Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Sullivan, Mark O., saloon, 521 Railroad av

Sullivan, Mary, domestic, 115 E S Water

Sullivan, Mary, domestic, 461 E Water

Sullivan, Mary, domestic, 217 W Gray

Sullivan, Mary, dressmaker, bds 110 Fulton

Sullivan, Mary, dressmaker, bds Kenyon bel S Main

Sullivan, Mary, milliner, bds 611 Magee

Sullivan, Mary, widow Michael, h 367 W 3d

Sullivan, Mary, widow Patrick, h 516 Elizabeth

Sullivan, Michael, bricklayer, bds 319 River

Sullivan, Michael, shoemaker, h 600 Jay

Sullivan, Michael, tanner, bds 327 River

Sullivan, Michael H., carpenter, bds 611 Magee

Sullivan, Michael J., printer, bds 610 E Water

Sullivan, Michael T., machinist, h S Main n city limits

Sullivan, Murty, watchman, h Kenyon bel S Main

Sullivan, Nellie, domestic, College av cor Fayette

Sullivan, Nellie, domestic, 429 W Clinton

Sullivan, Nora Mrs., saleslady, 201 E Water, bds 381 Pennsylvania av

Sullivan, Patrick, cigarmaker, bds 156 Washington

Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan, Patrick, laborer, h 327 River

Sullivan, Patrick, yardmaster, h 370 W 3d

Sullivan, Patrick K., mason, h 408 Mt. Zoar

Sullivan, Patrick R., laborer, h 1007 N Main

Sullivan, Rodger, cartman, bds Homestead Hotel

Sullivan, Theresa, domestic, 357 College av

Sullivan, Thomas, laborer, h 319 River

Sullivan, Thomas, trackman, bds 406 S Magee

Sullivan, Timothy, laborer, h 511 Oak

Sullivan, William, plumber, bds 611 Magee

Sullivan, William, wheelwright, h 610 E Water

SUNDAY MORNING TIMES, Daly & Espenhain, publishers, 326 Carroll

Surganty, Frederick, carriage painter, bds 263 Baldwin

SURGANTY, JOSEPH, tailor, 321 E Water, h 263 Baldwin

Susberry, Margaret, widow Willis, h 615 Dickinson

SUSEMIHL, HERMAN, barber Frasier House, 437 Railroad av, bds 316 High

SUSEMIHL, ROBERT, hairdresser, 169 Baldwin, h 556 John

Susquehanna Hotel, McCarthy Fennel, 507 Railroad av

Sutherland, John, fireman, h 604 S Main

Sutherly, Isaac H., farmer, h 808 W Water

Suttner, Wolfgang, laborer, h 823 State

Sutton, Amary M., woolfinisher, h 223 Gregg

Sutton, Arnold, fireman, h Haselett ab S Main

Sutton, David, carpenter, h 110 W Water

Sutton, Eva L., silver burnisher, bds 118 Baldwin

Sutton, Fred M., h 116 Baldwin

Sutton, Harry, machinist, h 356 W 2d

Sutton, John, fireman, bds Haselett ab S Main

Sutton, Lida, saleslady, 139 E Water, bds 223 Gregg

Sutton, M.L. Mrs., bds 218 Washington

Sutton, William, musician, bds 112 Baldwin

Sutton, William W., carpenter, h 634 W Water

Swails, Adelia, domestic, 122 E Water

Swails, Jesse A., steward Frasier House, h 853 E Market

Swails, Johanna, widow Peter, h 610 Jay

SWAINSON, GEORGE M., stair builder, 401 Grove, h do

Swan, Albert E., carpenter, h 419 E Washington av

Swan, Charles, insurance, 334 E Water, h 461 W Church

Swan, Charles C., bookkeeper Chemung Canal Bank, h 421 E Washington av

Swan, Charles, jr., clerk, bds 461 W Church

Swan, Emma F., teacher, bds 364 Fulton

Swan, Erastus A., builder, 613 Baldwin, h Washington av n Oak

Swan, Hannah, widow William, h 461 W Church

Swan, John V., ticket agent Southport Station, h 364 Fulton

Swan, Matthew V., h 309 S Main

Swan, Robert, insurance, E Water, h Lormore bel Spaulding

Swart, Charles N., brakeman, bds 505 Park Place

Swart, R.A. Mrs., h 210 W Water

Swartout, Oscar H., clerk, 331 E Water, bds 323 W Church

Swartrood, Arthur, clerk, bds 382 W Water

Swartwood, Arthur, clerk, bds Hoffman n Water

Swartwood, Elizabeth, bds Pattinson House

Swartz, Abraham, laborer, h 858 Lake

Swartz, Abraham, teamster, bds Thurston n Lake

Swartz, Alfred, music teacher, bds 203 E Gray

Swartz, Emanuel, boilermaker, h 203 E Gray

Swayze, Hiram, farmer, h W Water n city limits
Sweeney, Ella M., domestic Elmira Female College

Sweeney, John, laborer, h 600 Beach

Sweeney, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 261 W Hudson

Sweeney, Margaret, widow Patrick, h 902 East

Sweeney, Mary, domestic, 460 W Church

Sweeney, Mary, widow Patrick, h 400 W Hudson

Sweeney, Patrick, laborer, h S Main beyond city limits

Sweeny, Daniel, stonecutter, bds Troy House

Sweeny, Edmund, laborer, bds 759 Jay

Sweeny, Owen, laborer, h 759 Jay

Sweet, William F., shoemaker, 213 S Main, h 233 Mt. Zoar

Swift, Allen W., steam engine manufr, 215 W 2d, h 728 W 1st

Swift, George W., shoemaker, h 171 Baldwin

Swift, George W. Mrs., dressmaker, 171 Baldwin, h do

Sydney, Adell, teacher, bds 304 Orchard

Sykes, Emma Mrs., bds 501 W Water

Sykes, Jesse F., harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes, John F., printer Gazette, bds 209 Orchard

