Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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FOR 1878 / 79
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Gregg, J. Leslie, clerk, 334 E Water, h 701 E Market

Gregg, Jane E., widow John H., h 155 Madison av

Gregg, William H., druggist, 333 E Water, h 153 Madison av

Gregg, William M., Gen., h 401 Sullivan

Gregory, Eugene B., architect, h 367 Division

Gregory, Frederick, bookkeeper, bds 657 Baldwin

Gregory, Martin E., express messenger, h 210 Gregg

Gregory, Oscar, carpenter, h 360 Diven av

Greves, Ann M., widow John, h 357 Columbia

Greves, John C., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, E Water n Lake, h 357 Columbia

Gridley, Charles H. (Gridley & Underhill) also (G.A. Gridley & Son), bds 108 E S Water

Gridley, Emily, bds 328 Baldwin

GRIDLEY, G.A. & SON (Charles H.), hardware, 119 E Water

Gridley, Grandison A. (G.A. Gridley & Son), h 108 E S Water

GRIDLEY & UNDERHILL (Charles H. Gridley and Henry C. Underhill), plumbers, steam and gas fitters, 102 State cor Nicks

Grieneisen, Louis (Grieneisen & Wolff), h 313 W 4th

Grieneisen & Wolff (Louis Grieneisen and Diederich Wolff), cabinetmakers, State n E Church

Grif, John, clerk, 414 E Water, h 529 do

Griff, John, butcher, h 753 E Water

Griffes, Wilber G. (Waldron & Griffes), bds 614 N Main

Griffin, Anthony, iron worker, h 751 Canal

Griffin, Edward, hackman, bds Bowman House

Griffin, John, blacksmith, h 361 W Clinton

Griffin, Mary, dressmaker, bds 361 W Clinton

Griffin, Margaret, widow Michael, h 435 W 4th

Griffin, Michael, laborer, h 120 W Henry

Griffin, Patrick R., shoemaker, 707 Railroad av, h do

Griffin, Sarah, domestic, 171 Lake

Griffith, David H., blacksmith, h 810 Walnut

Griffith, Fleming R., clerk Washington, DC, bds 106 W Fourth

Griffith, George, salesman, h 409 Walnut

Griffith, Rebecca, widow James, h 106 W Fourth

Griggs, Fred W., builder, bds 369 Norton

Griggs, John, brakeman, h 360 W 3d

Griggs, Joseph M., mason, h 369 Norton

Griggs, Mary, widow George W., tailoress, h 511 W 1st

Grimes, Mary, domestic, 650 E Market

Grinney, Joseph, shoemaker, h 378 W 3d

Griswold, Aaron, shoemaker, h Coates ab West Hill

Griswold, Judd, agricultural implements, 101 W Fourth, h Pennsylvania at toll gate

Gritman, James, painter, h 1214 Baldwin

Grodski, Marks, cigar manufr, E 7th ab Canal, h do

Gromer, Augustus, hackman, bds Washington Hotel

Grosjean, Eugene, stonecutter, bds 613 Lake

Gross, Nellie, milliner, bds 262 Baldwin

Grove, Lewis, laborer, h 520 DeWitt

Grow, Gardiner A., machinist, h 503 Park Place

GRUMME, HENRY, furniture, 246 and 248 W Water, h 108 College av

Grumme, Henry C., upholsterer, bds 108 W Water

Guernsey, Peter B., clerk, T. & E. S. L., 517 Railroad av, bds 110 Walnut

Guigan, Catharine, h Powell bel S 2d

Guild, Eva, chambermaid Water Cure, 1019 East av

Guinnip, Guinn, clerk, 329 E Water, bds W Water, beyond limits

Guinnip, Hart, bookkeeper, 329 E Water, bds W Water beyond limits

Guinnip, R. Hartson (Guinnip & Co.), h W Water beyond limits

GUINNIP & CO. (R. Hartson Guinnip), dry goods, notions, boots and shoes, 329 E Water

Guion, Mary L., h 114 W First

Guion, Richard, electrician, h 508 W Clinton

Gulick, John Rev., h 380 W Gray

Gulliver, Clark, carpenter, h 239 W Water

Gulver, George, teamster, bds 460 N Hudson

Gundell, Morris, peddler, h 553 E 2d

Gundelsweiler, Joseph, brickmaker, h 1015 Oak

Gunn, Patrick, blacksmith, h 73 Pennsylvania av

Gunderman, Abram B. (Gunderman & Smith), h 419 N Main

GUNDERMAN & SMITH (Abram B. Gunderman and Harrison J. Smith), meat marker, 419 N Main

