WEIDER (Michael G. Casey and Nicholas Weider), maltsters Market cor State
CASEY, MICHAEL G., proprietor Elmira House 105 and 107 State, h do, also Casey & Weider
Casey, Morgan, blacksmith, h W Washington av cor Johnson
Casey, Patrick, laborer, bds 435 W 5th
Casey, Timothy, prop Elmira Steam Laundry, h 563 E Water
Casper, Julia Mrs., h 102 Railroad av
Cass, John, h 122 W Hudson
Cassada, Frank J., lumber dealer 108 Penna av
CASSAL, CHARLES M., jeweler and optician 105 E Water, h 110 W Gray
Cassal, Charlotte, widow Henry M., h 110 W Gray
Cassal, Emma H., bds 110 W Gray
Cassal, Lena J., bds 110 W Gray
Cassell, George, carpenter, h 562 Beach
Cassidy, Thomas, shoemaker, h 608 Jay
Cassidy, Thomas P., shoemaker, bds 803 Magee
Cassin, Julia, widow Martin, h 543 S Main
Casterline, Horace Mrs., dressmaker, h 754 John
Casterline, Ira, watchman Reformatory, h 1122 Walnut
Casterline, Isaac, manager 323 Carroll, h 155 Lake
Casterline, Jane, dressmaker, h 418 Carroll
Casterline, James G., mason, h 706 Day
Casterline, M. A., lock and gunsmith 323 Carroll, h 155 Lake
Casterline, Samuel M., fireman N C R R, h 416 Jefferson
Castle, John H., machinist, h 269 Baty
Castner, George R., carpenter, h 116 W 1st
Castner, Horatio S., carpenter and builder, 114 W 1st, h do
Castner, John P., engineer, h 1202 Maxwell av
Cathers, George, laborer, h 307 Mt Zoar
Catlin, Ann, widow Reynolds, h 285 E South av
Catlin, Elzine, bds 55 S Main
Catlin, James, machinist, bds 265 E South av
Catlin, Jane C., widow Lucius, h 506 Columbia
Catlin, Martin, laborer, bds 285 E South av
Catlin, Theodore, laborer, h 432 W 4th
Catlin, Thomas, bds 209 W Henry
Cato, Lizzie, domestic 312 Webber pl
Caton, Thomas, laborer, h Junction n Home
Cauldbeck, Alfred E, cooper, bds 116 1/2 Ferris
Cauldwell, James A. jr., clerk 513 Railroad av, bds 371 W Church
Caulking, Emma R., music teacher, bds 503 Sullivan
Caulking, Hiram L., printer, bds 503 Sullivan
Caulking, Hiram W., h 503 Sullivan
Caulking, Mollie, widow W. A., h 202 E Gray
Caulking, Thomas B., printer, bds 503 Sullivan
Causer, J. A., clerk, bds 501 Davis
Cavanaugh, James J., bartender, 132 E Water, bds do
Cavanaugh, Mary J., dressmaker, bds Jones bel Robinson
Caverly, Andrew, puddler, bds 319 Roe av
Caverly, John, puddler, h 319 Roe av
Caverly, Lizzie, laundress Elmira Female College
Caverly, Mary, laundress Elmira Female College
Caverly, Mary, dressmaker, bds 319 Roe av
Caverly, Richard, saloon 116 W 5th, rooms 666 Magee
Caygill, Thomas, painter, h 200 College av
CENTRAL HOUSE, John Gilmore prop, 114 E Water
Chadbourn, Sarah Mrs., bds 210 Maple av
Chadbourne, Joseph K., clerk, h 413 W Clinton
Chadbourne, William T., clerk Rathbun House, h 617 Magee
Chadwick, Emma L., bds 168 Orchard
Chalmers, James, painter, bds 78 Penna av
Chalmers, Julia A. Miss, prop St Ursula school 402 W Church, h do
Chamberlain, Ida, bds 356 S Main
Chamberlain, Mary H., widow John W., bds 411 W Water
Chamberlin, A. B., land agent D L & W R R Co, h 713 Park pl
CHAMBERLIN, BURTON S., lawyer also city clerk, h 308 W Gray
Chamberlin, Lizzie H., h 411 W Water
Chamberlin, Mary H., widow John W., h 411 W Water
Chamberlin, Rose, canvasser, bds 107 Magee pl
Chamberlin, Wright C., h 107 Magee pl
Chambers, Frank M., book-keeper, bds 426 Jefferson
Chambers, H. O., painter, h 426 Jefferson
Chambers, Salem J., laborer, h W s College av n Reformatory av
Chancler, Joseph M., paper hanger, bds 716 Baldwin