Sykes, William, bakery, 659 Dickinson, h 709 Benjamin

Symes, John, painter, h 71 Pennsylvania av

Symonds, Abigail, widow Ebenezer, bds 402 Tuttle av

Symonds, Alonzo D., stone quarries, h 402 Tuttle av


Taber, Samuel C. (McGuire & Taber), h 452 W Church

Tabor, Hulda, teacher, bds 206 W Washington av

Tabor, James R., salesman, 102 W Water, h 407 E Union

Tackman, Caroline Mrs., h 750 E Church

Tackman, Louis A., foreman, 417 Carroll, h 750 E Church

Taft, Alfred, ice dealer, h r 536 W Hudson

Taft, Gustavus, bds 315 William

Taggert, Anna E., widow George L., h 800 N Main

Taggert, Lucius B., clerk, bds 800 N Main

Tanner, Anna, dressmaker, bds 408 Herrick

Tarbell, Joseph W., harnessmaker, h 100 Lake

Tate, John, lumber dealer, h at Wilcox Driving Park

Tattersall, Arthur, laborer, bds 629 W Gray

Tattersall, John, sawmaker, h 629 W Gray

Taylor, Abraham J., tanner, h 211 Ann

Taylor, Allen, farmer, h 408 Madison av

Taylor, Benjamin W., huckster, h 715 Baldwin

Taylor, Carrie, domestic, 210 W South av

Taylor, Catharine, matron Elmira Surgical Institute, bds do

Taylor, Daniel H., watchmaker, h Burdick bel W South av

Taylor, Elias H., hulled corn dealer, h 320 W 5th

Taylor, Frank B., clerk, 130 E Water, bds 403 W 1st

Taylor, Henry L., clerk, 313 E Water, bds 500 Lake

Taylor, Isaac R., hatter, 301 E Water, bds 320 W 5th

Taylor, J. Wells, collector, bds 500 Lake

Taylor, Lewis P., puddler, h 705 N Main

Taylor, Lockey, widow Thomas, bds 519 Madison av

Taylor, Lottie, domestic, 667 College av

Taylor, Maggie, domestic, 212 Sullivan

TAYLOR, MANSEL, fruit, 167 Lake, h 422 Tuttle av

Taylor, Robert W. Mrs., bds 1320 Benton

Taylor, John, harnessmaker, bds 501 Lake

Taylor, Richard, laborer, h 606 Dickinson

TAYLOR, S.B., auction and commission merchant, crockery specialty, 130 E Water, h 403 W 1st

Taylor, Samuel, boarding, h 500 Lake

Taylor, Silas B., welldriver, h 750 E Church

Taylor, Silas G., carman, h 750 E Church

Taylor, Sylvester S., lawyer, 120 Lake, bds 225 William

Taylor, Wesley, carpenter, h Reformatory av bel College av

Taylor, William D., cradlemaker, h 1320 Benton

Taylor, William H., carpenter, bds 211 Ann

Taylor, William L., blockmaker, bds 715 Baldwin

Taynton, John, machinist, bds 414 S Main

Taynton, William F., engineer, h 456 South av

Teaber, Samuel C., lawyer, h 452 W Church

Teahan, John H., shoemaker, bds 104 E Water

Teal, Martha L. Mrs., nurse Orphans' Home

Teale, Martha L., widow William, h 718 Benjamin

Tears, Lewis H., salesman, 340 E Water, h at Troy, Pa

Tedd, John, boiler, bds 105 E Washington av

Teed, C. Francis, agent Tonawanda Pipe Works, 101 E Gray, h 508 Roe av

Teed, Charles W., watchmaker, 202 S Main, h 114 W Henry

Teed, Colby F., traveling agent, h 508 Roe av

Teed, Marvin E. (Teed & McLaughlin), bds 402 W 2d

Teed, Rodney A., clerk, h 425 W Clinton

Teed & McLaughlin (Marvin E. Teed and Silas H. McLaughlin), grocers, 405 Davis

Teeters, Polly, widow Smith, h 409 W 6th

Temple, Nancy C., widow Herman, h 375 W Gray

TenBroeck, Annie, widow Peter B., h 210 Washington

TenBroeck, Hattie, teacher, bds 210 Washington

TenBroeck, William R., bookkeeper, 302 E Water, h 372 Divin av

Tenny, Martha A., widow DeWitt C., h 414 William

Terneur, Henry, h 505 Madison av

Terwilliger, James, carpenter, bds Western Hotel

Terwilliger, James, gardener Water Cure, 1019 East av

Thiele, Godfrey, tailor, h 567 E Water

Thomas, Albert F., shoemaker, h 128 Railroad av

Thomas, Alexander, fruit dealer, h 603 E Church

Thomas, Anson A., salesman, bds 320 W 1st

Thomas, Barbara Mrs., h 814 W 1st

Thomas, Charles, planing mill, 651 Baldwin, h 140 E S Water

Thomas, Dandridge, farmer, h 718 Dickinson

Thomas, David, coal and wood, State cor E Clinton, h 513 William

Thomas, David, laborer, bds 107 E Washington av

Thomas, David, puddler, h 806 Hatch

Thomas, Ellen, dressmaker, bds 814 W 1st

Thomas, Frank S., clerk 319 E Water, bds 458 E Church

Thomas, Horace, machinist, h Caldwell av cor Spaulding

Thomas, Joseph, fireman, h 711 Columbia

Thomas, Mabel E., nurse Water Cure, 1019 East av

Thomas, Madelene, domestic, 402 W Water

Thomas, Maggie, domestic, 323 Baldwin

Thomas, Margaret Mrs., h 107 E Washington av

Thomas, Mary A. Mrs., seamstress, bds 416 E Washington av

Thomas, N. Spencer, extracts factory at Trout Run, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas, Napoleon, shoemaker, bds 814 W 1st

