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Tri County Clippings- Page Two Hundred Three

Married Three-Score and Six Years

Towanda, June 30 - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heverly, of Overton, this county, today celebrated their sixty-sixth wedding anniversary at their home where they have always resided, and which is also the birthplace of Mr. Heverly. A large concourse of relatives and friends assisted the venerable couple in celebrating the glorious event. Mr. Heverly was born eighty-seven years ago last October, while his partner was born in September, 1834.  The aged couple's family consists of five children, one of whom C. F. Heverly, historian and editor of the Bradford Star: a__ twenty-eight grandchildren and twenty-five great-grandchildren.  Mr. Heverly was the oldest vereran in the soldier's march on Old Peoples' Day in Towanda on Saturday, June 24. He served in Company F, Fiftieth Pennsylvania Volunteers. (Submitted by Mary Ann Lapating)

Births (from Susan Spaulding)


Thomas and Mary Hazard Hill of Smithboro, N.Y. announce the birth of a son on April 11 at Robert Packer Hospital.
Date:  April 3, 1985


Mark and Judy Peiffer Hill of Sheshequin announce the birth of a son on Dec. 6, 1985 at Robert Packer Hospital. His weight was 7 pounds, 7 ounces.
Date: December 7, D. R.

Born to David and Lisa Hill Roan of Gillett, a son, Samuel, on Wednesday, April 19, 2000 at the First Impressions Birthing Center at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre
Date:  April 22  E. T.

Joseph and Barbara Hill Pellicano of Sayre announce the birth of a daughter on March 27 at Robert Packer Hospital.
Date:  March 29, 1984 D. R.

Robert and Jennifer Hill Boyles of Sayre announce the birch of a son, Tyler, on Thursday, July 29, 1999, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Date:  August 3  D. R.

Altovise Hills, of Elmira, NY announces the birth of a son, T. J., on Monday, May 31, 1999, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre
Date:  June 4  D. R.

Dennis Jr. and Deborah Pedro Hill announce the birth of a daughter on January 25, at Robert Packer Hospital
Date: January 26, 1985 D. R.

A son, Hunter Sean Canfield, was born to Mindy Hill and Michael Canfield of Jackson on April 1, 2000 at Tyler Memorial Hospital in Tunkhannock
Date: April   R-C

Charles and Mary Dizer Hill of Owego announce the birth of a daughter on June 21 at Robert Packer Hospital
Date: June 24, 1986 D. R.

Born to Clifford and Patti Hill Williams of Owego, a daughter, Jamie, on Sunday, July 5, 1998 at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Date: July 10 E.T.
A daughter, Jocilyn Leigh Hill, was born to Lisa Hill of Factoryville on April 6, 1999 at Tyler Hospital in Tunkhannock.
Dated: April 15, 1999 R. C.

Harrison and Jennifer Olsen Hill of Waverly announce the birth of a daughter on Sunday, Oct. 16, 1988 at Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre.
Dated: October 18, 1988 D. R.

Michael and Karin Weist Hill, Waverly, announce the birth of a daughter on May 5, 1988, at the Towanda Memorial Hospital.
Dated: May 6 D. R.

Tim and Darlene Trollman Hill of Abingdon, VA announce the birth of a son on Sunday, June 5, 1988. Darlene is the daughter of Joseph and Patricia Trollman of Sayre.
Dated: June 9 D. R.


Mr. and Mrs. Francis Boyd of Green Castle, formerly of Canton, are grandparents of the infant. The baby was born on the 51st anniversary of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyd of Canton.
Dated: March 13, 1980 C.S.

A daughter Rebecca Jo was born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kilmer of Canton on Friday, Sept. 14, 1979 at the Troy Hospital. Mrs. Kilmer is the former Barbara Boyd. The infant weighted seven pounds, 13 ounces.
Dated:  Sept. 20, 1979 C.S.

