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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1914 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Pat MOTT Gobea
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Partitioned PICO Search Engine which you can reach from current What's New Page of the site. There is a partition just for the TGR Clippings.
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Volume LI, #?, February 20, 1914

Mr. N. M. Pomeroy Succumbs to Pneumonia.

Newton Merrick Pomeroy died at his residence in Troy, Tuesday morning, Feb. 17, after a brief illness of pneumonia. He was at his office Friday morning, but returned to the house before noon, complaining of not feeling well. His physician was at once called, but no alarming symptoms developed until Saturday morning. From that time the disease ran its course rapidly.

Mr. Pomeroy was born in this village Jan. 19, 1833, and this place had been his home during his long life of eighty-one years.

He was a son of Col. Isaac N. Pomeroy, one of the early settlers of Troy, who was for many years one of its most prominent and prosperous citizens. His mother was Maria Ann Merrick, daughter of another of the pioneers of this part of the state.

The death of Mr. Pomeroy removes that last of the group of five Pomeroy brothers, who, with their father, had a large and influential share in the public, business and religious life of the community for the parger part of a century.

Mr. Pomeroy’s wife was Annis Amelia Davison, who died in October, 1912, after a married life of more than fifty years.

Two sons were born to them: Newton M., who died in childhood, and Daniel E., now of the Bankers’ Trust Company of New York, the only surviving member of the family. An adopted daughter, Henrietta Davison Pomeroy, died in September, 1911, about a year after her marriage to Francis H. McKnight of New York. Mrs. McKnight was the daughter of Mr. Pomeroy’s sister, Henrietta, and the late George Davison of Utica, N. Y. Her mother dying when Mrs. McKnight was an infant she received from her uncle and aunt in their home all the love and tenderness that could have been given to an only daughter.

For many years Mr. Pomeroy was engaged in trade with his brother-in-law, the late Ezra S. Jewell. Retiring from this business twenty-five or thirty years ago he devoted himself to the management of his estate, and the furthering of religious and other interest that were dear to him, and to which he gave freely of his money, time, and personal attention.

He was a careful methodical and conservative business man, of sound judgment and intergrity. He regarded property as a trust to be conscientiously administered. Thrifty by nature and habit he regarded waste and needless expenditure as morally wrong, but he rejoiced in the opportunities that his possessions gave him to aid in religious, moral and educational enterprises, and to share his bounty with those in need. Appeals to relieve distress at home or elsewhere met with prompt and sympathic response. Much of his giving was so quietly done that few, if any, even of his intimate friends knew the extent of his benefations.

The Presbyterian church of Troy, of which he was the senior member at the time of his death, was the object of his special love and devotion. To it he gave largely of his money, strength, and thought. He became a member of the church when he was a young man; was long a member of the choir, for forty-two years served as ruling elder, was a member of the board of trustees, and for the last seventeen years its president, and also chairman of the Music Committee.

From boyhood he was a member of the Sunday school, and remained in it to the end. During the last week of his life he attended both services of worship and the Sunday school on Sunday, a meeting of the session Tuesday evening, one of the board of trustees Wednesday morning, and the midweek service Wednesday evening.

It was a sad feature of his last days that his son could not be with him owing to the latter’s absence on a trip to Egypt and the Sudan, Mr. Pomeroy’s only reference to this during his sickness was to say that if it were God’s will he would like to live until summer came again and his son was at home. In the absence of the latter his brother-in-law, Mr. McKnight came on from New York, and took charge of the arrangements for the funeral. A cablegram was received from the son Thursday morning from Halfa, Upper Egypt, approving the plans for the funeral, giving directions in regard to the estate until his return in May, and expressing his gratitude to the friends and neighbors for their kindness to his father.

The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o’clock, from the home on West Main Street, and the interment will be beside Mrs. Pomeroy in Glenwood Cemetery.

(Sylvania News) The body of the late Mrs. Stevens was taken from Scranton, where she died, to Sylvania for burial. The funeral was held in the home of W. H. Mosher, a brother of the deceased. The service was conducted by Rev. A. G. Cameron. The burial was in the Sylvania cemetery.

(Local News) The funeral of Samuel F. Aber of South Creek township was held yesterday at the home, the Rev. Manning of Wellsburg officiating. Interment was in the Doty Hill cemetery.

(Local News) Mrs. M. A. Foote who came to Troy with her daughter, Miss Grace Foote to reside three years ago from New Haven, Conn., died Tuesday evening at their home, in the Lewis house, aged 81 years. She had been steadily failing for some time. Mrs. Foote was the mother also of H. W. Foote and a lady of culture and refinement. Her remains were taken to Brooklyn, Susquehanna county, the home of her active years for interment by the side of her husband.

Mary J. Freeborn

Miss Mary J. Freeborn passed away Feb. 7, at 9 p.m., at her home 204 DeWitt Ave., Elmira, N. Y., after three months illness.

The deceased was born in Elmira, daughter of Mary and John Freeborn. They moved to Springfield, Bradford county, where she spent the earlier part of her life going to Elmira in 1893.

She leaves two sisters, Mrs. I. R. Wood of Warren, Pa., and Belle Freeborn with whom she resided and who feels the lost most keenly. The later Mrs. Joseph Canser, Sr., was a sister. She was a faithful member of the Lake St., Presbyterian church and her pastor the Rev. Lew Williams officiated at the funeral, Tuesday, Feb. 10.

Four of her nephews acted as pall bearers. Several from her old home in Berrytown and Bentley Creek attended the funeral.

(Local News) –Recent deaths: At Gleason, Pa., Feb. 10th, Clarence C. Landon, 67 years and five months. Father of Roselle of Canton: Seymour of Elmira, Frank, Walter and Benjamin of Union. At Canton: Mary, wife of John Nailen, 55 years old, daughter of Patrick Wynn, leaves eight children. At the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nathan Benson in Rutland, Jason A. Watkins, 78 years. Leaves two daughters.

Volume LI, #9, Friday, March 6, 1914

(Local News) Mrs. Amy E. Gustin, widow of Joseph O. Gustin, a well know former resident of Troy, died suddenly last Thursday at her home with her sister, Mrs. R. H. Smiley in Sayre. She was in perfect health at 11:30 when stricken with acute indigestion and died within a half hour. Mrs. Gustin was a lady of rare worth being endeared to a large circle of friends to whom her sudden death is a crushing affliction. The remains were brought to Troy on Monday and a short prayer service was held at the John Gustin home on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Gustin was much interested in the improvement of Glenwood Cemetery and it so happened that her remains were the first to be taken to Troy’s beautiful burying ground over the new bridge.

(Local News) Clayton Gerould, a well known resident of Smithfield township, was found dead at his bouse, Monday morning. He had suffered from heart while he was in the kitchen, near the range. He was 78 years old and leaves seven children: Mrs. Peter Hundeen of Lydiard, Canada; Mrs. V. R. Nichols of Smithfield; Mrs. T. W. Gerould of Athens; Herman I. Gerould, Jacksonville, Florida; Merritt and Jesse Gerould of Smithfield, and Louis H. C. Gerould of Towanda. A brother in Illinois and a sister tin Montour Falls also are left.

