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Tri County Clippings- Page Fifty Seven
From the Cook Scrapbook-

Copied from a copy in possession of Kelsey Jones. Typed by: Robin Posses.. THIS PAGE is arranged in random scrapbook order. While I know (the computer database knows) the real names of many of the women, I have not had time to look them up yet, and so have not attempted to put his is any order 

(Stout) - Mrs. John Stout - Mrs. John Stout of Rutland, PA died at family home November 17, having been in failing health for some time. She is survived by her husband, a daughter, Mrs. Ina Williams, and a grandson, John, of Elmira. 
UNKNOWN BABY - Millerton, PA. Search for Baby's Slayer Continues But Clues Fail; Hundreds Visit Death Well. Authorities Working on the Case Confess They Are at Sea to Date - Copy of The Star-Gazette Is Found Wrapped About Babe's Corpse. Millerton,M PA, April 15. With all clues on which they have been working proving groundless, authorities here confessed they are no nearer a solution of the murder of a newly born baby boy than they were Friday, when the body of the infant was found in an old unused well on the former Charles Tillinghast farm near here, by Gerald Henry. Yesterday afternoon District Attorney Rockwell of Wellsboro announced a reward of $200 would be paid for information leading to the apprehension of the unnatural mother or father who slashed the throat of the infant and then wrapping the tiny form in newspapers, dropped it in the well, a mile and a half from this village. When the well was pumped dry Monday, three newspapers were found wrapped about the babe. One was a copy of The Star- Gazette of December, the date being too indistinct. Authorities here consider this a slight clue, in that it convinces them further that the killer was not a transient who followed the dirt road leading from the Millerton-Elmira highway, and picked the well on the deserted place for a hiding place for the ghastly package he or she carried. They think that the guilty party was well acquainted here and knew of the old well and knew that the farm was deserted. County detective Young is making Millerton his headquarters and is devoting his entire time to investigating the case. While temporarily at loss, he believes justice will be avenged and the murderer run down. While gossip picks as a choice morsel the rumor that a Millerton woman left town Saturday, denial was made of the rumor here today. It was admitted that the authorities believed they had a clue which they believed was about to solve the case. But in investigating further, a baby, very much alive and well cared for, was found. Hundreds of people gathered at the old well over the week-end and gazed at the spot where the taking of a young babe's life had been concealed. Tioga County is much wrought up over the case and while the wheels of justice are grinding slowly, Millerton hopes they will grind exceedingly fine. 
DAGGETT, Herbert M. - Herbert M. Daggett. The funeral of Herbert M. Daggett late of Elmira was held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock at Lake Street Presbyterian Church. The Rev. R. Lew Williams officiated. Mrs. Marie Carr Fraser sang the hymns and the bearers were George A. Personius, Charles Lay, E. R. Springstead, L. C. Beebe, Chester E. Howell, Alvin A. Walter, F. S. Hunter, William S. Barnes, E. C. Fish. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
GROOM, Louise (Mrs. William Brown) Louise, wife of William Brown, of Caton, N.Y. died at the home of her sister Mrs. Jennie White of Corning N.Y. last Saturday. About seven weeks ago she went there to undergo an operation for a cancer when death ended her sufferings. Mrs. Brown was 42 years of age. She is survived by her husband, three children, Belle aged thirteen, Nina aged five and Dorothy aged two years. Also her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Groom, near this place, five sisters: Mrs. Erwin White of Corning, N.Y., Mrs. Herman Holatz of Elmira, Mrs. Jack Smith near this place, Mrs. Sherman Wheeler of Sagetwon, N.Y., and Miss Rose M. Groom near this place also two brothers: Albert Groom and Henry Groom., Jr. The funeral was held at Caton Center last Monday; sermon by Rev. Shergur; undertaker A. F. Smith of Corning in charge. 
MILLER, Alice - (Mrs. Joseph Rhinesmith) Mrs. Alice Rhinesmith died this afternoon at 1 o'clock at the family home, 214 Madison Avenue aged forty - seven years. She is survived by her husband, Joseph Rhinesmith, a daughter, Mrs. Ralph C. Stowell, a son Stephen, her father, Alvin Miller of Millerton, PA and a sister, Mrs. Clark B. Smith of Millerton, PA. The funeral will be announced later. 
WOOLWORTH, Frank W. With $50 and a little credit but a big scheme and a world of energy and grit, Frank W. Woolworth forty years ago started the first five-and-ten cent store in Utica, N.Y. He died today the head of a corporation which has 800 stores in all parts of the country and makes therefrom an annual profit of $8,000,000. Incidentally Woolworth was the builder of the 54 story Woolworth building in New York City, the tallest structure of its kind in the world. Woolworth started as an errand boy in a dry goods store. But he was not the sort of a chap who was always to be an errand boy or humble clerk. Woolworth had ideas and faith in those ideas. He determined to try them out. Pluck common sense and indefatigable labor eventually made him the head of a $65,000,000 concern. The story of his life is "one of the greatest business romances in the history of the world" remarks the Associated Press; but after all, it is a grave question if any venture that Woolworth made took more pluck and was more strongly indicative of his faith in the future than the event chronicled in his death notice today that "when he got to be a clerk, he got married on $8.50 a week." That America is the land of opportunity for those who dare and do could not be more strongly exemplified than by the life and achievements of Frank W. Wooldworth. 