Gurley, Emma, teacher, bds 411 Baldwin

Gurley, Louis S., solicitor, 137 E Water, bds Homestead House

Gurnett, Johanna, domestic, 459 W Church

Gurnett, Mary, domestic, 222 W Church

Gustin, Irene, bds 607 W Church

Guthrie, John, peddler, h 917 N Main

Guthrie, William, Market Hotel, 313 E Market


Haas, Frank J., bookkeeper, 216 E Water, bds 220 High

Haas, Magaden, widow John, h 220 High

Haase, Ferdinand, meat market, 561 E Church, h 602 do

Habby, Julius, brickmaker, bds Sullivan ab Norton

Hackett, Jennie, dressmaker, bds 417 Powell

Hackett, John, painter, h 417 Powell

Hackett, Kate, milliner, bds 417 Powell

Hackett, William, machinist, h 707 Casey

Hackley, Fred D., clerk, 152 Baldwin, bds 817 W Church

Hackley, Henry D., canvasser, h 817 W Church

Hackley, Ralph G., clerk, 305 E Water, bds 817 W Church

Haddon, Arthur, carpenter, h 524 William

Hade, Justus, grocer, 1130 Lake, h do

Hadger, Belle, teacher, bds 703 Columbia

Hadley, John J., shoemaker, 1118 Walnut, h do

Hadley, Judson A., brakeman, h 114 S 2d

HAGADORN, M.B. Mrs., milliner, 306 E Water, h 128 S E Water

Hagen, Frederick, butcher, 1121 Elm, h do

HAGER, FREDERICK, music teacher, also leader 110th Regt. Band, 167 Baldwin, h do

Haggerty, Hannah A., widow John B., h 355 W Gray

Haggerty, Kate, domestic Elmira Female College
Haggerty, Norah, domestic Elmira Female College

Haight, Charles, canvasser, bds 253 Baldwin

Haight, Johanna, widow Silas, h 107 W Hudson

HAIGHT, JONES & CO. (Maxwell Haight, Henry B. Jones and Lawrence Murray), Arbor Hotel, 108 and 110 Lake

Haight, Mary, domestic, 204 E Gray

Haight, Maxwell (Haight, Jones & Co.), h Arbor Hotel

Haines, Anna, dressmaker, bds 512 W 2d

Hakes, Samuel B, clerk, 100 Lake, bds 213 Judson

Hale, John, puddler, h 408 Standish

Hale, Joseph, puddler, bds 408 Standish

Halestock, David, mason, h 518 High

Haley, Austin, saloon, 464 W 6th, h do

Haley, Frank, watchman, h 507 Magee

Haley, John, blacksmith, bds 507 Magee

Haley, Thomas, laborer, h 464 W 6th

Hall, Andrew, cabinetmaker, h 718 Benjamin

Hall, Andrew, cooper, 357 Main, h do

Hall, Augustus, laborer, h 714 E Clinton

Hall, Brady, farmer, h Sullivan cor Matthew

HALL BROTHERS, (Frederic), books, stationery and wall paper, 313 E Water

Hall, Catharine Mrs., h 612 Baldwin

Hall, Charles, shoemaker, h 208 Hoffman

Hall, Charles T., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, E Water n Lake, bds 403 William

Hall, Francis, 315 E Water, bds 213 College av

HALL, FRANCIS G., banker, Baldwin cor Carroll, planing mill, S Broadway opp Coburn, h 325 Lake

Hall, Francis L., saloon, 126 W South av, h do

Hall, Frederic (Hall Brothers), h 213 College av

Hall, Henry, farmer, h 1219 Lake

Hall, James A., physician Elmira Surgical Institure, h do

Hall, James A., plasterer, h 804 E Market

Hall, John, furnaceman, h 714 E Clinton

Hall, John M., piano tuner, h 513 N Main

Hall, John S., collector, bds 505 Magee

Hall, John T, physician, h r 613 Jay

Hall, John W., student, bds 253 Baldwin

Hall, Joshua, pawnbroker, 216 E Water, h 111 Columbia

Hall, Mary Mrs., h 111 Columbia

Hall, Robert A., clerk, 313 E Water, h 120 W S Water

Hall, Robert H., shoemaker bds 270 W S Water

Hall, Sam J., miller, bds Lake cor Division

HALL, SAMUEL, real estate, Lake cor Oak, h Lake cor Division

Hall, Sarah Mrs., bds 454 E Market

Hall, Sylvester W., civil engineer, Maple av n city limits, h do

Hallenback, Martha D., widow Adelbert, bds 804 John

Hallenback, Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 114 W Church

Haller, Albert, painter, h 129 W Water

Hallerin, Mary, widow Michael, h r 108 Partridge

Halliday, Edgar F., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, bds Washington cor Grove

Halliday, Freeman B., patentrights, h Washington av cor Grove

Halliday, Martha, widow Charles, h 430 W 4th

Halliday, Sarah, widow William, h 212 High

Halliday, Selah, mason, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday, William H., mason, h 365 W 5th

Halligan, Nellie, domestic, 364 Diven av

Hallin, Catharine Mrs., bds W South av cor N. C. R. R.

