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Tri County Clippings- Troy Gazette Register 1914 - 1916 - Yesterday's News

Typed by Pat MOTT Gobea, Elaine Frey
These clippings from ancient and fragile newspapers stored above the Troy Gazette-Register office are being typed by Tri-County volunteers for presentation on site. Primarily we are preserving the neighborhood news columns and the obituary, marriage and birth information included in them. I intend also to include articles that show the influences on the lives and attitudes of our local populations at the time, and I will also illustrate the individual pages with ads from the era. Nothing is more revealing of lifestyle than the goods and services available.
The TGR covers the area of all townships surrounding Troy and many neighborhoods have a local column submitted, but not necessarily every week or even every year.
Our thanks goes to the staff of the Troy Gazette-Register for giving us access to this valuable old news so that we can share it with you. There is no better way to understand the culture and customs of our old communities than by sifting through these clippings.  Even the names of some of these old communities have ceased to exist in today's world, but we have them captured and preserved here.  If you do not have the time to enjoy the luxury of sifting through clippings, these will be included in the Search Engine which you can reach from the "Front Door" of the Tri-County Genealogy & History sites by Joyce M. Tice. 
Troy Gazette – Register
Troy, Bradford County, PA
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Volume LI, #35, Friday, September 4, 1914

Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Sherman of Philadelphia, are visiting his mother, Mrs. J. L. Ferguson of this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Cola Lyon of Buffalo are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lyon.

Mrs. John Burnham is visiting her son, F. M. Burnham, at Wellsborg, N. Y.

Volume LI, #37, Friday, September 18, 1914

Mrs. Theodore Smith visited her sister, Mrs. Andrew Hoffman of Union last week.

Mrs. Susanna Kiff is visiting her sons, George and Frank at Waterloo.

Miss Sarah Ecroyd of Hughesville is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harry Lyon.

Volume LI, #41, Friday, October 16, 1914

George Havens and grandson, George Dunbar went to Elmira for a few days visit.

Mrs. C. H. Becker and son, Jack are visiting H. V. Alexander at Washington, D. C.

Volume LI, #43, Friday, October 30, 1914

Jay Rumsey and family have been staying with his father, Oliver Rumsey for several days.

Henry Clark and daughter, Gertrude of Smithfield, spent several days with his daughter, Mrs. Ed. Lyon.

Volume LI, #44, November 6, 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Alva Adams of Bainbridge, N. Y., visited Mrs. Adams aunt, Mrs. C. H. Becker last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney visited their son, Herman in Sullivan Sunday.


Troy Gazette-Register
Troy, Bradford Co., PA

Volume LII, #4, Friday, January 29, 1915

Mrs. Susanna Kiff celebrated her 81st birthday Jan. 19 by having her children home.  She is bright and active as many a younger woman.

Mrs. Agnes VanNess is spending some time with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Ferguson.  The latter is recovering slowly from her fall.

Henry Jackson and Leonard Eddy of New Albany have been visiting the latter’s grandfather, Ben Allen and other relatives here for a week.

Volume LII, #5, Friday, February 5, 1915

Mrs. L. R. Lyon stayed over Sunday with her mother Mrs. J. L. Ferguson.

Volume LII, #8, Friday, February 26, 1915

Mrs. C. H. Becker and son, Jack visited D. D. Alexander in Sylvania Sunday.

Volume LII, #9, Friday, March 5, 1915

Mrs. T. F. Morgan is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Reed Powers at Candor, N. Y.

Volume LII, #11, Friday, March 19, 1915

Mrs. T. L. Kinch and son, Karl of Alba, visited her parents and other relatives here several days.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lyon attended the funeral in Sullivan Saturday of Ransom Welch.

Volume LII, #14, Friday, April 9, 1915

Mr. Burton Kiff of Ward, and Mrs. M. F. Wolcott and daughters, Mildred and Nancy of Troy, spent Easter Sunday with Mrs. Jennie Green.

Mrs. Allen Sweeney is spending some time with her parents Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Landon in Union.

Volume LII, #15, Friday, April 16, 1915

Mrs. C. B. Thomas of Union is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Robert Sweeney.

Volume LII, #16, Friday, April 23, 1915

Mrs. O. B. Sherman recently visited her daughter, Mrs. L. L. Alexander at Troy.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Smith and daughter, Marjorie of Alba, visited at Robert Sweeney’s Sunday.

Miss Della Bixby is spending some time in Rochester with her sister, Mrs. Josie Campling.

Volume LII, #17, Friday, April 30, 1915

Frank Kiff of Waterloo, came last week for a few days visit with his mother, Mrs. Susanna Kiff, whose recovery is slow.

Volume LII, #18, Friday, May 7, 1915

Henry Clark of Smithfield, visited his daughter, Mrs. Edward Lyon, a couple of days and fished.

Ben Palmer, son of Robert Palmer, entertained six of his boy friends last Wednesday, it being his twelfth birthday.

Mrs. Lulu Christopher of Sunbury is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Klinger.