(Local News) Mrs. Miranda Wagner died Sunday in Burlington, aged 81 years.

(Local News) Frank Williams of Austinville died Wednesday evening, age 43. He leaves a wife and three children.

(Local News) Mrs. D. D. Stanton a daughter of Dudley Sargeant of Granville Summit died last Saturday, aged 38 years. Four children survive,. Decedent was a sister of Mrs. Carlton Dunbar of Granville Summit, and of Lloyd, Harry and Claude Sargeant. The funeral and burial were at Chemung, N. Y.

(Local News) Mrs. Sarah Foss, 84 years old, died at her home in Canton last Thursday morning.

(Local News) Mrs. Emma Hepburn attended the funeral in Elmira of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Thomas H. Dobbins, on Wednesday.

(Local News) Mrs. Thomas H. Dobbins, formerly of Troy, died at her home 204 West Water St., Elmira, at 2:30 Monday afternoon, aged 46 years. The decedent was a daughter of Samuel Kerricks, survives, and three children, Henrietta H., Elizabeth M. and McKean Dobbins, all of Elmira. The funeral and interment were in Elmira.

Volume LI, #10, Friday, March 13, 1914

Susan Ballard Wilbur

Passed away Tuesday morning, Feb. 24th, 1914, at the home of her daughter on Pisgah, after a few days illness from pneumonia, Susan Ballard Wilber.

The deceased was born in Troy, June 22, 1832. She was the daughter of Ira P. and Fannie A. Ballard and has one brother living, Robert A., of Mansfield. Also four children, Fred of Troy, Mrs. John P. DeWitt of Pisgah; Mrs. Sumner Leonard of Alba, and Louis E. Wilber of Elmira, N. Y., There are also two granddaughters and seven grandsons six of whom acted as pall bearers. She will long be missed in her home where she was so patient and loving always thinking of others before herself. Her mind was very bright to the last.

(Springfield News) To say that this community was painfully shocked to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. T. L. Kinyon on Monday last is stating it mildly.

Volume LI, #11, Friday, March 20, 1914

Well Known Wells Man Passes Away.

Mr. Owen Knapp one of the best known of Wells township’s younger men, expired last Sunday at his home. He was 36 years old. His mother survives, a sister at home one brother, George of Coryland, and two married sisters, one of whom is Mrs. James Watkins of Montour Falls, formerly of Troy.

(East Troy News) Word was received on Tuesday of the death of Mrs. Randolph Decker (nee Ada Ward) at her home in Hornell, N. Y. Besides her husband she leaves two children and M... Dorlleska Ward and Miss Julia Ward here.

(Local News) Benjamin D. Tuthill, for many years of Owego, but formerly of Canton, and Sergeant of Co. D. 106 Regiment, died March 7th at Owego.

(Local News) Miss Anna Burke died last Friday at the home in Ridgebury of her niece, Mrs. Thomas Allen, aged 72 years.

(Local News) Mr. John Mott, a well known resident for many years of Wells township, expired last Friday, at his home, aged 96 years. His wife survives and seven children. The funeral and interment were at Judson Hill.

(Local News) At the Arnot-Ogden hospital in Elmira, last Saturday, passed away Mrs. Mary Moffat Manley, wife of Gordon Manley. Three daughters and three sons survive, including William Moffat of Troy.

(Local News) Mrs. John Bird of Smithfield was called from earth last Saturday. Her husband survives, two daughters, Mrs. Thad Kelder of New albany; Miss Clarissa Bird of East Smithfield; two sons, Augustus of Butte, Montana, and Carl of Coopers Plains; and two sisters, Misses Susan and Lena Phelps of East Smithfield.

Volume LI, #12, Friday, March 27, 1914

(Granville Center News) Mr. Ephraim Pratt died at his home on Vroman Hill on Thursday. Funeral services were held on Saturday at Vroman Hill and interment was made in Granville Center cemetery.

Mrs. Emeline A. Gernert

Mrs. Emiline A. Gernert died Sunday morning, March 15, 1914, at the home of her nephew, Ray Mattocks, in Springfield, after a long, painful illness, aged 79 years, 11 months, five days. The funeral was held at the home Tuesday at one o’clock, Rev. Seymour Barrett officiating. Interment in the Fries Cemetery.

Deceased was the daughter of Almon and Clarissa Berry, and the last of a family of seven. At the age of twenty-two she married to H. Clay Gernert. At the age of thirty seven, she was left a widow. From that time her life was devoted to caring for the sick. Her work called her to many states of the Union.

She had been a member of the Baptist church at Springfield since her girlhood.

Dr. C. W. Carrier Passes Away.

Charles W. Carrier, a prominent physician, died in Troy, March 25th.

The death of Doctor Carrier removes from this locality one of its most skillful and respected physicians, whose entire practice has extended over more than half a century. During this long period of time most intimate relations have been formed in many families where his loss will be sincerely mourned.

Doctor Carrier suffered a stroke of apoplexy Saturday morning, March 21st, from which he never fully recovered consciousness.

Doctor Charles Weaver Carrier was born in Columbus, Chenango county, N. Y. February 12, 1841, a son of John L. and Barbara Weaver Carrier.

In 1859 he began the study of medicine with Dr. C. C. Cook of New field, Tompkins county, N. Y., and in the fall of the same year entered the medical department of Buffalo University, from which he was graduated February 25, 1862, and in the fall entered the United State army as surgeon and served until the end of the Civil War. He then located at Newfield, N. Y., where a partnership was formed with his preceptor, Dr. C. C. Cook. After a practice of three years at Newfield he located in Clinton county, Pa., where he not only practiced his profession, but was at the same time engaged in lumbering.

In 1872 Dr. Carrier opened an office in Ithaca, where he was in practice several years coming to Troy in 1884.

Dr. Carrier is survived by a wife and daughter, a son by a former marriage having died several years ago.

(East Troy News) The Rev. John V. Newell, an honored retired member of the Wyoming Conference, died suddenly at the home of his son, Rev. Charles Newell in Windsor, N. Y., on March 3d. He was the father of Mrs. E. S. Annable.

Ephraim Pratt

Ephraim Pratt died at his home on Vroman Hill, March 19, 1914, of bronchial pneumonia.

Mr. Pratt was born on the farm where he had always lived, April 8, 1838, and was the last of a family of ten. He was married July 1, 1860 to Lucy Larcom, who survives him. He also leaves a son, R. D. Pratt and a daughter-in-law, who live on the old homestead. Mr. Pratt was a much respected man and will be kindly remembered. The funeral which was largely attended, was held at the Vroman Hill church Saturday, at 2 p,m. Rev. Eric Kunzman preached the sermon. Interment was made in the cemetery near his life long home.

(Local News) Clarence Elliott died suddenly Monday afternoon at his home in Columbia township, aged about 30 years. His wife survives, his mother and two brothers, Claud and Clifford Elliott, all of Columbia. The deceased was an upright, deserving man. His sudden demise was a shock to his many friends.

Volume LI, #13, Friday, April 3, 1914

(Windfall News) Elis Best an aged and respected citizen also a veteran of the Civil War, expired suddenly Tuesday morning at the home of Mrs. R. B. Lilley, where he was boarding. He was ill only about two hours, heart trouble the cause of his death. He was a native of Danville, PA, and was 79 years of age and unmarried. He leaves two sisters and a brother besides several other relatives and friends to mourn. Interment in Windfall Cemetery.

