Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Mack James, shoemaker, h 605 W 1st

Mack James, jr., shoemaker, h 724 W 1st

Mack Jesse, operator, h 724 W 1st

Mack Jessie C., paster, h 724 W 1st

Mack Kate, dressmaker, h 722 S Main

Mack Katie E., tailoress, h E. R. R. ab Junction

Mack Maggie, domestic, 357 N Main

Mack Margaret, widow Patrick, h 757 S Main

Mack Martin, laborer, h E Washington av n Hatch

Mack Mary, operator, h 724 W 1st

Mack Mary, domestic, 502 William

Mack Mary, domestic, 374 W Church

Mack Mary, dressmaker, h 706 Baldwin

Mack Mary E., operator, h 724 W 1st

Mack Mathew, machinist, h 424 W 3d

Mack Michael, laborer, h 108 W Henry

Mack Peter, laborer, h 427 Standish

Mack Thomas, brakeman, h 605 S Main

Mack Thomas, mason, h 706 Baldwin

Mack Timothy, train dispatcher, h 757 S Main

Mackesy Kate, widow William, h 305 S Broadway

Mackey Ansel E., teacher, h 418 W 1st

Mackey Daniel M., janitor, h 516 DeWitt

Macomber Patience, tailoress, h 1012 Oak

MacRae Katie, domestic, 505 Lake

Madden Annie, cook Delavan House

Madden Michael T., plumber, h 716 John

Madden M. T. Mrs., grocer, 716 John, h do

Maddock Elizabeth B., widow John, h 52 Pennsylvania av

Madigan Mary, widow Michael, h 907 Railroad av

Maeyer Louis, cabinet maker, h 433 E Water

Magill Joseph, hostler, h 514 High

Magowan Horatio W., tinsmith, h 104 Sullivan

Magson Benjamin F., marble polisher, h 52 Pennsylvania av

Maguire C. W., brush maker, h 160 W Clinton

Mahaney Matthew, hostler, h 219 W 2d

Mahaney Nellie, shirtmaker, h 336 E Water

Mahar John, shoemaker, h 808 E Market

Maher James, dyer, h 652 E Clinton

Maher James, shoemaker, h South av n N C R R

Maher John, h 1104 Lake

Mahoney Annie, domestic, Maple av ab city limits

Mahoney Ann, widow Thomas, h 315 W 5th

Mahoney Ella F., dressmaker, h 315 W 5th

Mahoney John, rougher, h 209 Broadway

Mahoney Mary, domestic, Maple av ab city limits

Mahoney Patrick, salesman, h 101 W S Water

Mahoney Patrick, laborer, h Jones bel Robinson

Mahony Ellen, widow John, h 853 Lake

Mahony Patrick, boots and shoes, 103 E Water, h 101 W S Water

Maier David, clerk, 205 E Water h 463 do

Main Catherine, widow Samuel, h 818 W Church

Main Charles, building mover, h 161 Washington

Mainey Ellen, domestic, h 150 Washington

Mainey Maggie, domestic, 864 N Main

Mainey Mary, domestic, 455 W Water

Makimson Sabra E., seamstress, h 605 E Church

Malcolm Henry, flour and feed, 664 Lake, h Bulkhead Hotel

Mallory Ten Eyck, painter, h 510 E Church

Malone John, laborer, h 712 Dickinson

Malone John C., carpenter, h 116 Chestnut

Malone Margaret, spinner, h 712 Dickinson

Malone Michael, salesman, 105 E Water, h 518 1st

Malone Nellie, domestic, 306 W Gray

Malone Patrick, laborer, h 708 Benjamin

Maloney Annie, saleslady, 132 W Water, h W 4th cor Walnut

Maloney Catharine, dressmaker, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Daniel F., clerk, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Dennis, machinist, h 385 Pennsylvania av

