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Spencer Family Cemetery, Union Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 
Photo by Joyce M. Tice

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Family Cemetery of Anthony and Theresa Spencer
Union Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Cemetery read by Jessie Herman of Grover, PA, age 82, great great granddaughter of A.R. Spencer, great granddaughter of Anthony Spencer, and granddaughter of Anna Spencer Jackson.  Comments on relatives based on first hand knowledge or drawn from other relatives.  Retyped by Ruth Bryan
ANDREWS Clara     93 years No dates. Mom of Clarica (Clarissa).
COX Margaret (Bernice) 1926 1963   Daughter of Ray & Rosalees SPENCER.
COX Sam 1923 1970   Husband of Margaret
COX Steven Anthony 1950 1999   Son of Sam & Margaret
DIBBLE Stephanie Maezil 1979 1979   Infant daughter of Tim DIBBLE
DIBBLE Hillary Eloise 1993 1993   Infant daughter of Richard DIBBLE
DIBBLE Maezil 1918 1992   Daughter of Henry & Elsie SPENCER
DIBBLE Lawrence 1913 1992   Husband of Maezil
HATHERIL Mary 1894 1980   Daughter of Anthony SPENCER
JACKSON Anna 1875 1963   Daughter of Anthony SPENCER
JACKSON Frank 1870 1960   Husband of Anna
JACKSON Robert 1916 1994   Son of Frank
JACKSON Erma 1921 1967   Wife of Robert
MORGAN Eugene 1936 1937   Grandson of Ben SPENCER
ROOT Shirley 1927 2000   Granddaughter of Ben SPENCER
SHADDUCK Elsie 1935 1987   Daughter of Henry SPENCER
SHADDUCK Doyle 1928     Husband of Elsie (living)
SPENCER A.R. (Anthony) 1812 1881    
SPENCER Theresa Morris 1814 1893   Wife of A.R. SPENCER
SPENCER Anthony 1847 1929   Son of A.R. SPENCER
SPENCER Clarica (Clarissa) 1851 1965   Wife of Anthony
SPENCER Ben 1871 1963   Son of Anthony
SPENCER Lillian Crofur 1879 1950   Wife of Ben
SPENCER Philip 1901 1903   Son of Ben
SPENCER Fred 1916 1937   Son of Ben
SPENCER Cecil 1919 1965   Son of Ben
SPENCER John (Ray) 1885 1980   Son of Anthony
SPENCER Addison 1883 1970   Son of Anthony
SPENCER Malvina Chesholm 1897 1982   Wife of Addison
SPENCER Henry 1891 1942   Son of Anthony
SPENCER Elsie Kelsey 1895 1964 Wife of Henry
SPENCER Donald 1914 1998   Son of Henry
SPENCER Dorthy Newell 1934     Wife of Harold (living)
SPENCER Terry 1973 2000   Grandson of Donald
SPENCER Edward 1921 1989   Son of Henry
SPENCER Sylvinie McNett 1923 1990   Wife of Edward
SPENCER Paul 1889 1974   Son of Anthony
SPENCER Florence 1889 1965   Wife of Paul
SPENCER Olive 1883 1884   Daughter of Anthony
SPENCER Anthony 1873 1874   Son of Anthony
STEVENS Fern 1916 1936   Daughter of Mary HATHERILL
From Volume 1 of Tioga County Cemeteries

Clark Larsen of North Carolina retyped this for the web page November 1997

Spencer Andrus 93 Grandpa
Spencer Clarissa 55
Spencer Anthony 11/11/1847 1929
Spencer A.R. 11/28/1812 1844 wife Clarissa
Spencer Clarissa 1851 1905
Spencer Henry 1891 1942
Spencer Olive 1883 1884
Spencer Elsie 1899 1964

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