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Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd 
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Table of Contents of Rhoda's Work
The following material has been compiled by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd and others to help historians and genealogists with Tioga County research. She has generously granted us the right to include her material here. this page is under construction, and over time we will add the materials that Rhoda has collected. Now retired in Illinois, Rhoda is greatly missed in Tioga County where she was a mainstay at the Tioga County Historical Society, but she is still avaialable online or by mail.

Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, formerly of Wellsboro, dedicated a liefetime to the accumulation of genealogical materials which are available at the Tioga County Historical Society in Robinson house in Wellsboro, PA. Thanks to her efforts and accomplishments, today's researchers in Tioga County have available easily accessible research tools which she compiled. These include several volumes of newspaper clipping abstracts, lists of the cemetery burials in the county, Bible records, census data and much more. These volumes are available in many other libraries as well. At her retirement, she also donated the personal genealogy library that she and her husband, William Ladd ,had accumulated. She presently resides out of state, but I think of her every time I so conveniently walk to my shelves to take down the abundance of material she made available to us. When we research in other counties where such materials are not so easily available, we are reminded how fortunate we are to have had such a committed genealogist in our county. We can now build our research on the foundation she created. Thank you, Rhoda.


From Rhoda Ladd work

Be courteous Do your homework

Know exactly what you need Learn how to do research in local records, before approaching public officers for help. The Clerks in a Court House have their daily duties, plus every day work that is not planned or scheduled, therefore, they will answer your questions briefly, they do not have the time to listen to your story about Aunt Sadie, so do be professional and stick to the documents that will assist you in your research, and do ask only questions that pertain to locating a particular book. Handle all public records very carefully. Do not write on pages, turn pages very carefully, do not eat or drink while working with any records

Be careful not to intrude on those already working at a counter or a table, Do not push their materials to one side. Remember,Lawyers and their Secretaries work here doing research every day,their time is very valuable and they are being paid for it You do need to be courteous and pleasant if you expect to get assistance

In Tioga County, Pennsylvania you can enlist the assistance of The Tioga County Historical Society and their personel, trained in assisting those in need of help in locating our Tioga County Genealogical Records,

If you have more than one person in your party, only one should be the spokesman and be at the counter at one time, This saves time, ends confusion, and you will be saving valuable time both for you and for the clerk who tries to assist you