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Transcribed from Wellsboro Agitator 13 JUN 1917
Unidentified soldiers submitted by Don Stanton
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Total Number of Men Between 21 and 31 Registered in Each District of Tioga County June 5.
Covington Township
Covington Borough
Delmar, North District
Delmar, South District
Elk, North District
Elk, South District
Elkland Township
Liberty Township
Liberty Borough
Nelson Township
Tioga Township
Tioga Borough
Union, North District
Union, South District
Wellsboro, 1st Ward
Wellsboro, 2nd Ward
Westfield, No. 1
Westfield, No. 2
Westfield Borough



List of Tioga County Young Men Between 21 and 31 Years of Age—To Be Continued Next Week. ( I do not have the next installment available)

The first installment of a complete list of the names of the men of Tioga county who on Tuesday, June 5, enrolled for military service, in answer to the call of the United States government, as voiced in the conscription measures, is printed herewith. This honor roll includes the names of men between 21 and 31 years of age. Not all will be called into service, but here are names that future generations will read with pride; a selective list of Sons of Liberty:

Brookfield—Floyd E. Atwell, Winfield Daniel Atwell, William Leroy Baker, Olie Glenn Banks, James C. Bertch, Ross Augusta Bush, George Edwin Bailey, Earl Bush, Nearl Bush, Floyd Edward Costley, Harry Lee Costley, James B. Clark, Stephen Artemus Clark, Ward Campbell, Rhea Willian Card, Leon Prosper Davis, Charles Hubbard Gill, Harold Roderick Gardner, Otto Spencer Gunn, Roy Hammond, George Hammond, Clae Bush Holmes, Lawrence Griffin Hunt, Norman Forest Hunt, Richard Edward Hunt, Earl Bush Holmes, Walter Austin Johnson, Harold Kemp Johnson, Cecil Dexter Kizer, Roger G. Lozier, Frank Earl Mascho, Alfred Andrew Moore, David Bennett Murdock, Whitlaw Reid Murdock, Thomas Jefferson Metcalf, Lewis Luzerne Metcalf, Simon McCullough, John Mascho, Ernest L. McLean, Glenn Edward Moore, Olan McFall, Fred Neagli, Victor Nobles, Lavern Albert Phoenix, Clyde Wesley Payne, George Alanson Parker, Glenn Delano Rietter, Mansel Martin Shelley, Henry Lee Smith, Henry Lewis Seely, Hartley Richard Simons, Arthur Lewis Seely, Frank D. Steadman, Cecil William Seymour, Coral Grant Wakely, Daniel Burton Williams.

Mansfield—Charles Dunning Ayres, Leigh Wilton Allen, Roy John Brace, Horace P. Boyden, Leon Palmer Bailey, Lavern M. Brace, Lester Guy Brown, Floyd Fordyce eBach (Beach), William Frank Bedenk, Leslie McKean Button, Leon E. Baynes, Fred Curtis Campbell, Lee Earl Clark, Harold Electrus Cunningham, Jarvis Bryce Cogswell, John Horton Doane, Howard Ernest Dorsett, Lewis Roland Dann, Charles L. Dickinson, Howard J. Wetwiler, Arthur G. Flood, Walter LaVerne Forrest, aHrry(Harry) C. Frickel, Carl Alanson Fuller, Randolph B. Grace, Ulna Fassett Goodall, Charles Howland Hawley, Donald Victor Hoard, Paul M. Hartzler, J. Lewis Hommer, Charles Joseph Jaquish, Wade William Judge, Harry Cooper Kutz, Ransom Irving Keeney, Franklin Henry Kritzer, Mark Kendrick, Harry B. Kelley, John Clarence Lawrence, Walker Leach, Philo Cass Lamphier, Lewis William Lawrence, Samuel Price Longstreet, Fred Bailey Lamb, Brunswick Wellsley Leonard, Ray William Miller, Clayton Lewellyn Matteson, George Judson Myers, Ernest Victor McConnell, Leonard J. Neal, Hiram Martin Nickerson, John Oliver Obourn, Herbert D. Osborn, Nicholas Palmer Obourn, William Irving Parker, Robert Ransom Palmer, Ellis William Plank, Charles Waldo Ross, Frank Everett Rupert, Jake P. Snyder, Rayburn F. Smith, Harry Snyder, Harry L. Smith, Gordon Stuaffer, Floyd Phuris Tomlinson, Casper Morris Thompson, Preston Oscar VanNess, Manley Benson VanNess, Frank Ellis Vance, Kark Franklin VanNorman, Lynn Annanias Williams, Albert Watkins, Chas. Carroll Ward, William Earl Wilcox, Earl Child Wade, Charles Deye Walker, Robert Clinton Wood, Erven Arthur Wood, Aaron S. Wood.

