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Williams' City of Elmira


Names in Capitals are advertisers. The benefit to be derived from the business compilation should be given exclusively to those who pay for it and show some public spirit, but we have omitted no one intentionally.

Academics and Colleges.

(See also Miscellaneous.)

ELMIRA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, formerly Allen Business College, Nelson A. Miller, pres, Webber & Arnot Block, Main cor W Watre

Elmira Academy, Lake cor Clinton

Elmira Business College, A. J. Warner principal, E Water cor Lake

Elmira Female College, College av cor W Washington av

Advertising Agents.

Losie's General Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

WILLIAMS, J. E., 262 Baldwin

Agricultural Implements.

Barber, F. A., 109 W Water

Clipper Chilled Plow Co, William cor E Clinton

Friendly, Myer, 104 and 106 State

Grant & DeWaters, 112 State


(See Miscellaneous.)


Ford, Martin, agent, 143 W Water

Gardner, E. B., agt, 420-422 Carroll


(See also Carpenters.)

Gregory, E. B., 312 Carroll

INGHAM, J. Q., 154 Lake Opera Block


SMITH, H. O., 108 Lake

Artificial Flowers

Haight, I. & Co., 120 W Water


(See also Photographers.)

Abbott, M. W. Mrs., 130 W Water

Beardsley, L. Miss, 317 E Water

Brown, Ward, 108 College av

Elmira Portrait Co., 116 Baldwin

Huson, E. C. Mrs., 361 1/2 W 2d

Luce, N. D., 109 W Water

MacGowan, James P., 203 W Water

MacNair, A. E., 423 Herrick

Thompson, J. H., 711 College av

Waters, George W., 313 E Water

Artists' Materials.

Bement & Davenport, 327 E Water


(See Lawyers.)

Auction and Commission.

Ackley & Brown, 210 W Water

Taylor, S. B., 321 E Water

Whitaker, A. R., 410 E Water


Tewksbury, A. D., 122 Main

Awning Manuf.

COMPTON, ZERA, 411 Carroll


Alvord, C. H., 237 W Water

Brown, W. I., 155 Lake

Coke, E. M., 423 Railroad av

CONKLIN, M. M., 651 Lake

Diehl, J., 151 Washington

Diehl, J. C., 510 Main

Gallagher, E. J., 421 Railroad av

Goucher, J., 124 S Main


Hart, S., 107 College av

Hitt, V. M., 906 Pratt

Painton, G., 200 S Main

Pierce, Charles, 210 E Water

Balusters and Stair Rails.

Carpenter, G. H., Penna av cor Erie

Swainson, George M., 403 Grove


(See Miscellaneous.)


(See Miscellaneous.)

Barbers and Hairdressers.

Arnold, Jacob, 102 State

Bartell G., Frasier House

Blyley, Frank J., 169 Baldwin

Brown, C. H., 367 Railroad av

Burrows, J. T., 217 W Water

Butler, E. J., 369 Railroad av

Coleman, Frank G., 617 S Main

Diehl, J. M., 105 E Water

Ewald, John, 428 E Water

Franklin, J. M., 703 Lake

Hisserich, George A., 120 E Water

Hoagland, George W., 507 Railroad av

Kircher, A. F., Delavan House

La Burt, Jacob, 414 E Water

Rew, S. B., 325 Railroad av

Ryan, Frank, 424 E Water

Stage, Jacob, 430 E Water

Suess, Phillip, 408 E Market

Surganty, William J., 707 1/2 Lake

Valois, August, 115 Lake

Valois, Frank, Wyckoff House

Ward, F. J., 1 Main st bridge

Washington, H., 424 E Water

West, William W., 110 W 5th

Wiegand, George C., 105 Baldwin


Blyley, F. J., 169 Baldwin

Chemung Valley Med and Surgical Institute, College av cor Reformatory

Kircher, A. F., Delavan House

La Burt, Jacob, 414 E Water

Valois, August, 115 Lake

Valois, Frank, Wyckoff House

Wiegand, George C., 105 Baldwin

Bicycles and Tricycles.

Longstreet, W. H., 114 Baldwin

Stevens, C. F., 135 E Water

Billiard and Pool Tables and Supplies.

Seely, D. W., 108 E Water

Billiard Parlors.

Jones, H. B., 108 Lake

McCONNELL BROS., 160 Baldwin

Rathbun House, 211 E Water

Seely, D. W., 108 E Water

Bill Posters.

Bilz, Edward, 107 W 1st

Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

Birch Beer, Ginger Ale, Etc.

Dunn, John, 319 Sullivan

Gardner, E. B., 420-422 Carroll

Seely, A., 115 E Hudson


Beach, J. D., 209 S Main

Birmingham, Michael, 418 E Market

Brown, D. S., 913 Benton

Brownlow, J., William cor E Church

Chrisler, H., 233 W Water

FRENCH, LEROY W., 206 Maple av

Gibbs, Thomas O. S., 209 E Gray

Gordon, John, Madison av n Clinton

Hyatt, George, 243 W Water

Knowlton, A. K., 901 Benton

Lawes, J. L., Tompkins cor Walnut

McInerney, M. & Co., 448 E Water

Merritt, Zenus, 402 E Washington av

Palmer, M. D., 311 W Water

Stage, C., Hoffman n West Hill rd

Warren, D. H., 563 Coburn

Blank Book Manufacturers.


