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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.

Elmira City © Directory. Page 80

Cantwell James, miller, bds First n Railroad ave

Card Louisa, domestic, Railroad ave bel Third

Cardnell Hannah, widow, nurse, h 186 Church

Carey Albert, printer, h 21 DeWitt

Carey DeForest, shoemaker, h 46 Harper

Carey Edward, painter, bds 52 Orchard

Carey Francis, shoemaker, h Lake, n Norton

Carey Francis W., tailor, 118 Water, h 52 Orchard

Carey Frank, laborer, h Tuttle ave

Carey Matthew J., crimper, h 19 Fifth

Carey Michael, carpenter, h 45 Third

Carey Michael A., printer, Gazette, h Baldwin n Carroll

Carey William, painter, bds 52 Orchard

Cargill Rosewell G., organist and draughtsman, h 13 Main

Carl Eliza J., restaurant, 196 Water, h do

Carle Harry, clerk, Hathaway House

Carley Martin, laborer, Rathbun House

Carley Thomas, mason, bds Centre, cor Hall

Carlin C., tailor, bds Homestead Hotel

Carlyle James, florist, S Water, cor RR, bds do

Carmen Gabriel S., carpenter, h Walnut, bel Hudson

Carman William, carpenter, bds Walnut, bel Hudson

Carman William H., carriage manufacturer, 253 Water, h 95 Clinton

Carmody Michael, laborer, h 59 Factory

Carmody Simon, laborer, h Factory, n Beach

Carney Thomas, shoemaker, 39 Columbia, h do

Carnochan Samuel, clerk 120 Water, bds Hathaway House

Carpenter Amos G., laborer, bds 6 N Oak

Carpenter Effie, saleslady, bds 254 Water

Carpenter George, soda water maker, bds Penna ave cor Hudson

Carpenter George E., (M Richardson & Co.), h 32 William

Carpenter George M., salesman, h 60 Main

Carpenter John B., switchman, h N Oak n Fifth

Carpenter John Y., watchman, h Lake, n Washington ave

Carpenter Leroy, clerk, 163 Water, bds Elmira House

Carpenter Nelson E., clerk, 117 Water, bds 60 Main

Carpenter Robert, grocer, Baldwin, h 14 Penna ave

Carpenter Robert T., Pattinson Market, Baldwin, ab Market, h 14 S Lake

Carpenter Sarah C., widow, Alvin M., grocer, 6 N Oak, h do

Carpenter Z.R., turner, h W Hill , n Hart

Carr Barney, blacksmith, h Hatch , bel Seventh

Carr Betsey, widow Austin, h 41 Baldwin


You Can Buy Nursey Chairs, Willow & Fancy Baskets at Dexter’s China Hall

Frames, Brackets, Wall Pockets, Picture Cor and Tassels, & c., at the "Temple of Art," 232 Water St

No Spiral Springs in the "Victor," Caldwell’s Block

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake Street Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 81

Carr Emma C., teacher, bds 36 Baldwin

Carr Fannie E, teacher, bds 71 Baldwin

Carr Mary, domestic, 202 Water

Carr Peter, bds Hatch bel Seventh

Carr Samuel M, blacksmith, H West Elmira

Carr Silas T., carriage maker, h 16 Jay

Carr William S., bookkeeper, 132 Water, bds West end Water

Carrier Cortland F., (F A Stowell & Co.,) h 17 E Union

Carrier Cyrus, photographer, 137 Water, h do

Carrier Joseph, h 106 Lake

Carrier Thomas, shoemaker, bds 17 Mt Zoar

Carrigan Ellen, widow James, h Canal ab Fifth

Carrigan James, laborer, h 46 Hatch

Carroll Patrick, laborer, h 5 Fulton

Carroll Patrick, teamster, h 52 Hudson

Carruthers Robert, laborer, bds Hart n Hoffman

Caruthers William, farmer, h Hart n Hoffman

Cartage Joseph, marble cutter, h Sullivan n John

Carter Alvah S., milk, h 8 College ave

Carter Edward, (J.H. Lyman & Co), h 30 First

Carter Frank A., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Carter Levi, laborer, h 96 Baldwin