Gaines—Lee Russel Adams, Dayton Smith Brown, Winfred Elmer Dewey, James Walter Dewey, Harry Phillip Dewey, Eugene Gilbert Ellison, Ray William Fritchel, Coral Percy Ferguson, Charles Edwin Gill, Early Amsy Haner, Harvey L. Hurlbert, Jessie Hugh Hurlbert, Winfred Charles Hurlbert, Charles Albert Kreisler, William James Kjelgaard, Raymond Lawrence Kilbourne, Leon Furman Lewis, Donald Rexford Larrison, Ernest William Marsh, Vern Mattison, Glen Thomas McCracken, Jay Benner McCracken, David Mattison, Harry Jacob Mengee, Lee Alanson McGracken, James Francis McConnell, Francesio Nezza, Winfred Kelts Rexford, George Ronalder, Harry James Shelley, Carl Clarence Strait.

Westfield Township, No. 2—Ira Button, Earl W. Bowman, Ezra Button, Teal J. Cox, Harold John Darr, Fred Ingham, Ellis Ingham, Thomas Ingham, Jr., Glenn Seamans Kane, Leon Luzerne Kibbe, Jessie LaBar, Lavern LaBar, Earl W. LaBar, Isaac Mann, Horace Bartlett Manley, Edward Mann, Clifton Clifford Northrop, Cecil Sherwood Perry, Frank Albert Short, Arleton L. Skinner, Clifford Sperry, Ellwood Nathaniey Scott, Claude Sperry, Virgil Thompson, Dorr Thomas, Arthur James Truax.

Sullivan—Ethan Orange Ashley, Ward Lee Austin, Roy Aumick, George Edson Brown, Richard Chancey Bradford, Edward Franklin Bolt, Henry C. Beardslee, Oswald Burton Benson, Ross Emery Bryan, Frank C. Chamberlain, Earl Joseph Chamberlain, Ernest Elsworth Chamberlain, Otis Freel Cleveland, Earl Allen Cleveland, Howard Benjamin Connelly, Glenn Lewis Dewey, Gleen Cecil Dewey, Albert Lincon Every, Grant Fethers, Ray Leon Fitzawater, Clyde Fields, Cola Vita Fields, Morton B. Hulslander, John A. Hill, Odell Hartgrove, John H. Jones, Constance Jackson, Charley Ransom Kiser, Lee De Witt Lice (Tice), Harry Harvey Lice (Tice), Levi Merrills, Ray Morgan, Herman McNeal, Charles Albert Maine, Charlie Wesley Nash, Roy William Nash, William Isaac Orvis, Claud Merton Purvis, Gray W. Rose, Donovan Ward Rumsey, Paul D. Reynolds, Walter Benjamin Rumsey, Harry H. Smith, Marcus George Strange, Oscar Willard Shaw, Glenn I. Smith, George W. Seymour, Grant Lavern Smith, Ralph Milton Smith, Herman D. Sweeny, Ramsey L. Thomas, Colan Burr Updyke, James F. Wheeler, William Ray Welch, Claude Larcum Wilcox, Luther William Webster, Fred Miller Welch, Vern D. Welch, Charles Webster, Orin S. Wood, Merrill Augustus Welch.

