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Family Bible Records for Tioga, Bradford, Chemung Counties

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The Dalaba-Haskins Family Bible Records

Dalaba -Haskins

On inside cover Elias H. Dalaba, Vassar, Mich.

The Holy Bible Published New York American Bible Society 1847

Family Record


Henry Dalaba married to Lucy L. Haskin Oct. 26, 1876

It is possible this 7 is a 4 because another date written in pencil here is 1846.

Elias Dalaba married to Mabel M. Green June 26, 1898


Betsey M. Dalaba born Feb. 3, 1830

Solomon H. Dalaba born Aug. 26, 1852

Elias Dalaba born June 30, 1855 in Owego County, Town of Plurmo, NY

Aug. 1856 parents moved to Westfield, PA

June 2, 1858 moved to Vassar, Michigan


Betsey M. Dalaba died Feb. 8, 1830

Mobel Dalaba died April 16, 1945 age 64

Lucy L. Dalaba died Jan. 12, 1905 age 87 years

Henry Dalaba died Feb. 23, 1906 age 80