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Luzerne County , Pennsylvania 1804 Taxables - Burlington Township

1804 Taxpayers of Burlington Township

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Burlington Township was formed from Wysox in 1802. The following were the taxable inhabitants of Burlington, Luzerne County, in 1804, as copied from the "tax bill." The list included those residing in what is now known as Burlington, West Burlington, Troy and the greater part of Canton, LeRoy, Franklin and Granville. The greatest valuation of any one person, $620, was that of Nathaniel Allen, whose tax was $3.10. Seeley Crofut was collector. In 1804 a portion of Burlington became Lycoming County and those in the list that resided in that portion are noted.
Source: Clement F. Heverly
Amos Abbott  
Daniel Allen Lycoming County
Nathaniel Allen  
David Andrews Lycoming County
David Austin Lycoming County
Benjamin Babcock Lycoming County
Nathaniel Babcock Lycoming County
David Bailey Lycoming County
Oliver Bailey Lycoming County
Scovile Bailey Lycoming County
John Ballard  
John Ballard, Jr.  
Joseph Ballard  
Nathan Ballard  
Nathaniel Ballard  
Stephen Ballard  
Ephraim Blakesly  
George Bloom  
Samuel Bower  
James Braffett  
George Brown Lycoming County
Peter Button  
Peter Button, Jr.  
David Campbell  
James Campbell  
James Campbell, Jr.  
William Campbell  
Aaron Case  
Reuben Case  
Samuel Case  
Moses Catlin  
Giles Chapel Lycoming County
Isaac Chapel Lycoming County
Joseph Chapel Lycoming County
Robert Claflin  
John Clark  
Ardon Cobb Lycoming County
William Cole Lycoming County
Aaron Cook Lycoming County
Seely Crofut  
Abraham Dewitt  
Paul Dewitt  
William Dewitt  
John Dobbins  
William Dobbins  
Gustavus Ellsworth  
Moses Emerson Lycoming County
Jehiel Ferris  
John Gamage  
Wilkes Gillett Lycoming County
Ezra Goddard, Jr.  
Luther Goddard  
Zarda Goddard  
Peter Gordon Lycoming County
Thomas Granger Lycoming County
Jacob Granteer Lycoming County
Thomas Green Lycoming County
Samuel Griffin Lycoming County
Isaiah Grover Lycoming County
Walter Hamilton  
Timothy Hardy  
Benijah Hays  
George Head Lycoming County
Luther Hinman Lycoming County
Wheeler Hinman Lycoming County
Alpheus Holcomb Lycoming County
Hugh Holcomb Lycoming County
Sterling Holcomb Lycoming County
Truman Holcomb Lycoming County
Oliver Hoyt  
Daniel Ingraham Lycoming County
Reuben Jones Lycoming County
Ebenezer Kendall  
Noadiah Kendall  
Benjamin King Lycoming County
Denison Kingsbury Lycoming County
Loren Kingsbury Lycoming County
John Knapp Lycoming County
Elihu Knight Lycoming County
Amhurst Lindsley  
John Lindsley  
Augustus Loomis Lycoming County
Daniel Loomis  
Elisha Luther  
James McDowell  
James McKean  
John McKean  
David Miller  
Derrick Miller  
Jacob Miller  
Lewis Moffett Lycoming County
Kilbourn Morley Lycoming County
William Nichols  
Miles Oakley Lycoming County
David Palmer  
Hannah Phelps  
Beriah Pratt  
Ephraim Pratt  
William Pratt  
Elijah Prouty  
Benjamin Rennold  
Nathaniel Roberts Lycoming County
Zepheniah Rogers Lycoming County
Zepheniah Rogers, Jr. Lycoming County
David Ross  
Reuben Rowley  
Reuben Rowley, Jr.  
Orr Scovel Lycoming County
Ebenezer Segar Lycoming County
Henry Segar Lycoming County
Levi Soper  
Benjamin Stone Lycoming County
Bethuel Swain  
Isaac Swain  
Isaac Swain, Jr.  
Jacob Swain  
Abraham Tabor Lycoming County
Jeremiah Taylor Lycoming County
Henry Vanvalkenburg Lycoming County
James Ward  
David White  
Daniel Wilcox Lycoming County
Nathan Wilcox Lycoming County
Ebenezer Wilson  
Isaac Wilson  
Capt. Noah Wilson Lycoming County
Oliver Woodward Lycoming County
David Wooster Lycoming County
Isaac Wooster Lycoming County
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tri-County Tax Records
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Luzerne County , Pennsylvania 1804 Taxables - Orwell Township
Orwell Township, formed as Mt. Zion in 1801 from Athens and Ulster, was changed to Orwell in 1802. It embraced the greater part of present Orwell, Windham and Warren and a considerable part of Pike and Rome. The following is a list of the taxable inhabitants of Orwell, as given in the assessment made for 1804 by Asahel Johnson, asessor, and Parley Coburn and Micha Russell, assistant assessors. The total value of property assessed for county purposes, $10,289; total tax, $51.44½.
Benjamin Abbot Jonathan Coburn
John Abbot Moses Coburn
Andrew Ackely (Eiklor) Parley Coburn
Frederick Ackley (Eiklor) Darius Coleman
James Ackley (Eiklor) Reuben Coleman
William Arnold Payson Corbin
Joel Barns Permal Corbin
Gideon Bennett Christopher Cowel
Henry Billings Theron Darling
Joseph Bivins Daniel Doane
James Bower Jacob Dutcher
Joshua Bowman James Elton
Samuel Bowman Levi Frisbie
Darius Brainard Bela Ford
Jephthia Brainard Thomas Fox
Levi Brainard Thomas Gibson
William Buck John Gorder
Alpheus Choate Cyp Grant
Amos Coburn Josiah Grant
Ebenezer Coburn Willard Green
Ebenezer Coburn, Jr. Chester Gridely
  Samuel Griswold
  Nathaniel Hickok

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