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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
1883 Tioga County PA History
1883 Tioga County History - 
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Outline History of Pennsylvania
Chapters 1-9 pp 9-25  
General History of Tioga County
One The Indians in Possession - land Purchase - State Line Located 26   
Two Incentives to Settlement - Characteristics & Experience of the Pioneers  29   
Three Organization & Development of the County - Officers and Representatives 32  
Four Early Wagon Roads - Navigation - Railroads - Stage Lines - Travel & Transportation  37   
Five Development of the Mineral Products of Tioga County 44   
Six Strikes at the Coal Mines 50   
Seven Lumbering and Tanning 57   
Eight The Farming Interest - Agricultural Societies and Fairs 59   
Nine Educational Institutions 62   
Ten Sketches of the Bench and Bar of Tioga County 64  
Eleven Tioga County's Patriotism in the Civil War 79   
Twelve Topography and Geology 83   
Township & Borough Formation  
Township & Borough Histories
  Bloss Township -Arnot 89 Biographies
  Blossbugh Borough 96 Biographies
  Brookfield Township 109 Biographies
  Charleston Township 113 Biographies
  Chatham Township 119 Biographies
  Clymer Township 123 Biographies
  Covington Township

Covington Borough

128 Biographies
  Deerfield Township 229 Biographies
  Delmar Township 138 Biographies
  Duncan Township - Antrim 159 Biographies
  Elk Township 166
  Elkland Borough 204 Biographies
  Fall Brook Borough 219 Biographies
  Farmington Township 169 Biographies
  Gaines Township 171 Biographies
  Hamilton Township - Morris Run 176 Biographies
  Jackson Township 181 Biographies
  Knoxville Borough 313 Biographies
  Lawrence Township - Lawrenceville 185 Biographies
  Liberty Township 191 Biographies
  Mainesburg Borough (Returned to Sullivan Township) 333 Biographies
  Middlebury Township 326 Biographies
  Morris Township 199 Biographies
  Nelson Township 202 Biographies
  Osceola Township 337 Biographies
  Richmond Township & Mansfield Part One -- Part Two - - Part Three 285 Biographies
  Roseville Borough  (Included with Rutland) 336
  Rutland Township 334
  Shippen Township 207
  Sullivan Township 330 Biographies
  Tioga Township & Borough Part One -- Part Two -- Part Three -- Part Four 242
  Union Township 210 Biographies
  Ward Township 217
  Wellsboro 144 Biographies
  Westfield Township 226 Biographies
  Westfield Borough 227 Biographies
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