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Some Bradford County Deaths, 2000

From:  The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA Supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review"; 28 Jan 2001
Copyright © 2001 The Daily/Sunday Review; James Towner, Publisher (Printed with permission of James Towner)
Transcribed by:  Richard J. McCracken; Towanda, PA; 30 Jan 2001

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This list contains information reported by The Daily and The Sunday Review, Towanda, PA, during the year 2000. It was transcribed from a Sunday Review supplement, "The 2000 Year in Review," distributed 28 Jan 2001. It contains the names of 752 deaths reported during the year 2000.

There is some evidence that the dates used herein may not always be the actual date of death; some may be the date of publication in the newspaper.

I have included all information as published. All reported locations, "of…," are located within Bradford County, PA unless otherwise noted in the final column. I have tried to provide a county for other locations within Pennsylvania, however, I did not spend a lot of time looking them up, therefore, some are listed as "?? Co." These locations are within the state. I have also included some counties in adjacent New York State.

I have not attempted to capitalize female birth names because I recognize that at least one of the names is the surname of a previous deceased husband.

Richard J. McCracken
Towanda, PA
30 Jan 2001

Elaine Frey typed up the 2005 listing for us in March 2006- There are 804 names listed for the year. Many of the obituaries will be found already on the site on the Obits by Cemetery Pages or the Clipping pages if they are buried outside the three county area represented on the site or if the cemetery is not indicated in the obituary. Only those obituaries of people with some connection to our three counties are included on the site. Obituaries are added to the site daily a sthey are submitted. On our own obituary pages they are arranged by surname at birth. Neither the real surname nor the cemetery are included on this listing, but you can minimize your search time by using the Partitioned search engine on the bottom of the current What's New page.  I have left the listing in date order since the surnames are meaningless anyway when near half of them are married aliases and not own surnames.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On Jan 2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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