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Tri County Clippings- Page Sixty Two
 Obituaries and other newspaper items on this page are from the scrapbook collection of Joyce M. Tice .
Major Disaster Narrowly Averted as Fire Levels 75 Year Old Former Knitting Mill
Friday, Oct. 1, 1943

30 Burned, None Badly; Invalid Saved

Fireman aided by War Council Auxiliary Fireman and volunteers averted a major disaster Thursday afternoon when fire leveled the 75-year-old former Campbell Knitting Mill on the bank of Newtown Creek north of East Ave. and burned the roods and siding of more than a score of homes.

For a time, the entire area was threatened with destruction as flames swept a hundred or more feet into the air and a dense blanket of embers was spread for blocks around by a southeast breeze.

An aged invalid woman was rescued from her home and more than 30 persons, most of them firemen, suffered face and body burns. Fire Chief Louis J. Mosher said the fire was the "hardest fire to fight since the Kobacker warehouse fire in 1929. That blaze was in a building at the south end of Madison Ave. Bridge.

The mill site is bordered by Newtown Creek on the east, East Ave. on the south, Clark St., which runs parallel with Sullivan St., on the west and E. Fifth St. on the north.

The fire is said to have originated in a smaller building about 35 feet away from the old mill - long a landmark and frequently termed a fire hazard by former Chief Daniel P. Collins and Chief Mosher. Several past fires in the mill were extinguished with the aid of a sprinkler system not in service recently.

The mill has not been used for manufacturing for almost 17 years and business men have used the building for storage space. Altogether they suffered a loss of approximately $10,000 individual losses running between $1,500 and $3,500.

Chief Mosher, still was investigating in an attempt to determine the origin and cause of the fire late this afternoon. 

BURNING EMBERS some larger than bricks, threatened devastation to a large area about the fiercely burning former Campbell mill. Upper photo, taken at the intersection of Sullivan and East Fifth Street was made as flames reached full height on the north end of the structure where the autos were stored. Firemen are playing a hydrant stream on one of the frame buildings in the block which has ignited from the wind-driven embers. Roof of the center house is smoking. White area resembling a smoke screen in lower photo is a grass fire ignited on Sullivan St., a block away. The blaze under control with only the brick walls of the former engine house left standing, is shown from the north end in center photo. 
Weary, Burned Firemen Called by Phony Alarm

Elmira firemen were exhausted hungry and many were suffering from burns Thursday evening. They had just done a great job of the property-saving in the vicinity of the Campbell Knitting Mill fire. It had been their busiest afternoon in 15 years.

An alarm sounded. Hoffman St. and Roe Ave. They sprang into action. An Elmira Heights fire company, summoned during the emergency to protect local fire districts, joined them. Skip the supper. Skip the band ages. We have another job to do they thought. But there was no fire. The alarm was false. It wasn't funny. 

Friday, July 19, 1946. - Chemung County

Arnold L. BOYD, 34, 619 Franklin St. Friday, July 19, 1946. Survived by parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd of Elmira; sister, Mrs. Doris Hable of Horseheads; brothers, 1st Lt. Ellsworth J. Boyd, in Germany, Sgt. Clifford L. Boyd, in Korea; stepsister, Mrs. Henry Dinisio; stepbrother, Charles McQuistion, both of Elmira; niece, Carol Lynn Boyd of Elmira. Body is at Hilton Funeral Home and Saturday morning will be removed to family home, where funeral will be held Monday 2 pm. Rev. Irving J. ---. Woodlawn Cemetery. 