Maloney James J., tinsmith, h 406 Madison av

Maloney John, expressman, h 154 DeWitt

Maloney John, laborer, h 408 Madison av

Maloney John, laborer, h 459 Oak

Maloney John, stonecutter, h 441 W 4th

Maloney John J., machinist, h 408 Madison av

Maloney Josephine, domestic, 409 Baldwin

Maloney Mary, domestic, 866 Magee

Maloney Mary, dressmaker, h 406 Madison av

Maloney Norah, domestic, 955 College av

Maloney Thomas, clerk, 340 E Water, h 406 Madison av

Maloney Thomas, laborer, h 441 W 4th

Maloney William A., clerk, 340 E Water, h 406 Madison av

Maloney Winnifred, dressmaker, h 459 Oak

Malony Margaret, widow Timothy, h 760 E Market

Malony Mary S., widow Peter, h 805 Magee

Malony Michael, laborer, h 212 Park

Malony Michael, laborer, h 805 Magee

Malony Patrick, polisher, h 808 Magee

Malory Russel, candy dealer, h 661 Columbia

Manchester Alfred M., teamster, h 744 E 5th

Manchester Matthew, basketmaker, h 59 Munroe

Mander Adam, brewery, E Church cor Tuttle av, h 1023 E Church

Mander Charles, clerk, h 1023 E Church

Mander Jacob, brewer, h 1023 E Church

Mandeville Abbie, h 315 E Washington av

Mandeville Caroline, widow Edgar, h Lake n Norton

Mandeville George B., laborer, h 1015 Oak

Mandeville Horace, teamster, h 315 E Washington av

Mandeville James, laborer, h 315 E Washington av

Mandeville John, laborer, h 315 E Washington av

Maneer George, laborer, h 413 Powell

Maney Ellen, widow Andrew, h 6th n Railroad av

Mangan Daniel, laborer, h r 370 W 3rd

Mangan John, bus driver, h Rathbun House

Mangan Morris, laborer, h 409 W 3d

Manier Charles B., fireman, h Southport ab S Broadway

Manier Christian, farmer, h Southport ab S Broadway

Manier Frank L., student, h Southport ab S Broadway

Manier M. Luella, teacher, h Southport ab Broadway

Manley Charles E., salesman, 323 E Water, h 316 W 1st

Manley Charles G., teamster, h 540 Tuttle av

Manley Charles G., jr., clerk, 327 E Water, h 540 Tuttle av

Manley Dolson J., clerk, 305 E Water, h 420 W Gray

Manley Laura, widow Thomas A., h 369 W Clinton

Mann E. Morilla, dressmaker, h 622 Pennsylvania av

Mann George, hostler, 313 Columbia

Mann James, 136 E Water, h 105 E 1st

Mann Michael, laborer, h 105 E 1st

Mann Michael, jr., shoemaker, h 105 E 1st

Manning Hanora Mrs., h 418 E Water

Manning Theron E., painter, h 659 College av

Manns Phebe, widow Hiram G., h 718 Day

Mantel Paul, laborer, h 909 Main

Mantle Maggie, domestic, 258 Baldwin

Mantel Thomas, laborer, h 909 N Main

Mantle Norah, domestic, 517 W Church

MANWARING SIDNEY A., clerk, 146 W Water, h 1013 Lincoln

Mapes Elizabeth, widow Samuel, h 112 E S Water

Mardane Mark, conductor, h 213 Columbia

Maricle Adelbert, file cutter, h 1216 Baldwin

Maricle Simeon F., stonecutter, h 1216 Baldwin

Marinan Mary, domestic, 102 S Main

Marion Charles T., painter, h 665 Magee

Marion Frank W., 665 Magee

MARION WILLIAM A., baggagemaster N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R., h 665 Magee

Markell Catharine, housekeeper, 436 Balsam

Markham George L., armorer, Market cor Lake, h 210 Mt Zoar

Markham John, hostler, 703 Park Place, h 359 W 5th

Markham Michael J., salesman, E Water, h 317 Carroll

Marks Isaac, jewelry, h 116 Washington

Marks Louisa, widow Samuel H., h 211 W 1st

Marks Solomon, peddler, h 116 Washington

Maroney Ellen, domestic Elmira Female College

Maroney Hannah, domestic Elmira Female College

Maroney Mary, widow Michael, h 708 Elm

Marple Isabella S., dressmaker, 117 E Water, h do

Marsh Celia, h 312 E Water

Marsh Frank G., woodworker, h 446 W Clinton

Marsh Frederick, clerk, h 364 W 5th

Marsh Fred S., commercial traveler, h 309 DeWitt

Marsh Jacob, fireman, h 653 Lake

Marsh Linda, saleslady, 112 W Water, h 309 DeWitt

Marsh Lydia, milliner, 134 W Water, h 118 W Market

Marsh Michael H., painter, h 364 W 5th

Marsh Willis J., clerk, h 364 W 5th

Marshall Emma, domestic, h 326 W 1st

Marshall Patrick, laborer, h 709 Davis

Martenette Y., peddler, h 419 W 5th

Martennette Charles F., mechanic, h 417 Columbia

Martin Amelia, widow Josiah, h 208 Gregg

Martin Annis, widow J. R., h 358 Diven av

Martin Charles, driver, h 718 Benjamin

Martin Charles W., carpenter, h E 7th ab Canal

Martin Frederick T., cutter, h East hill ab Water Cure

Martin George W., engineer, h 405 Pennsylvania av

Martin James H., conductor, h 303 W Clinton

Martin John C., keeper Reformatory, h do

Martin Mary, domestic, Delavan House

Martin Samuel L., butcher, 623 Lake, h do

Martin William M., cutter, h East Hill ab Water Cure

Marvin Edward, salesman, h 203 E 2d, h 409 DeWitt

Marvin Lile E. Mrs., dressmaker, h 353 Columbia

Marvin Ruth A., canvasser, h 103 E 2d

Mason E. Mrs., h 114 Columbia

Mason Marcus L., conductor, h 319 W 6th

Mason Mary, domestic, Southport, bel Plank rd

Mason Mary J., widow Isaac, h 715 Dickinson

Masonic Relief Association, Masonic Temple, Lake cor Market

Master Joseph, machinist, h 309 S Main

Masters Julian, engineer, h 106 W 2d

Masterson Charles N., lawyer, h 218 Washington

Masterson Charles P., lawyer, 122 E Water, h 218 Washington

Masterson Eliza, dressmaker, h Washington cor John

Masterson Henry, car repairer, h 426 W Clinton

Masterson James, shoemaker, h Washington cor John

Masterson John, shoemaker, h Sullivan n John

Masterson John H., shoemaker, h 123 Harriet

Masterson Oscar H., painter, h West Hill n Hoffman

Masterson William G., shoemaker, h 123 Harriet

Masterson William, shoemaker, h Washington cor John

Mastin W. Frank, law clerk, 201 E Water, h 507 E Church

Mather Max, cabinet maker, h 217 Ann

Mathews Fletcher, watchmaker, h 914 College av

Mathews Fletcher H., oil, h 914 College av

Mathews John, blacksmith, h 316 Railroad av

Mathews Joshua, janitor Advertiser bldg, h 652 Dickinson

Mathewson Lizzie, h 854 Magee

Mattern Marcus, cabinetmaker, h 550 E 2d

Matthews Alvin P., laborer, h 519 Harper

Matthews Frank, domestic, 171 Railroad av

Matthews Fred, waiter Haight’s Hotel, h 652 Dickinson

Matthews George, laborer, h 654 E Clinton

Matthews James F., waiter, h 652 Dickinson

Matthews Oscar, painter, h 607 E 2d

Matthews Susan, domestic, 103 S Main

Maxson William P., machinist, h 508 Fitch

Maxwell Catharine, widow William, h 156 DeWitt

Maxwell John C., tallyman Erie R. R. freight depot, h 406 E Washington av

Maxwell Kate, dressmaker, h 210 Gregg

Maxwell Spaulding, carpenter, h 206 College av

Maxwell William, lecturer, h 218 E Water

Maycumber Adelbert B., laborer, h 714 Day

Maycumber Barney, laborer, h 714 Day

Maycumber Helen Mrs., h 211 W 3d

Maycumber John H., laborer, h 714 Day

Maycumber Richmond T., shoemaker, h 211 W 3d

Mayer Amelia, clerk, 128 W Water, h 115 Fox

Mayer David, clerk, E Water, h 463 do

Mayer Katie, cashier, 115 E Water, h 115 Fox

Maynard Frank H., engineer, h 712 Columbia

Maynard Thomas A., foreman, St James Hotel

Mayo William H., engineer, h 520 Jefferson

Mayott John J. (Mayott and Rowlands), h 218 Baldwin

MAYOTT & ROWLANDS. (John J. Mayott and William W. Rowlands), slate roofers, 218 Baldwin