Kies, F. W., 104-106 Lake


(Hats and Bonnets.)

Pierce, J. R., 104 E Water

Zacchi, P., 106 E 2d

Boarding Houses.

Baker, M. S. Mrs., 403 W Gray

Brockway, J. R., Bancroft rd opp State Reformatory

Brundage, A. A. Mrs., 159 Madison av

Clark, S. M. Mrs., 505 Magee


Cooper, J. L., 319 Hathaway

Davis, G. E. Mrs., 262 Baldwin

DeWitt, Betsey E., High cor John

Earl, S. A. Mrs., 156 W 3d

Flynn, Michael, 902 Lake

Foster, E. M. Mrs., 107 Main

Foster, Mary, 665 Baldwin

Foster, M. P. Mrs., 106 W 2d

Green, Mrs., 851 Lake

Hannifen, John, 306 E Washington av

Havens, S. H. Mrs., 122 E Chemung pl

Madden, C. Mrs., 106 Madison av


Mann, Michael, 105 E 1st

Richardson, M. Mrs., 666 Magee

Roll, M. L., 218 William

Rowan, Mary J., 766 S Main

Secor, Clara M., 510 E Church

Smith, S. A. Mrs., 216 William

Smith, C. Mrs., 1008 Lake

Stephenson, H. I. Mrs., 417 E Market

Strait, E. J., 261 Baldwin

Summerton, L. A. Mrs., 919 Stowell

Swan, M. V., 309 S Main

Waterhouse, M. J. Mrs., 660 Main

Wells, M. E. Mrs., 214 Baldwin

Wilcox, Deborah J., 613 S Main


(For house heating.)

Krowl & LeValley, 124 Lake

Boiler Works.

PAYNE, B. W. & SONS, S Main beyond limits

Bone Yard.

Shornstheimer & Stampp, Mt Zoar beyond limits

Book Binders.


Kies, F. W., 104-106 Lake

Booksellers and Stationers.

Dumars, James H., 142 W Water

FITCH & BILLINGS, 112 Baldwin

Morse, Baker & Hall, 313 E Water

Sullivan, Florence, 321 E Water

Boots and Shoes.


Bowman, G. R., 201 E Church

Friendly, S. J. & M., 216 Baldwin

King, C. H., 257 W Clinton

King, Enos, 617 Railroad av

Richardson, J. & Co., Railroad av cor Market

Turnbull Brothers, Railroad av cor W 4th


Condon, M., 302 S Main

Connelly, J. J., 105 W Water

Coykendall & Ratcliffe, 325 E Water

Craspser, Eliphalet, 71 Penna av

Flanagan, M. J., 319 E Water

Flint, John F., 137 E Water

Hudson & Howes, 329 E Water

Humphrey, L. A., 107 E Water

Ingalls, G. W. & Co., 108 W Water

Nelson, F. D. & Co., 148 W Water

Newman, Morris, 112 E Water

Patterson, T. W., 103 E Water

Stobo, John, 331 E Water


Barron, J. H., 109 W 3d

Budzikowski, M., 266 W Hudson

Burbage, J., cor South av and Lewis

Davis, John, 168 Lake

Donivan, Michael, 364 W 6th

Ford, William W., 205 E Market

George, J., 309 E 5th

Greene, P. J., 433 W 4th

Hadley, J. J., 1118 Walnut

Hart, Henry, 667 1/2 Lake

Hart, Jacob, 314 E Washington av

Kaazmarowski, M., 310 E Clinton

Kemp, C. G., 321 E Water

Koop, Oharles, 525 E Union

Lown, Eugene A., 106 W Water

Lown, William, 118 S Main

McCarrick, G., 519 Fulton

Nowak, Joseph, 155 E Washington av

Papineau, John, 609 E Market

Rice, L., 765 E Water

Richardson, Daniel, 100 E Water

Rosinski, A., E 5th cor Lake

Sadler, E. P., 162 Exchange pl

Smith, Charles B., 208 W Water

Spillan, J., S Main

Stiles, Isaac, 213 W Water

Stilson, William, 404 E Market

Stoll, Adam, 605 E Church

Treadwell, H. D., 201 E Church


VanPelt, Aaron, r 206 Mt Zoar

Wagner, H. C., 418 E Water

Weldner, George, 428 E Water

Wendling, J. H., Sullivan n E Church

Williams, D. F., Magee cor W Clinton

Boot and Shoe Uppers.

Bliss, George W., 208 W Water


Dunn, J., 319 Sullivan

Eagle Bottling Works, 420-422 Carroll

Hassett, Patrick, lager, 809 Magee

Kennedy, M. A., 219 W Water

Roemmelt, S., E Clinton cor Lake

Seely, A., 115 E Hudson

Susemihl, H., 258 W Hudson

Bowling Alley.

Lawrence, M. E., 314 Carroll

Box Manufacturer.

Fletcher, O. M., 622 W Water


Brewers and Maltsters.

(See also Maltsters.)