ROSE, Rebecca - Mrs. Rebecca Packard, the widely known centanarian, died Tuesday morning at 7 o'clock at the home of her son, J. H. Packard in Covington township. Deceased was in her 105th year. She has been failing for some time. Death was due to old age. The funeral was held Thursday, May 2d from her late home. [The following from an obviously earlier article:] Thursday, Mrs. Rebekah Packard of Covington celebrated the 103d anniversary of her birth. The art of growing old gracefully acquired by comparatively few though it is an art in which the majority of people are anxious to excell. There is an old saw which begins something like this: "For lengthy life to be desired, Many things much be required, Income from rent and taxes clear, At least one thousand pounds a year" But such was not the lot of Mrs. Packard, who has been a widow for fifty-seven years. She has never been blessed with an abundance of this world's goods and during many years she attended to her household duties and reared eleven children says the Elmira Advertiser. Considering her activity, her bright mind and the preservation of all the faculties at her great age she is, with out a doubt, the most remarkable woman in Pennsylvania today. She has lived under the administration of every president since the formation of this government, having been born a year and a half before Washington retired from the presidency. She was eleven years of age when Robert Fulton's steamboat made its first trip up the Hudson and she was married six months before General Andrew Jackson won his victory over the British at New Orleans. She was a middle aged woman when she read with interest about Fremont's heroic expedition of discovery in the untracked region of the Rocky Mountains, California and Oregon and she was comparatively an old woman when the first railroad was built in this country, when Morse constructed is telegraph line and Howe invented the sewing machine. What wonderful strides have been made in human progress during trhe span of one human life. Rebekah Rose was born at Norfolk, Conn, October 23, 1795. She was the daughter of Russell Rose who was an officer in the Contimental army and one of General Wasington's staff officers. Her father moved to this county and settled in what is now Sullivan township in 1807 and in Sullivan and Covington townships Mrs. Packard has spent almost all of her days. She married John Packard in Covington June 30, 1814 and to them eleven children were born. Her husband died in the spring of 1842. Mrs. Packard is still as lively as most women half her age. She is mentally as bright as ever and her eyesight is undimmed by age. The quiet grace and the dignity of her being attract younger persons and her retentive memory, her fund of anecdotes and her good conversational powers interest all with whom she associates. In a letter written by Mrs. Packard in answer to a request for a sketch of her life she says I remember very well when my father made the trip from Conn. to this county with horses and (?) twenty years before the first steam cars were running. 
POMEROY, Newton Merrick - Last of Several Brothers Long Influential in the Affairs of That Borough. Troy, PA. Feb. 17 - Newton Merrick Pomeroy, one of the best known long time residents of this borough, died at 4:15 o'clock this morning after a three days' illness of pneumonia. His age was eighty-one years. Mr. Pomeroy was the last and youngest of the Pomeroy brothers who had been so prominent and influential in Troy affairs for fully 75 years. His wife died in October, 1912 and he is survived only by his son, Daniel F. Pomeroy, and his nephew, Henry P. Davison of J. P. Morgan & Company, New York who are now touring in Egypt. A cablegram was at once sent them conveying the sad news. Merrick Pomeroy, as he was best known, was a merchant in Troy for many years. He amassed considerable wealth and about 20 years ago retired to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He nver sought public office but had served the borough as burgess and in other capacities. The family has long taken an active part in Troy's affairs and the passing of the last member of the older generation is noted with peculiar sorrow for that reason. 
(Wilson) Mrs. Samuel F. - Mrs. Samuel F. Wilson of Daggett, PA died this morning at the home of Samuel Wilson at Sylvania, PA aged seventy-eight years. She is survived by her husband, Samuel Francis Wilson, a son Phillip of Elmira Heights, an adopted daughter, Mrs. Frank Doughty of Daggett, PA. The funeral will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Daggett Methodist Episcopal Church. The Rev. F. I. Smith of Elk Run, PA will officate. Burial in the Daggett, PA cemetery. 
(Wilson) Mrs. Frank - Troy, Feb. 18 - Mrs. Frank Wilson of Daggetts Mills died at the home of her nephew, Samuel Wilson at Sylvania Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson had been there on a short visit when Mrs. Wilson became ill. The funeral was held from the home at Sylvania Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock and from the Daggetts Mills Methodist Church. Interment was in the Daggetts Mills cemetery. 