Hallinan, Margaret, domestic, 423 W Church

HALLOCK, CARY & Co. (Wallace B. Hallock, James S. Cary, Warring S. Weed, D.S. Ayers and Charles A. Weed), clothiers, 111 and 113 E Water

Hallock, Wallace B. (Hallock, Cary, & Co.), h at Binghamton

Hallock, William R., painter, h Mt. Zoar n Pine

Halloran, Patrick, laborer, h 710 McDonald

Halter, Jacob M., brakeman, bds 508 College av

Hamer, Howard S., music teacher, h 512 Madison av

Hamer, William F., tailor 319 E Water, h 59 Sullivan

Hamilton, Adelbert S., clerk 208 E Water, h 417 N Main

Hamilton, Charles H., barber, bds 403 Madison av

Hamilton, Daniel S., watchmaker 404 E Market, h 211 Madison av

Hamilton, Henry S. (Hevener & Hamilton), h 801 E Water

Hamilton, Hiram B., watch repairer, E Market, bds 211 Madison av

Hamilton, Lydia, bath girl Water Cure, 1019 East av

Hamilton, Maggie, bath girl Water Cure, 1019 East av

Hamilton, Mary A., widow Charles, h 403 Madison av

Hamilton, Peter, foreman 900 E Church, h 214 Judson

Hamilton, Susan Mrs., h 707 E Water

Hamilton, Walter, bds 801 E Water

Hamlin, Lydia T., widow John, bds 441 E Water

Hamlin, Samuel S., h 313 Lake

Hammond, Jason E., clerk 202 E Water, h 118 W Hudson

Hanaghan, James, bricklayer, h 415 Standish

Hancock, John, painter, bds 103 Pennsylvania av

Hand, Henry P. (Elmira Oil Co.), h 130 E S Water

Handan, Nora, domestic, 220 William

Handerhan, Mary, cook, 520 W Water

Handy, Daniel W., painter, bds 422 E Water

Handy, Frank, laborer, h 559 Coburn

Hanford, H. Clay, foreman Reformatory, bds do

Hanifen, Jeremiah, laborer, bds 853 Lake

Hanifen, Jeremiah, policeman, h 310 E Washington

Hanifen, Johanna, dressmaker, bds 308 E Washington av

Hanifen, John, laborer, h 308 Washington av

Hanifen, John, laborer, bds 310 E Washington av

Hanifen, Timothy, mason, h 853 Lake

Hankins, Zachariah T., carpenter, State h E 2d, h 719 College av

Hanley, Dennis, laborer, h S Main beyond city limits

Hannahs, Robert, tinsmith, h 310 W 4th

Hannahs, Warren, tin peddler, bds 310 W 4th

Hannan, Bridget, widow Michael, h 119 W 1st

Hannon, George R. (George Mosher & Co.), bds 508 College av

Hannon, Hattie F., dressmaker, bds 508 College av

Hannon, Matthew, drayman, h 508 College av

Hanrahan, Ann Mrs., h 209 Harriet

Hanrahan, Bridget, domestic, 272 Baldwin

Hanrahan, David, laborer, h 806 Magee

Hanrahan, Katie, domestic, 603 Hoffman

Hanrahan, Michael, blacksmith, h 332 W 7th

Hanrahan, Michael, puddler, h Dickinson n Hathaway

Hanrehan, John, driver, h 761 Jay

Hanrehan, John, laborer, h 513 Sullivan

Hansen, Antone, car repairer, h 411 Elm

Hanyen, Abigail, widow William, h 449 W 5th

HANYEN, CORNELIUS B., groceries, 117 E Water, h 469 W Church

Hanyen, Cornelius S., teamster, bds 607 E 3d

Hanyen, Joshua, meat market, 509 E 3d, h 507 do

Hanyen, Thomas B., carpenter, bds 507 E 3d

Harder, Martin, plasterer, bds Mansion House

Harding, Charles, clerk, 605 Baldwin, h 209 Washington

Harding, Hannah T., widow Robert M., h 611 W 1st

Hardy, Harry B., student, bds 214 S Main

Hardy, James H., lawyer, h 214 S Main

Hardy, William H. (George & Hardy), h 707 Dickinson

Hargrave, Sophia, domestic, 710 N Main