Briggs, T. & Co., Charles S. Davison supt, 121 E 2d

Casey & Weider, E Market cor State

Mander, Adam, 1021 E Church

Rock Spring Brewery, River road n limits

Brick Manufacturers.

Farrington, E. W., fire, E Church cor Judson

Weyer, J. Phillip, Sullivan cor Pattinson


Blair, Addison D., loan, 318 E Water

Roberts, E. M., loan, 306 DeWitt

Robertson, William B., loan, 159 Baldwin

SIMONS N. W. & CO., loan, 159 Baldwin

Smith, William H., loan, 132 W Water

WELLES, J. C., investment securities, 161 Baldwin

Wheeler, N. B., stock, 156 Baldwin

Broom Makers.

Bogardus, J. C., 619 Railroad av

Thornton, H. A., 430 Pleasant

Business Colleges.

ELMIRA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE, Nelson A. Miller pres, Webber & Arnot Block, Main cor W Water

Elmira Business College, A. J. Warner prop, E Water cor Lake

Butter Dealers.

(See also Grocers.)

Ayres, D. E. Jr., 201 W Water

Jennings, Fred L., 110 State

Seely, R. S. & Co., 127 W Water

Cab Lines.

Standard Cab Line ( Carpenter Bros.), 238 W Water

Cabinet Makers.

(See also Furniture.)

Ganung, E. K., 120 Railroad av

Guiwits, U., 121 W Hudson

McColl, Evan, Exchange pl n E Market

Walker, Albert, 110 Walnut

Wulff, D., r 155 Fox

Carpenters and Builders.


Castner, H. S., r 114 W 1st

Clark, John, 550 Main

Cotrell, S. H., 715 College av

Cunningham, J., South av cor S Main

Derby, J. M., 432 Pleasant

Gray, Guy H., 355 Grove

Hart, Amos D., 225 Franklin

Hoagland, B. C., 426 W 1st

Langford, J., 358 W Water

McColl, Evan, Exchange pl n E Market

Rhodes, Silas R., 663 W Water

Rutan, E. W. & P. B., 336 S Broadway

Sloat, R. S., 203 Horner

Smith, D. G., 516 William

Stowell, Charles M., r 319 William

Swan, E. A., 613 Baldwin

Thurston & Haskell, 314 State

VanWie, J., 457 Franklin

Walker, Albert, 110 Walnut

Wintersteen, D. T., 430 Herrick

Carpets, Oil Cloths, &c.

DEY BROTHERS & CO., 301-303 E Water

Durland & Pratt, 102-104 W Water


Carpet Cleaners.

Roach, C. H., 305 Carroll

Star Carpet Cleaning Works ( J. W. S. Clark & Co.), 450 Sullivan

Carriage, Coach, Cab, Omnibus and Wagon Manufacturers.

AYERS, JOHN T., College av cor W 3d

BERRY, JOHN A., E 5th cor Madison av

Brownlow, J., William cor E Church

Cooper, J. L., 361 S Main

Doane, Royal, 355 E Washington av

Gordon, John, Madison av n Clinton

Perrin, Ira, 518 Main

Seeley, J. C., William cor E Church

Stage, Rexford J., Hoffman cor W Hill rd

Sullivan, William, 448 E Water

Trout, Miles, 450 E Water

York, C. E., 209 S Main

Carriage Blacksmiths.

BERRY, JOHN A., E 5th cor Madison av

Carriage Painters.

Banks, S., 435 Carroll

BERRY, JOHN A., E 5th cor Madison av

Sauvey, A., Lincoln cor Park

Snyder, A., 452 E Water


Carriage Repositories.

AYERS, JOHN T., College av cor W 3d

Friendly, Myer, 104 and 106 State

Friendly, Theodore, 245 W Water

Grant & DeWaters, 112 and 114 State

Trout, Miles, 450 E Water

Carriage Trimmer.

Sayles, L. P., 450 E Water

Carriage Hardware.

Hardy & Slaymaker, 122 Lake

Carriage Woodworker.

Evans, George D., 450 E Water

Sprigg, C. B., 209 S Main


Weyman, Daniel J., 143 W Water

Cement, Drain and Sewer Pipe Manufacturers.

ELMIRA SEWER PIPE AND FIRE BRICK CO., C. M. Lee propr, 169 Railroad av

Chain Pump Tubes.

Wyckoff, A. & Son, 101 and 111 E Chemung pl


Stevens, LaFayette, 135 E Water

Cigar Box Manufacturers.

Bolt, M. S., 209 Gregg

Howell & Aldrich, 73, 75 and 77 Penna av

Cigar and Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers.