CONKLIN - Mrs. Maude Elizabeth BUTLER of 111 Keefe St., Friday, March 2, 1956. Survived by husband, Basil Butler; daughters, Mrs. Herbert Storch and Mrs. John Dombroski, and son, Robert Butler all of Elmira; sisters, Mrs. Lottie Campbell of Breesport, Mrs. Claude Devine of Pine City; Mrs. Lula Richmond of Elmira; brothers, Earl Conklin of Bath, Roy Conklin of South Creek Rd., Burt and John Conklin, both of Elmira; 13 grandchildren. The body is at the Charles F. Hughes & Son Funeral Home where friends may call Monday 3 to 5 and 7 to 10 pm. Funeral there Tuesday at 2 pm, the Rev. C Philip Torrance, Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads. 
Mother's Anniversary is Celebrated - Sunday, May 13, a family dinner was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Congdon, Pine City, in honor of the 77th birthday of Mrs. Congdon's Mother, Mrs. Benjamin Sitzer. Mrs. Benjamin Sitzer was born in Bradford County, Pa., May 14, 1851. Mrs. Sitzer was united in Marriage to Benjamin Sitzer Feb. 22, 1866. Mr. Sitzer was born in Schoharie County Dec. 23, 1840, and came to Chemung County in 1864. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sitzer, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Mc Naney, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Congdon, Helen Congdon, Mr. and Mrs. Jardon Sheive, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Manwaring and daughter, of Johnson City; Mr. and Mrs. William Sharp of Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sitzer, Lynn Sitzer, Pine City; Leah and Ruth Sitzer of Blossburg. 
DOUBLE IDENTITY - Twin Brothers Floyd, left and Lloyd BAILEY, 70, of Troy, PA, have never been parted for long. The brothers, now retired, hold their World War 1 medals.


Troy, PA - Through their 70 years, identical twins, Floyd and Lloyd Bailey never have been separated for any length of time - in school, war, employment or sickness.

"We came into this world together and we should stay together," the brothers agreed. "We don't want to be separated and never will."

Now retired, the two keep house together in a two-story dwelling near downtown, Troy.

Both are bachelors. Why? They just haven't found the right girls to marry, they said with twin chuckles.

Floyd was born 10 minutes before Lloyd in a farmhouse near Towanda, on July 24, 1891.

They look alike. They dress alike. They seem to have the same amiable disposition. Often, they admit, they think alike.

The brothers enlisted together in World War 1 and served in a five-man mortar unit in France. They literally fought shoulder-to-shoulder. On roll calls, one was Bailey No. 1 and the other Bailey No. 2.

One night they were on guard duty at different posts. An officer, who had just talked to Floyd, encountered Lloyd a few minutes later. Lloyd heard a few angry words about leaving his post without authority.

The twins later worked on road construction. They insisted on working together. If an employer wanted to hire one, he had to hire the other.

Last January, Floyd became ill and entered Troy Community Hospital. Several days later, Lloyd became ill and joined his brother. They occupied the same room and were treated by the same doctor.

There is one difference. Lloyd drives their automobile. Floyd doesn't. But he explains that they both can't drive at the same time anyway.

Among their brothers and sisters is Mrs. Agnes Clark of Greene RD 1 whom they visit frequently. 