Chancler, Minnie, dressmaker, bds 716 Baldwin
Chancler, Phebe, widow Richard, h 716 Baldwin
Chapel, George W., farmer, h 1004 Walnut
Chapin, Z., h 161 Washington
Chapman, Andrew F., grocer also wood and coal 901 Lake, h do
Chapman, Benjamin, laborer, bds 724 S Main
Chapman, Bert O., dental student 310 E Water, bds 662 College av
Chapman, Isaac R., hardware 1122 S Main, h do
Chapman, Herbert O., conductor, bds 366 Diven av
Chapman, James J., machinist, h 110 W Henry
Chapman, L., domestic 105 W Hudson
Chapman, Louise Mrs., seamstress, h 404 W 3d
Chapman, Philinda R., widow George, bds 114 S Main
Chapman, Sarah L., AM, Prinp'l Elmira Female College, bds do
Charles, Fred L., trav salesman Plumb & Sheldons 120 Lake, bds Wyckoff House
Chase, Ann M., widow Amos, bds 428 Pleasant
Chase, Cornelius B, machinist, h 609 Lewis
Chase, Eva, h 137 W Water
Chase, Fred M., salesman 301 E Water, h 502 W 1st
CHASE, HIBBARD & CO., ( J. H. Chase, H. D. Stone, T. C. Campbell & M. Hibbard), Elmira Mills, 301-307 W Water
Chase, Helen M., bds 502 W 1st
Chase, J. H. (Chase, Hibbard & Co.), residence Rochester N Y
Chase, Mattie, domestic 128 Baldwin
Chase, Walter P., salesman 307 E Water, h 523 W Water
CHASE, ZALOMON F., physician 760 E Church, h do
Cheeny, F. A., Gen Man'g'r Elmira Illuminating Co. 216 Railroad av, bds Rathbun House
Cheeker, Charles, laborer, h 669 Sullivan
Chemung County Jail, 211 William
Chemung Milk Association, W. N. Tubbs mgr., 154 Lake
CHEMUNG VALLEY BEEF CO., (Nelson Morris & Co.), F. Rhodes, mangr, Railroad av cor E Gray
Chemung Valley Medical and Surgical Institute 1336 College av
Cherry, Anna, widow Lawrence, bds 541 S Main
Cherry, Charles K., baker, bds 718 Day
Cherry, Clarence, bookbinder's assistant, bds 757 E Market
Cherry, Electa, widow William, h 218 E Market
Cherry, John, laborer, h 361 Railroad av
Cherry, Mary, saloon 361 Railroad av
Cherry, Patrick L., mason, h 757 E Market
Cherry, Thomas, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 361 Railroad av
Chester, Grace, book-keeper, 201 E Water, bds 409 Baldwin
Chester, Jane, widow William, h 409 Baldwin
Chidester, Adolphus, carpenter, h 327 E Centre
Chidester, Barnett I., brakeman, bds 221 Thurston
Chidsey, George W., manager fruit dept 310 Carroll, h 316 Penna av
Chidsey, Herbert L., clerk, bds 316 Penna av
Chilvers, George, book-keeper, bds 554 E Church
Chilvers, Horace, clerk, bds 554 E Church
Chrisler, Hiram, blacksmith 233 W Water, h 378 do
Chrisler, Monroe R., blacksmith, bds 378 W Water
Christen, Charles, barber, h 213 DeWitt
Christen, Edward L., confectioner 302 E Water, h 500 do
Christen, George, upholsterer, bds 51 Orchard
Christen, Joseph, restaurant 151 Baldwin, h do
Christen, Joseph, tailor, h 51 Orchard
Christenson, Elsie, domestic 369 W 4th
Christie, Peter, h 211 W Hudson
Chubb, Harriet M. Miss, bds 327 W 1st
Chubbuck, Charlotte L., teacher, bds 713 E Church
Chubbuck, Lucy A., widow Rev. Austin E., h 713 E Church
Chubbuck, Manley T., manager, h 713 E Church
Churchill, Enoch, mason, bds r 422 Fulton
Churchill, William jr., fireman, bds r 422 Fulton
Cilley, Joseph G., machinist, h 705 Kinyon
Cinnamon, Larinda, domestic 401 Sullivan
City Hotel, John J. Riley prop, 507 Railroad av
Claflin, Eliza J., bds 555 Grove
Clancy, Bridget, h 508 E 3d
Clancy, James, foreman John I. Nicks, h 372 W 1st
Clancy, James, cigarmaker, bds 369 W 2d
Clancy, James jr., cigarmaker, bds 372 W 1st
Clancy, Kate A., saleslady, bds 508 E 3d