Arnold, Jacob, 102 State

Beger, F. J., manuf, 118 S Main

Blyley, F. J., 169 Baldwin

Bonn, M. D., manuf, 151 High

Brown, T. A., & Co., 153 Lake

Burbage & Buckbee, 434 Carroll

Cahaley, Daniel, manuf, 376 W 1st

Clark, J. D., r 109 W 2d

Connelly, J., manuf, 452 W Hudson

Daniels, A. J., manuf, 118 W Market

Darrin & Richardson, 143 E Water

Dick, L. T., manuf, 415 E Market

Finnigan & Scheirer, 117 Baldwin

Gill, James, manuf, 112 Columbia

Gill, William H., manf, 155 High

Gradwell & Fitzgerald, 708 E Church

Hart Bros., manuf, 850 Lake

Levy, Alex & John, manufs, 72 Penna av

Levy, J., manuf, 134 E Water

Lunn, John W., 113 W Water

Manley Bros., 112 Main

McCaffrey, William & Robert S., manufs and dealers 707 Lake

McLeese, J. L., 138 1/2 W Water

Nicks, John I., manuf, 615 Railroad av

Nolan, D., manuf, 632 Lewis

Pollock, L., 206 1/2 S Main

Radin, J. L., manuf, 607 John

Sullivan, Dennis, manuf, 514 Main

Sullivan, P. C., manuf, 101 E Water

Teed, Charles, 214 W Water

Trainer, J., manuf, 616 S Main

Weber & Fitzpatrick, 435 E Water

Wipfler, George, manuf, 615 1/2 Lake

Wolff, J. A., manuf, 468 E Water

Civil Engineers.

Hall, Sylvester W., Maple av south of limits

Lynch, P. J., 218 E Water

Circular and Bill Distributors.

Losie's Business Agency, circulars, bills, etc., distribuuted, posted or addressed, 202 Baldwin

Claim Agents.

Boothe, A. Mrs., 508 Main

Galatian, A. B., 338 E Water


Allen, J. E. Mrs., 123 W Water

Clothes Cleaning and Repairing.

O'Brien, Daniel J., 604 E Water


(See also Merchant Tailors. See also Tailors.)

Brophy & MacMahon, 115 E Water

Carroll, J. W., manuf and jobber, 111 and 115 Railroad av

Frankenstein, A., 130 E Water

Frankenstein B., 321 Railroad av

Frankenstein, M., 138 E Water

Hallock, W. B. & Bro., 111 and 113 E Water

Holzheimer, L. & Co., 141 E Water

Kent & Miller, 133 E Water

Levy, Marks G., 134 E Water

Levy, Moses, 134 E Water

Rothschild, A., 320 E Water

Sebersky, Julius, 109 E Water

Sellner, A. & Co., 101-103 E Water

Simons, Morris, second-hand, 375 Railroad av

Strauss, H., 205 E Water

Unger, Solomon, 209 E Water

Wittkossky, Simon, second-hand, 371 Railroad av

Coal Miners and Shippers.

Beech Creek Cannel Coal Co., 110 Baldwin


Blossburg Coal Co., 501 Railroad av

Dininny, F. C., 109 W Water

Langdon, J. & Co., Incorporated, 110 Baldwin

Coal and Wood Dealers.

Baldwin, J. D. & Son, 101 E Market

Billings & Elmendorf, 101 E Gray

BLIGHT, W. H., 109 E 2d

Chapman, A. F., 901 Lake

Cross, S., 513 Park pl

Dounce, F. N., 665 Railroad av

Dounce & Co. (wholesale), Railroad av cor W 5th

Jackson, J. S., (wood), 501 E Church

Loghry I. & Co., 627 Railroad av

Loomis & Chubbuck, 354 Penna av

McNaney, J., 100 Erie, also 362 S Main

Miller, P., College av cor Reformatory

Mooney, Patrick H., 514 Baldwin

Partridge, H. M. & Son, 117-119 E Church

Peters, W. H. & Co., 299 E Washington av

Sheely, G. & H., 104 Partridge

Spaulding, H. C. & Co, E 5th cor State

Squires, M. N., 215 S Main

Worrall, James L., State ab E 2d


Dounce & Co. (wholesale), Railroad av cor W 5th

Collection Agencies.


Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

Thurston, D. A., 128 W Water

Commercial Agencies.

Bradstreet's Mercantile Agency, 216 E Water

Dun, R. G. & Co., John J. Bush manager, 208 E Water

Commissioners ( U. S.)

Bentley, F. S., 216 E Water

Davidson, John T., 338 E Water

Commission Merchants.

Ayers, D. E. jr., 201 W Water

Ferguson, W. H. (produce), 131-133 W Water

Jennings, Fred L., 110 State

Seely, R. S. & Co., 127 W Water

Seely, S. E., 127 W Water


(See also Bakers.)

Asher, G., 201 Railroad av

Benjamin, J. A., E Water cor Baldwin

Brown, W. I., 155 Lake

Christen, E. L., 302 E Water

Coke, E. M., 423 Railroad av

Goucher, James, 124 S Main


Myers, A. Martin, 112 Lake

Musante, L., 403 Railroad av

Mooney, Margaret Mrs., 311 Railroad av

Smith, Daniel & Son, wholesale manuf, 321 Carroll

Weyman, Daniel J., 143 1/2 W Water

Contractors and Builders.

(See also Carpenters.)

ALLINGTON, J. & SONS, Sly n Maple av

Barber & Son, ( A. E. & O. A.), 467 W 2d

Cotrell, S. H., 715 College av

Gerity, Thomas, 511 Baldwin

Hart, A. D., 225 Franklin

Johnson, James, 711 Mathews

Lupton & Brooks, 310 State

Murray, Patrick, 861 Railroad av

Plum & Pulford, bet Lake and Erie

Swan, E. A., 613 Baldwin

Walker, Albert, 110 Walnut

Winterstein, D. T., 430 Herrick


Carmody, D., 60 Penna av

Hall, A., 164 S Elm

METZGER, S. X. & SON, 700 Madison av

Smith, S. P., 312 W 3d


(Galvanized Iron.)

GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, 119 E Water


Lockwood, Matthew J., 22 Opera House


Chemung Milk Association, 154 Lake

Elston, M. S., 248 W Water

Manley, Sylvester A., 652 W 1st

Crockery, China and Glassware.

ELMORE, T. W., 131 E Water

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Panimo, J., 107 W Water

Steen, A. G., 200 E Water

Wagner & Woolf, 104 Lake


Decorative Art.

Bridgman, Ella A., 150 W Water

Graves, Fred A., 125 W Water

Mayer, A. Miss, 110 Main


Beach, Albert H., 102 W Water

Cox, C. W., Horseheads

Darby, Frank B., 126 E Water

Foster, C. M., 114 Main

Goddard & Fox, 310 E Water

Honeywell, E. C., 312 E Water

Ker, Richard, 209 W Water

Richards, G. A., 107 S Main

Root, Julius S., 328 E Water

Sellen, Amos S., 317 E Water


Terry, E. C., 202 E Water

Detective Agencies.

ELMIRA DETECTIVE AGENCY (Gaylord & Batterson), Lake cor Carroll


D L & W R R, passenger Hathaway n Dickinson, freight State bet E Clinton and E 4th

E C & N R R, passenger and freight 5th cor Baldwin

Lehigh Valley R R, passenger Railroad av cor W 3d, freight 2d cor State

N Y L E & W R R, passenger Railroad av cor W 3d, freight Hatch n E 5th

Northern Central R R, passenger Railroad av cor W 3d, freight Hatch n E 5th

Tioga Railroad Co, passenger Railroad av cor W 3d, freight 112 E 5th

Dining Rooms.

(See also Restaurants.)

Baltz, R. D., 319 Carroll

Christen, Joseph, 151 Baldwin

Elmendorf, William, 319 Carroll

Stevenson, T. R., 123 Baldwin

Webb, G. F., 2 Main street bridge

Directory Publisher.



(See Sash, Doors and Blinds.)


Cotton, Geo. H. jr. & Bro., 72 Penna av

Meeker, Wm. H., office 214 E Water

Dressed Meats.

Elmira Beef Co. ( Chicago), L. J. Pope mgr, Railroad av n Erie depot

Rhodes & Strader, Railroad av cor E Gray

Dress Fitting and Cutting. ( Teacher. )

Stryker, George S. Mrs., E s Lake beyond limits

Dress and Cloak Makers.