Volume LII, #20, Friday, May 21, 1915

Charles Ferguson of Brooklyn, N. Y. and sister, Mrs. James Campbell of Belleville, Mifflin County, Pa., visited their father, J. L. Ferguson the middle of the week.

Volume LII, #21, Friday, May 28, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Austin and daughter Clara visited Mr. Austin’s father at Mainesburg Sunday.

Among those from a distance who came Sunday to hear Rev. F. S. Lee, a former pastor here, were:  Mrs. Claude Packard and daughter Ferne, of Alba;  Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Field and daughter Emma, Mr. and Mrs. George Kinch, Mrs. Geo. VanNess, of Bohlayertown; T. L. Kinch and family of Alba.

David Sherman well know here has returned from Danville, where he has been undergoing treatment for some time, much improved in health, has visited his brother, O. B. Sherman, and other relatives here.

Volume LII, #23, Friday, June 11, 1915

Harold Clark came over on his wheel from Smithfield and visited in the home of his sister, Mrs. Edward Lyon several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rexford, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Rumsey, Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Morgan attended the funeral of Lewis Pierce at the Baptist church in Sullivan last Sunday.

Robert VanCamp, son of Mrs. Olaf Overin had the end of one of his fingers cut off in the potato planter last week.

Volume LII, #25, Friday, June 25, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Alexander and daughter, Cecil visited Mrs. A. F. Holmes one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cease of Canton have been spending the week with their daughter, Mrs. Delos Kiff.

Master Lloyd Everts is visiting his brother, Walter in Berrytown.

Volume LII, #26, Friday, July 2, 1915

Miss Carolyn Lyon returned last week from a several weeks stay in Elmira in the home of her brother, Mason.

Mrs. N. P. Austin has returned from Stanley, N. Y., where her son Homer, resides.

Volume LII, #29, Friday, July 23, 1915

Misses Ervina, Louise and Lillian Jackson visited their grandmother, Mrs. L. F. Morgan.

Miss Harriet Burnham of Wellsburg, visited her grandmother, Mrs. John Burnham the first of the week.

Miss Bernice Sweeney visited her brother, Herman Sweeney of Sullivan.

Volume LII, #30, Friday, July 30, 1915

Richard Gregory, M. D., came in his car from Elmira bringing his grandmother, Mrs. Lydia Oliver for a stay of several weeks with her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Sherman.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sherman and daughter, Alice of Elmira, visited at B. A. Burnham’s last week.

Mrs. C. H. Becker spent Friday night with her sister, Mrs. George Kinch in Bohlayertown.

Mrs. J. Crawford Grieves of Cleveland, comes the first week of August to visit her mother, Mrs. J. L. Ferguson and other relatives.

Mrs. Jennie Green visited her brother, Delos Kiff and family the first of the week.

Volume LII, #31, Friday, August 6, 1915

Albert Newell of Troy, spent several days visiting his sister, Mrs. J. H. Lyon and other relatives here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fox and son, Conly drove to Mansfield Saturday afternoon.  Sunday they went by motor to Corning from Mansfield, returning to their home Monday.

Volume LII, #32, Friday, August 13, 1915

Mrs. L. R. Lyon and son, Raymond and Mrs. Lawson Everts went to Berrytown Friday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Walter Everts, returning home Sunday.

Mrs. Rose McIntosh of Wellsboro, visited her brother, H. M. Lyon, and other relatives here last week.

R. F. Sherman of Philadelphia, came Tuesday morning to spend his vacation with his mother, Mrs. J. L. Ferguson.

Mr. and Mrs. Cola Lyon and children of Orchard Park, N. Y., are spending the week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lyon.

Volume #33, Friday, August 20, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney and daughter, Bernice, spent Sunday in Elmira with their son, Allen and family.

Mrs. George Morgan returned Sunday from a week in Covington with her mother, Mrs. Elmer Clark, who is ill.

Volume #34, Friday, August 27, 1915

Mrs. Holmes and daughters of this place, Mrs. D. D. Alexander and daughter, Cecil of Sylvania, Mrs. L. L. Alexander and daughter, Ruth of Troy, C. F. Biddle and daughter, Helen, Mrs. A. D. Biddle, Mrs. W. F. Davison and daughter, Elizabeth of Canton, motored to Watkins Glen last Wednesday.

Helen Marie, the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Sherman, was seriously ill the first of the week.  The family returned to their home in Philadelphia Wednesday.

Volume LII, #35, Friday, September 3, 1915

Mr. Theodore Gantz of Washington, Pa., came Saturday to spend a few days with his son, Frank Gantz.

Volume LII, #36, Friday, September 10, 1915

Randall Sweeney of Smithfield, came to visit his brother, Robert, last week.

Mrs. John VanNess and daughter, Fidelia of Troy, were over Sunday guests at J. L. Ferguson’s.

Mrs. Frank Bixby and two sons, of Elmira returned to her home Monday after visiting her father, Mr. Cary.

