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Name of Cemetery:    Mountain Lake Cemetery, Burlington Twp.
Read By:  Kenneth Chapman, Jr. & Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 24. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  East side of County Road 08069 between the east and west intersection of County road T 522
Other comments: Last read by Edna Foster Watson & Ellen R. Glueck in 1979, Includes additions and corrections and verification of the 1979 Watson-Glueck reading

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See also - Bradford County Cemetery Addresses

Hi, Joyce,
May I suggest different directions for Mountain Lake Cemetery in Bradford County?  The first page for it is:
Directions:  From Burlington, go south on S. Berwick Turnpike. (route 3009) for 2.2 miles.  Cemetery is on the left (east side of the road). It is south of Weed Hill Road, and north of Selleck Road.  GPS coordinates are approximately latitude 41.7552N, longitude -76.5832W.
I searched Google Maps a long time today for the route numbers which are now on the page, and I've concluded they must have been changed for the 911 system, like so many.
Trudi Short
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Wanda Jean Jan.24.1940 Apr.13.1946   Near Pruyne stone, no Surname "Our darling"
Ainsworth Anna 1875 1941    
Ainsworth Rojert Warriner 1950 1985   Memorial
Ainsworth Leo G. Apr.13.1917 Aug.27.1972   Tec. 5 U.S. Army
Alden Elizabeth Jul.4.1864 Apr.7.1951   (Elizabeth Hill)
Alexander Charles W. Aug.26.1831 Jun.15.1909   Co. C. 185 N.Y. Vol.
Alexander Hattie Bell Oct.5.1872 Nov.19.1895    
Alexander Angeline Apr.14.1824 Mar.7.1898   w/o Charles Alexander
Alexander Claude I        
Alexander Margaret F        
Alexander Donna J.        
Alexander W. Jerome 1855      
Alexander Kate 1861 1893   w/o W. Jerome Alexander (Kate Wiggins)
Alexander Ella M. 1881     w/o W. Jerome Alexander (Ella M. Decker)
Allen Henry H. 1841 1920   Co C 49 Pa. Inf. Vol. 
Allen Sylvia A. 1848 1928   w/o Henry H. Allen (Sylvia A. Farr)
Allen Glenn G. 1880 1964    
Allen Elizabeth M. 1894 1981    
Allen Elizabeth   May 7.1839 27-4-20 w/o A. P. Allen
Allen Aaron P.   Apr. 11.1872 67 yrs.  
Allen Caroline   Apr.9.1872 53-1-0 w/o Aaron P. Allen
Allen C. D. Feb.28.1831 Nov.27.1907    
Allen Rosetta Jan.4.1837 Sep.25.1876   w/o C. D. Allen
Allen George M. Jun.21.1864 Mar.10.1878   s/o C.D. & Rosetta Allen
Allen Riley P. 1858 1923    
Allen Eliza A. 1871 1950   w/o Riley P Allen (Eliza A. Ruggles)
Allen Raymond E. 1904 1934    
Allen Lee D. 1876 1959   Spanish-American War marker
Allen Mary E. 1862 1947    
Allen Perry A. 1859 1933    
Allen George L. 1851 1929   FATHER
Allen Annetta 1853 1939   MOTHER (Annetta Steele w/o George L. Allen)
Allen Llewellyn G. 1881 1966    
Allen Bertha B. 1887 1978    
Allen Phillip L. 1926 1947    
Allen Russell P. Jan.20.1830 Apr.1.1897   Co B. 207 Pa Vol.
Allen Elsie Apr.28.1837 Oct.28.1908   w/o Russell P. Allen (Elsie Green)
Allen Isabelle Jan.1.1858 May 13.1951    
Allen Martin Charles Jan.7.1856 Oct.17.1928    
Allyn Clara M. Ross 1889 1914   w/o H.C. Allen (Clara M. Ross)
Ames Ethel B. Jan.30.1885 Apr.25.1974    
Andrus Walter W. 1869 1910    
