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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Jackson Township Page
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
31 DEC 2003
Name of Cemetery: Maple Ridge Cemetery
Read By: Miss Bessie E. Spencer (1962)-Kelsey Jones Aug.1982
Date Read: Abt.1962 & Aug.1982
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: *denotes interments listed by Bessie Spencer, not found by Kelsey Jones
 Anything in parenthesis does not appear on tombstone,but was added by Bessie Spencer
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Andrews *Charles & wife        
Baker Rev. Samuel   Mar.23.1873 71y1m22d  
Baker Lucinda A.   Jul.25.1863 14y d/o Samuel S. & Rachel (botton illegible)
Baker Zenas S 1815 1894    
Baker Lucy A. 1821 1890   w/o Zenas - On same marker
Baker Sarah       d/o Z. & Lucy
Baker Jane 1850 1867   d/o Z. & Lucy
Baker Mary       d/o Z. & Lucy
Brooks Lolobelle Dec.22.1880 Feb.14.1884   d/o Selah & Belle
Brown *William & 2nd wife        
Clark *James Sr. & wife        
Clark Mary A.   Mar.12.1870 11y10m d/o James & Lydia
Clark *James & wife Thirza Heater        
Clark Raymond E. 1885 1911    
Clark Nelson J. 1888 1911   On marker w/Raymond
Clark Frank H. 1901 1946    
Clark Bernice M. 1897     w/o Frank - On same marker
Cleveland *Mrs. Attie & infant        
Corey Thomas S.   Feb.13.1870 8m17d s/o James & Anna
Corey Henry   May.4.1870 10y10m24d s/o Wm. & Mariah
Cunningham David   Oct.16.1893 71 yr  
Cunningham Mary   May.21.1860 38 yr w/o D.-On marker w/David (2 markers-See below)
Cunningham Mary   May.21.1860 37y11m w/o David Jr., A native of England
Cummings Lydia A.   Jun.7.1859 15y5m d/o Silas & Mary
Doty Nancy Clair   Feb.3.1881 60y24d w/o Elias Doty-2nd w/o Wm. Drake
Doty Elias   Sep.11.1848 29 yr  
Doty Morris M.   Aug.14.1848 1y9m  
Doty Thankful   Jun.7.1849 9 mo On marker w/Morris M.
Drake Myra L. 1890 1895    
Drake Nancy Clair   Feb.3.1881 60y24d w/o Elias Doty-2nd w/o Wm. Drake
Drake Delbert E.   Aug.14.1862 5y9d s/o William & Nancy
Drake Delbert    Nov.8.1880 3m6d s/o W. & N.L.
Drake Charles 1857 1916    
Drake Lovicia Nichols 1865 1929   On marker w/Charles
Drake Daughter   Nov.10.1895 Abt. 12 d/o George Drake (From Obituary)
Drake Lena Whitaker 1886 1909    
Dunsmore Phebe   Feb.28.1872 25y21d Stone has been recemented,covering date and age of death
          w/o Robert Dunsmore-d/o Samuel & Margaret Vickers
Everitt see Jewell        
Farley Edward   Oct.15.1862 80 yr A native of England
Gaige Albert M. 1894 1977    
Gaige Perry F. 1896 1979    
Gaige Robert J. 1888 1976    
Gaige Maud E. 1889 1947   On marker w/Robert J.
Gaige Emily B. 1892 1963    
Gaige Fred J. 1862 1934    
Gaige Gratia C. 1861 1936   On marker w/Fred J.
Gaige Agnes G. 1901 1918    
Gaige Susie B.   1903    
Gaige Ralph D.   Sep.22.1898 5 mo s/o F.J. & G.C.
Gaige Hilda Richardson   Jul.14.1927 28 yr w/o P.F.
Gaige Edson B. 1868 1933    
Gaige Jessie S. (Stilwell) 1874 1955   On marker w/Edson B.
Gaige Hermon 1877 1938    
Gaige Emma (Sebell) 1877 1954   On marker w/Hermon
Gaige Miriam 1912     On marker w/Hermon
Gaige Mary Agusta   May.5.1868 29y8m2d w/o Jacob H.
Gaige Eva   Mar.18.1868 22 da d/o Jacob H. & Mary A.-On marker w/Mary Agusta
Gaige Albert M. 1833 1919    
Gaige Phebe A. (Briggs) 1841 1927   On marker w/Albert M.
Gaige Albert Mark 1875 1951    
Gaige *Perry   Jun.6.1888 79y1m  
Gaige *Elizabeth Briggs   Nov.11.1898 84y1m12d w/o Perry - On same marker
Gaige *Oliver B.   Apr.7.1868 33y5m11d On marker w/Perry & Elizabeth
Gaige *Ettie   Jul.18.1870 16y4m d/o Perry (On marker w/Perry & Elizabeth)
Gould Henry C. 1834 1891    
Gould Lucy M. 1837 1900   w/o Henry C. - On same marker
Howe Frankie W. May.27.1877 Nov.15.1880   Children of W.J. & Nettie
Howe Freddie S. Mar.27.1880 Feb.15.1881   On marker w/Frankie W.
Impson John 1844 1903    