Volume LII, #37, Friday, September 17, 1915

Mrs. Delos Kiff and daughter, Helen were over Sunday guests of friends in Canton.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lyon took their four year old daughter, Marjorie to the Sayre hospital last week Monday and had her tonsils removed.

Volume LII, #38, Friday, September 24, 1915

While visiting her daughter, Mrs. Jennie Clark, near Alba, Mrs. Mary Becker fell and injured her hip so that she is unable to return to her home here.

Volume LII, #39, Friday, October 1, 1915

Miss Nina Smith and brother, Howard of Troy, were over-Sunday guest at M. S. Sherman’s.

Volume LII, #40, Friday, October 8, 1915

Rev. L. F. Everts was in Berrytown Monday and Tuesday,  Mrs. Mary Everts returned here with him after spending several weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Robt. Kinney.

Volume LII, #41, Friday, October 15, 1915

Miss Arian Kinch and brother, Leon of Alba, were visiting friends here the first of the week.

Miss Winifred Becker went with Mr. and Mrs. George Kinch in their car to Overton last Sunday.  They brought Mrs. A. J. Bird and her father, George Field back with them to visit in this section for several weeks.

Volume LII, #42, Friday, October 22, 1915

Miss Leone Lyon is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Walter Everts at Berrytown.

Mrs. L. R. Everts and son, Adrian visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Everts Saturday and Sunday.

Volume LII, #44, Friday, November 5, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Clark and children, Willie, Mildred, and Esther of Covington, visited relatives here several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Rumsey visited her sister, Mrs. Purvis in Mainesburg Sunday.

Volume LII, #45, Friday, November 12, 1915

Henry Clark of Smithfield came Sunday to spend several days with is daughter, Mrs. Edward Lyon.

Theodore Gantz of Washington, Pa. came Saturday to visit his son Frank and family.

Mrs. Mary Becker is home after spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Will Clark.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan were over Sunday guest of Mrs. Morgan’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olen Jackson in Sullivan.

Volume LII, #46, Friday, November 19, 1915

Mrs. Jennie Green visited her brother, Burton Kiff of Troy and Delos of this place several days last week.

Ambrose B. Mason and two sisters Florence and Eliza of Blossburg, visited at Charlie Cole’s Sunday.

Volume LII, #47, Friday, November 26, 1915

Mrs. Ralph Fox spent several days last week in Mansfield with her sister, Mrs. D. D. Welch.

Mrs. Lula Christopher and two children of Sunbury came to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Klinger.

December 1915 issues missing




Volume LIII – Number 1 – Thursday – January 6,1916

Mrs. Robert Palmer spent Christmas in Canton with her son, Roy and family.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Lyon and children came from Elmira for Christmas with his parents here.  Mrs. Lyon and the children remaining all the week following.

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Morgan were in Lawrenceville, Pa., for Christmas with the latter’s daughter, returning home via Mansfield visiting friends there.

Miss Maud Lyon went to Orchard Park to visit her brother, Cola and family last week.

Misses Sarah and Eleanor Ecroyd came from Hughesville last Thursday to see their sister, Mrs. Harry Lyon.  The latter returned to her home Saturday.  The former remaining for about two weeks.

The Armenia Grange had their annual oyster dinner New Year’s day served at the home of Robert Sweeney.

Miss Gertrude Clark and Brother Harold of Smithfield, visited their sister, Mrs. Ed Lyon several days last week.

J. C. Carnright and family, William Bullard and family, were at Henry Isaacs’ near Alba for Christmas dinner.

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Becker of Canton, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Kinch of Alba, attended the Grange feast at Robert Sweeney’s New Year’s Day.

Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Austin and daughter, Clara, spent Christmas with their son, Homer and family in Sylvania.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson spent Tuesday at L. R. Lyon’s.

Mrs. Ralph Fox and Children, Isora and Conly visited friends in Mansfield and Mainesburg several days last week.

Miss Arian Kinch of Alba, spent part of her vacation with friends here.

Miss Rosa Kinch is with her uncle, Harry Lyon and family for some weeks.

Volume LIII – Number 2 – Thursday – January 13, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Kinch of Alba, visited at Harry Lyon’s Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Simcos of E. Smithfield, were at Fred Rogers’ Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. Layton Lyon went to Berrytown last Friday as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Everts until Tuesday.

Frank Rockwell of West Burlington, came Monday to saw logs for Delos Kiff.

Lynn Sweeney is spending a few days with his parents here.

Dr. Barker was called Sunday to visit Miss Ecroyd, who is ill with tonsilitis.

Roy Palmer of Canton, spent a few days last week with his parents here.

Miss Ruth Klinger was hostess to twenty-one of the young people at her home last Saturday night.  Refreshments were served.  An enjoyable time is reported.

Miss Bessie Lyon is recovering from the grippe.

Ralph Sweeney came home Tuesday morning from Troy High School sick with the grippe.

B. J. Allen and family are moving from the Wolcott house to their own home on the Jackson farm.

The W. W. Allen  farm in McIntosh Hollow has been sold.  The owner to take immediate possession.