Thomas, Nelson, laborer, h 708 Dickinson

Thomas, William B., machinist, bds 513 William

Thompson, A. Edson, blacksmith, h 312 Orchard

Thompson, Alexander, servant, 352 N Main

Thompson, Anna, widow John M., h 213 Sullivan

Thompson, Bradly, polisher, h 416 E Washington av

Thompson, David L., salesman 118 W Water, bds Hathaway House

Thompson, Delia, widow James H., h 657 Columbia

Thompson, Edward, carman, h 104 W 1st

Thompson, Evan, carpenter, h 313 College av

Thompson, Frank, dressmaker, bds 212 W Hudson

Thompson, Frederick A., law student, 312 Carroll, bds 114 W Hudson

Thompson, George, machinist, bds 212 W Hudson

Thompson, George W., brakeman, h 378 S Main
Thompson, Headley, h 304 Pennsylvania av

Thompson, Henry, carriagemaker, h 223 Franklin

THOMPSON, J. TREMONT, lawyer, 312 Carroll bds 417 E Market

Thompson, J. Oscar, carpenter, h 317 W 1st

Thompson, Jeremiah, carman, h 104 W 1st

Thompson, John, engineer, bds 754 E 5th

Thompson, John, policeman, h 718 Day

Thompson, John M., turner, h 212 W Hudson

Thompson, John R., traveling agent, h 902 Lake

Thompson, Martha O., widow George, h 206 W Washington av

Thompson, Mary A., domestic, 368 W 1st

Thompson, Mattie H., teacher, bds 206 W Washington av

Thompson, Orpha W., teacher, bds 515 E Union

Thompson, S.A., teacher, bds 657 Columbia

Thompson, Samuel E., boilermaker, h 422 Fulton

Thompson, Samuel J., telegrapher, bds 223 Franklin

Thompson, Singleton H. Rev., pastor Zion A. M. E. Church, h 354 E 4th

Thompson, Susan, widow David, h 311 E 5th

Thompson, Susan A., teacher, bds 657 Columbia

Thompson, Thomas C., farmer, h 360 E 5th

Thompson, William, heater, h 817 Canal

Thompson, William J., notions at Barcley, h 213 Columbia

Thompson, Zebon, carpenter, h 750 John

Thorndill, John, mason, h 104 E Market

Thornton, Frank, gardener, 414 Lake

Thorn, John, salesman, h 371 Thurston

Thornton, William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thornton, William, teamster, h 400 Pleasant

Thorp, Frank, teamster, bds 513 W 2d

Thorp, John, teamster, h 513 W 2d

Thorpe, Oscar, brakeman, bds Mansion House

Thrall, Corydom W., carpenter, h 514 College av

Thro, Charles D., clerk, 310 E Water, bds 650 Lake

Thro, Francis J., saloon, 408 E Water, h 650 Lake

Thro, John J., h 151 W Clinton

Thro, Minnie E., student, bds 406 High

Thurbur, Delia, dressmaker, bds 407 N Main

Thurston, Albert H., laborer, bds 660 Baldwin

Thurston, Alfred H., laborer, h 671 Dickinson

Thurston, Ariel S. (A.S. & C.P. Thurston), h 413 N Main

Thurston, A.S. & C.P. (Ariel S. and Charles P.), lawyers, 115 Lake

Thurston, Charles P. (A.S. & C.P. Thurston), h 1003 Lake

Thurston, Clarrissa, bds 413 N Main

Thurston, James L., manager at Wheeling, Va., h 403 William

Thurston, John C. (S.D. Fraser & Co.), bds 403 William

Thurston, Michael H., wheelwright, Hoffman cor West Hill, h do

Thurston, Reuben, carpenter, h 1056 Walnut

Thurston, Theodore W., papermaker, h 660 Baldwin

Thurston, William K., carpenter, h 1109 Elm

Tibbals, William O., clerk, 413 and 415 Carroll, bds 213 DeWitt

Tice, Benjamin, teacher, h 255 South av

Tice, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h 508 Park Place

Tice, James W., teamster, h 623 Hart

Tice, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 508 Park Place

Tice, Thomas E., clerk, 110 W Water, bds 320 W 1st

Tidd, Charles, contractor, h 305 S Main

Tidd, Edward, student, bds 305 S Main

Tierney, Ella, widow Michael, h 151 E Washington av

Tierney, Hanora, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney, Johanna, domestic, 514 W Church

Tierney, Maggie, dressmaker, bds 706 Hatch

Tierney, Mary, domestic, 351 N Main

Tierney, Norah, nurse, 303 N Main

Tierney, Patrick, laborer, h 709 Casey

Tillinghast, Herbert, newsagent, h 509 Park Place

Tillman, J.M. Mrs., florist, 218 High, h do

Tillman, John M., foreman Reformatory

Tillman, John M., harnessmaker, h 218 High

Tillotson, James M., manufr boots and shoes, 605 and 607 Baldwin, h 407 W Church

Tillson, Carrie E., teacher, bds 613 Lake

Tillson, J.C., Fremont, bds 613 Lake

Tillson, James, machinist, h 613 Lake

Timm, Carl, shoemaker, h 1045 Walnut

Tinney, Rebecca W., widow Monroe, bds 400 Pleasant

Tlehive, James, laborer, h 412 E Washington av

Toadtman, Julia, widow Isaac, h 708 E Church

Toadtman, Meyer, clerk, bds 708 E Church

Toaz, Robert, hackman, bds 569 E Water

Toaz, Sarah, domestic, 307 Madison av

Tobbs, Harrison, bds 701 Kinyon

Tobey, Preston A., carpenter, h Pratt bel Day

Tobin, Edward, cooper, h 56 Pennsylvania av

Tobin, Edward R., cooper, h 115 E 1st

Tobin, John, printer Gazette, bds 113 E 1st

Tobin, Maggie, domestic Wyckoff House

Tobin, Mary, domestic, 326 Baldwin
Tobin, Patrick, carpenter, h 502 Columbia

Todtman, Myer, clerk, 332 E Water, bds 708 E Church

Toles, James J. (Benham & Co.), h 193 E Hudson

Toles, James J., clerk, 129 E Hudson

Tomey, Thomas, laborer, h 620 Oak

TOMLINSON, CHARLES, photographer, 116 Baldwin, h 312 Webber Place

Tomlinson, Charles H., law student, bds 614 N Main

TOMLINSON, SOLOMON B., lawyer, 333 E Water, h 614 N Main

Tomlinson, William, turner, h 513 Davis

Tompkins, Charles M., contractor, bds 1019 College av

Tompkins, Cornelius B., bookkeeper, 414 and 416 E Market, h 111 Pennsylvania av

Tompkins, George, painter, h 1008 Walnut

Tompkins, Ray, student, bds 1019 College av

Tompkins, Solomon, painter, h 459 W 3d

Tompkins, Tamerlane B., h 1019 College av

Tompkins, William C., trimmer, h 373 W 5th

Tompkins, William D., porter Frazier House
Tompkins, William W., clerk, bds 111 Pennsylvania av