NONEMACHER / Knapp Wedding. The home of Mrs. and Mrs. William Knapp of Pine City was the scene of an attractive wedding Friday evening, June 13 when their daughter, Miss Katherine, was united in marriage to Earl Nonenmacher of this city. At exactly nine o'clock the bridal party consisting of the brade and bridegroom; Miss Myrte Wright, bridesmaid; Elmer J. Easton, best man; little Miss Helen Knapp, sister of the bride, flower girl; entered the parlor to the strians of the wedding march played by Miss Mary Moshier of Pine City. The bride was most attractive in white crepe de chine trimmed in pearls and wore a necklace of pearls, a gift from the bridegroom. The bridesmaid was dressed in blue crepe de chine and both bride and the bridesmaid carried boquets of roses and snapdragon. The Rev. George G. Burroughs pastor of the Pine City Baptist Church performed the marriage ceremony, using the ring service. After congatulations the guests were ushered to the dining rooms where the wedding supper was served. The dining room decorations were pink and white and Mrs. Edith Sherman of Pine City acted as caterer. The following guests were present: Mrs. Mary S. Nonemacher, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Reinhart and daughter Beth, Mrs. and Mrs. S. E. Grinnell, Mr. William H. Knapp, Mrs. J. W. Wright and daughter, Misses Myrtle and Eleanor, Elmer J. Easten, Sam Parfitt, Joe Kay all of this city; Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Grinnell, Misses Mildred, Eileen and Russell of Columbia Cross Roads; Mrs. Jennie Leitzell and Miss Laura E. Leitzell of Lock Haven, PA; Mrs. Eugenia A. McCloskey of Roncevert, W. Va.; Mrs. E. Dean Fowler, Lock Haven, PA; Mrs. J. E. McTanney of Oswego, Miss Mary Moshier and the Rev. and Mrs. George G. Burroughs, of Pine City. The bride and bridegroom are taking an extended wedding tour of two weeks. They will visit Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and New York and will be at home to their friends at 536 Lyon Street. 
KINNER, Giles - Giles Kinner, a lifelong resident of Jackson Township, died at the family home in Millerton, PA April 19th after an extended illness. The decedent was seventy-three years old and is survived by his widow and four sons, Lewis and Joseph of Millerton, PA, Harry of Washington D.C., and the Rev. Frank Kinner of Wyalusing, PA; two daughters, Mrs. Harriett Tillinghast of Elmira and Mrs. G. W. Willis of Starrucca, PA. Mr. Kinner was a veteran of the Civil War, he having passed four years in the service. Eleven months of that time he was held a prisoner in the Andersonville prison. The funeral was held Wednesday at 11 o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Remer officiating. The services were in charge of Deming Post, G.A.R. 
FREEMAN, Spencer - The funeral of Spencer Freeman the little son of Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Freeman, of 708 Hopkins Street, was held at the family home at 2 p.m. Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery. Mrs. and Mrs. Ernest Freeman of 708 Hopkins Street thank their friends and neighbors for their kindness during their bereavement, the death of their son. Also to the Rev. R. F. C. Schniedler of 734 Hopkins Street, who made a heroic effort to save the boy from drowning in the pond and later officiated at the funeral; also to the employees of the tool room of the Eclipse Machine Company and other friends for beautiful flowers. 
OLDROYD, infant son - An infant son of George Oldroyd aged seven months died Monday while the parents were driving from Roseville to Trowbridge, where they reside. The funeral was held Thursday at Daggett. 
GRAHAM, Edward - Edward Graham, only son of Mr. and Mrs. George Graham, died Tuesday morning at his home in Northwest Jackson aged twenty-five years. Deceased was treated for a time in a Buffalo hospital but without successful results. His disability is reported to have been paralysis which is unusual in one so young. He was married about two years ago and his wife survives him. There are no children. It is a sad case, as the young couple had established a home and looked forward to a life of prosperity and happiness. 
FRIENDS, Willis - Willis Friends died this morning at 8:15 o'clock at the family home, 217 Dewitt Avenue after an extended illness, aged sixty-six years. He was a former resident of Millerton, PA and for many years was employed as a salesman of wagons and farming implements in this city. Mr. Friends was a member of the First Baptist Chruch and the Massasolt Tribe, I. O. of R. M. The decedent is survived by his widow, a daughter, Mrs. George R. Hemingway, four grandsons, Martin Friends, Jr., George W. , James E. and Martin T. Hemingway all of Elmira; four brothers, George, Henry, Jay and Samuel Friends; also a sister, Mrs. Emeline White; a brother-in-law, John Signor, all of Millerton, PA. The funeral will be held at the family home, Friday at 1:30 p.m. The Rev. Hugh C. Burr will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
(Ayers), Maria C. - Mrs. Maria C. Ayers, widow of Decker Ayers, died at her home, 716 West Water Street, Elmira on Sunday last, aged seventy-three years. The deceased, a most estimable lady, had been in poor health for some time and her life had been despaired of for several months. She is survived by four children: C. A. Ayers and Decker E. Ayers, Elmira and Mrs. James P. Slocum of Wells, PA and Miss Ione Slocum, a granddaughter, has resided with Mrs. Ayers for the past seventeen years and was her constant companion. The funeral was held at the home of Decker E. Ayers, 720 West Water Street, Elmira, Tuesday afternoon at 1:30, Rev. Huff of Pine City officiating. Burial was in the family plot in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
(Woodford), Mrs. Rebecca - Mrs. Rebecca Woodford, widow of James Woodford, died at 4 o'clock this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cora Belknapp at Trowbridge, PA ,aged seventy-five years, after a long illness. Mrs. Woodford is survived by seven children - Cora, Hattie, Nancy, Bertha, Jasper, Fred and Lee, all of whom are residents of Tioga County, PA. Services will be held at the home of Mrs. Belknapp Monday morning at 11 o'clock. The funeral will be at the Jackson Center Church. 
