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1930 Standing Stone Township Census
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E.D. 8-43  Census Taken April 21 through May 6, 1930
Enumerator:  Emma S. Lent
Transcribed for Tri Counties by John Clancy
Formatted by Joyce M. Tice
Postcard from Janet PETERS Ordway
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One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight
Dwelling # Family # Surname First Name Relationship to Head of House Sex Race Age Marital Status Age @ 1st Marr. Self Born Father Born Mother Born Occupation
40 40 Vanness Hiram Head M W 50 M 25 PA PA PA Farmer
    Ethleon Wife F W 48 M 23 PA PA PA
41 41 Roof Daniel Head M W 59 M 22 PA PA PA Farmer
    Ella Wife F W 58 M 21 PA NJ NJ
      Elton Son M W 30 S   PA PA PA Farmer
    Raymond Son M W 18 S   PA PA PA Laborer
42 42 Roof Burleigh Head M W 35 M 31 PA PA PA Farmer
    Effie Wife F W 29 M 25 PA PA PA
    Dorothy Dau F W 1 6/12 S   PA PA PA
43 43 Ennis Fred Head M W 82 M 20 PA PA PA Farmer
    Bertha Wife F W 56 M 22 PA PA DE
44 44 Ennis Zylphia V. Head M W 74 Wd   PA PA PA
45 45 Ennis Arthus S. Head M W 36 M 19 PA PA PA Farmer
    Flora Wife F W 35 M 18 PA PA PA
    Marjorie Dau F W 10 S   PA PA PA
46 46 Mulnix Wesley Head M W 36 M 33 PA PA PA Farmer
    Marian Wife F W 21 M 18 PA CAN PA
    Lenora Dau F W 2 1/12 S   PA PA PA
    L. Dau F W ?/12 S   PA PA PA
47 47 Fisher John Head M W 58 Wd   PA PA PA Farmer
    Lydia Dau F W 18 S   PA PA PA
48 48 Decker James B. Head M W 69 M 27 NJ NJ ENG Laborer
    Mattie Wife F W 57 M 16 NJ NJ NJ
49 49 Stethers Fidelia Head F W 70 Wd   PA USA USA
50 50 Hunt Ella Head F W 75 Wd   PA PA PA
51 51 Hunt Charles S. Head M W 38 M 25 PA NJ PA Farmer
    Audrie Wife F W 36 M 23 PA PA PA
    Max Son M W 10 S   PA PA PA
    Francis Son M W 7 S   PA PA PA
    George Son M W 6 S   PA PA PA
    Stone Eugene Uncle M W 78 Wd   PA PA PA
52 52 Proof Joseph D. Head M W 48 M 26 PA PA PA Mail carrier
    Maud Wife F W 43 M 21 PA PA PA
    Jesse W. Son M W 21 S   PA PA PA Mail Messenger
    Geraldine E. Dau F W 20 S   PA PA PA Clk Regstr Off
    Phinney Grace E. Cousin F W 12 S   PA PA MI
53 53 Van Keuren George Head M W 60 M 23 PA PA PA Laborer
    Mary E. Wife F W 59 M 22 PA NJ NJ
54 54 Byrne (4) William J. Head M W 59 M 40 IRL IRL IRL R.R. Sta.Agt.
    Helen A. Wife F W 43 M 24 PA PA PA
    William Son M W 18 S   PA PA PA
    Alice Dau F W 14? S   PA PA PA
55 55 Land??esser Fred Head M W 73 M 60 PA GER GER
    Sarah C. Wife F W 76 M 33 PA PA PA
56 56 Metere (5) Charles Head M W 48 M 25 CAN CAN CAN Carpenter
    Lydia Wife F W 50 M 27 PA CAN PA
    Ralph Son M W 15 S   PA CAN PA
57 Ainsworth Richard Head M W 72 M 23 PA ENG PA
    Marian Wife F W 61 M 18 WI CAN PA
57 58 Fisher Frank J. Head M W 31 M 30 PA PA PA Mail carrier
    Maraguerite Wife F W 22 M 22 PA PA PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/26/2003
By Joyce M. Tice