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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880 to 1881

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 
from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ??? .
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1880 06-Jul D Carr, Lillie Died in Tioga Jun 27th 1880 Lillie Carr, aged 15 yrs
1880 29-Jun D Carter, Mrs. Eva A. Died at Averyville, Mich., May 27th 1880 Eva A., wife of D. D. Carter and daughter of Rev. C. K. Bunnell, aged 18 yrs 4 mos
1881 24-May M Case, Carrie E. Married at Sullivan May 15th 1881 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. A. D. Howe of Bingham, Potter Co. and Miss Carrie E. Case of Sullivan, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 24-Aug M Cass, Augustus A. Married at Mansfield Aug 4th 1880 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Augustus A. Cass and Effie M. Bartlett both of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 12-Jul M Catlin, James L. Married at the Ralyea House in Vinton, Iowa Jun 29th 1881 by Rev. E. English, pastor of the Baptist church, Mr. James E. Catlin and Miss Melissa A. Hughey both of Benton Co., Iowa
1881 30-Aug M Chaffee, Mrs. Angeline Married at Wellsboro Aug 18th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Peter Bradley and Mrs. Angeline Chaffee both of Marsh Creek, Pa.
1880 12-Oct M Chamberlain, Ella Married in Chatham Sep 15th 1880 by Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. F. M. Andrews of Iowa and Miss Ella Chamberlain of Chatham, Pa.
1881 24-May M Chambers, Henry Married at Arnot May 15th 1881 by Elder Daisley, Mr. Henry Chambers and Miss Margaret Guy both of Tioga Co.
1881 04-Oct M Chambers, William Married at Arnot Sep 23rd 1881 by Elder John Daisley, William Chambers and Miss Mary E. Watkins both of Tioga Co., Pa.
1881 18-Oct M Chapel, William Married in Gaines, Pa., Oct 5th 1881 by R. M. Smith, Esq., Mr. William Chapel and Miss Eva Downing both of Leetonia, Pa.
1880 12-Oct M Chappell, T. J. Married at Academy Corners, Pa., Oct 5th 1880, Mr. T. J. Chappell of Deerfield and Miss Flora A. Jackson of Chatham, Pa.
1881 24-May B Chase Born news of Brookfield dated May 19th 1881. Born to Mr. And Mrs. Stephen P. Chase last Mon., a daughter. This is their 3rd girl. They have 1 boy
1880 14-Dec M Chase, W. H. Married at East Lawrence Dec 2nd 1880 by Rev. H. A. Stratton, Mr. W. H. Chase of Columbia Cross Roads and Miss Lucy Warren of East Lawrence, Bradford Co., Pa.
1881 17-May M Chilson, Avery Married at Lewisville, Potter Co., Pa. May 2nd 1881 by Frank Bronson, Esq., Mr. Avery Chilson and Miss Claribel Fling, late of Mansfield, Tioga Co., Pa.
1881 22-Mar D Christian, Edna M. Died in Delmar, Mar 15th 1881 of scarlet fever, Edna M., only daughter of J. E. and Mattie A. Christian, aged 2 yrs 3 mos and 10 das
1881 27-Sep D Church, Augusta Ellen Died at Bath, NY Sep 21st 1881 Augusta Ellen, wife of Mr. Edwin L. Church and youngest daughter of Col. William H. Bull, in the 37th yr of her age
1880 05-Oct M Church, Leon A. Married at the residence of Mr. S. P. King in Deerfield, Sep 28th 1880 by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. Leon A. Church and Miss Eleanor C. Corwin both of Deerfield, Pa.
1880 12-Oct M Churchill, Charles Married in Chatham Sep 24th 1880 by Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. Charles Churchill of Clymer and Miss Jane Cooper of Chatham, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Churchill, Enoch Married at Mansfield, Pa Aug 20th 1881 by Rev. C. H. Moyer, Mr. Enoch Churchill of Elmira, NY and Miss Olive A. Kohn of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 08-Nov B Ciscoe Born in Westfield, Oct 26th 1881 to Mrs. Frank Ciscoe, a daughter
1881 04-Oct M Clark, George A. Married at Mansfield Sep 30th 1881 by Rev. E. E. Morris, Mr. George A. Clark of Richmond twp., and Miss Frederica B. Allen of Mansfield, Pa. (long article)
1880 07-Dec M Clark, Isabel Married at the residence of the bride's parents Dec 1st 1880 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Ward B. Soper and Miss Isabel Clark both of Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa.