Carter T.O., shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Cartledge James C., stone cutter, h 18 Sullivan

Cartledge Joseph Jr., marble mason, h 17 Sullivan

Cartwright Stephen, mill manager, h 8 Hatch

Cary M.A., printer, h 8 Baldwin

Cary & Kane (Susie Cary and Harriett E Kane) dressmakers, 8 Baldwin (see adv)

Case Charles Z., Rev., h 58 Baldwin


Stowell, Plowman & Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St

Best Curtain Fixtures and Window Shades of all kinds at Roosa’s, no 232 Water St. Elmira

Henry E Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street, Elmira

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Merchant Tailors, 38 Lake

Carey & Kane, Mrs. S. Cary, Miss H.E. Kane, Fashionable Dressmakers, 8 Baldwin Street, Elmira NY

Elmira City © Directory. Page 82

Case George, teamster, bds 10 Oak

Casey Daniel, grocer, 66 Hudson, h do

Casey Daniel, laborer, h Oak n Lake

Casper George, carpenter, bds 3 Park Place

Cass John, U.S. guager, Water, h Conongue ab Market

Cassal Henry M., jeweler, 180 Water, h 88 Church

Cassell -----, mason, bds 1 Magee

Cassidy George, brakeman, bds Homestead Hotel

Cassidy James, segarmaker, bds 53 Water

Cassidy John L., shoemaker, h Church n Harriet

Casterlien Elminia Mrs., h 54 John

Casterlien Issac, gunsmith, h 54 John

Casterlien Jacob, segarmaker, bds 54 John

Casterline Horace, gunsmith, 15 Baldwin, h 45 John

Casterline James G., pipemaker, h 36 Dickinson

Causer Joseph, iron roller, h 10 Fifth

Causer Joseph, roller, h Stowell

Cavan Jane, domestic, Frasier House

Caven Ann Mrs., grocer, 20 Water h do

Caven John, driver, bds 20 Water

Cavenaugh Patrick, brakeman, bds 89 Clinton

Cavenaugh Patrick, laborer, h 35 Canal

Cayenne Peter, iron worker, bds 77 Fifth

Caywood Charity, domestic, Pennsylvania House

Central Hotel, John T. Winslow, Baldin c Market

Chamban Oliver, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Chamberlain Asa B., supt station accounts E R W pass depot, h 39 Park Place

Chamberlain H.E., bill poster, h 35 S Water

Chamberlain John W., liquor rectifier, 39 Carroll, h 28 Gray

Chamberlain Charles, h First c Davis

Chambers Jerome, car inspector, bds Mansion House

Charity Cornelius, laborer, h 5 Elizabeth

Chapman Benjamin, laborer, h 13 Davis

Chapman James J., machinist, h 20 Henry

Chapman Marcia L Miss, h 4 Gray

Chapman Mary, widow George, bds 20 Henry

Chapman Samuel H., farmer, h W Elmira

Chappelle W.J., artist bds, Elmira House

Charbonar Adolph, gardener, h 246 Water

Chase Fred M., clerk, 38 Lake h 10 Hudson

Chase William H., Rev., bds Clinton bel High

Chase W.P., h Gray c Elm


You Can Buy the Best Table Cutlery & Plated Goods at Dexter’s China Hall

Every Motion positive, in the "Victor" Sewing Machine

Barney Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake St, Elmira

Mouldings, Ovals, Mirrors, and Plate Glass at A.P. Roosa’s, 232 Water St, Elmira NY

Elmira City © Directory. Page 83

Chase Zalmon F., physician, 73 Church h do

Chemung Canal Bank, 74 Water

Cheney Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

Cherry Electa, widow William, h 25 Baldwin

Cherry John, saloon, 71 Railroad av

Cherry Leonard K., cartman, h 19 Standish

Cherry Lizzie, domestic, 48 Second

Cherry Mary, domestic, 202 Water

Chester Jennie, widow W.M., h 8 Main

Chevalier Alphonso, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Chevalier Louis, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Chidester Aldolphus, carpenter, h 82 Church