Toner, Alexander, carpenter, h 813 Factory

Tong, Thomas W., carpenter, h 109 W 2d

Tooker, Hyman, tailor, h 143 W Water

Tooker, Reuben, bds 215 DeWitt

Toole, J.B. Mrs., grocer, 142 E Water, h 714 do

Toomey, John, laborer, h 505 College av

Toomey, John, policeman, h 505 College av

Toomey, Thomas, carpenter, bds 106 W 2d

Topping, Benjamin W. (M. Richardson & Co.), h 630 W Water

Tousey, Elbert, law student, bds 110 W Market

Tousey, Thomas, bds 323 W Church

TOWNER, AUSBURN, editor, bds 411 E Church

Towner, Maria, widow D.A., h 411 E Church

Townsand, Newton, bootmaker, h 114 E 2d

Townsend, Alexander, foreman 657 Baldwin, h 622 do

Townsend, Henrietta, domestic, 122 W Hudson

Townsend, Hezekiah, hostler, 452 W Water

Townsend, Jennie, widow Chester, h 330 Carroll

Townsend, Peter B., h r 650 Baldwin

Townsend, Russel, fireman Rathbun House

Trainer, James, cigarmaker, h 603 S Main

Trainer, James, laborer, h 825 Canal

Trainor, Anna, domestic, 464 W Water

Trainor, James, laborer, h Baldwin n Thurston

Trainor, Owen, laborer, bds Baldwin n Thurston

Traver, Catharine Mrs., h 409 Davis

Traver, John, laborer, bds r 108 W 1st

Traver, William, laborer, h r 108 W 1st

Travis, Charles, fireman, bds Mack House

Treet, Ansel, farmer, h College av cor Park entrance

Tremain, George W. (Tremain & Bewley), h 1161 Hoffman

Tremain, Viola A. Mrs., boarding, h 454 Carroll

Tremain, Warren H., bookkeeper, Railroad av cor W 4th, h 557 Coburn

Tremain & Bewley (George W. Tremain and George Bewley), blacksmiths, Hoffman cor W Hill

Trembly, Joseph H., porter Rathbun House

Trent, Daniel, laborer, bds 612 Dickinson

Trescott, Jonathan W., saddlery, hardware, 211 W Water, h 362 W Gray

Trett, Hattie, domestic, 707 E Church

Trickey, Hartwell M., blacksmith, h Baldwin n Thurston

Trigs, Robert, laborer, h 271 W Hudson

Trimble, Kate Miss, bds 654 E Market

Trout, George, carpenter, h 304 High

Trout, Isaac L., brakeman, h 368 Pennsylvania av

Trout, John, blacksmith, bds 304 High

Trout, John, blacksmith, bds 107 Madison av

TROUT, MILES, chief engineer Fire Dept., also carriagemaker, 450 E Water, h 107 Madison av

Troy House, John M. Lynch, 419 Railroad av

Tschan, Philip, saloon, 605 Lake, h do

Tubberty, Ella, domestic, 356 W 6th

Tuberty, Thomas, laborer, h 819 Davis

Tuch, Isaac, dry goods, 320 E Water, h 316 do

Tuch, Louis, bds 405 High

Tuch, Morris, tailor, h 319 High

Tunison, La Grange B., carpenter, h 811 E Water

Tunison, Ophelia, teacher, bds 811 E Water

Turnbull, Alexander Z. (Turnbull Brothers), h 360 W 4th

TURNBULL BROTHERS (Alexander Z. and William P. ), boot and shoe manufrs, 201 and 203 E Church cor State

Turnbull, Michael Angelo, salesman, 201 E Church, bds 360 W 4th

Turnbull, William P. (Turnbull Brothers), h 434 W Clinton

TURNER, A.S., SON & CO. (Alexander S. and Lawrence A. Turner and Allen McAllester), lumber and coal, 203 E 2d

TURNER, ALEXANDER S. (A.S. Turner, Son & Co.), foundry and machine shop, Railroad av cor W Church, h 464 W Church

Turner, Alonzo S., deputy city chamberlain, 5 Arcade Block, Lake, bds 419 W Church

Turner, Andrew, ironworker, bds 414 Standish

Turner, Benjamin F., engineer, h Jacob bel Pennsylvania av

Turner, David, laborer, h 610 Jay

TURNER, DEXTER & VAN DUZER (Robert T. Turner, Seymour Dexter and Edward C. Van Duzer), lawyers, 218 E Water

Turner, Edward, shoemaker, h 117 Partridge

Turner, Edwin B., clerk, 143 W Water, bds 464 W Church

Turner, Frederick, fireman, h n. N. C. R. R. beyond city limits

Turner, George W. (Turner & Manning), h United States Hotel

Turner, Henry J., moulder, bds 414 Standish

Turner, John W., bds United States Hotel

Turner, Lawrence A. (A.S. Turner, Son & Co.), h 501 Baldwin

Turner, Robert T. (Turner, Dexter & Co.), also (Gillet & Co.), h 419 W Church

Turner, Sarah E., domestic Southern Tier Orphans' Home

Turner, Thomas H., laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner, Thomas W., grocer, 715 Lake, h 414 Standish

Turner, William, shoemaker, h Elm n Fulton

Turner, William, jr., shoemaker bds Elm n Fulton

Turner, William J., teamster, h 414 Standish

TURNER & MANNING (Geo. W. Turner and Theron E. Manning), United States Hotel, 509 Railroad av

