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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1914 - 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Pat MOTT Gobea, Elaine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & History sites by Joyce M. Tice. 
Troy Gazette – Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA
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There is much of this year of papers missing.

Volume LI, #29, Friday, July 24, 1914

Mrs. Joe Shives is visiting her sister, Mrs. Thomas Hulslander this week.

Oliver Thrall treated his cousins, Kenneth and Lawrence Besely to an auto trip to Elmira.

Volume LI, #30, Friday, July 31, 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Clare Palmer autoed to Elmira Sunday and brought Mrs. Palmer’s sister, Mrs. Ervin Buchanna and daughter, Madeline from Geneva with them for a visit.


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #10, Friday, March 12, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Burke Garrison and little daughter, Velma, spent Saturday and Sunday with R. B. Wilson and family.

Volume LII, #13, Friday, March 13, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. George Moore and little DeLetha, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Besley and Kenneth, Lawrence and Dorothy, while motoring Sunday had an accident.

December 1915 issues missing




Volume LIII – Number 2 – Thursday – January 13, 1916

Nelson Watkins is getting to be some farmer, having recently purchased a herd of fine cattle.

The Rebekah Sociable Saturday evening was largely attended and much enjoyed.  Under the direction of Mrs. Colegrove and Miss Garrison the school children provided a fine evening’s entertainment.

Mrs. Charlotte Besley is slowly improving from the illness which has confined her to the house for some time.  All will be glad to see her about again.

B. L. Watkins is on the gain, and it is hoped will soon be able to resume his duties at the store.

Volume LIII – Number 6 – Thursday – February 10, 1916

James Wilson, who has been sick, is reported as improving.

John Heib, of the firm of Palmer and Hieb, left last week for the eastern part of the state to purchase a carload of horses.

Joseph Wood is still confined to his home by pleurisy.

Fred Hosley is working now for Messrs. Palmer & Heib.

Frank Wilson has sold his house and lands to John Bailey and moved to near Roseville.  Mr. Bailey lived on the Charles Henry Benson farm, and will soon occupy the house recently purchased of Frank Wilson.

Mrs. Aminta Andrews, is very sick at her home here, with pleuro-pheumonia.

Dolly Madison Rebekah Lodge, I.O.O.F. head a reception at their hall on Friday evening last, and had for their guests members of sister lodges from Troy, Springfield, Sylvania and Mansfield.  A large number were present and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

Mrs. E. O. Sebolt, was confined to her home the last week with grip, but is better at this writing.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Bailey and Will Wright, had business in Troy on Saturday last.

Mrs. Belle Palmer is on the sick list but is improving.

Volume LIII – Number 8 – Thursday – February 24, 1916

Mrs. Aminta Andrews in convalescing.

Mrs. Clara Wilson is confined to her home by an attack of the grip.

Will Watkins has moved to Coryland

Mrs. Senia Schwenk is now able to be around after several weeks sickness.

Mrs. George Hall, left on Saturday last to care for her son who is ill in Elmira.

Fred Conly, is sick at his home here with the grip.

L. M. Frank of the Gazette-Register passed Sunday at his home here.

Misses Irene and Isabel Wheeler entertained a company of their friends last Frieday evening at their home.  Refreshments were served, dancing, music and games were enjoyed.  Those present were Marie Watkins, Mildred Sweet, Margaret Swain, Pauline Card, Margaret Cornell, Helen Wilson, Mabel Jenkins, Pauline Besley, Harriet Crippen, Florence Crippen, Donald Besley, Walter Gates, Raymond Watkins, Coley Jenkins, Leland Soper, Roy Heib, William Philips, Justice Garrison, Herbert Garrson, Rex Garrison, Roy Garrison, Leland Alexander, Kenneth Besley, Lawrence Besley, Henry B. Card, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Watkins.

Volume LIII – Number 9 – Thursday – March 2, 1916

Stephen Wilson is confined to his home with the grip.

Will Wood is attending to the stock during the illness of Fred Colony and Stephen Wilson.

Charles Hartman was confined to his home the latter part of the week, by illness.

Then many friends of Frank Wilson are sorry to learn of his severe illness.  It is expected that he will have to the hospital for an operation.

James Wilson and Joseph Wood, are confined to their hyomes with relapses.

Miss Pauline Besley is confined to her home here with measles.

Volume LIII – Number 12 – Thursday – March 23, 1916

The Ladies’ Aid of the Baptist church, meets at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson, today.

Jospeh Wood, an old and highly respected resident of this place, is very low at his home here.

Rev. E. O. Sebolt did not occupy his pulpit on Armenia last Sunday owing to the stormy weather.

John Bailey and family have moved from the Canfield farm to the house they recently purchased of Frank Wilson in this place.

