Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1872 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1872.
Abbot Aaron B (Beers & Abbot), h 37 Main

Abbot Charles R (Farnham & Abbot), h 22 Hudson

Abbot Charles W, brakeman, bds Mansion House

Abbott Albert, machinist, h Hathaway bel Lake

Abbott Frank B, physician, 256 Water, h do

Abbott Thomas, carpenter, h 44 Conongue

Aber Daniel jr, grocer, bds 16 S Main

Abrams Henry, laborer, h Oak cor Pattinson

Abramson Isador, bookkeeper, 139 Water, bds Bush House

Abt Joseph, hotel, 159 Railroad av

Ackerman James V, hackman, h 134 Water

ACKERMAN SARAH A Mrs, dressmaker, 134 Water, h do

Ackerson Abram, farmer, h Lake n Norton

Ackerson William, farmer, bds Lake n Norton

Ackerson John H, teamster, h Hall c Norton

Adams Alonzo, liquor dealer, bds Pennsylvania House

ADAMS EXPRESS CO, Sutherland Dewitt, agent, 16 Baldwin

Adams James A (C E Vinton & Co), bds Pennsylvania House

Adams John, bootmaker, h 25 College av

Adams Robert W, whitewasher, h 120 Baldwin

Adams Sara J, music teacher, Elmira Female College, h do

Addison Abagail Mrs, bds Pennsylvania av n Jacob

Aiken Vernon G, clerk, E R W Pass depot, h Main n Park

Alabaster John Rev, h 217 Church

Albertson George W, engineer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Albertson Virgil, carpenter, h 44 Harper

Albro William W, segarmaker, h Carroll n Conongue

Alden Russell, shoe manufacturer, Water, h 33 Railroad av

Alderson Paul, carpenter, h 67 Fourth

Aldrich Esther, dressmaker, bds 61 Main

Aldrich Schuyler Rev, h Lake n Washington av

Alexander Miner, watchman, bds 9 Pennsylvania av

Alexander Thomas, shoemaker, bds 99 Second

Alexander William, machinist, bds 21 Magee

Alfred James, laborer, h Dickinson ab Fifth

Allen Adrien B, teamster, h 16 Harmon

Allen Almina, widow Enos, h 1 Henry

Allen Asa T, printer, bds 31 DeWitt

Allen Charles A, carpenter, bds 1 Henry

Allen Frank E, lumber counter, h 7 Park Place

Allen Gertrude Miss, dressmaker, bds 50 Clinton

Allen Hiram, bds 16 Harmon

Allen John, brickmason, bds 196 Water

Allen John S, printer, Advertiser Office, h 31 DeWitt

Allen J E Mrs, h 244 Water

Allerton Frank H, clerk, 119 Water, bds 59 Baldwin

Allerton George C, machinist, h 59 Baldwin

Allison Oscar W, painter, h 94 First

Allison William, carpenter, h 117 Grey

Alvord Lucy, widow Otis, bds 28 William

Amann Jacob, brewer, h 13 Gregg

AMBERG FREDERICK, grocer, 105 Lake, h do

Ames Harry, h Hudson cor Chestnut

Ambrose Michael, laborer, h 52 College av

ANDERS HENRY, hairdresser, 97 Water, bds 53 Water

Anderson Dora, teacher, bds 13 E Second

Anderson John G, carpenter, h 13 E Second

Anderson Wesley, bds 226 Church

Anderson Wilbur, carriagemaker, bds 95 Clinton

Andrews Benjamin, saw manufacturer, bds 333 Water

Andrews Elias S, carpenter, h Walnut ab Fourth

Andrews John, (Andrews & Burbage), h 333 Water

Andrews John W, clerk, 36 Lake, bds 79 Baldwin

Andrews Merritt, dry goods, 36 Lake, h 79 Baldwin

Andrews Nettie, domestic, 9 Harmon

ANDREWS & BURBAGE, (J Andrews and Joseph Burbage), saw manufacturers, 110 Market

Andrus Laura, widow Gideon, bds 14 Third

Andrus Lemuel M, carpenter, h 80 Gray

Angel C M, domestic, Fulton cor Franklin

Angelsky M, cap manufacturer, h 47 Orchard

Anhalt Julius, hides and wool, 255 Water, h 4 DeWitt

Anholt Abraham, bds 35 High

Anholt Morris, hides, Water, h 35 High

Anholt Philip, clerk, bds 35 High

Anthony Henry, laborer, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Apelatzki Morris, peddler, h 47 Orchard