Arnot, Susie, 806 E Market

Benjamin, Sarah L., 112 Baldwin

Brooks, Ella A., 100 Lake

Brown, M. J. Mrs., 125 W Market

Cail, E., 433 E Water

Cobb, Emma, 109 W Gray

Crandall, Lulu, 157 Lake

Foster, M. Mrs., 665 Baldwin


Abbott, Emma Mrs., 352 E 4th

Ackerman, S. A. Mrs., 360 Maple av

Anderson, B. M. Miss, 506 Jefferson

Anderson, M. C. Miss, Lake cor E 2d

Badger, H. I., 307 W 4th

Baird, Anna B., 154 Baldwin

Beach, Lillie, 319 E Water

Benjamin, Sarah L., 112 Baldwin

Berk, M. A. Miss, 145 W Water

Cahaley, Mary, 376 W 1st

Casady & Roach, 122 E Water

Connelly, Kate, 212 Fulton

Cornell, Jennie, 100 W Water

Darmstead, Nellie, 350 S Main

Decker, Mary S., 203 E Water

Dense, Carrie, 260 W Chemung pl

Eddy, L. G., Mrs., 111 Madison av

Foley, P. F. Mrs., 558 E Water

Foster, Sarah, 216 Caldwell av

Fraley, Jessie, 118 E Water

Frisbie, C. C. Mrs., 143 1/2 W Water

Goff, Mattie A., 910 Benton

Graser & Mortimer, 106 Main

Harris, Mary, 103 W 1st

Haskin, F. B. Mrs., 301 E Market

Humison, L. C. Mrs., 806 Madison av

Jackson, Francis, A. Mrs., 403 Madison av

Jenkins, Alice Miss, 352 E 4th

Jordon, C., 314 Orchard

Kane, Nellie, 106 Spring

King, T. I., 414 College av

Lane, G. Mrs., 259 W Chemung pl

LaPier, Ceorgie, 160 W 5th

Mack, Kate, 127 W Hudson

Maloney, M. A. & K., 406 Madison av

Mayer, Amelia, 110 Main

McCormick, E. J., 315 Lake

McDowell, Emma, 716 Walnut


Merritt, A. J. Mrs., 468 W 2d

Miller, Mary Mrs., 132 W Water

Millius, H. E. Mrs., 851 Magee

Mitchell, S. A. Miss, 304 E Water

O'Connor, Mary, 114 E Water

Paige, C. A. Mrs., 302 W Water

Parry, Anna D., 138 E Water

Pearsall, E. B. Mrs., 215 Baldwin

Reagan, Fannie, 209 W Water

Reed, Lizzie Mrs., 421 Main

Reynolds, M., 111 W Water

Rose, Alice L., 133 W Water

Rutledge, F. H. Mrs., 905 E Market

Sherman, Sarah D., 320 E Water

Smith, Emma J. Mrs., 102 W Water

Swift, George W. Mrs., 171 Baldwin

Towner, F. Henrietta Mrs., 124 E Chemung pl

Upham, C. A. Miss, 504 Main

Utter, Laura, 510 Columbia

VanAuken, M. Miss, 116 S Main

Wheeler, Nellie, 130 W Water

Young, Sarah, 605 E 2d


Bartholomew & Smith, 171 Baldwin

Brown, F. M. & Co., 224 W Water

Davis & Wightman, 129 E Water

Eldred, J. E., 206 S Main

Everitt, J. L., 208 E Water

Flood, Thomas S., 312 E Water

Gerity Bros. (wholesale and retail), 126 Lake cor Carroll

Hill, J. Stewart, 151 Lake

Holden, H. W., 432 Penna av

Holmes, Clay W. ( spe'lties), 318 Carroll

Hooker & Dorr, Main cor W 3d

Ingraham Bros., 100 W Water

Hamilton, A. S., 155 W 3d

Jones, Edwin A., 531 Lake

Meyer, Joseph jr., E Water cor Lake

Niles, Charles P., 435 Railroad av

Palmer, S. E., 116 S Main

Pettit, Charles P., 317 E Water

Stiles, Oliver D., 365 Davis

VanNort, J. F. jr., 144 W Water

Wadhams, S. D., 333 E Water

West, A. A., 814 Madison av

Dry goods.

Coke, F., 1201-1203 Benton

Cole, W. J., 600 Penna av

DEY BROS & CO., 301-303 E Water

Durland & Pratt, 102-104 W Water

Erlich, B. & Son, 305 E Water

Flanagan, J. J., 132 W Water

Freudenheim, L. & Bro., 102 Lake

Freudenheim & Abramson, 114 Lake

George, Fred P., 502 Main

Harris & Sons, 311 E Water

Holmes & Thompson (wholesale), 178, 180 and 182 State

Inscho, P. Mrs. & Son, 120 W Water

Rosenbaum, L. & Sons, 201 E Water


Dye Manufacturers.

Peerless Dye Works, W 2d n limits

Dyers and Scourers.

Steam Dyeing and Cleaning Works, William Roberts, 436 E Water

Electric Light Companies.

Thomson-Houston Electric Co., 122 to 126 Railroad av

Electrical Supplies.

Thomson-Houston Electric Co., 122 to 126 Railroad av

Employment Agencies.

Losie's Business Agency, 202 Baldwin

SIMONS, N. W. & CO., 159 Baldwin

Engine and Boiler Manufacturers.

PAYNE, B. W. & SONS, S Main S of limits

Reid & Cooper, Railroad av cor W Church


Bally, John & Son, 330 E Water

Slater, D. M., 213 E Water

Engravers ( Wood. )

Slauson Bros., 122 E Water

Webb, Frank W., Tidings office

Express Companies.

Adams Express Co., F. D. Hackley agent, 202 E Water

American Express Co., L. A. Robertson agent, 153 Baldwin

National Express Co., L. A. Robertson agent, 153 Baldwin

United States Express Co., S. DeWitt agent, 152 Baldwin

Wells, Fargo & Co's Express, J. E. Hazard agent, 121 Baldwin

Fancy Goods and Notions.

Bridgman, E. A., 150 W Water

Cook, G. Newton, 125 W Water

Donly, Kate T. Mrs., 203 W Water

Doolittle, F. E., 111 W Water

Drew, E. D., 128 W Water

Fisher, H., wholesale, 119 Harriet


Holmes & Thompson, wholesale, E Market cor State

Kingsbury & Squires, 112 S Main

Mogenhan, Helen, 126 S Main

Inscho, P. Mrs. & Son, 120 W Water

Lane, J. H., Pagett's block, 114 Main

Rosenthal, L., 701 E Water

Feather Renovators.

Lariew, J. R., 405 Baldwin

Park, Wat, 201 and 203 E Church

Fire Brick Manufacturers.


Farrington, E. W., 900 E Church

Fire Engine Manufacturers.

LaFrance Fire Engine Co. (The), Junction cor LaFrance

Fish, Oysters, &c.

Hicks & Son, 155 Baldwin

Rozelle, Charles W., 212 W Water

Fishing Tackle.

Ingraham Brothers, 100 W Water


Compton, C. Mrs., Hoffman n West Hill rd

HOFFMAN, E. M. & H. N., W Clinton cor Hoffman

Moore, J. Mrs., 51 Fulton

Rawson, G. P., 107 and 109 W Market

TAYLOR BROS., RICE & CO., 163 Baldwin

Wells, H. D. Mrs., 380 W Water cor Davis

Flour, Feed and Grain.

Bevier, Dennis, 424 E Market

Blake, M., successor to Wm. Burke & Co., 617 Railroad av

Bodder, J. S., 215 and 217 S Main

Clathworthy, James, 231 W Water

Johnson, H. S., 364 S Main

Ross, G. W., 412 E Market

Wilhelm, John W., 213 W Water

Flouring Mills.