Volume LIII – Number 3 – Thursday – January 20, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan have moved to Springfield. Mr. Morgan to work for Fred Brace.

The Baptist Ladies’ Aid meets with Mrs. John Carnright Thursday of this week.

The young children of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Morgan have been quite sick with the grip.  Also Lloyd Everts, Harry Lyon, Misses Mildred Everts and Eloise Sherman.  The latter was out of school a week.

The regular monthly meeting of the Missionary Society of the W.M. Church met with Mrs. J.L. Ferguson last Wednesday.  Sixteen were there for dinner.

Mr. Cone and family came Monday to the farm they recently purchased in McIntosh Hollow.  Mr. Fox and family have gone to their own place.  Frank Sargeant from the Fox place to Troy township.

About forty people enjoyed the dance at Delos Kiff’s last Friday night.

Miss Ella Nash visited Miss Sibyl Lamb Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Segur were guests of friends in Troy a couple of days last week.

Burt Haynes of Bohlayertown, is working for Frank Rockwell at the mill.

Miss Hazel Rogers returned to her work in Troy last Saturday.

Homer Dunbar attended the funeral of his father, the late Amasa Dunbar, at Alba the first of the week.

Arthur Ross, a student at Mansfield State Normal School, who often visits his sister here, Mrs. Libby Sherman, had an operation for appendicitis the week of the holidays at the Elmira hospital.  He is getting along nicely, but will be in the hospital several days yet.

Volume LIII – Number 4 – Thursday – January 27, 1916

Quite a number of people are sick with colds and grip.  Among the number are Robert Palmer, the Everts family, Wilbert Smith, Mrs. Harry Lyon was seriously ill with the grip last week, but is some better. Mrs. M. S. Sherman and children, Robert Sweeny and family, Mrs. A. B. Smith and Mildred Rogers.

Miss Rosa Kinch left Harry Lyons Monday to go to Troy.

Miss Eloise Sherman returned to school at Troy last Sunday, after being absent two weeks.

Robert Kinney and Walter Everts came over from Berrytown Saturday to visit the latter’s parents here, who were sick.

Mrs. C. E. Butler picked two pansy blossoms from her pansy bed in her yard last Saturday.

Mrs. Homer Dunbar spent several days last week in Alba with Mrs. Amasa Dunbar.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lyon, Miss Carolyn Lyon and Gilbert Smith attended the funeral fo Daniel Newell in Troy last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Lyon visited at T. L. Klinch’s last Monday, at Alba.

Several men of the neighborhood cut ice on the Holmes pond and filled the ice house on the Holmes place last Monday.

Mrs. Burrell Rogers was in Troy the first of the week caring for Miss Hazel Rogers, who is quite sick.

John Scott and family spent Saturday with friends in East Troy.

Hiram Horning and family, who have lived on Charles Lyons’ farm several years, have moved to Canton.

Arthur Ross, mentioned in last week’s paper as b eing in Elmira Hospital, is in the Sayre Hospital.

Volume LIII – Number 5 – Thursday – February 3, 1916

Miss Hazel Rogers returned to Troy last Sunday, after being home several days on account of illness.

Mrs. Delos Kipp was in Canton several days last week.

Lynn Sweeney visited at Herman Sweeney’s in Sullivan the first of the week.

Mrs. Frank Gantz was sick the later part of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Delos Kipp and children visited Burton Kipp and family at East Troy Sunday.

Ralph Sweeney was out of school at Troy last week several days on account of grip.

Artjir Rockwell of Troy, ws a caller in town Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson were at E. B. Field’s Monday to visit with H. W. Field and daughter, Frances of Lestershire.

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Fox were in Mainesburg Monday on business.  They will move there in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Purvis of Canton were recent visitors of friends here.

Volume LIII – Number 6 – Thursday – February 10, 1916

Allen Sweeney was down from Elmira the first of the week with his parents here.

R. C. Fox has sold his farm known as the Ben Knights place, through Agent Welch to a man named Garrett from S. Mary’s, Pa., who will take possession March 1.  Mr. Fox and family move to Mainesburg immediately.

Roy Palmer of Canton, spent a day last week with his parents here.

Lynn Sweeney is the proud possessor of a new horse.  Lynn will work for William Canedy the coming summer near Sylvania.

Some of the Si Barrett’s family are seriously ill.

Mrs. Oliver Rumsey was in Troy several days last week with her daughter, Mrs. Charlie Smith, who is ill.

Miss Jessie Carnright went to Columbia Cross Roads last week to help care for the sick at her uncle’s, Ed Carnright and family.

Mrs. L. R. Lyon and daughter took dinner with Mrs. J. L. Ferguson last Sunday.

Mrs. John Scott and children were quite sick last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Carnright were at E. Carnright’s in Columbia last Sunday.

Miss Sarah Ecroyd returned to her home in Hughesville last week Thursday.

Volume LIII – Number 7 – Thursday – February 17, 1916

H. D. Covert was sick and under the doctor’s care a few days last week.

Mrs. Walter Everts came from berrytown last Wednesday to visit her parents here, returning home Monday.