Birth: To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Balmer of Southport, October 7, at St. Joseph's hospital, a daughter, Margaret Lillian. 
Henry M. Avery- of 420 Broadway, died Sunday evening, Feb. 6, 1938/ He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mildred Avery; three daughters, Mrs. {risilla Campbell of Corning; the Misses Patricia and Lucille S. at home; a son Henry JR., at home; the mother Mrs. Maggie r. Avery and brother, William Avery, both of Seeley Creek. The body is in the Wilson funeral home and 
Millerton Couple Honor Sissons - Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brewer of Millerton Pa., entertained recently with a variety shower honoring Mr. and Mrs. Willard Sisson. Mrs. Sisson is the former Miss Eileen BREWER . Games were enjoyed and refreshments served. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. John Curren, Chester Updike, Bud and Jennie Updike; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beasley, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Saunders, Leland Fish, Russell Goodrich, Mr. and Mrs. Vernet McWhorter; Elsie and Vernet, Jr. McWhorter; Mr. and Mrs. Clare Balmer, Clair Jr., Wallace, Beverly, Lois, June Balmer; Mr. and Mrs. William Dueal, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Balmer, Mr. and Mrs. :eaman Smith, Janies Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dix, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo B. Curren, Jackie Curren; Mr. and Mrs. David Curren, Mrs. Hattied Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brewer, Bradley, Burdett and Wilfred Brewer; Mr. and Mrs. John Updike, Mrs. William Holton, Doris, Phyllis and Donald Holton; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Updike, Mr. and Mrs. John Davies. Mrs. John Eighmey, Mr. and Mrs. Bernal Eighmey, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Eighmey, Betty Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Brewer, Judson, Genevieve amd Mary Brewer; Helen Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, Catherine, Roy and John Jones Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Balmer, Fred Snyder, the Rev. and Mrs. George Burroughs, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eaton, Richard Eaton, Mr. and Mrs. Edson Rynearson, Mr. and Mrs. Rexford Smith, Delbert, Virginia, Irene and Evelyn Smith; Janet Newbury, Mrs. Alice Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brewer, Norman, Merle, Marion, and Walter Brewer. 
W. A. Eaton Hit by Auto; Fatally Hurt- Pine City Man Dies after Being Struck by Car Driven by John R. Plate- Victim Struck in Front of Own Home- To Hold Inquest. Struck by an automobile as he was turning into his home with his arms full of groceries, William A. Eaton, 51, of Pine City was killed instantly about 5:40 p.m. Saturday. John R. Plate, (illegible) of Pine City R. D. 3, driver of the car which killed Mr. Eaton, told county police he was driving north on the Elmira-Pine City highway, in Pine City, when the accident occurred. ( A picture of William A. Eaton) Another automobile proceeding south skidded on the slippery road, swerved toward his car and forced him toward the ditch on the west side of the Highway, Plate said. He declared he did not see the victim until the right front fender lifted him from the ground. Mr. Eaton was then thrown toward the top of the Plate car, his head striking the body of the machine on the right side of the windshield. He then fell to the ground and was dragged about 10 feet. He had been walking in the same direction as the car was traveling and was about to turn into the yard of his home when struck. John Plate and his brother, Fred, who was riding with him, carried Eaton's body into his home, where Mrs. Eaton was watching for her husband and waiting for the groceries. Mr. Plate said he was driving about 30 miles an hour and stopped his car within 40 feet of the spot where he hit Mr. Eaton. County police reported they had examined the automobile and found that the brakes and lighting system were in good condition. To Hold Inquest County Cororner Charles S. Dale, who was called on the case by county police, said the man had died instantly of a fractured skull. He will hold an inquest at a date to be announced later. Deputies Sheriff Grant Thorn and Truman Burnham investigated. 
FASSETT - MRS. WELLS PASSES AWAY AT BIG FLATS- Death comes Unexpectedly Early Today in Nearby Village- Had been ill For an Extended Period. Mrs. George M. Wells, died unexpectedly this morning at 5 o'clock at the family home at Big Flats, aged sixty-five years. Mrs. Wells had been ill for an extended period. She was highly respected and very well known in Elmira and Chemung county. The decedent is survived by her husband, George M. Wells; a daughter, Mrs. J. M. Hammond of Flint, Mich.; three sons, M.H. Wells of Big Flats; George Edward Wells of Riverside, Calif.; J. Sloat Wells of Big Flats; two brothers, Jacob Sloat Fassett of Elmira, and Henry Lewis Fassett of Oswego. The funeral will be held privately at the family home, the date to be announced later. Burial in Woodlawn cemetery, Elmira. Friends are requested to kindly omit flowers. The following tender tribute to the memory of Mrs. Wells has been written by her devoted sister, Mrs. J. Sloat Fasset of Strathmont to whom blood relationship cound not have made Mrs. Wells more Beloved: "Mary Louise Fassett Wells passed quietly out of life this morning. She was born in Elmira, educated in the public schools and at Elmira College. Soon after her marriage she removed to the farm at Big Flats where she had lived for 44 years. Full of Enthusiasm and cheer of life, a true Christian who endeavored with all her will to live her faith and beliefs, the light of her life will shine a steady beacon to those who knew her and loved her. Never afraid to express her opinions, honest, true in her friendships one could depend on her in all emergencies, could rely on getting the best she had to give. In her family she was unselfish, loving and devoted." "It is hard to think of life without her never failing sympathy and interest in what interested others. She often deplored her delicate physique that prevented her taking a more active part in local affairs. Her activities were necessarily confined to her church, her Sunday school class and her missionary society." " She left us as she wished to go and we are glad it was so. We can imagine her glorified entrance into the world beyond greeted joyfully by the loved ones gone before." " This inadequate tribute is from one who went often to her for counsel and sympathy and it never failed." Jennie C. Fassett 
Arthur Leonard Poses with Captors- (Large picture) Arthur Leonard is shown leaving the Bradford County jail for the courthouse where he is being tried for the murder of Mrs. Juanita Jones, Herricksville widow, in the night of Dec. 4. At the left is Sheriff Sid McClelland while at the right is Deputy N. E. Benson. The prisoner appears daily in court, as shown in the picture, without a tie, his shirt being open at the neck. 
(Eaton) Mrs. Mary Eaton - Mrs. Mary Eaton of Leona, Pa, died at the family home Thursday at 3 p.m., aged fifty-nine years. She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Catherine Heim, Williamsport, Pa., Mrs. Ruth Harrison, Bunconon, Pa., Fanny and Bernice, at home. One son, Richard, also at home. The funeral will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the family home. The Rev. Herbert Gordon of East Troy will officiate. Burial in Glenwood cemetery at Troy, Pa. 
Tribute Paid Memory of Bloss Musician

