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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1914 - 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Pat MOTT Gobea, Elaine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & History sites by Joyce M. Tice. 
Troy Gazette – Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA
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There is much of this year of papers missing.

Volume LI, #16, Friday, April 24, 1914

Mrs. Frank Shoemaker has returned to this place and will reside with her brother, W. A. Brown.

Volume LI, #43, Friday, October 30, 1914

Mrs. Minne Fuller is at her son, Claud’s, in Troy caring for her little grandchildren who are both very ill.


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #37, Friday, September 17, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leonard and daughter, Marieta, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Carman at Odessa, N. Y.

Mrs. M. J. French of Mansfield has been visiting her mother and sister, Mrs. George Bottcher and Miss Anna Bottcher.

Volume LII, #40, Friday, October 8, 1915

Mrs. Finney and daughter, Alice have returned to L. E. Allen’s to live.

Ezra Eiffert is seriously sick at the home of his sister, Mrs. Will Clark.

Volume LII, #41, Friday, October 15, 1915

Mrs. S. S. Huggins is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Eva Voorhis at Elmira Heights.

Miss Anna Boughton spent the past week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Truesdale.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mason of Checkerville, visited her mother, Mrs. Alonzo Dunbar on Sunday.

Volume LII, #43, Friday, October 29, 1915

Alice Potter of Mosherville, spent the week-end with her grandmother, Mrs. Alonzo Dunbar.

Mr. and Mrs. Grant Jeliff and daughter, Gladys of Taylor, N. Y., visited Mrs. Jeliff’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Chamberlain last week.

Volume LII, #46, Friday, November 19, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Charley Allen and son, Eugene of Erie county and Hugh Allen of Cowley, visited their parents Mr. and Mrs. Allison Allen last week.

Mrs. Wesley Berry and son, Donald of Berrytown visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allison Allen last week.

Mrs. Eva Finney and daughter, Aletha are spending a few days at Canton.

December 1915 issues missing


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #37, Friday, September 17, 1915

D. W. Lane, an old resident who sold his farm last spring, has decided to spend the fall and winter with his daughter, Ethel, who is a teacher in Arizona.  His family will remain in South Waverly.  Mr. Lane was making calls in town Monday.

December 1915 issues missing


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #5, Friday, February 5, 1915

Mrs. Ray Mattocks returned Sunday for a week with her sister, Mrs. Louis Burdette at Smithfield.

Volume LII, #8, Friday, February 16, 1915

Mrs. Frank Dewey spent the Sabbath with her niece, Mrs. Stanley Dunbar at East Smithfield.

Volume LII, #10, Friday, March 12, 1915

Mrs. Fred Mattocks went to Sayre Saturday to see her father, Mr. Frank Daly at the Robert Packer hospital.

Volume LII, #12, Friday, March 26, 1915

Mrs. Dana Gates has been helping care for her mother, Mrs. Mary Wigston of Big Pond, who has been seriously ill of pneumonia but is very much better at this writing.

Volume LII, #22, Friday, June 4, 1915

Ermald Dwyer visited his sister, Mrs. Leon Buckley in Elmira a few days recently.

Volume LII, #26, Friday, July 2, 1915

Mrs. Frank Thompson and daughter, Evelyn and son, Francis, were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dewey on Tuesday last after which they left on the midnight train for their home in Earlton, Florida.

Mrs. Perry Chamberlain and daughter, Mrs. Frank Thompson and grandchildren, Rosilla and Evelyn and Francis were guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burnham on Monday last.

Volume LII, #27, Friday, July 9, 1915

Mr. F. M. Fuller, of Loved Point, Md., visited his mother, Mrs. Mary Fuller and other relatives and friends in this place recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stacy of Mormon Hill, were guests of the formers’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stacy on Sunday Last.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dewey and son, Stewart and Mrs. Mary Fuller motored to Waverly on Monday last to attend the Konkle, Barden & Hunter reunion at Sulphur Springs.

Volume LII, #30, Friday, July 30, 1915

Mrs. James Smith of Chemung, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Gates on Tuesday of this week.

Mrs. Lynn Eastman and niece, Mildred Parmenter, who have been spending some time in California, are now visiting the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Gates.

Volume LII, #33, Friday, August 20, 1915

Miss Irene Smith of Troy, is spending a week with her grandmother, Mrs. Mary Fuller.

Volume LII, #34, Friday, August 27, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Denton Clark of Elmira, spent last Friday with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Clark.

Master Amos Crediford started on Tuesday morning to visit his brother, Frank, at Waterville, Lycoming county.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Huntington have been entertaining the former’s sisters, Misses Flora and Anna Huntington of Ithaca, the past week.