1881 04-Jan M Clark, Joel H. Married at the residence of the bride's parents Dec 26th 1880 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Joel H. Clark and Miss Loretta C. Updike both of Rutland, Pa.
1881 05-Jul M Clark, Kittie Married at Covington, Pa., Jun 22nd 1881 by Rev. Ross Ward, Charles H. Harding and Miss Kittie Clark both of Covington
1881 28-Jun M Clark, Mary E. Married at Harrison Valley, Pa., Jun 12th 1881 by H. Stephens, Esq., Mr. Orson Raff and Miss Mary E. Clark both of Brookfield, Pa.
1881 04-Oct D Clark, Mrs. Died news from Chatham dated Sep 23rd 1881. The funeral of Mrs. Clark took place on Tue.
1881 08-Mar D Clark, Mrs. Hannah Died at Lamb's Creek, Pa., Feb 24th 1881 Mrs. Hannah Clark, aged 80 yrs and 5 mos
1881 22-Feb D Clark, Mrs. Sarah M. Died at Mansfield Feb 11th 1881 Mrs. Sarah M. Clark in her 67th years
1881 31-May D Clark, Phineas M. Died Phineas M. Clark of Mansfield died last week Mon., from the effects of a cancer. Burial in Mansfield cemetery. He leaves a wife and several sons and daughters
1881 04-Jan M Clark, Sadie M. Married at Mansfield Dec 24th 1881 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Jacob C. Lawrence of Tioga and Miss Sadie M. Clark of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 31-May D Clark, Seth Died Mr. Seth Clark of Albany formerly a resident of Mansfield, died at the former place of consumption, a few days ago. Burial was at Mansfield.
1880 03-Aug M Clark, Virgil Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Chatham Jul 28th 1880 by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. Virgil Clark of Deerfield and Miss Mary T. Smith of Chatham, Pa.
1881 29-Mar D Claus, Maud Died in Delmar Mar 8th 1881 of dropsy of the brain, Maud, daughter of Eugene and Mary Claus, aged 2 yrs 1 mo and 19 das
1880 26-Oct D Clemmons, Mrs. Lethania Died Mrs. Lethania Clemmons, widow of Alanson Clemmons, died on the 17th inst., at Copp Hollow in the 77th yr of her age
1880 16-Nov D Clemons Died news from Mardin. Mr. And Mrs. William Clemons mourn the loss of a child
1881 18-Oct M Cleveland, Lilian Married at Blossburg Sep 18th 1881 by Rev. R. M. Leake, Mr. W. H. Howe of Mansfield and Miss Lilian Cleveland of Covington, Pa.
1881 17-May M Cloos, Jane Married May 10th 1881 by Rev. M. Yale, Mr. C. K. Palmer and Jane Cloos both of Middlebury
1881 15-Mar D Close, Noah P. Died Noah P. Close died one day last week at Bristol, R.I. He was a native of Westfield and he kept a grocery in the borough for sometime previous to his removal to Rhode Island several years ago
1881 22-Mar D Close, Noah P. Died at Bristol, R. I. Mar 10th 1881 Mrs. Noah P. Close, aged 44 yrs
1881 08-Feb D Close, Roy Died at Westfield Feb 2nd 1881 Roy, son of Ambrose Close, aged 15 years
1881 01-Mar M Closson, Ollie G. Married at the Union church, Knoxville, Feb 23rd 1881 by Rev. J. E. Hayes, Eben A. Bean and Ollie G. Closson both of Knoxville, Pa.
1880 13-Jul M Cobern, Charles Married at the M. E. parsonage in Gaines Jul 3rd 1880 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Charles Cobern and Sarah Gridley both of Brooklyn, Potter Co., Pa.