Chidsey George W., oysters, Water, h 56 Gray

Christian John, porter, bds 119 Baldwin

Christian Charles, shoemaker, h 63 Market

Christian Joseph, tailor, h 36 Water

Chubbuck Austin E., (Jusdson & Chubbuck) h 84 Church

Chubbuck Charlotte L., teacher Elmira Female College, h do

Chubbuck E.H., watchmaker, h 84 Church

Church Frank, awning maker, h 4 Jay

Chubbuck H.S. physician and surgeon, 36 Baldwin, h do

Church A Francis, awning maker, h 4 Jay

Churchill Charles, shoemaker, bds Penna ave n Sly

Churchill Frank G., law student, bds 204 Church

Churchill Justice, brakeman, bds 89 Clinton

Churchill Thomas W., machinist, h 204 Church

Churchill William, carpenter, h Franklin ab Fulton

Chafflin Thomas, shoemaker, bds 100 Market

Clancey Patrick, carpenter, h 115 Second

Clancey James, segarmaker, h 54 First

Clancy Michael, laborer, h Davis n Second

Clancy Edward, flagman, h 21 DeWitt

Clancy Timothy, laborer, bds Davis co Seventh

Clapp George M., shoemaker, h 32 Orchard

Claproth Charles, clerk, 34 Lake, bds do

Clarey Timothy, laborer, h 212 Water

Clark Catherine, domestic, 90 Market

Clark Catherine, widow Charles, h 20 DeWitt

Clark Charles, bds 20 DeWitt

Clark Charles, teamster, bds Hall n Centre

Clark Clarence, salesman, 32 Lake, bds 114 Church


Stowell, Plowman & Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St

Henry E Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street, Elmira

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Merchant Tailors, 38 Lake

Gerity & Morrell, Successors to Robinson & Gerity. Wholesale Druggists, 28 Lake St, cor Carroll, Elmira

Save Money by buying Curtains & Fixtures at A.P. Roosa’s No. 232 Water Street, Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 84