Misses Eloise Sherman, Margaret and Florence Burnham, spent Saturday in Canton as guests of Miss Winifred Becker.

Rev. L. R. Everts was in Berrytown several days this week.

Mrs. T. F. Morgan is visiting her son Olen Jackson in Sullivan.

A number of the friends of Miss Lucy Green were pleasantly entertained at her home last Friday evening.  Games were played as usual and refreshments served.

Miss Celia Ballard has the measles.  Her brother, Milton, did not return to school in Troy Monday on suspicion that he might have them.

Volume LIII – Number 9 – Thursday – March 2, 1916

Ralph Sweeney was absent from school this week on account of the measles.

About forty people were present at the dance at the home of Frank Gantz, B. J. Allen, violinist.

Mrs. B. A. Burnham spent several days last week at A. W. Steward’s Troy, caring for her daughter, Florence, who was ill with the measles.  Their other daughter, Margaret has also had them.

Mrs. Mary Barrett Burgess is very ill with Tuberculosis.

Homer Austin, T. F. Morgan and H. S. Morgan were pall bearers at the funeral of Mrs. Phoebe Wood in Columbia Monday of last week.

Miss Austin’s and Miss Lamb’s schools were closed Tuesday of last week.

Frank Allen, Burrel Rogers, B. A. Burnham attended the Farmer’s institute at Troy last Friday.

Fred Sterling of Canton, was in town on business as health officer last Thursday.

Mrs. Madge Whittaker of Pottstown, Pa., came to visit her sister, Mrs. Harry Lyon, last week.  Mrs. Lyon and baby returned with her as far as their mother’s home at Hughesville, Pa., Wednesday of this week.

Mrs. Lulu Klinger Christopher of Sunbury has been visiting her parents here.

Mrs. B. A. Burnham spent several days at A. W. Seward’s caring for her daughter, Margaret, who has had measles.

Ralph Sweeney and Milton Bullard were unable to return to school Monday on account of the measles.

Volume LIII – Number 10 – Thursday – March 9, 1916

Bert Bristol and family have moved from the Gladding farm in Altus to their farm here.

Ralph Fox and family moved to Mainesburg last week Friday.

S. P. Smith moved March 2d from Newport, Pa., to the Wolcott farm which he recently purchased of Land Agent Welch.  The family comprise Mr. and Mrs. Smith and two daughters.

Bernice Sweeney has the measles.

Mrs. H. M. Lyon and Mrs. Robert Palmer were in Canton Saturday, the former as the guest of Mrs. O. L. Field; the latter of her son, Roy and family.

Frank Rockwell finished the lumber job on the Green farm for Delos Kiff last Saturday and moved the mill Monday to Troy to be shipped to Newark, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Morgan of Springfield, visited at Frank Morgan’s Sunday.

Mrs. Lena Jones of Wellsburg and Henry Clark of Smithfield visited at Edward Lyon’s last week.

J. M. and Leon Smith have gone to Elmira to work.

Volume LIII – Number 11 – Thursday – March 16, 1916

John Smith of Elkland, Tioga county, has rented J. L. Ferguson’s farm and is moving upon it.

Llwewllyn Sherman has gone to Alba to work for Albert Thomas for the summer.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Segar have moved to the Smith Wilcox farm near East Troy.

J. M. Smith and brother, Leon of this place have gone to their old home in Ohio to work for the summer instead of Elmira as noted last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney were visiting at C. H. Becker’s in Canton Saturday.

Mrs. Charlie Cole is slowly recovering from her recent illness.

C. E. Butled is on the sick list.

Mr. and Mrs. Delos Kiff were in Canton last week Monday, the day of the blizzard.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Everts came over from Berrytown Monday for a few days with their parents.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lyon had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney.

Frank Rockwell moved his mill to Nichols, N.Y., instead of Newark.

Volume LIII – Number 12 – Thursday – March 23, 1916

Mrs. Harry Lyon and son returned Monday from Hughesville.

On account of the storm and bad roads last week Mr. and Mrs. Walter Everts did not return to Berrytown until Saturday.

Mrs. Mary Becker who has been sick all winter, is steadily falling.

A marshmallow roast at the home of S. P. Smith, was greatly enjoyed by a few youngsters in honor of Wallace Baunham’s ninth birthday, March 10th.



Volume LIII – Number 14 – Thursday – April 6, 1916

Mrs. A. F. Holmes came from Brooklyn about ten days ago, has been visiting in Canton and Sylvania and Troy, expects to come up to her farm here this week.

L. R. Everts went Wednesday of this week to Canandaigua, N.Y., to attend the yearly6 conference of the W. M. Church.

Fay Purvis and Miss Jessie Carnright are working for M. R. Cone.

Mrs. Robert Palmer visited at Perry Klinger’s last Friday.

Miss Hazel Rogers spent last week with her parents here.

Mrs. Max Kennedy of Leona is spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bristol.

Arthur Rockwell of Sylvania spent several days at Fred Rogers’ last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark of Morris Run, came last Friday to visit Ed Morgan and family and other relatives here.