Volume LI, #14, Friday, April 10, 1914

(Local News) Ill only twenty-four hours, Mrs. Julia L. Foulke, and esteemed West Burlington lady, died last Sunday at her home, aged 55 years. Her husband Philip A. Foulke survives, and seven children –Nile of Athens; Wesley of Elmira; Mrs. E. J. Peters of Osceola; Mrs. W. L. Huntington of Little Meadows; Mrs. R. W. Campbell of Burlington, PA and Esther and Catharine at home. The funeral was held at the West Burlington church at 2 o’clock Wednesday afternoon and interment was in the Hilton Cemetery.

(Leroy News) Mrs. Ettie Crofut, widow of the late Eugene Crofut, died at her home near this place Wednesday evening, aged 51 years. She leaves four children, Fred Rodney, Charles and Mabel, on sister, Mrs. Aaron Smith and a brother, Charley Harris. Funeral was held on Sunday from the home with burial in Leroy cemetery.

(Local News) Following an illness of a few hours, Kenneth, the year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Richmond died Wednesday evening at their home near Elk Run, Tioga county. The funeral will be held at the home at 12 o’clock on Saturday.

(Local News) Former Prothonatory W. G. Gordon passed away Tuesday morning at his home in Towanda. Mr. Gordon was 66 last October. His wife, a daughter of the late Dr. David Shepard, died Feb. 9, 1914. Three daughters, a sister and a brother survive.

(Local News) Jefferson Warner, a respected long time resident of Wells, died Sunday evening at the home of his only son, Harry Warner. The decedent was 70 years old last March 20th. The funeral was held on Wednesday at the home.

Volume LI, #15, Friday, April 17, 1914

(Local News) The funeral of the late Burdick H. Hobart will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal church at 2:30 this afternoon, Friday. The committal service at Oak Hill Cemetery will be in charge of Trojan Lodge of Masons, of which Mr. Hobart was long a member.


Burdick H. Hobart, son of Harry W. and Augusta Phelps Hobart was born in Amherst, Niagara county, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1833. He married Susan Bradford of Cortland, N. Y. in January, 1862 and four years later came to Troy where he engaged in the harness business, a line in which he continued until his retirement from business in 1896. His partners during this long period were Uel Porter for 23 years and Edward P. Rockwell for seven years.

Besides his harness business, Mr. Hobart was interested for a number of years in tanning with the late Edward VanDyne. He was an upright companionable man of wide acquantance. He was a member of Council for several terms, a vestryman of St. Paul’s church for many years and a member of Trojan lodge of Masons. His wife survives, and one daughter, Mrs. W. H. qua of Elmira, and a grandson, Harry H. Cosper of Troy.

Augustus Snedeker Passes Away at Snedekers

Mr. Augustus Snedeker, the well known resident of Snedekers who was prostrated by paralysis in February or early in March, expired Wednesday evening at his home, aged 68 years. For many years Mr. Snedeker was a member of the firm of Snedeker & Mitchell. Besides his wife and one son, John Edward Snedeker, he leaves one sister, Mrs. C. W. Mitchell of Troy, and one brother, W. H. Snedeker of Snedekers.

The time of the funeral has not been fixed when our forms close.

(Granville Centre News) Charles Walborn, who has been in feeble health for several months, died at his home at LeRoy on Monday. Funeral services will be held from the church in this place on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock and interment will be made in Granville Center Cemetery.

(Canton News) The late Mrs. Emma Hopkins, whose funeral was held on Tuesday, leaves two daughters and five sons - Mrs. David Watkins and Mrs. Burt Norman, Melvin and Zelroy Hopkins of Canton; Bert of Leolyn, John of Elmira and William K., of Jackson Summit.

(Local News) The late O. D. Goodrich, whose funeral was held in Elmira one day last week, was at one time a resident of this boro and of Austinville. He was a clerk in the general store here of Newbery & Peck. At Austinville he was in business for himself with James Hibbard as partner. His first wife was a sister of the Misses Hill of this boro, who left one daughter, Mary. The wife of his later years, who survives with two children was before her marriage. Miss Dora Woodruff, a well known teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wood moved last week from Armenia to their new home, formerly known as the Gray property in Mackney street. Their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John Campbell will share the house with them.

The 93d birthday of Mr. John T. Parke was observed yesterday by a family gathering at the home of his son, Mr. C. E. Parke at East Troy, Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Parke and son, John came from Elmira for the gathering.

Volume LI, #16, Friday, April 24, 1914

(Windfall News) Mrs. Guy Landon died at her home near this place Saturday evening and was buried from her late residence the following Tuesday. She leaves a husband and five children the oldest being about 12, the youngest and an infant only a few days old. Her mother and father also survive and two brothers. The whole community will mourn for her. Interment in the East Canton cemetery.

(Sylvania News)

The community was greatly saddened last week by the sudden and unexpected death of Doris Courtney. She had been sick for two months but for some weeks had apparently been gaining. On Wednesday she seemed better than on any of the previous days but in the afternoon she suddenly collapsed and in a little while passed away. She was a singularly winsome girl, gentle, sunny, friendly, happy with a smile for everyone. She was in her 12th year. The funeral services were held at the Courtney home on Saturday afternoon and were conducted by Rev. W. I. Burrell of Benton, Pa., a former pastor and an old friend of the family. Nearly all of the pupils of the Taylor school attended. The interment was in the Sylvania cemetery.

(Sylvania News) After a number of weeks’ illness, Mrs. Hannah L. Card died at the home of her son, Prof. F. W. Card, on Tuesday evening. The funeral services will be held in the home of Prof. Card on Friday afternoon.

(Granville Centre News) Mrs. Mary West, an aged lady of this place, passed away on Saturday at her home following a short illness. She is survived by one daughter in Michigan and one son, Stanton at home. Funeral services were held on Tuesday (her 83d birthday) at the church and interment was made in Granville Center cemetery.

(East Troy News) Mrs. Hannah Shattuck, wife of B. F. Shattuck, died Thursday, April 16, 1914, at the family home in Elmira, after a brief illness. She is survived by her husband, one son, George Shattuck of Elmira; two daughters, Mrs. L. S. Blackwell of Burlington and Mrs. J. B. Rockwell of West Burlington. Prayer service was held at the home Monday morning at 9 o’clock. The funeral was held at the Methodist Episcopal church at East Troy, Monday afternoon by her former pastor, M. A. Soper of Horseheads. Interment at Hilton’s Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Shattuck and family’s former home was here, moving to Elmira a few years ago.

(Local News) Mrs. Ann Hawkins, a native of England, died last Sunday at her home in Canton, aged nearly 77 years. The funeral was held on Wednesday at St. James’ church, the Rev. Holloway officiating.

(Local News) Tracy Fenner of 425 Burrhus St., South Ottumwa, Iowa, formerly of Troy, reports the death of his grandfather, Mr. Theodore Finney, who passed away March 27th, at the advanced age of 75 years. Tracy says his mother and himself are in their usual health.

