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Smithfield High School, Smithfield Township 1915-1925
Alumni Listings for Smithfield High School

These lists are taken from Smithsonian Yearbooks 
for the years 1947 thru 1951. 
The Alumni lists cover the years 1915 thru 1925.

The "Old" Smithfield High. Used Until 19xx and replaced.
See the "New" Springfield High below, which is also no longer in use. 


School: Smithfield High School
Township: Smithfield Township, Bradford County
Alumni Listings
Year: 1915-1925 published 1941 to 1951
Submitted by: Pat Raymond
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Graduating Class of 1915-1916

Ethel Hungsinger: She married Mr. George Burlie. They live on a farm between East Smithfield and Ulster.

Ada Von Wolffradt: She married Mr. Earl Pruyne, and she is now living in Johnson City, N.Y.

Leon Scott: He has been living on a farm near Ulster, but he is living in Athens now.

Hazel Harkness: She married Louis B. Thomas a graduate of the year before her, and they reside in Johnson City, N.Y., where Mr. Thomas is an electrician in the I.B.M.

Elsie Wood: She is now Mrs. James Tracy. She is nicely situated on a farm on the outskirts of town.

Richard Smith: Deceased

Leon Gleason: He is now living in Endicott and works in the I.B.M. at Endicott, N.Y.

Grace Hubbard: She is married to Mr. Leon Tracy. She is living on a farm a few miles outside of town.

Hazel Wilcox: She is a resident of Big Pond. She married Mr. Adelbert Lewis.

Graduating Class of 1916-1917

Dewey Lampman: She married Joe Cooper from East Smithfield. She is now a resident of Unadilla, NY.

Scott Robinson: He now lives in Springfield, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. He is now in the insurance business.

Ruth Dunbar: She married Mr. Raymond Mitchell. They are residing in East Smithfield.

Elmer Bourdette: He is living at Athens. He has worked in the Ingersoll Rand.

Helen Potter: A resident of Odessa. She married Mr. Hanlon of the Cotton Hanlon Lumber Yards.

Paul Reeser: A resident of East Smithfield. He operates the Smithfield market and is the cashier of the First National Bank.

May Dunbar: Resident of East Smithfield. Married Mr. Charles Ogden.

Alice Phelps: Deceased.

Mabel Carpenter: Married Mr. Darby. She is living in Miami, Florida.

Harold Clark: A resident of Sayre. He has a fine job with the Lehigh Valley.

Robert Campbell: He is a resident of Harrisburg, PA. He has recently gone into salesmanship business.

Graduating Class of 1917-1918

Everett L. Nichols: He has a partnership in the Nichols Brothers Hardware here at East Smithfield. He is living about a mile out of town on the Smithfield-Milan road.

Altheda Mahood: Married Mr. Austin Barrett and is residing near Troy, PA

Naomi Wittig: She is living on West Hill Rd., Elmira, NY. She is married to Mr. C. R. Rutty.

Paul Hunsinger: A resident of Oswego, NY. He is a worker in the I.B.M.

John Dubert: A resident of Hunt, NY. He is a R.R. worker

Eugene Phelps: He is a teacher in Greenville, Ohio.

Henry Farr: Mr. Far is living in New York City, N.Y.

Amos Wittig: He is living on a farm between Smithfield and Ulster

Marian Campbell: Married Mr Ray Sickler. He is a plumber.

Ruth Harkness: She is living on a farm near Ulster, Pa. She married Mr. Mahlon Wrisley.

Graduating Class of 1918-1919

Gertrude Percy: Married to Mr. Robert Moore who is registrar at Columbia University. They reside at Lenox Place, Scarsdale, NY

Genie Herda: Married to John Dubert, also a graduate of Smithfield Township School, who is employed by the Erie Railroad. They reside in Castile, NY.

Florence Kellogg: Married to Allen K. Booth, who teaches at an academy located in Troy, NY. They reside at 2 Bolivar Ave. Troy, NY

Gertrude French: Married to Don Nichols. They reside on a farm just outside East Smithfield.

Ted Potter: Married to Lucena Rockwell. He is proprietor of the Potter Electrical Appliance Store at East Smithfield where they reside.

Ralph Leonard: Sanitarian in the Health Department at Athens, Ohio. His home is situated at 34 Lorraine Ave., Athens, Ohio.

Graduating Class of 1919-1920

Mable Wakely: Resides on a farm at R.D. No. 2, Ulster, PA

Alice Hopkins: Married to Mr. G. Millage. They reside at Barton, NY.

Grace Wittig: Deceased.