Volume LII, #46, Friday, November 19, 1915

George Blow and son, Percy and nephew, Robert Balmer of Smithfield, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Smith on Tuesday last.

Miss Irene Stacy spent Saturday at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stacy.

December 1915 issues missing




Volume LIII – Number 2 – Thursday – January 13, 1916

Mrs. Egbert Ward spent last Tuesday and Wednesday in Elmira.

Mr. and Mrs. Greeley Voorhis of Waverly, visited at Dr. Dwyer’s recently.

Miss Alice Crediford was quite ill last week but is better at this writing.

Miss Ida Stacy has been visiting in Elmira and Troy recently.

Mr. Roy Kennedy and his sister, Mrs. Robert Halpin of New York City spent a few days last week in Odessa, N.Y.

We are glad to learn Mrs. Guy Fuller is getting along nicely after her operation at the Packer hospital on Jan. 1st.

Quite a few attended the Ladies’ Aid Society at Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Harkness on Thursday last and had a very enjoyable time. Proceeds $4.50.

Mrs. Judd Burt was taken suddenly ill on Thursday last and it was thought she had a slight shock, but recovered after a short time.

Quite a few members of Estelle Rebekah Lodge went to Bentley Creek on Tuesday, Jan. 4 to assist Mrs. Martha Parry, Grand Warden of Luzerne and Mrs. Elizabeth McKean, D.P. of Towanda, in instituting Lady May Lodge of Bentley Creek.  Estelle Lodge put the degree work on in the evening also.

Miss Martha Phillips has returned to New York City to resume her duties in College at that place.

Volume LIII – Number 4 – Thursday – January 27, 1916

Mrs. Guy Fuller returned home from Packer hospital on Friday last and is much improved.

Miss Alice Crediford has been spending a few days at the home of her nephew, Mr. Mark Guthrie, who has been ill of grip.

Harold Harkness has recovered from an attack of pleurisy.

John Allen has been suffering with grip but is better at this writing.

Mrs. Ray Mattocks has a severe attack of grip and is not much improved.

Volume LIII – Number 8 – Thursday – February 24, 1916

Miles Stone, who has been so seriously ill of pneumonia, is improving slowly.

John Harkness has recovered from measles.

Mrs. Sarah Passage is very ill of pneumonia, but is improving at this writing.

Miss Gertrude Harkness and Manley and Leon Harkness are ill of measles.

Mrs. Jud Burt is gaining slowly after having been ill for some time.

Mr. and Mrs. George Wolcott and family all have had grip.

Volume LIII – Number 9 – Thursday – March 2, 1916

Mrs. Bertha Matocks is suffering from a broken wrist caused by falling on the ice.

Frank Brace started for Ohio on Saturday evening to attend a Durham cattle sale.   He also shipped two head of cattle for the sale.

Mrs. C. S. Dwyer who has been ill for some time, was taken worse last week but is better at this writing.

Verne Clark has purchased a gasoline engine and wood saw.

Mrs. Sarah Passage who has been suffering from pneumonia was taken very much worse on Saturday evening but is a little better at this writing.

Joe Smith and family are moving from Will Brown’s place to a farm near Sylvania.

Floyd Fuller of Love Point, Md., and Fred Peet were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dewey on Thursday afternoon last.

Mr. and Mrs. Leon Buckley of Elmira Heights are visiting the latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Dwyer.

Floyd Fuller of Love Point, Md., visited his mother, Mrs. Mary Fuller a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Gates are moving to Troy; Egbert Bennett is moving on their place and will work the farm this year.

Volume LIII – Number 11 – Thursday – March 16, 1916

Little Bernice Fuller was taken suddenly ill and is suffering from St. Vitus at this writing.

Mrs. Leon Buckley of Elmira Heights is helping care for her mother, Mrs. C. S. Dwyer who is very ill and suffering greatly at this writing.

Jesse Miller is having a run of measles.

Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Stewart of Barton, N.Y., were pleasant guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dewey a few days last week.

Mrs. Minnie Fuller has returned home after caring for Mrs. Floyd Harkness a few weeks.

Volume LIII – Number 13 – Thursday – March 30, 1916

Mrs. Edson Harkness of Elmira spent a few days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Warren Huntington.

Mrs. Jessie Miller and daughters Louise, Florence and Olive, have been suffering from an attack of measles but are better at this writing, Miss Anna Boughton is attending to the household duties.

Mrs. C. S. Dwyer is still very ill.  Her daughter, Mrs. Leon Buckley of Elmira is helping care for her.