Appleton Charles, laborer, bds Hoffman n First

Appleton Charles E, teamster, bds Sullivan cor Carpenter

Appleton Frederick, laborer, bds Sullivan cor Carpenter

Appleton William, laborer, h Sullivan cor Carpenter

Archer Robert, perfumery manufacturer, 72 High, h do

Argetsinger Peter, painter, h 61 Fourth

Armstrong John, laborer, h 119 Baldwin

Armstrong Joseph, baggage master, E R W Pass depot, h 19 E Union

Armstrong Margaret Mrs, h Conongue n Clinton

Arnold Edwin P, carpenter, h 82 First

Arnold Philip, grocer, 236 Church, h do

Arnot John, president Chemung Canal Bank, h 63 Lake

ARNOT JOHN Jr, cashier Chemung Canal Bank, also president Elmira Agricultural Works, h 13 Clinton cor Park pl

ARNOT M H, cashier First National Bank, h 63 Lake

Arnot Stephen T, secy and treas Gas Works also vice prest Chemung Canal Bank, h 53 Lake

Arnott Jane, widow Charles, h 60 High

Aspinwalll H A Mrs, teacher, bds 56 Magee

Aspinwall Nathaniel P, h 49 First

ATKINS CHRISTOPHER C, tailor, 7 Dunn Block, h 280 Water

Atkins, Joanna, widow Christopher C, bds 280 Water

Atkins R F & C C, tobacconists, 17 Baldwin

Atkins Robert T, tobacconist, h 7 Gray

Atkins William P, segarmaker, bds 280 Water

Atkinson Frank H, (Pittston and Elmira Coal Co), h 38 Main

Atwater Dwight, boot and shoe manufr, 11 Railroad av, h 280 Church

Atwill Joseph F, (Collin, Atwill & Pratt), bds Hathaway House

Atwood Bennett C, grocer, S Main, h Penn av ab Franklin

Atwood B C, h junction S Main and Pennsylvania av

Atwood Mercy, widow Abner, bds 274 Church

Audinwood Lizzie, saleslady, 137 Water, bds 5 S Water

Auger Peter E, polisher, bds 24 Fourth

Auschbacher William, upholsterer, bds 71 Fourth

Austin Edwin R, carpenter, h 107 Gray

Austin Peter, farmer, h Pennsylvania av n Franklin

Auten Alfred C, carpenter, h 12 Partridge

Averill A W H, (J H Stowell & Co), bds 27 Park Place

Averill Edward, agent, bds 27 Park Place

AVERILL LEVI, president Elmira Co-operative Boot and Shoe Co, h 50 Market

Averill & Warner, (Levi Averill and Jacob Warner), lime, plaster and cement, Church n junction Canal

Avery Benjamin F, grocer, 16 E Third, h do

Avis, John, carpenter, h 7 Grove

AYERS ALLEN W, marble works, 63 Water, h 30 S Water

AYERS JOHN T, carriage manufacturer, Third cor College av, h 34 College av

Ayrault Miles, (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co), h 36 Sullivan