Clancy, Susan, widow Patrick, h 369 W 2d
Clancy, Thomas, mason, bds 372 W 1st
Clapp, George M., foreman, h 116 Orchard
Clair, Kate, dressmaker, bds 706 W Water
Clark, Alfred E., driver, h 154 DeWitt
Clark, Anna, domestic 517 W Gray
Clark, Anna M., widow Joseph, h 1019 College av
Clark, Catharine, widow Charles, h 200 DeWitt
Clark, Charles, helper, bds 810 Oak
Clark, Charles W., teamster, h 353 E Washington av
Clark, Clara, dressmaker, h 754 John
Clark, Daniel C., laborer, h 245 W Water
Clark, Earl, barber, h 152 High
Clark, Edward, driver, bds 911 Benton
Clark, Edward E., engineer Reformatory, bds do
Clark, Edward J., supt St. Peter & Paul cemetery, h Franklin n cemetery
Clark, Miss E. K., teacher Female College, bds do
Clark, Edward L., salesman, bds 373 Penna av
Clark, Emma T. Mrs., seamstress, h 908 Main
Clark, Esther M., bds 109 W 2d
Clark, Flora, h 219 W Water
Clark, Fred, operator, bds American Hotel
Clark, George W. Mrs., h 765 E Washington av
Clark, Harry M., lawyer, h 210 Lormore
Clark, Henry L., manager Wilson & Boyd, h 304 E Clinton
Clark, Henry S., car builder, h 164 Orchard
Clark, Herbert C., supt street car barn, h 653 Lake
Clark, Horace F., laborer, bds 371 W 1st
Clark, Horace S., teamster, h 753 Day
Clark, Jacob, teamster, h 1309 Hall
Clark, James, marble cutter, h 751 E Market
Clark, James H., contractor and lumber dealer, h 354 Maple av
Clark, James J., bricklayer, h 715 Casey
Clark, Jasper, blacksmith, h 515 W 2d
Clark, Jefferson, bds 753 Day
Clark, Jennie L., teacher, bds 707 John
Clark, John, carpenter and builder 550 Main, h 709 Park pl
Clark, John, engineer, h 707 John
Clark, Joseph A., bds 1019 College av
Clark, J. C. Mrs., h 670 Columbia
Clark, John D., cigar manufacturer 109 W 2d, h do
Clark, John S., cigarmaker, h 504 Madison av
Clark, John S., mason, h 461 S Broadway
Clark, Joel N., cooper, h 704 E Clinton
Clark, Joseph, bds 423 W 4th
Clark, Joseph A., clerk, 155 Baldwin, h do
Clark, Josephine S. Miss, h 311 W Church
CLARK, JUDSON H., prop Genesee Valley Stock Farm, h Maple av S of limits
CLARK, J. W. S. & CO., Star Carpet Cleaning Works 450 Sullivan
CLARK, J. W. S., ( J. W. S. Clark & Co.), h 450 Sullivan
Clark, J. G., carpenter, h 908 Main
Clark, Eugene B., brakeman, h 823 E 2d
Clark, Katie G., bds 278 W 5th
Clark, Lewis R., trav salesman, h 150 Madison av
Clark, Mary, h 707 John
Clark, Mary, domestic 357 Columbia
Clark, Mary A., bds 278 W 5th
Clark, Mary A., grocer 152 High, h do
Clark, Olive, domestic 363 College av
Clark, Otis A., machinist, bds 123 Penna av
Clark, Phoebe M., bds 808 E Church
Clark, Robert W., ticket agent N C R R, bds 1019 College av
Clark, Samuel J., brakeman, h 213 Caldwell av
Clark, Samuel W., grain dealer Nicks n Exchange, h 352 Maple av
CLARK, SARAH M. MRS., boarding-house 505 Magee
Clark, Stella, cook Maple Av Club House
Clark, Stephen A., porter, h 652 Baldwin
Clark, Susan, h 810 Oak
Clark, Sylvanus M., architect and builder 110 W Church, h do
Clark, Ward W., blacksmith, h 810 Oak
Clark, Willard J., trav salesman, h 222 Sullivan
Clark, William, peddler, h 811 W Gray
CLARK, WILLIAM, agent Elmira woolen mill, h 450 Sullivan
Clark, William, general manager rolling mill, h 661 Park pl
Clark & Hunt ( W. C. & J. H.), meat market 529 E Union
Clark, William ( Clark & Hunt), h 515 High
Clark, William, marble cutter, bds Buckbee House
Clark, William M., time-keeper rolling mill, h 378 W 5th
Clark, William R., painter, h 266 W Chemung pl