Mrs. O. E. Crediford who teaches the Brace school, stayed at Judd Burt’s a few nights last week on account of bad roads.

Mrs. Rose Harkness has been ill the past week.

The Estelle Rebekahs will hold a social at the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Stone on Wednesday, April 5th, for dinner.  All are cordially invited.




Volume LIII – Number 1 – Thursday – January 6, 1916

Mrs. W. A. Bullock is sick with the grip.

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eiffert and son, spent New Year’s at G. L. Hicks at Wetona.

Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Dunbar visited at E. C. Strong’s, Harkness, last week.

Mrs. Bessie Allen, and son Floyd of Elmira, are at L. E. Allen’s for a week’s visit.

George Overacker and family ... moving on the farm they re.... bought of Ralph Wilcox.

Mrs. William Leonard ha... fortune to fall recently ... herself so badly that.... to call Dr. Pratt. ...

(Page Torn – could not read about two full items).

Misses Helen Potter ... Parmenter have returned .... studies at the Smithfield high school.

Miss Jennie Bailey of New Jersey is staying for a few days with her aunt, Mrs. Oscar Harkness.

Volume LIII – Number 3 – Thursday – January 20, 1916

Mrs. W. A. Bullock, who has been dangerously ill with pneumonia, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Gates, is slowly recovering.  She is being cared for by Miss Hilda Bauman, a trained nurse.

Miss Josephine Kinney spent the week-end in Elmira.

Miss Kathryn Bullock returned to Elmira after spending the last ten days at George Gates’, called there by the illness of her mother.

Alec Clark is sick with rheumatism.

Jesse Crandall’s family are ill with the grip; also Guy Burnham’s family.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Leonard and daughter, Marleta went to Odessa, Thursday, to visit Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Carman, returning Sunday.

Mrs. Max Allen returned home Friday after spending two weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Abbey at Harkness.

Mrs. Platt Covell and son, Ross and Mrs. James Woodard and son, Gerald and Miss Clara Vogel, were transacting business in Troy, Saturday.

Miss Jessie Allen has been keeping house for her brother, Max, during Mrs. Allen’s absence.

Miss Ada Potter returned home Saturday from Mosherville where she has been visiting at A.C. Potter’s.

Mr. Percy McCabe and bride of Penn Yan, spent Sunday with his grandmother, Mrs. R.C. Sharp.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Leonard of Little York, a buburb of Big Pond, have sold their home to Ralph Wilcox.

James  Clark and family are all sick with the grip.

Mrs. Grace Mandeville is visiting relatives at Rutland.

Miss Madge Parmenter spent Sunday with Misses Loretta and Ruth Bailey, at Leona.

Volume LIII – Number 4 – Thursday – January 27, 1916

The Bullock relatives of the Gladding family were very much shocked to hear of the death of Mrs. Charles Gladding of Altus.

Miss Helen Potter attended a dance at East Smithfield, Friday night.

Miss May Dunbar and brother Harold, of East Smithfield, spent Sunday with relatives here.

L. E. Allen and his mother are confined to the bed with the grippe.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Strobridge of Elmira, were in town one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Parke of Smithfield, spent Sunday at George Overacker’s.

The Berrytown Missionary Society of the Wesleyan Methodist church, met at James Woodard’s last week.

Volume LIII – Number 5 – Thursday – February 3, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunbar, Mrs. Mina Potter, Miss Winnie Dunbar and Romie Dunbar went to Canton Monday to attend the funeral of their uncle, Harding Clark.

Mrs. George E. Baldwin of Elmira spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. W. A. Bullock, who is convalescing from pneumonia.

Mrs. C. E. Bullock spent several days last week at Springfield caring for her aunt, Mrs. Sylvester Leonard, who died Sunday.

Miss Clara Vogel spent last week at Ulster visiting her mother.

Mrs. C. E. Truesdale is ill.

Frank Wilcox and family have moved from the Lee Aber’s farm to Bentley Creek on the Harrison Burnham farm.

Volume LIII – Number 7 – Thursday – February 17, 1916

Ronnie Dunbar’s family are all sick with the grip.  Dr. Pratt is attending them.

Mrs. D. A. Brown is visiting at N. D. Chas’s, Bentley Creek.

Miss Daisy Allen of Elmira, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allison Allen.

Mrs. W. E. Soper is confined to her bed with the grip.  Mrs. M. L. Mosher is caring for her.

Mrs. William Mosher is nursing Mrs. Sarah Passage through an attack of pneumonia.