Clark Darwin, hostler, h Lake cor Clinton

Clark Elizabeth, domestic, 21 Main

Clark Francis Rev., h High cor Market

Clark Frederick, foreman at prison, h Perine ab Franklin

Clark George W., wine weaver, h Day n E Oak

Clark Gilbert M., (S.W. Clark & Co) bds 23 Conongue cor Market

Clark Glode W., clerk, 104 Water, bds 20 DeWitt

Clark Jacob, teamster, h Hall N Centre

Clark James, bricklayer, h 69 Fifth

Clark Jefferson B., h 203 Church

Clark John, laborer, h 58 John

Clark John, carpenter, h 37 Park Place

Clark John, painter, h 36 Lake, ab Canal

Clark Joseph, engineer, bds 1 Dickinson

Clark Joseph, gardener, 34 Park Place

Clark J.C., real estate, N Rolling Mill, bds 42 Main

Clark J.H., sup’t Wyckoff Paving Co., 198 Water

Clark Lugene, brakeman, bds 20 DeWitt

Clark Samuel W., (S.W. Clark & Co) bds 23 Conongue, cor Market

Clark Sarah M., widow W.B., h 1 Magee

Clark Stephen, laborer, h Hatch, bel Washington ave

Clark Sylvanus, carpenter, College ave, h 186 Church

Clark S.W. & Co., (G.M. Clark) grain and flour, 165 Water

Clark William, butcher, Carroll, h 23 E Union

Clark William, laborer, h Factory n Tuttle ave

Clark William, sup’t rolling mill, h 98 Fifth

Clark William (William Clark & Co), h 23 E Union

Clark William V., conductor, bds Hathaway House

Clark William W., teamster bds 12 Water

Clark William & Co., meat market, 32 Carroll

Clarke A.E., teamster, bds Central Hotel

Clarke George W., wire weaver, h Day , n Oak

Clarke Hattie E., domestic, 19 College ave

Clarke Henry, bds 23 Conongue

Clarke Zuby, widow Daniel H., h r 44 Dickinson

Clatworthy James, coach painter, College ave cor Third, H Water ab Hoffman

Cleaver Samuel, painter, bds 196 Water

Cleeves Elizabeth J, widow Joshua, bds 254 Water

Cleveland B.A., Mrs., milliner, 158 Water, h do

Cleveland Frank E., baggage master, E.R.W. Passenger depot, 11 Third

Cleveland J.H., foreman car shop, h 47 Market


You Can Buy Bird Cages from a large assortment at Dexter’s China Hall

Buy the "Victor" and be happy, store in Caldwell’s Block

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake Elmira

Paintings, Chromos, Engravings, & c, at the "Temple of Art," 232 Water Street Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 85

Cleveland Morgan R., teamster, h 13 John

Cline Elisha Jr., h 34 Fourth

Clinton Charles, carpenter, bds 38 Penna ave

Clinton Woolen Mills, Factory near creek, D.R.Pratt, President, W. Dundas sec’y and treas’y, R.P. Bardwell, sup’t

Cloke John, laborer, h Magee ab Park

Close Ruben H. Rev., h 40 S Main

Clough Ira L., machinist, bds Penna ave ab Franklin

Cluchey Mary, dressmaker, bds 9 Jay

Cluchey Thomas, gardener, bds 9 Jay

Clum A.E. Mrs., dressmaker, 3 Opera Block h do

Coard Primas, h 28 Dickinson

Coats M., express messenger, bds Hathaway House

Coburn Parly, principal school No. 3, bds 35 S Water

Coburn Warren, dispatcher, bds 96 Fifth

Cocklin James, laborer, bds Magee ab Washington ave

Cocoman Bridget, cook, Frasier House

Coddington John M., lumber dealer, h 75 Baldwin

Coffee John, laborer, h Canal n Sixth

Coke Frederick, confectioner, 125 Water

Coke F. Mrs., dressmaker, 125 Water, h do

Coke Levi, grocer, 34 Carroll, h 60 Lake

Coke William, cabinetmaker, Davis H 63 First

Colbora Edwin P., clerk 116 Water, bds 254 Water

Coldgrove Samuel, farmer, h 199 Water

Cole Abraham Rev., h 86 Baldwin

Cole Brunett, student, h 104 Church

Cole David, bds 45 Baldwin

Cole John A., florist, bds 18 E Second

Cole Moses P., gardener, 308 Water

Cole Myron, insurance agent, 3 Stancliffe Hall, h 43 William

Cole Sandy, saloon, h 4 Dickinson

Coleman Hugh, laborer, h Baldwin bel Fourth

Coleman Jacob, mason, bds 1 Magee

Coleman John, iron worker, h Broadway n Main

Coleman John, mason, bds 103 Railroad ave

Coleman Joseph S., harnessmaker, bds 32 Orchard

Coleman Lawrence, woodman, bds Broadway n Main

Coleman William, shoemaker, bds 204 Water

Coles Sarah, widow Samuel, h First n Grove

Coleson James, shoemaker, h John c Harriet

Colleen Bridget, domestic, College ave opp Broadway

Colley Arthur, carpenter, bds 253 Water


Stowell, Plowman & Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water Street

Henry E Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street, Elmira

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Merchant Tailors, 8 Lake

Gerity & Morrell, Successors to Robinson & Gerity, Wholesale Druggists, 28 Lake St, cor Carroll Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 86

Colligan Mary F., domestic, 71 Lake

Colligan Michael, laborer, h 77 John

Colligan Norah, widow Michael, h 77 John

Collin Charles A., (Collin, Atwill & Pratt) h 361 Water

Collin, Atwill & Pratt, (C.A. Collin, Joseph F. Atwill and C.R. Pratt) lawyers, 157 Water

