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Maple Hill Cemetery, Bloss Township,  Tioga County, PA - 1975

Photo by Joyce M. Tice
At Maple Hill Cemetery 
22 MAY 2005

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The following list is part of the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions– Volume 1. Cemetery read and published 1970s.
Reprinted with Permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 

Cemetery is located in the south west side of the road, on Rte. 58038 northwest of Arnot. Revised and recopied with additions and corrections, by Clarence L. Frank and Lola Wetherbee Frank. Aug. 1975 
Surname First name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription or Note
Owen S.D. July 5, 1838 Oct. 24, 1886
Owen Daniel A. Mar. 20, 1882 11y 11m son of D.S. & Mary M. Owen
Owen Daniel  Sept. 8, 1877 74y 3m 8d
Owen Rhoda Aug.26, 1886 88y 5m 24d
Wood Stephen R. 1891 1969
Wood Eva Grace Wood 1896 1954
James Mary E. Nov.22, 1883 Dec. 11, 1884 dau. of L.W. & Lottie B. James
James David J.  Mar. 22, 1885 April 5, 1885 son of L.w. & Lottie B. James
James Bertha  Jan. 29, 1887 Feb. 11, 1887
Franklin T.C. no dates Co. C.&th Pa. Cav., Govenrment marker
Wetmore Rosa  1861 1896 wife of Warren Wetmore
Wetmore Robert Wetmore (Brother) 1878 1898
Johnson Sallie A. Feb. 25, 1901 74y 13d wife of John L. Johnson
Johnson Mary  April 6, 1885 15y 6m 20d dau. of J.L. & Sally A.
Johnson Elizabeth A. Lewis March 27, 1863 Jan. 19, 1883 wife of Henry Johnson
Jessup Hattie E. Sept. 17, 1879 10m 26d only child of Wm. N. & Augusta Jessup
Jessup Archie G. Sept. 27, 1879 4 y 24d son of Wm. H. & Ann A. Jessup
Jessup Erastus Franklin Dec. 14, 1870 70y 5m 26d
Patterson Rueben F. Mar. 19, 1827 Oct. 14, 1891
Patterson Antha A. Oct. 18, 1874 45y dau. of Abraham Covert & Wife R.F. Patterson
Patterson Deloss M. Dec. 15, 1874 23y son of R.F. & Antha A. Patterson
Adamy Ebenezer 1870 48y
Kelsey Clidy W. 1892 2y 4m 20 d son of S.R. & Ollie Kelsey
Kelsey Arthur dates illegible son of Above
Patterson Cora Veva Oct 6, 1860 1m 26d dau. of Chas.& Mary 
Patterson Mary A. July 12, 1860 31y wife of Chas. Patterson
Rogers Annis Sept. 21, 1861 23 y 10m 14d dau. of Samuel & Ann Rogers
Rogers Samuel Oct. 17, 1865 61y 9m 11d
Rogers Ann Oct 13, 1805 July 8, 1893 Our Mother
Rogers Phebe A. M.D. Aug. 5, 1843 Sept. 21, 1892
Rogers Sarah E. May 8, 1845 Jan. 21, 1933 wife of Philip Wetmore
Rogers There are two GAR flag staffs here, no markers
Mitchell James May 30, 1882 2y 8m 23d
Mitchell Wm.  June 15, 1882 8m
Mitchell Childred of James S. & Ann J. Mitchell
Williams nothing further
Wood There are two headstones.
Wood Father Feb. 6, 1866 51 y
Wood Mother Feb. 5, 1901 89y 11m
Wood Samuel T.  1826 1866
Wood Mary E. 1833 1901 wife of Sameul T. Woods
Wood Elmira Sept. 11, 1862 9y 1m 28d dau. of S.H. & Mary J. Woods
Wood Clara A. Aug. 16, 1862 5y 3m 20d dau. of S.H. & Mary J. Woods
Wood Rhoda Aug. 3, 1862 11y 8m 14d dau. of S.H. & Mary J. Woodw
Wood Stephen H.  Nov. 21, 1824 Sept. 7, 1887
Wood Mary E. Wood 1855 1926
Patterson Charles P. Mar. 1, 1826 April 13, 1900
Patterson Laura A. Jan. 20, 1908
Patterson Sherman S. Sept. 15, 1880 25y 8m son of C.P. & Laura Patterson.
Steele Elizabeth 1879 28y Wifeo fo James Steele
Knapp Ferdie S. June 26, 1903 Dec. 6, 1957
Knapp Bernard 1946 1966 son
Brown Leahr K. 1906 1959
Brown Hildegarde A. 1913 --------
Mitchell John W. April23, 1859 Dec. 6, 1899
Mitchell Bessie June 4, 1896 Feb. 1, 1897 dau. of J.W. & E.A. Michell
Mitchell James 1882 2y son of J. W. & E. A. Mitchell
Dyke Harley M. Sept. 12, 1854 1y 4m son of Rueben & Sadilla Dyke
Patterson Charles H.  April 13, 1899 75y 1m 13d
Johnston Norah Wheeler Johnston 1874 1944
Johnston Emmanuel, Rosella and David- Children of Norah Wheeler no dates flowers placed recently

Published on Tri-Cuties 30 OCT 2006
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