(LeRoy News) George Wilcox, a life long resident of West LeRoy, died at his home Wednesday afternoon, aged 84 years. He is survived by three sons and two daughters. Funeral Saturday, burial at East Canton.

(LeRoy News) Charles H. Walburn, who has been in failing health for the past year, passed away early Monday morning at his home in LeRoy hotel, aged nearly 44 years. A very rare case known as "Adison Disease" was the immediate cause of his death. He was confined to his bed about two days and leaves a host of friends to mourn his loss. He is survived by five sisters and two brothers, all of whom were present at the funeral. They are Miss Ida Walburn, who lived with him at the hotel: Mrs. Fred Nottingham of Cuba, N. Y.; Mrs. U. H. DuBois of Dushore; Mrs. F. I. Greenleaf of Alba; Elton Walburn and Sergt. Ulysses Walburn of Fort Williams, Maine. The funeral was largely attended on Thursday afternoon at the hotel and Granville Center church. Burial in Granville Center cemetery.

Volume LI, #17, Friday, May 1, 1914

(Sylvania News) D. C. Strait, well known in this community died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Will Peck, in New York and the remains were brought here for burial in the family lot in Sylvania cemetery. Funeral services were held in the Disciple church on Friday forenoon last,. Rev. T. F. Burgan of Troy officiated.

Dr. C. F. Kiersted Dies at Gillett.

Dr. C. F. Kiersted passed away peacefully at his home at Gillett Friday, April 24, after several months illness with heart disease. He had been in a critical condition for some time and Friday morning told his son, Delos, who was watching with him, to call Mrs. Kiersted because he was dying. Life departed soon after she reached his side. Dr. Kiersted was in his seventieth year and had literally worn himself out ministering to the people of the vicinity. His death leaves a large district without a physician. He was born in Sullivan county, N. Y., on September 23, 1844, and was graduated from Geneva Medical College in 1872. He located at once at Gillett, where he practiced his profession for 42 years. He married Sarah Elizabeth Carr on October 7, 1847, and besides his widow is survived by one son, Delos Kiersted of Pittsburg; a brother Isaac of Gillett, and two sisters, Mrs. C. J. Emens of Gillett and Mrs. Frank Anderson of Interlaken, N. Y. For may years he was a member of the Baptist church and he also belonged to Trojan lodge, F. and A. M. of Troy and Cashmere Groto, M. O. V. P. E. R., of Elmira. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at the home at 2 o’clock, Rev. J. Osbourn, pastor of the Baptist church, officiating. The Masonic order had charge of the services. Burial in the Gillett cemetery.

(Granville Center News) Mrs. Libibe Maynard, who has been in poor health for some time, died at the home of her son, Merritt Wilcox on Sunday afternoon. Funeral will be held at LeRoy on Wednesday.

Native of Springfield Passes Away.

Roena Melvina Fanning Smith died at Lowman, N. Y., Sunday, April 26, 1914. She was the daughter of David and Antis B. Fanning, pioneers of Springfield township, Bradford county, and was born June 18, 1836 in that township where she resided the greater portion of her life. She is survived by five sons, Corydon Melvin and Hubert Wilson, of Chambers, Nebraska; Burdell Fanning of Tunkhannock, PA; Frank Ira of Lowman, N. y., with whom deceased made her home, and Fernley D., of Elmira and one daughter, Anna Smith Sargeant of Long Beach, Cal. The sons were all with her in her last hours except Hubert Wilson. Two brothers also survie, Ira S. Fanning of Wetona and Hon. A. C. Fanning of Towanda. She devoted her life to the happiness of her family, and those who came within the sphere of her influence. Mrs. Smith was of revolutionary stock and her husband, N. Wilson Smith whose death occurred several years ago was a member of Co. C., 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry christened by Gen. Rosecrans "The Sabre Regiment of the Army of the Cumberland." The funeral services were observed at the home Tuesday at eleven o’clock, and at the Wellsburg Methodist church at one p.m. Interment was at Wellsburg.

Funeral of Isaac N. Burt.

The remains of Isaac N. Burt, who died in a Binghamton Sanitarium Saturday night were brought to this boro Tuesday morning for burial from his home in Watkins. Mr. Burt was 62, and a son of Caleb Burt of Springfield. He was a Northern Central conductor and later yardmaster for many years at Watkins. Besides his wife and son, Earl of Elmira, he leaves one brother, Ezekiel of Frewsburg, N. Y.

(Local News) Mr. John N. VanNess of Mansfield, formerly of Rutland, died Monday at Wellsboro where he went some time ago for treatment. Injuries sustained by a horse running into his wheel chair, precipitated the end. The funeral was held yesterday at Mansfield.

(Local News) William N. Passmore, a well known resident of Gillett, died suddenly last Sunday morning, aged about 60 years. He was unmarried. A sister survives and three brothers –Mrs. J. W. Chamberlain of Wyalusing; John Passmore of Gillett; James of Elmira and Clarence of Wysox. The remains were taken to Wysox for interment.

Volume LI, #18, Friday, May 8, 1914

Mrs. W. L. Rider Succumbs to Brain Trouble.

While it was known that she was ill, and that a nurse and physcian had been in attendance for some time, none of her hundreds of friends was prepared for the announcement early last Friday evening that Mrs. W. L. Rider had passed away. The alarming nature of her trouble, abscess of the brain, was not apparent until Friday morning, when her parents were notified and a specialist, Dr. Haskin summoned from Williamsport. He arrived on the afternoon train but could hold out no hope. Death took place a little before 7.

Edna M. Geirger was born in Mainville, Pa., July 7, 1880, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Geiger. Since her marriage Feb. 2, 1902, to Dr. W. L. Rider, her home had been in this boro, where she had a large and ever increasing circle of friends. She retained her membership in the Lutheran church of Mainville until a few months ago when she united with the First Methodist church of Troy, in the activities of which she was prominent, being President of the Ladies’ Aid Society and assistant teacher of the Plus Ultra class of girls in the Sunday school. She was a member of the Progress Club and of the finance committee of the recently formed Civic League.

Besides her husband and parents, she leaves one daughter, Jean, a particularly winsome child of 7.

A church funeral was planned, but on account of the prostration of Mrs. Geiger, the mother, the absequies were held at the home at 2 Monday afternoon.

(Granville Center News) While H. K. Moth of LeRoy, was attending the Baptist quarterly meeting at Bailey Corners on Sunday he was stricken with an apoplectic shock. He was taken to the home of Milton VanNoy, where he lay unconcious until Tuesday morning, when death released him from his suffering.

(Local News) Mrs. A. Z. Porter, expired last Sunday at the family home in Granville. Though confined to her home by illness for several years, Mrs. Porter’s influence was felt throughout the community and her death is widely mourned. With her husband are left three sons and two daughters, Curtis and Gordon of Granville, Gerdon Porter and Mrs. Frank Beach of Troy and Mrs. Elliott of Elmira.

(Local News) The Rev. Solomon Bovier, a former resident of Granville, where his influence for good was potent with all ages and shades of religious belief, died the first of the week at his home with his son at Waverly, Ohio. He was about 67 years old and leaves a wife, a large family of boys and one or two daughters. Mrs. Bovier, the widow is a daughter of Mrs. Austin Titus of this boro. The remains were brought to Windfall, where funeral services were held yesterday at the church.