Ayres S, (Ayres & Merwin), jeweler, 99 Water, h 84 Lake

Ayres William E, law student, 145 Water, bds 84 Lake

Ayres Wilson, blacksmith, bds 233 Church

AYRES & MERWIN, (S Ayres and J W Merwin), insurance agents, 99 Water

Babcock Ellen Mrs, h 198 Lake

Babcock Ezra D, clerk, bds DeWitt bel E Second

Babcock Lamon W, (Cooper & Babcock), h Main cor Water

Babcock Sarah A, widow Samuel, h DeWitt bel E Second

Babcock Wilson, laborer, h Washington av n Stowell

Backer William, clerk, Pattinson House, bds do

Backer William W, clerk, h Broadway ab Franklin

Backman Charles M, expressman, h 139 Water

Bacon B P, teamster, h Hatch bel Seventh

Bacon Kate M, drawing teacher, Elmira Female College, h do

Badger Harwood M, farmer, h 48 Factory

Badger Lucius M, jeweler, h 29 Fourth

Badger Russell M, deputy Sheriff, Court House, h 58 College av

Badger Rollo M, dispatcher, bds 58 College av

Bagley G Leonard, machinist, bds Lake ab Baptist Church

Bagley William A, blacksmith, h Lake ab Baptist Church

Bahan Stephen, printer, Gazette, bds 81 High

Bahen Martin, carpenter, h Fifth n Woodlawn

Bailey B M, insurance agent, bds Pennsylvania House

Bailey Charles, wagonmaker, bds 206 Church

Bailey David, blacksmith, h 244 Water

Bailey Frank, carpenter, bds 68 Baldwin

Bailey Isaac H, tin cutter manufacturer, h 260 Water

BAILEY JAMES E, carriage manufacturer, 255 Water, h 206 Church

Bailey John A, laborer, h Pleasant ab Mt Zoar

Bailey William V Mrs, dressmaker, h Second n Railroad

Bainbridge Clement D, bds 2 College av

Baker Charles, carpenter, bds 75 College av

Baker Charles T, peddler, h Market bel Baldwin

Baker C Hamilton, lawyer, h 8 Hudson

Baker Delia, widow Josiah, bds 231 Church

Baker Edmund C, planer, bds 99 Water

Baker Eunice F, widow William, bds 64 Gray

Baker Frank, marble-cutter, h 49 Water

Baker Francis, marble-polisher, h Water n Conongue

Baker Howard E, (Preswick, Morse & Co), h Lake n Maxwell Place

Baker, Lanah, widow George, h Oak n Maxwell Place

BAKER LEROY A, lawyer, 185 Water, bds 47 Hudson

Baker Margaret S Mrs, h 99 Water

Baker Nathan, h Lake c Maxwell Place

Baker Richard, farmer, h 47 Hudson

Baker V C, conductor, bds 50 Clinton

Baker V C jr, brakeman, bds 50 Clinton

Baldwin Alexander H, contractor, 127 Water, bds Central Hotel

Baldwin Alfred V, sign-painter, bds 38 Baldwin

Baldwin Charles H, bookkeeper, 12 Baldwin, bds 92 Market

Baldwin Elisha, deputy U S Assessor, h 9 Conongue

BALDWIN GORDON W, ice dealer, 115 Water, h 26 First

BALDWIN J D, coal dealer, Market c Railroad av, h 70 Lake

Baldwin J Scott, bookkeeper, 112 Market, bds 70 Lake

Baldwin John S, pavement contractor, h Maple av n city limits

Baldwin Thomas D, h 288 Water

Baldwin William I, mail agent, h 292 Water

Balentine Lizzie, domestic, 63 Baldwin

Bales William S, carpenter, h 13 Sullivan

Ball Albert, fireman, h 36 Dickinson

Ball James, laborer, bds 22 Dickinson

Ball Mary Miss, h 27 Park Place

Ballard Jane, widow James, h 17 Third

Ballard William W, wood pavement, h 42 Baldwin

Bally John, jeweler, h 15 Columbia

Bally William, clerk, 187 Water, bds 15 Columbia

Baltz Richard T, h 76 Market

Bane Patrick, shoemaker, bds 93 Clinton

BANK OF CHEMUNG, Baldwin c Carroll

Banks George, roller, h Benjamin ab Fifth

Banks Horace, hackman, bds Central Hotel

Banks Samuel, painter, h Harriett ab Water

Bansbach, Frederick, tailor, h 8 Water

Bantley Constant, wire-worker, h 65 Washington

Banwie Joseph B, carpenter, h 7 Gregg

Barber Abbott, mason, h 233 Church

Barber Elemuel, bricklayer, bds 17 E Third

Barber Eugene, clerk, 108 Water, bds 18 High

Barber James W, mason, h 18 High

Barden Mary J, widow William, bds 9 Carroll

BARDWELL RANSOM P, supt Clinton Woolen Mill, h 24 Oak

Bardwell W E, clerk, 2d National Bank, bds 24 Oak

Bardwell Willis H, machinist, bds 24 Oak

Barker Frederick, (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co), h 92 Market