Lawrence—Charles Emery Ames, Ray Brockway, Benjamin H. Ball, Grant D. Bostwick, Alfred M. Bowen, Henry Brockway, Harry Walter Baker, George Watrous Burrows, James Alfred Burrows, William Egbert Burrows, Dean Alfred Colegrove, Wilbur Lawrence Close, Joseph David Campbell, Harry Ralph Croft, Raymond C. Durfee, Benjamin B. Durfee, Walter Deats, Robert Roy Doud, Milford Deats, Hiram Warters Doud, Harry Burt Faulkner, Rex Farr, Linsford Gee, Charley E. Huslander, Earl Lynn Harold, Sherman L. Hoyt, Mernie Elias Herald, Mark George Henry, William E. Miller, Cralisle H. Middaugh, Benjamin Joseph Manley, Lionel E. Oliver, Leona A. Preston, James W. Preston, Ray N. Paris, Reed Henry Pease, James Max Preston, Charles E. Quackenbush, Frank Russell, Lewis Russell, Elmer E. Reep, William J. Rogers, Clyde Leroy Shelman, Willard James Sutton, William Seeley, Elmer E. Selley, Edward William Seeley, Frederick D. Stage, Roscoe C. Smith, Lloyd Guy Stewart, Stanley Shoemaker, Peter Grant Storms, Leon Walter Tenbrock, Gilbert E. Tremaine, Ernest A. Tillinghast, Thomas B. Tillinghast, Charles Wright, Walter A. Wood, Adrian C. West, Olen L. Wheeler, James Henry Wheeler, Walter Young.

Lawrenceville—Floyd L. Bostwick, James M. Broadwell, Lawrence E. Crane, Max A. Collum, Jesse E. Collum, Arland L. Cole, William M. Coon, Raymond Deates, Samuel H. Ellicott, Henry Fischer, Martin V. Freeland, Darwin F. Horton, Charles R. Howe, Jerome B. Howe, Charles A. Houghtaling, Charles H. Jackson, Raymond E. Losey, Oliver Pier, Williard C. Roff, Myhon C. Resue, Norman H. Ryan, Jacob D. Snyder, Louis L. Stoddard, John L. Strassner, Kenneth W. Smith, George L. Stoddard, Vern R. Schonher, William Thompson, Charles D. Tremaine, Clyde O. Taylor.

Farmington—(Note: Part of this was in the torn and frayed crease of the paper. We have pieced it together as well as we can.) Alfred Burr Ashdown, Oliver Samuel Blanchard, Clive S. Burtch, Perry Corwin, George T. Colegrove, Howard Cole, John Cole, M. Francis Colegrove, Oscar Dehey, William A. Davis, Charles P. Dan_____ Herbert Farr, Gurnie S. Freeman, George Merritt Hall, Philip Hall, George Lewis ______________ Niram Curry Hunt, Jesse M. __________, ? B. Howe, George Hills, Charles Hall, Elmer Ives, Fred Johnson, Alvord Curtis Kemp, William E. Knapp, Seymour N. Kirk, Leslie J. Kirk, William H. Lind, James B. Leonard, William Mortimer Leslie, Claude J. McCallum, Edwin Ray Merrick, John Morley, Archie C. Niles, Charles Ellsworth Owlett, Howard Padgett, Ralph Emerson Pierce, Archie Preston, Charles Edward Peck, George Padgett, Freeman Brooks Place, Claude John Reynolds, Albert Lee Redfield, Lawrence E. Smith, Lewis Taylor, Coe Upham, Earl S. Weeks, Bert White, James West, Leo E. Wood, Chester Wheeler, Floyd L. Youngs.

