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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Elaine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & History sites by Joyce M. Tice. 
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Volume LIII – Number 1 – January 6, 1916

Fassett Grange Officers –
Following are the new officers of Fassett Grange, No. 1567:  Master, Mrs. Belle Coursen;  Overseer, Fred Moore;  Lecturer, Mrs. Ruby Rothwell;  Steward, Walter Steen;  Assistant Steward, Oliver Balmer;  Chaplain, Mrs. Mary Strong;  Treasurer, Leon Tobey;  Secretary, Mrs. Florence Balmer;  Gatekeeper, A. D. Yeomans;  Ceres, Florence McSoley; Pomona, Mrs. Mame Congdon; Flora, Mrs. Blanche Andrus; Trustee, Earl Congdon.

Farmers Union Annual Meetings –
The annual meeting of the Farmers’ and Consumers Commercial Union for the Election of Directors, Auditors, etc., will be held at the Court House, Troy, Pa., Saturday Jan. 8th, 1916 at 1 o’clock.  H. E. Chace, Sec’y.

Tioga County Appointments –
Some surprises bobbed up in Tioga County appointments at Wellsboro Monday.  Francis M. Sheffer, for eight years court crier, has been succeeded by R. W. Fields, retiring register and recorder.  Merrick, Young and Creichton law firm, for thirteen years counsel to the county commissioners, have been succeeded by the retiring judge, David Cameron.  Attempt was made to appoint a county sealer of weights and measures to succeed Bert Gee of Sabinsville, but he holds that he was appointed under act of 1911, and cannot be removed except for cause, and will resist removal.

Troy Engine & Machine Co. Band –
The high school boys have joined forces with the Troy Engine & Machine Co. band under the leadership of Henry Sherman and the following other officers:  President, D. F. Pomeroy;  Secretary, Frank Flick;  Treasurer, Albert Miller.  Thus supplemented by the younger players, the Engine & Machine band becomes a stronger organization than ever, a band of which all Trojans may well be very proud.

Volume LIII – Number 2 – Thursday – January 13,1916
Business Men’s Club -
The nominating committee, Messrs. T. W. Parsons, W. W. Beaman and president at the annual meeting of J. H. Kelley named by the retiring the Business Men’s Club Monday evening placed in nomination the following officers and committees, all of whom were elected:
  President, O. W. Jaquish
  Vice-President, W. S. Montgomery
  Secretary, J. H. Mclelland
  Treasurer, F. L. Ballard
  Board of Directors: The President, Vice-President and Secretary, and H. J. Pierce, John Handran, William Erk and L. H. Oliver.
  Committee on Civic Improvement:  W. H. Parsons, C. A. Smith, P. S. King.
  Committee on Municipal Legislation:  H. K. Mitchell, M. H. McGlenn, H. B. Corey, D. J. Fanning.
  Committee on Publicity:  H. B. VanDyne, F. E. VanKeuren, A. S. Gallatin, W. F. Palmer
  Industrial Committee:  T. P. Rockwell, George F. Case, George W. Baxter.
It was decided during the meeting to place electric lights at the sheds back of the Troy House and in the rear of Beardslee & Colony’s hardware.

Farmers Union –
F. P. VanNoy, Finley Furman and H. E. Chace were elected directors and Dr. P. S. Carpenter, Claude DeWitt and Harry Beaver, auditors of the Farmers’ and Consumers’ Commercial Union at the annual meeting in this boro last Saturday.  The Union is a co-operative concern.  Dividends or rebates are paid to stockholders on their purchases.    On Last year’s business $125,000, these rebates dividends amounted to $4,365.85.  The members of the Union received also 6 on their holdings of stock.  At Saturday’s meeting a dividend of 5 per cent was declared on purchases the last six months of 1915, payable May 1st.

Citizen’ Mutual Telephone Co. –
At Mansfield last Wednesday the following officers were elected:  President, T. F. Hotchkiss;  Secretary, H. B. Corey;  Treasurer;  W. H. Boughton;  Directors:  Archie Robbins, Mainesburg;  H. M. Varney, Wells;  A. C. Horning and G. H. Woodworth, Springfield.  One dollar was added to the annual line rental of boty stock holders and non-stockholders, the amounts now being $6 and $8.

First National Bank –
The annual meeting of the First National Bank was held on Tuesday when the old officers and directors were elected as follows:  A. B. McKean, President;  John A. Parsons, Vice-President;  R. E. VanSyckel, Vice-President;  W. W. Beaman, Cashier.  Directors:  A. B. McKean, John A. Parsons, R. E. VanSyckel, Liston Bliss, L. H. Oliver, B. B. Mitchell, H. K. Mitchell, H. C. Carpenter.  F. L. Ballard.

Oscoluwa Hose Company –
New officers have been chosen by Oscoluwa Engine & Hose Company as follows:
  President, L. R. Guillaume
  Vice-President, Harold Jones
  Secretary-Treasurer, Harold Gustin
  Chief, Benjamin Greene
  Foreman, Harden Gustin
  First Assistant Foreman, Willaim O’Connor
  Second Assistant Foreman, L.  Roe Smith
  Chief Engineer, M. S. Brown
  First Assistant Engineer, Jas. McGee, Jr.
  Second Assistant Engineer, Merle Williams
  Trustees, H. B. VanDyne, R. A. Burr, R. E. VanS;yckel, C. A. Smith
A committee for the Company’s annual banquet was appointed, of Fronk Ballard and Benjamin Greene and on entertainment for that event, consisting of R. A. Burr, H. B. VanDyne and J. H. Kelley.

Grange National Bank –
Officers and directors of the Grange National Bank were elected yesterday as follows:  Officers, E. Everitt VanDyne, President;  George B. Lewis, Vice-President;  F. N. Hubbard, Vice-President;  J. C. Blackwell, Cashier.  Directors:  Everitt VanDyne, H. J. Pierce, J. W. Phillips, C. A. Smith, F. N. Hubbard, George B. Lewis, O. B. Besley, H. O. Kingsley, Edson D. Harkness, John M. Coney, Austin Leonard.

D. A. R. Notice –
The Os-co-hu Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, met with Mrs. Francis L. Ballard, Jan 5th.  Besides regular business, a fine literary and musical program was given.
Colonial Era, Part 1, 1607-1775, is the year’s study.  Two papers were given: “The First Permanent Settlement – Virginia,” written by Miss A. Belle Carnochan and “ The Dutch in New Netherlands,” by Miss Ethel B. Hovey.
The special music was a soprano solo by Mrs. F. L. Ballard with wiolin and piano accompaniment by Francis Ballard, Jr., and Miss Paine.  An encore was given.  Two piano solos by Miss Francis Saltmarsh were much enjoyed.
Dainty refreshments were served by the hostesses – Mrs. Francis L. Ballard, Mrs. William F. DeWitt, Mrs. Frank P. Case and Mrs. Thomas W. Parsons.
The ;next meeting, Feb. 9th, an evening meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. William T. Gustin, Elmira Street.