Barnaby John, carpenter, bds Penna av ab Franklin

Barned Robert, moulder, h S Main c Partridge

Barnes George W, teamster, h DeWitt bel E Third

Barnes Ulysses, shoemaker, h 18 College av

Barnes William H, carpenter, h Grove c Hart

Barnett Jeremiah, laborer, h 2 Fulton

Barnett John, laborer, h 46 Hatch

Barney H J, shoe cutter, h 204 Water

Barney Joseph H, (Barney, Stowell & Davis), h 33 S Water

Barney Luther, insurance agent, h 11 S Water

Barney Olive, widow Henry, bds 33 S Water

BARNEY, STOWELL & DAVIS (Joseph H Barney, William H Stowell and Joseph Davis), dry good and merchant tailoring, 38 Lake

Barnhart Alvin G, carpenter, h Oak n Maxwell Place

Barr Nicholas, baker, h 31 Market

Barrett Kate, domestic, 72 Lake

Barron Joseph H, (White & Barron), h 65 Washington

Barry Fred W, clerk, 151 Water, bds 202 Water

Barry John, car inspector, h 16 Henry

Barry Mary, waitress, Pattinson House

Barry Robert, laborer, h Church opp Harriett

Barry William F, machinist, h Franklin ab Fulton

Bartell George, barber, Frasier House, bds Railroad av c Third

Barth Ferdinand, carpenter, h 59 Hudson

Bartholf Rachel, widow Henry, h 57 Gray

Bartholf William H, clerk, Water c Baldwin, bds 67 Gray

Bartholomew Ed D, carpenter, 245 Water, h 25 First

Bartholomew John, (Kellogg & Bartholomew), h 286 Water

Bartholomew John H, bds 9 Columbia

Bartholomew Joseph, millwright, h 9 Columbia

Bartholomew Josiah, builder, 53 Water, h 286 do

Barthroff Charles, butcher, 25 Carroll, bds 133 Railroad av

Bartlett C L, shoemaker, bds Hathaway House

Bartlett C W, bridge builder, bds Pennsylvania House

Bartlett George L, clerk, N C Freight depot, bds 79 Main

BARTLETT J S, ticket agent, E R W, bds 63 Baldwin

Barton Bradford, laborer, h Franklin n Fulton

Barton Jane A Mrs, bds 13 William

Barton Mary A Miss, bds 13 William

Barton Robert W, (Durland & Barton), h 5 Gray

Barton Walter, grocer, h 5 Gray

Barton William, teamster, h Woodlawn ab Hart

Bassett Palmer H, builder, h 21 Columbia

Bates James, h Hoffman n Water

Battcher William, laborer, h 2 Dickinson

Battelle Roger S, (Derby & Battelle), bds 26 S Water

Battersby John, laborer, h Broadway n Main

Batterson Horace B, brick mason, h Pleasant ab Mt Zoar

Battison Edward, stone mason, h 42 S Main

Baty Johial A, machinist, h Fulton ab Mt Zoar

Baudette Lewis, shoemaker, bds 202 Water

Bauman Louis, (Unger & Bauman), h 8 High

Bayhen Bridget, domestic, 79 Lake

Beach Charles H, brickmason, h 76 Hudson

Beach Jesse, marble mason, bds Lake n Bridge

Beach William, (Beach, Brinsmade & Fairchild), h 24 William

Beach Wilbur A, clerk, 17 Lake, bds 31 Conongue

BEACH, BRINSMADE & FAIRCHILD, (William Beach, Holbert Brinsmade and A B Fairchild), Elias Howe Sewing Machines, 20 Lake

BEADLE CHAUNCEY M, hardware &c, 130 Water, bds 86 Lake

BEADLE H W, cashier, Bank of Chemung, Baldwin cor Carroll, h 88 Lake

Beadle Tracy, president, Bank of Chemung, h 86 Lake

Beaman Augustus, shoe cutter, bds 23 Conongue

Bean George W, laborer, h 253 Water

Bean William H S, clerk, 101 Water, h 8 E Second

Beardsley B P, h 78 Second

Beardsley David S, carpenter, h 58 Fifth

Beardsley Elias J, insurance agent, Water, h 51 First

Beardsley William C, blind maker, bds 58 Fifth

Bechan John, laborer, h 81 High

Bechtle Frederick, saloon, Lake cor Clinton, h do

Beck Rosa, widow Henry, h 4 Fourth

Beck Samuel, carpenter, h College ave n N city limits

Beck William H, laborer, bds 4 Fourth

Becker Charles H, clerk, 2 Opera Block, h 8 Hudson

Becker James, laborer, h Market bel Baldwin

Becker Nicholas, laborer, h 10 Beach

Beckwith Daniel G, clerk post office

Bedell David E, (Bedell, Shoemaker & Co), h 57 Lake

Bedell Horace S, clerk, 57 Lake

BEDELL, SHOEMAKER & CO. (David E Bedell and John E Shoemaker), oil refiners, N end Stowell

