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Tri County Clippings- Page Ninety Eight
Millerton Area Clippings obtained from Gertrude CRUM Strunk

Mansfield, Feb. 14—Word has been received here of the death of Mrs. John Benson Feb. 4 at the home of her niece, Mrs. Elmer E. Gilbert, at Redmond, Wash. Interment was made at Redmond. Mrs. Benson was a resident of Mansfield and vicinity nearly all of her life, until the death of Mr. Benson a few years ago. Following his death she lived with relatives in Rutland, later going to Redmond to reside with her niece. 

Patrons of the Chemung County Diamond Jubilee Fair who may have scoffed at the claim that "Ossified Harry, Man of Stone," exhibited as a midway attraction, really was turning to stone, was wrong. The 68-year-old ex-coal-miner, victim of a malady that baffled medical science, died Monday night of general ossification and cerebral hemorrhage, at the home of his manager, Thomas Pietro, 210 Ann Street, Athens, Pa. Born at DuBois, Pa., Harry J. Overdurff became a miner but was forced to discontinue work 13 years ago when he was attacked by the strange disease. During recent years he capitalized upon his affliction and was on exhibition at fairs and carnivals throughout the country and was at the Century of Progress Exposition, Chicago, 1933. Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending arrival of relatives from DuBois. The body was removed to the Powers funeral home in Athens.(handwritten on article 1935) 
Death Takes Wells Murdaugh Result of Injuries Sustained When Driven Through Garage Wall By Car.
Wells Murdaugh of Trowbridge, Pa., well known and prosperous farmer, died at the Arnot-Ogden Hospital at 1:15 o’clock Sunday morning after suffering of injuries sustained last Thursday when his automobile crushed him against the side of his garage. He suffered a punctured lung and fractured shoulder. According to reports Mr. Murdaugh cranked his machine as it stood in his garage without realizing it was in gear. As the motor started the machine jumped forward and carried its owner through the side of the building. The injured man was removed to the hospital in this city where his condition grew steadily worse until the end. The descendent was one of the best known and most highly respected residents of Tioga County, Pa. He was a native of that county and long had been active in affairs of his section. Mr. Murdaugh’s parents formerly resided near Daggett although he operated his farm in Trowbridge for many years. He was about 60 years old. Mr. Murdaugh is survived by his widow and three children; Richmond J. of Endicott, Wells Morton, Jr., at home and Mrs. J. George Matthews of Endicott, one brother, W. Herbert Murdaugh of Binghamton. The funeral will be held at the family home at Trowbridge Wednesday at 1 o’clock. The Rev. L. A. Guiles of Millerton will officiate. (handwritten on article Dec. 13, 1925) 
Joseph Vickers died at his home in Seeley Creek Monday morning at 1:15 o’clock, aged 82 years. The funeral will be held from the home Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock. Mr. Vickers was a resident of Mansfield and vicinity for a good many years, having moved to Seeley Creek from Mansfield a little over three years ago. He is survived by his widow and several other relatives. 


Mr. and Mrs. M. Doyle Marks, 318 W. Clinton St., entertained Sunday evening at 7 o’clock with a buffet supper honoring Miss Phyllis Crandall and her fiancé, James A. Harper. Twenty-eight guests were present. Miss Crandall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George S. Crandall, 1012 Walnut St,.and Mr. Harper son of Mrs. Ophelia M. Harper 132 E. Chemung Pl., and the late J. Beaver Harpel will be married Saturday, Oct 21, at the North Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Marks was assisted in the dining room by Mrs. Kenneth W. Marks and her nieces. Miss Mary Elizabeth Weale and Miss Mary Faith Lawrence. Miss Beverly Guthrie of Pleasantville also assisted the hostess. 


Let me be a little kinder,

Let me be a little blinder

To the faults to those about me,

Let me praise a little more;

Let me be when I am weary,

Just a little bit more cheery,

Let me serve a little better,

Those that I am striving for.

Let me be a little braver

When temptation bids me waver,

Let me strive a little harder,

To be all that I should be;

Let me be a little meeker

With the brother that is weaker;

Let me think more of my neighbor

And a little less of me.

Let me be a little sweeter,

Make my life a bit completer,

Just by doing what I should do

Every minute of the day;

Let me toil without complaining,

Not a humble task disdaining.

Let me face the summons calmly,

When death summons me away. 