The following young people attended the theater in Elmira one night recently:  Messrs.  Savill Grace, Carl Robbins, Howard Fay, Howard Robbins, and Raymond Dubert, Misses Mattie Smith, Vernie Leonard, Margie Smith, Lisle Leonard and Daisy Young.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parmenter visited at A. M. Grace’s, Lowman, recently.

Volume LIII – Number 8 – Thursday – February 24, 1916

Mrs. Emerson Bullock fell on the porch at her home Sunday, and broke her hip.

Mrs. Ben Craig entertained the following ladies one day last week:  Mrs. Herbert Larcom, Mrs. John Messing,  Mrs. Jesse Crandall, Mrs. Guy Burnham, Mrs. Clarence Farnsworth, Mrs. George Dubert, Mrs. S. S. Huggins, Misses Edna Dubert and Vernie Leonard.

Floyd Parmenter took a sleigh load of young people to Ridgebury lto hear Prof. Dimock’s “Chalk Talk”.  They were the Misses Helen Potter, Edith Parmenter, Vernie Leonard, Mattie and Margie Smith, Messrs. Howard Fay, Savill Grace, Carl Robbins, Harold Leonard.

Ondawa Grange entertained the Bentley Greek Grange Saturday night with an oyster supper and spelling match.  Ralph Leonard proved to be the champion speller.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunbar and Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eiffert attended the evangelistic meetings being held at the Turnpike church, Friday night.

Miss Nellie Horning is staying for a time with Mrs. Mary Wigsten.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dunbar visited Sunday at John Mason’s, Checkerville.

Miss Ella Bailey is visiting relatives at Checkerville.

The following people are grip victims:  Romie Dunbar, George Overacker’s family, Mrs. Ida Soper and Mrs. J. B. Leonard.

Willis Soper took his brother, Darius to the Sayre hospital Thursday.

Miss Winnie Dunbar is sewing at Leona this week.

Miss Madge Parmenter spent the week end at Leona.

Mrs. W. P. Chamberlan and Miss Rosilla visited at Bentley Creek last week.

Henry Varney’s family have moved to Big Pond.

Volume LIII – Number 11 – Thursday – March 16, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. N. S. Hosley of Waverly, spent the week-end with relatives at Big Pond.

George Potter is moving from the Perry Chamberlain house to East Smithfield.

The many friends of D. G. Smith of East Smithfield, are very sorry to hear of his alarming illness.

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Hicks of Wetona, visited Saturday at Francis Eiffert’s.

Mr. and Mrs. James Woodward attended the funeral of Harrison Ostrander at Gillett Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wigsten of Elmira, are visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Wigsten.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Scouten of Hoblet, were callers at C. E. Bullock’s Sunday.

Mrs. Henry Varney is sick with the grip.

Miss Grace Ayers of East Troy is visiting her cousin, Miss Rosillia Chamberlain.

Miss Mary Chambers attended the educational meeting in Towanda, Friday and Saturday.  Consequently there was no school in the primary room Thursday and Friday.

Charlie Mattocks brought down a sleigh load form Springfield to attend the play.



Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916\

Mrs. Earl Leonard and daughter, Marieta are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Carmon at Odessa, N.Y.

Miss Winnie Dunbar is staying with her brother, Stanley’s family at East Smithfield.  The children have all had the measles and Miss May has been dangerously ill with pneumonia.  A son Harold is threatened with the same disease, and the father is very sick with neuritis.

Mrs. Jeanette Wolcott and grandson, Stanley Wolcott, have returned to Alex Clark’s after spending some time at George Wolcott’s in Springfield.

Miss Madge Parmenter and brother Denton, spent Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Parmenter at Springfield.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Leonard have moved into Tim Leonard’s tenant house.  They sold their farm to Ralph Wilcox, who has taken possession.

Among the people from out of town in attendance at the funeral of Frank Voorhis were Mrs. Eva Voorhis, Miss Alice Voorhis, Mr. and Mrs. Mac Voorhis, Mrs. Fred Huntley, Frank Neff, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Gleason, Mr. and Mrs. John Voorhis, W. G. Clark, Mrs. Nettie Voorhis, Mrs. Lola Greenly, Hugh Voorhis of Elmira and Mr. and Mrs. Greeley Voorhis, Mrs. N. S. Hosley and Jud Voorhis of Waverly.

W. G. Clark of Elmira, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with relatives at Big Pond.

Burdell Smith of Tunkhannock spent a few days last week with his daughter, Mr. Romi Dunbar.

Miss Carrie Boughton of the T. H. S., is spending a few days with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Truesdale.