Nelson—Ovid Brimmer, Merritt J. Barnhart, William Sumner Copp, Merl Douglas Dailey, Coral Phillip Davis, Benjamin B. Ellliott, Warren Lent Finch, Victor Hugo Finch, Lee Hoyt, John William Heysham, George Gersham Hazlett, Samuel Bates Heysham, William Henry Kirk, Frank A. Lockwood, John Lockwood, William S. Learn, Clair Dana Learn, Harvey G. Merrit, Oliver Wallace Pease, John Smith Pease, John Hazlett Pepper, Harry Watrus Preston, Otis Tubbs Preston, John B. Owlett, Charles Rice, David Sylvester Smith, Raymond Joseph Schultz, George Ethel Selph, Lee Ray Swan, William H. Tubbs, Phillip Harold Tubbs, Herman A. Taft, Clarence Elmer Thomas, Fred Grant Trim, Francis Marion VanDyke, Arch Vanzile, Lucian R. Walker.

Shippen—Carson W. Butler, Lyman F. Brown, William E. Beauter, Glenn W. Campbell, Ralph E. Christian, Barton L. Campbell, Albert R. Cass, Clyde L. Darling, Rex W. Dimmick, Flloyd S. Doty, Lyell L. Dimmick, Harvey Dartt, William H. Fulkrod, Roy Clarence Guernsey, Mayne W. Hoadley, Robert T. Hazleton, John Hazleton, Joseph J. Hamilton, Robert Rowland Hill, Charles H. Morrow, Erwin Morrow, Floyd R. Munson, Dominick Moss, Benjamin L. Northrop, Milton D. Plumley, Frank A. Perry, Amos L. Parsons, Harold F. Port, Maurice C. Pygott, Lyman H. Scranton, Angelo Sanzo, Lee M. Schoonover, William S. Sherman, Rex D. Sherman, Vern P. Sherman, Kenneth E. Vail, Ralph E. Wilson, Bert G. Wilber.

Ward—James L. Austin, William Henry Arnold, George Grover Bolt, Earl Bolt, John Joseph Early, James Forsythe, Emery Eugene Griffin, Floyd Ray Kniffin, George Thomas Hatherille, Hugh Lewis Hatherill, Leon Gernett Segur , Paul Spencer, Henry Morgan Spencer, Lowell Homer Teeter, George Whitman.

Wellsboro, 2nd Ward—Earl Wellon Ashley, Francis Sheffer Bodine, William Brown, Ralph Bellinger, Robert B. Bailey, George Bowers, Clinton M. Burlingame, Clyde D. Campbell, Alonzo Benjamin Culver, Roy C. Calhoun, Henry J. Compton, William L. Cage, Ralph C. Derby, Joseph A. DeGrottole, Fay M. Dartt, Daniel F. Devers, G. Edward Eaton, Francis Henry Eaton, John W. Eaton, Harold H. Etner, Lyle A. Fisher, Lon Ferry, Vell D. Fisher, Verno O. Field, Bert L. Frank, George Orvis Gee, Ugh J. Glennon, Mark J. J. Harrison, George A. Harrison, Henry M. Husted, Verne Elmer Harris, Fred Morris Howe, John H. Herrington, Neil R. Hotchkiss, Erwin C. Hawk, Fred T. Hallock, John H. Hatherill, Ellery M. Huck, Lawrence I. Hall, Barton F. Jones, Thomas Jenkins, Walter R. Jenkins, Eric Jacob Keck, Perley M. Kennedy, Geoerge W. Krum, Ross H. Kingsbury, Warren C. Kennedy, Harrey E. Lent, James J. Losinger, Sterry K. Ludlam, Lorenzo D. Mosher,Harold J. McCrumb, Leroy A. McMullen, Carl William Moore, Cecil Walter Ostrander, Gilbert Mason Owlett, Phillip C. Putman, Clarence J. Priset, George R. Piercey, Robert Roy, William J. Stagaman, Oliver D. Spencer, Fred W. Steele, Ralph W. Spencer, Elwyn J. Satterly, Roman F. Simons, Cassins E. Simmons, Pearley L. Simmons, Carl R. Sticklin, Jesse E. Smith, Wilbur D. Smith, Albert Sanders, William W. Tate, Howard E. VanHorn, William Allen VanHorn, Harold D. Wheeler, Joseph H. Williams, Lyle R. Wilcox, Lee William Wilson, Robert C. Wilcox, Jessa G. Webster, Leslie H. Wood, Charles Wood, Floyd D. Weaver.