John Wells, 83, of Mansfield, Pa., died Friday at 4:30 p.m. He is survived by two sons, Verne, Elmira and Sam, Mansfield; a daughter, Mrs. Harry Waters, Lindley; a sister Mrs. Marvin Sturdevant, Mansfield. The funeral will be held at the home of Sam Wells in Mansfield Monday at 2 p.m. Buried in Mansfield Cemetery. (handwritten on article Feb. 10, 1933) 
Rev. A. W. Batty, a pastor in the Central N. Y. Conference of the M. E. Church since 1897, died Saturday, June 18, 1938, at Syracuse. He was a pastor of the M. E. Church at Mansfield, Pa. from 1913 to 1916. The funeral and burial was held at Scipioville, N.Y. 

Charles Voorhees, 73, died this morning, Tuesday, Mar. 17, 1936, at 3 o’clock in Philadelphia. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Emma French Voorhees; two sons, Dr. B. G. Voorhees of Elmira; Leroy of Philadelphia; two grandsons, Charles of Elmira and Lee of Philadelphia; two sisters, Mrs. John Nye of Cromwell, Ind; Mrs. Nettie Sheives Smith of Smithboro. Mr. Voorhees was a member of the M. E. Church, Oaklane, Philadelphia. The body is in the Wilson funeral home. Funeral later. 

Montour Falls—Lawrence E. Thorpe, 61, a native of Rutland, Pa., and for 35 years a resident of this section, died Monday, Mar. 16, 1936, at his home near here following four weeks’ illness. Surviving are his wife; five children, Elsie, Syracuse; Keith and George, Cayuta; Myrtle, Ithaca; and Horace, Watkins Glen; three step-children, Evert and Lawrence Parlett of Ithaca and Edward Parlett of Swartwood. The funeral will be conducted at the Royce funeral home, Watkins Glen, Thursday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. John W. F. Maxwell of the Montour Falls Baptist Church. Burial will be in the Montour Cemetery. 
Douglas Mandeville, seven years of age, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mandeville, who was hurt seriously when struck by an automobile on the South Creek Road eight weeks ago, died Sunday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mandeville, 777 Pennsylvania Avenue. He was a pupil at District School No. 8 of the Town of Southport. He is survived by his parents; a sister Pearl; the grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ira Mandeville and Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Sheives. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the Pennsylvania Avenue Methodist Church. (handwritten on article May 31, 1925) 
Mrs. Sarah Osgood, 76, widow of Abraham, died Friday morning at her home, 705 East Second Street. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. Dora Pearsels of Elmira; a brother, Elmer Burgess of Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; also several nieces and nephews. The body reposes in the Davis funeral home. Funeral notice later. (handwritten on article Mar 24, 1933) 

Boys at Covington and Mansfield Receive Honors.

Austin-Cox Post of the American Legion is inaugurating a policy of awarding a medal each year to the boy of the graduating class of the Grammar School at Covington and Mansfield who represents the highest qualities of character and ability. The selection is made by the class concerned and the teachers. The fundamental qualities which are considered as a basis for selection are Honor, courage, leadership, service and scholarship. The Legion feels that it can devote itself to no higher purpose than that of cultivating high character and wholesome ideals in the youth coming into citizenship.

The prime purpose of the award is to encourage every boy to be a better American and to grow up a better citizen. DeWayne Mays won the medal at the Covington school. The presentation was made at the high school commencement last Friday evening. Alfred Gould has been selected to receive the medal at Mansfield. The presentation will be made Friday afternoon this week at the Junior High Commencement. (handwritten on article May 23, 1924) 

The funeral of Mrs. Mary Ingersoll was held at the family home in Mosherville Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. A. H. Youell of Georgetown, N.Y. officiated. Mrs. Ingersoll is survived by a grandson, Samuel J. Brasted; a brother William D. Ingersoll of Elmira, and a sister, Mrs. J. A. Dunham of Walla Walla, Pa. Mrs. Ingersoll was born in Sussex County, New Jersey, April 12, 1824, and had resident in Mosherville 50 years. She was a life-long member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. E. E. Daggett and Mrs. Carrie Frey of Elmira sang "Beautiful isle of Somewhere," and "Abide With Me." The bearers were Clark and Charles Bowman, Charles Beckwith, E. E. Daggett, A. A. Potter, G. W. Ayers. (handwritten on article Sept 3, 1924) 
Thursday, June 8, 1939