Harley, Martha, domestic Water Cure, 1019 East av

Harmon, Mary, nurse, 108 Pennsylvania av

Harmon, James, laborer, h 621 Baldwin

Harmon, Jeremiah, cigarmaker, bds 621 Baldwin

Harntin, Kate Mrs., h Dickinson n Hathaway

Harper, Charles C., engineer, h 517 Jefferson

Harper, Henry M., clerk N. C. R. W., h 661 Davis

Harper, Joseph, produce, 151 W 3d, h do

Harrington, Annie, domestic, 411 William

Harrington, Bartholomew, gasmaker, h 511 High

Harrington, Delia, domestic, 658 N Main

Harrington, Earl R., grocer, 317 Fulton, h do

Harrington, Emma, domestic, 110 W S Water

Harrington, Mary A., dressmaker, bds 511 High

Harrington, Miles, farmer, h Luce bel Maple av

Harris, Charles, laborer, h Sullivan n Norton

Harris, Ebenezer J., lumber, h 202 Harmon

Harris, Eliza Mrs., h 709 E 5th

Harris, Giles M., grocer, 721 E Clinton, h do

Harris, John E., fireman, bds 202 Harmon

HARRIS, JUSTUS H., lumber yard and planing mill, 223 W Henry, h 460 Franklin

Harris, Mary, dressmaker, bds 709 E 5th

Harris, Richard, shoemaker, bds 107 W 2d

Harris, Samuel, carpenter, h 540 S Main

Harris, Sylvanus M., miller, h 1055 Walnut

Harris, Thomas B., carpenter, h 361 Davis Place

Harrison, Elijah, laborer, h 355 Railroad av

Harrison, Fred C., hackman, bds Pattinson House

Harrison, John, laborer, h 381 W 5th

Harrison, John T., groom, bds 514 W Church

Harrison, Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Harrison, Thomas, mason, 363 Roe av

Harrold, Nellie, domestic, 360 W Church

Hart, A.P. (Hart & Evans), h 319 Baldwin

Hart, Amos D. (Hart & Bentley), h 200 S Main

Hart, Charles, h 459 E Market

Hart, Charles E., teller Chemung Canal Bank, E Water n Lake, h 1505 Lake

HART, E. LANGDON, lawyer, 312 Carroll, bds 309 William

HART, ERASTUS P., lawyer, 312 Carroll, h 321 Madison av

Hart, Eva S., dressmaker, bds 80 Walnut

Hart, Evaline, widow Alonzo O., h 102 S Main

Hart, Frank P. (William E. Hart & Son), bds 405 W Gray

Hart, Harriet, widow Erastus L., h Lake n Thurston

Hart, Henry, shoemaker, 665 Lake, h 1116 do

Hart, Horace, miller, h 80 Walnut

Hart, Ida A., boxmaker, bds 80 Walnut

HART, IRA F., associate editor Advertiser, h 306E Church

Hart, Jacob, shoemaker, 327 Carroll, h 409 Standish

Hart, Mary E., milliner, bds 1116 Lake

Hart, Minnie A., dressmaker, bds 218 William

Hart, Moss (Hart & Pollack), bds 429 E Water

Hart, Solomon, baker and confectioner, 107 College av, h do

Hart, William C., bookkeeper, 102 W Water, bds 217 W Gray

Hart, William E. (William E. Hart & Son), h 217 W Gray

HART, WILLIAM E. & SON (Frank P.), dry goods and carpets, 102 and 104 W Water

Hart, Willie E., student, bds 107 College av

HART & BENTLEY (A.D. Hart and F.S. Bentley), groceries, provisions and ice cream parlors, 200 S Main

HART & EVANS (A.P. Hart and Will S. Evans), photographers, 306 E Water

HART & POLLACK (Moss Hart and Lewis Pollack), cigarmanufacturers, 332 E Water

Harter, Lewis, melter, bds 1106 Lake

Hartigan, Patrick, laborer, h 409 Powell

Hartney, Michael, puddler, h 959 N Main

Harvey, Amos, shoemaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Harvey, Damon, laborer, bds Fulton n Franklin