A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Boyd, Canton, RD on October 5, 1974 at the Robert Packer Hospital. The mother is the former Vickie Bagley.
Dated: Oct. 10, 1974 Canton I-S

A daughter, Cathryn Loreen, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Boyd, Ithaca, NY on Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1980 at the Tompkins County Hospital. Mrs. Boyd is the former Debra Shoemaker, Green Castle. The infant weighted six pounds, 11 ounces.
Dated:  Mar. 13, 1980 C. S.

A daughter, Samantha Jean Boyd, was born to Wendi and Bryan Boyd of Tunkhannock on February 3, 1999 at Tyler Memorial Hospital.
Dated: Feb 18, 1999 R. C.

Born to Mark and Marcy Sawyer Hill of Nichols, a daughter, in Thursday, Nov. 19, 1992 at the Robert Packer Hospital.

Margaret Hill of Candor announces the birth of a son, Brenard Ethan, on Thursday, March 16, 1995, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Walter and Diane Burt Hill of Sayre announce the birth of a daughter, Sydney Marie, on Monday, June 24, 1996, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Dated: June 28, 1996 D. R.

Born to Steve and Marcy Sawyer Hill of Nichols, a daughter, Kelly Marie, on Wednesday, Aug. 9,, 1995 at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.
Dated: Aug 12, 1995 E. T.

Born to Walter and Diane Burt Hill of Sayre, a son, on Wednesday, Oct. 28,  1992 at the Robert Packer Hospital.

Born to Richard and Julie Grigsby Hill of Smithboro, a daughter, Sunday, April 28, 1991 at the Robert Packer Hospital.
Dated: Apr 30, 1991 E. T.

James and Andrea Hill, Jr. of Sayre, announce the birth of a son, Dustin James, on Sunday, Jan. 7, 1995, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.

Christopher and Tania Varner Hill of Waverly announce the birth of a daughter, Jordyn Lynn, on Thursday, Aug. 1, 1996, at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre.

Marriage Licenses (From Susan Spaulding)

James W. Sjobolom, Troy and Terry E. Hill, Milan
Date:  June 22, 1981 D.R.

Chester G. Hill, Jr. Millville RD 1, Pa. and Jean A. Dahlgren, Benton RD 3.
Date:  June 22, 1984 D.R.

David C. Coleman, Sayre and Rebecca A. Hill, Smithboro, NY
Date:  April 20, 1983 D. R.

Harold B. Brown, Rome RD 1 and Kathy J. Hill, Waverly RD 1.
Date: April 9, 1983 D. R.

Leslie J. Hill, Towanda RD 4 and Laura Ackley, Towanda Rd 4
Date: February 6, 1984 Daily Review

Michael E. Dodson, Lawton, OK and Lois E. Hill, Troy
Date January 16, 1985 D. R.

Ralph B. Tompkins Jr., Waverly, and Laurie A. Hill, Waverly
Dated: April 18, 1993 D. R.

George M. Hill, Preble, NY and Michelle E. Frisble, Preble, NY
Dated: May 8, 1988 D.R.

Ernest Thorpe, Millerton RD 2 and Pauline M. Hill, Millerton RD 2
Dated: January 2, 1988 D. R.

Robert Esaias, 28 of Canton, and Pamela Hill, 20 of Canton
Dated: June 3, 1999 D. R.

Earl F. Hill III, Mt. Morris, NY and Karen M. Brown, Mt. Morris, NY
Dated April 10, 1986 D. R.

Robert A. Esaias, 28, Canton, and Pamela S. Hill, 20, Canton.
Dated May 30, 1999 R. C.

Jeffrey K. Sechrist, Canton RD1, and Angela M. Boyd, Canton RD2
Dated: Sept 13, 1979 C. S.

Robert W. Boyd, 31, Canton, and Connie Buck, 31, Canton
Dated: July 30, 1998 R.C.

James R. Hill Jr., Athens, and Andrea B. Johnson, Athens RR2.
Dated: July 30, 1991 D. R.

George H Hill, Jr., Troy RR 3, and Elizabeth Morr, Troy RR 3.
Dated: June 22, 1995 D. R.