Genevieve Lane: Married to William Minor. She teaches school at Bloomfield, N.J. They reside at 54 Monroe Place, Bloomfield, N.J.

Ernest Wood: Married to Mildred Gerould. He owns and operates two farms near East Smithfield. He resides at R.D. No. 1, Milan, PA

Leon Wright: Married and resides at Greens Landing. He clerks in a hardware store located in Athens, PA

Gustav VonWolffort: Married and operates a farm at East Athens.

Paul French: Married, resides in Wellsburg, NY, and works in Elmira.

Graduating Class of 1920-1921

Hazel Franklin: Married to Mr. George Potter. They reside in Owego, NY

Leslie Smith: Married and resides in Elmira, NY

Anna Depew: Married to mr Charles Havens who is a truck driver for Stroehmann’s. They reside at 506 Chemung St., Waverly, NY.

Blanche Gates: Married to Mr. Ray Burlingame who is a farmer in Smithfield Township. The reside at RFD 2, Ulster, PA.

Fred Wilcox: Married and resides in Middletown, Ct. He is a truck driver.

Hester Bourdette: Married to Mr.. George Woodworth, who works in the General Electric Office in Philadelphia, PA

Alice Wittig: Deceased

Sarah Depew: A graduate of Binghamton Bible School. She is now keeping house for her father in Waverly, NY

John Carpenter: Married and works in the Aviation Plant in Williamsport, PA

Graduating Class of 1921-1922

Ira Brown: Married and operates a farm in Smithfield Township. They reside at RFD 3, Ulster, PA

Harold Lane: Married and operates a farm in Ulster Township. They reside at Ulster, PA.

Leslie Jenney: Married and works on the railroad at Port Jervis, NY

Harold Kellogg: Married to Mildred Spearsman. He is in the contracting business in Savona, NY.

Ralph Nichols: Married and resides in East Smithfield, PA, where he works in one of the milk plants.

Harold Scott: Married to Alma Russell. He is a salesman and resides in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Robert Bennett: Married and is the manager of Fey’s Marble Tile Linoleum Store, in Elmira, NY. However, the reside in Sayre, PA.

James Nichols: Married and is a merchant in East Smithfield, PA

Martha Phelps (Modugno: resides in New York City.

Lillian Campbell (Lane): Resides in Towanda, PA

Harold Dunbar: Married, resides in Vestal, NY

Mildred Loomis (Smith): Resides in Hector, NY, operates a fruit farm.

Marian Hill (Rowe): Resides in Athens, PA

Henry Varney: Married, lives in Springfield Township; farmer

Graduating Class of 1922-1923

Lorena Brown (Overst): Resides in Souderton, PA; operates Souderton news agency.

Florence Eiffert (Jones): Resides in Neath, PA.

Alice Shepard (Married): Lives in Binghamton, NY

Harry Gerould: Married, resides in East Smithfield.

Gilbert Wilcox: Married, lives in Ridgebury Township, farmer.

Carrol Wright: Married, lives on Laurel Hill, Smithfield Township, farmer.

Francis Clark: Married, lives at 725 Parkhurst Blvd., Kenmore 23, NY; employed by DuPont.

Harold Bourdette: Married, lives at Athens, PA; employed at the Ingersol Rand.

Laurence Burley: No Information

Leslie Robinson: Married, lives in Elmira, NY

Arthur Wood: Married, resides in Bloomsburg, PA.

Francis Farr: Lives in New York City, employed by Columbia University and conducts a private law practice.

Graduating Class of 1923-1924

Clarence Beach: Married and lives near East Smithfield, farmer.

Harold Chamberlain: Resides in New York State.

Clifford Huff: Resides in Elmira, NY.

Robert Potter: Married and is a captain in the Army, now stationed in Germany.

Evelyn Bourdette (Guthrie): Resides in Leona, PA, housewife

Blanche Miller (Long): Resides in Terrytown, NY, Housewife.

Alma Russell (Scott): Resides in DesMoines, Iowa.

Eleanore Sargeant (Grace): Resides in Columbia Cross Roads, PA, Housewife.

Graduating Class of 1924-1925

Marian Kingsley (Young): Resides near East Smithfield, Housewife.

Jerome Kingsley: Married and lives in Springfield Township, Farmer.

Margaret Keeler (Kingsley): Deceased

Earle Dunbar: Married and resides in Johnson City, NY., Carpenter.

Elwood Carpenter: Resides at Lynnwood Ave., Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Velma Scouten (Shannon): Resides in Athens, PA, Housewife.

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