Mrs. Henry Garrison died Wednesday night at the family home at Jobs Corners, aged seventy-eight years. She is survived by her husband, a daughter Alta; two sons, Ernest and Shirley at home. The funeral will be held at the family home Sunday at 1 o’clock. Burial in the Jobs Corners Cemetery. (handwritten on article Mar. 5, 1924) 
James Monroe Frost, 63, a manufacturing chemist in Elmira since 1918, died Tuesday morning at the family home at Job Corners, Pa. He had been ill almost nine months.Mr. Frost was associated in business in Elmira with Lewis Stephens and John E. Edwards, under the firm name of the Frost-Stephens Company. They occupied a part of the building at the corner of Railroad Avenue and West Church Street. The first floor is occupied by the Federation Pharmacy. Mr. Frost retired from the firm in April, 1936 and Mr. Stephens is now located in business in Syracuse, but retains a business interest in the local company. Mr. Frost was interested in municipal affairs in Elmira and was a member of the Mansfield Lodge, F&AM. His funeral will be held at Job Corners, Thursday at 2 p.m. (handwritten on article Nov 17, 1936) 

Brave the storm and ride the gale!

What if now and then you fail?

What if difficulties rise?

Just ahead the victory lies.

Keep in mind when you’re assailed.

Every conqueror has failed.

Trials mark the path of men,

Hope has dawned to set again.

Many a victor, cheered today,

Had to battle with dismay;

Long before success he knew

He was called a failure, too.

Failures mark the path to fame,

Men must fight through loss and shame

Hurt and heart-ache and distress,

For the glory of success!

Every leader on the earth

Has been tested for his worth.

Brave the loss and bear the blow!

What if hope shall come and go?

What if failure strikes at you?

Keep the faith and fight anew,

Keep your courage when assailed.

Few succeed who’ve never failed.

(Copyright, 1922, by Edgar A. Guest) 


Mrs. Lovina Lane Nurss, age 65, died at the family home at 533 Mt-Zoar Street, Sunday at 4 p.m. She is survived by one son, Harry A. Nurss, two grandsons, Robert and Ronald.

Mrs. Nurss was a member of the Southside Baptist Church and a charter member of W. B. A. No. 212, Elmira.

The funeral will be held at 533 Mt. Zoar Street, Tuesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. W. Allen will officiate. Burial will be in Woodlawn. (handwritten on article Sept 15, 1929) 

Mrs. Kittie Van Valen Stott, a former resident of Elmira, died Sunday, May 29, 1938, at the family home 8 ½ Orchard St., Auburn, after a week’s illness. She is survived by her husband, the Rev. George A. Stott, the Protestant chaplain at Auburn State Prison, a daughter, Mrs. G. B. Gordon of Fulton; a niece, Mrs. Agnes Stott, of Elmira; a cousin, Davis Vosworth of Vineland, N.J. Mrs. Stott was a native of Lyle, N.Y. and for several years assisted her husband in evangelistic work until Mr. Stott was appointed as prison chaplain about 10 years ago. They made their home in Elmira several years, while engaged in evangelistic work. The funeral was held in the First M. E. Church, Auburn, Wednesday at 2 p.m. Burial in Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn. 

Mrs. Lydia Burleigh of Austinville, Pa., died Monday at 12:30 p.m. aged 55 years. Besides her husband she is survived by the following children; Roy Burleigh of Snedikerville; Frank, Rexford and Hattie at home; the following brothers and sisters; Will Vanvile of Barton; J. B. Vanvile, Mrs. Bessie Wright, Columbia Cross Roads. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. at the family home. The Rev. Ora Crippen of Tioga will officiate. Burial in Besley Cemetery. (handwritten on article Jan 9, 1928) 

 Linda Sweeley and Dave Clawson from Troy were married on Sunday, October 30 at Burlington. 


Sayre, Aug. 12—Mrs. Eugene Phillips, aged 42, died at the Robert Packer Hospital here Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Phillips was brought to the hospital ten days ago with an abscess in her thigh. A blood clot had formed and in spite of all the surgeons could do, a pulmonary embolism developed. 

 A son was born Mar. 25 at the Arnot-Ogden Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Loren V. Hamilton of 1070 South Main Street. He has been named Robert Edward. 

 Edward P. Fritz, 63, died unexpectedly of a heart seizure, Monday, Feb, 28, 1938, at 7:30 a.m. at the family home at Roseville, Tioga County, Pa. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mae Fritz, two daughters, Mrs. Estelle Pettit of Riverside, N.J., Mrs. Florence Armstrong of Allenwood, Pa., 3 grandchildren. Mr. Fritz was a former resident of Montgomery, R.D., Pa. He was a member of the Muncy Valley Lodge, F&AM, Williamsport Consistory Scottish Rite and Irem Temple, Mystic Shrine of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. The body has been removed to the home of his daughter, Mrs. Florence Armstrong at Allenwood, Pa., where the funeral and burial will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. 