McAllister A. George, messenger, 150 Baldwin, h 515 Walnut

McAllister Charles P., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, h 515 Walnut

McAllister Mary, widow Edward, h 123 W Water

McAlpin William D., clerk Frasier House, h 308 Columbia

McArdle Norah, widow Patrick, h 110 Orchard

McBride Fanny E., toll gate keeper, Pennsylvania av, h do

McBride William, laborer, h Pennsylvania av at tollgate

McBurney Alice, h 225 William

McBurney Carrie, h 225 William

McCabe Ellen, domestic, Elmira Female College

McCaffery Emma, operator, h 358 S Main

McCaffery Fannie F., dressmaker, h 358 S Main

McCaffery Mary, operator, h 358 S Main

McCaffery Peter, shoemaker, 202 Sullivan, h 358 do

McCaffrey John, cigarmaker, h 806 Madison av

McCaffrey Kate, domestic, h 409 W 5th

McCaffrey Maggie, domestic, 213 Columbia

McCaffrey Mary, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Robert S., shoestitcher, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Sarah, operator, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey Susan, boxmaker, h 705 Lake

McCaffrey William, clerk, 314 E Water, h 705 Lake

McCall James, engineer, h 368 Diven av

McCann Ann, widow Owen, h 725 S Main

McCann George S., farmer, h Davis ab Reformatory av

McCann James, carpenter, h 953 Sullivan

McCann James, farmer, h Davis ab Reformatory av

McCann Jane, h 725 S Main

McCann Joseph P., traveling agent, h 854 Magee

McCann Patrick, laborer, h 327 Webber Place

McCann Terrence, fireman, h 853 East av

McCann William, overseer, h 516 Dewitt

McCanna Annie E., tailoress, h 561 E 3d

McCanna Ella, domestic, 468 E Church

McCanna James, shoemaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna James, jr., shoemaker, h 561 E 3d

McCanna Mary, domestic, Pattinson House

McCanna Susan, tailoress, h 561 E 3d

McCardel Mary, widow William, h 807 Davis

McCarrick Frank, conductor, h 548 S Main

McCarroll Mary, h 357 Railroad av

McCarthy Betsey, domestic, Elmira Female College

McCarthy Bridget, hotel, 625 Lewis

McCarthy Bridget, widow Daniel, h 860 Magee

McCarthy Charles, machinist, h 309 S Main

McCarthy Charles H., shoemaker, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Daniel J., cigarmaker, h 200 S Walnut

McCarthy Daniel, tinsmith, h 215 Fulton

McCarthy Dennis, shoemaker, 357 Railroad av, h 410 Dewitt

McCarthy Ellen, domestic, 628 W Church

McCarthy Eugene, tailor, h 215 S Walnut

McCarthy Felix, laborer, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy George, laborer, h 109 Fulton

McCarthy James, bricklayer, h 109 Fulton

McCarthy Jeremiah, laborer, h 204 Fulton

McCarthy John, bricklayer, h 100 Park

McCarthy John, laborer, h 215 Fulton

McCARTHY JOHN, Delmonico saloon, 330 E Water, h 158 W 3d

McCarthy John, shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan

McCarthy John, jr., tailor, h 215 S Walnut

McCarthy Kate, domestic, 206 W Washington av

McCarthy Kate L., domestic, 414 Lake

McCarthy Maggie, laundress, h 515 DeWitt

McCarthy Maggie L., milliner, h 625 Lewis

McCarthy Mary, domestic, 212 Sullivan

McCarthy Mary, domestic, 528 W Water

McCarthy Mary, domestic, 520 Jefferson

McCarthy Mary, widow John, h 215 S Walnut

McCarthy Mary F., domestic, 412 N Main

McCarthy Matthew, painter, h 955 Main

McCarthy Michael, driver, h 215 Fulton

McCarthy Michael, stonecutter, h 1103 Davis

McCarthy Minnie, laundress, h 515 DeWitt

McCarthy Patrick, laborer, h 402 S Magee

McCarthy Patrick K., policeman, h 158 W 3rd

McCarthy Stephen, shoemaker, h 410 Walnut

McCarthy Thomas, laborer, h 204 Fulton

McCarthy Kate K., domestic, 415 Lake

McCarty Ann, widow John, h 222 Sullivan

McCarty Eliza, domestic, 240 Lake

McCarty James, laborer, h 157 E Washington av

McCarty John, laborer, h 159 E Washington av

McCarty Maggie, dressmaker, h 515 Dewitt

McCarty Mary, dressmaker, h 222 Sullivan

McCarty Minnie, laundress, h 515 DeWitt

McCarty William, flagman, h 515 DeWitt

McCauley Mary, widow John, h 824 McDonald

McCawley Margaret, h 165 E Washington av

McCay Katie V. D., h 509 Lake

McClelland Hyeronimus, millwright, h 516 Herrick

McClelland W. Penn, mason, h 219 W South av

McCloskey Lucinda, widow Thomas, h 724 S Main

McCloskey William H., fence builder, h 724 S Main

McClure Carrie, tailoress, h 110 Lormore

McCOLL EVAN, cabinetmaker and carpenter, 201 E Market, h 104 E Hudson

McConnell Andrew J., carriagemaker, h 66 Pennsylvania av

McConnell Clara, shoe operator, h 73 Pennsylvania av

McConnell Edward, printer, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell George, wheelwright, h 66 Pennsylvania av

McConnell Frank, printer Free Press, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell Henry, puddler, h 237 W Water