HUGHES, Fred - Fred Hughes, an old and highly esteemed resident of Mitchell's Creek, died Wednesday morning, aged eighty-four years. 
(Stewart) Mrs. Jessie B. - Mrs. Jessie B. Stewart Drives Horse in Front of Tioga Division Train - So Bundled She Didn't Hear. A serious grade crossing accident occurred on the Tioga Division of the Erie Railroad yesterday about 2:30 o'clock near Somers Lane, PA which cost the life of Mrs. Jessie B. Stewart of Mitchell's Mills near Adler Run, PA. The Tioga division passenger train which arrives in Elmira about 4 o'clock was making the usual run on the side line between Lawrenceville and Tioga Junction and was traveling at a rate of about 35 miles per hour. The crossing at Somers Lane was unobstructed and a clear view of the tracks is obtained at both sides of the road. Mrs. Stewart was seated in a single top buggy, the top of which was raised and the curtains in position. She was heavily clothed as a protection against the cold and had her head covered with a heavy scarf which probably prevented her hearing the approach of the trian. Her horse was somewhat spirited and she held him in with considerable difficulty as she drove out on the railroad tracks. Witnesses allege the bell on the locomotive was ringing and Engineer Lloyd Higgins of this city sounded the whistle several times. The buggy was struck near the front wheels and was carried a distance of about 300 yards on the engine pilot. The horse was killed instantly. When the train was brought to a stop Conductor James W. Maher of this city and his crew ran forwad and found the remnants of the buggy and the lifeless remains of Mrs. Stewart on the locomotive pilot The remains were not mutilated, the principal injury, which had caused her death, being on the side of her head. The remains removed to Tioga Point and the family of the decedent at Alder Run, PA was notified of the accident and the death. The decedent was about forty years old and had been married about seven months. Her husband survives her. 
SQUIRES, Philena - Miss Philena Squires died Wednesday afternoon at the home of her brother, Edward Wheeler, at Sylvania, PA, aged seventy-nine years. She is survived by three brothers, Edward Wheeler of Sylvania, PA, Lloyd Wheeler of Mansfield, PA and Peter Wheeler of Morris, PA. Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home. Burial will be in Squires Cemetery. The Rev. A. G. Cameron will officiate. 
THOMPSON, Orpah Wells - Miss Orpah Wells Thompson, for many years a resident of this city, died at the home, 328 Irving Place, Sunday at 6 p.m. after an illness of more than a year. Miss Thompson was born near Jobs Corners, PA in 1836. She began teaching in the country near her home when quite young. Later she came to Elmira where she studied in Miss Clarrisa Thurston's Private Academy for Young Women. Later she was a student in Elmira College. Miss Thompson was a teacher in School No. Four a period of forty-five years and retired from active teaching in 1909. As a teacher she was respected by both pupils and fellow teachers for her wonderful understanding of children and for her quiet and unassuming manner of performing the routine duties in an unusually efficient manner. Miss Thompson by her beauty of character and her quiet influence had been a potent influence for good in molding the characters of many of the men and women of Elmira who were fortunate enough to be her pupils. During her long life in Elmira Miss Thompson was a devoted and useful member of the Park Church an was a close friend of the Rev. Thomas Beecher and Mrs. Beecher. She is survived by a niece, Miss Stella M. Lawrence with whom she had lived and nephews Frederick M. Lawrence of this city and Louis E. Lawrence of Detroit, Mich. The funeral will be announced later. 
STOUT, Mr. & Mrs. - Farewell Party - Mrs. S. W. Creighton of Caldwell Avenue entertained at a farewell party Wednesday evening in honor of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William Stout who leave today for their home in Wilkes-Barre, PA after having spent a month with their sister, Mrs. Ann Brewer of this city. A delicious supper was served to the following: Mr. and Mrs. William Stout, and son, J. Vaughn Stout, Mrs. Anna Brewer, Mrs. Lotta Kingsbury of Wilkes-Barre, PA, Mrs. Mary Waltman, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Heed, Louise and Robert Heed, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Brewer, Ruby, Paul and Richard Brewer, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Creighton, Winifred and Agnes Creighton. 
OLIVER, Mr. & Mrs. W. J. - Wedding Anniversary - Friends and relatives met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Oliver of Bonaview Avenue, Saturday evening, July 12, in honor of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Those present were Mrs. and Mrs. J. W. Emblen of Chemung, Mrs. and Mrs. John Brunner of Horseheads, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Schofield and Harry Oliver of Daggett, PA, Mrs. James Baker and two children of Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Kenyon, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Atwater, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aldrick and daughter Florence, Mrs. Alice Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barnes, son Melvin, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Oliver, sons Floyd and RoBert of Elmira. Light refreshments were served and a social time was enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver were presented many beautiful pieces of silver. 