Volume LIII – Number 3 – Thursday –January 20, 1916

Troy Cow Testing Association –
The following table gives the names of the owners and records of the cows in the association which have produced more than 40 pounds of butterfat during the month ending Dec. 28, 1915.
R.H. Fleming – Daisy Dean DeKol 74.2
George Dunbar – Shoemaker, 40.3; Darrow, 51.8
John VanHorn – Lena, 48.6; Bell, 43.5
F.M. Barnes – Lettie, 44.6
Ezra Calkins – Milly No. 1, 40.4
George Dickinson – Anna, 43.8; Topsy, 41.3
Austin Leonard & Son – Tribal Rita 40.3; Nashua, 53.6; Thisbie Tormentor, 44.3;
     Mysena of Leona, 52.0; Katy of Leona, 40.6, Freda Athlone, 56.2;
     Nora   Tormentress, 45.8
Austin Kenyon – Daisy K, 42.2; Dora, 43.7
George H. Wolfe & Son – Rosy Dream of Sheomet, 44.2; Lizzie Bell of Slheomet, 47.1;
    Flossie, 43.7
Fred Bohlayer, Ruby May DeKol, 42.5

West Granville Grange –
The following officers for West Granville Grange, No. 257, were installed Jan. 8: Master, J.C. Fleming; Overseer, E.E. Burke; Lecturer, Mrs. Marion Fleming; Steward, Earl Porter; Assistant Steward, Burdette Porter; Chaplain, Mrs. Blanch Burke; Treasurer, G.G. Ayers, Secretary, Miss Irene Fleming; Gate Keeper, Ray Shoemaker; Ceres, Mrs. Carrie Ayres; Pamona, Mrs. Lottie Ayres; Flora, Mrs. Effie Duart; Lady Assistant Steward, Miss Anna Ayres; Trustees, John Howland, David Haflett and Gordon Porter.

(Local) At the annual meeting in this boro last Thursday of the Bradford County Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company, thirteen directirs were elected as follows:  Philip S. Crandall, E.M. Mason, J.L. Miller, W.T. Lawrence, Lewis Packard, Edgar Berry, O.M. Ayers, I.A. Rockwell, A.J. Stacey, A.L. Larcom, E.G. Kingsley, H.L. Dodge, W.H. Bradford, W.T. Lawrence was repelected President, and Asa S. Stevens, Secretary, F.N. Hubbard was made Treasurer, in place of C.S. Crandall, who declined re-election.  The following were appointed appraisers:  I.A. Rockwell, H.L. Dodge, Jesse L. Miller, A net gain in insurance in force of $233,059 was reported.  This increased the total on Dec. 31st, to $4,714,566.  Losses paid last year amounted to $7,374.29.

Volume LIII – Number 4 – Thursday – January 27, 1916

Os-co-hu Chapter, D.A.R.
On February 9th, 1915, the foundation for Os-Co-Hu Chapter was laid at a meeting with Mrs. William T. Gustin.
In recognition of this the program committee has given Hostesses Mrs. William T. Gustin, Mrs. David J. Fanning, Mrs. J. Harrison Kelley and Miss Ethel Hovey a special program.
Hon. A.C. Fanning of Towanda, Pa., has consented to address the D.A.R. at the residence of Mrs. Gustin on February 9th, 1916.  Each member of Os-Co-Hu Chapter privileged to bring one guest.
Reception at * o’clock, followed by program.  Members kindly notify one of the Hostesses if unable to attend the social meeting.

Volume LIII – Number 5 – Thursday – February 3, 1916

Officers were chosen by the Progress Club on Tuesday as follows:  President, Mrs. F. M. Long; Vice-President, Mrs. Jennie Pomeroy; Secretary, Mrs. Jennie Grant; Treasurer, Miss Mary Bowen.  The President will appoint the executive committee.

Volume LIII – Number 6 – Thursday – February 10, 1916

Plans Maturing for Bradford County Dinner –
New York, Feb. 2 - Plans for the thirteenth annual dinner of the Bradford County Society of the city of New York are already  well under way and the number is going to prove no hoodoo in this case. Returns already received by the committee indicates that the attendance will be as large as usual and the program will be even better.
Dr. Lemuel D. Ayers, in whose home the Society was first formed and who is famed in the organization as the hero of the song “Old Doctor Ayers,” is president of the Society this year with Perley Morse as vice-president.  Roger Winlack is secretary and treasurer and those who inten to come down from the Old Home County to the feast should make a note of his address 517 West 135th Street and notify him early.
The various committees this year are especially strong with many of the “old timers” back in harness and taking an active part.
Michael J. Murphy who has been away for some years, though always getting back for the dinner is one of these.  He heads the executive committee and has as his aides:  William H. Friedman, Claude A. Thompson, Paul Welles, Thomas A. McGuire, Dr. Joseph Semon, Herman H. Griswold, Niell A. Canfield, Norman P. Hicks, John Leahy, David A. Keefe, Hon. L. T. McFadden, John A. Parons, Hon. George A. Post, Dr. G. W. Chaffee, A. E. Landon and Wallace Horton.
Then there is “Jerry” Lyncy, another of the originals who has been missed for three or four years.  He is chairman of the reception committee and among the other members are H. DeWitt McCraney, C. Webster Crockett, Karl H. Driggs, John W. McGuire, N. P. Hicks, Jr., Dr. H. A. James, Albert F. Hovey, Curtis J. Beard and several from the county who are so regular in their attendance at the dinners as to be counted active members of the Society.
The publicity work is as usual in the hands of Craig W. Green with all the Bradford county editors on his committee.
The dinner will be held Saturday evening, Feb. 26, at the Hotel McAlpin, 33d Street and Broadway, the largest and finest of the hotels of the city.  Tickets are as for several years past five dollars each.
There will be a reception of an hour or two before the dinner giving all a chance to visit with old friends and to meet new ones and during the evening there will be an excellent vaudeville entertainment.
Governors Whitman of New York and Brumbaugh of Pennsylvania, have promised to attend the dinner and the other speakers will be secured by M. J. Murphy who is to be the toastmaster.
To be sure of seats and have names in the souvenir program those intending to attend should promptly notify Secretary Winlack.

Sylvania Lodge, I.O.O.F. –
(Sylvania)  The member of Sylvania Lodge, I.O.O.F. held their annual banquet on anniversary day, Feb. 1st, in their half.  The day was favorable but the roads were not good.
Owing to the grip epidemic the attendance was not as large as on some occasions but about 150 Odd Fellows and their families and invited guests were served with dinner – a dimmer measuring up to famous ones of the past.
Jesse Ripley was master of ceremonies and he performed his duties most acceptab ly.  He saw that all were provided for and was assisted by an efficient corps of waiters, young men and young matrons with a sprinkling of maidens.
After all were served with dinner, the tables were cleared, chairs drawn up and Martin Hager called the meeting to order, and after a brief devotional service he called on Rev. A. G. Cameron for an address.  This was followed by an interesting sketch of the early history of Columbia township by Finley Furman, who interspersed the story of other years with humorous stories told in the happy way he has of telling them.
Mr. Courtney then gave a short address on “Brotherhood” full of feeling and wisdom.  Although the programme was comprised to a few it was most excellent and was greatly enjoyed by the company.
For forty years this day has been observed and it always proves to be a day for meetings and for the renewal of friendship, a day for the sending of messages to absent ones.
Year by year some of the stalwarts of other days are missing but others come to take their places.

To Organize Lodge of Moose in Troy –
Joseph J. Bloor, the district director, who in a surprisingly short time has added 200 to the membership of the Canton lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose, will come to Troy next week with a view to the organization of a lodge here.  The Moose are the most progressive of the fraternal orders.  They pay $7 a week sick benefit for 13 weeks; $100 funeral benefit.
The dues are $2.50 quarterly in  advance.  During his stay in Troy Mr. Bloor will be glad to see all who are interested in the formation of a lodge here.  Special inducements will be offered charter members.

(Local) A correspondent gives this list of Alba residents who have just joined the Canton lodge of the Order of Moose:  Charles Wilcox, Edward Palmer, Charles Fanning, James Hoagland, John Cruse, Lynn Merritt, L. Haflett, Frank Dickinson, Ray Newell, Martin Bockus, Horace Murray, Robert Ayers, Walter Reynolds, Mr. Kier and Earl McIlvain.