Elmira Steam Mills, C. E. Huntington proprietor, 625 Railroad av

Elmira Mills, Chase, Hibbard & Co., 301-307 W Water

West, C. F., foot E Water

Founders and Machinists.

Coleman, Isaiah B., State cor E Church

PAYNE, B. W. & SONS, S Main S of limits

Reid & Cooper, Railroad av cor Church

Freight Lines.

D L & W R R, State bet E Clinton and E 4th

E C & N R R, 5th cor Baldwin

Lehigh Valley R R, 2d cor State

N Y L E & W R R, Hatch n E 5th

Northern Central R R, Hatch n E 5th

Tioga Railroad Co., 112 E 5th

Fruits and Vegetables.

Bundy Bros., 125 Lake

Cleveland, T. W., 304 E Water

Hicks & Son, 155 Baldwin

Furnaces, Ranges, Etc.


GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, 119 E Water

Smead & Northcott, Carroll cor Fox

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Furniture Dealers and Manufacturers.

(See also Cabinetmakers.)

Ackley & Brown (second-hand), 210 W Water

Evens, Jacob C., 206 W Water

Grumme, E. Mrs., 222 W Water

Hubbell, Samuel B., 129 E Water cor State

MacDowell, H. L., 116 and 118 Main

Robinson, J. M. Sons & Co., 159, 161, 163, 165 Lake

Gents' Furnishing Goods.

Callahan, J. H., 106 W Water

Cushing, John, 135 E Water

Holzheimer, L. & Co., 141 E Water

Huston, John W., 310 E Water

Kent & Miller, 133 E Water

Parmenter, Robert, 118 W Water


LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Grain Dealers.

(See also Flour, etc.)

Clark, Samuel W., Nicks n Exchange pl

Wilson & Boyd, H. L. Clark mgr, W 3d n Railroad av

Glue Manufacturers.