McConnell Patrick, laborer, h 309 Hathaway

McConnell William, laborer, h 517 DeWitt

McConnell William C., farmer, h Amity cor James

McConville Margaret, h Chemung Canal bank building

McCormick Eliza J., dressmaker, h Madison av cor John

McCormick Mary, widow Thomas, h E South av, ab Maple av

McCoy Lena, widow John, h 559 E 3d

McCracken Charles J., salesman, 111 E Water, h 114 Orchard

McCracken John, tailor, h 114 Orchard

McCRACKEN JOHN R., gents’ furnishing goods, 111 Baldwin, h 114 Orchard

McCray S. Newell, polisher, h 244 W Water

McCrea Mary A., dressmaker, h 415 Lake

McCrodden James, laborer, h 220 Franklin

McCrohen Maggie, domestic, Homestead Hotel

McCue James, laborer, h Pratt bel Matthews

McCue Mary, widow John, h 710 Day

McCuen Margaret, widow John, h Baldwin n Thurston

McCullough Maurice, fireman, h 653 Lake

McCullox Alfred B., carpenter, h 213 W 3d

McCundry Bridget, domestic, 160 High

McDanolds Israel, special agent postoffice, h 350 W 6th

McDermott May, domestic, 403 W Church

McDermott Mary E., widow George, h 524 William

McDonald Daniel, cutter, 111 E Water, h 108 Lormore

McDonald Elizabeth, seamstress, h 202 College av

McDonald Ella A., tailoress, h 361 Division

McDonald James, shoemaker, h 519 William

McDonald James H., shoemaker, h 519 William

McDonald Lizzie, tailoress, h 118 W Water

McDonald Mary, widow Michael, h 439 W 4th

McDonald Mary, laundress Orphans’ Home, Franklin, cor Fulton

McDonald Nellie, tailoress, h 202 College av

McDonald Peter, laborer, h 402 W Water

McDONALD STEPHEN, office 330 E Water, h 214 W 1st

McDonnell Charles, laborer, h 801 Railroad av

McDonnell James, baggage master, h 508 College av

McDonnell Mary, domestic, 321 Madison av

McDonough Elizabeth, domestic, 711 E Market

McDougall Lucy A., h Luce bel Maple Av

McDowell Boyd, student, h 408 W Water

McDowell Clara A., teacher, h 214 Sullivan

McDowell Clayton A., carpenter, 5th cor Magee

McDowell Emma, dressmaker, h 333 Webber pl

McDowell Ferris W., planer, h 214 Sullivan

McDOWELL JACOB L., insurance and real estate agent, 208 E Water, h 408 W Water

McDowell James, clerk, 309 Carroll, h 307 Madison av

McDowell Mary A., dressmaker, 207 E Gray, h do

McDowell Robert M., civil engineer, h 509 William

McDowell Varnum, h 664 College av

McDuffee Charles F., painter, h 321 E Water, h 157 Lake

McElhinny James, laborer, h 312 Washington av

McEllicott Timothy, laborer, h 505 E 3d

McElligatt Edward, laborer, h 715 Davis

McElroy James C., farmer, h Reformatory av bel College av

McElroy John, Supt street lamps, h Reformatory av n Davis

McElroy William H., collector, h Reformatory av n Davis

McEntee Charles, laborer, h 620 Oak

McFarland James, augermaker, h 511 W Clinton

McFarland William F., salesman, h 710 E Water

McGaley Ellen, h 560 Beach

McGaughran Rose, tailoress, h Washington n Market

McGlinchey Joseph, h 130 E Water

McGlone John, shoemaker, h 59 First av

McGoughran Rose, tailoress, h 209 Washington

McGovern James, laborer, h 912 Maxwell av

McGovern John, laborer, h 912 Maxwell av

McGovern Lottie, teacher, Orphans’ Home, h 362 Columbia

McGovern Mary, domestic, Globe Hotel

McGovern Michael, carpenter, h 362 Columbia

McGovern William A., clerk, 128 W Water, h 362 Columbia

McGrath Amanda H., h 907 W Water

McGrath Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

McGrath Mary, domestic, 812 W Water

McGraw Kate, domestic, Lake cor Diven av

McGrath Michael H., architect, 907 W Water

McGrath Patrick, teamster, h 554 John

McGraw Dennis, carpenter, Jones’ la n State, h 323 Webber Place

McGraw Helen, dressmaker, h 309 Carroll

McGreevy John, contractor, h 308 Orchard

McGreevy Owen, h 654 E Market

McGregor Susan, widow Neal, h 116 W Water

McGuire Charles W., foreman Reformatory, h Main c Clinton

McGuire Jeremiah, (McGuire & Taber), h 262 W 4th

McGUIRE & TABER, (Jeremiah McGuire and Samuel C Taber), lawyers, 335 E Water

McHenry Abram, carpenter, h 506 Baldwin

McHugo Lucy, h E South av n E R R

McInerney Helena M., domestic, 235 Lake

McInerney John, laborer, h 917 N Main

McInerney John, laborer, h 326 W 7th

McInerney John, laborer, n the end of Stowell

McInerney Julia, widow James, h 112 W 5th

McInerney Mary, h 710 S Main

McInerney Mary, widow Michael, h n end Stowell

McInerney Michael, flagman, h 112 W 5th

McInerney Michael, blacksmith, h 330 W 7th

McInerney Michael, laborer, h 335 W 7th

McInerney Michael, saloon, 710 S Main, h do

McInerney Norah, widow Joseph, h 318 W 7th

McINERNEY PATRICK, groceries, liquors, ale and beer, 422 W 5th, h do

McInerny Thomas, hookerup, h 330 W 7th

McInerny Charles Michael, laborer, h 709 Railroad av

McInnery John, blacksmith, h 117 Washington

McInerny Katie, domestic, 211 Baldwin

McInerny Martin, car repairer, h 317 W 4th

McInerny Martin, painter, h 367 W 3d

McInerny Michael, blacksmith, 448 E Water, h 117 Washington

McInerny Michael, jr., blacksmith, h 717 Washington

McIntosh John J., presser, 904 E Market

McIntosh Parker, engineer, h 113 W South av

McIntyre Coal Co., 110 Baldwin

McIntyre Hamden W., manufacturer, h 205 W 3d

McKane John, hostler, h 377 Railroad av

McKay John C., engineer, h 513 Jefferson

McKee Adelia, widow Thomas W., h 614 Park pl

McKeever Robert, laborer, h Magee n Noble

McKevett Delia, domestic, 218 W S Water