Volume LIII – Number 7 – Thursday – February 17, 1916

One Hundred Thirty-Five attend D.A. R. Reception –
A most delightful session of Os-co-hu Chapter, D.A.R., was held on Wednesday evening at the residence of Mrs. William T. Gustin commemorating the same date a year ago when twenty ladies were present at Mrs. Gustin’s home to form this splendid Chapter which how has over eighty members.
The spacious rooms were beautifully decorated with handsome bunting flags, tulips, hyacintas and carnations.
The members and their guests to the number of 135 were received by the hostess, Mrs. Gustin, the regent, Mrs. R.E. VanSyckel; Mrs. Louis T. McFadden, Regent of Bradford Chapter; The vice-regent, Mrs. E. E. VanDyne; Mrs. A. C. Fanning of Towanda, Mrs. David J. Fanning, Mrs. J. Harrison Kelley, Miss Ethel B. Hovey and Mrs. Brewster A. Long.
The following assisted in the dining room, Miss Cora Spalding, Miss Laura Wheeler, Miss Jeannette Gustin, Miss Jane Parsons, Miss Alice colony, Miss Lucile Besley and Mrs. M.A. Davies.
Following the reception a fine program was given.  The Regent, Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel, gave the address of welcome which was responded to by E. Everitt VanDyne.  Mrs. Francis L. Ballard sang the “Angels Serenade” accompanied by Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell on the piano with violin obligato by Francis D. Ballard, responding to an encore with “The Rosary.”
At the close of his remarks Mr. VanDyne introduced Former Judge A. C. Fanning of Towanda.  The Judge, going back as far as 300 years, recounted the early historic places of interest, Indian trails and villages throughout this section and said that Bradford county was rich in historic interest.  He spoke of a manuscript of the early history of the county which the late A. S. Hooker, editor of the Troy Gazette spent years in preparing and which was nearly completed, that would be invaluable in research work, but it cannot be fond since the death of Mr. and Mrs. Hooker and probably has been destroyed.
Mrs. VanSyckel and Mrs. VanDyne presided over the coffee urns and ices and cakes were served.  Tiny silk flags were used as favors.
The orchestra composed of Miss Julia Costello, pianist; Miss Anna Bottcher and Miss Minerva Flood, violinists, played during the evening.
The out of town guests were:  Mrs. A. C. Fanning of Towanda; Mrs. Louis T. McFadden of Canton, who was a guest of Mrs. Gustin, Mrs. Andrew Sawtelle of Sayre, a guest of Mrs. William Sweet, and Ray Mitchell of Elmira.

Overflowing House Greets “Between Two Lives”
A Full house, in fact more than could be seated greeted the presentation of the three-act drama, “Between Two Lives” by Troy Grange at their hall on Tuesday evening.
In a lively catchy way the play portrays the passing of the old and the coming of the new in rural life.  Music was supplied by the high school orchestra.
In response to a popular demand the play was repeated last night and requests for it have been received from neighboring Granges.
The cast follows:
Henry Wilson, Farmer of the old type – Fred Williams
Sarah, his wife – Helen Williams
Jack, their son – Joab Mahood
Betty, their daughter – Jennie Packard
Silas Watson, who loans money – Earl Roby
Gertie Bowers, teacher of the district school – Mildred Howland
Will Jefferson, a city youth with good cloths – Stewart Dewey
Trueletta, the colored girl who helps out – Florence Salisbury
Rastus Washington Lincoln, colored hosler of Silas Watson – Dalton Salisbury
Sam Snipes, the hired man – Robert Newell
Donald Brooks, son of a neighbor to the Wilson’s who loves Betty – Meade Knights.
Abagail Jones, who sees violence in all men – Florence Scott
Prison Guard – Lewis Packard.

Recital by Mr. Cheeswright
The Music Study Club has arranged for a piano recital by Mr. Cheeswright at its next meeting, February 24th. ......... At the home of Miss Charlotte Paine.

D.A.R. February 22d
On Washington’s birthday, Os-co-hu Chapter gave a thimble party at Mrs. John W. Philips’ with special entertainment provided.  Tickets $.50. Each person attending is requested to wear a piece of old-fashion jewelry.

Comes Here to Organize Moose Lodge –
Mr. Joseph J. Bloor has arrived in town and has registed at the Troy House.
Mr. Bloor haws just finished one of the most successful campaigns of his career in Canton, increasing the membership from 100 to 300 in twenty eight days.  A committee of the following members of Canton Lodge 429, have been appointed on the building committee:  Hon. L. T. McFadden, Hon. J. W. Stone, Charles Hartman, Lee Greenleaf, H. Lee Clark, Charles Innes, H.C. Gates, George Doll, E. R. Innes, Jas. B. Mason, Charles K. Kinch, Z. Freeman Lewis and Dr. A. E. Dann for operations to be begun in the spring.
Upon special request of citizens of Troy, Mr. Bloor will institute a lodge here Wednesday evening, March 8th.  The celebrated Canton degree team will exemplify the ritual and confer the work the night of instituting Troy Lodge.  The street parade with the Minnequa Lodge band will also take place and large delegations of members will be on hand from Canton and Williamsport to witness the institution of Troy Lodge.

At the annual meeting in January of the VanDyne-Hungerford Leather Co., in Boston, E. Everitt VanDyne was re-elected President; L. C. Hungerford Vice-President and Treasurer; Willis H. Armstrong, Secretary and Director; and Henry B. VanDyne, Production Manager and Director.  The business showed a fine growth in all departments.

Volume LIII – Number 8 – Thursday – February 24, 1916

D.A.R. Annual Thimble Party –
The beautiful home of Mrs. John W. Phillips was the scene of a most delightful social function on Washington’s birthday. It was the annual thimble party of the local Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and was attended by about eighty-five ladies and their guests.  The spacious rooms were attractively decorated with American flags.  The officers of the Chapter assisted Mrs. Phillips in receiving.  A fine program was given:
Reading, “For the Love of Mary Ellen,” by Miss Dorothy Beaman; solo, “Happy Days Gone By,” by Miss Laura Wheeler; encore “Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal,” ; solo, “Barcarolle,” from The Tales of Hoffman, by Mrs. Francis L. Ballard; Trio, “Sing, Smile, Slumber,” by Gounod, By Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell, Mrs. B. B. Mitchell and Mrs. John W. Pomeroy; solo, “Springtide,” Mrs. John W. Pomeroy; encore, “Sunshine of your Smiles.”
Perhaps the most enjoyed of all was the minuet danced by eight ladies in Colonial costume; Mrs. B. B. Mitchell, Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, Mrs. W. S. Sweet, Mrs. H. B. VanDyne, Mrs. F. L. Ballard, Miss Minerva Flood, Miss Mary L. Saltmarsh and Mrs. H. J. Pierce.
Refreshments of Waldorf salad, cheese balls, rolled bread, ice cream, fancy cakes and coffee were daintily served by Misses Colony, Besley and Parsons, Mrs. James W. Lamkin and Mr4s. Albert Miller.  The favors were little red hatchets.
The out of town guests were Mrs. Eugene T. Barnes of Canton; Mrs. Harry Johnson of East Aurora, N.Y. and Mrs. Aldrew Sawtelle of Waverly.

D.A.R. Meeting –
Os-co-hu Chapter meets the first Wednesday in March the first, with Mrs. Harold C. Carpenter.  Other hostesses, Mrs. George Wrench, Mrs. Percy S. King, Mrs. Floyd A Bradford.  Delegates to National Congress, Washington, D.C. to be elected.

Alba Grange Occupy Their New Hall –
The annual feast of Minnequa Grange was held Thursday at their newly remodeled hall at Alba.  After the bountiful dinner Lazelle Landon acting as toastmaster called upon the following men who worthily responded:  Mr. Harry Gates, Lyman Cole, G. G. Ayers, Otis Williams, Oscar Ayers and Lawrence Manley.
Several musical selections were enjoyed among which were a solo by Mr. Willard Dunbar and a piano duet by Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dunbar.  A rising vote of thanks was extended to all who helped the Grange in their efforts of rebuilding.