Turney, Lee P., foreman, 216 Baldwin, h 208 W Water

Tuthill, D.H. Mrs., h 243 Lake

Tuthill, Francis G., shoemaker, h Lake cor Norton

Tuthill, M.E. Mrs., bds 417 E Market

Tuton, Ann J., widow George, h 501 Davis

Tuttle, Stephen (Reitenbach, Tuttle & Co.), h W Water cor Main

Twitchell, Mime, dressmaker, bds 240 Lake

Twohey, Catharine, widow Matthew, bds 413 W 3d

Tyler, Asher Mrs., h 129 N Main

Tyler, Frank M., h 919 Stowell

Tyler, Matilda, widow Ashel, h 129 N Main

Tyrrell, Miles O., carpenter, h 157 High

Tyrrell, Orton, carpenter, h 157 High


Ufford, Daniel E., h 315 Madison av

Uhl, Frederick, laborer, bds Luce bel Maple av

Underwood, Augustus H., conductor, h 521 W Water

Underwood, Edwin H., fireman, bds 521 W Water

Underhill, Henry C. (Gridley & Underhill), h 364 W 1st

Ungerer, Henry, chemist, bds 137 W Water

Ungerer, Henry A., jr., sup't, 106 W Water, bds 137 do


UNITED STATES HOTEL, Turner & Manning, 509 Railroad av

UpDeGraff, Edward C., painter, h 660 Baldwin

Updegraff, Effie Mrs., h 173 Lake

UpDeGraff, Elbridge G., painter, Carroll n Lake, h 506 E Church

Updegraff, Jacob, painter, h 405 Walnut

UPDEGRAFF, THAD S., Elmira Surgical Institute, h 114 W S Water

Updyke, Edward D., clerk, 160 Lake, h 419 Pleasant

Updyke, Lewis L., ice dealer, h 460 W Hudson

Updyke, Mercy, widow William, h 206 W S Water

Updyke, William M., clerk, h 121 W Hudson

Ustick, William F., livery, 155 W Clinton, h 656 N Main

UTICA, ITHACA AND ELMIRA RAILWAY CO., Delavan Block opp Erie passenger depot


Vail, Aaron, brakeman, bds 217 W 2d

Vail, Margaret A., widow Charles, h 626 W Gray

Vail, Phebe, widow Daniel, h 217 W 2d

Vail, Rufus C., cartman, h 310 W 1st

Valentine, Amelia S., widow Frederick J., h South av n Fulton

Valentine, Mary C., widow Henry, h 830 Walnut

Valerius, Louis, h 207 DeWitt

Valerius, Rose, domestic, 413 N Main

Valley, Hannah, widow William, bds 412 N Main

Vallier, Frederick, shoemaker, h 116 S Chestnut

Valois, August, barber, 402 E Water, bds 550 John

Valois, Bertha, hairdresser, bds 130 E Water

Valois, Franklin, barber, bds 550 John

Valois, Margaret Mrs., h 550 John

VAN AKEN, ELISHA M., photographer, 134 W Water, h 529 W Gray

VanAllen, Leonard R., h 267 W S Water

VanAuken, Decker E., farmer, h 420 Pleasant

VanAuken, Maggie, dressmaker, h 109 S Main

VanBuren, William H., salesman, 117 E Water, h 449 W 5th

VanCise, Murray S., clerk Reformatory, bds do

VanCleaf, George, coachman, 359 W Church

VanCoy, Cornelius, saloon, Baldwin cor Thurston, h do

Vandebogert, Mary E., domestic United States Hotel

Vanderpool, Samuel, basketmaker, h Sullivan ab Norton

VanDuyn, William C., engineer, h 402 Baldwin

VanDuyne, John, h 350 Diven

VanDyne, James, carpenter, h 712 E Market

VanDyke, James M., salesman, 151 Baldwin, h 751 E Market

VanDuzer, Edward C. (Turner, Dexter & VanDuzer), h 510 Lake

VanDuzer, Jonas S., editor, h West Hill ab Hoffman

VanGelder, Henry, laborer, h 816 Factory

VanGelder, James, laborer, h 816 Factory

VanGelder, Miles, laborer, bds 816 Factory

VanGilder, Amos, laborer, h 1206 Pratt

VanGilder, Charles F., laborer, bds 1206 Pratt

VanGilder, James J., laborer, bds 1206 Pratt

VanGorden, George W., shoemaker, h 510 W 2d

VanGorden, Phineas R., clerk Pattinson House, bds do

VanGorden, Hiram W., marble cutter, bds Maple av ab Luce

NanGorder, John, ice dealer, h 536 W Hudson

VanGorder, Lorana Mrs., bds 352 Railroad av

VanGorder, Mary, widow Samuel, bds 372 S Main

VanGorder, Robert B., farmer, h Maple av ab Luce

VanGorder, Selah T., mason, h 401 W Clinton

VanGorder, Sarah, widow Joseph, h 803 Magee

VanGorder, Warren H., finisher, bds 709 Canal

VanHorn, Emery E., clerk, 323 E Water, bds 316 W 1st

VanHouten, Edward, shoemaker, bds 51 S Main

VanHouten, J. Sanford, bookkeeper, 114 Ferris, h 116 W Hudson

VanHouten, Elizabeth, widow Jacob, h 116 W Hudson

VanKirk Bros. (James L. and Joseph J.), meat market, 529 E Union

VanKirk, James L. (VanKirk Bros.), h 238 Mt. Zoar

VanKirk, Joseph J. (VanKirk Bros.), h 220 Mt. Zoar

VanKuren, Charles P., carpenter, h 510 Columbia

Vanatten, Ellen C., widow John, bds 507 E Church

VanNess, Ella, domestic, 364 W 6th

VanNorman, Libbie, dressmaker, bds 1110 Walnut