Augustus E. Snedeker

Augustus E. Snedeker was born in Canastota, N. Y., November 11, 1846 and died April 14, 1914, at Snedekers, PA.

He was the son of William H. and Eliza (Gray) Snedeker. His boyhood was spent in the state of New York. He came with his parents in March, 1865, to Columbia township. He assisted his father in business until November, 1886, when he formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, C. W. Mitchell, in the manufacture of lumber in Troy township.

In 1893, Snedeker & Mitchell bought a tract of timber land of Mrs. Edward Harrison (nee Grace Wells) in Columbia township. Mr. Snedeker represented the firm continuously at Snedekers until April, 1913, when the partnership was dissolved.

He was married June 6, 1890, to Julia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Grimes of Troy, Pa., who survives him with one son, John Edward, who is a student in his junior year at the University of Pennsylvania. A younger son, William Henry, died in early boyhood.

His funeral was held at St. John’s Catholic church, April 19, 1914, the Rev. P. J. Durkan officiating. Burial was in St. John’s cemetery.

Volume LI, #19, Friday, May 15, 1914

(Fairview News) Mrs. Roxie McIntosh died at the home of Mrs. Sarah Carey Tuesday, May 5. She had been ill but two days. Mrs. McIntosh was 57 years of age and a soldier’s widow. The funeral was held at the house Saturday, Rev. F. Hess of Burlington, preached the sermon.

(Local News) Goldie Gibson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Gibson, died Wednesday morning at their home from consumption of the lungs, aged 22 years. He had been ill a long time and a great sufferer. He leaves besides his parents, four brothers and one sister. The funeral will be held at 3 o’clock this afternoon at the Baptist church, the Rev. Moss officiating, interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

Alanson S. Cole passes Away at Age of 94.

Alanson S. Cole died May 9th, 1914, aged 94 years and 6 months. Born in 1819 at Chenango Forks, N. Y., when six months old he came with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cole to Springfield, where he resided until 1877, when he removed to East Troy. At the age of 22 he commenced leading the singing for church worship and later organized a choir in the church. He continued as leader nearly forty years, meanwhile teaching singing and holding conventions of music in many places. In 1845 he married Miss Augusta Hubbard of Middletown, Conn., who died in 1892. He united with the M. E. church at Leona in 1865. He leaves three daughters, Mrs. S. W. Brooks, Miss Florence Cole of Elmira, Mrs. A. J. Stacy of Leona and one son, George of East Troy, at whose home he died. Also ten grandchildren and thirteen great grandchildren. The funeral was held at his late home Tuesday, May 12th, at 10:30 a.m. The Rev. R. E. Brague who officiated read the 91st Psalm and his remarks were taken from the three last verses. Previous to Mr. Cole’s death he selected this Psalm, and also the hymns which were very sweetly sung by Mrs. R. E. Brague and Mrs. Willis Greenough. Burial was at Leona. The pall bearers were Austin Leonard, Frank Daily, William Brown, Benjamin Leonard, H. S. Griffith and Guy S. Ballard.

Volume XL, #20, Friday, May 22, 1914

(Local News) David C. Corey, a brother of Attorney H. B. Corey of this boro, died on Friday in New Haven, Conn. He was about 40 years old and a native of Coryland, this county. He was a traveling salesman and had made his home in New Haven for about ten years. He leaves a widow, two sisters and one other brother –Mrs. S. S. Leonard of Mansfield; Mrs. A. P. Noble of Wells, and Mark R. Corey of Elmira. The funeral was held in Elmira and interment was in the Coryland cemetery.

Volume XL, #21, Friday, May 29, 1914

Alexander Ogden, known in Troy through occasional visit to his son, R. C. Ogden, formerly of this boro, died last week at his home in Elmira. Miss Cora Ogden, his only other child is a teacher in School No. 8, in Elmira. The deceased was a veteran of the Civil War. During the administration of former Governor D. B. Hill, he was an employe of the state in Albany.

(Local News) William Henry Benson, a well known Rutland resident, died the first of the week at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Garrison, near Jobs Corners, from accidental poisoning. His wife died some years ago. At one time he was landlord of the Roseville hotel.

Volume LI, #?, Friday, June, 26, 1914

(Local News) Emery Backer, better known to the general public as "Dad" Backer, showman, died Wednesday at the State hospital in Binghamton, to which he was removed some months ago from his home in Horseheads. His wife, two daughters, two sisters and brother survive.

Volume LI, #26, Friday, July 3, 1914

(Local News) Dr. H. H. Kingsbury, a well known optician at Covington for thirty years, and whose wife is a sister of Mrs. M. F. Hulslander of Burlington, died recently from pneumonia. With his widow are left, a daughter, Miss Ruby Kingsbury, and two sons, Ross of Ontario, N. Y., and Charles at home.

(Local News) Mrs. Mary Ellen Ross died at noon on Monday from tuberculosis at the home in Elmira street of her son, Elmer T. Ross, aged 77 years and 10 months. Mrs. Ross was a native of Ohio. She formerly resided in Burlington, where she had a large circle of friends. Her husband survives, two sons and a daughter – Elmer T., of Troy, E. A., of Burlington, and Mrs. Eanage Rockwell of Elmira. She leaves also a brother in Towanda and a sister in Syracuse, N.Y. The funeral on Wednesday was at the Burlington M. E. church, the Rev Brague officiating. Interment was in the Burlington cemetery.

(Local News) Philander R. Warren, an old and respected resident of Granville Centre, died Wednesday evening at his home after several months of failing strength. He leaves a wife, three children – Mrs. Minnie Nelle of near Youngstown, Ohio; Mrs. Miriam Snedeker of Towanda, and Claud Warren of Binghamton, a sister, Mrs. Mellie Puffer, also resides in Binghamton. The funeral will be held at the home at 1:30 this afternoon. The members of the local Grand Army post will act as a guard of honor and the members of the Odd Fellows lodge of which he was a member will attend the obsequies in a body.

(Local News) William H. Phillips, a well known resident of Troy for many years, died at 6:30 o’clock Wednesday evening, at the Buckbee House in Elmira, from uremia, aged 72 years. He had been ill at the hotel since Monday. Mrs. Phillips served three years as a soldier in different regiments during the Civil War. A brother and a sister survive, Mrs. Mary Porter of Elmira, and Oliver Phillips of Troy township to whose home the remains were brought yesterday morning by Undertaker Friends. The funeral will be held at the Phillips home at 3 o’clock this afternoon, the Rev. Burgan of the Disciple church officiating. Interment will be in Glenwood cemetery.

Volume LI, #?, Friday, July 17,1974 (Pages missing)

(Local News) While sitting in a Morris chair chatting with his brother, Edward Doane, at the former’s home in Mansfield, Tuesday afternoon, Eugene Doane passed suddenly away. His wife survives, and one son, Harry of Philadelphia.

Volume LI, #30, Friday, July 31, 1914

Joseph Bedford Expires Suddenly.