Blossburg - The death of Alfred J. Metherell at the Blossburg State Hospital Nov. 13, 1945, following a stroke at his home the day before, removed from this area one of the best known residents and a musician of unusual talent. His father, A. W. Metherell, came here in the early seventies and associated with D. O. Putnam and later alone until his death a few years ago taught many music pupils. His son, "Fred," as he was familiarly known, followed in his father's footsteps and for 45 years gave generously of his talent to local programs, church choirs and local enterprises.

Among his many activities he was pianist for the Blossburg Rotary Club and the Century Club and leader of Metherell's dance band, which played at many important functions. He will be missed greatly. His mother, Margaret Clark Metherell died several years ago.

Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Idea Metherell, and a daughter, Mrs. Margaret Beechey, of this place. His only son, Pfc. James Metherell, was killed in action in France in July 1944. Funeral services were held on Thursday at 2 pm at his late residence with the Rev. Dwight Loder, pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating. Burial in Arbon Cemetery. 

Jay S. YOUNG, of 106 Fulton St. Funeral today at 1:30 pm at Hagerman Funeral Home, the Rev. Orey Crippen. Pallbearers: William Besley, Elmer Young, Glen Kerrick, Victor Warner, Allen Warner and Shermon Warner. Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Aug. 24, 1957 

Earl H. Goodyear, 25, of Hulett St., Horseheads, died in Elmira at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15, 1938. He leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raiza E. Goodyear; a brother Frank; two sisters, Mrs. William Palmer and Mrs. Bert Cook; his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Rosekrans, all of Horseheads. Private funeral in the family home Friday 2 p.m. Rev. Roy S. Smyers, Scotchtown Cemetery, Town or Erin. 
Delos E. KIFF, 70, of Canton, PA Monday evening; Mar. 27, 1944. Survived by wife, Mrs. Lucy may Cease Kiff; daughters, Mrs. Helen Strauss of Canton; sons, Donald of Elmira, John M. of North Africa; grandchild, Richard Strauss of Canton; sister Mrs. Jennie Seager of Troy, PA; brothers, Burton of Troy, Frank and George of Waterloo. Funeral Thursday 10:30 am at Canton Methodist Church. Park Cemetery, Canton. Rev. L. A. Guiles. 
Welcome Daughter- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Merrill of West, 16th St. an eight pound baby daughter, this morning at 1:30 o'clock. She has been named Roselyn Mae. Both mother and child are reported as doing nicely. 
Ejects Man From Village Hall, Horseheads Custodian Suffers Injury to Heart, Causing Death- Rupture of the heart muscles resulting from a strain during a scuffle at the Horseheads Village Hall Tuesday morning, resulting in the death of Bradley Van Bencoten, 43, custodian of the Village Hall. Mr. Van Bencoten was also the driver of the Horseheads fire truck. About 11 a.m. Tuesday he engaged in a scuffle while ejecting William Farren of Horseheads, who it was said, had been loitering on the property. The incident was merely a friendly tussle prompted by the usual methods in clearing the Village Hall of loiterers, but the strain to Mr. Van Bencoten resulted in his death at 5 p.m. Tuesday. He went to his apartment on the upper floor of the Village Hall, after experiencing a feeling of faintness. Dr. W.T. Jones was summoned, but Mr. Van Bencoten failed to revive from the heart seizure. Raymond T. Cole, chief of police of the village, reported that there had been no fight between the two men, but that Mr. Van Bencoten apparently had strained himself while ejecting Farren from the village property. 