McKevett John, laborer, h 907 Magee

McKevitt Maggie, domestic, 412 W Church

McKibbin Harriet J., widow George A., h 554 E 2nd

McKinney Angeline, widow Erastus, h 100 Lake

McKinney Anna, stitcher, h 100 Lake

McKinney Charles H., teamster, h 362 Hoffman

McKinney Hattie, tailoress, h 217 John

McKinney Jennie, domestic, 307 DeWitt

McKinney Matthew J., carpenter, 206 Orchard, h do

McKinney Richard G., carpenter, h 217 Judson

McKINNEY W. ARTHUR, city engineer, Masonic Temple, h 114 W Market

McKinstrey Erastus F., blacksmith, h 1126 N Main

McKnight Arthur B., carpenter, h 635 Josephine

McKnight Dollie Mrs., h 215 Sullivan

McKNIGHT GEORGE H. D. D. REV., pastor Trinity Church, h 304 N Main

McKnight Theodore M., clerk, 122 Lake, h 304 N Main

McKnight William P., student, h 304 N Main

McLafferty Frank D., travelling agent, Railroad av cor W Market, h Wyckoff House

McLain Andrew, commission agent, h 366 Diven av

McLaughlin Edgar A., h 369 Diven av

McLaughlin Frank, farmer, h 371 Thurston

McLaughlin Hiram P., expressman Erie depot, h 367 W 2d

McLaughlin Patrick, watchman Reformatory, h 315 W 5th

McLaughlin Silas H., grocer, 405 Davis, h 402 W 2d

McLaughlin Thomas, watchman, h 315 W 5th

McLees Thomas J., conductor, h 311 Mt Zoar

McLeese Jason, flagman, h 554 S Main

McMahan Timothy, mason, h Junction cor E South av

McMahon Anna, domestic, 112 W Church

McMahon Anna L., spinner, h 559 Beach

McMahon Arthur J., (Brophy & McMahon), h Hagight’s hotel

McMahon Bridget, dressmaker, h 256 W Henry

McMahon James, carpenter, h 552 S Main

McMahon John, tinsmith, h 655 Magee

McMahon John J., saloon, 431 W 4th, h do

McMahon Maggie, widow James, domestic, 410 Baldwin

McMahon Martin, h 605 Railroad av

McMahon Mary, domestic, 351 N Main

McMahon Mary, domestic, 109 W Market

McMahon Mary, dressmaker, h 256 W Henry

McMahon Mary A., dressmaker, h 559 Beach

McMahon Michael, engineer, h 816 Hatch

McMahon Michael, hostler, 168 High

McMahon Murty, laborer, h 813 Hatch

McMahon Patrick, blacksmith, h 334 W 7th

McMahon Patrick, blacksmith, h 374 W 3d

McMahon Patrick, trackman, h 256 W Henry

McMahon Patrick C., carpenter, h 432 W 4th

McMahon Patrick J., carpenter, h Walnut n Park

McMahon Roxie, widow Michael, h 321 Railroad av

McMahon Simon, teamster, h 559 Beach

McMahon Thomas C., bartender, 114 W 5th, h 336 W 7th

McMann Agnes, domestic, 403 W Water

McMann Ann, domestic, 318 W Water

McMann Maggie, domestic, 369 W Clinton

McMann Michael, mason, h 613 Dickinson

McManus James, tanner, h 905 John

McManus James, bristle maker, h 613 Lake

McManus John, tanner, h 905 John

McManus John T., cigarmaker, h 905 John

McManus William, tanner, h 161 Harriet

McMartin Peter, conductor, h 319 Orchard

McMillan Frank, salesman, 201 E Water, h 459 W 2d

McMillan Giles, quarryman, h 1006 Oak

McMullen Stephen, laborer, h 519 Harper

McNabb George, helper, h 111 W South av

McNally Kate, tailoress, h 301 Franklin

McNally Rose, widow Thomas, h 301 Franklin

McNamara Delia, domestic, 411 W Water

McNamara Ella, milliner, h 413 W 3d

McNamara James, brewer, h 424 W 3d

McNamara John P., shoemaker, h 413 W 3d

McNamara John, laborer, h 712 S Main

McNamara Mary, domestic, 374 W Church

McNamara Peter, boots and shoes, 102 E Water, h 413 W 3d

McNamee Andrew, teamster and saloon, h 208 Franklin

McNamee Belle M., domestic, 714 N Main

McNamee Delia, saleslady, h 208 Franklin

McNamee John, carpenter, h 208 Franklin

McNamee Mary, h 208 Franklin

McNany John, bus driver, Rathbun House, h do

McNeely John, blacksmith, h 615 Pennsylvania av

McNeil Jenny, domestic, 402 W Water

McNeil John H., h 356 W Water

McNeil Leverett B., news agent, h 227 W Water

McNeil Mary, domestic, 1002 Lake

McNeil Peter S. S., h 615 Park Place

McNeil Rufus R., h 100 W S Water

McNeil Sarah, widow John, h 109 E Henry

McNeir Agnes, saleslady, h 316 S Main

McNeir Andrew E., artist, h 316 S Main

McNeir Blanche, strawworker, h 316 S Main

McNeir Raphael, painter, h 316 S Main

McNerney Bridget C., domestic, 660 Park Place

McNerney James, h 451 W 3d

McNerney Mary, domestic, 352 N Main

McNerney Thomas, clerk, 301 E Water, h Powell n S 2d

McNerny Minnie L., domestic, 243 Lake

McNevin John H., tailor, h 218 Park

McNier Agnes L., saleslady, 140 W Water, h 316 S Main

McNierney Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

McNierney Thomas, clerk, h 409 Powell

McNish Sarah J., baker and confectionery, 103 E Church, h do

McNulty Michael, flagman, h 112 W 5th

McPherson John, furnaceman, h 1130 N Main

McQuinn George, expressman, h 514 College av

McQuinn Hannah, domestic, 313 Baldwin

McQuinn Kate, domestic, 302 W Clinton

Mead Carrie, widow Peter, h 416 W 3d

Mead E. O. Mrs., dressmaker, 101 W Water, h do

Mead Edward H., clerk, 414 E Market, h 405 Lake

Mead Elizabeth, widow Isaac, h 420 W Water

Mead Ellen, widow William, h 569 E Water

Mead Frank, shoemaker, h W 3d n Elm

Mead Frank, shoemaker, h 402 Baldwin

Mead John, shoemaker, h 608 Walnut

Mead John F., shoemaker, h 416 W 3d

Mead J. T. Mrs., druggist, 144 W Water, h Water n N Main

Mead Martin, laborer, h 209 Park

Mead Mary A., hair worker, h 569 E Water

Mead Minos M., lawyer, 214 E Water, h 422 W 1st

Mead Morris, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Mead William, cigarmaker, h 569 E Water