Impson Catherine 1849     w/o John-On same marker
Impson Jno       Co G 3 N.J. CAV
Impson Harry Feb.9.1894 Mar.26.1894   s/o John & Catherine
Inscho Anniebell Ettie   Jul.12.1870    
Jewell Eliza V.   May.2.1862 38y9m w/o Andrew C.--d/o Wm.? & Jane? Everitt
Jewell Cyrus   Jan.17.1865 83 yr  
Jewell Phebe   Jan.19.1865 79 yr (Phebe Botsford, his wife)-On same marker
Morrell Stephen   Mar.31.1860 83y11m16d (Marker reads Merrell)
Morrell Lucy Jane   May.27.1856 17y6d d/o Stephen & Sophronia
Nichols *Hattie        
Nichols *James & Sarah Stephens        
  See Drake        
Oliver William J. "Father" 1878 1944    
Oliver Ora M. "Mother" 1880 1959    
Oliver Allen G. "Son" 1902 1944    
Oliver Floyd W. "Son" 1908 1946    
Orcutt Stephen   Oct.13.1874 63y8m13d  
Orcutt Elizabeth G.   Jan.14.1878 65y22d w/o Stephen
  *Three Children        
Palmer Mahala B. 1872 1936    
Payne John Oct.17.1821 Mar.5.1892    
Payne Elizabeth  1823 1910    
Payne John Jr. Oct.29.1861 Oct.15.1864    
Payne Wm. H. Feb.23.1865 Mar.23.1865    
Perkins See Spencer        
Rockwell See Sisson        
Rumsey Theodore P. 1866 1965    
Rumsey Blanche E. 1875 1949   On marker w/Theodore P.
Sisson Carrie E. Rockwell May.9.1860 Apr.8.1898   w/o P. C.
Sisson Theodore H.   Nov.29.1872 57y10m1d  
Sisson Mary A.   Mar.1.1880 62y5m9d w/o Theodore-On same marker
Spencer Joanna Perkins 1783 1850    
Spencer Archibald G. 1843 1895   (Two stones-See below)
Spencer Elizabeth Butts 1845 1918   w/o Archibald G.-On same marker
Spencer Cyrus J. 1883 1950   On marker w/Archibald & Elizabeth
Spencer Ernest B. 1871 1960    
Spencer Margaret Smart 1870 1948   On marker w/Ernest B.
Spencer Bessie E. 1894     On marker w/Ernest B.
Spencer Archie W. 1897 Jan.31.1986   On marker w/Ernest B.
Spencer Bernice E. Sep.9.1905 Apr.18.1905   On marker w/Ernest B.
Spencer Reid K. 1914 1917   s/o Earl
Spencer William D. 1863 1947    
Spencer Earl F. 1885 1957    
Spencer Emma W. 1893 1975   On marker w/Earl F.
Spencer Alice M. 1912     On marker w/Earl F.
Spencer Isaac Jun.17.1813 Jan.29.1887    
Spencer Almira Jewell Dec.31.1806 Mar.5.1880   w/o Isaac - On same marker
Spencer C.J. Aug.7.1840 Sep.17.1862   Antetam -On marker w/Isaac
Spencer Frank A. 1845 1935   On marker w/Isaac
Spencer W. F. (Wilbur) Mar.25.1848 Apr.18.1872   On marker w/Isaac
Spencer E. (Emily) Casbeer Nov.12.1854 Jun.4.1893   w/o Jerome J.-d/o Robert & Susan Casbeer of Farmington-On marker w/Isaac
Spencer A. (Archibald) G. Nov.15.1843 May.28.1895   On marker w/Isaac-2 stones see above
Stephens or Stevens Eliphalet       No marker
Stephens or Stevens *Phebe Spencer       w/o Eliphalet-No marker
Stephens or Stevens *William       No marker
Stephens or Stevens *Dan       No marker
Stephens or Stevens *Hiram       No marker
Stephens or Stevens *David       No marker
Stephens or Stevens *Emmet       No marker
Stilwell Arthur G.       c/o Francis & Flora
Stilwell Francis R.       On marker w/Arthur G.
Storms Calvin   Aug.22.1902 6y6m s/o C.S. & Feeby R.
Strock *Clifford        
Strock *Martha Nichols       On marker w/Clifford
Strock *Millie        
Strock *Mollie        
Vickers Samuel Aug.13.1816 Apr.28.1896    
Vickers Margaret (Postle) Oct.8.1820 Oct.15.1898   w/o Samuel
Vickers Samuel Jr.   Mar.8.1879 29y22d  
Vickers Margaret 1851 1939    
Vickers Joseph 1841 1925    
Vickers Emma 1846 1887    
Vickers John   Aug.29.1862 5y10m5d s/o S. & Margaret
  See Dunsmore        
Wallis Nancy N.   Jul.24.1858 8y9m24d d/o George & Fanny M.
Whipple Warren J. 1837 1916   Co B 137th Regt. N.Y. Vol.
Whipple Elsie B. 1841 1884   w/o Warren J. - On same marker
Wilcox Hannah   Mar.1.1856 28y1m9d w/o Miles (2 Stones)
Wilcox Hannah 1828 1856   w/o Miles (2 Stones)
Williams Samuel R. 1814 1889    
Williams Margaret 1810 1896   On marker w/Williams
Woodford Nancy    Feb.12.1864 73y6m w/o Joseph
Dear Joyce,