VanNorman, Samuel S., stock dealer, h 1110 Walnut

VanNorstrand, Augustus, clerk, 325 E Water, bds N Main cor W Second

VanOrden, John, mason, h Pratt n Matthew

Vanostrand, ________, bds 124 W 2d

VanOver, George, engineer, h 203 S Elm

VanOver, James G., brakeman, bds 203 S Elm

VanPelt, Aaron, shoemaker, h 232 Mt. Zoar

VANPELT, CHAUNCEY E., Elmira Steam Flour Mills, 625 Railroad av, h 365 W 4th

VanPelt, Hiram, h 365 W 4th

VanSkiver, Esther, widow Hiram, bds 309 Norton

VanSkiver, Mary, dressmaker, bds 309 Norton

VanTassell, Jennie M., h 117 Lake

Vantine, Chester, traveling agent, h 316 W 7th

VanWagenen, Edward P., express messenger, bds 413 Grove

VanWagenen, William H., express messenger, bds 413 Grove

VanWagner, William, painter, h 951 Sullivan

VanWagoner, Alvin, expressman, bds 626 W Gray

VanWagoner, Charles, baggagemaster, h 113 Grove

VanWagoner, Clarissa, widow Henry, h 374 W 5th

Van Wagoner, Cornelius, teamster, h 362 Hoffman

VanWagoner, Harry, messenger Erie Depot, bds 413 Grove

VanWagoner, Jane, widow John P., h 626 W Gray

VanWagoner, John, teamster, bds 374 W 5th

VanWagoner, Kate, dressmaker, h 374 W 5th

VanWie, Henry D., carpenter, h 135 W Water

VanWie, Jerome V., tinsmith, bds 137 W Water

VanWie, Joseph, carpenter, h 457 Franklin

VanWormer, George, conductor, n Baty n Pennsylvania av

VanWormer, George, peddler, h r 59 1st av

Varian, Charles F., shoemaker, h 502 Madison av

Vaughan, Annie, domestic Delavan House

Vaughn, Charles, broommaker, bds 411 W 2d

Vaughn, John A., carpenter, h 411 W 2d

Vaughn, Viola, domestic, 318 E Water

Veal, Amanda, widow Madison, h 610 Baldwin

Velder, Tecklea, widow Lewis, h 311 Baldwin

Velie, J. J. Mrs., nurse, bds 312 W Water

Verguson, Reed, carriage builder, h 801 E Market

Vermilya, John J., tinsmith, bds 106 Columbia

Vermilya, Clara M., teacher, h 106 Columbia

Vermilya, John L., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vernooy, Amelia, widow Samuel, h 309 Washington

Vernooy, Charles, marblecutter, bds 309 Washington

Vernooy, Ephenetus, cradlemaker, h 404 E Washington av

Vernooy, J. Edward, carpenter, h 321 Norton

Vernooy, Margaret, dressmaker, bds 359 Norton

Vickery, Albert J., bookkeeper, 161 Lake, bds 711 do

Vickery, Edmund, shoemaker, h 367 W 3d

Vickery, Samuel, grocer, 711 Lake, h do

Viele, Mary S. Mrs., bds 315 E Church

Viele, Nicholas V., laborer, h 443 W 5th

Vincent, Clayton L., conductor, h 438 W Clinton

Vincent, James R., jeweler, 212 E Water, h 614 Park Place

Vincent, Rebecca Mrs., carpet weaver, 703 Dickinson, h do

VINTON, C.E. & CO. (Charles E. Vinton and James A. Adams), rectifiers and wholesale liquors, 128 Railroad av and 102 E Market

Vinton, Charles E. (C.E. Vinton & Co.), h 210 William

Virginia, Mercy A., widow Andrew, bds 522 Baldwin

VOCKEROTH, FREDERICK, saloon, 315 Carroll, h do

Vohris, John, bds 309 S Main

VOLLBRECHT, HERMAN J., boots and shoes, 172 Lake, h 708 E Water

Voorhees, Augustus, salesman, 102 W Water, h 628 Josephine

Voorhees, Catharine, widow Henry, h 518 Madison av

VORHIS, ALBERT B., sash, blinds and doors, 211 and 213 S Main, h 309 do

Vorhis, John T., superintendent, 223 Henry, bds 309 S Main

Vought, John, laborer, h Hathaway ab Dickinson


Waddell, Anna L., shoemaker, bds 105 Columbia

Wade, Joseph, laborer, h 52 Monroe

Wade, Willis G., painter, bds 203 E Gray

Wadham, Samuel D., druggist, h 317 DeWitt

Wadsworth, Emanuel, peddler, h 717 E Oak

Wadsworth, Joseph, grocer, 650 Dickinson, h do

Wagner, Anton, barber, bds DeWitt n Water

WAGNER, FREDERICK, publisher and editor of Chemung Co. Journal, E Market n Baldwin, h do

Wagner, Henry, shoemaker, h DeWitt cor E Water

Wagner, John, clerk, 116 Lake, bds 108 Washington

Wagner, John J., hardware, bds 650 E Market

Wagner, Peter, h 108 Orchard

Wagner, Peter, harnessmaker, h 106 E Water

Wagner, Peter, jr., tinsmith, bds 108 Orchard

Wagner, Robert, gardener, h DeWitt cor Water

Wagner, Samuel H., shipping clerk, 111 Railroad av, h 308 W Gray

Waldo, Louis T., salesman, bds W 1st cor Wall

Waldorff, Lewis H., carpenter, h 528 W 1st

Waldron, David T. (Waldron & Griffes), h 367 W Gray

Waldron & Griffes (David T. Waldron and Wilber G. Griffes), shirt manufrs, 135 E Water