LA COMB, Leo P. - Leo P. La Comb of 573 Tompkins Street a shop employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad, was drowned Sunday noon in Seeley Creek near the Erie railroad station at Pine City. The victim with his brother, Arthur, and Clifford C. Howell had gone to the creek in an automobile. According to reports Leo could swim only a few strokes while his companions do not swim at all. Mr. La Comb, who was 23 years old, had been in the water only a few moments when he attempted to swim across the creek. He reached the opposite side safely but upon the return he sank in the middle of the pool and did not reappear. His companions secured the aid of Leo Walker who lives near the creek and after several dives Mr. Walker brought the body to shore. In the meantime, Dr. Voorhees sent to Elmira for a pulmotor. According to reports the police pulmotor was out of order and when the E. W. W. & R.R. Company pulmotor arrived it was found the gas bag could not be used. Dr. C. F. Anderson then was on the scene and adrenaline was administered by the two physicians. The heart failed to respond, however. The body was taken to the morgue and later to the Wilson undertaking parlors. Mr. La Comb was a valued employee of the Pennsylvania railroad and was spoken of in the highest esteem by company officials. He was a veteran of the World War, serving in the navy. He had been an employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company for a year and a half and was a member of the P. R. R. Y. M. C. A. His home was in Norfolk, near Massena, N.Y. where the body was removed this morning. Mr. La Comb is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter La Comb of Norfolk; five brothers, Arthur of Elmira, Henry of Syracuse, Augustus of Ogdensburg, Ralph of Reymondville and Ernest of Massena; three sisters, Mrs. Guy La Shombe of Massena and Mrs. Anna Frego and Miss Blanche La Comb both of Norfolk. 

(Smith), Emma - Mrs. Emma Smith died at the home of her grandson, Louis Burlew of Lake Road, Horseheads, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock of pneumonia, aged eighty-four years. She is survived by two sons, Henry Smith of Pine City and Frank Smith of Oak Hill; a daughter, Mrs. Howard Burlew of Erin. The funeral will be held Friday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of Louis Burlew. Burial in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Troy, PA. 
TROWBRIDGE, Sarah, E. (Mrs. Eugene Case) - Mrs. Sarah E. Case died Wednesday at 7 a.m. at the family home in Pine City, aged seventy years. She is survived by her husband, Eugene Case; two sons, Lewis I. Oliver of Spokane, Wash, Charles T. Oliver of Booneton, N.J.; a daughter, Miss Anna M. Oliver of Elmira; a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Brown of Elmira; two brothers, Chester Trowbridge of Kiefer, Okla., and CharlesTrowbridge of Michigan; also seven grandchildren. The funeral will be held Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at the home. The Rev. Charles Burroughs of Pine City to officiate. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery. 
WILCOX, Asa - Asa Wilcox, a prominent and highly respected resident of Mosherville, PA died at the family winter home at Arch Creek, Florida, Sunday morning, aged eighty-one years. Mr. Wilcox was born in Orange County and came to Chemung County with his parents in 1847. In 1867 he married Mary Strong, a daughter of Daniel Strong of Mosherville, PA. who survives him. Mr. Wilcox for years had been engaged in an extensive business at Mosherville and for the past ten years he had maintained a winter home at Arch Creek, Florida. He had been in feeble health about two years and was in decline when he went to Arch Creek for the winter of 1923. He had been unable upon account of his illness to return north in the spring of 1924. He was highly esteemed by a large circle of friends. He is survived by his widow, a son, William S. Wilcox of Lawrenceville, PA and two daughters, Mrs. Mary Johns of Mansfied., PA and Mrs. Pearl Kalch of Arch Creek, Fla; also several grandchildren; three brothers, John S. and H. D. Wilcox of Elmira, and Fred Wilcox of Roseville, PA. The remains will be removed to Mosherville for burial. The funeral arrangements will be announced later. 
FERGUSON, Caroline H. (Mrs. Caroline H. Pierce) - Mrs. Caroline H. Pierce died at the family home in Pine City, Saturday evening at 9:45 o'clock, aged eighty-two years. She is survived by one son, Hoffman D. Pierce at home; one brother, Henry Ferguson of Grand Rapids, Michigan; several nieces and nephews. A prayer service will be held at the home in Pine City Tuesday afternoon at 11:30 o'clock and the funeral service will be in the Baptist Church at 2 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Burrows will officiate. Burial in Pine City Cemetery. 
(Belknap) Mrs. Ernest M. - The funeral of Mrs. Ernest M. Belknap late of 234 West Water Street was held at the Jackson Summit Church this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Burial was in the Jackson Summit Cemetery. 
UPDIKE, Welby A. - Welby A. Updike of Dagget, PA died this morning at 4:30 o'clock aged sixty-five years. The deceased is survived by his widow, a sister, Mrs. Clara Baker of Dagget and a niece, Mrs. Florence Updike Northrup of this city. Mr. Updike was a prominent member of the Methodist Church and the Odd Fellows. Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. Chauncey Ellison of Dagget at the family home at 2 o'clock. Members of the Odd Fellows will assist. 
(Ingersoll), Mary - Mrs. Mary Ingersoll died at the family home in Mosherville Sunday afternoon aged ninety years. She is survived by her grandson, Samuel J. Brasted; one brother, William Ingersoll of Elmira and one sister, Mrs. J. A. Dunham of Walla Walla, Wash. The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home. Burial in the Mosherville Cemetery. 