On Monday, June 4 at 3 p.m. at the M. E. parsonage in Danby, N.Y., N. Harris Bailey of Rome borough and Beatrice E. Hill of Binghamton were united in marriage by the Rev. C. A. Joscelyn, pastor of the M. E. church at Danby.  The best wishes of their many friends are extended the couple.

Dixon-Hill – In Wilkes-Barre, May 9, by Rev. Geo. A. Cure, Floyd E. Dixon of Rome and Miss Emma A. Hill of North Orwell.

Rev. N. W. Barnes was called to Nichols on Thursday, February 22, to unite in marriage Miss Alma Richards to Mr. George Hill, and Miss Susie Baker to Mr. Henry Vonght of LeRaysville.

Stole Away to Wiles-Barre Where
They Were Made As One.

 The Pittston Gazette gives the following particulars of the romantic marriage of Bradford county your people: “Unexpected developments tinged with romance” the marriage of two young people of Bradford county, who came to Luzerne county to have the nuptial knot tied.
 Floyd E. Dixon of Rome, has been a general store clerk, and Miss Emma A. Hill, of North Orwell, a school teacher agreed that they would quietly steal away to Wilkes-Barre and surprise their friends by returning as Mr. and Mrs. Dixon.
 So in Wilkes-Barre they arrived and betook themselves to the court house for a marriage license. The time was 4 p.m. and the office of the marriage license clerk was closed. The young people were in despair. Attorney W. W. Hall and Attorney R. A. Huber who were in the recorder’s office, learning of their predicament, informed them that they could secure a marriage license from Alderman Smith of Pittston. The directed them how to come to Pittston and reach the alderman’s office on north Main street.
 After finishing their work in the recorder’s office, the two attorneys boarded Attorney Hall’s Ford runabout and made the run to this city. Meantime the young couples had taken the Laurel Line car. They had thanked Hall and Hubler, whom they supposed were clerks in the court house. As Hall and Hubler came up South Main street, they espied the bride and groom. The young people were more surprised at the meeting than the attorneys, not expecting to see clerks in automobiles.
 Perceiving their quandary Mr. Hall motioned to young Dixon and Miss Hill and when they drew near told them that if they would get in the machine he would drive them to the deputy marriage clerk’s office. In the machine they got, very happy. Alderman Smith’s office was reached in two minutes and the license duly procured. “Why not allow the aldermen to marry you?” asked Mr. Hall. The rejoicing groom was willing. But the blushing bride stammered, “No”. She wished to be married by a clergyman.

 With the alderman as guide the young people were piloted to the parsonage of the First Methodist Episcopal church on Broad street. Rev. George A. Cure, the pastor was not at home, but he arrived soon. With the regular church ritual, the more impressive because of the quiet simplicity of the service, Rev Cure at 6 o’clock declared Floyd E. Dixon of Rome, Pa., and Miss Emma A. Hill of North Orwell, Pa., husband and wife.
 Mr. and Mrs. Dixon returned to Wyalusing Thursday evening. They got word that their friends were wise, and so to outwit them, they continued on to Homets Ferry, where they left the train and took a carriage for Wyalusing. Here they were met by a large number of friends, who had surrounded the newly furnished home which the groom had provided for his bride, and if ever a newly wedded pair received a royal welcome, it was Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dixon. The groom is employed in smith & Waldo’s store at Wyalusing, and is highly regarded by all who know him. His bridge is a charming young lady, and like her husband, is highly esteemed. Thus they started on the journey across the sea of Matrimony.

Dixon-Hill In Wilkes-Barre, May 19, by Rev. Geo. A. Cure, Floyd E. Dixon of Rome and Miss Emma A. Hill of North Orwell.