Bradley Van Bencoten- Bradley Van Bencoten, 43, custodian of the Horseheads Village Hall and driver of the fire truck in that village, died Tuesday at 5 p.m. in the family apartment in the village hall. Mr. Van Bencoten at 11 a.m. indulged in a friendly scuffle with a friend in the fire station. During the scuffle he suffered a rupture of the muscles of the heart and died at 5 p.m. Mr. Van Bencoten is survived by his widow, four daughters, Mrs. Marge Van Kuren, the Misses Mary, Frances and Loraine; two sons, Thomas and Jerome; a granddaughter, all at home; two sisters, Mrs. Henry Ernst of Chagrin Falls, Ohio,: Mrs. Earl Rinerson of Gillet, Pa., a brother, Loren of Seeley Creek. The remains repose in the Chilson and Shields funeral home at Horseheads and will be removed to the family apartment this evening. The funeral will be held at the Apartment Saturday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Mr. Guiles of the M. E. Church of Millerton, Pa., will officiate. Burial in Maple Grove Cemetry, Horseheads. 
William J. Anderson- William Joseph Anderson, Jr., died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Anderson, 763 East Second street, Wednesday night after an extended illness, aged twenty-three years. He is survived by his widow and two children, Dorothy and Jane; his parents; two sisters, Mary, at home, and Mrs. K. E. Close, and three brothers, Louis, Lee and Leonard all of Elmira. The funeral will be held at the home Monday at 9 a.m. and at the St. Peter and Paul church at 10 o'clock. Burial will be in the S.S. Peter and Paul cemetery. 
William S. Gosper- William S. Gosper of 408 Locust Street, died Thursday afternoon at Linesville, Pa., where he had been ill and under treatment. The decedent was twenty-seven years old an a native of Pince City. Mr. Gosper was graduated from the Elmira schools after which he was engaged in the wholesale grocery until about 1916, when he engaged in the work of a machinist and engineering. His technical ability was recognized by U.S. Government during World War where he qualified as a master of tool makers and expert on airplane design. At the close of the war he accepted a position with the Hilliard Clutch Company where he made rapid advancement, gaining the love and respect of both official and men. Mr. Gosper was a young man of many admirable characteristics who held the respect of many friends. The young man was just entering into the joy of his home and work when he became ill and suffered over an extended period. Death came in a peaceful manner yesterday afternoon. The decedent is survived by his widow, a son Ralph, and a daughter, Marlan; a sister, Fay Morrell of Pine City. The funeral will be held at the home of Charles Hunter, 366 Walace place, Saturday at 3:30 p.m. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
William S. Gosper- ( picture) The funeral of William S. Gosper was held this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at the home of Charles Hunter, 366 Walace place. The Rev. Hugh H. Burr officiated and burial was in Woodlawn cemetery. 
Harold Fuller Dies in Hospital As Result of Automobile Mishap- member of Cecterary Show Cast Succombs to Brain Concussion, Suffered When Auto Strikes Telephone Pole on June 29. Harold E. Fuller of 508 Herrick Street, who suffered concussion of the brain in an automobile accident at Mc.Cann's Boulevard and Lake Street Wednesday evening, June 29, died at St. Joseph Hospital at 6 o'clock. Mr. Fuller was injured while riding in a car driven by Earl W. Jackson of 903 West Church Street. Mr. Jackson and three others in the car escaped serious injury. They were Lee McChesney of 257 South Ave., Daniel K. Fuhrman of 468 Franklin Street, and Ford Johnson of 123 Partridge Street. The monitoring party was on its way to Sullivanville. The young men were members of the cast of a show being produced by the Baraca class of Centenary Church for the benefit of the Methodist Church at Sullivanville. Near McCann's Boulevard, Jackson turned out to pass a car driven by James J. Sullivan of 316 Division Street, which also turned west toward Mc Cann's Boulevard. The Jackson car struck the lighter car and then swerved into a telegraph pole. It hit the pole with such force that the wires were torn down. The sedan was wrecked and several of the young men suffered slight injuries. Sheriff John F. Dale states that his investigation has not been completed. Mr. Sullivan has been absolved from blame in the accident. The body of Mr. Fuller has been removed to the Wilson funeral home. Harold E. Fuller was born in Susquehanna County, Pa., 28 years ago. During the World War he served his country in