Byron Roberts died Saturday night at 11 o’clock at the family home at Judson Hill, Pa., aged seventy-two years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Susan Roberts; two daughters, Mrs. William Chamberlain of Gillett, Pa.; Mrs. Harry Courtright of Elmira; two sons, Charles of Gillett, Pa. and Bert of Horseheads. The funeral will be held at the home Tuesday at 1:30 o’clock. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. (handwritten on article Nov. 24, 1923) 


Mrs. Mary Strong Wilcox, widow of Asa Wilcox, formerly of Mosherville, Pa., died at the family home at Arch Creek, Florida, Saturday. She is survived by three children, Mrs. Clifford Kalch, of Arch Creek, Mrs. T. W. Johns of Mansfield, Pa., and W. S. Wilcox of Lawrenceville, Pa.; three brothers, James Strong of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa., George Strong of Fassett, Pa., and Donald Strong of Gillett, Pa.; a sister, Mrs. Flora Wickham, living in the west. The remains arrived in Elmira this morning and repose in the Wilson undertaking rooms, where friends may call. The funeral will be held at Mosherville, Pa., the former home of the decedent. (handwritten on article Nov. 15, 1924) 

 Mrs. Mae E. Fritz, widow of E. P. Fritz, formerly of Elmira, died at the home of her daughter at Allenwood, Pa., Friday morning, Nov. 4, 1938, at 6 o’clock. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Richard Armstrong of Allenwood, Pa., and Mrs. W. D. Pettit of Beverley, N.J. Funeral notice later. 

Institute Week!

Do you miss hearing the tinkle of our school bell morning and noon?

Everybody has been planning lots of work and lost of play for this week. We suppose the teachers enjoy this week, too. Wellsboro will be just running over with them, won’t it?

Whew! What an awful sight, that surely ought to be,

Just schoolma’ams everywhere, nothing else ‘round to see.

Schoolma’ams on the street, dressed in their Sunday best.

Schoolma’ams in the hall, giving their tongues a rest.

Schoolma’ams in the stores, emptying their pocketbooks

Schoolma’ams all fixed up, not noted for their looks.

Schoolma’ams—big ones, thin ones, short and fat,

Red-heads, black-heads, heads without a hat,

Some of them bald heads, almost without a hair;

Some of them gray and old and young without a care;

Young maids, old maids, some just betwixt and ‘tween,

Cranky ones, ugly ones, jolly ones as e’er were seen;

All of them talking lot, just like a hive of bees;

All of them bulging brains, over-run with ideas; 

 On Tuesday, November 20, Jennie Louisa, wife of Paul Jupenlaz, died at the family home on Pickle Hill, in Richmond Township. Death was due to typhoid pneumonia, and followed an illness of only five days. Mrs. Jupenlaz was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace J. Smith, and was 34 years and 3 months old. Besides her parents, she is survived by her husband, two children—Dora and Fred—and two brothers and one sister. The funeral was largely attended from the home at noon on Friday last, the Rev. Dr. Ezra Tinker, pastor of the Mansfield M. E. church, officiating. Interment was in Oakwood Cemetery by the side of a daughter, Ada, who died eight years ago. Mrs. Jupenlaz was devoted to her home, husband and children, and possessed those womanly attributes which endeared her to a wide circle of friends, to whom information of her sudden passing came as a distinct shock. The unmeasured sympathy of the community goes forth to the sorrowing husband and motherless little ones. 