New York Glue Co., A. S. Couch pres, Tuttle av foot of E Church




Bundy, Tompkins & Fassett, 308-310 Carroll

Barton & Wheadon, 107 E Church

Sayles & Drake, 211-213 Baldwin

Tompkins, C. M. & R., 354-356 State


Amberg, Frederick, 601 Lake

Arnold, Phillip, 400 W Church

Ayer, William & Son, 100 Lake

Backer, Martin, 508 Sullivan

Beck, C. G., 650 Dickinson

Berner, A. & Son, 601 E Water

Billings, E. B., 110 W Water

Boak, J. C., 423 Main

Bodder, J. S., 215 S Main

Brockway, J. R., Bancroft rd opp State Reformatory

Budd, C. B., 458 Mt Zoar

Bundy Bros., 125-127 Lake

Burgett, Wm. K., 604 E 2d

Burns, T., 400 S Main

Byrne, J. C., 405 Railroad av

Cadec, Frank, 519 Madison av

Cain, M. T., 68 Penna av

Campbell, Mary, 313 Roe av

Carey & Stephens, 901 Lake

Clark, Mary A., 152 High

Clatworthy, James H., 902 Benton

Cocoman, M., W Hudson cor Fulton

Coke, E. M., 423 Railroad av

Coke, F., 1201 Benton

Cole, W. J., 600 Penna av

Collins, Michael, 527 W Washington av

CONKLIN, M. M., 651 Lake

Connelly, C. E. & T. F., 104-106 E Water

Coykendall, W. S., 57 S Main

Decker, Samuel T., Walnut cor W 2d

Deister, John, 801 E Church

Deister, N., 513 E 3d

Dickinson, Geo. S. & Son, 130 W Water

Diedrich, G. H., 562 E Church

Diehl, J. C., 510 Main

Disney, Thomas S., 423 W 3d

Dohoney, J. E., 428 Penna av

Donohue, D. Mrs., 301 S Broadway

Elmore & Gosper, 1055 Walnut

Farley, Jerome B., 413 Railroad av

Fean, Patrick, 420 Davis

Ferris, J. E., 309 Fulton

Fitzgerald & Co., 145 W Water

Fitzmartin Bros., 380 W 1st

Flett, J. A., 200 Baldwin

Gallavan, James jr., 123 W Water

Gilmore, L. C., 108 State

Goodrich, O. D. & Co., 200-202 W Water and 103 to 107 Main

Gorman, T., 519 Oak

Haase, F., 600 E Church

Hade, Judson, 1130 Lake

Hager, Ida, 716 John

Harlow, B. J., 438 E Water

Harrison, Wm., 700 E Oak

Hartney, Mary Mrs., 809 Railroad av

Hevener, Carlton K., 203 E Water

Hevener, Jacob, 316 E Water

Hill, James W., 563 E Church

Holbert, George R. C., 722 Lake

Hopson, George, 613 Dickinson

Jacobs, S., 775-777 John

Kaier, E., 561 E 2d

Keefe, J., 610 S Main

Keeton, F. A., 167 Baldwin

Ketter, John, 351 1/2 E 5th

Kingsbury, L. Seely, 110 Main

Landers, M. Mrs., 256 W Hudson

Leary, A., 56 Penna av

Lee, P. J., 701-703 Railroad av

LeValley N. L., 101 E Henry

Lewis, Arnold, 353 Davis

Lewis, V. A., Southport Corners

Lipshitz, L., 751 John

Maleady, Michael, 217 Fulton

Martin, Frederick T., 962 East av

McGuigan, James, 910 Oak

McGuire & Feeny, 313 Hathaway

McInerney, M., 710 S Main

McInerney, P., 422 W 5th

McLaughlin, P., 421 Railroad av

McLaughlin, Silas H., 405 Davis

McMURRAY BROS., 667 Lake

Miller, Jacob, 721 E Clinton

Miller, John H., 377 W 5th

Miller, M. J., 130 S Main

Miller, V., 221 S Main

Mirteens, D. C., 321 S Main

Moonan, J., 200 E 5th

Moran, John jr., Benton cor Diven av

Morse, E. L., 852 Lake

Murray, J. T. Mrs., S Broadway cor Balsam

Murtaugh, M., 400 S Broadway

O'Dea, Andrew C., 658 E Water

Odell, I., 214 W 5th

Olmstead & Griffith, 205 W Clinton

O'Shea, J., 727 S Main

Pelbrough, T. G., 309 W 4th

Purtell, John R. & Co., 205 W Water

Reily, Alice Mrs., junction Lake and Madison av


Rice, D. O. & Son, 101 E Church cor Railroad av

Rice, L., 765 E Water

Riley, Catherine, 201 Fulton

Riley, Wm. O., 150 E Washington av

Robbins, M. E., 711 Lake

Roberts, H. A. Mrs., 105 E Washington av

Ronan, M. E., 569 E Water

Rosenbeck, Fannie, 713 E Market

Rosenthal, R., 701 E Water

Ross, A. D., 458 Franklin

Ross & Kline, 419 Main

Ryan & Toole, 142 E Water

Rumsey, Milo H., 450 Spaulding

Ruttenberg, B., 166 Harriet

Satterlee, A. S., 121 Lake

Shannon, M., 200 W 5th

Sherman, C. A., 1205 Hall

Simons, M. R., 504 E 3d

Slosson, A. D. & Co., 400 Baldwin

Spencer, G. S., 420 W 4th

Stoll, A., 417 S Main

Stone, S. J., 531 W 1st

Struppler, G. L. C., 158 W 3d

Schornstheimer & Stampp, 524 Lake

Tunison, O., 763 E Water

Tuthill, F. G., 750 E Water

Vockenroth, Frek., 416 Madison av

Warner, Edwin A., W Water cor Hoffman

Webster, D., 311 E 5th

Whitaker, A. R., 410 E Water

Wienecke, Mary, 600 Jay

Wilferth, William T., Erie cor Brand

Guns, Fishing Tackle, Etc.

CASTERLINE, M. A., 323 Carroll

Colvin, M. S., 150 Baldwin

DeWitt, W. P., 418 E Water

Hair Goods and Dressers.

Haight, I. & Co., 120 W Water

Hoppe, Louisa Mrs., 128 E Water

Valois, B. & J., 328 E Water

Hardware, Cutlery, Etc.

Pratt & Co., ( wholesale), 414-416 E Market

BARKER, ROSE & GRAY., 338 to 344 E Water

Booth, I. D. (wholesale), 611 and 613 Railroad av

Chapman, I. R., 122 S Main


GRIDLEY, G. A. & SON, 119 E Water


Loomis & Gates, 126 W Water

Young, C. W. & Co., 307 E Water

Harness, Saddles and Trunks.

Phillips, W. H., 426 E Water

Tillman, John M., 214 E Water

Wheadon, C. H. & Son, 204 and 206 E Water

Hats, Caps and Furs.

Callahan, J. H., 106 W Water

Cushing, J., 135 E Water

Holmes & Thompson (wholesale), State cor E Market

Huston, John W., 310 E Water

Parmenter, Robert N., 122 W Water

Stuart & Beach, 309 E Water

Taylor, I. R., 122 W Water

Hatter (Practical).

Taylor, I. Rood, 122 W Water

Hay Presses.

Bevier, Dennis, Erie

Carpenter, G. M., 101 W Henry

Hay and Straw Dealers.

Dale, G. W., 320 DeWitt

Wilhelm, John W., 213 W Water

Hides, Skins, Pelts and Wool.

Dunham, Marshall, 103 W Water

LANEY, S. H., E Market cor William

Schwartz, F., 141 W Water

Sheely, E. & J., 129 W Water

Sittenfield, S. & Son, 110 E Water

Hollow Ware.

Chemung Hollow Ware Works, State Reformatory

Horse Clothing.

Tillman, John M., 214 E Water

Wheadon, C. H. & Son, 204-206 E Water

Horseradish Manufacturers.

TAYLOR BROS., RICE & CO., 163 Baldwin

Horse Shoers.

Byrne & Kane, 413 E Market

FRENCH, L. W., 206 Maple av

Krowl, A., 418 E Market

Lyon, Frank E., 160 Exchange pl

Hosiery Manufacturers.

Rosenzwieg & Liptz, 703 E Water

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