the U.S. Navy and was a member of the American Legion. Nov. 2, 1925, he was united in marriage with Miss Lela Goodrich of this city. He was in the employ of the E. W. L. & R. R. Co., in the meter department. He was highly respected by his employers and loved by his associates. He was an active member Centenary M. E. Church, especially the Sunday school where he was a member of the Senate Baraca class. He also was a member of the church choir. Besides his widow, Mr. Fuller is survived by his mother, Mrs. Harriet Fuller of this city; two sisters, Mrs. Leo Bouse of Towanda, Pa., and Mrs. Alonzo B. Curen of Gillett, Pa.; two brothers Carl Fuller of Dimock, Pa., and Jonas Fuller of DuBoois Street, this city. 
Answers Doorbell to Find Man Stricken With Fatal Seizure; Dies Immediately Menzo D. Clark, Insurance agent Falls into Vestibule as Mrs. Maude Costley Opens Door- Pronounce Death Due to Apoplexy. While ringing the doorbell at the home of Mrs. Maude Costley, of West Chemung Place, about 11:30 o'clock this morning, Menzo D. Clark, well known real estate and insurance man, was stricken with a heart seizure and expired before medical aid could be summoned. When Mrs. Costley responded to the bell Mr. Clark fell into the vestibule. Dr. S. Tracey Hamilton city coroner, was summoned and pronounced death due to cerebral apoplexy. Mr. Clark's automobile was parked at the curb in front of the residence but it could not be ascertained whether he had become ill and was going into the house for aid or on a business call. The body was taken to the Wilson funeral home on South Main Street and the automobile taken to the City Hall parking place by Detective John L. Wilmot and Patrolman Earl Platt. Mr. Clark was a native of Knoxville, Pa. He is survived by his widow; a daughter, Miss Mary Clark, at home; his mother, Mrs. Helen Sensabaugh of Knoxville, Pa.; two sisters, Mrs. Ira Doane of Montour Falls and Mrs. Horton Clark of Painted Post; a brother, Melvin Clark of Dundee. Funeral announcements will be made later. 
Mrs. Miles T. Cassada- Mrs. Mary T. Cassada, died this morning at 1 o'clock at the family home at Pine City, aged eighty years. Mrs. Cassada had been in ill health during the winter but had not been in a serious condition until the past ten days. She was highly esteemed by many friends. Mrs. Cassada is survived by three daughters, Mrs. E. J. Rosengrant of Corning, Mrs. Frank D. Kelly of Addison and Miss Belle Cassada, at home; a son, Harry S. Cassada of Elmira. The funeral will be held at the home Thursday at 2 p.m., the Rev. John Richards of this city will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
Delos Eaton- Delos Eaton aged seventy-five years died Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the family home in Pine City. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Lillie Eaton; three sons, Frank of Elmira, John of Montana, and Walter of Pine City; one sister, Miss Florence Eaton of Elmira. The funeral will be held Wednesday at 1:30 o'clock at the home and at 2 o'clock at the Webb Mill church. Burial will be made in Woodlawn cemetery. 
Falls From Silo, Is In Hospital; Neighbors Finish His Harvesting Pine City, Oct. 13,- Finley Ferran, injured recently when he fell 30 feet from the top of a silo to a concrete floor, is reportedly as having spent a comfortable night at St. Joseph's Hospital where e was removed. His condition still is regarded as serious. As an expression of friendship 30 neighbors gathered at his farm Monday to complete his harvesting. The men harvested the corn, filled the silo and threshed the grain. Women of the Bird Creek Home Bueau of which Mrs. Ferran is a member served dinner at noon. Those furnishing machinery and labor were: Fred Balmer, George Bowen, Joseph Clark, Walter Bailey, Willis Litzer, Frank Davis, Ernest Lewis, Marsh Carpenter, Leonard Congdon, William Congdon, Mr. Simkim, Leon Simkim, Harvey Sitzer, Lynn Sitzer, Ray Congdon, Harold Congdon, Harold Congdon, Putnam Yaw, George Walker, Bert Congdon, John Nagle, Walter Eaton, Arthur Balmer, Tracey Hunsinger, N. P. Peterson, Earl Ferran, Lonnie Curren, Lewis Dix, Charles Dix and Lewis Curren. 
Arnold BOYD dead; Shut-in for 16 years