Union, North District—Paul Donaldson Allen, Clarence Ira Austin, Lee J. Baylot, Raymond Bilnwske, Clyde Elmer Cole, James Crandle, Lavern Dibble, Charles Jacob Doud, Emmet Burton Elliott, Colla David Elliott, Ray William Fritchel, Thos. Denver Groover, Ben Bernard Jerzak, Zellie Frank Kupawa, Lloyd Victo Landon, George Hiram Landon, Daniel Normal Miller, Warren Franklin Neal, Isaac Page, Harry Edward palmer, Fred Leon Robinson, Earl Edward Robinson, Ollie Dan Randall, Wilson Jerome Randall, Amiel Rudye, George Wayne Randall, Leslie Omar Rockwell, Harry Truman Spencer, Oliver George Schmelzle, Mathew Joseph Shanley, William Lee Shanley, Clarence Nathan Spencer, Earl Harrison Spencer, Thomas Edwin Smith, Charles Nathan Spencer, William John Taber, Robert Royal, Fred Watkins, John Daniel Woodward.

Roseville—Ernest Owen Argetsinger, Tem W. Bull, Onnattus Mark Henry Bump, Orey E. Crippen, Frank Leonore Evans, Olin J. Gee, Fred William Levey, Elmer A. Rose, Jesse Lee Stout, Joseph Stout, Jr., Harry R. Soper.

Tioga Borough—Fred Charles Adams, Elmer Kent Brigham, John Cummings, Lyman Mitchell Cummings, Ernest Henry Engler, Albert George Engler, Clarence A. Fisk, Thomas Walter Graves, Delos Berry Heck, Leon William Kelley, Robert Chambers Lovejoy, Fred C. LaVancher, Myer Apriusky Levinson, Hugghes George Meeker, Earl Ellis Phillips, Archie DeVelon Suxton, Harry Rufus Spencer, Roy Wheeler.

Liberty Borough—Fred L. Brown, Clair M. Bastian, Clarence W. Bartoo, Harry Goldberg, John W. Hartsock, George W. Hummel, Earl C. Kilpatrick, Claud W. Mitstifer, M. Herbert eMessner (Messner), F. C. Maneval, Arthur P. Messner, Clayton J. Narber, William C. Narber, Fred D. Sherman, Leon L. Smith, William E. Williammee, Murven R. Yaudes.

Richmond—John Anders Anderson, Frank Wm. Bryant, Luther Clark Brewster, Hiram Benson, Ross Wesley Burton, Stanley Bowen Bailey, Dwight Stuart Bailey, Geo. Crippen Barden, Steuben tSanley (Stanley) Beach, Ralph Edward eBntley (Bentley), Harold Wm. Cleveland, Mark Eugene Coveney, Asa David Cleveland, Geo. Lorenzo Claflin, Clyde F. Cleveland, Alfred James Cleveland, Lloyd Sylvester Douglass, Clarence James Every, Emery Merle Fuller, Cecil Henry Garrison, Jerry Joseph Griffin, Richard Kenneth Hayes, William Charles Her…, Benjamin F. Hayes, Harry Rockwell Harvey, Paul Austin Hegele, John Henry Husted, Jesse Harrison Inscho, John J. Jaquish, William Lawrence Kelley, Erving Knapp, Frank Albert Kimball, Earl Archdell Kelsey, Deon John Knowlton, Edwin Pratt Kingsley, Bert Horace Lockwood, Francis Emerson Lent, Richard McCann, Russell Raymond Niles, Walter W. Osgood, Harold J. Richards, Levern Root, Carl Raymond Root, Claud Edgar Smith, Harold Chase Sherman, Chas. Fred Smith, Colie Monroe Starkey, Ward Sparling, Ernest Marion Stuart, Macrus Hazelton Tetor, Jan Numan VanNess, Claud Hanover Whittaker, Lyle Orlando Watkins, Theron Mahlon Wilcox, Fred Lavern Warters, Leon Horace Watkins, Ward Reid Whittaker, Leon Webster, Samuel D. Wells, Harry Oliver Warters, Harry Dean Whittaker.