I was so happy to see the update of Mapleridge Cemetery in Jackson Summit.On your "What's New" in October 2006. I met Bessie Spencer on a visit there many years ago.  She took me around the cemetery and told me that there were 6 unmarked graves of the Clark family that was my relatives buried there. Both James Clark Sr. and wife( her name was Lydia Briggs), who were my great-grand parents,  James H.Clark and his wife Thirza Heater, who were my grandparents and Frank H.Clark and his wife Bernice,  who were my Uncle and Aunt. Frank was the son of James H.and Thirza Heater Clark.  One stone that was missed on the last list was of Raymond E. and Nelson  J. Clark, they were also the sons of James H. and Thirza Heater Clark.The only Clark that was on the last list was that of Mary A. Clark, the daughter of James Sr. and Lydia Clark.  She was 11 years and 10 month old when she died.

I am so happy to get this record!

 However, both James Clarks and their wives have no birth or death dates on this list (understandably, since there were no tombstones).  I found this information for James H. and Thirza from death certificates, and I have estimated birthdates for James Sr.(about 1823) and Lydia (about 1834) from census records, but no death dates or parents names.  The last census record that I found them on, was 1880.

I love your site and have watched it grow.  I have searched other county sites in New York and have found nothing like it!   It is outstanding!  Thanks for contributing so much for those of us who like to visit.

I was born in Elmira and graduated from Southside High. I now live in Florida. I love to go back "home" sitting at my computer.  Thanks for the privilege!

E. Joan (Clark) Clay

In a message dated 9/22/2009 2:00:17 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Joyce: I am Lawrence E. Brown Sr. 6875 RTE 549, Millerton, PA ph. 537 2730. I am the curent President of the Maple Ridge Cemetery and find your information very accurate. I may have some updated material if you would like it.

I am also making use of your locational information to find cemeteries. As the Commander of the Tioga County Honor Guard we are called upon to offer Military Honors to fallen Vets.
Very nicely done I enjoy your site very much.

Published on Tri-Cuties 30 OCT 2006