Meadowcroft Thomas, carpenter, h Diven av n Baldwin

Meagher James, dyer, h 653 E Clinton

Meales George W., stonecutter, h 5 Junction

Meany James, laborer, h 300 E Washington av

Mear Mary, dressmaker, h 155 S 2d

Mear Thomas, switchman, h 155 S 2d

Mear William, machinist, h 155 S 2d

Meddaugh Charles H., porter, 516 W 2d

MEDDAUGH CHAUNCEY G., hotel, h 709 Kinyon

Meddaugh Mary, domestic, 408 College av

Meddaugh Samuel L., guard Reformatory, h do

Meddaugh William C., keeper Reformatory, h 508 Ivy

Meeker Charles H., blacksmith, h 227 W South av

Meeker Harry, 227 W South av

Meeker J. W. Mrs., restaurant, 110 N Main, h do

Meeker John, h 227 W South av

Meeker Phebe E. Mrs., dressmaker, 202 E Water, h do

Meeker Samuel, h 613 S Main

Meeker William H., teamster, h 202 E Water

Meissner Charles, harness manufr, 402 E Market, h Robinson cor Esty

Meissner Clara, domestic, h 210 DeWitt

Melia John, boilermaker, h 217 Giltinan

Melia Patrick, machinist, h 217 Giltinan

Mellix Catharine, widow Adam, h Jones’ la n E Church

Melville Melissa, domestic, 367 W Gray

Mengle Herman, cabinetmaker, h 821 Hatch

Menzies Frank B., shoemaker, h 406 Oak

Meredith George O., clerk, 120 Lake, h 501 do

Merithew Grant A., driver, h 108 W 5th

Merkel D. R., music teacher, 933 College av, h do

MERRELL MELVILLE M., supt of Public Schools, 110 Baldwin, h 213 W 1st

Merrick Clinton V., train dispatcher Erie Depot, h at Horseheads

Merrick Daniel, dentist, h 132 W Water

Merrill Charles, medical student Water Cure, 1019 East av, h do

Merrill Edgar C., salesman, h 519 W Clinton

Merrill Eleazer E., clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 609 E Church

Merrill George V. R. (J. M. Losie & Co.), h 458 Spaulding

Merrill Henrietta, widow Renssalaer, h 305 Hine

Merritt George, telegrapher, h 515 William

Merritt Sylvia, widow Jacob G., h 515 William

MERWIN JOHN W., grocer, 115 Lake, h 122 W Market

Merwin Mary, widow Lyman, h 214 Washington

Mescall Mary, domestic, Elmira Female College

Messing Sebastian, painter, h 312 Orchard

Mettler James L., blacksmith, h 312 W Water

Metzger Alfred R., butcher, h Mt Zoar n City limits

Metzger Daniel M., carpenter, h 260 W S Water

Metzger Jacob (Friend, Metzger & Co.), at Southport Corners

METZGER S. X. & SON, (Seth X and Theodore G.), meat market, 409 Railroad av

Metzger Seth X., (S. X. Metzger & Son), h Mt Zoar beyond city limits

Metzger Theodore G, (S. X. Metzger & Son), Mt Zoar beyond city limits

Meyer Charles, boot cutter, Robinson n city limits

Meyer Joseph, shoemaker, 706 John, h do

Meyer Joseph jr., druggist, 400 E Water, h 756 E Water

Meyer Karl, shoemaker, h Robinson ab Esty

Meyer Leo, laborer, h 357 E 5th

MEYER MAX, saloon and restaurant, 605 Railroad av, h do

Meyer Peter E., barber, h 212 Madison av

Michaelis John H., carpenter, h 509 W 4th

Michealis Richard, tailor, 760 E Water, h do

Miedle John, laborer, h 717 Davis

Miles Alfred, h 509 W 2d

Milford Henry A., ticket agent Erie depot, h Delavan House

Millard Carroll A., conductor., h 714 College av

Millard Mary G., widow Ambrose, h 655 College av

Millard William, hostler, h Clinton bel Oak

Miller Addison, hostler, h 238 W Water

Miller Alanson B., laborer, h 1305 Maxwell av

Miller Alfred, car driver, h 734 Harper

Miller Alfred L., boot treer, h Caldwell av cor Spaulding

Miller Almira, nurse, h 1305 Maxwell av

Miller Alice J., domestic, 552 S Main

Miller Andrew, carpenter, h 368 Thurston

Miller A. Porter, carpenter, h 450 W Clinton

Miller Caroline, widow Stephen, h 327 Baldwin

Miller Charles, laborer, h 709 Benjamin

Miller Charles, teamster, h 602 W Hudson

Miller Charles, (Sauter & Miller), h 171 Railroad av

Miller Charles A., butcher, h 358 E 5th

Miller Charles P., upholsterer, 114 High

Miller Christina Mrs., h 357 E 5th
Miller Christopher, cabinetmaker, h 360 W 5th

Miller Curtis W., machinist, h 828 W Church

Miller Edgar T., painter, h 703 E Clinton

Miller Edmund, farmer, Maple av ab E Miller av, h do

Miller Eldred B., clerk, h 420 E Water

Miller Frank, clerk, 221 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller George, engineer, h 356 W 5th

Miller George B., mason, h 110 W Water

Miller Grove P., dentist, h 169 Lake

Miller Hattie, seamstress, h E 5th n Sullivan

Miller Hector L., real estate, E Water, h 460 W Gray
Miller Julia Mrs., dressmaker, 516 N Main, h do
Miller Jacob, laborer, h Plank rd bel tollgate

Miller Jacob, laborer, h 616 Jay

Miller Jacob, clerk, 221 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller James J., watchman, h 709 Lake