Harvey, Francis, laborer, h 101 W Water

Harvey, Holmes, laborer, h Fulton n Franklin

Harvey, Sarah, widow Ransom, bds 721 E Clinton

Hasenmeier, John, brewer, h 659 E Water

Hasenstab, Louisa, widow Frank, h 304 High

Haskell, Peres, farmer, h Coates ab West Hill

Haskin, Frank B., clerk, bds 465 W Gray

Haskin, Rhodema, widow Hiram P., h 465 W Gray

Haskins, Adelia, regalias, 615 W Gray, h do

Haskins, Osman, salesman, h 615 W Gray

Hasley, Thomas, engineer, h 205 E South av

Hassett, Patrick (Kennedy & Hassett), h 812 N Main

Hastings, Frank S., clerk, bds 410 Baldwin

Hastings, Sophia D., bds E 2d ab Madison av

Hastings, Stewart (J.R. Jones, Baker & Co.), h 410 Baldwin

Hatch, Charlotte B., widow William S., h 409 N Main

Hatch, Harry, h 212 W Gray

Hatch, William B., spring bed manufr, 162 Washington, h 700 E Market

HATCH, WILLIAM N., h 409 N Main

Hathaway, Helen M., widow Thomas S., bds 119 E Henry

Hathorn, Andrew, storage, h 708 Park Place

Hathorn, Charles B., clerk, bds 708 Park Place

Hathorn, James P., h 711 College av

Hathorn, John, clerk L. V. R. R. freight office, h 356 W 6th

Hathorn, John W., farmer, h 1333 College av

Hauenstein, Wenner, varnisher, h 214 Harriet

Haughton, Mary, widow Royal, h 119 W Henry

Haupt, Andrew, tailor, h 109 DeWitt

Haupt, Henry, tailor, h 109 DeWitt

Haupt, John, grocer, 466 E Water, h do

Haupt, Matthew, tailor, h 556 John

Havaland, George L., tinsmith, h DeWitt cor 3d

Haven, John E., laborer, bds 522 W Hudson

Haven, Robert C., sawyer, h 522 W Hudson

Havens, James, gardener, 306 Lake

Havens, Mary E. (J.F. Carter & Co.), bds 502 E Washington av

Havey, Alexander, shoemaker, h 115 S Main

Haviland, Addison T., machinist, h 304 E 2d

Haviland, Albert P., clerk, bds 208 DeWitt

Haviland, Edward, clerk, bds 208 DeWitt

Haviland, George, tinner, h 416 DeWitt

Haviland, John W., machinist, bds 304 E 2d

Hawes, Owen, harness maker, bds 101 Lake

Hawkes, Cartton H. (J. Richardson & Co.), h 317 W Gray

Hawkins, Agnes, sewing machine operator, bds 154 High

Hawkins, Annie, widow Thomas, h 154 High

Hawkins, Benjamin, coachman, h 416 Perry

Hawkins, Daniel, salesman, 133 E Water, bds 154 High

Hawkins, Joseph F., laborer, h Coburn n Pine

Hawkins, Leo, domestic, 309 W Gray

Hawkins, Mary, domestic, 666 Columbia

Hawks, Nicholas, machinist, h 467 W Water

Haws, Jeremiah, harness maker, bds 100 Lake

Hawthorn, Andrew, cigarmaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Hawthorn, Robert, machinist, bds 467 W Water