Elk, South District—Carl H. Benson, Clayton Campbell, Harry English, Jason English, Arthur W. English, Francis English, Stefanasosvuturo Erbano, Frank Farrey, Frank Glatz, John Goocheck, Raymond Hostrander, Oliver R. Hostrander, Charles W. Hostrander, John Hugik, Louis Josnick, Otis O. Kenne, Frank J. Kelley, Elmer Keen, Harry Lord, Jayson Law, Tony Loanick, Wilbur Loucks, Antone Lovrich, John Mittoer, Frank Muha, Jamaes Milito, Frank Nogaret, Hery L. Nissler, Wallace Numie, Celestius Ozani, Antony Offi, John Premo, Frousil Rousil, Sanford E. Robinson, George E. Robinson, Fred Starbauz, Dennis H. Smith, Charles H. Schwab, Frank W. Schwartz, Domonic Surace, Edward A. Schwab, Herman M. Schwab, Eugenio Tannom, Maurice M. Vincent, Charles D. Welshans, Loren T. Whittaker, Valentino Zandi, De Lugan Joseph Zandgeasoono.

Elk, North District—Albert Edward Dugan, Thomas Eugene Gillmer, Earl Lee Kohler, Lee W. Longwell, George William Parker, Maynard Marion Purhen, Jehiel Lester Ripley, Clayton Elias Rumsey, John H. Stickley, Floyd Herman Stickler, Leslie Earl Warren, Permell John Wolz.

Morris—Alvin E. Alexander, Albert Aasa, Lee Charles Broughton, Claude W. Blackwell, James A. Broughton, Charles H. Breed, Preston A. Bohuert, Bert L. Briggs, Arnold L. Blackwell, Kenneth J. Blackwell, Richard L. Blackwell, Robert J. Brown, Thomas C. Bartlett, Herman L. Campbell, Purley B. Campbell, Eugene Campbell, Walter B. Campbell, Willis E. Campbell, James H. Campbell, Arthur W. Cannon, Harry G. Compton, Ezra E. Duffey, Marvin V. English, Harry A. Emmick, Seth W. Emmick, Myron L. Fish, Ralph E. Fulkerson, John Ficcelo, Eugene Frutiger, William W. Graham, William D. Guy, Jr., Carl Guy, Raymond W. House, Earl G. Hess, Thomas C. Harbeson, Elmer F. Heyler, John B. Haley, Lawrence F. Hyde, Charles Kriner, Ole D. Kreger, Alfred R. Kriner, Perley Kreger, Perley A. Kriner, Bruce A. Lewis, Mark C. Lewis, Ben F. Lewis, Albert A. Lundell, Jacob F. Matthews, Leon H. Miller, David D. Playfoot, David E. Powell, Jr., Bruce A. Root, Thomas M. Rood, Samuel D. Seaman, George A. Skelley, Clarence B. Stanton, Stanley Shultz, Richard A. Seaman, Clyde L. Skelley, Landrus M. Seaman, Robert E. Thompson, Jr., Lewis C. Vaughn, George Vanderpool, Walter Williammee, Deville Weiskopff, Russell W. Williammee, Arthur L. Williams, Corliss B. Williams.