Mrs. W. G. Cornell of Coumbia, was suddenly called to Shunk, Pa., July 14th, by the illness of her father, Joseph Bedford, who expired a little after 5 the following morning. Mr. Bedford was a veteran of the Civil War in which he served more than three years. He leaves to mourn his demise a widow and three daughters – Mrs. Cornell: Mrs. Jennie Polly, and Minnie E., at home. Elizabeth, another daughter, passed to the great beyond 16 years ago. The departed had not been in good health since his return from the war. He was a faithful christian and passed away peacefully in the hope of a blessed immortality.

Volume LI, #33, Friday, August 21, 1914

(Thompson Hill News) Mr. and Mrs. Charley Chase were called to Roseville by the death from pneumonia of their brother-in-law, Harry Compton. Funeral Saturday. Mr. Compton’s only child, a son thirteen years old, is ill with appendicitis at the home of his aunt near Colley, N. Y.

(Local News) Herrick McKean, a former well known resident of Troy and native of this place, died Monday of this week at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, aged about 80 years. Death was preceded by a long period of ill health. The deceased was the only son and child of John and Electa Brace McKean who resided for many years upon the farm latterly owned by David DeForest. His devoted wife survives. She was Miss Kate Loman of Elmira. Neither of the two daughters born to them is living. Mrs. McKean is on her way north with her husband’s remains. She will be met in Washington today by Mr. Arthur McKean. They are expected to arrive in Troy on the 9 o’clock train Saturday morning.

(Local News) Cecelia Smith, wife of Joseph Hackett of Troy township, died last Thursday night from heart trouble aged 49 years. She was confined to her bed only a few days. Besides her husband and three brothers, Mrs. Hackett leaves ten children: Albert, John, William, Ray and Joseph, Mary (Mrs. Carl Andrus of Canton); Emma (Mrs. Herbet May of Troy); Cecelia, Lenna and Florence. The funeral and interment were at Newelltown, below Pembryn, the Rev. Moss of the Baptist church of troy, officiating.

Volume LI, #34, Friday, August 28, 1914

(Local News) Jacob Wolfe long a prominent resident of Wolfe Hollow, Columbia township, expired Monday morning at his home in Wolfe Hollow, Columbia township, age 75 years 7 months and 5 days. Mr. Wolfe had been in feeble and failing health for some time. He leaves a widow and one daughter by a former marriage in San Francisco. Another daughter of his first marriage died some years ago. The funeral was held at the home on Wednesday, the Rev. S. Barrett officiating. Interment was in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.

Volume LI, #35, Friday September 4, 1914

(Granville Center) Omera Shepard, for many years a resident of this locality, died at his home at Alba on Thursday, August 27, at the age of 67 years. Mr. Shepard had been in declining health for some time. He is survived by his wife and two sons, Sam in Washington state and George at home, also one sister, Mrs. H. M. Spalding, of Troy. Funeral services were held from the church in this place at 2 o’clock on Saturday, conducted by Rev. J. C. Bryan and interment in Granville cemetery. Among the friends from a distance in attendance at the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Dayton Saxton and daughter Maude, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hay.., R. J. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Barnes of Elmira Heights, Mr. and Mrs. Gay Haflett of New York, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bunyan of Canton, H. M. Spalding and daughter, Cora and Mrs. D. F. Pomeroy of Troy.

(Granville Center) Solon Saxton a life long resident of Saxton Hill, who has been a sufferer from cancer for several years, died at the age of 80 years on Thursday, August 27. He is survived by an only daughter, Mrs. Raymond Selleck, with whom he lived, also his brothers Oscar of Elmira, Edward of Owego, Benjamin of Ralston, Charles of Cowley and two sisters, Miss Samantha Saxton of Owego and Mrs. Susie Kenyon of Granville Center, all of whom were present at his funeral which was held from the house at 12 o’clock on Sunday conducted by Rev. G. P. Morse and interment at Granville Center.

(Wetona News) Mrs. Eliza Sargeant’s daughter, Mrs. Mary Anthony died at her home in Elmira, August 26, and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery Friday.

(Local News) Mrs. Sarah Pierce, an old resident of Alba, suffered a stroke of apoplexy while visiting at Grover last week and died a few hours after. She was about 76 years old and is survived by a daughter and son. Interment was at Alba.

(Local News) Mrs. Nancy L. Bird, one of Smithfield township’s best known women and most revered, died last Friday at her home in East Smithfield, aged 85 years. Mrs. Bird was president many terms of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, and to the last kept up a lively interest in that organization. Two sons survive, Jesse Bird of Utica, N. Y. and County commissioner George N. Bird of East Smithfield. The funeral at the Baptist church to East Smithfield Sunday afternoon was largely attended.

Volume LI, #37, Friday, September 18, 1914

Old Resident Passes Away.

Earl W. Kennedy who for more than a quarter of a century resided on the Long farm, near this boro, died last Wednesday at his home in Columbia X Roads. Mr. Kennedy was 78 years old June 29, 1859, he married Mary A. Smith, who survives with their only child, Ada (Mrs. Cowl). Other kindred living are three grandsons, three brothers-Hallock of Rutland and Charles and William Kennedy of Troy, and one sister Mrs. Emmeline Smith of Elmira. Mr. Kennedy was a man of sterling character, a kind neighbor and a loving husband and father. The funeral was held on Friday, the Rev. G. A. Baldwin of Troy, officiating. The interment was in Oak Hill Cemetery.

(Gillett News) Mrs. Rhoda Hill, a highly respected resident of this place, died Monday. She is survived by two brothers, S. L. Thompson of this place, and John Thompson of Wellsburg, N. Y. The remains were taken to Elmer for interment.

Volume LI, #41, Friday, October 16, 1914

(Local News) Joe H. Geer, the well known newspaper man, former editor of the Elmira Advertiser, Telegram and Budget, and about thirteen years ago for a time of Troy, died suddenly Tuesday afternoon in the office of the Mansfield Advertiser with which he had been connected in an editorial and mechanical capacity since 1902. He was about 58 years old a staunch supporter of the Episcopal church of Mansfield, superintendent of the Sunday school, and boro clerk. A man of fine mind and kindly heart whose going is widely mourned. One daughter survives, Lulu (Mrs. Smith), of Montrose, PA. The funeral and interment were in Mansfield.

(Local News) Clara Pierce, four and a half years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Pierce, died suddenly Saturday evening from acute indigestion at their home near the VanDyne tannery. She lived but a few moments after the attack which is believed to have been brought on by eating raw chestnuts. The funeral was at the home on Monday and interment was in Glenwood.

Harry C. Houser of Waverly died of typhoid fever on Monday morning, one week after his marriage to Mrs. Paul Maynard of Athens.

(Local News) Mrs. Hattie L. Smith, who for twenty-one years had rooms in the Knapp home, High and John Streets, expired at midnight last Sunday, aged 68 years. She had been confined to her bed for three weeks. Death was due to organic heart trouble. The deceased was a native of Forksville, Pa. Her husband Elisha Smith, died some years ago. One sister survives, Mrs. Jennie Thompson of Ellenton. Mrs. Smith was an active, consecrated member of the M. E. Church, the W. C. T. U. and the Grange. The funeral was held at the M. E. church at 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. Baldwin officiating. Interment was in Springfield.

Death of Irene M. Long.