(Ingersoll), Mary - The funeral of Mrs. Mary Ingersoll was held at the family home in Mosherville Wednesday afternoon. The Rev. A. H. Youell of Georgetown, N.Y. officiated. Mrs. Ingersoll is survived by a grandson, Samuel J. Basted; a brother, William D. Ingersoll of Elmira and a sister, Mrs. J. A. Dunham of Walla Walla, PA. [note previous obit states Walla Walla, Wash.] Mrs. Ingersoll was born in Sussex County, New Jersey April 12, 1824 and had resided in Mosherville 50 years. She was a life-long member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mrs. E. E. Daggett and Mrs. Carrie Frey of Elmira sang "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" and "Abide With Me". The bearers were Clark and Charles Bowman, Charles Beckwith, E. E. Daggett, A. A. Potter, G. W. Ayers. 
(Dobney) Mrs. John T. - Mrs. John T. Dobney died at the family home in Pine City Thrusday morning at 11:30 o'clock aged fifty-seven years. She is survived by her husband and several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Dobney was a member of the M. E. Church of Big Flats for many years. Funeral services will be held at the home in Pine City Sunday at 1 o'clock and the funeral will be at the M. E. Church of Big Flats at 2:30 o'clock. The Rev. L. A. Giles of Millerton, PA to officiate. Burial in the Rural Home Cemetery at Big Flats. 
(Warner), Mrs. A. B. - Mrs. A. B. Warner of Mosherville died Friday evening at 6:25 o'clock of sleeping sickness aged fifty-five years. She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Laura Barnes of Pine City; three sons, Andy and Sherman at home and Victor of Pine City. The funeral will be held at the Baptist Church at Coryland, PA, Monday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Ora Crippen will officiate. Burial in the Baptist Hill Cemetery. 
ROBBINS, Dr. A. F. The funeral of Dr. A. F. Robbins was held this morning at 11 o'clock at the home in Seeley Creek. Burial was in the Woodlawn Cemetery in this city. 
FRENCH, Mark S. - Mark S. French, a retired hotel keeper and businessman of Mansfield, PA many years, died Monday morning at 11:30 o'clock at the Blossburg Hospital after an illness of nine months duration. He is survived by his widow; two daughters, Mrs. John Causer of Elmira and Mrs. Robert Q. Watson of Philadelphia. The funeral wil be held at the family home in Mansifeld, PA Wednesday at 3 p.m. Burial in the Evergreen Cemetery at Mansfield, PA. Mr. French was well known and respected by many Elmira friends. 
AYERS, Thomas - Thomas Ayers, a former resident of this village, died at his home in Elmira Tuesday night, after a lingering illness. The remains will be brought to this place Friday for burial in our village cemetery. 
(Sweet), Mrs. Ella N. - Mrs. Ella N. Sweet died Friday at the home of her son, B. L. Sweet at Sylvania, PA. She was seventy-two years of age. She is survived by her son and two daugters, Mrs. Samuel Rockwell of Mainesburg, PA and Miss Nan Sweet of Williamsport, PA. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of her son at Sylvania. The Rev. H. E. Cameron will officate. Burial in Reading cemetery. 
(Wilcox) Mrs. Asa - Lawrenceville, Nov. 20 - William S. Wilcox has received the sad news of the death of his mother, Mrs. Asa Wilcox who died this week at her home in Arch Creek, Florida. The body was brought to her former home at Mosherville where the funeral was held. Interment was in the family plot in the Mosherville Cemetery beside her husband whose body was brought from Florida last July. The Rev. George Martin, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at this place officiated. 
STRONG, Mrs. Mary Strong Wilcox - Mrs. Mary Strong Wilcox, widow of Asa Wilcox, formerly of Mosherville, PA died at the family home at Arch Creek, Florida Saturday. She is survived by three children; Mrs. Clifford Kalch of Arch Creek, Mrs. T. W. Johns of Mansfield, PA and W. S. Wilcox of Lawrenceville, PA; three brothers, James Strong of Columbia Cross Roads, PA, George Strong of Fassett, PA and Donald Strong of Gillett, PA. [?? possibly reads "a sister"] Mrs. Flora Wickham living in the west. The remains arrived in Elmira this morning and repose in the Wilson undertaking rooms where friends may call. The funeral will be held at Moshervile, PA the former home of the decedent. 
KELTS, Sheriff Elwin G. - Wellsboro, Aug. 12th - Sheriff E. G. Kelts of Tioga County, a resident of this place for many years was discovered dead in his automobile this morning between 10 and 11 o'clock. Mr. Kelts had been driving from Wellsboro to Roseville. The body was found by Dana Prutsman. It is believed he suffered a heart attack more violent than those he has been subject to for some time. When the Kelts' car was found it had crashed into a tree. The damage indicated he might have been killed as a result of the accident but it is thought he died before he could bring his motor to a stop. Sheriff Kelts passing is a profound shock to the residents of Wellsboro and Tioga County. Of kindly nature and disposition, he made many friends who will deeply feel their loss. His work as sheriff won much commendatioon. When news of his death reached this place, Tioga County court which is now in session was adjourned in deference to his memory. In the court room, Howard F. Marsh delivered a short speech in which he dealt on Mr. Kelts' characteristics and on the loss Wellsboro and Tioga County sustained by his passing. Mr. Kelts was serving his second year as sheriff. He was a member of the Republican party and prominent in affairs of Wellsboro. He is survived by his widow. 