Bertha J. Hill

Mrs. Bertha J. Hill, 64, of Trout Run, HC64 died August 1, 1988, at home following an extended illness.
Mrs. Hill was born in Barclay, June 17, 1924, a daughter of Donald L. and Nolla E. Barnett Oliver.
She was a member of Red Run Rod & Gun Club, Ralston.
Mrs. Hill is survived by her husband, Clayton E. Hill, with whom she observed their 43rd wedding anniversary, April 9, 1988; two sons Robert A. and Kenneth L. Hill, Trout Run HC64; three daughters, Mrs. Linda L. Painter, Cogan Station RD3, Mrs. Judy E. Ennis, Trout Run HC64, Miss Penny S. Hill, at home; three brothers, Grover Oliver, Bodines, Frank Oliver, Canton, Jesse Oliver, Ralston; two sisters, Mrs. Violet Hose, Ralston, Mrs. Minnie Hunter, Ralston; 12 grandchildren; and one great-grandson.
Funeral services will be held Thursday at 1:00pm a, at the Knight-Confer Funeral Home Inc., 1914 Memorial Ave., Williamsport, with Emery D. King, a friend of the family, officiating.
Friends may call from 12:00 until 1:00 p.m. Thursday.
Burial will be in Pennsdale Cemetery, Lewis Township.

Dated:  August 4, 1988 Canton Ind-Sent.

Date:  2/19/2003 1:00:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  ElnrGH
To:  JoyceTice
To anyone who might be interested - an obituary appearing in the St Petersburg Times on Wed, Feb 19, 2003:
SHANNON, Terrence, Sr., 72, of New Port Richey, died Tuesday (Feb 18,2003) at Community Hospital of New Port Richey.  Born in Sayre, PA, he came here from Dumfries, VA.  He worked for Central Intelligence Agency and was an Army Veteran of the Korean War.  He was a member of Pearl of the West Lodge 146, F&AM, York
Rite Bodies, Egypt Temple Shrine, Egyptian Band Unit Tampa and St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.  Survivors include his wife, Mary Ann; a son, Michael, Los Angeles; a daughter, Sandra Shannon, St Petersburg; a brother Bernarr, Silver Springs, MD; and three grandchildren. Thomas B. Dobies Funeral Homes, New Port
This may not interest anyone but I know how hard it is sometimes to find info.
Eleanor Hobbs, Florida

The following sent in by Paul Newell:

A Birthday Observed. Honor to Mr. C. H. Webler, a Resident of Troy. (Special Correspondence). Troy, Pa., Oct 6 [1900]. – The eighty-third birthday of C. H. Webler was celebrated yesterday in an enjoyable manner by about eighty guests at the home of his daughter, Mrs. E. H. Cass near the village of Troy. There were present Mrs. Laura Newberry, Mrs. Laura Bohlayer, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. George King, and son Harry, Mr. and Mrs. George Linderman (who was born the same day, month and year as Mr. Webler); Mrs. James Sims, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Stewart and daughter, Nellie, Mrs. Frank Woodworth, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Newell, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Newell, Rev. Mr. Bush and Mr. and Mrs. Meade Thomas and son, Sherman, who was one year old yesterday, all of Troy and vicinity. Those living near Covert were Mr. and Mrs. John Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kinch, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Sherman and daughter Edith, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smith and son Charles and daughter Elsie, Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Sherman, William Newell and Mrs. C. R. Green; from Sullivan, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. U. D. Kniffin, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Shubert, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palmer. From Ab*, Mrs. Thomas Lewis and son Eugene. From Minnequa, Mr. and Mrs. James Seeley. From West Granville, Mr. and Mrs. Eli Lewis and son Earl and daughter Mamie. Mr. and Mrs. Seely Bovier of West Franklin; Dr. and Mrs. J. D. Underwood, Elmira; Mrs. Frank Lewis and daughter Hattie, of Binghamton; Miss Alta Webler, Portlandville, N. Y.; Mrs. Harriet Willison of Rush, Md.; G. W. Cass of Staples, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Newell of Roundtop, Pa. Choral H. Webler, better known as Uncle Choral, came into this section and settled in Armenia township fifty-nine years ago last March, from the state of Connecticut. There being no railroad at that early day from Connecticut here, he walked all the way at the rate of forty to forty-five miles a day. He returned to Connecticut and back five different times during the first five years he resided here, and traveled on foot each time. Once he walked to Owego in  one day and took the cars there, as the Erie was then finished as far west as Owego. He has always been a great walker and a great worker and only a few months ago he walked twenty miles in one day. About 11 o’clock the Rev. Mr. Bush minister of the Church of Christ of Troy, made a few very interesting and impressive remarks, followed by a prayer, after which the company gathered around the tables, which were decorated nicely with flowers and spread with the best of eatables which E. H. Cass and wife know so well how to prepare. J. D. U.