Wales, C.M., widow Ira, bds 204 W Water

Wales, Theron A., physician Water Cure, 1019 East av and 315 William, h do

Wales, Zippie Brooks, physician, 315 William, h do

Walk, Isaac, blacksmith, h Davis cor Centre

Walker, Albert, foreman, State cor E Gray, h 110 Walnut

Walker, Bessie, milliner, bds 363 S Main

Walker, Caroline, widow R.E., bds 253 W 6th

WALKER, EMMON T., deputy collector Internal Revenue, 154 Lake, h 211 High

Walker, Frank Mrs., tailoress, h 121 W Water

Walker, Frederick H., bookkeeper, Railroad av cor E 2d, bds Wyckoff House

Walker, George, merchant tailor, 317 E Water, h 363 S Main

Walker, George T., druggist, bds 363 S Main

Walker, J.A. Mrs., bds Wyckoff House

Walker, James (James & R.H. Walker), h 121 E S Water

Walker, James D., clerk, 336 E Water, bds 121 E S Water

WALKER, JAMES & R.H. (Robert H.), plumbers, steam and gasfitters, 336 E Water

Walker, Jennie, domestic, 852 N Main

Walker, John, plumber, h 100 Pennsylvania av

Walker, Merritt H. (Newcomb & Walker), bds Wyckoff House

Walker, Robert H. (James and R.H. Walker), h 100 Pennsylvania av

Walker, Thomas, gardener, h 358 Davis

Walker, Thomas, jr., plumber, h 2 Erie

Wall, Elizabeth, widow Daniel, bds 104 Orchard

Wall, James, laborer, h 211 Jacobs

Wall, Joseph, cutter, h 104 Orchard

Wall, Maggie, domestic, 109 S Main

Wall, Michael, shoemaker, h 338 W 7th

Wall, Thomas, laborer, h 206 W South av

Wallace, Charles R., carriage painter, h 402 William

Wallace, Dorcas, widow Richard K., bds 402 William

Wallace, Eliza, widow William, bds 100 Lake

Wallace, George W., saloon, 600 Baldwin, h do

Wallace, Maria Mrs., shirtfinisher, h 411 DeWitt

Wallace, Mary Catharine, sister superioress, 717 Benjamin

Wallace, Mary E., widow James, h Jones la n E Church

Wallace, Peter, hostler, 807 Lake

Wallace, William, laborer, h 411 DeWitt

Wallis, Thomas G., express messenger, h 608 W Water

Walsh, James, laborer, h 818 Hatch

Walsh, Maria, domestic, 107 E Washington av

Walsh, Mary, domestic, 464 W Church

Walsh, Mary, seamstress, bds 818 Hatch

Walsh, Michael, traveling agent, bds 205 Orchard

Walsh, William, clerk, bds 818 Hatch

Walster, Conrad C., shoemaker, h r 118 College av

Walster, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h r 118 College av

Walster, George, shoemaker, h r 118 College av

Walter, Catharine E., widow Orrin C., h 117 W 2d

Walter, Estelle, bds 263 W 6th

Walzer, Mary A., widow Peter N., h 306 College av

Walzer, Peter H., clerk, 301 E Water, bds 306 W Water

Wambold, George Mrs., h 500 E Water

Wambold, Henry Mrs., h 500 E Water

Wannamaker, Manning F., speculator, h 216 Ann

Ward, Clarence, bootmaker, h 519 W 2d

Ward, Elton, h 220 W Water

Ward, Fred J., fireman, h W South av n N. C. R. R.

Ward, George, bookkeeper, bds 356 W Clinton

Ward, George M., clerk, 104 Partridge, bds 356 W Clinton

Ward, George R., laborer, bds 146 W Water

Ward, George W., clerk, P. O., bds 808 E Church

Ward, Hannah, widow Edwin, h 808 E Church

WARD, J.R., lawyer, h 511 W Gray

Ward, James N., law student, 218 E Water, bds 220 W Water

Ward, Laura A., widow Henry, h S Broadway ab city limits

Ward, Maggie, domestic, Davis cor Reformatory av

Ward, Mary Mrs., h 852 East av

Ward, Mercein, shoemaker, bds 356 W Clinton

Ward, Milton C., farmer, bds S Broadway ab city limits

Ward, Nellie, dressmaker, bds 214 W Water

Ward, William, drayman, h 916 Benton

Ward, William A., stoneyard, N Main, h 356 W Clinton

Ward, William H., engineer, h 442 W Clinton

Wardale, Joseph, clerk 325 E Water, bds 102 W Water

WARDNER, WILLIAM C., insurance 212 E Water, h 500 William

Wardwell, Edward J. (N.A. Hughes & Co.), h at Rochester

Ware, James D., rougher, h 858 Magee

Ware, John S., blacksmith, h 511 Harper

Ware, Theodore, hooker, bds 511 Harper

Ware, Thomas, shoemaker, h 203 Railroad av

Ware, William M., roller, h 801 Davis

Warrell, Henry, yardmaster Erie freight depot, bds 106 W 2d

WARNER, AUGUSTUS J., propr. Elmira Business College, 16 Arnot Block, E Water, h do