Collingwood Robert (Collingwood & Vincent) h 31 S Water

Collingwood & Vincent, (Robert Collingwood and J.R. Vincent) jewelers, Water cor Baldwin

Collins Burr, carpenter, h Penna ave cor Elm

Collins C.A., lawyer, bds Hathaway House

Collins Dennis, helper, bds 105 Railroad ave

Collins Dennis, sup’t corporation, bds 13 Magee

Collins Ettie, domestic, Fulton cor Franklin

Collins Hannah, domestic, 11 William

Collins Issac, laborer, h 4 Dickinson

Collins Jeremiah, laborer, h Broadway, ab Fulton

Collins John, laborer, h 11 Standish

Collins John, stoves and tinware, 191 Railroad ave, h 13 Magee

Collins Kate, domestic, 99 First

Collins Margaret, domestic, Delevan House

Collins Mary, domestic, 23 Park Place

Collins Michael, laborer, h Washington ave n Lincoln

Collins Stepher, iron worker, bds 201 Railroad ave

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 4 Harriett

Collins William, tailor, h 31 Sullivan

Collister Charles, painter, bds 119 Market

Collson Warren M., carriage manufacturer, S Main n Hudson, h Main cor Water

Collson William M., insurance agent, h Main cor Water

Colman John, carpenter, h 22 ½ Columbia

Colson Frederick B., shoemaker, h 38 S Main

Colson James, shoemaker, h John cor Harriett

Colt Henry V., clerk, post office, h 51 William

Colton Stephen, auger maker, h Woodlawn cor Logan

Commey Thomas, waiter, Rathbun House

Compton Carny, wheelright, h Hoffman, W Elmira

Compton Jacob, famer, h Carr’s corner

Compton Levingston, hostler, bds 33 William

Comstock Malcolm M., clerk 132 Water, bds Rathbun House

Comstock Samuel G., hats, caps & c, 150 Water, h 226 Church

Condit Charlotta, domestic, 58 Baldwin

Condol William, white-washer, h Penna ave, n Jacob

Condon Mary, weaver, h 64 Factory


Dexter keeps a large stock of fancy goods at No. 8 Lake Street

Agents wanted for the "Victor" Sewing Machine

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake Street Elmira

Frames, Brackets, Wall Pockets, Picture Cord and Tassels, & c, at the "Temple of Art," 232 Water

Elmira City © Directory. Page 87

Condon Nicholas, shoemaker, h Columbia n Fourth

Condon Sarah, widow Patrick, h 64 Factory

Condon Sarah, weaver, h 64 Factory

Cone Lafayette, carpenter, h 65 College ave

Conell John, painter, bds DeWitt, ab E Second

Conell Patrick, laborer, h DeWitt, ab E Second

Congdon Anson, collector Int rev., 159 Water, h at Clarksville

Congdon B.S., hackman, h 3 S Magee

Congdon Charles F., carpenter, h 50 Orchard

Congdon Edward, bds 279 Church

Congdon George, maltster, 111 Market, h 279 Church

Congdon Tyler, clerk, h 73 DeWitt

Conklin David, farmer, h Hoffman cor Hart

Conklin Edward S., harness maker, h 115 Water

Conklin Ichabod, carpenter, h 170 Church

Conklin James R., farmer, h Hoffman n North

Conklin Walter W., knife grinder, h 1 Fourth

Conklin William, painter, bds 170 Church

Connell John, mason, h 89 Fifth

Connell Maggie, domestic, 66 Water

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h 67 Hudson

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 70 Hudson

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h Walnut bel Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 18 Fulton