Hay, Frederick, laborer, bds 203 E Markel

Hay, John, plumber, 215 E Water, h 371 W 1st

Haycook, John, farmer, h 13 W 5th

Haycook, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 606 Walnut

Haycook, Joseph, shoemaker, bds 13 W 5th

Haycook, Samuel, shoemaker, bds 13 W 5th

Hayes, Amelia E., bds 106 W Market

Hayes, Anna, dressmaker, bds 105 N Main

Hayes, Edward, laborer, bds 655 Magee

Hayes, Ferdinand, butcher, h 610 E Church

Hayes, James C., engineer, h 462 Pennsylvania av

Hayes, John F., student, bds 462 Pennsylvania av

Hayes, Henry O., mason, h 306 W 3d

Hayes, Kate, domestic, 323 William

Hayes, Maggie, domestic, 508 William

Hayes, Mary, widow Martin, h 451 W 6th

Hayes, Michael, tinsmith, bds 655 Magee

HAYES, WARREN H., architect, 118 Lake, bds 210 William

Hayes, William J., clerk, bds 462 Pennsylvania av

Haynes, Edward, paver, h Reformatory av bel College av

Haynes, Edward, roofer, bds 519 Jefferson

Haynes, Sanford D., carriage trimmer, 211 W Water, h 203 W Hudson

Hays, Daniel S., meat market, 223 Sullivan, h 809 E Church

Hays, Henry, keepe, h 100 Broadway

Hays, Thomas M., carpenter, bds 100 Broadway

Hayt, George (George Hayt & Son), h Rathbun House

HAYT, GEORGE & SON, (Hugh C.), Rathbun House, 211 E Water

Hayt, Hugh C. (George Hayt & Son), h Rathbun House

Hazard, Charles, managing editor Elmira Gazette, h 217 W 1st

Hazard, James E., clerk, bds 217 W 1st

Hazard, Josiah, clerk U. I. & E. R., Delavan block, h Carroll n Lake

HAZARD, LOUIS A., editor Elmira Gazette, bds 217 W First

Hazard, Phoebe, widow James, h 217 W 1st

Heckendorn, George M., conductor, h 519 Jefferson

Hedges, Phineas, carpenter, h 125 W Water

Hefferman, Thomas (Flanagan & Hefferman), bds Wyckoff House

Hefferman, Patrick J., bartender Rathbun House, h 762 E Market

Hehle, Francis J., teamster, h 855 E Church

Hehle, Jane, widow Joseph, laundry, 205 E Water, h do

Hehle, Mattie, domestic, 630 W Water

HEINE, HENRY, saloon, 165 Baldwin, h do

Heine, Herman, tanner, h 808 John

Heller, Carrie, domestic, 504 Sullivan

Heller, Charles, prest. The Husbandman Association, h Grove n Woodlawn Cemetery

Heller, Emory, mason, h 233 Mt. Zoar

Helmes, Amelia A., widow Morris, bds 209 Orchard

Hemenway, Charles R. (Hemenway & Son), h 356 W Gray

Hemenway, Charles W., salesman, 111 Railroad av, h 808 E Market

Hemenway, Elizabeth, bds 708 E Clinton

Hemenway, George W., cidermanufr, Matthew n Lake, h do

Hemenway, Henry, pumpmaker, bds 708 E Clinton

Hemenway, Seth (Hemenway & Son), h 708 E Clinton

Hemenway & Son (Seth and Charles R.), pumpmanufrs, 111 W Water

Hemler, George, cigarmaker, bds Elmira House

Hendrick, Burr (Goodrich & Hendrick), h 78 Pennsylvania av

Hendrick, Jerome P., expressman, h 417 Columbia

Hendrick, Orva, butcher, 601 Hart

Hendy, Frank, h 50 Pennsylvania av

Hendy, Guy, brakeman, bds 50 Pennsylvania av

Hennassy, Timothy, laborer, h 101 W Water

Hennassy, Timothy Mrs., umbrella repairer, h 101 W Water

Hennessy, Annie, domestic, 404 W Clinton

Hennessy, Bridget, domestic, 657 Davis

Hennessy, Edward, blacksmith, h 371 W 2d

Hennesy, Mary, widow Martin, h 708 McDonald

Hennesy, Nancy, widow George, h 109 Washington

Henningshaw, Mary, cook Frasier House

Henry, Anna, domestic Pattinson House

Henry, Bridget, domestic, 315 Madison av

Henry, Conner, shoemaker, h 114 Baldwin

Henry, Ellen, domestic, 414 William

Henry, Kate, domestic, 418 William

Henry, Mark, carpenter, h 411 Balsam

Henry, William T. Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, h 114 W Gray

Herbert, Catharine, widow Bartholomew, h r 357 W 4th

Herbert, William, laborer, bds Harper bel Oak

Herman, Daniel, salesman, 205 E Water, bds 110 Madison av

Hern, Ellen E., domestic, 652 Park Place

Hern, James A., shoemaker, h 273 W S Water

Hern, Susan E., bds 210 W 2d

HERN, WILLIAM B., grocer, baker and confectioner, 421 Railroad av, h 210 W 2d

Herrick, Benjamin F., oil well driver, h 204 DeWitt

Herrick, Frank, bookkeeper, h 110 Orchard

Herrington, Earl R., grocer, h 317 Fulton, h do

Herrington, Mary, bds 504 College av

Herrington, Michael, blacksmith, h Powell n New

Herrington, Stephen L., foreman, ft of Water, h do

Herron, Michael, stonemason, h 213 Fulton

Hersey, Elijah, h 206 Columbia

Hersey, Frances E., widow Edward E., h 323 W Church

Hersh, Rosa, saleslady, 201 E Water, bds 313 Baldwin

Hertzburg, Solomon, peddler, h 105 W 1st

Hervinstadt, Frances, domestic, 202 High

Herzog, Octavian, tailor, 554 John, h do

Hettrich, George, car repairer, h 460 W 2d

Hevener, Carlton, student, bds 465 E Water

Hevener, Jacob (Hevener & Hamilton), h 465 E Water

Hevener, Mary, domestic, 462 E Church

Hevener & Hamilton (Jacob Hevener and Henry C. Hamilton), grocers, 314 E Water

Heverin, Patrick, laborer, h S Main n city limits

Hewitt, Jane, widow Henry L., bds Rathbun House

Hewitt, Thomas, flagman, h S Main beyond city limits

Hibbard, Arminda L. Mrs., h 106 Ferris

Hibbard, Charles, policeman Erie depot, bds Delavan House

Hibbard, I. Lester, yardmaster Erie R. R. freight depot, bds 753 Park Place

Hickey, Martin, laborer, h 103 Henry

Hickok, Leander O., h 419 Walnut

Hicks, James I., salesman, h 514 W Gray

Hicks, Joseph S., fireman, bds 211 Franklin

Higgens, Kate, widow Thomas, h 339 W 7th

Higgins, Annie, domestic, 312 Lake

Higgins, James, laborer, h 718 Baldwin

Higgins, James E., traveling agent, h 114 W Hudson

Higgins, Katie, domestic, 511 Columbia av

Higgins, Maggie, domestic, 315 Madison av

Higgins, Minnie, domestic, 214 W 1st

Higgins, Patrick, tailor, h 215 Orchard

Higgins, Philip, driver, h College av cor Park Entrance

Higgins, Susan, domestic, 218 W 1st

Higgs, Caroline, widow George, h 206 E Church

Higgs, Ellen M., seamstress, bds 206 E Church

Higgs, Emily C., bds 206 E Church

Hildreth, Isaac, fireman, h E South av bel E. R. R.