KELTS, E. G. - Dies In Motor - Mr. Kelts' unexpected death this morning was a profound shock to residents of Wellsboro and Tioga County where he was serving his second year as sheriff. Mr. Kelts' death is believed to have been caused by a heart attack while driving his automobile near Roseville. 
KELTS, Sheriff Elwin G. - Late Sheriff Kelts Is Buried At Konona. Knoxville, PA, Aug. 20 - The funeral of Sheriff Elwin G. Kelts was held from his former home in this place and was largely attended. The Rev. D. L. Pitts, a former pastor of the Methodist Church here, officiated assisted by the Rev. Bernard E. Mitchell, the present pastor. The service at the grave, Riverside Cemetery, was in charge of the Masons. 
GAIGE, Lydia (Lydia A. Gaige Roosa) - Mrs. Lydia A. Roosa, widow of John C. Roosa, died Sunday morning at the home of her niece, Mrs. Harry Strouse, at Sagetown aged eighty-one years. She is survived by a brother, D. W. Gaige of Millerton, PA and two grandchildren, Gladys Roosa of Pentwater, Mich. and Hugh Roosa of Tioga, PA. The funeral will be held at the Webb Mills Church at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Burial in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. 
ABER, Rose M. - Mrs. Rose M. Aber of 362 1/2 West Thurston Street, died Friday morning at 11:30 o'clock. She is survived by her husband, Oscar A., daughter, Helen Estella, her parents, two sisters and a brother, all of Toronto, Canada; a sister in Kingston, Canada and a brother in Detroit, Mich. The funeral will be held at the home Monday morning at 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock from the St. Patrick Church. Burial in the SS Peter and Paul Cemetery. 
EATON, Theron - Theron Eaton, aged twenty-four years died at his home on Bird Creek on Christmas Day. The funeral was held at the house Sunday; burial in Daggett Cemetery, Monroe Miller officating. 
(Riley), Fanny - Mrs. Fanny Riley, of Caton, died at the home of her son-in-law, Ora Kelley, on South Creek last Friday and was brought home for burial last Sunday 
(Sheive), Mary Jane - A prayer service for the late Mrs. Mary Jane Sheive was held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Eva Jones, 50 Fulton Street this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. The Rev. W. G. Boyd officiated. Burial was in the Daggett M. E. Church at 3 o'clock. Burial was in Jobs Corners Cemetery. 
(Payne), Mrs. John - [????] home of her daughter, Mrs. James Dougherty, in Morris Run, at 3 a.m. on Monday last. She is survived by another daughter, Mrs. G. S. Hildreth of Mansfield and two sons, George and Edward Payne. Decedent was 90 years old and had been a resident of this county many years, living in Jackson, Blossburg and Morris Run, coming to this country from England with her husband, John Payne, in her early twenties. Her husband died nineteen years ago. She was a member of the Baptist Church of Jackson Summit. A prayer service was held last evening in Morris Run, and the funeral will be held this (Wednesday) afternoon at 1 o'clock in Jackson Summit. 
HUNTLEY, Sarah A. (Mrs. Nelson C. Huntley) - Mrs. Sarah A. Huntley died Monday morning at the family home in Geneva, aged sixty-four years. She is survived by her husband, Nelson C. Huntley, two daughters, Miss Myrtle Huntley of Geneva and Mrs. Frank Bump of Junius; a sister, Mrs. Charles Rife of Elmira. The remains will be removed to Elmira Tuesday and a prayer service will be held at Woodlawn Chapel at 2 p.m. Burial in Woodlawn cemetery. 

OVERPECK, L. C. - Watkins, Dec. 2. - The body of L. C. Overpeck who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Feister of Rochester, was brought here Sunday night. Mr. Overpeck is survived by one son, Dr. C. L. Overpeck of this village and Mrs. Henry Feister of Rochester. The funeral was held from the family home on Franklin Street this afternoon. Burial was in Glenwood Cemetery. 
BREESE, Margaret S. - Miss Margaret S. Breese died Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of her niece, Miss Margaret McWhorter, 800 Southport Street. She was eighty-eight years old and the oldest member of the South Presbyterian Church. Her death followed an extended illness. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. Mary L. McWhorter, and a cousin, Mrs. Maria Styles. The funeral will be held Thursday afternooon at 2 o'clock at the McWhorter residence and will be private. The Rev. H. A. Depfer will officiate. Burial in Woodlawn cemetery. 
NOBLE, George - George Noble died at his home in Wells, PA a short distance above Mosherville on Thursday night of last week, aged 75 years. The funeral was held at the house Sunday at noon; burial on Baptist Hill, Monroe Miller officating. 
(Ludlow) Mary A. - Mrs. Mary A. Ludlow is Dead in Gillett. Gillett, PA. Feb. 7 - Mrs. Mary A. Ludlow, widow of John J. Ludlow of Gillett, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. M. Baker at Gillett at noon Friday, aged 82 years. She is survived by three daughters, Mrs. W. M. Baker, with whom she made her home; Mrs. E. L. Moon of Lakemont, N.Y. and Mrs. Lena Bogardus of Horseheads; also several grandchildren and great grandchildren. 
