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In a message dated 3/3/2011 1:53:41 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I am attaching a list of persons notified by the city draft board in Elmira to be sent to Fort Slocum the week of Aug. 4, 1918.  This is from an article in The Telegram the same date.  Feel free to use it on your site if you think it is helpful.
Sharron Vossoughi
ALEXANDER Forrest 403 S. Main St., Elmira NY
ANDERSON Carl Linus 527 Jefferson St., Elmira NY
BALDWIN Guy Ballard R. F. D. 3, Happy Thought Cottage
BOWER Ellis Stanley 538 Lyon St., Elmira NY
BUHR Charles Francis 711 Fifteenth St., Niagara Falls, NY
BUNN Roy Earl 467 W. 3rd St., Elmira NY
BURGESS Harry Raymond 457 Spauldling St., Elmira NY
BUTTS Samuel 559 Beech St., Elmira NY
CALENTI Corradino 907 Railroad Ave., Elmira NY
CAVILLO Louis 211 O'Gorman, Elmira NY
COLLINS William Patrick 228 O'Gorman, Elmira NY
COLLINS Jerry Bernard 468 South Ave., Elmira NY
COVENEY Asa Alanson 300 E. Miller St., Elmira NY
CURTIS Harry Dewey 955 McKinley Pl., Elmira NY
DEERY Charles Erwin 370 S. Main St., Elmira NY
FEREN Rocco 662 Baldwin St., Elmira NY
HEBBE Albert Joseph 1303 Sullivan St., Elmira NY
HILL Ralph Leo 115 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo NY
HOLBERT Leland Stanford 406 Williams St., Elmira NY
HORTON Aurelias Howard 357 Columbia St., Elmira NY
HUGHES James Patrick 825 Hatch St., Elmira NY
HYDE Raymond B. 220 W. 3rd St., Elmira NY
JONES Harry Lazelle 114 E. 2nd St., Elmira NY
JONES Fred 115 Fox St., Elmira NY
JONES William H. No. 7 Tracy Place, Elmira NY
KANE Henry Daniel ?20 S. Broadway, Elmira NY
KOHLER Edward William 360 W. Church St., Elmira NY
MANTELL Robert Francis 87 Keefe St., Elmira NY
MELVILLE Charles William 314 W. 4th St., Elmira NY
MURRAY Nicholas Henry 259 Partridge St., Elmira NY
NOVICK Vincent Thomas 1204 Magee St., Elmira NY
PANNOZZA Onofrio 713 Railroad Ave., Elmira NY
PIERCE Ray Everadus 409 Davis St., Elmira NY
PLOWMAN William Ray 238 Mt. Zoar, Elmira NY
REIDY Charles Francis 559 E. 2nd St., Elmira NY
RIKER William Bryan Spencer NY
SINSABAUGH Howard Craig 202 Mill St., Sayre PA
SPILLANE David Bernard 501 W. Hudson St., Elmira NY
TAGGART Ross Rhupert Van Etten, NY
TAYLOR William Irving 93 4th St., Troy NY
THAYER Laurence 955 McKinley Pl., Elmira NY
TITUS Harold A. 216 Harmon St., Elmira NY
WEBBER George 113 W. 3rd St., Elmira NY
WOOD  Fred G. 419 High St., Elmira NY
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 109 March 2011
By Joyce M. Tice