Hill, Benjamin, laborer, 519 Madison av

Hill, Charles, coachman, Lake ab Thurston

Hill, Charles E., salesman, bds 125 E S Water

Hill, Charles J., clerk, h 668 Dickinson

HILL, DAVID B., lawyer, 308 E Water, also prest Elmira Gazette Co., h 503 Lake

Hill, George, carriage painter, bds 210 W Water

Hill, George M., painter, bds 317 Carroll

Hill, James, fruit, 107 Baldwin, h 406 Powell

Hill, James S., physician, 143 W Water, h do

Hill, James W., policeman Erie Depot, h 410 High

Hill, Jerome S., saloon, 107 S Main, h do

Hill, John T. (Rapelyea & Hill), h 158 S Elm

Hill, Leander, carpenter, h 452 Franklin

Hill, Lewis, carpenter, h 1007 Sullivan

Hill, Lucie A., saleslady, 327 E Water, bds 707 N Main

Hill, Mary, widow James, h 406 Powell

Hill, Mary E., music teacher, bds 668 Dickinson

Hill, Robert, carpenter, h 619 Davis

Hillabrant, Cora L., teacher, bds 652 Park Place

Hillabrant, John W., wood agent, h 514 W Clinton

Hillen, Ellen, domestic, 722 W Water

Hillen, Patrick, blacksmith, bds Mack House

Hillis, William, watchman, h 819 Factory

Hillis, William, jr., clerk, bds 819 Factory

Himler, George, (Elmira Co-operative Co.), bds Elmira House

Hinckley, Mort G., clerk, 305 E Water, h 518 William

Hinckley, Will D., student, bds 518 William

Hinkle, Jacob J., express messenger, h 804 W Gray

Hinkle, John P., printer, bds West Hill ab Hoffman

Hinman, Portos L., clerk, 305 E Water, h 505 Baldwin

Hinman, Wealthy, widow Stanley, h 505 Baldwin

Hinman, William H., miller, h 206 DeWitt

Hintermister, Mrs., bds 433 E Water

Hintermister, Frederick, student, bds 433 E Water

Hintermister, Henry, student, bds 433 E Water

Hintermister, John H., organ manufr at Ithaca, bds 507 College av

Hipkins, William, bell boy Rathbun House

Hirsh, Aaron, salesman, 139 E Water, bds Hathaway House

Hisserich, George, barber, bds 725 W 1st

Hisserich, George J., barber, 304 Carroll, h 725 W 1st

Hitchcock, Albert, bds 405 William

Hitchcock, Harmon, h 405 William

HITE, THOMAS M., lawyer, 300 E Water, h Plank road beyond limits

Hitt, Valentine M., baker, h Pratt cor Matthew

Hoag, Augusta, domestic, 400 Lake

Hoag, Nancy, widow George, h 381 W 4th

Hoagland, Burr C., carpenter, 428 W 1st, h 422 do

Hoagland, Lyman, carpenter, h 532 Pennsylvania av

Hoffman, Andrew A., furniture, 660 Magee, h do

Hoffman, Edward M., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman, Ernest, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av bel toll gate

Hoffman, Frederick, wood carver, h 436 W 4th

Hoffman, George W., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman, Jacob, baker, bds 660 Magee

Hoffman, John S., real estate, h 528 W Water

Hoffman, Susan A., h 421 N Main

Hoffman, Valentine, baker, bds 660 Magee

Hoffman, William, harness maker, bds 100 Lake

Hoffman, William D., engineer, h 205 E Church

Hogan, Bridget, widow Edward, h 752 E Water

Hogan, Daniel, blacksmith, bds 709 Railroad av

Hogan, Dennis, laborer, h 813 Railroad av

Hogan, James, blacksmith, bdss 701 Railroad av

Hogan, Lawrence, shoemaker, h 166 DeWitt

Hogan, Maria, widow Jeremiah, bds 122 Partridge

Hogan, Michael, flagman, h 358 Railroad av

Hogan, Michael J., machinist, h 122 Partridge

Hogancamp, George H., peddler, h 716 E Oak

Hogencamp, George, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Hogg, Charles, engineer, h 211 Ann