1880 20-Jul M Cochran, John L. Married at Mansfield Jun 23rd 1880 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. John L. Cochran of Richmond and Phebe E. Gray of Jackson, Pa.
1880 16-Nov M Colder, James Married at the residence of F. Rolfe in Lawrenceville Nov 1880 by Rev. N. N. Beers, Mr. James Colder of Lindley NY and Miss Maria Stewart of Lawrenceville
1880 21-Dec M Cole, Edward Married in Delmar Dec 12th 1880 by Job W. Symonds, Esq., Mr. Edward Cole of Antrim and Miss Susa Walker of Delmar
1880 03-Aug M Cole, Electa Married at Lawrenceville Jul 21st 1880 by Rev. Wm. W. Hunt, Mr. Wm. Lee and Miss Electa Cole both of Osceola, Pa.
1881 21-Jun D Cole, Grace Died at Elkland, Pa Jun 13th 1881 Grace, infant daughter of Mr. A. B. Cole
1880 21-Sep D Cole, Laura L. Died in Delmar, Pa Sep 15th 1880 of consumption Laura L. Cole aged 22 yrs 11 mos and 15 days
1880 28-Sep D Cole, Lou Died Miss Lou Cole's funeral took place on Fri. She died of consumption.
1881 26-Jul D Cole, Mrs. A. B. Died news from Elkland dated Jul 22nd 1881. Mrs. A. B. Cole died of consumption this morning. She leaves 3 small children
1881 19-Apr D Colegrove, Lena Died in Middlebury Apr 13th 1881 of scarlet fever, Lena, daughter of A. D. and Cinderilla Colegrove, aged 5 yrs
1881 01-Mar D Colegrove, M. E. Died; news from Lawrenceville dated Feb 21st 1881. Miss M. E. Colegrove, daughter of H. B. Colegrove, died last Sun., of scarlet fever
1880 23-Nov M Coles, Ada E. Married at Wellsboro at the house of the bride's father Nov 16th 1880 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Robert G. Austin and Miss Ada E., daughter of James S. Coles, both of Wellsboro
1880 26-Oct M Colgrove, William Married at Tioga Oct 7th 1880 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, William Colgrove of Woodhull, NY and Ellen E. Sutton of Tioga, Pa.
1880 24-Aug D Colton, Henry Died Henry Colton, who has had a large acquaintance with Tioga Co., people for many years through his lumbering operations, died at Williamsport on the 9th inst. He was 59 yrs of age.
1881 19-Jul D Colville, Robert A. At Holidaytown Jun 28th 1881 died, of dropsy of the heart, Robert A., son of Mr. C. A. Colville, aged 7 yrs and 17 das
1881 11-Oct M Combs, Estus Married at the residence of Mr. George Staugger of Mainsburg, Pa., Oct 6th 1881 by Rev. F. W. Cook of Rochester, NY, Mr. Estus Combs of Middlebury and Miss Lottie D. Neal of Charleston, Pa.
1880 23-Nov D Compton, Mrs. Mary Died news from Morris. Mrs. Mary Compton died on the 15th inst. Survivors are her husband and one child.
1881 17-May D Cone, Laugher B. Died Laugher B. Cone of this borough died suddenly at Doylestown, Bucks Co., on last Thu., where he was attending school. He was about 18 yrs of age. The funeral was held on Sunday at the family residence on State St., in Wellsboro
1880 08-Jun M Cone, Mrs. M. A. Married at 83 Plymouth avenue, Rochester, NY., Tues., Jun 1st 1880 by Dr. N. H. Barbour (Church of the Strangers), Elder J. W. McCagg of Niles Valley, Pa., and Mrs. M. A. Cone of Rochester
1880 14-Dec M Conevery, Frank Married at Wellsboro Dec 9th 1880 at the house of the bride's parents by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Frank Conevery and Miss Helen E., daughter of Massena Bullard
1881 01-Nov D Cook, Mrs. Abram Died news from Osceola dated Oct 26th 1881. The wife of Abram Cook died Monday and was buried today
1881 18-Oct M Coolidge, John W. Married at Bellefonte, Pa., Sep 29th 1881 by Rev. Mr. Pennepacker, John W. Coolidge, M. D., of Carbondale, Pa., and Miss N. T. McGinley of Bellefonte
1881 25-Jan M Coolidge, Josephine L. Married at the residence of the bride's father Jan 12th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, George D. Miller of Athens, Pa., and Josephine L. Coolidge of Wellsboro, Pa.