Volume LIII – Number 9 – Thursday – March 2, 1916

Elmira Women Organize Troy Club –
The Troy Club is a new Elmira organization with a membership to start of forty-seven women, all former residents of this boro.  It was formed a few days ago at the home of Mrs. J. Maxwell beers, and new members are constantly being received.  The club meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month with three members acting as hostesses.  Doubtless there will be times when the husbands of members will be invited.  It is quite remarkable that such a large membership of former Troy women should have been gathered in so short a time.
All are intensely loyal to Troy, and many good times are anticipated.  The officers are Mrs. Mary Newell, President; Mrs. George B. Knowlton, Vice-President; Mrs. George Mitchell, Secretary and Mrs. Enoch Kelley, Treasurer.

D.A.R. Elects Delegates to Congress-
The regular monthly meeting of Os-co-hu Chapter, daughters of the American Revolution was held yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Harold C. Carpenter.  The assistant hostesses were Mrs. George P. Wrench, Mrs. Percy S. King and Mrs. F. L. Ballard.  The program included a piano duo by Miss Paine and Mrs. D. F. Pomeroy, a vocal solo by Mrs. Francis L. Ballard and a paper by Mrs. Harry S. Mitchell on “The Founding of the Plymouth Colony”.  Delegates and alternates to the Continental Congress to be held in Washington in April were elected as follows:
Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel is a delegate to the Congress by virtue of her office as regent of the Troy Chapter.  Regent’s Alternate, Mrs. B. A. Long, Delegate, Mrs. F. H. Hoffman, Delegate’s Alternate, Mrs. F. L. Ballard.  Alternates, Mrs. D. F. Pomeroy, Miss Charlotte Paine, Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, Miss Madaline VanSyckel.
Refreshments were served.

The Dolly Madison Rebekah Lodge of Austinville will hold a social at the hall Saturday evening, March 11.  Proceeds for the benefit of churches of Austinville.

Music Study Club Program –
The next meeting of the Music Club will be on the afternoon of March 9th – Thursday of  next week -  at Mrs. Harry Mitchell’s. The program beginning at 4 o’clock sharp, follows:  Overture, Rosamunde, Mrs. Pomeroy and Mrs. Mitchell.
Reading; Schubert as a song Writer
Group of Schubert Songs, Mrs. Ballard
Allegretto from impromptu No. 2 – Mrs VanDyne
Paper by Mrs. L. M. Marble, “Contemporaneous Events of Schubert’s Life” read by – Mrs. Willett
Group of Songs, Mrs. J. W. Pomeroy
Entr’acts from Rosamunde – Mrs Pomeroy and Miss Paine
Soiree de Vienne, Schubert-Liszt – Mrs. Mitchell
Legend of the Erl-King – Miss Minnie Ballard
Song, The Erl-King – Mrs. Pomeroy

(Local)  A lodge of Moose will be instituted at Columbia X Roads next Wednesday, March 8th.  The Canton degree team will exemplify the ritual and confer the work.  The new lodge will be instituted with seventy-five new members.

Volume LIII – Number 10 – Thursday – March 9, 1916

Men of St. Paul’s Church Form Club –
St. Paul’s Guild met with Mrs. S. J. Atwood at the Troy House Monday evening and tendered a banque to the men of the parish.  The Rev. W. R. Holloway presided.  Speeches were made by a number of the gentlemen urging a closer social relation among the men of the congregation.  On motion of F. L. Ballard a Men’s Club was formed with about twenty members and the following officers:
President, Charles H. Tate; Vice-President, Dr. F. P. Layman; Secretary, F. L. Ballard; Treasurer, F. E. VanKeuren.  Monthly meetings are to be held at the homes of members.

Mr. W. S. Sweet entertained the Men’s Club of the Presbyterian church at his home, “The Terrace” last Thursday evening.  With the guests of the club members the company numbered sixty-five.  A fine chicken supper was followed by a program of instrumental music, readings by D. F. Pomeroy, O. W. Jaquish and Rev. Edw. P. Morse, and a very fine snappy little speech by the Rev. Cameron of Sylvania.  New Officers of the club were elected as follows:  President, W. S. Montgomery; Vice President, A. R. McMahan; Secretary, Rhinehold Erk; Treasurer; J. B. Armstrong.

Volume LIII – Number 11 – Thursday – March 16, 1916

Bradford County Society of Philadelphia Banquets
On Friday evening, March 10th, the Bradford County Society of Philadelphia held their tenth annual banquet and business meeting at the Roosevelt.  Over eighty members were present.
F. H. Bailey, the president, called the meeting to order at 7:30 and the following officers were elected:  President, David Lake; Vice-President, C. M. Krouse and M.F. Powers; Secretary and Treasurer, S. C. Coburn.
President Bailey started the after dinner speeches with well chosen remarks and calls on Albert Morgan who gave us an excellent talk on present and past conditions in old Bradford.  He read an original composition in verse which was greatly enjoyed.  In concluding, he called our attention to the fact that one of our members was on the eve of sailing to the other side of the Atlantic, where he is to study conditions and treatment of the animals in use in the armies of Europe.
A solo by Guy Wheaton was thoroughly enjoyed.  It was composed by his mother who has been a life-long resident of Bradford County.
Carryl Coburn gave us in a recitation a very vivid picture of how “Socery Set the Old Blue Hen,” and “Seein’ Things at Night”.
Charles Feilding gave an excellent rendition of “Mother” and the “Daughter of Mother McCree”.
The President elect, Mr. Lake, then addressed the Society and invited us to again hold our picnic at his home in Norristown.  Dr. c. J. Marshall made a few remarks on the life work and accomplishments of our deceased friend and fellow member, Emery J. Kerrick, who died in St. Petersburg, Fla., February 29th.  He told the Society of his own plans for the next few weeks or possible months; how he expects to avoid trouble during his stay in Europe and his ideas of his part in preparedness, showing the necessity for study along the line of veterinary medicine and the urgent need of such work.
The dining room was then given over to the waiters who very soon had converted it into a ballroom with a good orchestra headed by Mrs. Cade, there was nothing to keep the young folks from enjoying the modern dancing.  Later in the evening Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wheaton gave us some of the old fashioned music on the fiddle and piano and the older members had their innings.  Later the young people again had the floor until it was time to leave for our homes after voting it our most successful banquet. S.L.C.

Civic League Notes –
On March 8th, the officers and chairmen of various committees met at the home of Mrs. S. B. Willett to discuss plans for the spring and summer civic work.
The Civic League recommends an early warfare on flies, mosquitoes and apple tree worms.  Spray cellars with kerosene oil and commence early to put premises in perfect order.
The co-operation of every person living in Troy is requested, and suggestions along all lines will be appreciated.  Watch the papers for special notices.

Directors’ Association Names New Officers –
Officers were elected as follows at the 13th annual convention of the Bradford County School Directors’ Association in Towanda last week:
President – The Rev. A. G. Cameron, Sylvania; Vice-Presidents – Hon. J. W. Stone, Canton, John G. Brainard, Sayre; Secretary – J. Andrew Wilt, Towanda; Auditor for County Institute – N. F. Walker, Athens.
Delegates to State Director’s Association – The Rev. A. G. Cameron, Sylvania; J. Andrew Wilt, Towanda; E. S. Andrews, Powell; Jesse Norconk, Albany township; T. W.  Lupton, Athens township.