Westfield Borough—Emil Allenbach, Wesley Franklin Avery, Charles Henry Ayers, Lewis B. Abbott, Eldon H. Ackley, Joseph Ezery Ayers, Earl Thomas Allen, Clark F. Brewer, Herbert John Behrman, Ervin Francis Button, Claude D. Button, Max Berman, Glen F. Brewer, Glen Barto, Samuel E. Baker, Simon F. Bennett, Leroy W. Clow, Walter Gordon Clark, William N. Christensen, Orin E. Causer, Walter J. Decker, Arthur E. Dalaba, Francis Kenneth Donlon, C. H. Dillman, Alvin A. Dunham, Clarence W. Doran, Walter R. Eames, Fred Amasa Ellis, Marion A. Erway, Henry Frazier, Gabe Frazier, Ira Frazier, Arthur V. Gridley, Halsey M. Giridley, Charles E. Gardner, James Leon Gibson, Charles Albert Grenolds, Fred O. Gardner, Asahel Wesley Hunt, Ransom Hubbard, John S. Howland, Stephen G. Houghtelling, Wilbur M. Jackson, Lewis Jacobson, Walter C. Knapp, Arthur B. Kelts, Malvin A. Kunselman, Charles L. Kopp, Harry E. Kimball, Frederick J. Losey, Steuben Fay Lewis, Tilio Martin, Merritt H. Morse, Gates E. McNinch, Felix W. Moshier, Fred Moore, Charles A. Mack, Thomas John MacPharland, Logan F. Metcalf, Donly Howard Northrop, Rea P. Outman, George C. O’Keefe, Carl W. Outman, Arthur R. Outman, George W. Ogden, Roy E. Oakley, Andrew Priepiura, James E. Potter, Arch E. Potter, George Arthur Plank, Edward Dell Potter, Clarence W. Potter, Sherry L. Pease, Clayton C. Ritter, Arthur R. Rugaber, Elie A. Reese, Louis Rosenthal, Melvin Resue, Mike Stahli, Lester W. Schanbocher, Aldrich M. Stevens, Arnold James Stevens, Walter D. Sherwood, Felix Soer, Victor H. Seeley, Samuel Spitt, Fred William Stone, James Stiles, Daniel E. Sheehan, John F. Shaffer, Thomas L. Stone, Vincenzo Tomoino, William Tadder, Ray Jas. Weidman, Truman E. White, Omer Lee Witter, Guy Westmiller, Frederick C. Weeks, Harry Lee Welch, Walter Merton Watkins, Sydney D. Watrous, Lee Weeks, Robert E. Yager, Herman Zobrist, Leon Irving Phillips, Fred D. Sherwood.

Osceola—Allan Hammond Albee, Melvin Eugene Abbott, Ray Blanchard, Cowden Brass, Geroge Button, George Watson Bonham, Edward Harnd Bonham, Stanley Humphrey Baker, Ray Orin Colvin, Clarence Colvin, M. P. Crandall, Thomas Henry Dates, Same E. Decker, Wallace Elliott, Perry Renolds Elliott, Roy Eldridge, Harry Eldridge, Edward Harold Gibbs, Harry Mancer Gleason, Albert John Gee, Amasa Gee, Walker Henry Gee, Raymond Perry Hall, Robert Hoyt, Earl DeLaney Holt, Charles John Jocogson, William Henry Mack, John Meads, John J. Moshier, Dewitt Talmage Odle, Walter Lee Odell, Riva Persing, Thomas Ames Spencer, Robert Leo Stanley, Harry Merl tSanley (Stanley),Franklin F. Taft, Charles E. Thomas, John Russell Rubbs, Ross Van Dusen, Mark VanDusen, Geroge VanZile, Adrain Ruper Weeks, Lewellyn Witter.

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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