Dr. Carpenter was called last Monday to see Richard Jackson, who is quite feeble.

Leon Clark and family will occupy the C. H. Becker house this summer.

Mrs. Mary Becker is improving.

Miss Mildred Everts spent the week end with Arlan Kinch on the Alba road.

William Bullard was juryman at Troy last week.

Volume LIII – Number 15 – Thursday – April 13, 1916

Mrs. Delos Kiff spent several days in Canton with her mother who is crippled with rheumatism.

Mrs. E. B. Field spent last Thursday with Mrs. John Burnham.

Miss Clara Boyce is home with her parents after caring for Mrs. Mary Becker through the winter.

Miss Ruth Klinger is working for Mrs. Charles Ludington at Troy.

Miss Maud Lyon was home for the week-end.

Miss Margaret Burnham did not come home for the week-end on account of the serious illness of A. W. Seward.

Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Sherman spent last Saturday at H. D. Covert’s.

L. R. Lyon has been suffering with a boil on his neck.

Lynn Kniffin recently lost a valuable horse.

The McIntosh school taught by Miss Carolyn Lyon closed Wednesday of this week.

S. P. Smith lost a mule the first of the week, having been kicked by the other mule in the stable about a month ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Clark of Covington are visiting their daughters, Mrs. George Morgan and Mrs. Ed. Morgan.

Miss Lucy Green is working at Mr. Whiting’s.

Volume LIII – Number 17 – Thursday – April 27, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Clark, Jr. of Covington, were visiting at George Morgan’s last week.

J. L. Ferguson was in Granville on business last Saturday.

Miss Robert Palmer was in Troy visiting her son Paul last week.

Mrs. Oliver Rumsey was with her children in Troy for the weekend.

Mr. Swan of the Fitzwater Wheel Co., Hanover, Pa., was here last week looking over the dam on the Holmes place, making plans and advising Mrs. Holmes in regard to the electric light and heating plant which she contemplates putting on the place.

Those from a distance attending the funeral of Mrs. Joe Becker last Thursday were:  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Purvis, Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Canton; Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Lampman, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rexford, Misses Marion and Lottie Rexford, Troy; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kinch, Mrs. Henry Becker, Mrs. Claud Packard, Mrs. Archie Packard of Alba, Mrs. Morse of LeRoy.

B. A. Burnham and family and Mrs. A. F. Holmes attended the funeral of A. W. Seward at Troy, Sunday.

Theodore Gantz of Washington, Pa., visited his son, Frank and family over Sunday, last week

Mr. and Mrs. Delos Kiff visited at Lynn Kniffin’s last Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson were in Canton Sunday and Monday.

Mrs. A. F. Holmes spent the latter part of the week with friends in Canton and attended the 6:30 a. m. Easter service at the Disciple church on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Lyon and children of Elmira were with his parents her for Easter.  Mrs. Lyon and children remain for the week.

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Burnham served warm sugar to a few friends Friday evening in honor of Theodore Gantz of Washington, Pa.

Volume LIII – Number 18 – Thursday – May 4, 1916

Emery Lyon of Elmira, was a guest of friends here over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney entertained for dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sweeney and daughter, Mr. Roberts of Sullivan and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Greenleaf of Alba.

The Mayo family leave for North Dakota Wednesday of this week.

Mrs. Holmes is having her house wired for electric lights.  Whitman of Canton, is doing the work.

Mrs. Daniel Segur of East Troy, spent the first of the week at Delos Kiff’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Simcoe of Smithfield and Hazel Rogers of Troy, were over Sunday guests at Fred Rogers.

Mr. and Mrs. John Carnright visited at L. R. Lyon’s Sunday.

Homer Dunbar and S. P. Smith were in Blossburg Monday on Business.

Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Morgan were in Springfield for the week end with their son, Ray and wife.

Homer, Austin and family of Sylvania, were over Sunday guests at N. P.  Austins.

Mrs. Ed. Morgan returned Saturday from a visit to relatives in Covington and Blossburg.

Volume LIII – Number 19 – Thursday – May 11, 1916

Albert Newell of Troy is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. H. Lyon and other relatives here.

Mrs. A. F. Holmes was in Canton over Sunday.

Dr. Boyer was called Sunday to see a child of John Scott’s who was seriously ill.

Mrs. Henry Clark of Smithfield, spent the week end with her daughter Mrs. Edward Lyon.

Miss Carolyn Lyon spent the past week at T. L. Kinch’s, Alba.

Five year old Ray Gantz fell from a ladder in his fathers barn, Tuesday evening striking on his head causing the family quite a scare but fortunately recovering.

Mr. and Mrs. George Kinch, Mrs. Adeline VanNess, Mrs. George VanNess attended church here Sunday and took dinner at J. L. Fergusons.

Miss Carolyn Lyon is in Elmira this week.

Wallace Burnham visited his cousin Raymond Lyon the first of the week.

Mrs. Edward Lyon and children are spending the week in Smithfield with her parents.