New Moose Lodge Starts With Bright Prospects
Associate National Director Col. E. E. Klein, District Director Joseph J. Bloor of Pittsburg, instituted Cornell Lodge 564, Loyal Order of Moose at Columbia X Roads, Wednesday evening, March 8th.  They were assisted by the following officers of Canton Lodge, Charles Kinch, Dictator; Thomas Hurley, Past Dictator; Joseph B. Mason, Past Dictator; Leon Smith, Sargeant of Arms; William Foster, Prelate; Royland Foss, Vice-Dictator, George Andrews, Secretary.  The following officers were selected and installed at this meeting:  Fred Z. Lewis, Dictator; Robert G. Stronge, Secretary; W. J. Vickery, Lew Jusdon, Treasurer; Sidney J. P. Patterson, Vice-Dictator; Marcus E. Howland, Past Dictator.  Canton Lodge arrived at 9:15, a special car being attached to the regular train.  Large delegations attended the meeting from Troy, Williamsport, Springfield, Granville Summit, Ralston, Alba, Cowley, East Troy and Burlington and Elmira.  Addresses were made during the evening by the Honorable E. E. Klein of Pittsburg, Joseph J. Bloor, District Director of Williamsport Lodge, Joseph E. Mason of Canton, Charles Kinch, F. Z. Lucas and R. M. Judson of Columbia X Roads, F. L. Searle of Elmira Lodge gave a very interesting talk on Moosehart, Ill, where the Moose have a home for the orphans and widows.  This home is located thirty-five miles west of Chicago.  In the short period of three years, there has been installed a bank, railroad station and post office.  It is now assured fact that the Moose have come to Columbia Cross Roads to stay.  Joseph J. Bloor, R. M. Judson and R. G. Stronge state that this lodge will have their own club house within a few months.  It is already planned to dedicate the new home on Decoration Day of this year when the supreme officers will be in attendance.  The lodge at Columbia Cross Roads is to be known as Cornell Lodge, 564, Royal Order of Moose, it being named after one of its most prominent citizens, R. K. Cornell.

Volume LIII – Number 12 – Thursday – March 23, 1916

Music Study Club –
The last regular meeting of the Music Study Club will be held at Miss Paine’s , March 28th, next Tuesday evening, Subject, Schubert.
Program as follows:
Marche Militaire – Schubert ... Orchestra
Schubert as a Man and as a Composer ... Mrs. Holcombe
Songs – Whither?, The Wanderer ... Miss Wheeler
Dirge ... Orchestra
Scherzo for piano ... Mrs. H. B. VanDyne
Song – Margherita at the Spinning Wheel ... Mrs. Ballard
History and Art during Schubert’s Lifetime ... Mrs. Willett
Le Rol des Aulnes ... Orchestra
Songs – Hark, hark, the Lark, Faith is  Spring, Thou art my Rest ... Mrs. Ballard
Moment Musical ... Orchestra.

Civic League Names Officers and Committees of 1916 –
At a meeting of the executive committee of the Civic League, various plans for securing the continued cooperation of the community were considered.
What was finally settled upon as meeting the question simply and satisfactorily will be evident as the days go by.  The post office will be an important agent, and in due course of time, letters addressed to several hundred Trojans, will find their way into the hands of householders and heads of families.
Now, we all know that the waste paper basket is the favorite receptacle of most printed matter, especially cards, so we wish to call attention to the fact that all cards sent out by the Civic League are going to be worth reading.
Why no name is signed will be known before the blank at the end is reached.
Please read it very carefully, then take it home and read it again to the family, perhaps, at the supper table, as that is a good place to talk it over and every member of the family, old enough to sit at the table, should be interested in the subject.
Then, if you really want you home to be among the healthiest and the fairest in the state, just sign your name to the card, put on a stamp, address it to the Civic League, Box 325, and hurry it to the post office and we assure you that our hearts will be cheered and our hands strengthened for the work we are trying to do.
League Motto:  Take Hold, Hold On, Never Let Go.
Officers:  President, Mrs. Sarah B. Willett; First Vice-President, Mrs. Henry VanDyne, Second Vice-President, Mrs. F. H. Hoffman; Secretary, Mrs. Howard Grosjean; Treasurer, Miss Frances Coney.
Streets: Mrs. E. E. VanDyne, General Chairman
West Main and Exchange Streets: Mrs. F. L. Ballard, Chairman; Mrs. T. W. Parsons, Mrs. Howard Gates, Mrs. W. F. DeWitt, Mrs. Howard Grosjean, Miss Nettie Baldwin
East Main, Paine, and Railroad Streets: Mrs. J. C. Blackwell, Chairman; Mrs. Samuel Williams
Center Street:  Mrs. H. K. Mitchell, Chairman; Mrs. William Weigester, Miss Anna Compton, Mrs. William Erk
High, John and King Street: Mrs. Herman J. Pierce, Chairman; Mrs. J. H. Kelley, Mrs. Percy King, Mrs. Charles N. Greene, Mrs. Edward Beardsley
Elmira Street:  Miss Cora Spalding, Chairman; Mrs. W. T. Gustin, Mrs. M. A. Davies, Mrs. David Fanning, Mrs. Thomas Colony, Mrs. S. B. Morley
Prospect, Redington and Ballard Streets:  Mrs. Charles Friends, Chairman; Mrs. B. B. Mitchell, Mrs. Joseph H. Preston, Mrs. Charles Joralemon, Miss Jane Parsons, Miss Mary L. Saltmarsh, Mrs. Manville Bailey
Upper Canton, Willow and Chestnut Streets: Mrs. E. B. Parsons, Chairman; Mrs. Wilber H. Parsons, Mrs. E. L. Teeter, Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel
Canton Street (From Chestnut to Main): Mrs. J. W. Phillips, Chairman; Mrs. James W. Lamkin, Mrs. George G. Beardsley, Mrs. Frederick VanDyne, Mrs. E. A. Rockwell
Streams and Banks: Mrs. Harold C. Carpenter, Chairman; Mrs. R. E. VanSyckel, Mrs. D. Fred Pomeroy, Mrs. Clark Joralemon, Mrs. Harry Cosper, Mrs. Jennie Grant, Mis Emma Hill, Mrs. Robert Weigand.
Town Beautiful: Mrs. George O. Holcombe, Chairman; Mrs. W. S. Sweet, Mrs. F. L. Ballard, Mrs. Wilber H. Parsons, Mrs. George P. Wrench, Mrs. F. E. VanKeuren
Membership: Miss Grace Sayles, Chairman; Mrs. Samuel Williams, Miss Mary I. Bliss, Mrs. Fayette Pomeroy, Mrs. Edward Beardsley.
Children’s Welfare: Miss Charlotte Paine, Chairman; Mrs. E. P. Morse, Mrs. W. R. Holloway, Mrs. F. H. Hoffman, Mrs. William DeWitt, Mrs. Charles Mitchell.
Finance: Mrs. Henry VanDyne, Chairman, Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, Mrs. W. S. Sweet, Mrs. B. A. Long, Mrs. M.H. McGlenn.
Public Health: Mrs. Frank P. Case, Chairman; Mrs. P. N. Barker, Mrs. John Luckey, Miss Frances Coney, Miss Cora Spalding, Mrs. Mary C. Long.
Social: Mrs. Burton C. Pomeroy, Chairman; Mrs. Glenn A. Baldwin, Mrs. Charles Joralemon, Miss Grace N. Sayles, Mrs. D. F. Pomeroy, Mrs. Warner Carnochan.
Children’s Auxiliary:  Mrs. F. M. Long, Chairman; Mrs. Arthur McMahan, Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, Mrs. Jennie Grant, Mrs. B. B. Mitchell, Mrs. Albert Miller, Miss Caroline Saltmarsh.
Press: Mrs. B. A. Long
Public Schools: Mrs. W. S. Montgomery, Chairman; Mrs. John McClelland, Mrs. Mary C. Long, Mrs. H. K. Mitchell, Mrs. D. J. Fanning, Miss Belle Carnochan.

(Local) At the last meeting of the Progress Club with Mrs. Mary C. Long, papers were read by Mrs. W. F. Dewit and Mrs. C. H. Friends and current events given by Mrs. S. B. Willett.  The musical numbers were by Mrs. F. L. Ballard and Mrs. H. S. Mitchell.

Volume LIII – Number 13 – Thursday – March 30, 1916

The Prohibition party of Bradford county in convention at Towanda last Saturday endorsed the following candidates for nomination at the primaries, May 16th.  For Congress, W. S. H. Hermans of Towanda; for State Senator, Dr. H. W. Champlin of Towanda; for Representatives, Lee Thomas of Sayre, and G. H. Willey of LeRoy.  The convention issued a clarion call to the voters to do away with the liquor traffic.



Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916

Civic League Notes –
The first meeting of the Civic League for the season 1916 will be held in the Oscoluwa rooms, at three o’clock, Wednesday, the 12th.
It is hoped that all members will be present.  We cordially invite every woman of Troy, who is not already a member, to join us.  We need your help and cooperation.
The following program will be presented:
1.  The Old Order Changeth
2.  Your Town and Mine
3.  Civic Improvement in the Little Towns
4.  Suggestions for Civic Improvement
5.  Do you Know Your Town

Volume LIII – Number 15 – Thursday – April 13, 1916

Officers and Committees Community Chautauqua –
At a meeting of the guarantors held in the Oscoluwa rooms Monday evening, officers and committees were chosen for the community Chautauqua in this Boro June 20-24, as follows:
President – Glenn A. Baldwin
Vice – Presidents – Orin Jaquish, M. H. McGlenn, R. R. Soper
Secretary – Dr. F. P. Layman
Treasurer – F. W. Hovey
Advertising Committee – Benj. S. Greene, Chairman; Frank E. VanKeuren, Dr. F. H. Riely, Charles H. Tate, William F. Palmer, H. B. VanDyne
Grounds Committee – George F. Case, Chairman, Orin Jaquish, P. S. King, F. L. Ballard, George W. Baxter, Harry Gustin
Ticket Committee – J. H. McClelland, Chairman; Rev. P. J. Durkan, D. F. Pomeroy, F. R. Maher, William Erk, P. H. Barker, E. A. Rockwell, S. M. Canedy, Harry S. Mitchell, L. Roe Smith, H. J. McMahan, C. L. Dewey, T. W. Parsons, B. B. Mitchell, C. A. Smith, J. C. Blackwell, W. R. Croman, W. W. Beaman, Earl M. Bloom, H. H. Grosjean, Mrs. Edna F. Teeter, Mrs. Donna S. VanDyne, Miss A. Belle Carnochan, Mrs. Addie M. Long
Combined Advertising and Ticket Committee – J. Stewart Essenwine, West Burlington; Weller Calkins, East Troy; Lewis Judson, Columbia X Roads; Harvey Heald, Granville Center; Lewellyn Clark, Windfall; Herman Carpenter, Cowley; Ray Newell, Alba; Will Mosher, Sylvania; John Heib, Austinville; Dana Gates, Springfield; Robert Sweeney, Armenia.

Oscohu Chapter, D.A.R. –
The April meeting of the Os-co-hu Chapter, daughters of the American Revolution, was held at the home of Mrs. E. Everitt VanDyne, on Wednesday, April 5th.  The assisting hostesses were Mrs. Emma D. Hepburn, Mrs. Frederick E. VanDyne and Mrs. Walter N. Reynonds.
The paper of the afternoon, entitled “Standish of Standish,” written by Mrs. Frederick H. Hoffman, and read by Mrs. F. L. Ballard, was most excellent.  It brought to all who heard it a beautiful and inspiring picture of the character of “fair maidens and brave men” of early Colonial days.
The musical number was a vocal solo by Miss Julia Costello.  A social hour followed the program during which refreshments were served.
It is interesting to note that just one year ago a meeting wa held with Mrs. Mary Cleaver Long to plan for organization.  Forty names were then presented for membership – the number now belonging to the Chapter is eighty-six.

Civic League Notes –
These residents of the village of Troy have signed the Civic League pledge for the year 1916.  Watch for other names next week:
John A. Parsons, Charles Friends, L. P. Drake, Robert Krise, Herman J. Pierce, W. F. Palmer, John J. Howley, Mrs. Edward VanDyne, L. R. Guillaume, T. M. Comfort, Harry S. Mitchell, E. B. Mic-Key, M. H. McGlenn, George F. Case, J. W. Hurlburt, F. W. Hovey, Mrs. Fannie M. Porter, Rev. P. J. Durkan, W. F. DeWitt, Dr. P. S. Carpenter, Dr. J. W. Phillips, Mrs. Martha M. Titus, Miss Caroline Saltmarsh, Miss Mary L. Saltmarsh, Frank P. Case, H. K. Mitchell, Mrs. Isaac Cleaver, C. C. Hooker, J. J. Handran, M. R. Haxton, E. Everitt VanDyne, First National Bank, M. J. Handran, B. J. Wood, C. L. Dewey, George W. Baxter, Mrs. C. W. Carrier, C. A. Smith, M. E. Bailey, Mrs. Edna F. Teeter, E. M. Bloom, John M. Coney, Mrs. W. C. Foote, Dr. P. N. Barker, J. H. McClelland, John E. Dobbins, Mrs. M. T. Haxton, Wilber H. Parsons, A. J. Stuart, Mrs. Daniel Compton, V. E. Tomlinson, Miss Minnie C. Ballard, C. R. Ludington, T. P. Rockwell.

Volume LIII – Number 16 – Thursday – April 20, 1916

Civic League Notes -
More names of Troy people who have signed the Civic League pledge for the year 1916, to extend good citizenship:
Mrs. Annie P. Holcombe, Lee Gates, Mrs. Mary G. Hoffman, Miss Lucy A. Smith, George F. Taylor, D. F. Pomeroy, LaMont Berry, Maholn Watkins, E. M. Rice, S. L. Putnam, Mrs. Donna S. VanDyne, Mrs. Sarah Gernert, James McMahan, Arthur R. McMahan, M. J. Hewitt, J. H. Luckey, F. D. Hungerford, C. R. Pomeroy, Mrs. Harriet A. Parsons, Mrs. F. Maxwell Long, N.R. Stanton, Liston Bliss, S. C. Rockwell, Mrs. L. L. Carnochan, Mrs. Lucy B. Paine, Sarah B. Willett, Mrs. A. J. Stuart, Mrs. Albert A. Miller, Rev. G. A. Baldwin, John R. McGoughran, Harold C. Carpenter, L. J. Ballard, H. F. Ballard, Rev. E. P. Morse, W. L. Rider, George P. Wrench, S. B. Aspinwall, R. E. VanSyckel, R. A. Burr, S. A. Williams, George G. Beardsley, Rev. E. J. Moss, Wallace T. Newell, H. M. Spalding, J. W. Lamkin, Mrs. Nellie S. Shaw, Mrs. M. Shannon, George Hickok, Harry G. Walter, Louis M. Ward, F. H. Riley, J. H. Kelley, Mrs. Emily A. Baxter, Arthur B. McKean, F. L. Ballard.

Volume LIII – Number 17 - Thursday – April 27, 1916

Civic League Notes
The names of a few more who have enrolled on the side of good citizenship:
James P. McGee, Mrs. Wesley Alton, W. T. Gustin, Elmer Ross, Mary Bowen, Anette Bowen, H. E. Chace

The May meeting of the D.A.R. will be at the home of Mrs. Herman J. Pierce on Wednesday, May 3d, at 2:30 o’clock.

Christian Endeavor Society of the Baptist church will have a social at the home of Mrs. George Hickok Friday night.  All are invited.

The last meeting of the Progress Club of the season will be held on May 2d at the home of Mrs. George O. Holcombe.  This will be a very important meeting and a large attendance is desired.