(Wilcox), Sarah - Mrs. Sarah Wilcox, mother of Geo. G. Wilcox, station agent at this place, died on Rowley Hill in Wells township last Monday, aged eighty-five years. The funeral and burial were at Mosherville Wednesday. Deceased had been a widow for many years. She leaves several sons, among whom are Asa Wilcox of Moshervile; George of this place; Fred of Roseville; Lawyer H. D. of Elmira and Josiah Wilcox of Wells. 
BROWN, M. Alice. - Miss M. Alice Brown of Los Angeles, California died very unexpectedly, December 20. Miss Brown was a former resident of Elmira where she lived many years before going West. She had many relatives and friends in this city. Miss Brown was a devoted member of the First Baptist Church. The family resided many years on Hall Street and later on Davis Street near West First Street. William Brown was the father and the late Comfort Brown, a former principal of School No. Four, was an uncle of the decedent. Miss Brown is survived by brother, Fred Brown. The burial was in Los Angeles, Cal. 
(Wells), Maria - Mrs. Maria Wells, widow of Henry F. Wells of this city, aged eighty years, eleven months and ten days, died in Pine City yesterday morning. She is survived by one son, Charles F. Wells of Pine City; two stepsons, Lewis M. Wells of Newark, N.J. and H. Marvin Wells of this city and one daughter, Mrs. James D. Burt of Elmira. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of Mr. Wells in Pine City. The interment will be private. 
COOLIDGE, Calvin, Jr. - Sickness has again entereed the White House. Calvin Coolidge, Jr.., younger son of the President, is seriously ill. He is suffering from an attack of septic poison resulting, the doctors say, from a blister incurred during a tennis match. -- -- Washington, July 8 -- Death once more cast its shadow today over the White House claiming Calvin Coolidge, Jr., the 16 year old son of the President. A courageous struggle of five days that stood off the final claim, acute blood poisoning to the utmost, ended last night. The youngest son of the President died at Walter Reed Hospital where he had lain in his desperate fight for life since he was removed there last Saturday that every resource of medical science might be invoked to save his life. Wasted in strength by the ravaging spread of the septic poisoning that resulted from an almost unnoticed blister which developed on his foot while playing tennis a week ago, the youth fought a futile battle throughout yesterday. Losing ground steadily, he yet amazed physicians by the tenacity with which he clung to the slender thread of life and his fortitude under the suffering of the complications that attended the spread of the treacherous disease. He collapsed early in the night and death occurred at 10:30. -- Abandon Hope -- Forced in the last hours to abandon the desperate hope they had held for his recovery based much on the courage and fighting spirit they knew he had, the President and Mrs. Coolidge faced the end at their son's bedside. They had kept the long vigil there unbroken save for an occasional hurried return to the White House yesterday and Sunday. So plainly showing their ordeal of sorrow, the mother and father left the hospital at once. Mrs. Coolidge had the President's arm as they walked hurriedly to the automobile to drive to the White House. As the car swung down the long avenue toward the executive masion, they were joined by another with C. Bascom Slemp, the President's secretary. At the White House there was only the respect of withdrawal to pay as the doors were opened to receive the President and Mrs. Coolidge. The mother was joined as she entered by Mrs. Frank W. Stearns, a close friend of the family and a White House guest, and her husband. The President and Mrs. Coolidge, who were said to have borne up bravely, went at once to their rooms and at midnight the White House was entirely darkened. John, the elder son, who had been spared the ordeal of the last hours at the bedside of the brother, who had been a constant companion, was in his room when his parents returned and remained upstairs. -- Strong Will Holds Life -- Those who watched the struggle of the sixteen-year od lad against the terrific odds of the disease which swept through his system was agreed that only a fortitude of will and character unusual at any age had kept him alive so long. It was on Saturday that the venomous nature of the infection was definitely disclosed. The trifling abrasion that had resulted from the blister of Monday was so little thought of that he had appeared that night with his father at the public budget meeting of government officials where he saw much to smile and jest about with his elder brother. By Wednesday, however, the onslaught of the infection had commenced and on Saturday in an army ambulance with his mother at his side, Calvin, Jr. was hastened to Walter Reed Hospital on the outside of Washington for an opeation which it was hoped might reduce to a new focus the bacteria which were building in the tissues of his leg. For the reception of the patient and also to provide temporary quarters for the President and Mrs. Coolidge that they might remain constatly near him, the entire upper wing of the hospital was cleared. The operation was performed...???. The Rev. Mr. Kenneth Welles, pastor of the ? [possibly "Edwards"] Church said that "What was most wholesome and best in the American boy, he was." "Friends: The sadness of this home coming binds us all very closely together and makes us more aware than ever of the love and loyalty which we of Northampton bear towards these honored friends who have come back to us" the Rev. Mr. Welles said. "Our hearts are all very tender and when hearts are tender when the way is opened by sympathy and sorrow, the God speaks. He is not far away this morning, coming in answer to our needs and the summons of this beautiful young life which has gone on. All those who have lost some one dear know what God's footfalls may be heard quietly walking with them, bringing a peace to other minds and a balm to their souls. Once cannot know such a life and not know something of the Divine in men. One cannot watch the growth of such a spirit at home, in school, in the church without being led into the presence of God. And if Calvin Coolidge, junior, has helped us to move on a little close to God...???" 
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