Irene Maxwell Long, whose death occurred at her home on West Main Street last Saturday morning, October 19, was born in this village Dec. 4, 1878, the daughter and only child of Mrs. Fannie E. Maxwell Long.

Miss Long was educated in the Troy schools, graduating from the High School in the class of 1896. Entering a private school in Philadelphia the following autumn and made a special study of elocution for which she had a natural taste and adaptation. Graduating from this school in 1897 she returned to her home in Troy, and entered actively into church and social life of the community. Her gifts and acquirements in elocution were in frequent demand, and were always willingly placed at the service of the church and of her friends.

Seven years ago Miss Long’s health became impaired, and although there were periods of encouraging improvement, she was never well afterward. About a week before her death symptoms of acute inflammation of the kidneys, with other complications, became manifest, and the end came quickly.

The funeral services were held at the home of her mother Tuesday afternoon, conducted by her pastor. At the close of the funeral four of her friends, Mrs. J. W. Phillips, Mrs. W. S. Sweet, Mrs. W. H. Parsons and Miss Elizabeth VanDyne, took the flowers to the cemetery, and arranged them about the grave.

The interment was in the Maxwell lot in Glenwood.

H. P. LaMont

Our village was startled Friday morning with the announcement of the death of Mr. LaMont, on of East Troy’s most highly esteemed residents. The day of his death he was at the barn with his son, James. While walking to the house he fell with a stroke of apoplexy from which he never rallied and soon passed away.

Hezekiah Pettit LaMont was the son of John and Olive LaMont. He was born at Lexington, Green county, N. Y., June 29, 1830. He came to Pennsylvania at the age of 12 with his widow mother and her nine children, in 1842. He was educated in the common schools and Troy Academy. Married to Miss Alma Eliza McKean of Troy, July 25, 1854. He had resided in East Troy over forty years. Five children were born to Mr. and Mrs. LaMont, Mrs. Job Ballard, Mrs. R. E. Stiles, Mrs. C. W. Rockwell, Henry McKean LaMont and James B. LaMont at who’s whom he died. He also leaves one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw and one brother Darwin A. LaMont of Elmira, N. Y.

The funeral was held Monday at 2 o’clock at the Baptist church of which he had been a member for many years. The choir sang, appropriate selections. The church was filled with the friends and neighbors of the deceased. Hector lodge, No. 166, I.O.O.F. of East Troy attended in a body. He was one of the founders of the Republican part.

He was laid to rest in the East Troy Cemetery beside his wife, who preceded him a few years ago.

Volume LI, #42, Friday, October 23, 1914

(Local News) Joseph Williams, who was born in Troy 81 years ago, died last Friday at his home in Wellsboro. His father settled in Troy about 1802. The wife of the decedent died in 1900. Two sons survive, Hon. George W. Williams of Wellsboro and Harris T. Williams of Rochester, and a brother, Chester Williams of Copac, Mich. The funeral was held at the home Sunday afternoon.

Volume LI, #43, Friday, October 30, 1914

(East Troy News) Mrs. Estella Salisbury Strong, who arrived here on Thursday from Florida, accompanied by her husband and infant child, passed away on Saturday. She had been ill for some time. The bereaved husband has the sympathy of all. The funeral was held at the Baptist church on Monday, the Rev. Moss officiating. Interment was at Leona.

(Local News) Another old resident of Burlington was called to his reward last Sunday in the persons of Clark Slater at the age of 72 years. Surviving are his wife and four sons—Wallace and George of Burlington, Roy of Wallace, Idaho, and Daniel of Athens. The funeral was held at the church on Wednesday.

(Local News) Mrs. Mary Guthrie passed away last Sunday night at her home in Leona at the advanced age of 73 years. Born in Jackson township, Tioga county, Mrs. Guthrie came in early life to Leona where she had since resided, respected and loved by neighbors and acquaintances. Her husband, Byron Guthrie died some years ago. Three children survive—Mrs. Porter hooker of Troy, Mark Guthrie of Leona, and Claude Guthrie of Elmira. The funeral was held on Thursday at Leona, the Rev. G. A. Baldwin of Troy, officiating.

Volume LI, #44, Friday, November 6, 1914

(Sylvania News) Two deaths on Saturday came as a shock to the community, Asa Slingerland had been sick for a number of days but no one thought the end was so near. He suddenly failed and passed away. He was a quiet, reserved man with a host of friends. The funeral was held on Monday, Rev A. G. Cameron officiating.

Nettie Keyes went on Friday last week to visit Prof. Card and family at "Morningside" and was taken ill and died the next forenoon. She had been in failing health for some time, and knew herself that the end was not far away but she went on attending to the daily tasks uncomplaingly up to the end. At her own request no religious service was held except a service at the grave conducted by her friend and neighbor, William Courtney.

(Local News) Mrs. Emerson Rose, a former resident of Mansfield whose home has been in Washington for about twenty years, died Monday morning in that city following a long illness. Her husband, an employe of the census department and three children survive—J. W. Rose of Buffalo, and Mrs. Edwin Coles and Miss Anna Rose, both of Mansfield, the latter teacher of German in the Normal School. Four sisters also survive. The funeral and interment were in Mansfield on Wednesday.

(Local News) On the day that John Cheney White had written his friends he would be home, his dead body arrived instead of his living presence. A resident of Auburn, N. Y., for several years, Mr. White has spent his summers on the farm of his nephew, Geo. W. White between East Troy and Granville. Early last week he wrote his son Frank in Auburn to look for him home this week Monday. He was then in his usual health for a many of 80 years, but Saturday he suddenly sickened and in a few hours passed away. The body was taken to Auburn Monday on the same train he would have taken if alive.

Volume LI, #45, Friday, November 13, 1914

(Local News) Sara A. VanFleet, widow of Former Sheriff Perry VanFleet of this county, died last Saturday at the home of her niece, Mrs. Flora Kuhl in Knoxville, Tioga county, Mrs. VanFleet was 75 years old. Mrs. Stephen Gernert of Columbia X Roads, is a sister. The remains were taken to Towanda for interment in Riverside Cemetery.

(Local News) Former Postmaster Allen M. Ayers died last week at his home in Canton, aged 74. His wife, who was Lydia A. Randall, to whom he has married in 1865 at Alba, four children survive. He was a veteran of the Civil War.

(Local News) Mrs. Sarah E. Rolison, mother of Mrs. Clara Wright, of Burlington, died Tuesday night in Elmira, aged 76 years. Two other children survive, Joseph Wilcox of Wellsburg, and Mrs. W. H. Jones of Elmira. Interment was in the Turner Cemetery near Canton.

(Local News) Despondent over his long continued ill health, Eber Miller, 55 years old, of Rome boro, this county, committed suicide Monday afternoon by cutting his throat with a razor. His dead body was found on the back of a small pond not far from his home. His wife survives, and a son and daughter.

(Local News) George Lampman, a well known resident of Burlington township, died very suddenly about 10 yesterday morning at his home. He came into the house and told his wife he felt badly. She went to the barn to call one of the children. When she came back he lay dead on the floor. Mr. Lampman was 62 years old and leaves a wife and seven children. The funeral will be held at West Burlington church at 2 Sunday afternoon. Interment will be in the Hilton Cemetery.