Volume LIII – Number 18 – Thursday – May 4, 1916

Members of Local Chapter, D.A.R. Elect Officers and Hear Reports –
The Os-co-hu Chapter, D.A.R., met at the home of Mrs. H. J. Pierce on Wednesday afternoon, May 3d, at 2:30 o’clock.  After the meeting had been called to order by the Regent, Mrs. VanSyckel, two verses of America were sung by the Chapter and prayer offered by the Chaplain, Mrs. Mary Cleaver Long.  The business of the afternoon was next taken up, the reports of the various officers being read and accepted.  It was moved and seconded that a ballot be cast by the Secretary for the present officers, and they were re-elected as follows:
Regent, Mrs. Robert E. VanSyckel; First Vice-Regent, Mrs. E. Everitt VanDyne; Sec. V. Regent, Mrs. W. T. Gustin; Registrar, Mrs. Frederic H. Hoffman; Recording-Secretary, Mrs. John W. Phillips; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Brewster A. Long, Treasurer, Mrs. Wilber H. Parsons; Historian, Miss Ethel B. Hovey, Chaplain, Mrs. Mary Cleaver Long.
Members of the Board, re-appointed Mrs. Thomas Colony and Mrs. Howard Cole.
The business of the committees was nest taken up by the Regent, a new3 co0mmittee being appointed for amending the by-laws of the constitution.  An invitation was extended by the Progress Club to the members of the Chapter to attend an illustrated lecture on South America to be held in the Presbyterian church by Dr. Harris of Elmira, assisted by the Rev. E. P. Morse.  The Chapter were also invited to attend the Memorial services at the M. E. Church on Sunday, May 28.  The Flag Committee are asked on Memo0rial Day to replace all the old flags on the graves of Revolutionary soldiers with new ones, and the Floral Committee were requested to place wreaths on the graves of the soldiers.
A most interesting and instructive report of the National Continental Congress at Washington was given by the delegate, Mrs. Frederic H. Hoffman.
Two solos were charmingly sung by Miss Lucile Besley.
A report written by the Historian and read by Mrs. M. H. McGlenn told of the organizing of Os-co-hu Chapter, and the work done during the past year.
The paper of the afternoon on the Education and Home Life of the Colonies was given by Mrs. F. E. VanKeuren.  This paper was a most pleasing picture of the early life of the thirteen colonies.  This concluded the program for the afternoon.  After the motion to adjourn had been passed the guests were invited into the dining room, Delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. H. J. Pierce, Mrs. H. K. Mitchell, Mrs. Albert A. Miller, and Miss Dorothy Beaman.

Volume LIII – Number 19 – Thursday – May 11, 1916

The Progress Club –
The last meeting of the Progress club for the season was with Mrs. George O. Holcombe.
The study of South America was concluded.
The first paper, “Animal Life, Birds and Butterflies, and Rare Flowers of South America”, was given by Mrs. Brewster A. Long, assisted with readings by Mrs. Carnochan, Mrs. Wrench, Miss Baldwin, Mrs. VanSyckel, and Miss Cora Spalding.
A solo followed, rendered by Mrs. Francis L. Ballard accompanied by Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, “A Little Bit of Heaven”.
The principal topic of the afternoon, “The Panama Canal”, was arranged byMrs. Holcombe.
“The General Description”, a paper by Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, was followed by two readings from Haskin’s Panama, “Description of the Locks”, by Mrs. W. S. Sweet, and “The Culebra Cut”, by Mrs. H. C. Carpenter.
A paper on “Past Isthmian Projects”, written by Mrs. D. J. Fanning, was read by Mrs. J. R. Grant.
Gen. G. W. Goethal, the Man of the Hour, was read by Miss Jane Parsons.
Mrs. VanSyckel read from clippings The Latest from Panama and Mrs. Wilber Parsons read an article on Latin America.  Current events were given by Mrs. Willett.  The meeting closed with a piano solo by Mrs. H. S. Mitchell, “The National Hymn of Argentina”.
The subject chosen for next years study was English Cathedrals, Mythology and some Shakespeare.

(Local)  At the annual meeting of the stockholders of Mansfield Normal School on May 1st W. H. Hatfield, C. J. Beach and E. E. Wood were elected trustees for the stock holders and Hon. A. B. Hitchcock of Knoxville; Hon F. H. Rockwell of Wellsboro; Dr. C. W. Sheldon of Tioga; S. A. Weeks of Elkland; W. S. Montgomery of Troy, and H. F. O’Donald of Morris Run, were recommended for State Trustees, three of whom will be conformed at Harrisburg.

Volume LIII – Number 20 – Thursday – May 18, 1916

Towanda Men Organize Rifle Club
Real preparedness is to get its first start in Bradford County this evening when a meeting is to be held to organize a rifle club.  David R. Smith is at the head of the Committee which already has the signatures of 45 men as charter members of the club.  It is hoped to have at least as many more.
The club is to be organized under the direction of the United States War Department which is fostering such organizations all over the country.  The War Department furnishes one army rifle for each five members of a club, and sufficient ammunition for rifle practice.
The main idea is to make it possible for men to learn how to handle and shoot an army rifle.  It is real sport to shoot at a target, and such a club as it is proposed to organize would make it possible for the members to have many fine outings and at the same time become proficient in the use of an army rifle.
The Government establishes three classes and makes awards for the best markmanship.

Troy Cow Testing Association
Following are the names of the owners and cows in the Troy Testing Association which produced more than 40 pounds of butterfat during the month ending April 28:
M. J. Ryan – Bell No 1, 50.1
R. H. Fleming – Daisy Dean DeKol, 1st, 45.1; Olive, 42.6; Dorinda Edward Bess, 47.5; Johanna, 46.0
George Dunbar – Black and White, 46.5; Helen 2d, 42.3; Mayflower, 48.6
John L. VanHorn – Tormentors Vexer Queen 2d, 52.5; Bell, 40.8 Spot, 46.3
F. M. Barnes – Blondie 2d, 47.7; Gussie, 41.8
J. M. Rockwell – Bob, 44.0; Viola, 43.5; Lucy, 53.7; Daisy, 47.5; Reddie 47.1
George Dickinson – Little Star, 42.3; Jennie, 44.2; Bessie, 53.9
Austin Leonard & son – Nashua 44.3
Roy Kennedy – Little Brin, 41.4
Austin Kinyon – Gleason, 45.9; Jumbo, 44.7
Fred Bohlayer – Emma, 45.2
Harold Bohlayer – Holly, 43.8
P. D. Jones, Official Tester; Austin Leonard, Secretary.

Volume LIII – Number 21 – Thursday – May 25, 1916

Civic League Notes
We are pleased to add to the list of names already published, the following signers of Troy Civic League Pledge Card:  William Weigester, William E. Carnochan, T. W. Parsons, S. B. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boatright and below we print a copy of this pledge card:
“I, the undersigned, a resident of the village of Troy, wish to show my affection for it and my interest in its welfare by helping to make it as pleasant and healthful a place to live in as may be.  I am but one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  What I can do I think I ought to do.  I therefore pledge myself for the year 1916 to keep what village property is in my possession or control as clean and sanitary, and the portion of the street in front of it, as well as the property itself, as free from weeds, papers and rubbish, as it is reasonably possible for me so to keep them.”
Let us all work together.  Each for all and all for each.
Troy Township Teachers –
The Troy Township school directors last Saturday fixed the tax levy at 6 mills the same as last year and hired teachers for the several schools as follows:
East Troy graded school – Principal, Howard Baxter; assistant teachers, Mildred Nahood, Louise Horton and Frances Jones
Hunt school – Mae Shannon
Pierce school – Harold Peters
Case school – William Spalding
Spalding school – Florence Scott
Thomas school – Monema Greenough

Volume LIII – Number 23 – Thursday – June 8, 1916

D.A.R. Reception at home of Regent –
The June meeting of Os-cu-hu Chapter, D.A.R. was a delightful social affair.
Mrs. Robert E. VanSyckel, Regent, issued invitations to the now eighty-six members to be her special guests on their first Chapter birthday, June 5th, from 3 until 5 o’clock.
The day was perfect, the Daughters looked fine and all were happy.  The doors of “Barri Pomeroi” the attractive home of Mrs. VanSyckel were opened wide.  Old Glory was in evidence and cordiality prevailed as some seventy guests greeted their hostess, assisted by First Vice-Regent, Mrs. E. Everitt VanDyne and Second Vice-Regent, Mrs. William T. Gustin.
Mrs. Louise Park, harpist from Elmira, accompanied by Miss Margaret Miller and Miss Nellie Wilson furnished music during the reception.
Several unbonneted ladies assisted in the dining room.  Beautiful pink roses, crystal candle sticks and candles with pink shades added to the attractive table, where different ones presided at coffee urn.
Mrs. Boyd of Williamsport catered and most delicious refreshments were served.  The ladies not members of the Chapter from out-of-town were Mrs. John Mathers of Ulster, Pa., and Mrs. Frank Roberts of LaPorte, Indiana.
The members of Os-Co-hu Chapter congratulated their Regent and each other upon the good fellowship and splendid work accomplished during the year.
Much interest was manifested in the arrangements for their next meeting, Flag Day, June 14th.