Andrus Cora E. 1872 1936   w/o Walter W. Andrus
Andrus Ruby R. 1895 1952    
Andrus Octavia A. 1896      
Andrus Leonard R. 1893 1951    
Andrus Christine Ann May 4.1942 Aug.25.1978   w/o Kenneth D. Andrus (Christine Ann Heineman)
Andrus Hugh D. Aug.13.1923 Sep.17.1984    
Andrus D. Ruth Jul.11.1924 Aug.27.1985    
Andrus Annie Kay Nov.2.1990 Jun.5.1995   "Our Special Girl"
Andrus Christine Ann May 4.1942 Aug.25.1978   w/o Kenneth D. Andrus (Christine Ann Heineman)
Andrus Leonard R. 1893 1951    
Andrus Octavia A. 1896 1988   w/o Leonard R.
Andrus Francis J. Jr. Oct.14.1912 Dec.29.1913    
Arnold Luella 1885     Outerbridge-Arnold Daughter
Arnold Emma 1856 1892   "Mother" Arnold-Dissiau (Emma Dissiau)
Arnold Aaron 1858 1935    
Arnold Victoria 1875 1955    
Arnold Cecile 1916 1928    
Arnold Matthew E. May 16.1935     Married Oct.14.1978
Arnold Jacqueline Nov.21.1932     Married Oct.14.1978
Babcock Kate   Feb.8.1880 76-4-20 w/o Franklin Babcock
Bailey Andrew J. Feb.12.1829      
Bailey Mary J. Jun.9.1837 Dec.27.1903   w/o Andrew J. Bailey
Bailey Abram L. Nov.17.1885 Sep.11.1887    
Bailey Thomas B. May 20.1863 Dec.19.1897    
Bailey Abraham L.   Sep.12.1887 21-10-0 s/o Andrew J. & Mary J. Bailey
Bailey Joseph   May 1.1859 1-7-5 c/o Milton A. & Semantha
Bailey Lula   Sep.7.1868 2-5-14 c/o Milton A. & Semantha
Bailey Emory   Apr.16.1871 2-5-0 c/o Milton A. & Semantha
Bailey Eddie   Sep.17.1875 0-7-9 c/o Milton A. & Semantha
Bailey Milton A. Feb.2.1827 Jan.2.1916    
Bailey Semantha   Nov.21.1876 45-4-14 w/o Milton A. Bailey
Bailey Kathleen 1891 1944    
Bailey James 1881 1965    
Bailey Eleanor K. 1923 1991    
Bair Solinda M. 1947 1965    
Bair Nola Jane   1958   Child's marker, no other date or age
Bair Merle S. Aug.4.1927 Jun.23.1990   Pvt. US Army WW II
Bair Delores C. Apr.26.1929      
Barrett George L. 1856 1926   FATHER
Barrett Frances M. 1855 1933   MOTHER
Barrett Lloyd L. Sep.5.1889 Dec.5.1958   Pa Pvt. Co F 145 Inf. 37 Div. WW I
Barrett Dorthy A. Aug.29.1902      
Barrett Howard F. May 30.1924 Jul.21.1995    
Barrett Earl L. Feb.22.1920      
Barrett Anna Mae May 22.1916 Aug.23.1989   w/o Earl L. Barrett
Bennett Luther E. 1903 1970   Pvt. US Army Co B 407 CA BN AA WWII
Bennett John M. Oct.8.1919 69 yr  
Bennett Anna F.   Feb.15.1915 60 yr w/o John Bennett (Anna F. Price)
Bennett Burton F. 1857 1939    
Bennett Daisy E. 1892      
Bennett William Earl Jun.20.1918      
Bevan Thomas G.   May 31.1862 23-5-11 s/o David & Mary, member Co F 52nd Reg Pa Vol. D. At Battle of Fair Oak May 31, 1862 GAR
Bevan David   Apr.13.1869 66 yrs  
Bevan Mary Lewis Jul. 1816 Mar. 1893   "Mother" Mary Lewis Bevan
Bevan         Spire stone - Individual stones below-dates probably accurate, but ages are questionable--stones worn.
Bevan John L.   Aug.28.1859 16-4-25 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Francis E.   Aug.16.1859 7-11-7 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Wm. H.   Aug.13.1859 5-4-4 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Samuel   Aug. 9.1859 3-9-7 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Edward   Sep.26.1859 5-6-6 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan David   Aug.11.1859 0-2-16 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Mary Ann   Sep.13.1859 3-2-9 d/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan William S.   Sep.19.1860 0-9-28 s/o David & Mary Bevan