1880 02-Nov D Coon, S. Died Mr. S. Coon, an aged mail carrier between South Addison and Elkland, died a few days ago
1880 12-Oct M Cooper, Jane Married in Chatham Sep 24th 1880 by Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. Charles Churchill of Clymer and Miss Jane Cooper of Chatham, Pa.
1881 08-Mar D Cooper, Maggie Died at Lamb's Creek, Feb 25th 1881 Maggie, daughter of D. H. Cooper, aged 14 yrs
1880 22-Jun D Cooper, Mrs. Sarah S. Died at Lamb's Creek Jun 12th 1880 of disease of the heart. Mrs. Sarah S. Cooper, wife of D. H. Cooper, aged 40 yrs 11 mos and 24 das.
1880 16-Nov M Copely, Addie F. Married at Knoxville Oct 9th 1880 by Rev. J. E. Hayes, C. R. Root of Middlebury, Pa., and Addie F. Copely of Charleston, Pa.
1881 31-May D Copestick, Caroline Aseneth Died in Delmar May 15th 1881 Caroline Aseneth, wife of Thomas Copestick, aged 32 yrs 4 mos and 14 das
1881 15-Mar M Copley, Amos L. Married at the residence of the officiating clergyman in Farmington Feb 24th 1881 by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Amos L. Copley of Middlebury and Miss Florence Cady of Farmington, Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Copp, Carlton H. Married at Mansfield Dec 24th 1880 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. Carlton H. Copp of Blossburg and Miss Olive O. Gardiner of Mann's Creek, Pa.
1880 10-Aug M Copp, Fred P. Married in Covington Jul 6th 1880 by O. G. Gerould, Esq., Mr. Fred P. Copp and Miss Eva J. Dyke, both of Covington, Pa.
1880 21-Dec M Cornelius, Fanny E. Married at the residence of the bride's father, Joseph Cornelius, Esq., Dec 8th 1880, by Rev. S. H. Moon, Mr. Eugene G. Webb and Miss Fanny E. Cornelius both of Elkland, Pa.
1880 05-Oct M Corwin, Eleanor C. Married at the residence of Mr. S. P. King in Deerfield, Sep 28th 1880 by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. Leon A. Church and Miss Eleanor C. Corwin both of Deerfield, Pa.
1881 16-Aug D Coryell, Tunison Died Tunison Coryell, a citizen of Williamsport, died last Tue., aged 91 yrs
1880 24-Aug M Costly, James N., Married in Chatham Mar 2nd 1880 by William Finkner, Esq., Mr. James N. Costly and Miss Sarah A. Erway both of Chatham, Pa.
1880 08-Jun M Coveney, George Married in Richmond, Pa., May 29th 1880, by Rev. George D. Meigs, Mr. George Coveney of Mansfield and Miss Lelia Bullock of Richmond, Pa.
1881 13-Dec M Covert, Clara R. Married at Covington Dec 5th 1881 by Rev. G. W. Headley, Mr. Orton E. Payne and Miss Clara R. Covert both of West Covington, Pa.
1880 21-Dec D Cowley Died "The Register" says a son of Philip Cowley of Blossburg was accidentally drowned in a well last Tue.
1881 04-Jan M Crandall, Eva G. Married in Nelson twp. Dec. 15th 1880 by Rev. W. D. Taylor, Mr. James D. Goodspeed of Knoxville and Miss Eva G., oldest daughter of Mr. Silas G. Crandall of Nelson
1881 22-Nov D Crandall, Frank Died; Charles Toles of this borough received a dispatch yesterday announcing the death of his son-in-law Frank Crandall of Grand Forks, Dakota
1881 06-Sep D Crandall, Hon. Hiram Died Hon. Hiram Crandall died last week Sun., at his residence in Cortland, NY. Judge Crandall was in his 64th yr., having been born at Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY in May 1818
1881 14-Jun M Crandall, Lottie M. Married at Nelson May 25th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Taylor Mr. George W. Bottom of Tuscarora, NY, and Miss Lottie M., youngest daughter of Silas Crandall of Nelson, Pa.