Miller James C., engineer, h 414 W Church

Miller James H., carpenter, h 351 Centre

Miller James M., carpenter, h 561 E Church

Miller John, driver, h 912 Carpenter

Miller John B., ice man, h 105 S Walnut

Miller John D., farmer, h Pennsylvania av bel toll gate

Miller John H., roller, h 379 W 5th

Miller Jud., driver, h 422 Tuttle av

Miller Ludwig, laborer, h 114 Spring

Miller Marcus, grocer, 118 S Main, h do

Miller Mary, domestic, Southport ab S Broadway

Miller Mary C., h 414 W Church

Miller Peter, laborer, h Sullivan n City limits

MILLER PHILIP, coal and wood, College av cor Reformatory, h 1309 College av

Miller Rosella Mrs., h 828 W Church

Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 270 W S Water

Miller Samuel C., saloon, 104 E Water, h do

Miller Sarah, hairdresser, h 600 Baldwin

Miller Valentine, grocer, 221 S Main, h 218 W Henry

Miller Valentine, wireworker, h 616 Jay

Miller Wilkes, engineer, h 456 E Water

Miller William, carpenter, h 1024 Lake

Miller William, tanner, h 514 W Hudson

Miller William E., hostler, h 703 E Clinton

Miller William H., salesman, 207 E Water, h 379 W 5th

Milliken Patrick, coachman, 511 W Water

Millis Carey J., telegrapher, h 459 E Church

Millis Charles, carpenter, h Homestead Hotel

Millis Eben L., Rev., pastor Madison av Baptist Church, h 459 E Church

Millis Frank T., student, h 459 E Church

Millius Henry E., constable, h 369 Fulton

Mills Artemas D., teamster, h 1110 Walnut

Mills Asa, clerk, 410 E Water, h 762 Market

Mills Daniel, farmer, h Pratt ab Mathews

Mills Eliza, laundress, h Pratt ab Mathews

Mills Elizabeth, widow Richard, h 106 S Main

Mills Frank L., tel. operator, N. C. R. W., h 714 N Main

Mills Frederick H., clerk Reformatory, h do

Mills George, cigarmaker, h Elmira House

Mills George, farmer, h Pratt ab Mathews

Mills James H., clerk, 311 Carroll, h 360 W Gray

Mills John, clerk, h 762 E Market

Mills Lillie B., clerk, 116 Baldwin, h 762 E Market

Mills Mabel, widow Uri, h 512 Perine

Mills Margaret, widow Joseph P., h 703 E 5th

Mills Robert N., physician, 214 Baldwin, h do

Mills Rufus I., clerk Railroad av cor W Market, h 211 DeWitt

Millspaugh Giles, clerk, 340 E Water, h 853 do

Millspaugh Howard, clerk, 142 W Water, h 853 E Water

Millspaugh Leander M., clerk 340 E Water, h 108 Harriet

Millspaugh Margaret, widow Leander, h 853 E Water

Millspaugh Theodore, agent, Railroad av cor W Market h 211 Lormore

Minahan John, laborer, h 709 Railroad av

Minar Henry. (Cassal & Minar), h 109 W Water

Minch Caroline, h Robinson cor Jones

Minch Cristian, tanner, h Jones bel Robinson

Minch Gottlieb, h Robinson cor Jones

Minch Mary, h Robinson cor Jones

Mingst John, carpenter, h Robinson ab Esty

Mingst William, painter, h Robinson, ab Esty

Minier Chester B., fireman, h S Broadway ab city limits

Minier Christian, farmer, h S Broadway ab city limits

Miner Cora, domestic, 118 W 2d

Minier D. A. Mrs., h 220 Mt Zoar

Minier Frank L., law student, 4 Opera Block, Lake, h S Broadway beyond limits

Minier James B., lawyer, h 109 E Hudson

Minier Max, h 502 W Water

Minier Samuel, baggagemaster, h 462 South av

Minier Solomon, horse dealer, h 109 E Hudson


Minier William, carpenter, h 462 South av

Mink Louis, (Reitenbach Brother & Mink) h at Somerville, Mass

Minster John, slate roofer, h 423 Standish

Minster John jr., clerk 338 E Water, h 423 Standish

Mirteenes David C., grocer, 321 S Main, h do

Mischler Medard J., bartender, 117 Lake, h do

Mishy John, printer, Free Press, h 115 Fox

Mitchell Alfred, mason, h 380 W 5th

Mitchell Amanda, widow Hugh, h 404 W Church

MITCHELL E W., division supt U S express, 152 Baldwin, h 412 W Clinton

Mitchell Ella L., saleslady, 325 E Water, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell George, news agent, h 705 N Main