Millerton—In an impressive ceremony performed Saturday at 8 p.m. in the West Jackson Baptist Church, Alder Run, Pa., Miss Martha Higgins, adopted daughter of Miss Eliza Higgins of Alder Run, became the bride of Stephen Green of Cleveland, Ohio, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Green of Cleveland. The church was decorated with pink and white roses, ferns, lighted candles and an arch entwined with roses. The Rev. E. G. Griffith, president of the Baptist Bible Seminary of Johnson City, assisted by the Rev. C. R. Knight, former pastor of the West Jackson Church, performed the ceremony. The wedding march was played by Mrs. George Ives of Johnson City. Two duets were sung by Mr. and Mrs. George McCauley of Johnson City. The bride wore white satin with a bridal veil. Miss Edna Roe, sister of the bride was bridesmaid. She wore pink georgette crepe and veil to match, she carried an arm bouquet of pink gladiolus and delphiniums. Miss Marion Wright of Elmira and Miss Jean Hall of Oneonta were maids of honor. They wore pink georgette crepe and carried bouquets of pink gladiolus. Miss Doris Wright of Elmira and Louise Griffith of Johnson City were flower girls. Kenneth Prindle of Sharon, Conn. Was best man. The bride was given in marriage by her brother, Halsey Roe of Caton, Pa. The ushers were William and Wilbur Montgomery of Alder Run. The ladies of the church served ice cream and cake to the wedding party and 200 guests. A reception followed on the church lawn. The even was unique in that the church is 100 years old but had never had a wedding ceremony. The bride is a graduate of the Millerton High School and attended Ellensburg, Washington, State Teachers College. She is also a graduate of the Baptist Bible Seminary of Johnson City. The bridegroom is a graduate of the John Adams High School of Cleveland and the Baptist Bible Seminary, Johnson City. Mr. and Mrs. Green expect to sail for Venezuela, South America, as missionaries about Sept. 25.

The following relatives and friends were seated at the bridal table; Kenneth Prindle, Sharon; Edna Roe, Caton; Marion Wright and Doris Wright, Elmira; William and Wilbur Montgomery, Alder Run; Jean Hall, Oneonta; Donald Lumeree, Fred Force and Mrs. Fred Force, Caton; Miss Eliza Higgins, Alder Run; Halsey Roe, Caton; the Rev. and Mrs. E. G. Griffith and daughter Louise, Mr. and Mrs. G. McCauley, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ives, Johnson City, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. J. Friends, the Rev. and Mrs. C. R. Knight, the Rev. and Mrs. George Meadows of Millerton. (handwritten on article July 1, 1939) 

 Royal R. Soper, for many years proprietor of the Elmira Gazette, died suddenly at his home in that city on Friday evening last. Mr. Soper was a native of Rutland, and was 63 years old. At the outbreak of the civil war he enlisted in the 161st regiment, New York Volunteers, and was first lieutenant, and subsequently, captain of Company I. There survive his widow, a son Wheeler Soper of the editoral staff of the New York Herald and a daughter Mrs. F. F. Jewett of Elmira. (handwritten on article 1906) 

James M. Longwell, 78, died at the family home at Roseville, Pa., at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Survivors include two sons, Louis and Harry, and two grandsons, Stanley and Robert Longwell all of Roseville. The funeral will be held at the family home at 1:30 p.m. Monday. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. (handwritten on article Dec. 15, 1933) 


Miss Katherine Horton, a retired school teacher, died after a long illness at the home of her sister, Mrs. Jessie Garrison of Ambridge, Pa., Friday Dec. 16.

Miss Horton spent the early part of her life near Millerton and taught school in and around there before moving to Ambridge, where she taught many years.

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Jessie Garrison, where she made her home, and Mrs. Mittie Brace near Troy, Pa., also one brother, Schuyler, of California and three nieces, Bernice and Harriet Garrison, of Ambridge, and Doris Brace of Troy.

Burial was in Beaver, Pa. Monday Dec. 19. (handwritten on article 1938) 

 F. Newman Benson, 50, formerly of Elmira, died late Saturday night in Buffalo. He is survived by his widow, his mother, Mrs. Sarah E. Benson of Mosherville, Pa., one son Francis and one sister Mrs. Alice Corey of Bay Side, L.L. The remains will arrive in Elmira late tonight and will be removed to the Hagerman funeral parlor where the funeral will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m., the Rev. A. M. Laird officiating. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. The committal service will be given by Queen City Lodge I.O.O.F. (handwritten on article May 30, 1931) 

County Treasurer and Former Postmaster summoned at Washington, D.C., at 71—Was Outstanding Farmer, Friend of Needy.

Wellsboro—Benjamin F. Edwards, 71, Tioga County treasurer, a former Wellsboro postmaster and a man of extensive philanthropies died Thursday at 3 p.m. at the Tacoma Park Sanitarium Washington, D.C.

Mr. Edwards had been ill for several weeks and had undergone two operations. The seriousness of his condition has aroused deep anxiety on the part of hundreds of friends throughout this section and his death, which became known today, caused widespread sorrow.

Mr. Edwards was born in Charleston, a son of Mr. and Mrs. David Edwards. His early life was spent on his father’s farm where he learned from personal experience the methods that made him the most successful and progressive farmers in the county. While he was still engaged in operating his own farm he became a well-driller which business he followed for many years, adding to it the sale of lime.