Ida Butler, who has been living at C. E. Butler’s for two years has gone to Coudersport to live with her grandmother.

Roy Palmer of Canton, is visiting his parents here.

Gilbert Smith, who has been living at Harry Lyon’s for more than a year and treated as one of the family, disappeared in the night recently.   He left a note telling them not to look for him.

Mrs. O. L. Field and granddaughter Pauline Shoemaker of Canton, visited Mrs. A. F. Holmes, Monday.

Some children display marked business ability as shown by the following incident which happened recently in our town.  A man with a dog was calling at the house and the five year old boy of the family expressed a wish for the dog.  The man asked the lad how much he would give for the dog.  After looking the canine over carefully he says, “I’ll tell you what I’ll do.  I’ll give you my note and I think I can get grandpa to sign it.”  It will interest many of our readers to know that the grandpa in question was J. L. Ferguson.

Volume LIII – Number 20 – Thursday – May 18, 1916

Mrs. Hiram Lyon and Mrs. Perry Klinger visited at Nelson Welch’s in Sullivan one day last week.

Miss Clara Austin was in Elmira several days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rumsey and son of Troy, were over Sunday guests at Oliver Rumsey’s.

Miss Nina Smith of Troy, attended church here Sunday and took dinner at A. B. Smith’s.

Miss Leone Lyon returned from Berrytown last Thursday.

Will Scott and family of Williamsport are spending some time at John Scott’s.

Mrs. A. E. Holmes was in Canton for the week end.

Mrs. Lloyd Bristol of Watertown, N.Y., came Tuesday to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Carnright.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cease of Canton are spending some time at Delos Kiff’s.

Mrs. Charlie Cole returned Monday from a ten days’ visit with her sister at Mansfield.

Miller’s Mill is running full time now with Sumner Leonard as night watch.

Mrs. J. L. Ferguson visited at Geo VanNess’ last Monday.

Mrs. Lulu Christopher of Sunbury, is visiting her parents, the Klingers.

Miss Ruth Klinger returned Wednesday from a week’s stay at Perry Courtney’s, Sylvania.

Randall Sweeney of Smithfield, visited at B. J. Allen’s the first of the week.

Miss Jessie Carnright is teaching a class in music.

Miss Mazie Purvis visited Miss Lucy Green last Sunday.

Frank A. Sherman and family, who have lived in Elmira for a number of years moved to Hornell last Monday.  He is assistant superintendent of the Prudential Insurance Company there.

Volume LIII – Number 21 – Thursday – May 25, 1916

Elwin and Lester Kinney of Berrytown, were visiting at L. R. Everts’ the first of the week.

Floyd Smith of New port, Pa., came to visit his brother, S. P. Smith a couple of days last week.

Mrs. L. R. Lyon is in Berrytown with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Everts.

Rev. Charles Campbell of Canton preached at the W. M. Church Sunday morning.  Mr. and Mrs. Campbell are spending some time with the latter’s father, J. L. Ferguson.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen went to Wellsboro Sunday with Seward Nash and family in the latter’s cart to visit Seba Wood and family.

Mrs. A. F. Holmes was in Sylvania over Sunday.

Mrs. Mary Everts went Monday to Berrytown to visit her daughter, Mrs. Robert Kinney.

Theodore Smith and family of Alba, visited at Robert Sweeney’s Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Seward Nash and Miss Edna Nash of Sullivan visited at Frank Allen’s one day last week.  They came in their car.

Volume LIII – Number 22 – Thursday – June 1, 1916

S. P. Smith and family have moved from The Wolcott farm to their old home at Newport, Pa.

Mr. and Mrs. D. E. McMahan of Athens, visited at O. B. Sherman’s last week.

Miss Rosa Kinch of Alba, visit her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lyon over Sunday.

Emory Lyon of Elmira, was here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark and the latter’s brothers and sisters of Granville, were up Sunday to decorate their mother’s grave.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson were in Canton Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark of Morris Run, were visiting at Edward and George Morgan’s over Sunday.

N. H. Sherman of Bohlayertown, visited at O. B. Sherman’s Sunday.

Fred Greenleaf and family of Alba visited at Robert Sweeney’s Sunday.

Walter Weaver is working in Troy.

Mrs. Delos Kiff and daughter, Helen, Miss Sibyl Lamb and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cease, went to Niagara Falls last Friday and returned Tuesday.

Eva Havens Dunbar was recently married in Sayre.  They will live in Sayre.

George Morgan has a new Ford Car.

Leon Nash and family have moved into their new home.

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Austin of Mainesburg visited at N. P. Austin’s last week.

Volume LIII – Number 23 – Thursday – June 8, 1916

Miss Arian Kinch of Alba visited her grandparents and other relatives here this week.

L. R. Everts and children, Mildred and Lloyd were in Berrytown last week for several days.

Mrs. L. R. Lyon returned home Tuesday of this week after more than two weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Everts.

Misses Clara Austin and Carolyn Lyon are in Washington, Philadelphia and Atlantic City this week.