Bevan Adella M. Nov.1863 Feb.1922    
Bevan Della K. Mar. 1861 Apr. 1893    
Bevan Richard L. 1861 1943    
Blair Harriet 1843 1895   (Harriet Carman Blair)
Blakesley Amaziah J. Oct.20.1844 Apr.4.1879   GAR
Blakesley Mary Mar.14.1851 Mar.25.1937   w/o Amaziah J. Blakesley (Mary Nichols)
Bohlayer John W. 1879 1957   149 Reg. Pa Vol. GAR
Bohlayer Anna 1874 1952    
Bohlayer John  1840 1920    
Bohlayer Minerva 1845 1909   w/o John Bohlayer (Minerva Rundell)
Bohlayer Roy 1886 1890    
Bonney Edna M. 1898 1920   w/o Raymond R. Bonney (Edna M. Smith)
Booth James M.   Jun.1.1895 82-2-25  
Booth J. M. Jr. 1849 1917    
Booth Hannah   Sep.15.1891 77-0-21  
Booth John W.   Mar.18.1854 17-4-4 s/o James M. & Hannah Booth
Booth E. R. May 26.1847 Sep.8.1911   Co. E 141st Reg. Pa Vol. GAR
Booth Mary J. Nov.19.1844 May 13.1900   w/o E.R. Booth
Booth Albert L. 1881 1940    
Booth Naomi S. 1890 1960    
Booth Raymond 1913 1985    
Booth Reva 1922 1992    
Borden Elizabeth M.   Nov.29.1890 65 yr w/o John Borden
Borden John   Dec.29.1900 77 yr  
Borden Benjamin Jun.17.1896 Jul.6.1898   s/o John & Eliza Borden
Borden Benjamin F. 1858 1911    
Brague Stephen W. 1850 1926    
Brague Lucy E. 1852 1924    
Brague Miley F. Jul.26.1823 Jan.28.1897   w/o Charles Brague - Date broken off
Brague Charles T.   Jan.20.1878 64-6-15  
Breece Clarence 1871 1938    
Breece Bertha M. 1873 1954    
Breece Clarence W. 1898 1960    
Brennan Joseph C. Apr.24.1939 Jul.29.1996    
Brink William 1917 1973    
Brown Charles L. Jun.6.1846 Aug.26.1928    
Brown Mary Sophia Sep.21.1848 Mar.8.1909   w/o Charles L. Brown
Brown Alanzo P.   Feb.26.1860 2-6-0 s/o Burton & Maz- - Dell (?)
Brown Daisy B. 1884 1948    
Brown Frankie   Feb.22.1877 0-8-1 s/o Wm. R. & Alice Brown
Brown George W. Nov.19.1843 Nov.25.1901   Co. E 52 Pa Vol.
Brown Emily M. Sep.11.1852 Sep.18.1912    
Brown Jerome 1861 1931    
Brown Helen 1866 1927    
Brown Charles W. 1891 1918    
Brown Mable 1904 1992    
Brown Rodney 1896 1958    
Brown Horace H.   Oct.29.1884 61-11-16  
Brown Susan E. 1839 1924   w/o Horace H. Brown
Brown Infant   Jan.14.1861 0-4-15 d/o Horace & Susan E. Brown
Brown Israel   Sep.12.1860 33-2-17  
Brown Esther C. 1876 1917    
Brown Reginald E. 1871 1950    
Brown Regina Esther Feb.9.1903 Jun.6.1969    
Brown Dennis Donald Nov.21.1952 Jul.7.1968    
Brown Lloyd L. 1882 1958    
Brown Carrie 1862 1945    
Brown Ferris  1858 1924    
Brown Barker Jan.10.1814 Feb.8.1898    
Brown Elizabeth Sep.13.1817 Mar.28.1890   w/o Barker Brown
Brown Laurence E. Jan.15.1902 Mar.13.1995    
Brown Irene C. Dec.2.1906 Oct.13.1989   w/o Laurence E. Brown
Brown Frank P. Feb.13.1904 Dec.26.1989   "DAD" from Iona, Shelby, Llewellyn
Buchanan Ellen F. 1845 1926    
Buchanan John C. Nov.21.1833 Feb.4.1910   US Navy GAR
Buchanan Frank C. Nov. 1.1870 Jan.1.1897    
Buchanan Glenn G. Apr.29.1874 Jun.22.1875   Our darling Glenn d/o J. C. & E. F. Buchanan
Burlingame Jean F.   Mar.23.1931    
Caldwell John F. 1868 1937    
Caldwell Evelyn B. 1874 1959   w/o John F. Caldwell
Caldwell James Nichols 1904 1980    