Beebe Ezra, farmer, h Broadway n city limits

Beech Orrin I, carpenter, h 1 Pennsylvania av

Beecher Ella, teacher, bds 31 S Water

Beecher Polly, domestic, Fulton cor Franklin

BEECHER THOMAS K REV, pastor, Park Church, h East Hill, Factory

Beemer Isaac P, carpenter, h Lake cor Standish

Beers Edmund O, dentist, Water, h 358 do

Beers George H, carpenter, h Penna av ab Franklin

Beers Ira S, (Beers & Abbot), h 72 Fifth

Beers Joseph, laborer, bds 70½ High

Beers Joseph H, laborer, h 70½ High

Beers Lester H, laborer, bds Penna av ab Franklin

Beers Lewis, painter, bds Mansion House

Beers Uri, laborer, bds 70½ High

Beers William H, carpenter, h 323 Water

BEERS & ABBOT, (Ira S Beers and Aaron B Abbot), railway ticket agents, 141 Railroad av

Beger Frank, cigarmaker, h 22 Henry

Beger Peter, cigarmaker, 47 Orchard, h do

Behrens Henry, barber, bds 53 Water

Beim Jacob, porter, 202 Water

Beim Martin, porter, 202 Water, h Lake

Bell A M, carpenter, bds 42 High

Bell Caroline, widow Edward, h DeWitt n E Third

Bell Joseph W, sash, blinds and doors, 103 Baldwin, h 100 do

Bell Thomas, stonemason, bds 17 Fifth

Belton Samuel, blacksmith, h 62 High

Bement Edward P, (Bement & Davenport), h 78 Second

Bement Eliza W, saleslady, 133 Water, bds Conongue n Water

Bement Susan A, saleslady, 133 Water, bds Conongue n Water

Bement William, clerk, 6 Lake, h 87 Second

BEMENT & DAVENPORT, (E P Bement and D R Davenport), fancy goods, 133 Water, and picture, &c, 6 Lake

Bemher Henry, laborer, h Benton n Norton

Bemis Libbie M, teacher, bds 50 high

Benedict Charles A, jeweler, 2 Main, bds 210 Water

Benight Rubie, widow Thomas, bds 294 Water

Benjamin A M, widow H L, bds 233 Church

Benjamin Elizabeth, widow George E, h 22 Fourth

Benjamin Hannah, widow Stephen, h 7 Dickinson

Benjamin James W, painter, h 36 Lake ab Canal

Benjamin Joseph, tinsmith, h 22 Fourth

Benjamin Kate, music-teacher, h 85 Second

Benjamin William F, steward, Elmira Female College, h 76 Main

Benn Erastus H, lawyer, 145 Water, bds Rathburn House

Bennet Michael, laborer, bds 52 Railroad av

Bennett Barrett, flagman, h 12 Standish

Bennett Barton L, carpenter, h 11 Mt Zoar

Bennett Catharine, widow Patrick, h Third n Grove

Bennett Mary E, widow Solomon, bds College ave opp Broadway

Bennett Richard, laborer, h Church n Railroad ave

Bennett Sylvester, laborer, h Standish bel Lake

Bennett Thomas, laborer, h Columbia n Fourth

Bennett William, carpenter, bds 155 Railroad ave

Benson Luther, spinner, bds 2 Clinton

Benson Melvin J, clerk, Rathburn House, bds do

Bentley H S, clerk, bds 27 Park Place

Bentley Tonstant, wire-worker, h 65 Washington

Benton Henry P, surveyor, h 13 Gray

Berger George, hotel, 28 Baldwin

Berler Moses, peddler, h DeWitt n E Third

Berner Adam, vinegar manufacturer, Water cor High, bds do

Berry David, carpenter, h 26 Sullivan

BERRY H B, division operator, E R R Pass depot, bds 42 Washington

Berry John, coach-painter, bds 111 Church

Bessey William, laborer, bds Hoffman n Washington ave

Best Henry A, grocer and provision dealer, S end Lake st bridge, h do

Best James C, clerk, S end Lake st bridge, bds do