Volume LI, #48, Friday, December 4, 1914

(Sylvania News) The "grim reaper" has been busy in Sylvania and vicinity during these last days. Three well known persons have passed away, George Cunningham, Mrs. Milo Blackmer and Joseph Jackson. The funeral of George Cunningham was held at the home of H. F. Pitte on Saturday of last week,. The service was conducted by Rev. A. G. Cameron. There was a large attendance of relatives and friends. The funeral of Joseph Jackson was held from the family home on Sylvania Road on Tuesday at 10 a.m. A large number of relatives, neighbors and friends were present. The burial was in the family lot in Glenwood. The funeral of Mrs. Blackmer was held at the home on Tuesday at 2 p.m. She had a very wide circle of friends and those who esteemed her for her works’ sake. Her five sons and a grandson were the pall bearers. She is buried in the Card cemetery on the Porter Road.

(Sylvania News) Christoper Mosher, an old resident of Sylvania, but of late years residing in Mansfield was brought here for burial. The service was held in the Disciple church on Tuesday afternoon at 3 o’clock. Rev. W. I. Burrell a former pastor of Mr. Mosher and a close friend came from Benton, Pa., to conduct the funeral sermon. The interment was in the Sylvania cemetery.

(Local News) Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson of Snedekers, mourn the death by peritenitis of their little son at the interesting age of twenty months.

(Local News) The late Mrs. Bradley Warner of Wells, is survived by her husband, one son, Amasa, and two daughters, Mrs. Leon Sturdevant and Mrs. Asa Ryerson, all of Wells.

(Local News) The sad news of the sudden death of Miss Hannah Beckwith on Thanksgiving morning, Nove. 25th, at Riseburg, Oregon, has been received by her friends here. Miss Beckwith was a teacher in our high school for several years under the administration, of Prof. J. F. McCollum. She is survived by her brother, Welt, and his two boys with whom she lived. A devoted, estimable woman has gone to her reward.

Volume LI, #49, Friday, December 11, 1914

A Well Known Minnequa Man is Dead.

Frank Elliott, a well known farmer of Minnequa, died Wednesday following a long illness from hardening of the arteries. He has always lived in that neighborhood and had a large circle of friends. The funeral will be held at the home this afternoon, the Rev. Mr. Wenrick of Canton officiating.

(East Troy News) Mrs. Martha Beach Ballard died at the home of her son, Howells on Thursday afternoon at 5 o’clock after a short illness of bronchial trouble. She was 75 years of age and lived in this vicinity many years. She was united in marriage with Mr. George Ballard in 1861 who with two children preceded her several years. Among those who survive are three daughters, Mrs. Charles Close of Elmira Heights, Mrs. Elijah Aumick of Troy, Pa., Mrs. Luzerne Selleck of Bailey Corners two sons—Walter of Philadelphia and Howells of this place. A sister, Mrs. S. A. Smith of Cheshire, Conn., and a brother, John Beach of New Haven, Conn. The funeral was held on Sunday at 1 o’clock at her late home, Rev. Roy Brague officiating., burial was in the Ballard cemetery on Pisgah.

(Austinville News) Mrs. Levi Sargeant died at her home last week Monday after a short illness. Funeral was held at her home, interment in Roseville cemetery.

(Local News) Brigadier General Joseph M. Califf, United States Army, retired, die Wednesday afternoon at his home in Towanda. General Califf was a native of East Smithfield, where he was born Aug. 1, 1843. He fought with Gen. Grant and other leaders through the Civil War, saw service in Texas after the rebellion, and also served in the Spanish-American war in Cuba and Porto Rico. He was a gentleman and a scholar as well as a soldier of distinction. His wife survives, one son, and three daughters, a brother and a sister, the latter being Mrs. A. T. Allen of East Smithfield.

(Local News) Rudolph M. Dreste who died recently from a complication of diseases, aged 53 was a life-long resident of LeRoy township where he leaves a large circle of friends. He was a son of Mrs. Pauline Dreste of Elmira, and leaves besides his wife, two brothers, Herman of Windfall and John of Quincy, Florida. Interment was in the Windfall Cemetery.

Volume LI, #50, Friday, December 18, 1914

(Local News) William O’Connor who has been away from Troy ten years but whose genial, manly qualities re recalled by all who knew him, died last Friday at Danville, Pa., aged about 49 years. He was the last of a family of nine, seven of whom passed into the great beyond in the brief span of three years. His wife survives and four children – William, Anna, Mary and Nellie. The body arrived in Troy Friday evening and funeral services were held at St. John’s Roman Catholic church Monday forenoon, the Rev. P. J. Durken officiating. Interment was in St. John’s Cemetery.

Volume LI, #51, Friday, December 25, 1914

Carrier Andrus Killed at Gillett.

On the Dewey crossing, at Gillett Tuesday afternoon, James Andrus a rural mail carrier was instantly killed by the Pennsylvania railroad train which is due in Troy at 5 o’clock.

He was in an open sleigh so muffled up against the cold that he did not know that the train was coming until it struck him. The sleigh was demolished, one of the horses so injured that it was shot, and Andrus was killed. His remains were badly mangled. Mr. Andrus was widely known and respected. He was a son of Deacon Andrus, one of the pillars in the early days of the Baptist church to which the decedent belonged. He had been a mail carrier for a number of years. He was about 60 years old. His wife survives, two sons and a daughter—Judson of Alba, William of Elmira, and Louise at home.

With the consent of Coroner T. Ben Johnson the remains were taken to the Andrus home. The funeral will be held at the Gillett Baptist church at 1 o’clock Saturday afternoon.

On this same crossing about eight years ago. Mr. Duruzo and his sister were badly injured. It was thought for a time that the latter would die, but she was taken to a hospital and recovered.

Death of Merritt C. Carpenter.

Merritt C. Carpenter died at the family residence on Elmira Street, Wednesday, December 23d, at 12:45 p.m. Mr. Carpenter was born at Savoy, Mass. July 21st, 1830, removing to Allegany county, N. Y., in his childhood. He was the second of the ten children of Seneca and Lydia Bliss Carpenter. He was married in 1866 to Margaret V. Baldwin of Dansville, N. Y. Their children were Frank L. Carpenter, a physician in Berkeley, Cal., Mrs. James S. Cruickshank of Richmond Cal., Augustus, who died in infancy, … H. C. Carpenter, of Troy, Mr. Carpenter had resided in Troy for the past sixteen years. Funeral services will be held from his late home in Elmira Street on Saturday at 11 o’clock.

(Windfall News) Mrs. Edgar Bates died Friday night of heart trouble at her home near this place. The funeral was held Monday interment at Newelltown her birth place.

(Local News) A widely known Towanda lady passed away last Saturday morning in the person of Mrs. R. M. Wells at the age of 87 years. A native of England, Mrs. Welles came to this country with her parents, Thomas Page and Anna West, 83 years ago. Her married life was spent in Athens, Wyalusing and Towanda. Her husband died three years ago. The surviving children are Charles P. of Towanda, Francis R. of Paris, France, Edward of Norwalk, Conn., and Mrs. W. Barton and Arthur T. Welles of Altedena, California.