Arnold L. BOYD of 619 Franklin St. died about 5 am today in Arnot-Ogden Hospital of complications arising from an injury received 16 years ago in a truck accident. He was 34.

Almost a shut-in since the accident, which severed his spinal cord and paralyzed his lower body, Mr. Boyd has interested himself in numerous hobbies.

At one time he raised white canaries, learned to play the guitar, drums, ukulele, saxophone and harmonica and made recordings on a set in his room. For a while, he made telephone calls to other shut-ins, singing to them and telling them jokes to raise their spirits. 

William J. Anderson, Jr.- The funeral of William J. Anderson jr., of 763 East Second Street will be held from the home, Monday morning at 9 o'clock and at the SS. Peter and Paul Church at 10 o'clock. Burial will be in the SS. Peter and Paul cemetery. 
Mrs. Arrianna G. Brewer- Mrs. Arrianna G. Brewer died this morning at 2 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary Waltman, 228 Mt. Zoar Street, aged seventy-eight years. She had been ill about two years and was highly respected by many friends. Mrs. Brewer is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Mary Waltman and Mrs. Samuel W. Creighton of Elmira, and Mrs. Pearl Coolbaugh of Binghamton; two sons Stanley and Harry of Elmira; five sisters, Mrs. W. M. Stout, and Mrs. Lottie Kingsbury of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Mrs. C. A. White of Berwick, Pa., Mrs. John Thrasher of Dunshore, Pa., Mrs. G. L. Henry of Sayre, Pa., a brother, A. Douglas of Big Oak Flats, Calif., eight grandchildren. The remains repose in the home of Mrs. Samuel W. Creighton, 209 Caldwell avenue, where the funeral will be held Monday at 2 p.m. Burial in Woodlawn cemetery. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Wilson - Albert B. and Dimmis Soper Wilson, whose 50th wedding anniversary was celebrated in their home here on Sunday, July 1, 1945. 
(Voelke) Mrs. Jane M. VOELKIE, 49, of Washington, D. S., formerly of Elmira. Friday, Sept. 20, 1946. Survived by husband, Herman; daughters, Jean M. Voelkie, Mrs. Marion R. Dyer of Washington, formerly of Elmira. Funeral was Monday, 9:30 am at the Chambers Southeast Funeral Home, Washington, 10 at St. Francis Xavier Church, Washington, Cedar Hill Cemetery, Washington. 
Arthur A. LEIBY, 75, of Midway, Town of Veteran. Saturday, Jan. 4, 1947. Survived by wife, daughters, Mrs. Elsie Freas of Binghamton, Mrs. Raymond Watkins of Columbia Cross Roads, Mrs. Ernest Nowlan of Millport; several grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Arthur Hager of Troy, PA; Mrs. Carl Bradford of Canton, PA; brother, H. P. Leiby of Boalsburg, PA. Funeral Tuesday, 2 pm at Gustin Funeral Home, Horseheads. Woodlawn Cemetery. Please omit flowers. 
Jack, a 3 year old Belgian shepherd, recently was commended by the commandant of the Marine Corps for "outstanding performance against the enemy" while in Bougainville. He was wounded by a Jap sniper while carrying a vital message but accomplished his mission anyway. With him is PFC Homer J. Finley, Jr. , son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer J. Finley, Sr., of 819 W. Water St. PFC Finley has been training Marine Corps war dogs.
Boy and His Dog - Marine Style

PFC. Homer J. FINLEY, 819 W. Water St., "hit the beach" on Empress Augusta Bay, Bougainville Island, along with Marines War Dog Thor, a 5 year old German Shepherd and they have been in action on the island since Nov. 1. Pfc. Finley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer J. Finley, has been in the Marine Corps since July, 1942. 

Babies By Guy E. McMinimy

You can raise a crop of babies on almost any land; In fact, you need a little grit and just a little sand, And lots of love and laughter to make them grow up strong -- Yet folks with lots of babies seem somehow to get along.

I don't say they're as useful quite as calves and pigs and such, But they're a grand crop in themselves and worth ten times as much; So don't forget the babies when you're plannin' for your farm, A few about you-underfoot won't do a bit of harm.

And when your hair is growin' gray and years are growin' long, Your heart instead of dryin' up will hold a merry song; For babies have a way with them of growin' strong and tall, And make such-dandy leanin' posts when life's summer turns to fall.   

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 10/29/98
By Joyce M. Tice