Volume LIII – Number 25 – Thursday – June 22, 1916

Alparon Park, July 4, 1916
Under the auspicies of Troy Racing Association:  Trotting and Pacing Races.  Following is list of horses that are entered for the Races:
“Cy” W. – Owned by L. N. Chaffie
Mabel Hal – Owned by J. Collins
Josie S. – Owned by L. Stone
Comet – Owned by W. Sargeant
Admiral Worthy - Owned by D. A. Smith
Leah Pilot - Owned by D. A. Smith
Byron Flower – Owned by D. A. Smith
Richard C. – Owned by T. Conklin
I. C. Chimes – Owned by K. Sweeley
Josh Marcellous – Owned by E. Goddard
Tony R. – Owned by D. Robinson
Tressa Chimes – Owned by C. Lentz
If the weather conditions are such that Mr. Herdic, Owner of Minnequa Boy, thinks it unwise to ship his horse to Utica, N.Y., where he is booked to race on July 4th, he will pace an exhibition mile.
In connection with the above race program, there will be other specs such as Potato, bag, Barrel, Sack and Peanut Races.  Ball game.  All kinds of refreshments will be sold on the grounds.  Come and stay all day.  Music.

Civic League Notes –
The Civic League meeting which was held on Thursday, June 15th, was in charge of the Child’s Welfare Committee.  A paper telling of our school, written by Mrs. P. S. King, was read by Mrs. H. B. VanDyne.  The report of the work of the Henrietta McKnight visiting nurse given by Miss Paine, showed Miss Wilson has made 1,998 professional visits during the year.  Miss Wilson is in need of towels and old lined as that line of her supplies has been exhausted.  A motion was made by Mrs. W. T. Gustin that the Mountain Laurel should be adopted as our National Flower, was carried.
Mrs. Hoffman read a paper on Child Labor Law.
Mrs. L. M. Osborne, Probation Officer, was then introduced by Miss Paine, who gave an interesting description of her work.  She is detailed to look after three classes of children; the neglected, delinquent and incorrible.  Mrs. Osborne works hard to keep children out of the juvenile court.   She also told of Mrs. Browning’s farm near Rome where forty-two children are being cared for very satisfactorily but she is in hopes that county officials will soon build a home and school where the children will be taught trades and become useful members of society.

Mark Revolutionary Graves in Glenwood, East Troy, Hilton and Burlington Cemeteries –
Some ten automobiles with many flags flying, carried officers and members of “Os-co-hu Chapter” June 14th to Glenwood Cemetery, where the D.A.R. ritual was read over the grave of Samuel Strait, Sr., by Mrs. Robert E. VanSyckel, Regent, responses given by Chaplain, Mrs. Mary C. Long and members.  Mrs. Alice Strait Bradford of Sylvania, gave history and war record, Masters Henry and Harold Mitchell unveiled and placed a flag in the D.A.R. marker.
Miss Charlotte Paine presided at a baby organ, once the property of Miss Martha Long of Athens, which was carried about to the different cemeteries, and Mrs. Francis L. Ballard rendered an old time solo, “The Pilgrim’s Song”, also lead in the singing of  “America” and “The Star Spangles Banner”.  Rev. E. P. Morse, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, offered prayer.
Miss Cora A. Spalding, Chairman Marking Graves Committee, had charge of the exercises for the day which were varied and impressive.
At East Troy, services were held on the grave of Nathaniel Allen.  The life and history of this Revolutionary minute man from Massachusetts was read by Mrs. Lucy Spalding Allen of Williamsport.  Myrtle Jones from Grover, Pa., of the sixth generation placed flag in marker.
At Hilton Cemetery, Mrs. M. K. Davies and Mrs. Hila Noble Williams a descendant of Paul DeWitt represented the George Clymer Chapter of Towanda.  Mrs. Percy S. King of Troy read the war record of this ancestor.  The unveiling was done by Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Orlando Rockwell a great granddaughter.
Mrs. John R. Jones of East Troy read history of Moses Calkins, whose grave was also marked at this time.  Frederick and Thomas Calkins did the unveiling.
At the “Old Church”, Burlington were many friends and descendants of James McKean and William Dobbins, two of Bradford county’s earliest settlers whose graves are in the Cemetery there.
Young ladies from the Burlington schools, gave a pleasing and effective “flag drill” and song.  Rev. Brague of East Troy delivered a stirring address from the quaint old pulpit in this historic church, built in 1822, closing with a most timely plea that individuals and nations alike put God in their lives and plans.
After again singing “America” all gathered about the grave of James McKean where a marker was unveiled by Robert McKean of Burlington and Miss Bessie Dobbins.  Mr. Arthur D. McKean of Troy, gave a brief history of the McKean family and Mrs. Emma Dobbins Hepburn the war record.
After the unveiling of William Dobbins’ marker, Mr. John E. Dobbins gave the early history and Miss Jane Parsons, the war record. Master Jack Parsons placed the flag in the marker.
The officers of “Os-co-hu Chapter” thank all who aided and assisted in any way to make this “Flag Day’ of 1916, one of pleasure and profit and would suggest to those who have never been inside the “old Church” at Burlington to plan to go there before the summer is over.  Also commend those who have the care of this building for preserving the interior as originally built.

(Local)  At the last meeting of the year of the Canton Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, delegates and alternates to the State Conference in Philadelphia in October were chosen as follows:  Delegates; Mrs. G. E. Newman, Mrs. E. T. Barnes, Mrs. F. W. Taylor, Mrs. J. H. Brown, Mrs. J. Clark, Mrs. F. H. Tripp, Mrs. H. L. Clark, and Mrs. Byron Crawford.  Alternates:  Mrs. G. B. Bristol, Mrs. O. B. Westgate, Miss Nellie M. Black, Mrs. H. M. Whitman, Mrs. E. Emeline Leavitt, Mrs. C. E. Bullock, Mrs. Daniel Innes, Miss Hattie B. Newell and Mrs. A. E. Dann.

Volume LIII – Number 26 – Thursday – June 29, 1916

Flower Mission Day observed by W. C. T. U.
The Troy W. C. T. U. observance of Flower Mission Day was held at the home of Mrs. Fannie Porter Tuesday afternoon.
The meeting was in charge of the Superintendent of the Flower Mission Department, Mrs. Frances Leonard.  Prayer was offered by Superintendent, Mrs. Edith Corey and readings of selected passages of scripture were given by members.
We were favored with a fine recitation by Mrs. Wesley Sherman entitled “Mrs. Brinkerhoff on the Temperance Question”, as an encore she gave “The Volunteer Organist”.
The guests of the day were the L. T. L.’s who came to the front nobly in doing their share of entertaining.
Miss flick presided at the piano and Master Edward Moss and Miss Glennie Gilkie sang a temperance song to the tune of “Marching Through Georgia”.
Between fifty and sixty Bouquets were sent to gladden the hearts of invalids and shut-ins.
A fine picnic supper was enjoyed by all present and it was conceded that it was a time profitably and pleasantly spent.