Campbell William A. Sep.22.1834 May 26.1880   Pvt. Co. F 52 Regt. PA Inf. -Civil War (GAR)
Campbell Olive Feb.29.1832 Jun.17.1907    
Campbell Mary E. Jun.10.1867 Aug.20.1884   d/o W.A & O. Campbell
Campbell Josephus A.        
Campbell Henrietta Jan.5.1863 May 6.1891   w/o Josephus A. Campbell
Campbell Margaret 1852 1925    
Campbell Zeulemia 1853 1917   w/o George W. Campbell (Large Stone)
Campbell George 1848 1930   (Small stone)
Campbell William May 5.1812 Aug.13.1883    
Campbell Nancy May 21.1809 Apr.28.1890    
Campbell Freeman 1846 1922    
Campbell Derrick M. 1847 1932    
Campbell Juliette H. 1850 1940    
Campbell J. Herbert 1869 1952    
Campbell Eva Lena S. 1875 1964    
Campbell Philip A. 1901 1945    
Carl Charlotte Apr.11.1835 Mar.16.1914    
Carman Charles 1812 1868   Flag, but no marker
Carman Ann Wardell 1818 1879   w/o Charles Carman (Ann Wardell Carman)
Carman Charles W. 1850 1922    
Carman Naoma 1850 1926   w/o Charles W. Carman (Naoma French)
Carman Frank 1882 1956    
Carman Helen 1889 1970    
Carman William F. Apr.22.1866 Mar.23.1943 67 yrs.  
Carman Nora M.   Jan.12.1885 18-11-0 w/o W. F. Carman
Carman Allan   Nov.1.1912 24-8-6  
Carman Myrtle B.   Jul.23.1935 67 yrs. w/o W. F. Carman
Carman William   Mar.1.1879 63-7-12  
Carman Jane   May 20.1888 64 yrs w/o William Carman
Carman Mary C. 1861 1892    
Carman John W. 1854 1934    
Carman Burton M. 1879 1952   "Father"
Carman Mae A. 1883 1938   "Mother"
Chilson Arthur L. 1903 1987    
Chilson Bernadeen 1905 1975    
Chilson Elizabeth W. 1889 1951    
Christman William 1879 1962    
Cieri Thomas E. May 22.1971 Feb.9.1978    
Clayton William H. 1840 1861   Co. E 52nd Reg Penn Vol no GAR marker
Clayton Charlotte 1837 1869   (Charlotte Carman Clayton)
Coar Doris M. May 13.1908 Apr.3.1985   (Doris M. Brown)
Conklin James William Sr. Jan.6.1938      
Conklin Mary Jane Sep.25.1940 Mar.28.1995    
Craig Elizabeth M. 1921 1989    
Crane Abigail 1849 1936    
Cranmer Gary E. Aug.23.1940 Mar.14.1991    
Cranmer Margaret L. May 21.1943      
Subj: Mountain Lake Cemetery
Date: 4/17/2001 5:55:39 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jmg1516
To: JoyceTice


I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your site and the many links!  What a lot of work and time you have invested.  I found it through a cousin who is also interested in genealogy.

On the Mountain Lake Cemetery connection, I have a correction, and a little bit of additional information. First of all, the "August" Spencer listed who died in March of 1876 was actually Augusta, or "Gusty."  She was my grandfather Lyman Spencer's sister.

Another great-aunt of mine, Nellie Wilbur, had the birth name of Spencer.  She was also a daughter of Henry Clay and Amanda Jane Dunn Spencer.

Amanda J. Spencer, who died in 1925, wife of Henry Clay Spencer, was Amanda Jane DUNN Spencer.

Elinor Spencer, 1886-1971, was Elinor DINSMORE Spencer (my grandmother).

Thank you once again.  We really appreciate your hard work.  I hope to get some information together to add to your site.

Jane Spencer Gerber
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/25/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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