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Transcribed from Elmira Star Gazette 17 APR 1917
by Cathy Knights
Unidentified soldiers submitted by Don Stanton
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From 17 April 1917 Elmira Star Gazette

Many Men Here Enlist Since Federal Draft

Ten Young Men Enter U.S. Service From City and Nineteen From County—Names Will be Checked Off if Drawn by Local Selection Boards.

According to official information received from the Federal war and navy departments today by the city and county draft selection boards, a total of 29 men have enlisted from here since the Federal draft registration.  Of this number ten are from the city and 19 from the county.  The names of the men were entered as having already enlisted, and when drawn in calls by either of the selection boards they will be checked off as already being in the service.  These enlistments are understood to count in favor of their respective districts, when a second quota call for men is made by the government.

The following men enlisted in the Infantry from the city:
Salvatore Mollecocio, Angelo DiFuzio, Santosa Infanti, Gaston Zurski, Alfredo Scastillo, John Petitti, John Carcasoli, Michael Ferri, Tabario Riggia and Dominico Briganti.


 The following men have enlisted from the county outside of the city;
 Carl A. Peterson Elmira Heights, enlisted in Signal Corps; David O’Connor, Horseheads, infantry; Steven J. Skinner, Big Flats, infantry, Glen A. Dewey, Erin, foot-service, infantry; Andrew Helpin, Erin, infantry; William Collis, Elmira, infantry; Alva Polmateer, Big Flats, infantry; David O’Herron, Elmira, signal corps, aviation section; Frank Johnson Allen, Big Flats navy; Stanley M. Erie, Chemung county, navy; Jerome Moses Hill, Chemung county, navy; Daniel D. Sterling, Chemung county, navy; Ralph Upson, Catlin,, navy;  Joseph Federico, Horseheads, mounted service field artillery; Charles M. Acker, Horseheads, foot service, infantry; Michael Kearing, Elmira Heights, foot service, engineers; Roscoe Conklin, van Etten, foot service infantry; Harold Ashton, Big Flats, foot service infantry, and John Glugokencki, Elmira, infantry.

 This morning the chairmen of the city and county federal draft boards received amended instructions from Adjutant General Stotesbury regarding the standard weight and height under which registrants may be physically approved.  The orders read that men 61 inches in height, weighing not less than 110 pounds may be accepted.  This is the same as before, but under the new order men who are 62 inches in height who weight not less than 110 pounds may be accepted.  The former standard for men 62 inches in height was 112 pounds.  The new order also authorize acceptance of men 64 inches in height who are less than standard weight, provided underweight is due to temporary cause and can, in the opinion of the examining physician, be reasonable explained.  It is not thought that the amended regulations will make practically any difference with the men who have rejected because of underweight.

From 17 April 1917 Elmira Star Gazette


Towanda, Aug. 17—Five fighting men were added to Bradford county’s contribution to Uncle Sam’s new national army yesterday.  That number of conscripts after passing the physical examinations conducted by Draft Board No. 1 in Mercur Hall, waived their rights to claim discharge from the selective draft, and will enter the army.

About 75 were examined Thursday.  Up until 9 o’clock Thursday night 25 had been rejected and 48 accepted.

The following passed the physical examinations Thursday and waived claims for discharge:
Boss Wayman, New Albany
Murry Rinebold, New Albany
James Mason, Canton
Ernest Williams, Grover.
Charles V. Huntington, Milan.

The following passed the physical examinations Thursday and filed claims for exemption: Vernon Johnson, Curtis E. Heverly, Anthoy J. Schmeig, Towanda; John Scott, Towanda; George E. Allen, Wellsburg, N.Y.,; Benjamin F. Beebe, Towanda, Robert P. Shafer, Towanda; Charles E. Gale, Towanda; Frank J. O’Connell, Wyalusing; Francis J. Murphy, New Albany; Erastus Kinch, Canton; Louis Be. Wagner; Hiram Hickok, Canton;  Bert Congdon, Gillett; Merton Gordon, Gillett; Fred Heddon, Granville Summitt; Paul Hoagland, Canton; Clinton Braund, Ulster; Floyd Kendall, Canton; Albert Fowler, E. Smithfield; Lewis Watkins, Troy; Joseph Marquart, Canton, Lynn Slingerland, Troy; Jospeh Sweeney, Gillett; Evan Jenkins, Canton; Robert Chilson, LeRoy; William Schoonover, troy; Thomas Hennessey, Towanda; Arthur Buck, Wellsboro; Milton G. Stone, Snedekerville; Sherman Vanderpool, Wyalusing; Edward A. Travis, Towanda, Leo Burnham, Gillett; Edward Smith, Columbia X Roads; Cecil D. Rogers, Sugar Run.

From:  17 April 1917 Elmira Star Gazette


Governor Evidently Double-Crossed by Legislature—Measure Ditched for Good—Adjourn For Week.

Albany, Aug. 17—Charges of double dealing by the Republican legislative bosslets were voiced by friends of Governor Whitman yesterday when it became increasingly evident his Food Control bill has been ditched for good by the up-State party members.
 The Governor was told that the leaders, after having angled him into the conference at which a compromise measure was agreed upon, went back to the senate and Assembly and encouraged their colleagues to stand up against any act designed to conserve or control foodstuffs.
 Mr. Whitman did not subscribe to the accusations.  Neither did he deny them.  But next week, after certain investigations now under way are completed, the executive may announce that he was deliberately double crossed.  Should a controversy ensue he may even name the men suspected of having hoodwinked him.
 Both houses of the Legislature held brief and perfunctory sessions yesterday and adjourned until next Wednesday.

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