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Memories Along the North Branch
Memories Along the North Branch
History of Granville

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Say Hello to Joyce 

By Ruth Kinney

Retyped by Linda Selub & Christine Keel
Photos by Joyce M. Tice October 31, 1999

Chapter XVIII

Swiftly has run the tide of time. As I have heard my father say many times, "History is a rear view mirror in which we can see the roads that we and our friends have trod." It is with this thought in mind I have written this book to take you on a little walk down memory’s lane, to recall to your mind the buildings, places and people in the township of Granville as they were in the beginning. Looking back to those olden days gives us a glimpse of the many changes that have occurred during the lifetime of my generation more than any time in the history of mankind.

Granville Center was once a lively little village containing two stores, a harness shop, post office, sawmills, schools, churches, tannery, creameries and numerous other successful businesses. But that was yesterday … a journey into the past. The number of farms are steadily on the decrease in the township and many have been abandoned only to grow back into forests. Employment in the factories and stores of the nearby towns augments the family income of many of its residents today.

Appreciation of the beauty and glory of the world in which we live is the full enjoyment of the present and a look toward the future. Though fond memories of the many ties we have with the past still dwell, perhaps with a tear we shall bid them all farewell. No matter how much we love the new, we should never forget the past.

I would like to close this book with the following poem written by Beverly Morrison.

Dear folks of Granville

There’s much we’d like to say

But if we said all that’s in our hearts

It’d probably take all day.

But we want everyone to know

The gratitude we feel

How glad we are that you’re our friends

So genuine and real.

Just when we needed someone

To take us by the hand,

To help us and comfort us

And held us understand.

There was someone willing

In a helpful, cheerful way

To do whatever need be done

Anytime of night or day.

How glad I am we live in

A town so rich and true

A wealth in blessings we have found

In true friends like you.