L. M. Frank of the Troy Gapette-Register passed Sunday at him home here.

The cornet band recently organized here, is progressing finely under the leadership of S. W. Wilson.

Three more weeks will end a very successful school term and much credit is due to the teachers, Mrs. E. H. Colegrove and Miss Ether Garrison for their efficient services

It is rumored that Watson Hoosier is having “matrimonial contemplations.” The fact that he has joined the band, indicates at least that he would approve of harmony in the house.

Rev. Seymour Barrett, for the past seven years pastor of the Baptist church at Coryland, has accepted a call from the Tioga, Pa., Baptist church and moved his family to that place.

Mrs. Betsy Benson and daughter, Frances, left on Monday last for a visit, with the former’s daughter at Geneve, N.Y.

Volume LIII – Number 13 – Thursday – March 30, 1916

Mrs. Charlotte Besley who has been visiting her daughter in Elmira, for some time, returned home last week.

The Ladies Aid of the Baptist church met on Thursday last at the home of Mrs. James Wilson and elected the following officers:  President, Mrs. Samuel Bailey; Vice-President, Mrs. Charlotte Besley; Secretary, Mrs. Ethel Campbell; Treasurer, Mrs. May Wilson; Chaplain, Mrs. Aminta Andrews; Assistant Chaplain, Mrs. E. O. Sebolt.  It was decided to hold their next meeting at the home of Mrs. Samuel Bailey.

Mrs. Valona Wood, who has been spending the winter here with friends, expects to return to her home in Penn Yan,  N.Y. the first of the month.

Mrs. Bella Palmer furnished a pleasant surprise for the members of Dolly Madison Rebekah lodge of I.O.O.F. on Tuesday evening last, consisting of a delightful lunch.

The old blacksmith shop belonging to Bert Watkins near his residence, was demolished one day last week during the heavy storm.

Nelson Watkins having increased his dairy to such an extent that it had become necessary for him to install a milking machine, which he did last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson of near Roseville, were week-end guests of friends and relatives here.

Grant Baker is visiting at the home of his mother, Mrs. William Woods, in this place.



Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916

Samuel Wilson and Will Bailey were in Troy on Thursday last.

Will Watkins has business in Elmira on Saturday.

Mrs. B. L. Watkins transacted business in Troy on Saturday.

Will Woods commenced working for Fred Colony April 1st.

The Ladies’ Aid of the Baptist church, meets today at the home of Mrs. Samuel Bailey.

Judd Haggerman, our genial and efficient, R.F.D. Carrier, is again on the route after a much needed vacation.

Mrs. Elijah Hulslander spent Sunday here with her sister-in-law, Mrs. E. H. Colegrove.

Mrs. Carrick, who has been sick for some time, is improving.

The Unon Cottage prayer meeting will be held this evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Leiby.

John Johnson had the misfortune to get kicked in the back by a horse last week, narrowly escaping serious injury.

Volume LIII – Number 17 – Thursday – April 27, 1916

The road bed between Fritz Shaylor’s and Nelson Watkins’ has been raised about one foot.  It is to be hoped that this improvement a much needed one will prevent the water from doing any further damage here.

One day last week as Eugene Phillips was making his trip to Troy with milk he met with an accident that might have terminated seriously.  As he started down the steep grade near Alparon Park Farm, the draw bolt of his wagon gave way, letting the tongue loose from the wagon.  The wagon plunged furiously down the steep grade and was almost buried in mud at the bottom of the hill.  However, no one was injured.  Mr. Phillips and his little son, Delos, having slipped from the wagon at the first appearance of danger and strange to say, not a drop of milk was spilled.  Lucky for you Eugene.

Ernest Woods and family have moved to Columbia Cross Roads where he will operate his saw mill.

Mrs. Charlotte Besley has returned to her home here after spending the winter with her children.

Will Wright took a load of mild to Troy on Saturday last.

Lafayette Havens has been on the sick list the past week.

Will Wheeler attended Everybody’s Sale in Troy.

Steve Wilson purchased a valuable cow and calf at Everybody’s Sale in Troy.

Mrs. L. M. Frank and Mrs. E. O. Sebolt transacted business in Troy last week.

The union prayer meeting was held last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Hester Watkins.

Mr. Sturdevant of Gillett, R. D. 2, and George Delcamp were in town last week.

Seymour, the 9 year old son of Rev. E. O. Sebolt, who was recently kicked in the leg by a horse, is so as to be on deck again.

Volume LIII – Number 18 – Thursday – May 4, 1916

B. L. Watkins is again on the sick list.

Watson Hoosier has returned after visiting in Shunk and other places.

The Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist church, meets today, with Mrs. Samuel Bailey.

“Lou” Wright and Lloyd Bailey spent Monday last in Troy.

Edsall Hammond was a home visitor over Sunday.