Mr. Edwards married Miss Mary Howell of this section in 1885, and they lived on their own farm in Charleston for many years, where they reared their family. He was appointed to the office of postmaster of Wellsboro under the Coolidge administration and served in that capacity nearly two terms resigning the office to become a candidate for county treasurer, to which he was elected in November, 1931.

In politics Mr. Edwards was an Independent Republican. His election to the office of county treasurer was one of the highest personal tributes ever paid a Tioga County man by the electorate.

Mr. Edwards was a friend of the common people, of the suffering and the oppressed. His means were shared with those less fortunate in both public and private giving.

The passing of "Ben" Edwards, as he was affectionately known to hundreds of men, women and children in Tioga County, removes a powerful and benevolent influence in the community.

His survivors include his widow; three daughters, Mrs. Charles Weist of Wichita, Kan., Miss Mildred Edwards who teaches in the public schools of Kingston, Pa., and Miss Helen Edward, supervisor of music and art in the schools of Towanda, Pa.; a sister, Mrs. Harriet Whipple of Kansas; John Edwards of Larned, Kan., andThomas Edwards of Kansas City, Mo. (handwritten on article Jan. 20, 1933) 


Miss Pauline Northrup, 19, of Elkland, and William Wright, 30, of Columbia Cross Roads Met Death in Crash—Betty Minier, 23, and James Mitchell, 23 Both of Mansfield, Are Slightly Hurt-Car Wrecked.

Addison, May 20—Two persons were killed and two others were injured in a light car that left the highway from a curve, ploughed along the ditch for 150 feet and crashed into a tree near here early today.

The dead are Miss Pauline Northrup, 19, of Elkland, Pa., and William Wright, 30, of Columbia Cross Roads, Pa.

Miss Betty Minier, 23, and James Mitchell, 23, both of Mansfield, were bruised and cut.

The accident occurred on the Addison-Elkland highway, five miles south of this village. Investigating officials believe the machine was traveling at high speed.

The victims occupied the car’s rumble seat. Mitchell was driving and Miss Minier was in the front with him.

Mitchell was ordered to remain in Addison until the investigation is completed. Coroner W. S. Cobb is in charge of the case. (Dated on top of article Wednesday, May 20, 1931) 


Howard H. Taylor of Alexander Place was killed Wednesday evening when his automobile was struck by a car driven by Foster Wilson of Mosherville on the bridge over Seeley Creek at Pine City. Wilson’s car was driving part way up the girder at the side of the bridge and fell back on the car of Mr. Taylor which was passing. Mr. Taylor suffered a broken neck which caused his death.

Wilson was arrested on a charge of manslaughter, the complaint charging that he was driving a car while intoxicated. He was released on $3,000 bail. (dated at top of article April 15, 1927) 


Mrs. Mary Antoinette Horton, 77, widow of George H. died late Monday afternoon at the family home, 107 Canton Street. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Rosemond Cottrell; a brother, Asa M. Crippen, both of Elmira; several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Horton was a member of the First Church of Christ, Disciples, and of the Elmira Rebekah Lodge, I.O.O.F. She had been a member of the Rebekah Lodge since 1910 and was a Past Noble Grand of the society. The body reposes in the Holly funeral home. Funeral notice later. Elmira Rebekah Lodge will meet tonight at 8 o’clock in the Rebekah Home to arrange for the funeral (handwritten on article July 17, 1933) 


Tioga, July 17—Mrs. A. Bergh died Friday at the family home in Tioga, Pa., following a few days’ illness. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Oscar Hahlstrom, Mrs. P. M. Bystrom of Elmira; Mrs. A. E. Riss of Williamsport; five sons, Axel, Algott and Albin of Tioga, Herming of Elmira and Harold of Flint, Mich; 16 grandchildren.

The funeral will be held at the home today at 2 p.m. with burial in the Tioga Cemetery.

Mrs. Bergh was the widow of August Bergh. (handwritten on article July 14, 1933) 


Mrs. Melvina H. Garrison died at the home of her son, Herman Garrison, of Austinville, Pa., Thursday afternoon at 4:50 o’clock, aged eighty-one years.

She is survived by the following sons; Herman of Austinville, Pa.; Harry of Mansfield, Pa. and Burke of Elmira.

The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock at Jobs Corners Church. Burial in Jobs Corners Cemetery. The Rev. C. G. McConnell of Centenary M. E. Church of Elmira will officiate. (handwritten on article Jan 21, 1926)   

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