Mitchell Sarah, widow John, h 621 Baldwin

Mitchell Thomas, laborer, h 621 Baldwin

Mitchell William O., carpenter, h 1314 Benton

Mitchell William H., shoemaker, h Elmira House

Mitchells Ella, saleslady, h 161 Orchard

Mitchells John, street sprinkler, h 161 Orchard

Mixter Fannie M., paster, h 510 W 2d

Mixter Horace, bootmaker, h 510 W 2d

Mochrie Edward J., laborer, h 106 Railroad av

Mochrie Mary J., domestic, Elmira House, h E Water, cor R R av

Moe Marcus M (& Co.,) h 141 W Water

Moe Marcus M. & Co., (Samuel N Reynolds), commission, 141 W Water

Moffatt James, machinist, h 100 Pennsylvania av

Moffet James M., packer, 414 E Market, h 101 Penna av

Moffet Thomas, boots and shoes, 427 Railroad av, h do

Moffet William, foreman, h 109 College av

Moffet Mary A., teacher, h 100 Pennsylvania av

Moffitt William, milk dealer, 417 Balsam, h do

Moloney Catharine, widow Michael C., h 350 Railroad av

Moloney Ellen, domestic, 502 W Water

Moloney Honora, widow James, h 711 S Main

Moloney James, switchman, h 711 S Main

Moloney Johanna, boarding, h 620 Oak

Moloney Johanna, widow James, h 406 Madison av

Moloney Mary, dressmaker, h 406 Madison av

Moloney Mary, housekeeper, 711 S Main

Moloney Owen T., bookbinder Advertiser, h 350 Railroad av

Molyneaux Joseph B., bookbinder Advertiser, h Grand av, n city limits

Molyneaux Robert, laborer, h Grand Central av n Thurston

Monahan John, laborer, h 709 Railroad av

Monell Elrude, mason, h 432 Balsam

Monell George I., engineer, h 412 S Broadway

Monell Samuel, carpenter, h 432 Balsam

MONKS JAMES R., PROF., principal of academy, h 104 College av

Monks Thomas, engineer, h 301 E 5th

Monroe Elias A., soda water manufr, h 603 E Church

Monroe West P., brakeman, h Buckbee House

Montgomery Mary, widow William, h 505 E 3d

Montgomery William, blacksmith, h 1404 Baldwin

Moody Warren L., clerk, 421 Railroad av, h 423 Pleasant

Moody William H. (Hallock, Cary & Co.), h 350 W Water

Moon Keziah, widow Phileman, h 658 Baldwin

Moon Lucy, dressmaker, h 659 Dickinson

Moon Margaret E., seamstress, h 658 Baldwin

Moon Mary, seamstress, h 660 Baldwin

Moon Polly Mrs,. H 658 Baldwin

Moonan James, grocer, 751 Canal, h E 7th ab Canal

Mooney Daniel, salesman, 605 Baldwin, h 622 do

Mooney James, car inspector, h 410 S Magee

Mooney Percival H., mail agent, h 370 W 4th

Moore Andrew D., laborer, h 206 W Water

Moore Benjamin, mason, h 713 Kinyon

Moore Charles R., machinist, h 51 Fulton

Moore Edwin, fireman, h 520 W Clinton

Moore Emily D. Mrs., St. James Hotel, W Water cor Railroad av

Moore Frank A., machinist, h 461 E 3d

Moore George C., patternmaker, h 268 W S Water

Moore Horace D., carpenter, h 408 W 3d

Moore Irene, widow Harrison, h 518 Jefferson

Moore James J., railroader, h 51 Fulton

Moore Jane, widow Hugh M., florist, h 51 Fulton, h do

Moore Johanna, teacher, h 505 Franklin

MOORE JOHN, lawyer, 301 E Water, h 500 Franklin

Moore John R., clerk, 141 W Water, h do

MOORE LEVERETT D., five cent store 140 W Water, h St. James Hotel, 102 W Water

Moore Margaret, dressmaker, h E South av ab Maple av
Moore Mary A., milliner, h 708 Magee

Moore Michael, laborer, h Franklin n S Broadway

Moore Morris, laborer, h E South av ab Maple av

Moore Olive, widow Daniel, h 207 Jacob

Moore Samuel T., phonographer, h 310 Pennsylvania av

Moore Thomas, engineer, h 653 Lake

Moore Timothy, teamster, h 708 Magee

Moore William, laborer, h 707 Tuttle av

Moore William C., watchman, h 461 E 3d

Moran Addie, dressmaker h 202 E Water

Moran Edward, laborer, h 813 Hatch

Moran James, laborer, h 554 E Clinton

Moran James, laborer, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Moran James, jr., groom, h 554 E Clinton

Moran John, trackman, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Moran John, jr., trackman, h E. R. R. ab Centre

Moran Margaret, widow Patrick, h 412 DeWitt

Moran Mary, domestic, 356 W Water

Moran Michael, laborer, h E R R ab Centre

Moran Patrick, cinderman, h 704 Hatch

Moran William, blacksmith, h 433 E Water

Moran William, laborer, h 412 DeWitt

Moreau George H., shoemaker, h 360 Norton

Morehouse James W., traveling agent, h 957 East av

Morehouse Jennie W., student, h 957 East av

Morehouse Stephen, shoemaker, h 147 W Water

Morey Andrew B., gilder, h 758 John

Morey Hattie, milliner, h Buckbee House

Morgan Charles, laborer, h 1319 Benton

Morgan Demetrius A., h 106 Ferris

Morgan Eber F., engineer, h 422 Pleasant

Morgan Goodwin H., engineer, h 524 Jefferson

Morgan John, helper, h 711 Columbia

Morgan John, puddler, h 219 Park

Morgan John H., clerk, 200 W Water, h 622 Josephine

Morgan Peter, peddler, h 1319 Benton

Morgan W. Walter, clerk 311 E Water, h 622 Josephine

Moriarty Eliza, widow Morris, h 358 Elm

Moriarty James, expressman Erie depot, h 805 Davis

Moriarty John D., letter carrier, h 509 E 2d

Moroney Ellen, widow Thomas, h 402 E Washington av

Moroney John, physician, h 125 W Water, h do

Morrell C. Edward, h 272 Baldwin

Morrell Isaac, (Gerity & Morrell), also physician, 218 Madison av, h do

Morris Richard, grocer, 410 E Water, h do

Morrissey Maria, widow Michael, h 161 E Washington av

Morrison Lydia, widow John, h 104 Lake

Morrison Robert J., clerk, h 104 Lake

Morrison William H., driver, h 452 High

MORSE BARNETT W., physician; office hours 12 to 2 pm, 7 to 9 pm, 110 W 2nd

Morse Dudley, h 607 W Church

Morse Frank, carpenter, h 1128 Lake

Morse Harry L., grocer, 1128 Lake, h do

Morse Roscius, (Preswick, Morse & Co.), h 210 W 1st

Mortimer George H., shoemaker, h 408 Walnut

Mortimer Jacob, shoemaker, h 508 W 2d

Mortimer John jr., laborer, h 569 E Water

Mortimer John J., shoemaker, h 374 W 1st

Mortimer Peter, laborer, h E 2d cor the canal

Mortimer Samuel J., shoemaker, h 508 W 2d

Moses Jacob, peddler, h 166 Harriet

Mosher Alvin, cartman, h 970 East av

MOSHER GEORGE, (George Mosher & Co.), City Chamberlain, h 361 Walnut

MOSHER GEORGE & CO., (George R. Hannon), grocers, 118 W Water

Mosher Harry, painter, h 209 Fulton

MOSHER HUMPHREY J., meat market, 311 and 313 Carroll, h 624 W Water

Moshier William H., laborer, h 619 Pennsylvania av