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h S Walnut cor Elm

Connelly Ellen, widow John, h Conongue n E Third

Connelly Hannah, domestic, 63 Lake

Connelly Hugh, tavern, Canal opp Rolling Mill

Connelly James, carpenter, bds 23 S Water

Connelly Jeremiah, sergarmarker, bds S Walnut cor Elm

Connelly John, bricklayer, h Hine cor Chestnut

Connelly John, laborer, h 16 Fulton

Connelly John, laborer, h Stowell n Washington ave

Connelly Margaret, widow Thomas, bds 57 Hudson

Connelly Michael, laborer, h 75 Hudson

Connelly Norah, domestic, 276 Water

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 48 Clinton

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h S Walnut ab Hudson

Connelly Thomas, laborer, h 23 John

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h Harriett ab John

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h 61 Hudson

Connelly Timothy, teamster, 43 Lake, h 1 Harriett

Conner Johanna, widow Bartholomew, h Elm n Third

Conner John, blacksmith, bds 244 Water


Stowell, Plowman & Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St

Henry E Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street Elmira

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Merchant Tailors, 38 Lake

McKay’s Curtain Fixtures and Window shades of all kinds at A.P. Roosa’s, No. 232 Water Street

Gerity and Morrell, Successors to Robinson and Gerity, Wholesale Druggists, 28 Lake St cor Carroll Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 88

Conner William W., (Conner & Lobdell) h 6 Henry

Conner & Lobdell, (William W. Conner and Philip F. Lobdell) meat market, Railroad n Fourth

Conners William, shoemaker, h Washington n Water

Connor Jerry, laborer, bds 16 E Second

Connor John, laborer, h 35 Washington ave

Connors Daniel, laborer, h 51 Henry

Connors Johanna, domestic, Clinton c College ave

Connor Timothy, helper, h 103 Hudson

Conroy Conrnelius, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Conry Daniel, laborer, h Woodlawn ab Hart

Considine Thomas, laborer, h 211 Railroad ave

Constable George, carpenter, h 76 High

Constance Mary, domestic, 38 Baldwin

Converse Georgie, teacher, bds 11 William

Converse M.S., publisher, h 17 William

Converse William, shoemaker, h Elm c Railroad ave

Conway John, iron worker, h 225 Railroad ave

Cook Annie, domestic S Water c First ave

Cook Daniel, hackman, h 50 Main

Cook Edward W., carpenter, h 36 First

Cook Elisha H. (E.H. Cook & Co) bds Hathaway House

Cook E.H. & Co., (James Walker) plumbing, gas fitting and steam heating, 24 Lake (see adv)

Cook Eliza, domestic, 54 Sullivan

Cook Elizabeth, widow Almon, h 50 Main

Cook James H., laborer, h 10 Conongue

Cook John J., printer, bds Central Hotel

Cook William, h 199 Water

Cooke Bates, clerk, 130 Water, bds 15 William

Cooke Frederick J., horse collar maker, h 39 Sullivan

Cooke George J., h 269 Church

Cooke John, mason, bds 37 Washington ave

Cooley A. Jervis, sash and blinds, Gray, h 57 Washington

Cooley Gilbert D., carpenter, h 57 Washington

Cooley Jesse L., bookkeeper Elmira Rolling Mill, h Cooley’s Garden

Cooley Levi J., (Brown & Cooley) h 6 Opera Block

Coon Andrew, laborer, h 12 Oak

Coon George W., agent, h 89 Church

Coon Issac, brakeman, h Powell n S Second

Coon Levi D., cooper, bds 202 Water

Cooper John, artist, h 71 Davis

Cooper John L., (Cooper & Babcock) h 28 Hudson

Cooper John N., (Reid & Cooper) bds Washington av c Lake


You can buy Wax Material and French Glass Shades at Dexter’s China Hall

Address Victor Sewing Machine Co., Elmira NY

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake St, Elmira

A.P Roosa "Temple of Art, Engraving……

If you wish to buy or sell butter, Ashton’s Salt, eggs or ham, call at H.H. Packard, 197 Water St., Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 89