1881 02-Aug M Crick, Yetman E. Married at Mansfield Jul 3rd by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Yetman E. Crick of Mansfield and Miss Anna Wilkinson of Morris Run, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Crippen, Mort Married at the residence of Mr. Geo. Horton, Mansfield, Pa., Aug 17th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce of Stony Fork, Mr. Mort Crippen and Miss Eda Holly both of Sullivan, Pa.
1881 20-Dec M Crook, William H. Married at New Providence, Iowa Nov 29th 1881 by Thomas N. Harper, Esq., Mr. William H. Crook of New Providence and Mrs. Eliza M. Kline, late of Ohio. The bride is a sister of Mr. Levi Furman, of New Providence, late of this county and the groom is one of the first settlers of New Providence, well known to the traveling public as the pioneer by his many friends. The bride is 73 yrs old and the groom 72.
1881 06-Dec M Crooks, Maria Married in Trinity church Antrim on Nov 24th 1881 by the rector Rev. Charles Breck, D. D. , Samuel Reese and Mary Alice, dau., of Joseph and Maria Crooks
1881 10-May D Crowley, Timothy Died at Covington Apr 28th 1881 Timothy Crowley, aged 12 yrs
1881 29-Mar D Cruttenden, John Died in Charleston Mar 26th 1881 of consumption, Mr. John Cruttenden
1881 18-Oct M Culver, C. F. Married at Osceola Sep 24th 1881 by Morgan Seely, Esq., Mr. C. F. Culver of Nelson, Pa., and Mrs. M. L. Marsh of Wabasha, Minn.
1880 28-Sep M Cummings, Etta Married at Tioga Sep 8th 1880 by L. H. Tuttle, Esq., Mr. John E. Butler and Miss Etta Cummings both of Farmington, Pa.
1880 29-Jun D Cunningham, David Died at the Co. house Jun 20th 1880 Mr. David Cunningham of Jackson, aged 81 yrs
1881 06-Dec D Cunningham, Matilda Died in Deerfield Nov 7th 1881 Matilda, only child of Alexander and Havilla Cunningham, aged nearly 12 yrs
1881 22-Nov M Cunningham, Sarah Married at Millerton Nov 10th 1881 by Rev. Paul Smith, Mr. Levi W. Garrison and Miss Sarah Cunningham both of Jackson, Pa.
1881 18-Jan D Curran, James Died James Curran, a miner, was killed by a fall of top coal at Glendon colliery, Mahoney City, last Wednesday
1881 15-Feb M Curtiss, William O. Married at Knoxville, Feb 1st 1881 by Rev. E. F. Mott, Mr. William O. Curtiss of Chatham Valley and Miss Elnora Southworth of Clymer, Pa.
1881 11-Oct D Dailey, Bertie Died in Osceola, Pa., Sep 29th 1881 Bertie, son of William Bailey, aged 1 yr
1880 15-Jun D Dales, Mrs. A horse ran away and into a carriage in which Mr. And Mrs. Dales of Sylvania, were riding. Mrs. Dales was injured and died during the night. She was a lady of about 60 yrs old and a resident of Sylvania
1881 19-Jul M Dartt, Alice A. Married at the M. E. parsonage in Mansfield Jun 2nd 1881 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Edwin D. Winters of Sabinsville and Miss Alice A. Dartt of Charleston, Pa.
1881 15-Nov M Dartt, F. H. Married at Arnot Nov 9th 1881 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. F. H. Dartt of Wellsboro and Miss May E. Landrus of Arnot, Pa.