Volume LIII – Number 16 – Thursday – April 20, 1916

Mrs. G. E. Baldwin of Elmira is spending the week with her sister Mrs. C. E. Bullock.

George Barrett and family have moved into Mrs. Perry Chamberlain’s tenant house.

Alex Clark is sick

C. E. Bullock is in Towanda this week on duty as juror.

Will Grace spent Saturday and Sunday at Wysox.

Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Dunbar spent Sunday at E. C. Strong’s, Harkness.

Mrs. Max Allen spent Monday at James Abbey’s at Harkness.

Mrs. B. E. Wilcox has returned to her home at Big Pond after spending the winter in Nebraska.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Strobridge of  Elmira spent Sunday and Monday in town.

Mrs. F. B. Eiffert and son Lynn spent Saturday and Sunday with her mother, Mrs. G. L. Hicks, Wetona, who is ill with grip.

Mrs. Alonzo Dunbar is spending some time at Checkerville, with her daughter, Mrs. John Mason who is sick.

Mrs. A. C. Crawford recently purchased a horse of George Kniffin.

Floyd Parmenter and son, Denton spent Saturday afternoon in Elmira and attended “Faust”.

Mrs. Frank Huntley is sick

Miss Laura Gates is spending some time at Frank Huntley’s.

Volume LIII – Number 23 – Thursday – June 8, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cooper and son Jesse, visited at Mr. Sweeney’s at Ridgeway, Sunday.

Thomas Watson a fo9rmer resident of this place stopped off at Big Pond to visit relatives on this way from Leavenworth, Kan., to the Soldiers Home in Bath, N.Y.

Mrs. Iva R. Smith is spending several weeks with her sister, Mrs. John Mandeville, in Elmira.

Mrs. C. E. Bullock who fell and broke her hip, Feb.20th has so far recovered under the skillful treatment of Dr. Campbell, as to spend the past week with her sister, Mrs. W. A. Bullock at George Gates.  She is now able to walk about the house some, with the aid of a cane.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Lewis of Rochester came by auto Sunday for a visit with his anut, Mrs. W. E. Soper and other relatives.

Miss Kathryn Bullock spent Decoration Day at George Gates’.

Howard Fay has recently purchased an auto.

Mrs. Oscar Harkness is visiting her niece, Mrs. Willard Rockwell, at West Burlington.

Mr. and Mrs. Burton Lewis, Mrs. W. E. Soper and Mrs. Sarah Bullock went to Sayre Monday to see Darius Soper, who is at the Robert Packer hospital receiving treatment.

Mrs. Francis Eiffert and son, Lynn, spent Monday in Elmira.

Mrs. L. E. Allen attended a picnic of the Kill-a-Worry Club, at a cottage on the Chemung River, Memorial Day.

Volume LIII – Number 25 – Thursday – June 22, 1916

Mrs. O. G. Carmon of Odessa, spent the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Earl Leonard here.  Mr. Carmon and daughter, Ruth came down and spent Sunday with them

Mrs. B. E. Wilcox visited in Ridgebury Thursday and Friday.

Francis Eiffert has the job of drawing the scholars from the Jollytown district to Big Pond, the coming year.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Young and Miss Daisy Young and Mrs. L. D. Sargeant spent one day last week in Elmira.

S. S. Huggins is visiting his daughter Mrs. Eva Voorhis at Elmira Heights.

Alex Clark and family visited at O. E. Crediford’s at Springfield Sunday.



Volume LIII  - Number 17 – Thursday  - April 27, 1916

Jesse Miller and George Wolcott both lost a good horse last week.

Eugene Crediford of Ulster and brother, Ralph of Waterville, were guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Crediford over Sunday.

Volume LIII – Number 25 – Thursday – June 22, 1916

Mrs. Edson Harkson of Elmira spent last Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. McKean Brace.

Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Crediford are entertaining their son, Frank and family of Waterville, for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Merrittt Clark were happily surprised on Saturday evening when their son Denton and family of Elmira motored in.

Miss Ida Stacy attended the Potter-Sarvey wedding in Elmira on Thursday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Porter spent last Tuesday at Jud Burt’s.

Miss Minnie Fuller has been nursing Mrs. Timothy Conklin at  Troy.

The Odd Fellows will give a dance in their hall on Thursday evening, June 29th.  Guthrie and Wilcox will furnish music.  All are cordially invited.

Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Crediford entertained the following guests on Sunday last:  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crediford and family of Waterville, Ralph Crediford of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Clark, Mrs. Jenaette Wolcott of Big Pond, Miss Alice Crediford, Mrs. Rose Harkness, Mr. and Mrs. George Wolcott and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harkness and daughter, Ida.