Cooper Josiah, pattern maker, h Lake c Washinton ave

Cooper Richard, brewer, bds Mansion House

Cooper William R., cradle builder, h Lake c Washington ave

Cooper & Babcock (John L. Cooper and L.W. Babcock) blacksmiths, S Main n Hudson

Copeland I.S., printer, 197 Church

Copley John G., county clerk, h 47 Baldwin

Corbett William G., Mansion House, Railroad cor Second

Corcoran John, laborer, h 225 Railroad ave

Corcoran Thomas, hotel, h Canal opp Rolling Mill

Corcory Josie, domestic, 280 Church

Corey A.F., h 234 Church

Corey William F., cashier, 2nd National Bank, h 232 Church

Corey Edward M., fireman, bds 234 Church

Corey Jay, student, h 104 Church

Corkery Norah, domestic, 57 College ave

Corkrey Margaret, widow Dennis, h 47 College ave

Cornell Judson L., polisher, h Baldwin n Division

Corrigill Peter H., grocer, Baldwin cor Clinton, h do

Cortright Albert H., bridge-builder, bds 118 Market

Corwin Henry H., carpenter, h Oak cor Standish

Costello James, laborer, h Broadway ab Fulton

Costello James, plumber, bds 49 Henry

Costello John, laborer, bds 60 First

Costello John B., (O’Brien & Costello) bds 77 John

Costello Patrick, laborer, h 49 Henry

Costello Stephen H., (Cotrell & Hankins) h 75 College ave

Cotrell & Hankins, (S.H. Cotrell and Z.T. Hankins) carpenters, al r Presbyterian Church

Cotton George H., steel temperer, h 7 First ave n S Water

Cottor John, laborer, Oak cor Standish

Cottor William, laborer, bds Oak cor Standish

Couch Arthur S., leather roller, bds 38 Washington

Couch Stephen B., (Couch & Thomas) h 28 Washington

Couch & Thomas (S.B. Couch and D Thomas) tanners, Tuttle av n Water

Coughlin Hannah, widow, h 144 Second

Coulson Robert, laborer, h Howard n Factory

Courtwright Alfred, fireman, bds 8 Third

Covell E.S., wholesale grocer, 202 Water h 332 Water

Covell Edward (Covell & Fay) h 26 William

Covell Henry C., (Forrester, Covell & Co., h 66 Water


Stowell, Plowman & Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St.

Henry E Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street, Elmira

Barney, Stowell and Davis, Merchant Tailors, 38 Lake

Gerity & Morrell Successors to Robinson and Gerity, Wholesale Druggist, 28 Lake St., Elmira,

Save money by buying curtains and fixtures at A.P. Roosa’s, no. 232 Water Street Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 90

Covell Jacob M., clerk, bds 66 Water

Covell James, book-keeper, bds 72 Lake

Covell Lyman, h 64 Water

Covell Mills Mrs., h 66 Water

Covell Robert (Forrester, Covell & Co.) bds Rathbun House

Covell William D. Mrs., bds 64 Water

Covell & Decker (Robert Covell and John Decker) dry goods, 106 Water

Covell & Fay (Edward Covell and Cyrus W. Fay) ready made clothes, Water cor Baldwin

Coverdale John W., carpenter, h Clinton n Conongue

Covert Henry, carpenter, h 6 S Water

Covert James, (S. & J. Covert) h 50 High

Covert S. & J. (Sidney and James) grocers, 19 Baldwin

Covert Sidney (S. & J. Covert) h 45 Baldwin

Cowan John, auctioneer, bds Elmira House

Cowell Edward J., leasee of Elmira and Horseheads Railway, Lake cor Junction canal, h 96 Lake