Troy Register, 6 February 1902
Choral H. Webler, one of the oldest settlers of Armenia, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ed Cass in Troy township, Tuesday, Feb. 4th. He was 85 years old and has resided in Armenia and Troy over 60 years. The funeral will be held Friday.

Bradford Star, 8 October 1908
Soldiers Column, Mustered Out. William F. Newell, died Sept. 26, 1908, at home of daughter, Mrs. Clarence Smith of Snedekers, age 70 years. In 1862 he enlisted from Armenia in Company D 132nd PV and served his enlistment of 9 months. He subsequently re-enlisted in the 50th NY Engineers, serving until the close of the war. Three daughters survive him. Interment was made in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy.

Former Trojan Passes Away. Mrs. Jane Cass of Troy, died at the home of her niece, Mrs. George Yanson (nee May Youmans) at Middleburg, N. Y., Saturday, February 24th [1914]. She was the eldest daughter of the late Choral Webler, one of the first settlers of Bradford County. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. U. D. Kniffin of Troy, one brother, Charles Webler of Rootville, N. Y., one daughter, Mrs. Floyd Wenn, of Binghamton. She was 76 years old. The funeral services were held at the home in Middleburg and interment was at Maryland, N. Y., by the side of her sister, Mrs. D. E. Butler.

Bradford Star, 3 June 1915
Mrs. Olive Newell, wife of Albert Newell of Troy, died suddenly May 27 after a long illness of heart disease. She is survived by her husband and one daughter.

Mrs. Minnie Webler Field, wife of Henry Field, died at her home on the state road, one and a half miles north of Gilbertsville, Saturday morning, January 6, 1917, of heart disease, aged 52 years. Deceased was born in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, Oct. 5, 1864, daughter of Choral and Caroline Monroe Webler. She married Henry Field, Nov. 15, 1883, and moved to the town of Butternuts in February, 1884, where she has since lived. She is survived by her husband and six children: Lena, wife of Alva Adams; Carrie, who lives in Oxford; Wallace, Mary and Benjamin who are at home; one brother and two sisters, Charles Webler, of Rootville; Mrs. Jane Cass and Mrs. Darius Kniffen, of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and two grandchildren, Alton and Goldie Adams. The funeral was held at the Presbyterian church, Tuesday, at 2:30 p. m., with burial at Brookside cemetery, by the side of her two daughters, Goldie and Daisy, who died in childhood. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. George McCulloch.

Mrs. George Yanson, known to many Troy people and a favorite niece of Mrs. U. D. Kniffin, of R. F. D. 1, died in her home at Middleburg on Tuesday, March 24th [1925]. She was born in Smithfield, and was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Youmans. Mrs. Yanson was prominent in the affairs of the Methodist church and of the Rebekah fraternal order in Middleburg. She was a fine Christian woman and will be sorely missed by a wide circle of friends. She is survived by her husband and four small children. The funeral was held on Friday afternoon from the M. E. church in Middleburg, the Rev. J. * officiating.

Elmira Sunday Telegram, 28 November 1926
Henry Adolphus Newell, 83, died Monday morning at 9 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jay Smith, 469 Franklin Street. Mr. Newell is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Jay Smith of this city and Mrs. Frances Presser of Jersey City, N.J.; two sons; George L. and Clark E. of Gillett, Pa.; several grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. Rose Lyon of Troy, Pa.; also two sisters in Cumberland, Md.