Warner, Edwin, conductor, h 367 Diven av

Warner, Ellie, milliner, bds 369 Diven av

Warner, Jacob, lime dealer, Washingtona av, h 369 Diven av

Warner, Spencer, h 206 W Washington av

Warren, D.H. & Son (David H. and Ozro M.), blacksmiths, S Broadway n Mt. Zoar

Warren, David H. (D.H. Warren & Son), h 416 S Broadway

Warren, Edward F., foreman, Hoffman n city limits, h West Hill ab Hoffman

Warren, James H., carpenter, h 1013 Oak

Warren, Ozro M. (D.H. Warren & Son), h 416 S Broadway

Warren, Richard P., painter, bds 416 S Broadway

WASHINGTON, HENRY, barber, 507 Railroad av, h 658 Dickinson

Washington, Hiram, teamster, h 353 E 5th

WASHINGTON HOTEL, Gottlieb Hummel, 503 Railroad av

Washington, John, policeman, h 667 Dickinson

Waterhouse, John R., carriage builder, 301 W 3d, h 660 N Main

WATERS, GEORGE W., artist, 313 E Water, h 360 W 1st

Waters, Joseph, farmer, h Lake ab Thurston

Waters, Nancy Miss, bds 208 E Church

Waters, Sarah, domestic, 208 E Church

Watkins, Fred J., law student, 335 E Water, bds 262 W 4th

Watkins, Jeremiah, hostler, 52 S Main

Watkins, John D., laborer, h 666 Baldwin

Watkins, Samuel, laborer, h Day bel Pratt

Watkins, Jane W., widow Lucius, h 616 Columbia

Watros, Frances, widow Rakes, bds 220 Ann

Watrous, Amelia S., widow Justin S., h 309 William

Watrous, Cecil I., cigars wholesale, 101 Baldwin, bds 409 N Main

Watrous, Eliza A., waxworker, bds 616 Columbia

Watrous, John A., clerk, 120 Lake, bds 417 E Market

Watrous, Richard N., foreman, 601 Baldwin, h Columbia

Watson, Charles W., laborer, h 50 Orchard

Watson, Mary, domestic, 171 Lake

Watson, Susan, shirtmaker, h 120 W Water

Watson, William T., engineer Rathbun House

Watson, William T., laborer, h 119 High

Watson, John R., printer Advertiser, h 213 DeWitt

Watts, Richard, carpenter, h 221 DeWitt

Watts, Richard P., clerk, bds 221 DeWitt

WATTS, ROBERT M., job printer, 10 and 11 Arcade Block, Lake, h 136 E Water

Watts, William, storekeeper, Erie R. R. repair shops, h 427 W 4th

Waugh, Elizabeth Mrs., shearmanufr, 215 W 2d, h 211 do

Waugh, William W., switchman, h 106 W 2d

Wayman, Anna, widow William, h 208 High

Weatherell, William, mason, h 513 College av

Weatherell, William, jr., mason, bds 513 College av

Weatherill, William M., laborer, bds 456 South av

Weaver, Emily A., teacher, bds 371 W Church

Weaver, Erastus K. (Weaver & Ferguson), h 360 W Clinton

Weaver, George W., teacher, bds 360 W Clinton

Weaver, Lizzie M., domestic, 403 W 1st

Weaver, Lucy, domestic, 523 W Water

Weaver, Mary, domestic Bowman House

Weaver, Peter, shoemaker, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver, Samuel G., machinist, h 521 Herrick

Weaver, Sarah, domestic, W Water n city limits

WEAVER & FERGUSON, (Erastus K. Weaver and William H. Ferguson), general commission, wool, hides, butter, eggs, tallow, &c, 131 and 133 W Water

Webb, Frank W., printer Gazette, h 318 Pennsylvania av

Webb, George F., foreman, h 805 E Market

Webb, John, grocer, h 617 Lake

Webb, M.T., bds Delavan House

Webb, William, commission, h 240 Lake

Webber, Lorenzo, real estate, h 615 Columbia

Weber, George, machinist, bds Mack House

Webster, Daniel, grocer, 671 Dickinson, h 522 Baldwin

Webster House, Bennett & Davies, 113 W 3d

Webster, Mary E., widow James W., h 506 W Water

Weed, Charles A. (Hallock, Carey & Co.), h at Bingampton

Weed, Horace V. (Weed & Smith), h at Havana

Weed, Julia A., bds 463 Powell

Weed, Warring S. (Hallock, Carey & Co.), h at Binghampton

WEED & SMITH (Horace V. Weed and Charles W. Smith), grocers, 153 Baldwin

Weeks, Albert C., drayman, 414 and 416 E Market, h 555 E Water

Weeks, Charles, carpenter, h 118 Partridge

Weeks, Charles R., clerk, 100 Lake, bds 555 E Water

Weeks, Frank W., laborer, bds 555 E Water

Weeks, Mary, widow Chauncey, h 555 E Water

Wegner, Anton G., barber Brooklyn House, bds E Water

Wehnes, Catharine, widow Michael, saloon, 423 Railroad av, h do

Wehnes, Conrad, laborer, bds 423 Railroad av

Weiben, Harmon, gardener, 322 William

Weick, Frederick, saloon, 119 Lake, h do

Weisbein, J. & Co. (Bertha Raphial), notions, 106 W Water

Weisbein, Jacob (J. Weisbein & Co.), h at Williamsport

Weisse, James F., barber, h 223 W Water

Welch, Alexander, carriage trimmer, h 426 W Church

Welch, Arraspus, cabinetmaker, h 338 E Water

Welch, Heber F., painter, h 426 W Church

Welch, John E., engineer, 406 W 1st

Welch, Julia A., dressmaker, 338 E Water, h do

Welch, Patrick, brakeman, h 801 Walnut

Weldner, George, shoemaker, 428 E Water, h do

Weldner, George, jr., shoemaker, bds 428 E Water

Weldner, Lizzie, tailoress, bds 428 E Water

Weller, James M., clerk, restaurant Erie depot, h 404 W Clinton

WELLER, LEROY, boots and shoes, 209 E Water, h 401 W Water

Welles, Eliza S., widow George H., h 315 E Church

Welles, Matthias H., h 861 College av

Wells, Florence A., music teacher, bds 462 E Church

Wells, George, painter, bds 103 Pennsylvania av

Wells, H.D. Mrs., florist, 380 W Water, h do

Wells, Henry M., bookkeeper 113 Lake, h 510 William

Wells, Horace D., insurance, h 380 W Water

WELLS, MARY E. Mrs., Pattinson House, 164 Baldwin

Wells, Sarah, widow Jonas, h 103 Pennsylvania av

Wells, William, carpenter, bds 103 Pennsylvania av

Welsh, Abbie, widow Richard, h 104 E Henry

Welsh, Catharine, widow Morris, h 251 W Henry

WELSH, DAVID S., livery and boarding stable, r 238 W Water, h 238 do

Welsh, Elizabeth, widow Grafton, h 706 Benjamin

Welsh, Fannie, domestic, 203 E Market

Welsh, James, h 208 W Hudson

Welsh, James, brass finisher, h 217 Franklin

Welsh, James, cigarmaker, bds 251 W Henry

Welsh, James, laborer, h 104 Park

Welsh, James, puddler, bds 160 E Washington

Welsh, John, laborer, bds 104 Park

Welsh, John F., machinist, bds 217 Franklin

Welsh, Katie, domestic, 315 E Church

Welsh, Katie, domestic, 210 W 1st

Welsh, Katie, dressmaker, bds 315 W 2d