Cowell Edward P., ass’t sup’t Elmira and Horsehead railway, bds 96 Lake

Cowell William H., book keeper, bds 96 Lake

Cowen David A., clerk, 167 Water, bds Elmira House

Cowles Augustus W. Rev., DD, Pres’t Elmira Female College, h 95 College ave

Cox George H., expressman, h 60 Columbia

Crandal George, carpenter, bds 67 Fifth

Crandal Mary, widow Erastus, h 42 Main

Crandall Albert, student, bds 74 Gray

Crandall Mortimer, carpenter, bds 1 Dickinson

Crane Anne E., widow Hiram, h 42 First

Crane E.F. Rev., h 42 Conongue

Crane Sarah Mrs., bds 18 First

Crane T.W. (J Langdon & Co) bds 21 Main

Crans A.W., expressman, h Church n Canal

Craskel James, carpenter, bds 155 Railroad ave

Cravan John, tinsmith, h 20 E Third

Craven Stephen, cooper, h 18 E Third

Crawford Maggie, domestic, Railroad av bel Third

Crawford William, shoemaker, bds 21 E Union

Crawford William H., shoemaker, h 99 Second

Crealman Matthew, tailor, 21 Lake, h S Water n Railroad ave

Creed James A., h 8 Orchard

Creelman Matthew, tailor, h 40 Hudson


You Can buy crockery, the best and cheapest at Dexter’s China Hall

"Victor" Sewing Machine, Caldwell’s Block, 34 Baldwin

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Dry Goods, 38 Lake Street Elmira

A.P. Roosa, "Temple of Art" Engravings, Chromos & c., 232 Water Street Elmira

Everybody buys or sells butter at H.H. Packard’s 167 Water Street Elmira

Elmira City © Directory. Page 91

Cregg Robert, tinner, bds 3 Conongue

Crittenden Richard, blacksmith, h 62 John

Crock Philip, brick maker, h 9 Standish

Crocker Margaret, housekeeper, Delevan House

Croger George A., porter, Pennsylvania House

Croghan John A., crimper, bds 202 Water

Crook Henry P., grocer, Main ab Park Place h do

Crook Lizzie, domestic, 57 Lake

Crole Jane, domestic, 94 Market

Cronan Ellen, widow John, h Stowell

Cronan James, woolen fuller, h 65 High

Cronan Jane, cook, Arbour Hotel

Cross Charles, livery, Market n Canal, h 90 First

Cross John, brakeman, h 107 Water

Cross Levi, carpenter, h Sullivan c Church

Cross Samuel, lumber, Park Place c Clinton, h 87 Clinton

Cross William T., teamster, h 63 Fourth

Cross Willis, car builder, h n Elbridge Park

Cronkright Clarissa, widow Grant, h 149 Water

Croup Elizabeth, widow Samuel, h 118 Baldwin

Croup Josiah, carpenter, h 118 Baldwin

Crow Bridget, domestic, 101 College ave

Crow David Rev., h Mt Zoar c Pleasant

Crow John, shoemaker, h 32 Fulton

Crow Martin, shoemaker, h 101 Second

Crow Matthew, iron worker, h 207 Railroad ave

Crow Moses R., clerk 182 Water, bds 21 Mt Zoar

Crowe Mary, widow Patrick, h 15 Fulton

Crowell Sidney S., bds 8 Main

Crowley David, mason, bds 83 Railroad ave

Crowley Dennis, laborer, h Magee c Park

Crowley Ellen, domestic, 272 Church

Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, h 2 Fulton

Crowley John, bricklayer, bds 30 E Second

Crowley John, laborer, h 30 E Second

Crowley John, laborer, h Hudson n Fulton

Crowley Josie, domestic, 272 Church

Crowley Michael, cooper, h 15 Gray

Crowley Thomas, laborer, bds 30 E Second

Cruikshanks Charles, clerk, bds 21 William

Cruise James H., florist, Sixth ab College ave h do (see adv)

Cruse George, clerk, 120 Water bds 42 Park Place

Cuddington Peter B., currier, h 80 Baldwin


Stowell, Plowman& Co., Hardware and Stoves, 112 Water St

Henry E. Drake, Jeweler, 115 Water Street Elmira

Barney, Stowell & Davis, Merchant Tailors, 38 Lake, Elmira

McKay’s patent curtain fixtures for sale by A.P. Roosa, No 232 Water Street Elmira

Gerity & Morrell Successors to Robinson and Gerity, Wholesale Druggist, 28 Lake St., Elmira,