Hogg, Elizabeth, domestic, 320 Lake

Hogg, Emma, dressmaker, bds 456 High

Hogg, Johanna, domestic, 400 Lake

Hogg, John, tanner, h 456 High

Holbert, George R. C., grocer, 720 Lake, h do

Holbert, St. Clair, clerk, 720 Lake, bds do

Holbert, William L., printer Advertiser, bds 720 Lake

HOLDEN, DELOS L., wholesale grocer, 111 to 115 Railroad av, h 209 College av

Holden, Harriet S. Mrs., h 721 College av

Holden, Henry, stable boss, Brooklyn House, bds do

HOLDEN, HIRAM B., sign painter, 319 E Water, bds 407 W 1st

Holden, James, bookkeeper, h 407 W 1st

Holden, William C., news agent, bds 205 W 3d

Holdridge, Harrison, farmer, h Mt. Zoar n city limits

Holenbeck, W.R., painter, bds 102 W Water

Holern, Mary, domestic, 403 Lake

Holihan, James, laborer, h Reformatory n Davis

HOLIDAY, B.B., agent, Wyckoff House, 115, 117 and 119 W Water

Holland, Alfred, driver, h 711 Dickinson

Holland, Margaret Mrs., h Munroe bel E Water

Holland, Mary, domestic, 254 Clinton

Hollatz, John, laborer, h 116 E 2d

Hollearn, Abbie, widow Michael, h 916 Stowell

Hollearn, John, puddler, bds 916 Stowell

Holleran, Bridget, domestic, 267 Baldwin

Holleran, Mary, domestic Elmira Female College

Holleran, Sarah, domestic, 510 Baldwin

Holley, Martha, widow Henry, h 100 Pennsylvania av

Holley, Seth E., baggagemaster, h South av n Fulton

Hollidan, Margaret, widow Martin, h 613 E 3d

Hollihan, John, laborer, h 717 E Washington av

Hollihan, Patrick, fireman, h 619 E Washington av

Hollihan, Patrick, laborer, h 111 South av

Hollihan, Thomas, laborer, bds 717 E Washington av

Holloran, Bridget, widow Patrick, h 441 W 4th

Holloran, Mary, domestic, 403 W Water

Holloran, Michael, car inspector, h 358 W 3d

Holloran, Thomas, mason, h 441 W 4th

Holloren, John, hackman, bds 569 E Water

Holly, Amelia, widow George, h 864 Lake

Holly, David W., painter, h 211 Thurston

Holly, George, puddler, h 909 Railroad av

Holly, James K., mail agent, h 313 Grove

Holly, John, laborer, bds Sullivan ab Norton

Holly, Joseph, hostler, h 864 Lake

Holly, Mary, domestic, 114 N Main

HOLMES, C.W. & Co. (Clay W. Holmes and James L. Brown), druggists, 319 E Water

Holmes, Clay W. (C.W. Holmes & Co.), h 458 E Church

Holmes, Cornelia, bds 703 W Water

Holmes, Horace H. (Holmes & Manwaring), h 659 College av

Holmes, Lemuel T. (Fish & Holmes), h 468 E Church

Holmes, Lois W., widow Daniel, bds 458 E Church

Holmes & Manwaring (Horace H. Holmes and Sidney A. Manwaring), spring manufrs, 659 College av

Holohan, William, laborer, h 210 Broadway

Holt, Edwin C., blacksmith, h 416 W 4th

Holt, Lydia Mrs., clerk 601 Pennsylvania av, bds do

Holton, Katie, domestic, 389 W Water

Holton, William T., laborer, h 712 Baldwin

Holtzapple, Adam, blacksmith, h 513 Pennsylvania av

HOLZHEIMER, L. & Co. (Joseph Wittenberg), clothing, 141 E Water

Holzheimer, Louis (L. Holzheimer & Co.), h 461 E Water

Homer, William H., engineer, h 417 W Clinton

HOMESTEAD HOTEL, M. De Voe, 425 E Water

Honan, Michael, laborer, h E. R. R., ab Centre

Honseheid, William, machinist, h 702 Dickinson

Hooker, Catharine Mrs., h 654 Baldwin

Hooker, Edson, ironworker, h 211 Judson

Hooker, Frank R., salesman, 126 Lake, bds 309 W 2d

Hooker, George, teamster, h 529 Harper

Hooker, Olive Mrs., dressmaker, h 211 Judson

Hooper, Alice, seamstress, bds 403 Madison av

Hooper, Charles, bell boy Rathbun House

Hooper, Charles, porter, bds 403 Madison

Hooten, Vell, tailor, bds 102 W Water

HOPPE, CHARLES, barber, 126 E Water, h 130 do

Hoppe, Hiram, clerk 116 E Water, bds 502 DeWitt

HOPPE, LOUISA, hairdresser, 128 E Water, h 130 do

Hoppe, Nathan, peddler, h 106 Sullivan

Hoppie, John, hostler Frasier House

Hopson, George, grocer, 613 Dickinson, h do

Horan, James, carpenter, bds Elmira Huse

Horgan, Margaret, domestic, 156 Washington

Horn, Olive S., widow John C., h 374 W 1st

Horsley, John, laborer, h 912 N Carroll

Horsley, Richard, puddler, bds 912 N Canal

Horr, Elijah, jr., Rev., pastor First M.E. Church, h 322 Baldwin

Horton, Alonzo, laborer, h 619 W Gray

Horton, George A., shoemaker, h 116 W Hudson

Horton, James H., carpenter, h 619 W Gray

Horton, Royal, clerk Club House, bds do

Horton, Sarah, domestic, 469 W Church

Horton, Theodore M., collector Advertiser, bds Pattinson House

Hosford, Seymour A., carpenter, h 415 W 1st

Hoskins, Francis D. Rev., pastor Grace Church, h 114 N Main

HOTCHKIN, SAMUEL, flouring mill, 301 to 307 W Water, h 660 Park Place