1881 17-May D Dartt, Josiah Died Mr. Josiah Dartt formerly of Dartt Settlement in Charleston twp., died at Boulder, Co., on the 16th ultimo. Mr. Dartt left this county 37 yrs ago and went to Wiscon., having been educated as a surveyor. He was a brother of Mr. J. G. Dartt of Charleston. Mr. Dartt was born 62 yrs ago last Aug. in Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa. He was the grandson of Colonel Dartt of reknown in the war of the Revolution. Josiah Dartt early studied for the ministry, believing that duty called him to missionary work among the Oregon Indians. Turned from this benevolent purpose by broken health, the most of the years of his early manhood were spent in teaching and in practice of his profession of surveyor and civil engineer, first in Pennsylvania and afterwards, for 21 yrs in Wisconsin. Since 1871, he had been a resident of Boulder, Colorado; and his name given to the Dartt Pass. He was a great sufferer from organic disease of the heart since Feb. last.
1881 08-Nov M Dates, Mary Married at Lawrenceville Oct 30th 1881 by George McCulloch, Esq., Mr. William VanZile and Miss Mary Dates both of Lawrence, Pa.
1881 26-Jul M Daugherty, Ezra Married at the residence of Mr. Henry Daughtery of Arnot Jul 21st 1881 by David T. Evans, Esq., Mr. Ezra Daugherty and Miss Janet Alexander both of Arnot, Pa.
1881 05-Jul D Daughtery Died; news from Union. Mr. James Daughtery had a little girl, some 13 mos old., burned to death the other day
1881 02-Aug M Davies, Carrie J. Married at Westfield Jul 21st 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Clarence E. Bernauer and Miss Carried J. Davies both of Westfield, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Davies, Edith E. Married in Westfield Aug 11th 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Herman S. Morse of Chatham and Miss Edith E. Davies of Westfield, Pa.
1881 10-May M Davis, Amanda Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork May 8th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Myron Hick and Miss Amanda Davis both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 27-Dec M Davis, Anna Married at St. Paul's church, Wellsboro, Dec 22nd 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., George James and Anna, daughter of William and Anna Davis of Antrim, Pa.
1881 25-Oct M Davis, Elizabeth Married in Trinity Church, Antrim Oct 20th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., pastor of Trinity Church, Robert Evans and Elizabeth, daughter of William M. and Mary Davis of Antrim
1880 21-Sep D Davis, Frankie W. Died Sep 8th 1880 of diptheria Frankie W., daughter of Warren S. and Sarah M. Davis, aged 3 yrs
1881 27-Dec M Davis, Mary Married at St. Paul's church, Wellsboro, Dec 22nd 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., William B. James and Mary, daughter of William and Mary Davis of Antrim Pa.
1880 29-Jun M Davis, Rose A. Married at Mansfield Jun 9th 1880 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. E. S. Brewster and Miss Rose A. Davis
1881 22-Mar M Dean, Louis H. Married in Delmar Mar 15th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D.D., Mr. Louis H. Dean of Delhi, Delaware Co., NY and Miss Anna C., daughter of Daniel Fischler, Esq.
1881 04-Oct D Deane, E. P. Died Sketch of the life of E. P. Deane. Erastus Putnam Deane was born in Petersham, Worcester Co., Mass., Nov 26th 1809 and was one of a family of nine children born to Daniel and Jerusha Deane, all of whom except the subject of this sketch and one brother now living in Nebraska, died many years ago. The mother of that family of children died at Petersham, Feb 21st 1846 and the father came in the year 1851 to this co., thereafter to make his home with his son, with whom he lived until his death, Oct 10th 1866, at the age of 95 yrs and 6 das. Mr. Deane came to Tioga Co., from the home of his parents in Mass., arriving here on the 25th day of Apr 1834. The principal occupation of his life was surveying, although until the year 1873 he generally carried on the business of farming in connection therewith. Jun 29th 1837, he was married to Mary E. McEwen, eldest daughter of John McEwen, of Delmar twp. Of the 9 children born to them, 6 survive. The wife of the deceased died Apr 30th 1879. Mr. Deane died in Corning,
1881 27-Sep D Deane, Erastus P. Died at Corning, NY Sep 22nd 1881 Mr. Erastus P. Deane of Wellsboro, Pa., in his 72nd yr

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