Misses Sarah and Sue Ecroyd, Miss Lillian Kaufman, Isaac Shaffer and Son Richard, all of Hughesville, came in Mr. Shaffer’s car Saturday for over Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lyon.  Miss Sarah Ecroyd preached Sunday morning at the W.M. Church.  The party went on to Watkins from here.

Mrs. L. R. Everts went to Berrytown Monday to spend some time with her son, Walter and family.  Her grandson Bernard Layton has grandmothers a plenty, two grandmothers, three great-grandmothers and one great-great-grandmother.

Mrs. A. F. Holmes was in Sylvania over Sunday.

Mrs. Max Kennedy of Springfield is visiting her parents here.

Mrs. Delos Kiff and daughter returned this week Monday from a ten days visit at Niagara Falls with her brother and family.

Miss Lamb is visiting her sister in southern New York.  Mr. and Mrs. Cease remained for the summer with their son at the Falls.

News reached us last week that Mrs. Frank A. Sherman is in the hospital at Hornell having had an operation for appendicitis.  Her father, T. F. Morgan was up to see her the latter part of the week.  She was doing well.

George Kinch and wife took Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sweeney to Blossburg last week Tuesday in his car to attend the funeral of Mrs. Sweeney’s sister, Mrs. Frank Keggles of Wellsville, N.Y.

Miss Hazel Rogers and Arthur Rockwell of Troy, visited at Fred Rogers’ Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lyon visited at T. L. Kinck’s one day last week.

Volume LIII  - Number 24 – Thursday – June 15, 1916

Mrs. Oliver Rumsey visited at Jay Rumsey’s in Troy the latter part of the week.

Miss Nina Smith of Troy visited at L. F. Everts’ and M. S. Sherman’s over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Luman Murray of East Troy, recently visited his brother, Charles Murray, Rev. R. E. Brague and E. Youmans came with them to fish for trout but the trout failed to show up.

Paul Wood and Harry Smith of Troy came up Monday to visit Marvin Rogers and other friends here a few days.

L. R. Lyon and family visited at B. A. Burnham’s Sunday.

The Young Missionary Band met last Saturday and elected the following officers for the year:  President, Mildred Everts; Vice-President, Margaret Burnham; Secretary, Leone Lyon; Treasurer and Organist, Eloise Sherman; Superintendent, Mary Lyon.  They will have a public meeting in the near future.

Miss Genevieve Carnright returned home with her sister Mrs. Lloyd Bristol last week to Watertown, N.Y.

A large number gathered at the home of J. C. Carnright, Friday evening, June 2, in honor of Mrs. Lloyd Bristol and passed an enjoyable evening.

Mrs. George Morgan and children are visiting in Blossburg and Covington.

Miss Bernice Sweeney is spending a week at Herman Sweeney’s in Sullivan.

Volume LIII – Number 25 – Thursday – June 22, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Rogers and sister, Mildred went to East Smithfield Saturday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Earl Simcoe returning Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith and Maud Kitner of Troy visited at Oliver Rumsey’s Sunday.

John Scott and family visited at Will Scott’s at Troy Sunday.

Miss Maud Lyon is in Elmira for a week.

Richard Jackson is on the sick list.

Miss Elizabeth Kahler of New York City comes Wednesday for a week with her sister, Mrs. M. R. Cone.

Miss Marguerite Welch of Canton is spending several days with her aunt. Mrs. Delos Kiff.

Volume LIII – Number 26 – Thursday – June 29, 1916

Wilbert Smith went to Ohio last Friday.  Frank Gantz went with him as far as Washington, Pa., to visit his parents and other relatives for about ten days.

Misses Marjorie Smith and Hildred Greenleaf of Alba, were weekend guests of Miss Bernice Sweeney.

Mrs. Hiram Guthrie of Troy spent Wednesday at B. J. Allen’s.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ferguson, Mrs. M. S. Sherman and son, Ross, Mrs. B. A. Burnham and O. B. Sherman attended the Sherman reunion at Frank Swain’s in Sylvania on Saturday.

J. H. Lyon and Raymond Lyon went to Elmira Saturday to visit friends for several days.

Delos Kiff went to Elmira last week for the circus.

Miss Clarrisa Jackson of Sylvania spent several days at B. J. Allen’s and Robert Sweeney’s last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Vroman of Granville were calling at M. S. Sherman’s and Will Wilcox’s on Sunday.

Mrs. Henry Haynes and son, Barr, attended church here Sunday and stopped for dinner at Oliver Rumsey’s.

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Kinch of Alba visited friends here Sunday.

Allen Ross of Elmira a brother of Mrs. M. S. Sherman enlisted in the army and started for Mexico last Monday.

Ralph Sweeney played ball with the Troy boys who won the game with Canton last Friday.

Delos Kiff and family spent Sunday with friends in Canton.

Mrs. Margaret Welland and son of Towanda came Monday for a visit to her father and sister. Richard Jackson and Mrs. B. J. Allen.  Mr. Jackson continues very ill.

Misses Abby and Hazel Holmes expect to come next Sunday for the summer here.