Mrs. Susie A. Newell died Saturday [22 July 1922] at 7 p. m. at the family home, 109 E. Miller street. She was sixty-four years of age. She is survived by her husband, Harry A. Newel, two daughters, Mrs. Jay Smith of this city, Mrs. Joseph Presser of Bayonne, N. J., two sons; George and Clark Newell of Gillett, Pa; four sisters, Mrs. James Passmore of Cherry Flats, Pa., Mrs. Arthur Jenkins and Mrs. J. Renwick of Weedville, Pa., and Mrs. William Patterson of Dubois, Pa. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. at the family home. The Reverend C. E. Fry of the Riverside M. E. Church will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Charles Edward Webler died Tuesday, September 27th [1927], in the home of a daughter near Gilbertsville, N. Y. He was 65 years old and the only son of Choral and Carolyn Monroe Webler, early settlers of Armenia. His deceased wife was Miss May Lewis, of Armenia and he is survived by four children – Mrs. Leon Daniels and Mrs. John Van Dusen, of Gilbertsville, Mrs. Lee Joralemon and Mr. Edward Webler, of Troy. One sister, Mrs. U. D. Kniffin, of Troy township also survives. Mr. Webler was a loving father, a good neighbor and of unusually cheerful and kindly disposition. He was buried in Sand Hill cemetery by the side of his wife and younger son, Choral.

Mrs. Leon Daniels. Gilbertsville, Feb. 1 – On January 24 [?], at Chenango Memorial hospital occurred the sudden passing away of Bertha Alta Webler Daniels. While Mrs. Daniels had not been in her usual health for some time her condition had not been such as to excite the gravest apprehensions, and the end coming so suddenly as it did was a great shock not only to her immediate family but also to a wide circle of neighbors and friends. Mrs. Daniels was born on February 22, 1884, in Armenia Mts., Troy township, Pa., but the greater part of her life was passed in Butternuts. On July 3, 1901, she was united in marriage to Leon Daniels in Gilbertsville. Of this union three children were born, Harold, Mrs. Milton Richards, and Howard, all of whom, with their father, Leon Daniels, live in the home town of Butternuts. Two sisters and one brother also survive her. Mrs. John VanDeusen, Gilbertsville, Mrs. Lee Joralemon, Troy, Pa., and Edward Webler, Elmira. There are also four grandchildren. Mrs. Daniels was a devoted wife and mother. She was ever of a cheerful, sunny disposition, always ready with a smile and understanding word for those about her, and always taking a quick interest in all the activities of her home town. She was an active member of the Gilbertsville Baptist church, and at the time of her death was president of the Ladies Aid of that church and junior vice-president of W. A. Musson Relief corps. The funeral was held at her late home Tuesday. A large circle of relatives and friends gathered to pay their last tribute of respect to one so long held in kindly regard. The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. L. V. S. Hutton. The interment was made in the family plot in Hillington cemetery, Morris.

Following from Janet Loftus

May 11, 1983   Elmira Star-Gazette
Harrington, James Keith
Age 61 of RD1  Lockwood, NY (Hicks)  Tuesday May 10, 1983 at home.   Friends are invited to attend graveside service Thursday 2:45pm at Hick's Cemetery Wyncoop Creek Rd.  In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Chemung Volunteer Fire Co, Chemung NY.   Arrangements Roberts Funeral Home Wellsburg.   Survived by his wife, Vivien (Betsy), daughter Janice Scaife of Waverly; sister Mrs. Guy (Ethel) May of Wellsburg; three grandchildren, Mark, Rachel and Laura Scaife of Waverly.   Two nieces  Mrs. Edna Davies of Horseheads and Mrs. Zedena Glildden of Bloomfield, Mich.
Mr. Harrington was a Veteran of World War Two and a member of Belowski-Van Danmark American Legion Post 492 of Waverly.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice